Friday, December 14, 2018

New stuff going on

Here we are - back at the SSB.  Seems like we just left, but ...

I have been busy ordering Christmas presents.  Yes, ordering them.  I hate fighting crowds.  I really thought I had this one covered.  The first three grands are getting older and they love $$$.  And that's great with me.  I would so much rather my funds go to them directly and let them get exactly what they want.  BUT last week daughter told me what grandson 1 wanted.  He wanted a basketball jersey -from a team that ISN'T the Houston Rockets.  That was a knife to the heart, but I ordered it. 

When you order you enter the world of the unknown.  I knew we would be gone from the 11th to the 17th.  I hoped that jersey would be delivered after the 17th because I knew there was no way it would come before.  It was to come the 15th.  NOW it has been turned over to the USPS from Fed Ex and delivery is TODAY.  Our carrier is so bad, we get our mail between 7-8 PM! 

So why am I so angry (other than the ridiculously late delivery of our mail) about this hand-off?  I also ordered a spring-form pan.  It has taken forever.  The delivery was set for the 11th - 14th.  It was ALSO handed off from UPS to the USPS. 

The tracking on this simple little thing is a pain to begin with.  It sat in California for days.  Then it was sent to Dallas.  From Dallas, it went to Ft Worth.  The first kicker was that it went BACK to Dallas.  Finally on to Houston.  There it went to the USPS - and the Houston Office is Never-never land.  Supposedly yesterday it was "out for delivery."  Nope - it was not.  Can't be located.  So the delivery date is now Dec 14-19.  AND if I don't have it by the 20th I am to contact Amazon and they will help.  Well, that pan was supposed to be used here in the wilderness TODAY to make a fruitcake.  Needless to say, I have decided to use another method because it didn't come by our departure date. 

I have LOVED Amazon for years.  Their promise of a two-day delivery was so great.  It. Never. Happens. Anymore.  DIL uses the wish list for her kids' list.  I use it.  I promptly ordered from it when we goe home the last time.  All things in the same order.  It took a week for the last one to be delivered.  They came in total piecemeal fashion.  I even contacted Amazon on chat because of the one that arrived last Sunday.

The person delivering said it was handed "directly to the resident."  We. Weren't. Home.  That set me off to begin with.  It was 6PM and we didn't get it handed to us.  The second thing, it wasn't even put on the porch.  It was dropped on the sidewalk.  I did let them know about that.  And there are many others in the neighborhood who have had the same problem.  I told them to tell Amazon.  It is the only way this will change.  If it doesn't - I am thinking I will drop Amazon like a hot potato.

So the rest of my day will be making two fruitcakes.  They are massive creations.  About 5 cups nuts and two and a half pounds of candied fruits.  All this held together with four eggs!  They are so hard to mix.  My shoulders are in such bad shape - I hope I can manage.  But they really are so good.

Our next adventure is right after Christmas.  We are doing a family vacation - all 12 of us.  The oldest granddaughter, as you know, is headed to Marist College in New York in the fall, and this will probably be our last chance for this.  We will spend New Year's Eve in South Padre Island. 

So (and yes I am going to use this term because there are many celebrations) Happy Holidays to you all!

PS - I splurged and got myself a nice Christmas present - which is why I have been so long in getting back. Before Harvey, I was having great problems with the Toshiba computer.  My guru put in a new something - CD drive I think.  Well - it didn't want to load.  So I rushed out and bought an Asus.  What a piece of trash.  I spent more time looking at a black screen than anything else, so Costco ran a special.  I got myself a nice new Dell laptop - and I love it.  I am really broke now, but a happy broke girl!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Taking a deep breath

We have been at the SSB for 8 days now and heading home tomorrow - yea!!!

It was the "traditional" Thanksgiving trip = this being #14.  We had all the family plus one.  My DIL's ex-cousin (marriage failure) joined us so that made 13.

I am so glad our hunter (with us buying the materials) built the "cabin" because we were all comfortable.  It is a two bedroom house - really beautiful.  So that meant we had five bedrooms full of bodies.

Nights were spent around the fire pit and most days had a number out hunting.  They managed to kill three bucks - the one G killed was a bit of a mutant.

Of course, our time here is never easy.  We came up on Saturday with the kids beginning to arrive Monday night.  Things were fine until about 8 PM Monday night.  G went to shower.  He called me in and he was sitting on the end of the bed with blood everywhere.

We finally found the source.  A TINY spot on his ankle.  He is on blood thinners since he had a DVT in April.  I got a bandage on and we called the hematologist.  He said if he was still bleeding in 30 minutes we needed to go to the ER.

The ER is 45 miles away.  It was DARK and deer were everywhere.  I don't see well anyway, but night is horrid.  Fortunately about 9, my daughter's family got here.  They loaded us up and we headed to the ER.

The ER doc finally had to put a small stitch in the bleed - it was a ruptured varicose veinule.  So bedtime was about 1 AM.

Things went well and we had to go BACK on Friday to have the stitch removed.  The ER was so busy, and I don't know why we waited until mid-day to go, but that's what "someone" does.  But all went well and the rest of the time has been "normal."

I got all the laundry done - finally.  And both houses are clean and ready for the next onslaught!

Hope your Thanksgiving was passable!  Holidays can be so bad!

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Quick summary

The surgery was to be about 2 hours but ended up being more like 4.  The "cyst" wasn't totally fluid filled and being so large he had a problem removing it - had to cut it into pieces.  But it was all totally laparoscopic so I have three inch to an inch and a half incisions.

He found some "suspicious" tissue, but the frozen sections found no malignancies - at all.  He said there were benign fibroids in the uterus - but I knew that from the time before menopause!

I have no pain.  I am sore - as would be expected even from a wound.  Recovery has been very easy with "body functions" finally becoming normal once again.  I see him again on Tuesday and fully expect to get a release to do all normal things - like driving.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


In hospital.  Recuperating.  It was all laparoscopic and from what I can remember - no cancer.

More  later

Saturday, October 27, 2018

All set

So I am definitely scheduled for Tuesday.  Had my "informed consent" appointment and got the prescriptions for pain after, did all the pre-op, including paying.  Now I just have to be there.

I was hoping this was really outpatient, but I will be kept for 23 hours.  This is going to be cyst draining and removal AND a supracervical hysterectomy.  He is hoping it will all be laparoscopic and so am I.  I don't want (to use the doc's words) to be cut from stem to stern. 

So we will see.  And he keeps saying he doesn't believe there is cancer involved.  At most possible pre-cancerous. 

I will check in later!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

It's official - almost

Katie will be a Red Fox next year.

They called me this morning because they couldn't contain themselves.  They couldn't wait until they got back.  She got the scholarship and will be attending Marist in the fall.

She sounded gleeful.  I asked how she liked visiting with the professors, and she was quite impressed with the Dean of Chemistry and Biology - her majors.

Still - I'm gonna miss that girl!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Addendum to HOCO picts

I didn't have this picture when I posted those from the night of HOCO.  The couple she is standing with is her aunt and uncle (my son and DIL).

She wanted my daughter to dress up for pictures that night, but my daughter is with the booster club, therefore, WORKING the game.  She was not going to "dress-up" since she wouldn't be walking the field to present Katie.

She is in New York as I write this (in fact the entire family went) on her recruiting trip to Marist College.  As it turns out, their plans to tour Manhatten first changed because they want Katie to meet the professors today.  Touring Manhattan - and the 9/11 Memorial was the way they got brother to go on the trip.  And if Reagan isn't happy - no one is happy!  I don't know how this is going to go for the others, but Katie has already stated she wants to be a Red Fox - so I guess this is her future for the next 4-8 years (depending if she still wants to go to Med School or not).

So here are mom and dad

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


So surgery is set for October 30.  That is not going to be a good time for G because he WAS wanting to head to the SSB for opening weekend.  BUT had we not spent a week there this at Columbus Day, I had an appointment with the GYN and this could have been done probably this week.

I am relieved it is set and nervous all at the same time.  But this IS progress.

Monday, October 15, 2018


Well, she didn't make HOCO queen.  EVERYONE thought she would.  Obviously the family.  Her friends.  The school faculty.  BUT she talked to be the afternoon of the game.

She told me that three of the girls were sticking to the rules closely.  They were handing out candy and the like for publicity, but one of the girls (one who was barely allowed to run) was using cupcakes to solicit votes.  She would make the kids show their phones (apparently that was the way they could vote - but I don't know) that they had voted for her, then she would give them a cupcake.

This girl also knew she was wrong because after she was crowned at halftime, she took the offense - that she didn't do anything wrong and the other three were cheating too.  You know how that goes - the best defense is a good offense.

Katie was the first one presented on the field.  When they read off all her accomplishments during her high school career - it took a long time.  All the others (boys and girls) had to have their accomplishments read very slowly - everyone noticed that.  She has been academic and athletic All American for three years - she is in three different honor societies.  She is quite a young woman.  And absolutely I am a very biased grandmother, but I also have been around young people all my life as a teacher in secondary school.  She is a great kid!

She has picked up and is looking forward to the swim and water polo seasons.  She is making her college recruiting trips.  This weekend she will be at Marist in New York where they will probably offer her a scholarship.

So this was her before the game
Katie with my son and DIL

Thursday, October 11, 2018

What has been happening

Had my follow up appointment yesterday.  I couldn't sleep Tuesday night.  I tried and tried to put the appointment out of my mind, but that doesn't happen for me.  I am prone to insomnia anyway, and it was present with a vengeance.  I do have Ambien, but I don't want to take it too often so I just suffered.

The second blood test (and Lab Corp STILL hasn't posted that nor the Oncologist) was a bit elevated, but he doesn't believe that it is elevated enough to indicate ovarian cancer.  He still believes this is just a benign fluid-filled cyst. His plan is to laparoscopically drain it - without any of it spilling into the abdomen - and (here I am a little foggy) then do a hysterectomy - again laparoscopically. 

I asked why he was going to leave the cervix.  He said it means nothing has to be done vaginally so less risk of infection or other problems like that PLUS no hospital stay and quicker recovery time.

He isn't in a big hurry for the surgery.  I have to contact his surgery coordinator (his wife!) who wasn't in yesterday and may not be in today.  So I will make sure I make contact with her next week.  I got to thinking that while this thing has been there a while, it IS affecting my kidney, so it really needs to be done soon.

He DID say that if any cancer is found, then I would have to be referred to a gynecological oncologist surgeon.  But he doesn't think that will happen.

Yesterday was the high school homecoming parade.  We are a small little town surrounded by the big Houston.  That was so apparent yesterday.  My children went to this high school and were in the hoco parade.  Now my granddaughter was in the parade, again, but this time as part of the Homecoming Queen court.  We will know if she wins Friday night.

As usual, I have to post a picture.  But first, the car belongs to a classmate.  These two have traded barbs for years.  He pushes her buttons!  My daughter and I were afraid this was a terrible hoax on his part, but he really wanted to do this for her.  He was waxing it up to the time the parade began to look its best for her.  Me thinks there is a little hidden passion for her in his heart!  (that's my daughter in the front seat)

Looks like she will be going to college in NEW YORK!  I have always thought of her as a mature "old soul" because of the way she is.  Even as a baby, she seemed ahead of her age.  But now this grandma is thinking "she is just a baby!!"  Oh how I am going to miss this girl.  Since she will be on an athletic scholarship - she won't be home a lot.  Guess I best begin saving what I can to make the trip to New York!

Sunday, October 07, 2018


At least half "finally."  After TWO emails, I got the lab results (probably) figured out.  They finally sent a response.  They are faxing the results to the Oncologist (again) and mailing me those results.

BUT even though they say the labs went to the GYN, they are not appearing.  I give.  I see him on Wednesday.  I will find out then.

This bunch makes me wonder.  I was worried when I gave the blood way back there for the Oncologist and I was correct in my worry.  I just am not going to pursue this one any further - at least now.

Friday, October 05, 2018

"Borrowing trouble?"

I waited with baited breath for October 3 to come around.  That was when Lab Corp said my test results from the GYN would be published. 

So at 6:03 I opened their web portal.  The doctor's name was there.  But no results visible nor downloadable.

This doesn't look good.  The results of the CA-125 from the oncologist were never published there either.

So now I wait until the 10th when I see the doctor.  I would call, but I just bet the office wouldn't tell me either - so guess I will wait.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Promising news

The GYN looked at the CT.  He really believes this is a fluid-filled cyst and not ovarian cancer - even with the marker elevated.

He ordered a second, different blood test for ovarian cancer just to check, but his plans are to drain the cyst, then using the laparoscope remove it and then probably the left ovary and most of the uterus leaving the cervix as long as the pap smear is clear.

So now I am headed to my cardio doc for the heart approval and EKG.  Then I will see this doctor again on the 10th of October.  Please continue if you will.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


So my lab work was on the 14th.  The results STILL are not posted - so I called the oncologist's office.  I waited until today because he is only in the office on Tuesdays.  I didn't want to play phone tag again.

Guess what - I got the same recorded message I usually get.  Talk about disgusted.  I really am ready to change oncologists.  If he wants to be a part-time doctor good, but I want a full time one.

To cut to the chase, two hours later they called me back.  The CA-125 is high and "indicates" ovarian cancer and I am to have it removed.  I wanted to vomit.  So, like a normal person these days I resorted to the internet.  Mine is 229.9.  There were people posting who had values in the thousands that didn't have cancer.  There were also people under 100 who did.  So it is still a crap shoot.

My appointment with the GYN is tomorrow morning.  Finally.  I really believe this thing is what is causing my extreme back pain.  From reading, they can.  If that is the case I can't wait to have it removed ASAP!  Couple that back pain on the right with arthritis that means I should have a shoulder replacement on the right - sleeping is a problem.

So tomorrow hopefully more answers.  But I really am seriously thinking about a new oncologist.  I have my eye injection tomorrow and the oncologist/hematologist G is now seeing (because my oncologist/hematologist that he WAS seeing couldn't be reached when he had his DVT and was in the hospital) is right around the corner from the Retinal office.  I am going to talk to them in person.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Waiting for the lab to post my recent blood work, but I should know better.

I was a week ahead of thinking when I would see the GYN.  I have gotten to where time means almost nothing to me.  I usually don't know the date - it pretty much is irrelevant to me.  So when I made the appointment - I was a week ahead.  But that is actually a good thing.

When I made the appointment for the blood test - I chose the location because I wanted to do it correctly - fasting.  (G and I have a disagreement about this - he doesn't believe fasting it a necessity for the metabolic panel and I have always done it that way). 

When I got there, check in was with a machine that read the driver's license.  New, but ok!  It confirmed I had a 9:30 appointment that was 13 minutes away.  The waiting room was, of course, packed.

The technician came to the door and called Karen Unintelligible.  Twice.  I really didn't understand her and thought it was way early.  She came back and called it again.  I didn't want to make an ass of myself by getting up to respond to the wrong name.

I sat there and finally went to the window.  Sure enough, it was for me, and I was marked as a "walk out."  The lady at the desk was so soft-spoken and the waiting room was loud.  Crying baby, TV, etc.  So I stood on tippy-toes to get my head in as far as I could.

My buttock muscles do not do this often.  I could feel the pull.  So I am beginning to hurt.  AND she couldn't find the doctor's information.  He had sent the orders via email - on a hospital request form that had none of his information on it.  It took a good 15 minutes.  My muscles were screaming.

I got taken back for the collection.  I wondered why this cute, shy girl followed.  Then after the phlebotomist found the vein, she asked that girl if she was ready to do the collection.  Since I ONLY have procedures done in the left arm to avoid a problem on the right because of the mastectomy all those years ago, I was a little worried.  Alas - it went well!

I was told the results would be to my doctor by Monday morning.  Nope.  I knew that was false.  This lab never gets the results out that quickly - ever.  Here we are today and still no results posted.

So it's good I was a week ahead!  Hopefully I can take the recent results with me to the GYN - NEXT WEDNESDAY!

Saturday, September 15, 2018


I always thought my being here was pretty much a secret - especially from family.  Nope.

I have been found.  My granddaughter, looking for pictures of herself, found me!

Katie - what you read here is now between you and me.  And this place is a secret from everyone else in the family!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

And the urologist said

He showed me the CT.  Yes - I have a cyst.  Looks to be fluid filled.  Now sit down for this part because I almost fell off the chair.  The thing is 16 cm.  That is about 6 1/2 inches.

G asked when I had my last pelvic.  It was a while.  I know - that's bad.  But I just procrastinated.

Now the urologist said since it wasn't solid, that is good.  He can't say for sure, but because it isn't solid it probably isn't cancer.

My OB/GYN is retiring at the end of the year, and his office staff are horrible.  So I decided I would go to a new one.  I didn't want to fight with the old ones to get in ASAP.  So I called one highly recommended - who is close to being a neighbor!  I see him next Wednesday.  I told them all the specifics including (since I made sure he is in the same hospital setting) the CT being done. 

Doing further research on postmenopausal ovarian cysts - doing the blood test is normal.  It doesn't necessarily mean there is cancer even though this shows the cancer antibodies that would be produced.  So that part is normal.

So we will see.  I know there is a surgery in my near future.  Labs tomorrow - results hopefully by Wednesday!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

So far - NOT so good

I had the CT today.  The results are back.  And it doesn't look really good.

The oncologist, who is one of three doctors interested in these results, called.  Well, his nurse called because he is only in the office one day a week - and that was yesterday.  The results show a large ovarian cyst on the right side.  He wants me to have a specific blood test - the CA 125. 

I am used to these tests.  With my breast cancer, I have had the CA 27.29 for years.  These tests show "markers" that tumors release.  There are limits that are considered OK.  So I am to have that done - probably on Friday.

But I have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow morning.  I will tell him what the oncologist has said and we will go from there.

The oncologist also said I need to now bring in the OB/GYN.  This thing - whatever it turns out to really be - has to be dealt with.

So you know what I know now.

Wednesday, September 05, 2018


The scan is set for next week.  That was in case there was the IV dye was to be injected.  It was not ordered that way, and the Oncologist office has just been in touch again -but had to leave a message.  The wonderful hospital that was has been sold to a terrible hospital chain who is only interested in the bottom line - not patient care.  They finalized the sale Sept.1 and began laying off people Sept. 1  This was a hospital owned by the doctors and they wanted a very nice hospital.  Guess they are all retirement age and decided to cash out.  It is where I had my mastectomy done eleven years ago.

Yesterday I was worked in to see the urologist the nephrologist wanted me to see.  He confirmed something is pressing on the ureter and urine is backing up into the kidney.  The "who, what, when, and where" will be more determined by the Cat scan.  I will see him the day following the procedure.

He asked if I had been having pain.  With my disintegrating back, no.  I have had pain in that area for thirty years.  It was worse, but I had not gotten a cortisone injection to ease my sciatica, etc in over a year.  I just attributed the pain to all that.  When you get old with your various aches and pains, new ones don't necessarily tip off a problem.  If that were the case, I should see a doctor almost daily!

Seeing this doctor made me happy that all of my doctors are in the professional building associated with the hospital and that I have had the diagnostic testing done there.  I was supposed to pick up the ultrasound from the nephrologist (whose office was next door).  The nephrologist had "pulled some strings" to get me my appointment yesterday.  They had a cancellation over the weekend and I got in.  I left a little early to stop by the nephrologist to get the paperwork and to my surprise THEY WERE CLOSED!!!  They didn't tell me they were closing early and they knew what time I had gotten the appointment!  I was really quite upset.  I was feeling that my meeting with the urologist would not be nearly as productive as I had hoped because he wouldn't have that part of the puzzle.

When he came in, I told him my plight.  He gave me a rather coy smile and said he had the results!  Since this is his main hospital for practice - he can get all records like this!  So that is why I will see him the day after the CT.  He will have those results. 

So in the meantime, I have called the oncologist to make sure (after the nephrologist told me to) that the kidneys are going to be included and that there will be no IV dye used - only oral.  I have been a little put out with my oncologist.  It seems he has become part-time - only having office hours on Tuesdays.  And HE didn't call me with the results of the ultrasound. 

G had a deep blood clot a couple of months ago (DVT) and had seen this doctor for hematology.  The hospital couldn't reach the doctor when he went to the ER.  So he now has another hematologist who is also an oncologist.  I have considered "switching horses in mid-stream" here!

If this turns out to be another cancer, I may go to the world-famous cancer hospital here - M.D. Anderson.  They have cutting-edge technology.  I am afraid that will be a necessity.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Thank you

You offering prayers is so appreciated.

Sitting here waiting for Labor Day holiday to be over is really harder than I expected.  I have been searching Google for answers - like any good technophile would be doing.

I really don't like what I find and am fervently hoping I am wrong.

My right side is the side that has been affected for over forty years with sciatica and other spine problems.  Now, in my worry, I wonder if I have been feeling kidney pain that has added to my discomfort.  It seems like the pains there are worse, but I attributed it to not having PT nor a cortisone injection in several months - actually over a year.

The mind runs wild at times like this. 

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The shock is wearing off

In July, I had my yearly oncologist appointment.  He always calls for blood work - to check the level of the cancer enzyme (?) and the complete metabolic panel.  My kidney function is off.  He sent me for an echo of the kidneys.  He thought there could be some shrinkage.  Never heard the results.

I then had my semi-annual cardiologist appointment. I took him the lab results.  He said it didn't look too bad, and referred me to a nephrologist.

I saw the nephrologist yesterday.  Cutting to the chase she is referring me to a urologist because (and here is the kicker of it all) there is a MASS in my right abdomen that may be pressing on the ureter causing urine to back up into the kidney causing the results I am getting.

I was in shock yesterday.  I was really rather numb.  Today I called the urologist.  He is taking over another practice and can't see me until the end of September.  The nephrologist wants me seen quickly.  I called her office for another referral.  Crickets can be heard at this point.

I called the oncologist.  He is only in the office on Tuesdays.  I called the appointment line to explain what I should do since I never heard a word from him.  THEY got through to a Tiffany - whoever that is.  She FINALLY called back.  He wants me to have a cat scan.  The orders will be faxed over on Tuesday, and I will be called.

It is hitting me.  I may be facing cancer again.  My mind is running rampant.  Could it be (hopefully) a cyst?  Could it just be a mass - fat (that would be something).  Or could it be ovarian cancer?  Am I facing chemo and radiation again - and how advanced is it?  Is that the reason my back has been hurting more than usual?

What I feared was kidney disease and thought I might be facing dialysis has now turned into something that may be far worse.  The numbers DO say it is stage 3 kidney disease, but that might be something that is reversible - once this mass isn't pressing on the ureter.  But it may be so much worse.

I am in a state of panic.  If you can - say a little prayer.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

A little drama

Yes - a little drama in the family.  Actually, it is a little more serious than just drama.

Katie is having surgery as I type this.  She has a torn labrum in her right shoulder.  That could stop her career in water polo if it isn't repaired.  Fortunately, they won't be "opening" the shoulder - just arthroscopic surgery.  But this does stop part of her swimming competition.  She loves to do the butterfly and is great - but that is over.

She needs this surgery done as quickly as possible.  Colleges are really talking to her.  She will be going to two schools for a visit in New York in September.  I really am hoping she chooses Maris.  I think she would love that school.  But in reality, I think she is still looking at UC Santa Barbara lovingly.

The other thing, DIL has been in school (with three kids) for nursing.  She went because her dad promised he would pay for her schooling.  He can be a jerk. He and her mom divorced many years ago, and he had tried to put a wedge between her and her mother.  So things haven't always been close between DIL and dad.  That changed when the first grandchild came.

But he has remarried.  He is older than the new wifey.  They had another child - who is a senior in high school  New wifey is the one who is grousing about the money going to DIL. This after her son (from a previous relationship has been put through school - and they will probably pay a good part of the upcoming wedding.  New wife - who also was put through nursing school and became a nurse practitioner on the dad's money - keeps saying he wants to retire.  Well - they have money.  Lots of money.  They can most certainly pay for my DIL.  I told her I would somehow help if it came down to it.  It will be a good investment for the future and not a waste of my (little) money.

So things have been a little full of drama around here last night and today.  But hopefully Katie is almost out of surgery right now and DIL just texted me that this semester's tuition has been paid.  All is good right now.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

And he did

We arrived at the SSB.  Our "wonderful" neighbor had placed a metal rod across our cattle guard - blocking our entry and chained and locked our gate.  I so wish I had unlimited funds.  I would take him to court in a heartbeat.  I did send an email to the entire community, who were gearing up to man a booth at a local event.  They were having great difficulty finding people to work that booth - especially in this Texas heat.  I said there were going to be nine of us, and we could have come into town to help, but instead, we would be road building because of that moron's actions.

My BIL called to offer help to us., Yeah.  He and that man are fairly fast friends - if you can call it that.  They are, in reality, using one another.  BIL to get help on his place, and neighbor to keep his place in the community.

But with the help of my son, my SIL, and grandson we have our new road.  It is unfortunate though.  It goes right by my deceased SIL's house.  I really hate that, but her ex has been very generous about allowing it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

We will see

I am not one who wears their Christianity on my sleeve.  I don't usually talk about how, when and what I pray for, but I will right now.  I have been fervently praying for the ability to forgive that creature (not a good start I guess) that is next to the SSB.  Forgiveness is undoubtedly THE singular most difficult thing for me.  Do a (perceived at least) wrong, and I cannot get past it.

So to get to the point, we head out tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also the day he has threatened to begin to close off out access to our property.  I am nervous about what we will find.  Will he have already closed off out road - probably.  It would be just like him.

SIL will also be coming tomorrow, and son and his family will be there Friday.

We are going to work on the "new" road regardless.  It should be lots of "fun" working in high 90 degree temperatures. 

I really AM trying to be a good Christian here.  I really am trying to turn the cheek.  But it is so difficult.  I still hope karma will step in.  Can't help it.

Saturday, June 30, 2018


Guess the last post was quite a negative sounding one.  I AM in a negative mood - but not directed at that family.  All of this was long ago, and things that happened to them are tragic.  My son has fully forgiven the kids of that family, and I am following suit.  I still think they did bad things, but I guess they really didn't know better.

I AM furious with our neighbor at the SSB.  He is an outsider in acres of family-owned land.  People in that community historically (and rightly we are finding) shun "outsiders."  We, along with another relative who has since passed, helped them integrate into the community.

But this thing has turned on his neighbors.  It all started with the nephew of the other neighbor who helped whose land abuts his.  It is all over the road we all use that is on Z's property.  Z wants to cancel all easement.  That leaves properties landlocked.

The nephew has spent lots of money to fight Z.  He has a totally legal, recorded easement.  We are not so lucky.  Ours is an add-on to my MIL's property and it is the track we inherited.  It was bought from "nephew's" father who was in a bind to sell - at the same time he sold to Z.  Unfortunately the old folks did things on a handshake.  Our easement wasn't recorded at the courthouse. 

On July 12, after much wrangling, but without actually filing suit against him to stop him because we don't want to spend all of our retirement money, he is going to dam off our access to our property.  The law states since we have been using this road as easement, it is our right, but he will not recognize.  If he were going to take nephew as far as he did when his was recorded, we just won't fight that far.  We can get in through his late sister's property.

Am I waiting for karma for Z?  Absolutely.  He is evil.  He has property in another area, and no one will have anything to do with him - all over the same issue.  He is a jerk.

So I guess I should "turn the other cheek" and all that, but I most assuredly am not anywhere near that yet - and probably never will be.  So bad on me, I guess.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


There are some who don't believe in it.  There are some who think it is just purely fiction. But then, something happens and makes you a believer.

This is the background here.  We had a neighbor who had children the same ages as mine.  She was a witch.  Honestly, she was.  Her daughter and mine were the same age, and one of her sons was the same age as mine.

One year when her daughter had her birthday party, she invited the girl next door.  This next door neighbor and my daughter were fast friends.  BUT she did not invite my daughter.  Needless to say, my daughter was crushed.

Then when my daughter was in Girl Scouts, this woman was one of the co-leaders.  When Krissi came home from a scout meeting one day, she had a bruise on the top of her shoulder (almost nect0  When I asked her what happened, she told me this woman grabbed her and squeezed.  I SO wish I had taken severe action then.  Today if that happened, she would be charged with assault on a child.  I seethed over that for years.

Her sons were bullies.  One day when the boys were getting off the bus, they pulled mine down onto the ground by his backpack.  When we went to their house to confront this particular incident, the parents could care in the least about it.  They also locked him in a playhouse for a long period.  They were just mean nasty kids.

The first time karma hit this family was the father who died early from cancer.  The latest karma I just learned today.  The mother has had Alzeheimers for five years, and she is pretty advanced.

I am not rejoicing nor have I ever rejoiced in the pain this family has endured. Neither of these things would I wish on anyone.  But it does tend to make me wonder.

Sunday, May 06, 2018


They lost one game.  It was the pivotal game though.  It meant they placed third.  So while they didn't win state - they did place higher than before.  It was fourth before.

AND as usual, she made the All-state team, but not MVP.

As it turned out, it was all for the best we weren't there.  Yesterday was a terrible day for my arthritis.  I was pretty miserable all day.  I woke to lots of pain in my back and shoulder, so navigating about would have been pretty miserable.

As it goes - "all's well that ends (mostly) well."

Saturday, May 05, 2018

THIS is Katie

This was on one of our local stations last night.  She is really Grandma's girl - right down to what she wants to major in when she goes off to college!  Proud doesn't cover it!  They have won both of their games so far at the state tournament, and we have great hopes.  Guess there are two more to go


She cleans up well also

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

More info

Some have said I should go anyway.  And really I could.  But there are some other factors in my decision.

The playoffs will be at the University of Texas Natatorium.  I know this facility - well.  J have been there many times for other water polo events she has been in.  I love the natatorium.  It is the second best of the ones where these large events are held.

But knowing this facility as well as I do is part of my decision.  Austin, being on the edge of the Texas hill country is, well hilly.  The University is huge and there is constant building on campus.  The campus is limited in space being surrounded by the city.

When I was there last, a new structure was being constructed taking up the parking lot that has the handicapped parking for the natatorium.  The number of spaces was small to begin with, and now I don't know how many are left.  There is a large multi-story parking garage across the street.  But that means crossing the street and climbing the hill to get into the natatorium.  My back doesn't allow that.

So with that uncertainty,  I made my decision.  My daughter even said that there were just too many unknowns that still exist even though we know the facility.  This is simply the largest thing to be in that natatorium for us. 

My daughter will live-stream the events, and since we home with unlimited internet access, I can log on and follow the actions!  I can follow what happens. 

I would like to be there - but I also know my limits. This one is beyond my limits.  G is doing well and he isn't the reason I am not going.  If something were to happen, we have a great EMS here - and because he was a paramedic with them years ago, we are still family and don't have to pay for ambulance transports.  It would be all good.  I am really ok with it all.  I had doubts about me being able to do everything well.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Life throws curve balls sometimes

When we were at the SSB week before last, G cut the grass that has begun to grow again.  Since it makes a "nice" snakey environment we are especially vigilant about keeping the grass (what a euphemism for weeds) cut close.  Our hunter who has constructed the new "cabin" ( a beautiful two bedroom HOUSE) does his part - he has done so much more clearing of this acre!  But I digress.

He began complaining about his right calf hurting and was thinking it was a muscle strain.  He put the heating pad on it, and that would help.  But the pain was still there.  This was on the 21st.

The leg continued to ache - like a muscle strain would do.  On Wednesday I told him I thought it was a DVT (deep vein thrombosis).  Of course, I was deemed to not know what I was talking about.  This irritates the h*ll out of me - I get dismissed all the time.  Well - while showering on Thursday night, he noticed the calf was swollen. 

When he got up on Friday he went to the Mayo Clinic site on the computer, and guess what - it said the same thing.  AND on Friday morning, the calf had reddened.

He made an appointment with the doctor and when the PA came in, she remarked on the swelling.  He was instructed to go to the ER.  When we were waiting to be seen I told him he wouldn't be leaving - like he thought he would.

To cut to the chase, they did a doppler.  Guess what - yep, a DVT.  So he went (finally) into a room.

That evening they did a CT, and there was a small embolus in the right lung.  So rather than sending him home on the oral blood thinner (can't spell it and am waiting for it to be filled), he was to stay, in bed only, and get an injection of a blood thinner (that sounds like love nox).  He will take the oral med for six months.

He was there until Sunday afternoon.

So with this new development, we won't be going to the state water polo tournament.  I am sure this year Katie's team will sweep the competition and win state, and she will be MVP, and we won't see it.  Yes - this makes me sad.  But life keeps telling us that we just THINK we are in control!!

Later I will describe the events of Sunday.  It was just a complete comedy of errors!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

PROUD Grandma!

I know I have talked water polo and my granddaughter before.  Well - here I go again!

Water polo isn't a big sport in Texas - but it is growing.  Our players are growing in number and many are being recruited by colleges that are big in the sport.

This weekend was the Regional Tournament to determine seeds for the state tournament.  I thought Katie's team would do well.  Their first game wasn't too big of a threat, but the second should have been the game that would determine number one and number two seeds.  They won.

Then for the finals, they played a school that, while becoming a good team, isn't that much of a threat.  SO they are number one headed to state.  Now if they can beat the Denton, Texas team - they will be the best team in Texas.

As if that wasn't enough to cheer about - Katie was named MVP!  Many have said she is one of the best players in Texas - but this is an honor that somehow always misses her.  I am so proud.

I seldom add pictures - but this time I have to do just that!!

                                       The team - she is the bottom row - second from right


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Latest happenings

THE EYE!  It is continuing to improve.  I am beginning to get to the end of the drops.  Next week I will be down to one drop per day.  And I am really happy about that!  Now I am ready for her to do the vision exam so I can get the lens in my glasses changed and perhaps see out of that eye.

My vision in that eye will never be normal because that eye is no longer normal.  Back in 2000 when it was finally discovered that I had an aneurysm, it was treated with a laser, but the retina is now distorted.  The doctor at the time was amazed that I have the vision I have.  So I am not expecting crystal clear nondistorted vision.  It will always be sort of like a funhouse mirror. 

OLDEST CHILD ILL!  My oldest - you know the 73-year-old male, has a cold.  He thinks he is going to die.  When he speaks, it is a low mumble.  I almost wish I were the one with the cold.  We are on day three, so the symptoms should be subsiding soon - I hope.

That's what is happening around this place.  Some good, some not so good!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I am a little conflicted about writing about this, but then when have I been known to really keep my mouth shut?

Last weekend I THOUGHT Katie was going on a recruiting trip to UCSB (Santa Barbara). At least that's the way her father pushed it - and he "never elaborates" on anything. (Smirk).

They were going to be gone from Thursday evening to Sunday evening.  Usually, they ask me to keep the remaining children - whoever that might be.  That is until last fall when they went to Cabo with some friends who were going on a honeymoon (that was six months after they got married ?!?!?!?).  They went for a long (childless) weekend and left all three kids at home with Katie in charge.

I wasn't happy about this - at all.  I know she is mature.  I know she is capable.  I am very aware of the fact we live in a very safe neighborhood  - actually a small city with our own police force.  And I know they are close to all of their neighbors.  BUT STILL.

So I guess when this leech couple, who wants to monopolize their total time to the exclusion of other friends, had them over, it was decided THEY would keep the children who weren't going to California. 

G does not trust the man.  He thinks he is a pervert.  And for good reason.  This man and first wife are divorced.  They have a daughter who is now 17.  She came back to live with him for a while.  She now refuses to have anything to do with him.  Frankly, the man is a functioning alcoholic.  He is a total paranoid gun toter.  He brags about carrying in the car and has said he would use said pistol if he were cut off, etc.  His home is a fortress of alarms and cameras.  Now - I know there is a reason for this thinking - if you live in a dangerous area or out in the wilds.  We have a pistol - that is most usable at the SSB.  We don't carry it everywhere we go.

So the kids were with them.  When we had family dinner, my daughter was not a happy camper.  It seems they had let my grandson go back to the house to get his game console.  He is not to be on that thing.  He is addicted to it.  AND they took him to Target - to buy a new game.  They also let the youngest spend $30 "on school supplies."  The school year only has 8 more weeks.

So I sad there.  Smug.  I. Am. Terrible.   I can't believe I can be so vindictive.  SIL has a man crush on this guy. SIL always embellishes on everything.  This guy feels into it - all of it.  So they are besties.  The trip to Cabo was SIL's idea.  He went once on business.  He thought it was just fabulous.  He couldn't get my daughter to go another way - so ...  And the trip was a flop. Daughter was not impressed with Cabo and got really tired of this buddy. 

Some lessons are hard to learn.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

More on London

When someone tells you who they are, or when they originally react to an idea - that is the truth and believe them,

This family who has been transferred to London for a couple of years is a family of five.  She is, if not this title a high up never-the-less, the Chief Financial Officer of a major oil company.  They have always lived in LARGE homes.  I have heard the house in London is three stories with an indoor pool.

That is really beside the point.  The real thing is that in the ten years we have known them, they have NEVER invited us to something they might be hosting.  When we have been to the two houses they had here, it was because my DIL was using their houses for a child's birthday party.

I told DIL they have done this, but she tried to negate that saying this couple would be just fine.  When G talked to the husband there was great hesitation and he voiced worry about transportation, etc.  SO - we backed out.  She says he has changed that attitude and really wants us to come, but I know what underlies the whole thing.

Yes - I would love to tour especially with their family.  BUT I don't want to be uncomfortable for two weeks with additional travel to Paris and Brussels.  Nope.  "Not gonna do it."

One must go by what they are told originally.

On the other topic - granddaughter seems to be leaning toward Kona!  Guess we will try to go to Hawaii again.  Last year that was the "snake-bit' trip that got canceled at the airport the day of departure.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

First week

I went to the doctor for the checkup. I knew my vision was better, but when looking at the eye chart, I could see all the way to the third line - whatever that equates!  Last week I couldn't even see the letters at all. 

When the doctor came in and examined me, she said how very pleased she was with the progress and expects my vision to be much better.  I did tell her that I wasn't really expecting a lot because this poor eye has had an aneurysm that has "wrinkled" the retina (when that occurred, that doctor was amazed I got the vision back like it was), glaucoma, and not macular degeneration!  The poor thing - I really need an eye transplant!

I forgot to tell you before.  We almost made plans to go to London in June.  My son and family are going and they begged us to join them.  The fly in that ointment was they would be staying with friends who are in London because of her business.  There would have eight of us.  When she talked to the man, he was understandably hesitant for that number of people. 

I am not really all that mobile, and I really felt that I would be the anchor that would drag everyone down.  My son and his wife keep begging us to change our minds, but I am just not really ready to go to London.  I really don't want to go to Europe.  But if they go next year - we MIGHT go.

We have talked about taking our oldest granddaughter on a trip as a graduation present.  Right now, depending on if we go at spring break or after school is out we are thinking Hawaii or Alaska.  I haven't heard which she would prefer - and we have a year to settle the plans.


Sunday, April 01, 2018

Happy and Blessed Easter

And April Fool's Day.  What a mixture!

I stopped by to tell you the vision is clearing.  It isn't absolutely clear, but the blurry almost blindness is going away.  There is hope!

We will spend this afternoon with family - and eye drops!  I am so tired of eye drops, but I will survive. (Wish I could put that clip of that song here, but ...)

Hope your day is wonderful.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Day three

And it's me again.

Pain gone.  Vision is improving.  Still not clear, but I AM seeing images. 

The drops (at least one) is so thick that I believe that may be part of the problem.

Today I can wash my hair.  Tried to shower last night.  I thought my fancy dancy shower head could be turned off at the shower head.  It wasn't last night, and I soaked the bathroom.  Getting water off the floor without bending is a new Olympic event!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Me and three bottles

Three bottles of eye drops, that is.  Yes - one every two hours, one four times a day, and one once a day!  What an exciting life.

The vision is (hopefully) clearing, but honestly, it is where it was with the vaseline like covered cataract.  I hope it isn't wishful thinking that I can see more clearly, but I sincerely hope so.  At least the pain from the scratches on the cornea are better.

I guess if nothing else, I could have a corneal replacement - too.  I hope not.  Guess I have to take the thought that at least the retinal doctor can see into the eye to the retina now! (I hope)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The good --- and the bad

Surgery was yesterday.  I had to arrive at 6 a.m.  That is horrible - I don't do 6 anymore!  But I was first.

Talked to the anesthetist, and then the nurse anesthetist who would be with me.  I was going to get a combination of drugs for the twilight sleep.  I was surprised I wouldn't be put in one of those stylish hospital gowns, but I was just covered with blankets.

They started the drug cocktail, and I began floating.  Apparently, I was given quite a lot of the cocktail because frankly - it hurt.  I do have memories of the pain, some lights and being told not to move.  I had two parts of this - one the cataract and the other was opening a duct for more fluid to leave to alleviate glaucoma some.

When we were leaving, I certainly knew WHY you have to have a driver.  I was higher than a kite.  All afternoon, I wasn't with this world.  G asked a question and it took me a while to answer because I couldn't remember the answer.  I was SO sleepy too!  But the dreams I kept having were really strange,

I had a lot of pain also.  I am not going to lie about that and say it was all wine and roses.  About 7 last evening, I took some Advil.  I really didn't care if had anti-coagulant properties or not.  I was hurting.

The most irritating thing was my throat was sore - probably from the gallon of eyedrops that would run into my throat and the runny nose from the tears that would run into my nose!

I was able to sleep through the night without a problem, but we had to be up at 5:30 for me to be in her office at 7.  At first, no pain, then it hit again.  That passed into just a dull pain.

At her office, the bandages were removed.  Just that felt good.  But the eyechart thingy was lit.  I couldn't see the letters.  The assistant was, well, worried.  I could see it.  She held up two fingers and moved them for me to tell her when I could see them.

The doctor came in.  We discussed the meds I had to have, and we laughed about my reaction!  Then she looked at the eye.  Apparently, I have a corneal scratch.  That will heal. (I hope).  It just feels like I have something in my eye - had a scratched cornea before.

Now I have drops for every 2 hours, four times a day, and once a day.  Fortunately they give a sheet to mark them off and I have set my phone alarm for the two-hour interval.  This goes for 10 days!

The good from this is that I don't have to use the drop for glaucoma in this eye.  I hope that stays that way.

I go back next week - if not before.  I just can't bend over for that week.  That will be difficult to remember.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Almost D Day

Or rather S day!  Tomorrow - 6 a.m. 

I have been using eyedrops since Friday, well only one until Sunday.  One of those is once a day and the other is four times a day.  The flyer with them says to reduce pain and swelling, but I really believe the 4 a day also has some antibiotic properties.

I have spent the day trying to get chores done and errands run.  We needed screws for the garage door and G has a sit upon "valet" that he has managed to lose screws from.  Fortunately, I discovered that fact before it collapsed (again).  Of course with my mind - I forgot to take sample screws with me!  But I think the ones I got will work out.

I am doing my best to stay calm.  Saturday night we went with the church group (there is a group that goes out to dinner once a month - catchy name - Guess Where We Are Going To Dinner.  That is how it started, but has changed into an announced place that changes each month). 

We sat across the table from a couple who BOTH have had cataract surgery.  Everyone says it is easy.  So I am holding onto that.  If my blood pressure is high, they will cancel the surgery.  I most certainly don't want that.  I will be sure that I take my meds!!

That's about it.  I will (hopefully) be back soon to let you know how it went.

Friday, March 23, 2018

The countdown has begun

I started using the plethora of eyedrops today.  This one will be each day until Tuesday.  Sunday I add another (4 times a day), then surgery and after that yet another.  Yikes!

G had his spinal injection, and to his great surprise I believe - he can still walk.  He was so concerned even though I have had about 6 of these procedures.  In fact, he feels relief from the sciatica today.

Told him so!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Yes, it's meeeeee!

Time has surely flown by.  And some things have really happened!

First, we spent our Spring Break at the SSB.  That was early because we wanted to take advantage of the (slave) labor we were offered!  My son and his family were able to get away to come up to help get some heavy work done.  

Originally they were to spend a week, but the Houston Rodeo got in the way -they had tickets for Friday and Saturday.  Then Brian doesn't have much vacation time left (and I will get to that in a bit).  So they came up on Sunday and returned on Tuesday.  BUT we were able to get the old storage shed pieces to the dump, and we were able to move all the old wood pile into the pasture so it can be burned.

All this needed to be done because the new hunters' cabin is finished.  It is for them and us when we have an overflow.  Twelve people in our house is just too many!  So we are trying to make the enclosure where the two houses are cleaner and neater.  The storage shed had its roof blown off last year, so it wasn't much use!  The wood pile was leftover lumber from the various building projects that have been done.  Anyway -  we have an almost park-like setting now.  Thanks Brian and Christina!

He doesn't have much vacation left because they have friends who moved to London.  Their daughter is graduating from high school this year, so Brian and family are going.  Christina almost talked us into going with them.  To cut to the chase, we almost went, but now we aren't.  Traveling with a group of 8 is just too much for one thing.

The other reason is G is now having a lot of sciatica pain.  I guess I am going to sound not caring, but I have had all that pain for years (at least 40 years), and I have "sucked it up" and gone on.  Being a man, you would think he should be in a wheelchair now.  He is scheduled for the spine injection (the ones I have had for the last 7 years) on Thursday.  He thinks he will become paralyzed from it.  

I could go on with all the pains I have, but that would be letting them take over.  Plus, I really try not to spend that much time dwelling on them, and I do apologize for bringing them up and groaning about them to you.  My mother did that - constantly and I swore I wouldn't be that person, yet- here I am doing that.

I am gearing up for my cataract surgery now.  Last night I remembered I am to begin using some eye drops before surgery and panicked a bit thinking I should have already started with them.  Just what I needed to add to my insomnia.  But all it good on that front.

The old adage - "if I had known I was going to live this long ..." - really holds true.  I certainly would have taken better care.  I tell my granddaughter this all the time.  She has injured her shoulder in water polo.  She finally had her MRI and will have surgery later this year.  She hasn't been doing the exercises to strengthen and especially loosen her shoulder right before games.  So she will have her surgery after the season - in May.

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Surgery set

I was measured for the new lens that will go into my eye.  So this is all progressing!

I was told that I will be using a total of three drops associated with this surgery.  Two before the surgery and one (I think) after.  The person doing all this pre-op business told me there was a pharmacy that could get the drops at a lower cost to me.  But that place is a long way (and in an unfavorable area) so I decided to use my local national one.

With the hubbub that I have been hearing from other retired Texas teachers, I was a little concerned with the new that these drops were "expensive."  I have to remember that most of those with the horror stories of having things like their insulin costs rising to $1500 come from those under 65.  Those poor people are really getting hit hard - both with just the cost of their insurance but also the drug portion.  They are not eligible for Medicare, and with the Windfall profit ruling (and that's laughable when you see exactly how little Texas teachers get for their retirement) - where Texas teachers aren't eligible for their total Social Security they PAID in, they may not get Medicare possibly.  I was very worried about the cost of those drops.

I had a semi-pleasant surprise when I called and got the amount I was to be charged  The total cost was $75.  That is both a shock and relief.  That means that each bottle was $25, and that is what I pay now for my Lumigan - for glaucoma.  So even though that was $75 I didn't plan on spending, it wasn't that far out of line.

The other good news about the cataract surgery is that she can do another procedure to hopefully eliminate glaucoma in that poor ol' left eye while she is there.  THAT would mean only half the amount of the Lumigan!  At least that is my hope.

Friday, March 02, 2018

Little things can mean a lot

While I was at the water polo game, G took our recycling out front.  He saw a couple walking two Boxers, and was, of course, interested.  He didn't recognize them, and I don't blame him.  He only met them once.

It was the couple who are friends (and one a classmate) of my daughter.  They had fallen on really hard times a few years ago.  They had lost their jobs and were near eviction from their home.  They had only one vehicle and it was so hard to even look for work for both of them.

We had just purchased our SUV, and we weren't going to get but about $1500 for my beloved Pontiac.  We hate trying to sell a car outright.  There are just too many horror stories - one included when we sold one that never had the title changed on!  That Pontiac was the epitome of the vehicle "driven by the little old lady school teacher to and from school!"  And school was about 5 miles from home.  It was in impeckable shape.

To cut to the chase - we gave this couple the car. 

They live about three blocks from us on a cul-de-sac, so we really don't ever go by their house. We heard from our daughter the car was saved during Harvey.  Their house got water in it, but that little green Gran Prix was saved!

After tslking with them, G found the husband still drives that car daily to and from work!  I am so happy we did this one bit of paying it forward.  That act was never about doing anything for us.  It was to help a good but struggling family get back on their feet.  It still can make me happy though - especially because that was the car of my dreams when I bought it!  I am so happy it still lives and is functional!

Thursday, March 01, 2018

To continue

This thing has gotten so much worse - so fast!

On Tuesday, I went to Granddaughter's water polo game.  It was at 5:30 and I drove - which is something I TRY to not do at all.  It was dusk when I got out.  First, with my diminished peripheral vision, I didn't see the step down in the parking lot.  I missed it and fell - fortunately on my butt.  That was embarrassing.  Then coming home, I was scared to death.  I really couldn't see that well as the night grew darker, and judging distance was really hard.

I knew all I see is blurry objects - letters disappear, but I just was kidding myself into believing it wasn't this bad.  It is.

So I go back next Tuesday to me "measured" for the lens.  And probably some other things as well.  I lost all she was saying - just to come in next week.  Then on the 27th is the surgery.

I love my doctor.  She is so funny.  I told her I was nervous with all that has happened to this eye.  She said I shouldn't be.  I told her that was easy for HER to say!

I really am thinking I don't have that much to lose.  I know, saw the "movie" about the surgery at her office, and she said I could lost my vision, but there isn't that much left!

Keep you posted as things progress!

Big day - I guess

And I am nervous.  Last time I saw the Retinal Specialist, the doc said the cataract was getting to the point he couldn't see the retina.  SO - I see the ophthalmologist today - in about an hour.

I cerebrally know it will be fairly painless, and I will be happy with the results.  I know I haven't got a lot to lose.  I do still have vision, but it is like looking through waxed paper that has been smeared with vaseline.   But it IS surgery.  On my eye.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Nothing really new

Our weather is still bad.  I am so tired of being cold that I almost miss menopause!  Usually here in Swampland by this time of the new year, we have reached 80 at least once.  So far that hasn't happened.  Perhaps tomorrow when the forecast is high 70's.  I am doubting that however since we haven't seen the sun in days!

My arthritis is really kicking butt.  It is amazing that one session in the pool in July of last year sent my shoulders into such a state.  Many nights the pain accompanied by my insomnia means I don't get much sleep.  I know I have had problems with these shoulders since I was a teen, but they are both really bad.  The diagnosis is arthritis in the left and a torn rotator cuff in the right.  But the real pain began when I was doing some isometric style exercises in the pool.  I just don't understand.

But the shoulders, back, and knees (yes those titanium knees that still hurt) are going to have to wait.  I went to the retinal specialist yesterday. While my right eye is still ok (last time he was seeing some fluid build up), he said it is time for the cataract surgery.  I will see better - of course since I am legally blind in the left eye because I have a "filmy" cataract in that eye - that is a given. 

The state of Texas has done a real number on its teachers - both in service and retired.  Our insurance is costing us a lot more, and the coverage is poor.  I have been waiting to book this cataract stuff.  I really SHOULD have done it last year when the insurance was better.  I didn't think the same insurance company would become so terrible this year, but it has.  But I called to begin the process.  So we will see.

So here it has been another gripe session.  Moaning and groaning about health in general.  Sorry about that.  It seems that is life in these parts these days.  G has back problems that the ortho said is treated with surgery.  That didn't go over well at all.  So they are going conservative with injections and physical therapy.  Our days seem to be spent deciding who has what doctor's appointment.  So that's where the mindset is.

Stay warm!  Let's all look forward to spring!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

FINALLY melted!

I took pictures after three days in the deep freeze, but I am just too lazy to download them from the camera, but we still had snow (ice) on roofs, cars, and shady places in the streets.  This is Southeast Texas for goodness sakes!  We are semi-tropical.  This is ridiculous.

Schools were closed for two days, and well they should have been.  Our temperature didn't get out of freezing both of those days.  I knew that the buses would not run.  And they didn't. 

I am not looking forward to our gas bill.  We have two furnaces that ran A LOT!  Fortunately, we had gotten our firewood before all this, so we were good on that.  Our fireplace is really an important asset to our heat in the den.  Even with new ductwork that should have been able to send the air better, the master bedroom gets the lion share of the air (both a/c and heat).  It gets so hot in there, but the den, kitchen, and breakfast room get just a little so we have been freezing!

Today we are to have (finally!!!) temperatures in the 60's, but it is cloudy with occasional showers.  That makes it seem a lot colder.  Tomorrow temps in the 70's.  I wish the sun were to be out, the rain will be greater.

So that is what is going on in Southeast Texas.  With the flu rampant, and the terrible weather, we are sticking close to the house.

Hope all it better in your neck of the woods!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

This and that

First - there won't be much done today.  We are once again under mixed precipitation and a winter storm warning.  What??  Tropical Houston!  Yes - right now here in Little Sub of Houston it is 27 and falling at 10:00 AM.  My car and roof are covered in sleet.  Our neighbors are without power - with the repair being done with repair being done between 11 am and 4 pm.  Thank God for our generator (that we got for hurricanes but use more in the cold!).

I. Am. Tired. Of. This.  We were at the SSB with my son and his family for New Years. It SNOWED, and the temps ran in the teens.  People - we are in the south!  This isn't supposed to happen.

Today this freeze covers the state and all over schools are closed, governmental offices are closed.  The joke is that Texas is closed.  And, sadly it is true.  But it is a good thing - we aren't prepared for this stuff!


In other news, my cataract isn't getting one bit better.  I really am legally blind in my left eye.  When I went to the Retinal Specialist last week I got the "wonderful" news that now there is a little fluid under the retina in the right eye.  That means the dry macular degeneration is affecting the right eye.   I am really upset.  That will mean injections in both eyes. 

My shoulders (right - torn rotator cuff, left - no cartilage to buffer bones) are terrible.  Now the sciatia isn't bad, but the degeneration is causing a lot of pain.  I cannot stand for much more than 15 minutes.

Getting old isn't for the weak.  I am lamenting as so many of us do - if I had known I was going to live this long...   Well if I had known I would fall apart like this, I think I would not have done things like moving heavy antique furniture upstairs by my self!

Peace to you all.