Wednesday, July 11, 2018

We will see

I am not one who wears their Christianity on my sleeve.  I don't usually talk about how, when and what I pray for, but I will right now.  I have been fervently praying for the ability to forgive that creature (not a good start I guess) that is next to the SSB.  Forgiveness is undoubtedly THE singular most difficult thing for me.  Do a (perceived at least) wrong, and I cannot get past it.

So to get to the point, we head out tomorrow.  Tomorrow is also the day he has threatened to begin to close off out access to our property.  I am nervous about what we will find.  Will he have already closed off out road - probably.  It would be just like him.

SIL will also be coming tomorrow, and son and his family will be there Friday.

We are going to work on the "new" road regardless.  It should be lots of "fun" working in high 90 degree temperatures. 

I really AM trying to be a good Christian here.  I really am trying to turn the cheek.  But it is so difficult.  I still hope karma will step in.  Can't help it.


Judy said...

Christian's don't believe in Karma. LOL
He will be judged someday, it's just so unsatisfying that we won't get to see it.


I can ask the Goddess to intervene and bip him into the next county..