Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Silly me

When the last computer crash happened, I joined a 'Cloud' group.  I could store my "stuff" off line - in a safe place.  When the hardware crashed, I would be able to access my data.

Well., yes this is true.  What I didn't know in my Polly Anna state was that it would take hours.  It's kinda like losing weight.  It took a long time to put it on (which is really not so much my case - I can gain a lot of weight in a very short time), so it will take a long time to take it off.  To translate this into this situation: it took a long time to gather and save this data, it will take a long time to put it back after a crash.

I have the Dell upstairs, like I intended.  What is killing me is putting the designs back on it.  I am getting there, but I want to reload things that are on the SMALL external drive onto it.  Notice I said small.  I don't know what will happen if I decide to go to the big one.

Oh - what happened with the cloud.  That takes forever and a day.  Downloading from the cloud is tedious at best.  I did get some down, and really it is comforting to know that it is there and safe.  If I need to spend the time and effort, I can do it.  I just don't want to right now.

Today's wonderful activity was to visit the vampire lab.  I have four appointments this month - two of them require blood work.  One is especially important.  This is the time for the check up with Dr Poison.  I really want to know the CA25.27 number.  That is the breast cancer marker, and I am always worried about that number.  I am a seven year survivor.  That, in itself, is good.  But it seems that the villain of breast cancer always comes back.  G reads the obits, and there is usually someone who has died after an "x" year battle with breast cancer.  So...

I am realizing I am a spoiled brat.  Krissi has me so spoiled by calling everyday.  I knew it meant a lot from me, but gosh just because she is having a great time in California ...  See?  I wondered why she didn't call on Monday.  I thought she was ticked off that Brian and Christina had given me those flowers - she does things like that.  Then she posted pictures on Facebook.  They visited  The Golden Gate Bridge. 

She didn't call yesterday, and so far nothing has come on Facebook - but I haven't gotten there yet.  There were pictures from the polo swim club - I think they went to see the Redwoods. 

I just miss talking to her.  Spoiled!

So that's what's up around here.  I just don't see how I can stand this exciting life.

Monday, July 28, 2014


These are from my son and daughter in law.  We had a mini celebration with them last night, and these were a little something for my birthday that was Saturday.  We will have a real celebration for my middle granddaughter about August 9.  That will be before Brian and Christina and kids head to the beach with her dad, and Krissi and Steve and kids will be back from San Jose.

Karrigton's birthday was on the 20th.  We have a total of four birthdays in July.  We get Brian and eldest grandson the first part - the 6th and 7th.  Then Karrington and I have the later ones.  Krissi and Steve's wedding anniversary is the 27th.  Busy month.

Christina didn't want to bring my present because it was a group present.  And she still has Karrington's.  I still need to take her shopping and lunch too.  So another big do in August.  It seems like July birthdays are getting really spread out!

I do so love cut flowers.  Lillies and hydrangeas are among my absolute favorite flowers too.  I will really hate to see these fade.  I think I love this arrangement more than if it had been roses!  BYW - please overlook the "puppy bombs" and other bits of things on the bar with the flowers.  Things just seem to land there!

On the water polo front in San Jose, Reagan's team has been beaten soundly in the games I have heard about.  Water polo is just gaining popularity here in Texas.  Don't know why - seems like the perfect sport for Texans.  Rough and tumble.  But it's a different story in California.

The folks from here are suffering a bit, which is surprising.  The pools are outdoors.  Here our Natatoriums are indoors.  Plus, California is having a hot spell.  Tough sitting in the stands.  No shade!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ta Da!

Fourteen years ago, before I retired, I was pretty much a whiz with electronics.  At that time, we had the forerunner of today's compact CD.  It was called a laser disc, and it was about the size of a 33 1/3 record album.  That replaced our text books.

A lot of our teachers had problems using the disc and machines.  They were supposed to call on the librarians for help.  The problem there was that the librarians didn't know what they were doing. 

I had figured out that if we had these machines and that gave us a TV as well, we could hook up our own VCRs meaning we didn't have to get to the library quickly to sign up for one of the three VCR/TV sets.  Freedom with movies that we could check out from the regional educational service center.

I was often all over the building getting things to work.  I was pretty good with the computers too.  Now, our technician in the building wasn't always so sure because I took the attitude that I really couldn't break the computer.  I did however erase a few commands when I would get into the deep part of the operating system.  But it could always be fixed again.

Now technology has changed so much, and I don't feel  comfortable doing much more than pushing play on the DVR system.  Hooking one up - no way.  I have tried on the one in the bedroom, and it still doesn't work.  HD and DVR is just too much for me - plus I don't have the physical flexibility that I had 13 years ago.

But I wasn't going to let the Dell get to me.  First it really wasn't something I did wrong, and second, Dave is in California (gee - who isn't!) visiting family.  I knew what the problem was.  I just had to figure out how to fix it.

I completely disabled (thought about erasing it completely) AVG.  Then I got into the Control Panel (dangerous ground) and looked into the internet part.  I did a system restore that put me back to the point where I got the computer.  That meant I had to re-install Office. 

I didn't re-install Firefox.  It isn't important on that computer.  It is to be the backup for my embroidery files.  So I will go to Cloud to see if I can download some of the embroidery files that I need on a computer.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve for getting the programs I want on there, but I will try.

So to some extent, even though I have been left in the dust by technology, I still can putter along.  And there is always Dave waiting in the wings to save me.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I give!

Got the Dell back on Tuesday.  I promptly loaded Microsoft Office.  All was well.  I don't like Chrome and especially Window's Explorer for surfing, so I downloaded Firefox.  That's when the trouble started.

I often have used AVG on computers.  Dave installed that one on both G's and the Dell.  It was immediate that it grabbed part of Firefox as malware.  It took out parts of the program, and one of those parts is essential for the functioning of the internet.  &%r*(&^(%(&^%(!!!!

So I have been working on re-setting the downloads.  Hasn't helped.  Went back to Monday to reset the computer.  No.  Help.

Blast it all.  But in reality with the exception of one program, I don't need it to surf.  I want it to hold my machine embroidery designs, and I can get them on this computer and transfer.  I just need the special program that allows me to see the design without using a separate program that I have to open - then open the design.

Krissi and crew are leaving by 7 tomorrow morning.  With all these crashes I am a little beside myself today.  I KNOW in my mind there are other circumstances here, but still.  With the threats to America, I am still worrried as the devil. 

So that's my funk for the day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Home again

And I am more than glad.  While we were gone, the local web page was full of car burglaries that happened Saturday night.  While they were concentrated in another part of the Village, and they were cars left unlocked (and usually on the street), I was a little concerned.  We had our alarm on, and the truck was locked and far back in the driveway, but still.

Last week or so, a guy came to the door while I was gone.  He asked G if he "wanted to sell the car in the garage."  Now that isn't really visible from the street - especially with the truck parked in front of it.  G answered the door with the pistol in the other hand.  Obviously the guys were casing the street.  Oh, and the car - - he said VW - no it is a 1965 MGB.

But everything was as I expected - just fine when we got in.


My poor little Dell laptop that was dropped in Alaska came home again last night.  We found a great guy to fix these little devices that can become so sick.  The idiots that worked on the Dell before - and lost all my pictures, the thing I really wanted - didn't replace the hard drive.  And really I am glad.  Dave did the hard drive and put Windows 7 back on all for $144.  That is a good deal in these parts.

So home again for a month.  Krissi and family are headed to California on Friday for 10 days.  I really wish I were going with them, and had I really gotten on the ball I could have.  The older two are swimming in the Junior Olympics there.  It should be a lot of fun.

Me?  It is doctor appointment month.  I have FOUR!   Gotta have my three thousand mile check up.  I begin with the eye injection, and finish with seeing Dr Poison.  I hope my cancer enzyme number is still within range.  It is always a worry.

But today - hair cut.   (So it doesn't stick out too far out of the wig)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Here in the outback

I did have success warding off a flare up of gout.  I am drinking about four gallons of water a day, and perhaps the other pills worked.  I still don't have eye drops.  Even IF I could call the problem in to Walgreens in Fredericksburg, it has been raining too much these last two days to make me want to leave.  The roads are quagmires.     It will certainly be a reminder the next trip.

Wouldn't you know that I forgot my camera this trip too.  (Makes one wonder just what I did remember!!!) We are surrounded with wild life that is attempting to come in the house, or so it seems. 

We have a pair of road runners that apparently have a next somewhere close by.  They are up on the decks - front and back - looking in the glass doors.  Shadow is curious, but I know he is intimated by those BIG birds.  He gets about three feet from the door and chirps at them.  If you have ever had a cat that looks at birds out the window - you know that chirp.  Clyde is very, very interested.

We also have a whole bunch of cotton tail rabbits - whatever that bunch is called.  I think a warren.  Anyway, they have no fear.  Last night I took Clyde out to relieve himself and there were two rabbits nt more than four feet from us.  Mr Clyde, who has no prey drive for the pesky squirrels that eat all of out pecans and damage our house, wanted to chase those rabbits.  And those fool rabbits kept coming closer and closer.  That was not a pleasant trip outside.  Then he wanted to hit every stand of high grass.  I had enough wildlife at that point, and a rattle snake was not in my plans.

This morning, we looked out the front glass door - and low and behold - a rabbit!  This time Shadow felt it was more his size, and he was quite interested.

Ah, yes - fun and games in the outback!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Here at the end of the world

We are so far from civilization.  Even when we go to a city - we are far from civilization.

Why am I so much of a nay sayer?  Well, first I left my eyedrops for the glaucoma at home.  I was going to be sure to pack them, but guess what.  There are two partial bottles in the night stand and a full one in the cabinet.  Even if I were to go into Fredericksburg (45 miles away) where there is a Walgreens, AND convince them to search for the number, the insurance would put a stop to them filling it.  "It isn't time."

In addition to that, I am feeling a twinge of a gout flare up.  Did I bring those anti-inflamatory pills?  No.  And there was no refill on them anyway.  So I am up the creek without a paddle.  I do have some anti-inflamatories that I was given for my right knee that hurts.  I just PRAY they work for this.

I know I am not supposed to have beef either.  So what are we having for dinner - BEEF fajitas of course.  And when did we make the trek to the store in Mason - this afternoon before the twinge began.  And what proteins do I have a lot of here - BEEF.

Of course the trip in was to get the old Dodge inspected.  It is actually my daughter's and SIL's.  He never took really good care of it.  So the a/c has a leak, and it is only in the high 90's here.  When we got to the mechanic's he said the tires wouldn't pass inspection.  They had dry rotted.

G immediately thought Steve pulled one of his stunts buying them from some off beat guy.  So after nearly $1000, we got an inspection sticker.  All I can say is they were so bad, it had to have been God's hand that delivered us to the shop without the tires coming apart.  They were that bad.

As it turns out, the tires were six years old.  They did come from a good dealer.  They were just old, and dry rotted.

So here I sit drinking gallons upon gallons of water.  I will try to eat very little of the meats this week - with the exception of the chicken.  I just hope the pills I have here and the water work!

Monday, July 14, 2014


Last night was the infamous "Family Dinner."  While I do enjoy this gathering, regardless how I make it sound here, and regardless how much it puts me in a tizzy when I host, it is so important.  It is the ONLY way I am keeping our family together.  Once again I refer to the old adage "a daughter is a daughter all of her life and a son is a son until he takes a wife" because it is so true.

My example of recent times - they missed the family reunion in Dallas because they were in Louisiana with her dad and that family for a week.  They will be gone in the middle of August for a week because they will be at the coast with him again.  Easter was spent with her mother at the coast.  Do you get my picture here?  The wife's family gets the attention.

And to be fair - daughter's family is usually with us.  Even though his family is in San Antonio, Krissi and Steve moved away from them to live here.  They are a mile away.

But back.  I decided that we would have pork ribs last night.  When we went to the store to shop, I didn't think the one rack of ribs would feed everyone.  But G "explained" that he didn't want 10 pounds of ribs.  I was thinking that - well we are feeding perhaps 12 people ...

I should have known Brian's kids wouldn't eat.  At least not ribs.  So I put out 5 of Clyde's reward frankfurters (I refuse to use the other common name because it sends the older kids into gales of laughter).  What do Reagan and Karrington head for immediately - those!

I was still frantic.  There was a huge pile of ribs, but before Steve went into this Beachbody thing, he could (and would) have eaten the entire pile alone along with the bowl of potato salad.  As it was - with everyone with the exception of G and the kids being on the diet, there were plenty of ribs, and had I followed my inclination we would have had a huge amount of left overs!

So we finally celebrated Brian's 38th birthday.  Now we have two more for the month and we are through until September when its Brian's daughter's (Delaney) birthday.  Then there is an acalanche of birthdays again.

And tomorrow - we are headed back to the SSB.  This year my name for the place is really true.  EVERYTHING either sticks, stings of bites.  Lots of grass burrs, scorpions, and snakes.  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Making memories

Reagan's 10th birthday was last Sunday.  I didn't have a present at the time, and I told him we would once again go out for him to shop and then lunch.

When we were heading to the store he was talking about all the fun memories he has of going out with me to shop for his birthday.  I had no idea.

He is a sweet boy, and I really think he will grow into a great man.  With his mom and two sisters, he has learned to be very considerate.  He is surrounded by strong women, and he knows how to survive.

He pretty much knew what he wanted, and the shopping was (thankfully) very short.  He wanted video games, and I know his parents would like to wring my neck.  He is addicted to those games - to the point of (and TMI here) becoming constipated because he won't leave the games.

But that's what we got, and then headed off to lunch.  I was surprised at his choice, and we called "Pa" to join us - at his suggestion.

According to Krissi - he had a great time.  Makin' memories.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday again - yeah, finally

And the end of another week.  At my age, I certainly shouldn't be wishing my weeks away.  That's like wishing your life away.  But I do enjoy weekends!  (I KNOW my whole life since retirement is actually a weekend!)

I was settling into a better schedule this past week.  I could fall asleep at a normal time and then wake in the mornings, but that waking hour was not what I really wanted.  We had a busy week.  Some of this is probably a re-run, but here we go.

Monday, G had an appointment with one of his stable of doctors.  But that wakes me, so I was up.  And not at 8:30 which is my best time.  Tuesday was to be my appointment with the retinal folks to have my eyeball punctured.

THAT one set off a whole avalance of problems.  The office was dark. They were closed.  G is still ranting about that one!

Wednesday was taking the car to its doctor to have its bodily fluids changed.  That meant breakfast out.  It is so good.  I love their omlets - the restaurant's not the mechanic's!

Yesterday wasn't as early a day, but G had a dermatology appointment.  And the afternoon was my eye piercing appointment.  All that went well.  I even called the retinal folks to make sure I had an appointment since I didn't get a call on Wednesday!

Today Clyde has his day of beauty.  Bath and nail trim.  So that meant early rising.   They like for the dogs to be there early.  Well - early for me is about 8.  Needless to say, last night was one of "those" nights of being awake until after 1 a.m.

Today Katie comes back from camp.  They don't even get a whole week anymore like I did and my kids did.  I guess the staff needs a day to regroup before the next avalance of campers.

Krissi got a call from the "day camp" that is being held at our old church.  The Youth Minister was hemming and hawing about Reagan.  Krissi thought he had gotten hurt (or done something he shouldn't have).  Finally Michelle said - "well they were preparing for a skit and he got marker on his shirt."  Krissi assured her that she wasn't really that worried about just a shirt - she was just happy he didn't get the marker in his eye!   Amen to that sista'

Katie is really upset.  She was to play a water polo tournement this weekend.  It is down south of here where we have a bunch of relatives living.  I wanted to go along both to see her play and visit with kin-folk.  But the opthalamologist has put the brakes on that activity.   This was not in Katie's plans.

And - a week late but it's our first chance Family Dinner will be for my son's, my baby's, 38th birthday.  When my daughter turned 40 it didn't really hit me so, but this is my baby.  My youngest!  Goodness - I am old - which is something I really realize doing genealogy.  Most of those folks - especially those in the early 1920's and before - died in their 60's!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Over 250

That's how many viruses and malware were on G's computer.  It's all clean and running well - we will see how long that lasts.  The computer guru put Avast on it and has it set for a weekly run of checking.

I am such a doubter because he would crash computers at work - though the protected network.  The man destroys computers.  It's not that he goes to really unsavory sites - like porn and the like.  He just opens things from places that he doesn't really know and shouldn't really trust,

I am not innocent in this aspect however.  It was recently that I realized that some of my "trusted" embroidery sites had viruses and malware in their downloads.  So I am in the process of trying to get  the baby Toshiba back up and running fast.  I may send it do Dave (the guru) because $75 is really cheap to get it cleaned and tuned up! 

This one I scan almost daily with two different programs.  May be overkill, but I know there are STILL some baddies lurking on it.  One thing I would like to get rid of are the excess tool bars.  I hate them, and I haven't known how to get rid of them in many years.  Just like I don't remember how to get an XP on a different modem.

So, my computer is mine once again.  If something happens to it now - it is totally my fault.  It's almost like sharing a toothbrush - I really don't want to do that - ever and with anyone!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Told ya' so and other events

First order of business is a small rant about physician's offices.  I had my monthly appointment for my eye spearing yesterday.  I remembered that they didn't call to remind me of the appointment on Monday, but dismissed the thought.  We got off of the elevator and turned the corner to see a dark, locked office.  G was (well best word) pissed.  He is still fuming.  They CLAIMED to have called me to change the appointment.  I told them that my phone is always on an answering machine AND I have caller ID, and they were not there.  So their response was "well, do you have a cell phone that might be better?"

I nearly dropped the phone.  I responded that if I didn't get anything on the phone that is always on, I certainly wouldn't get a call on a phone that is just as likely to be off than on.  They then acted like they were doing me a big favor and giving me an appointment for tomorrow afternoon that "just opened up."  Geesh!


So after that experience, we loaded up G's computer and my previously dropped laptop that the clowns over here really messed up to take them to be repaired.  I knew his was absolutely eaten up with malware and viruses.  That was why is was so slow.  And because I tried to fix it, he blames me for the malware.

I loaded one of the top programs for keeping all this stuff off the computer, but he never  updated the program.  In fact, he complained about the reminders and shut them down as something that was a pain in the rear.  I was going to load another really good, free program to get rid of the malware.  I told him what site to log into, thinking surely he could do that.  Guess what - he didn't.  So what I downloaded was masquerading as the program I wanted.  It was malware itself.  And you know how this household runs - it was my fault that his computer finally just quit working for all practical purposes!

The guy called this morning about his.  It has about 300 cases of malware on it.  That's why I don't want him using my computer.  I spend a day cleaning it after he has been on the internet.  He usually ends his session with "the little icon is just spinning around."  Yeah - you have loaded my computer with malware now.  But it will be fixed for only $75!  Yea!  But I told him what was wrong - and he argued with me.  Told ya'.


Katie, Katie, Katie.  My physically adept grandchild, but the one who is so accident prone.  She is a church camp.  Yesterday was full day 2.  Yesterday she was participating so hard that she got something in her eye they couldn't flush out, so she went to some teeny, tiny town's drive in emergency clinic. 

Her mom called later to tell me what happened.  She got a splinter (?????!!!!) in her eye.  She needs to see a doctor this morning.  She certainly makes life interesting.  Fortunately our Vicar is with the kids.  She is so calm and sweet.  Pastor C wouldn't have been a good one in this case - at all.  So I am waiting to see what the verdict is from the doctor.  I asked Krissi if she got the splinter in the cornea or in the sclera (white part) but she had no idea.  Oh, Katie!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Fun time for Katie and WOOO HOOO!!!

Yesterday Katie went off to her first church camp.  I know she is going to have such a great time.  It is common in the Lutheran church for the kiddos in confirmation to go to camp together.  This is a first for our church.  I really think our Pastor doesn't like kids, so I can't imagine him spending 6 days and 5 nights with the 13/14 year olds. 

We do have our Vicar (student pastor) whose husband is the director of the camp, so she is happily with the kids for this event.  That is even better.  She is so great, and the kids absolutely love her. 

I am sure Katie will have a great time.  She has never been away like this, but I know she will hit the groove immediately.  When she found out they would swim shortly after getting there yesterday, all was great.  That is certainly her medium.


The phone just rang, and I looked at the caller id.  It was the colonoscopy doctor's office.  Even though I was sure that all was well, I still had that immediate feeling of dread.  One bout of cancer has been enough for me, and I will do screenings to try to prevent another.

So I answered, and wouldn't you know - the nurse hesitated just briefly.  That felt like a day! As I waited, I know my heart must have quickened a bit. 

She identified herself.  Then the great words - "the pathology report came back OK.  Dr Toland says FIVE years for the next one."  What a wonderful thing!  If I am even still around, I may skip that one.  After all - how long does it take for the cancer to grow.

Now we  will see about G.  He really gets the polyps.  This time they were small, and there was only one that was suspicious.  So we wait for that one. 

That's the WOOOO HOOO for me for the day - five years!


Now if my ears would remain clear.  Living in a swamp is hard on my ears.  I get fungus infections so very easily.  My ears itch like crazy - then I shove something in there (cotton-tip, hair pin - that kind of stuff).  Then they get worse, and then fluid builds up and I can't hear.  They clear and it starts all over with them getting flaky and itchy.

Guess where I am today.  Right - yesterday both ears almost completely occluded.  Such fun.  So I will be putting vinegar in my ears (forget the diluted solution - straight vinegar), and then the anti-fungal about four times a day.  If that doesn't work, it will be off to the ENT to have them vacuumed out!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Clydie Clyde

Clyde has to be one of the most laid back dogs in the world.  It seems nothing bothers him.  We have not even had him for a year yet - close but not yet.  But he seemingly has no prey-drive which is great for shadow.  We wish he had a bit though so he would chase those pesky squirrels (don' t hate me squirrel lovers - remember they badly damage our house and take each and every pecan from our tree).

Loud noises don't seem to bother him.  That is also great because we are in a period of afternoon thunderstorms.  LOUD thunderstorms.  He sleeps through them.

So with the fourth here, I thought he would be just fine.  Our city doesn't allow fireworks, but we are surrounded by houses in the county - and they fire them off.  Plus, I really think there are more and more here in the city (and remember we are very small) who are using them.  So it was noisy last night.

Shadow is such a coward, and he was totally freaked out.  He was sure someone or something was going to come in the house.  He is convinced that if someone comes into the house - they are going to kill him!  When I went to feed him last night, all the popping coupled with the rattling of the food bag had him totally freaked out!

Clyde's routine at night is to go out one final time at 10.  So that time came, and the popping was terrible.  G said that as soon as he opened the door, there was a loud bang - shotgun loud.  Clyde decided that going out into that was not something he was going to do.

Fortunately this dog can go for very extended times to relieve himself - either because he is stubborn or has to.  So it meant he was either going to wake us in the night, or wait until this morning.  Well - wait it was.  He was good to go until about 8:30.

We have learned he isn't quite as laid back as we thought!

Friday, July 04, 2014

We shall see

The other night I was thinking of how I really had wanted to go with Krissi and her family to San Jose, but since that trip bas morphed into 10 days because Reagan and Katie won't be swimming at the same times, I won't go.  Plus, they did the smart thing and found a two bedroom apartment for the stay rather than a hotel.  But I really wanted to see San Francisco and the San Jose areas.

So I mentioned to G that I on the NEXT vacation I wanted to go to California.  I would LIKE to see San Diego - not just the zoo, San Francisco and the like.

Now - if you remember, the year we went to the Outer Banks, I wanted to do to New York City and Philadelphia.  Now  I really enjoyed the trip to the Outer Banks.  I got to meet a blogger friend while in the general area by taking a short side trip.

In September, we are taking another trup.  The big part of that one is to ride Amrak's Empire Builder that runs from Seattle/Portland area to Chicago.  When we went to the train convention in Portland a couple of years ago, that was to be our way home.  But there was the flooding in the midwest that washed out the rails.  Hard to ride a train then!  AND one of the other routes had a semi hitting the passenger train - thus shutting down that route.  So we ended up renting a car to drive home.  It was cheaper than booking a last minute air ticket.

We went through some areas that I thought looked interesting, and I would have liked to have stopped to see, but we were on a strict schedule.  We had to make it home in four days.  We do not drive at night.  There are far too many animals out on the highways.  We spend a lot of time in the "wilds" od Texas remember. 

SO I made the suggestion that since we would either begin on end in the Seattle area again - why don't we rent a car again and follow that track again?  It was agreed BUT G wants to go a different way - a really different way.

Seeing a pattern here??  There surely is one.  I get close, but...

So there is a California trip in the works.  Where in the heck we end up - who knows.  But at least I will get back to California,  Perhaps I should have said I wanted to go to Miami.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

And we are done for a while

G had his colonoscopy this morning.  He took the first appointment, so we had to be there at 5!  I can't believe I am so sleepy!  The good thing we were finished, ate breakfast at Steak and Shake and were home by 8:45. But I am not worth shooting.  They found nine small polyps, but he wasn't really concerned about them.  He said G was probably genetically disposed for them, and he would just have to keep after them.  I started to ask the doc how long does it take before they could become cancerous.  Planning ahead!

I should do laundry today, but there's always tomorrow. 

I had lunch with a friend yesterday.  She has been having terrible back problems.  She was in the hospital for several days, and they never figured out why or what is going on.  She is a very heavy woman, and didn't realize just how heavy she is.  She told me they weighed her as 500 pounds. 

One doctor came in and the first words out of his mouth were "you need bariatric surgery."  She told him that she was an intelligent person and knew exactly how she got in that position, and she was not going to have the surgery.  She wanted to do it the old fashioned way.

I agree with her.  That surgery is a help, but you still have to watch what you eat (if you can eat).  There are so many complications that come with it.  She has a friend who developed gangrene, and another breast cancer.

G thinks I am silly, but I really believe that for some women, big weight loss can cause breast cancer.  I developed it after I lost about 50 pounds.  I know that fat holds estrogen, and my tumor was an estrogen receptor.  In fact - the only med I am taking after treatment is to stop estrogen production.

While I am not saying women shouldn't lose weight, I do feel that there is estrogen released.  But back to my friend.  She has lost 23 pounds this month after being in the hospital.  Good for her!

We had a great time talking.  "Lunch" lasted two hours, and then I had to go grocery shopping.  Haven't really been in a month, and my bill showed it!

I lead such an exciting life.  Happy to share!  I know you are just held spell-bound now!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What's going on here?

OK - be forewarned, this is a mini-rant, but really more of, as is used so often these days, WTF?

What is going on with Google and Yahoo?  First I have a Yahoo mail account.  That is where I get notifications of new (free!) embroidery designs and other things related to the embroidery stuff.  I knew they messed with the groups, but now they have messed with the email.  I pretty much just wrote them off until I realized today that my sewing class comunicates through Yahoo.  They have a group on Yahoo, and this is where we get our meeting notification, what to bring and so on. 

Going to Yahoo mail these days just gives you "your group update" and really doesn't tell me much.  So I haven't been using it for over a month.  Now I just go to that one group, but it still really bothers me.  There have been complaints about Yahoo and the groups for a long time, now I agree.  I don't understand why the change in email.

THEN I went to comment on some blogs today.  Google is asking for your identification now when you comment.  Ok.  That has been going on for a while.  Today, I had two comments wiped out before I could get them posted.  I noticed another commentor has posted that their comments disappeared before they were posted. 

I haven't had the problem until today, and I really don't like this.  So I decided that I wouldn't re-write my comments AFTER choosing my ID. 

Well - that's off my chest, but I am considering moving this little place.  Like that would hurt Blogger!  What a threat!


One thing I forgot from yesterday.  When I was out on Monday,  Shadow went bonkers.  G was sitting here in my "office" which happens to be at the breakfast table (I was run out of the study when he retired).  He was sitting here because the shredder is next to my chair shredding some documents.  Shadow suddenly came from under the table and bit the wowie out of his arm.

Shadow has always been quick to bite, but usually when you do something to him that he doesn't like.  But not like this.

I don't know if it's because he has been left here when we went to Arkansas and Dallas or what.  Needless to say, he isn't on G's good list!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I survived

Although part of yesterday I was ready to throw in the towel.  It was colonoscopy "prep" day which means no solid food, no milk products, nothing red or purple, no leafy greens or nuts (but that was for three days).  I was so hungry I was about to eat - well, I guess nothing.

G thought he was being helpful when he went to the drugstore that is disguised as a grocery.  He went to pick up the "colon prep kits," and so he also picked up some gelatin and something to make water a little more palatable.   I am a water drinker, but there is a limit, and I want something with a little more taste.

So what does he bring back.  Now remember - there is no real nutrients on this "diet."  Broth and the like.  He brings back SUGAR FREE gelatin, and Crystal Light Liquid.  Now I use the Crystal Light every day with the suspension for my cholesterol.  But I thought I could stand some sugar in what I could eat.

I took Katie (LB) to a friends house later.  I planned to get out of the house to get my mind off eating.  I stopped at the store and bought some freezer pops, lime fruit bars, peach fruit bars, and, of all things honeydew and cantaloupe popsicles.  There was more than I could get around, but it was good.

I took the first dose of the prep liquid at 6:30 (supposed to be 6!).  I thought I would throw up the last bit.  It is just so nasty.  Needless to say, the next several hours weren't that great.  Then at 10:30 I was to take the remainder.

I am really sharing way too much here, but ...   Yesterday morning my problem from the SSB came back.  I thought it really ironic since I was going to have to induce the same thing later in the day.  But because of than, and I was pretty much running clear at 10, I made the executive decision that I would drink only as much of the second bottle as I could stand without gagging.

I finally fell asleep about 2 this morning with the alarms set for 4:50. 

But it is over, and right now things look good.  I am awaiting the lab results, but it seems good.

Now you can say you know me inside and out!