Friday, January 30, 2015

Of course - the weekend is nigh!

That's a cryptic title!  What I mean is that of course now since it is the weekend, my ears are filling with fluid. And by Monday, they will probably be ok.  It's what happened last week, and I was really kind of worried because we were being accepted back into membership at Messiah.  I could just see me having to really hear something.

Of course, it isn't good for tonight either.  We are going with the church group that meets once a month to go out to dinner.  I will really enjoy conversation tonight!  With background noises AND ears that are occluded.  Fun, fun!

I finally got one of the embroidered tiaras that are so popular today made yesterday.  I will post a picture tomorrow.  This is the item that sold immediately at the show in December, and I haven't had a chance to make more.  But that won't be a problem soon.  I WILL find a machine I can take with us!

I don't know if this computer is really being ugly or what, but every time I try to move embroidery designs from it to a USB stick to go to the embroidery computer.  I thought that the big one just sat on the table too long, so I used one that I use all the time.  The designs went on the stick with ease.  When I to the other computer, where it has been used a lot, I got the message that the computer was trying to find the drivers.  If it's not one thing - it's another!!!

So the trials of this Grandma!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not so smart after all

I had thought of something that I wanted to include in the blog, but I had already published.  I didn't want to publish twice - putting you all through once a day is quite enough!  So I wrote the post, and scheduled a time for it to be published.  Guess what - it didn't!

Now, do I remember the great topic I wanted to post, of course .... NOT!    If I put it down, that was the end of it.  The thought is gone.  Vanished into the mist.

Katie stayed home again yesterday.  She was taken to confirmation last night however.  She was allowed to miss last week for (gulp) water polo.  It was the last practice for a while, and she really needs to be in the pool.  I know Krissi wrestled with that fact, but thought she could miss once.  Then - sickness this week.  Katie was doing better.  Krissi told her to take a shower, and that would be the determining factor.  Krissi called upstairs to check.  No answer.  She went up, and there was Katie with ear buds in her ears, dancing.  Enough there.  She was ok!!

I got to have breakfast out yesterday.  I love to have breakfast out!!!  The Highlander needed an oil change, so we took it to our mechanic.  They do several checks while changing the oil, which is good preventative maintenance for us.  G isn't handy - with anything, so this is a good way to make sure the car is in good shape.

The restaurant is next door to the mechanic.  I got an omelet.  I usually don't have everything that goes in an omelet.  So it is a real treat.

I am really jumping around here today.  I would fail it this were an essay!!  Anyway - today we have nice warm temperatures.  Sorry to all you who are suffering under the snow and all.  But warm temperatures mean my hands don't hurt as badly.  I don't know - it may all be in my head, but it seems that way.  So what?  It means I will certainly do laundry today.  Lifting all that stuff, remaking the bed - all hurt a lot.

And lastly - I finally got more than 5-6 hours sleep last night, at least I believe I did  It wasn't restful.  I woke many times.  The first, at 11:30, I felt like I was sitting on a stove.  It was the cat with his little hot body snuggled against my butt!  Now this weekend when it gets colder - ok.  Not last night.  Anyway - I woke several times.  Often to some strange noise.  Gotta find what was causing that!

And I lied about that being the last thing  I bought some really cute machine embroidery designs.  I can't wait to do them.  One is little cowboy boots for babies.  We have the rodeo coming up at the end of February/  Hopefully they will sell!!!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My day, at least so far

Got to go have blood drawn for my cardio doc's appointment next week.  The earliest appointment was 10:30.  So fasting, I slept as long as I could get away with this morning.  I really need to NOT sleep late these days because the body is going through the old "sleep - your body doesn't need sleep - lets stay up until you finish this really good book - so what if it's 4 am- and you know the phone will ring with Krissi calling at 9 - so what!! - you don't need sleep).  Of course then after lunch and dinner I nod off.  Hate this.

But blood drawn.  Scratch that off.

I had a route this morning for myself.  After I left the lab, I was hungry, so there was a Jack in the Box on my right (and it would be the only thing on my right).  So I got a breakfast sandwich and coffee.  Then on to Jo Ann's Crafts.   I decided I was gong to take the short cut which put me right on the street with Tuesday Morning.  Haven't been there in centuries, so I stopped. I really wanted a new fatigue mat for the kitchen.  Nope.  But did buy some little zippered pouches (that I would have done on the machine - just didn't want to).  That was all I found there.

Then it was on to Jo Ann's.  I had to take back a gift I had gotten for Katie for her birthday.  I bought it before Christmas because I knew there wouldn't be any when it was time for her birthday (January 16)  She is a Texas A&M freak.  This was a pillow pet of Revelie - the collie mascot.  Cute, cute, cute!! I was afraid they wouldn't take it back, but they did!

Then to my shopping.  I always hit their remnant bin.  Wow!  I made a haul.  Now if I could sell some of those blasted gloves.  If not, Jackie - you will have a lot of lap blankets!  I also bought netting and organza for other projects.  As I was going through the store - I hit their $1-$5 bin.  Cute head bands for a buck - all sparkly.

Before I even started I had forgotten until now - they had some sparkly ribbon to put on clothes.  Scored four different colors there.  They had regular gloves marked to $1 as well as ear warmers.  Great for next year.

Found they had t-shirts so I can finish Karrington's Christmas present.  Yea!  And bought a new hot glue gun because I wanted LOW TEMPERATURE.  I have one - in fact SEVERAL glue guns, I just can never remember which are high temp and low temp!

Surprisingly with all the remnants and everything else I bought, I got out of there for $124.  I didn't even get to use my "professional card" for 10% off.

Last stop was Walgreen's.  Katie went to school sick, but was brought home at 8,  Krissi asked me to get some soup for her so I got soup and gator aid.  Fortunately she hasn't started throwing up yet - it's still the other end.

G has gone to get the truck washed, and NOW I can bring the stuff in!!!  I think he saw the bags -at least some - when he had to get his water bottle off the floor of the Highlander.   Ah well.  I told him last night I was going to buy a new sewing machine next week!  He was surprisingly OK.  Yea! Can work at the SSB.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Once more

Last night I had a great topic to be presented here.  That was last night.  I didn't write it down.  I didn't use the hours I was awake not being able to sleep (until 2:30 and then some) to write it here.  No!  I will remember!  Not.

I just hate this.  It happens so often.  I would worry a lot more with so much dementia in my father's family.  Those darn Langes.  That's where it is coming from!  If I hadn't always been like this I would worry more.  When I have an inspiration, if I don't act on it then it's gone.  I plan it out.  I work with it.  Then my brain says - ok, job done, next??

So the next brings me back to the "post church move."  Krissi posted on Facebook (and tagged me and G so all our friends would probably see it) how we are beginning a new adventure in becoming members of this church and we did it.

Last I looked, there were over 100 likes.  Now most of those are friends of theirs.  There are a lot of mutual friends, and they posted.  We were able to tell people "good-bye" and they know we are gone - and WHERE we went.

I was surprised when one of the posts was a member of Celebration (old church) remarked they have been attending Messiah (new church) for a while.  It isn't surprising we don't see them.  There are three services.  Plus they are not regular church goers anyway.  But it did surprise me,  Krissi feels that there are many others at Celebration that aren't happy.  They realize how mismanaged Celebration has been, know it is going to fail, and are looking for a new church home.

I got to thinking last night about the number who were left.  You can't look at the membership rolls in the directory.  No one is ever removed.  But I believe they are down to about 16 (max) couples who are regular attendees.  So you count in any children and that brings the number in church to about 45.  And that is about what they have.  Our seven meant a lot.

I can't help but wonder what Pastor Chris is thinking.  (Tomorrow I will drop this topic - I am pretty sure!)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Change is done

We were received into membership at Messiah this morning.  Quite a showing - all seven of us gathered at the altar.  Seemed a little strange though.  Having been a member there for over 25 years and coming back.  Treated as if we had just come there.  But that's ok.  There was a feeling o comfort.

I thought I would enjoy all the pains of growing a mission church because I did so enjoy it at Messiah. It has dawned on me that Celebration is really not going to grow and bloom.  Not as long as a Pastor is the end all and be all of a church.  Everything has to go through him and him alone.  He has surrounded himself with "yes men" who won't challenge him.   Privately I have dubbed him Pope Chris - because I really think that is who he is in his mind.

Chris doesn't have follow through. He had ideas that are mostly great, but he doesn't follow through.  Our "new" Pastor had a dream.  He worked on it diligently and it is becoming a reality, and it is his passion.  I think someday he will work with this alone.  He has taken on adopting some schools in Africa (sorry - I don't remember which nation because this is rather new to me).  In fact that is where he has been for two weeks delivering books to them.

Chris would think of something like this, but he doesn't follow it through.  Chris even has begun a "new" ministry (HA!) group of dreamers.  Where should our church be in X number of years - don't think of money constraints - just dream of what we could do.  What. A. Waste. Of. Time!

I am happy.  I look at the sanctuary that I and so many others worked so hard to get funds to build   It was during one of the oil busts in the Houston area and money was hard to come by.  Many of the pledges didn't come in, and the church was strapped for quite a while to pay for this beautiful building.  Sitting there today remembering what we did, and looking at the things that have been added since, I felt to at peace.

The entire feeling is positive.  It is so warm and welcoming.  I know we were coming back, and we are well known, but even the folks who don't know us were so great.

It was a great Sunday morning!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Clyde update

And at this very moment, what's more important??  Why Clyde of course.

So m wallet is considerably lighter.  He possibly has a gastric upset caused by (are you ready for this one?) G not mixing the new dog food with the old to gradually increase the new from the old.  I was afraid this would be the case, and when the new food got put into the container on top of the old, I just kept my mouth shut.  Didn't help Clyde, but it kept an argument from erupting!

So now my wallet is thinner because of that.  We left the vet with 4 anti-nausea pills (that's for today and tomorrow) several packets of a pro-biotic, six cans of special diet wet food.

Gave Clyde about 1/3 of the can of food with the pro-biotic sprinkled on top.  He inhaled that, then drank some water.  Woo-hoo!  Now I could have gone back to fixing chicken and rice.  Been there, done that -I will pay the $3 per can food!  So I put a little more in the bowl with the pills mixed in - ate that.  He even licked the bowl as clean as if it had been in the dishwasher.

I guess we are silly about our pets. Mine, at least, have become real babies - fur babies.  They give me pleasure.  I want them to be healthy and happy.  So - that's that.

I can't take the monies with me.  We might as well enjoy something, and I enjoy my pets.

One thing I forgot to mention with my addled brain.  We are re-joining our last church on Sunday.  I cannot believe they were so welcoming.  G said - "well they didn't say they were sorry we were leaving>"  And it's true, they didn't/  But what do you say to a member who suddenly leaves your church.  And the Pastor of this most recent knows why we are leaving him.  He wouldn't talk out the problem with us and listen to some possible solutions since we have been Lutheran longer than he has been alive.  He won't change.  When I looked at the bulletin for the new/old church, they brought in more money in one Sunday than the failing church had in the bank.  Money isn't the yardstick to judge a church, but money certainly allows the programs to move forward.  And our new/old church is so active in the community - and in Africa, it is so wonderful.  That pastor carries through - not just a bunch of hot air.

so all's good in our household - right now.


Now that's a question that could have so many answers and for so many people.  My question is both simple and complex.  Why in the world does it seem we adopt boxers with sensitive stomachs?

Simone was the poster child for a sensitive stomach.  We did everything we could short of really expensive diagnostic tests to find out why she was so prone to vomiting.  Nothing helped.  That poor dog had more antacids shoved down her throat with the hopes it would quell her tummy problems.

Now Clyde seems to have a sensitive stomach.  He has only vomited once, but he won't eat.  How a dog can go from 65 pounds to 82 pounds in a year with the little he eats is amazing to me.  All of our previous pets would eat morning and evening.  Not Clyde.  If food is put out in the morning, it just sits there/ When (and if) he eats it is in the evening.

Sometimes he won't eat in the evening.  He will take a few bites and walk away.  After he goes out for the last time at night, he would come back and finish it off.

We did change his food to what is supposed to be better, and we thought he didn't like the other food.  We add some wet to his dry, and now we are even adding broth to the mix.  He turned his nose up to it yesterday.

One of his favorite treats is wieners.   We give them for him going in the crate.  He had to go into his crate yesterday, but he wasn't wild about getting his treat. Every morning after his outside time he gets a piece of chicken jerky (for dogs).  This morning he didn't want it.

So my wallet better get warmed up.  It looks like it is going to be hit with a big bill today!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yes, it's me back again

I was going to try to post while we were at the SSB, but that blasted internet is so slow.  And because I have so much extra monies floating around (my retirement $$ have been at the same rate since 2000 and the feds have ruled that Texas retired teachers should not be able to "double dip" into Social Security regardless of the fact that they held second jobs all of their career to make ends meet and that gave them all of their quarters to qualify.  Yep - little ol' English teacher me with THAT sentence - I would have given an "f" on that one!)

But to the point of my first paragraph - I am thinking that a new router might help - thanks Marti.  I have installed an app that tells me what I have left each day on that service.  But, it is so slow!  Anyway I spent hours and hours trying to get the embroidery files filed and then organized in the files.  Actually all I got a good deal completed was getting the downloads opened (they are zip files) and then put into the categories. Now there has to be categories within the categories.

I thought of so many things to write about while I was there.  Now that I am sitting here in front of the computer logged into Blogger - I must have writer's block.  What were those clever ideas?

Oh well - let's summarize the stay.  On Friday we went to Community Club.  This is a disappearing little group.  There was an amazing thirteen folks there.  The meal was based around chili.  The hosts (who happen to be the blasted neighbors on the next mountain - with THE road) made the chili and the COLD cornbread.  Everyone else brought either a side or dessert.

We almost didn't go because they were the hosts.  But we can't do that.  There were 9 others there to visit - of course three of those were family.  But it used to be there would be thirty people there.  I know it was right after the cold we have had, and it had rained a lot.  With the dirt roads we have to travel it makes getting places difficult.

Now - had it been Happy Hour these same people would have WALKED through the mud.  And Happy Hour is just that.  People bring a snack and their favorite drink - hard or not.  Perhaps that is where Community Club is failing.

On Monday we had someone out to give us a bid on land clearing and bulldozing a road down a fence.  He got quite a kick out of the double road that idiot has put it.  I so want to ask others in CC and HH what they REALLY think about Gene.  I can't help but think it is that he is an idiot.

And speaking of idiots - or at least crazy.  My younger SIL who lives there all the time has lost another dog.  When she moved out there, she brought my In Law's poodle.  MIL was still alive, but in the home, so to speak.  She couldn't have the dog.  Anyway, then TJ adopted two other dogs.  One was a border collie pup and the other a Shitz Shu mix (don't think I spelled that correctly and spelling doesn't correct it).  Well those dogs were allowed to run free.

That land is just as I call it - everything either sticks, stings or bites.  Well - the little dog was bitten by a rattle snake and died.  She had a cat that was allowed out and (you guessed it) was bitten by a snake and died.

So she goes and adopts another Shitz Shu.  She called me Monday asking if we had seen him.  She let the dogs out at 9 and by 4 he wasn't back.  The border collie was, but not this one.  We have coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and possibly cougars around.  That little dog is a goner I am sure.

The old saying "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is being crazy" fits here.

So today with everything else I want to do, I will clean up.  The house looks like a tornado went through it.  With the stuff left from the holidays still out, shredded paper on the floor around the shredder because it "broke" and lost a mass of paper while we fixed it, all the crap that has to travel from one house to another is EVERYWHERE.  My breakfast table has that is made for six has just enough room for the two of us to eat - if we are careful.  So the things I want and need to do for the business is put on the back burner - once again.

I think that is why I am beginning to hate going to the SSB for 25% of my time.  And I have made the decision to buy another embroidery machine.  It will hopefully be used, but it will not be a combo sewing/embroidery.  That will bring the cost down quite a bit.  But if I can't stay here and work - I will take my work with me.

Friday, January 09, 2015

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Last night Krissi called me about the air fares.  She told me that the trip was going to be about $500. I think that was round trip, but not sure.  I also assured her I would be paying my own way.  This morning (when I had just rolled to the side of the bed) she called.  She said if we flew into LAX the tickets would be $300.

Now - if some of you MIGHT remember the trip we took to Disneyland nine years ago, you would remember the time I shut down LAX.  To quickly refresh:  coming home we stopped at the curb to check luggage and to get boarding passes.  Krissi took all six boarding passes.  We passed the first check point.  Little chick there approved us, so it was on to upstairs.

We got to the line where everything was passed through the scanner.  My whole family went through.  I was stopped.  I couldn't go in.  I had no boarding pass.  There was a mistake.  I couldn't go in; they couldn't go out.  All I had on my body was my ID.  No purse - it had gone through.  NOTHING.

To cut to this chase, I had to go back downstairs.  With this action - the upstairs part was shut down.  Everything stopped.  The airport was closed.  And I was about in tears because I was so scared.  How was I going to get back with the family.  And I am the one who purchased ALL the dam*ed tickets.

I had to go back outside to the curb.  The man there could only find our party of FIVE.  After several minutes - when he (smart-*ssed way) "invited" me to look at the screen, we discovered he should have rolled to the NEXT screen!

So it ended well - finally.  I was able to get back upstairs to the gate area.  We all found one another.  But for some reason (!!!) I am not in love with LAX.  When I told G we would be flying in and out of LAX, he said he "would have to drive to LA to being me home!"

So we are headed to LA to then drive to Riverside.  Not far.  We will basically be travelling with one of the coaches.  Also we won't be coming in on Monday rather than Sunday.  So it will be Friday to Sunday - unless I don't get a boarding pass!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Finally did it

I have been complaining about our church - the pastor in particular.  He has driven that church into the ground.  Last time I knew what it was, they had about $9000 in the bank - total.  Rent was to be paid the other day, and it has gone up to about $6100 a month.  And he has started a new "Building Fund."  He used the other one to pay rent.  He started this church 7 years ago with (ready for thus) $300,000 from the church that helped.  Sad.

Anyway - Monday I sent him an email telling him that we are leaving.  So we will return to the church we previously attended.  It still isn't the church I want.  And it will never be.  The pastor who made it so great is not only gone from the church, he is gone from the world.  I still miss him.  I worked so closely with him as organist for years.  He died a couple of years from pancreatic cancer.  We all thought he would have a massive heart attack to kill him.  He would joke that he and his cardio doc couldn't remember how many shunts he had!

But we are going back.  It took until last night for the pastor to acknowledge we are gone.  Guess we weren't as important, but he will surely miss our money!

Wanted to share the most current picture of Katie.  It is such a good one.  Her personality just shines through.  And we will be in Riverside, California March 13!  One more step toward the national water polo team,, and perhaps the Olympics - who knows.
This was taken right after Christmas when she and her friend who was visiting from Singapore (!!) went to the beach with the other girl's family.  The other girl has a story that points out how small the world really is - I will tell it timorrow.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A quick this and that

The good and bad from yesterday's visit with the Retinal Specialist.  The Macular Degeneration isn't getting worse - it is stable.  I have to continue with my monthly injections to keep it that way!

As of now (1:11pm CST) the "front" has arrived, and I have to go to the grocery store - still.  Costco will probably be put off until Friday or next Monday (the day before going back to the SSB).  So we are headed out soon, hence the "quick" post.

Along the lines of the cold front.  Yes - we here on the Gulf Coast are paying close attention to temperature that are dropping into the 20's.  We know that it won't last long, but still.  That is pips busting temperatures for us.  Our houses are not built for that.  Exposed pipes EVERYWHERE!!

In our local "Next Door" site, a neighbor is worried about the little dogs next door to her because they have no shelter.  We have a "newbie" here from Connecticut.  To quote her first line of the post: "I am laughing at you people with your problems with this temperature change."  Wrong words sweetie. She went on to say that dogs in her home state would be just fine.  It wasn't going to hurt those pups.  Well - some of our neighbors weren't too kind with their responses to her - one telling her to sleep outside without sheltee, and another telling her to move back to Connecticut.

On last night's news SPCA was telling everyone to provide shelter for all animals outside from dogs and cats to horses.  Hope she saw that one.  Every area of the country has their severe weather that really affects some more than others.

Katie made the zone water polo team.  Great honor.  Great expense to add.  Now we go to Riverside, California March 13-15.  I will go with them so Steve can stay with the other two kiddos.  I don't mind at all (even though that means two trips that month), but it is going to be $$$$.

Seems there was something else, but I keep thinking about the fact I HAVE to get to the store (which I really don't like under perfect conditions) so that we have something besides the meat in the freezer to eat!  I let things go during the holidays since we were going to be gone so much!

Stay warm since most of us will be affected at least some.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The "eye" day for the "i"

Today was the day for the retinal specialist and THE injection.  Whoopie!

I am having a worse time getting back to normal today than normal.  Both eyes were dilated so that he could do a retinal exam.  Each month, they do a scan that maps the retinas, but occasionally he does a visual check also, and today was the day.

The assistant did such a good job of numbing the eye for the injection that I am not sure all the betadine  got washed out.  Of course, the whole procedure is irritating to the eyes anyway!!

So I have not really gotten anything accomplished today.  I really need to go to the grocery store, and I need to go to Costco.  I am going to sound like a real wimp to those of you living in the north.  We re expecting a hard freeze here tomorrow.  I know, getting into the upper 20's - how will we ever survive!!  It just doesn't happen often, and I don't like getting out in it.  Rain is expected this weekend, and that means ice.  Houstonians and ice do not mix.  I refuse to get out in it.

So probably tomorrow I shall go out and forage for supplies!! We are good until then.  Shadow has enough food, Clyde has food but his special treat is running VERY low (wieners - that's what gets him in his crate!) and we have left over vegetables to get is through.

Just thought I would touch base.  See ya" manana!

Monday, January 05, 2015


Once again, my plans were changed.  I planned to post all through the weekend.  Well - that didn't happen.  Bu t with this one there will be some pictures.

But looking for pictures, I was going to download pictures from the card in the Kodak.  Guess what.  There was no card in the Kodak.  I took it out so G could test his blasted game camera. When he tested it and found his card was ok, he put mine in a place I wouldn't put it.  I forgot about that and didn't immediately put it back.  I will have to go on a search and seizure mission today, but I will bet it is gone, gone, gone.

Now my excuses reasons for not posting.  Friday I decided that there was no way in this world that I could ever get any projects completed in the craft room(s).  I had ended up practically throwing things around up there.  So I went up and began cleaning.

I vacuumed as I went, and I noticed one of the little thingies that covers the foot of the ironing board was off.  I was trying to not get it.  I mean the vacuum will leave a scrap of fabric there forever.  But as you probably guessed it gobbled up the little rubber thingy.

So I stopped the machine.  The foot thingy was in the top container of the machine.  I had  remove all the extraneous filters and stuff.  THEN - as fate would have it (of course!!) - I couldn't reassemble the filters.  At that point I took them to clean out all the dust, and the foam filter has been drying all this time.  Probably well dried by now.  I just haven't had time to go back up.

Saturday is a complete blank.  I seriously do not know what I did that took the entire day.  Probably computer cr@p.  I AM bad about that!  Unless I cleaned on Saturday.  Which, looking back, was probably what happened since my friend couldn't get Krissi on the phone to deliver the hand warmers to her.  Being retired, at least to me, makes one day almost like another.  You just have witnessed my brain really (not)  working, and I am to lazy to go back and edit this.

Yesterday was a fun day.  We went way south of here to another little town around the Houston area.  We went to Pearland for Katie to participate in a water polo camp.  It will determine if she makes the area team or not - which she is most likely a shoe in for.

In addition to being with my daughter and Karrington, we have relatives living in the area.  So we got to visit with them which doesn't happen often.  Once a year at family reunions!  It was a fun day.

I knew I was tired when I got home.  In fact, even with a huge diet Coke in my hands on the trip home, I was about to fall asleep while Krissi and I were talking.  I did fall asleep on the couch, but when I got to bed finally - naturally I didn't//couldn't fall asleep.

So I started reading.  I got closer and closer to the end of the book, so I continued to read.  I read until right after mid-night.  This morning it was 10 when I woke, and that was only because the phone rang to remind me of my retinal appointment to get my eyeball punctured again for this month!

Today, Katie is coming to help take down the yard art, and I am hoping to get some time spent upstairs again.  I still have gifts from Christmas to finish!

But to the pictures.  One is from Thanksgiving and the others from the New Year's ice storm.  We in this area aren't used to this kind of stuff.  We were house bound for 48 hours because our decks were frozen over!
Krissi and the three boxers at Thanksgiving.  Seven two legged folks, three boxers, and one cat (who stayed in the master bedroom beause the dog looking at the camera is the one we wanted to adopt, but she likes cats a little too much,  Of course it's MY dog getting the most attention.

This is a mountain that is only a mile away.  The fog was always so thick that we often couldn't see G's sister's house that is midway between the mountain and our house.

The view from the utility room door.  I did have a mat there and ended up putting old towels on the steps so we could take Clyde out for his "needs."  The ice was from mostly fog!  The temperature stayed at 28 for 24 hours - which I know  isn't cold for some, but for us and for 24 hours straight!  Wow!

Friday, January 02, 2015


Hello.  I used to hang around here.  I would post a lot of nonsense -sometimes complaints, sometimes about family, sometimes complaints ABOUT family, hopefully sometimes amusing.

I have been completely out of pocket lately.  If it hasn't been chained to a sewing machine hoping to get Christmas presents done, it was because we were at the end of the earth that I call the SSB.  Our internet there was spotty because we were iced in.  Not something we are used to!

Anyway.  We are back (for a few days much to my dismay) and I have plans to post some pictures tomorrow.

Still got a lot of stuff to do.  Still behind, but I have my bopes and plans!