Tuesday, November 26, 2019


This was so much easier 44 years ago.  I can't believe what a toll this is taking on me!

Of course 44 years ago the house was smaller.  We added two bedrooms and bath upstairs.

And 44 years ago, I didn't get into machine embroidery and tried to start a small business.  So I didn't have items that could be embellished hanging around.

And 44 years ago I hadn't inherited items (of sentimental and real value) from parents and an aunt and uncle who were like parents.  Silver services, etc.

AND finally, I was a LOT younger then!


Friday, November 22, 2019

Closing on the house is near

So we are back to the original closing date - December 4.  Things around here have switched to high gear.  I had been lazing about, procrastinating comes so easy!

But I wonder about the woman.  She has stage 4 ovarian cancer.  The reason for putting closing off was so she could have surgery the first part of December. I wondered how she could move so closely following surgery, but apparently, there is no surgery. It makes me worry that she was told there was nothing to be gained by the surgery, but another part of me hopes that the tumors were so greatly reduced by the chemo.  Whatever the reason - she is in my prayers.  She is a beautiful person.

I  tackled the "craft floor" yesterday.  My fabric stash had spilled out of its containment, so I was putting it back into the storage containers.  I have all the items I had for craft shows that I am unable to do any longer in a bag for Goodwill.  It was HEAVY.  I had to weave through close quarters to get it to the stairs to send it rolling down, and I paid for it last night.  My back was killing me.  I am going to have to have help with picking up bags and boxes from now on.  I just can't do that now.  Moving isn't for 74 year-olds.

My emotions are all over the place.  There is such sadness when I look around at what I am leaving. Our remodeled bathrooms, my powerful vent hood, the open expanses of this house. What I WON'T miss was released yesterday.  The new FEMA flood maps.  We are now in the 500-year flood plain with the 100 year right behind us.  When we moved here 44 years ago, we weren't close.

I am looking forward to being close to the grandchildren however. And I keep repeating my mantra that regardless that house is better than a garage apartment or independent living place. Sometimes you have to find the silver lining.  PLUS - I don't have to worry about THOSE STAIRS!

I have a living room full of antiques that don't have a place in the other house.  G said to just donate them to a charity that gives them to people that don't have furniture.  HE doesn't even want to sit on them - so why in the world would someone down on their luck want it?  I contacted an antique place that has 200 dealers if they knew of someone who would like those pieces.  We will see.

So the big move is set for December 7.  Wish me luck!

Friday, November 01, 2019

The story continues

Just when I thought there would be no changes - there are.  As I have said, the owner has stage 4 ovarian cancer.  She is getting chemo right now.  But I didn't know she would be having surgery in early December.  Well, she is.  So that means they are asking to delay closing until the 20th.  Now IF I still decorated for Christmas I would be really upset.  But I haven't in years!!

The thing I am worried about is that this year looks like it is going to be COLD in Texas.  We have had freezing or near freezing in Southeast Texas (Houston area).  We have tropical and semi-tropical plants.  Usually, I would put them in our storage building, BUT (1) we are in the process of cleaning it our and (2) I don't want to have to move them twice.  Yeah - I know = sounds like a personal problem!  It is, but all the same - plans change.  My daughter will "foster" my two six-foot Hawaiin plumerias.  I really don't want to lose them.  The other plants I will just have to group in the corner of the patio which is on the south side and pretty protected = they hope and pray.

I did get a giggle from the email their agent sent ours.  She said normally they would "negotiate" the amended offer (well, OK) but they wanted to leave the neighbors with good feelings - even at their loss.  Then the male owner looked at our inspection report.  He said nothing about the serious defects (that could result in the house burning down) but nitpicked the little things that made no sense to me.  I was reminded of the old saying "gagging on gnats and swallowing elephants!"

I have been throwing things out.  Yesterday out went the (outdated!!) VCR tapes.  I really was hoping there was some recycling place since they are covered in toxic chemicals.  AND I had hoped I could find a taped segment of my beloved Taz playing with the water sprinkler.  Alas - reality struck.  We put out about eight bags (couldn't get them too heavy) last night when we were pretty sure there wouldn't be any goblins to tear them open and spread all that around.  And the decluttering will continue today - and tomorrow - and the next day - and ...

So I may not be complete with my venting - yet.