Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I absolutely NEED to go out shopping today. I need things from the grocery store, and Wally World has sheets on sale. I need additional sets for the SSB. We are getting more visitors there. I can't keep up with the washing of said items,

I just don't want to go out - at all, but today is the day. Tomorrow I could go, but after my sewing machine club, I usually don't want to go. I will pick up fast food and head in. Friday is out.

The reason Friday is out is simple. I have to wait around here for the gas company to install a new meter and turn on the gas at the house we are buying. The other owner's mortgage company finally made a decision. We sent them a new offer after they turned down the first one when we were in Canada. I think they really believed someone would come in with a better offer. The place has been empty since March, and it was on the market before that.

So I spent yesterday afternoon calling all the utilities setting them to be turned on so we could schedule the mechanical, structural and termite inspections. Those are set for Monday. I get to stay close to the phone because I have to be there when they put the meter in and turn on the gas.

I also called the electric utility that turned on the power on August 12 when I wanted it on the 21st at the earliest. Then when I finally found it was on by calling to postpone the service, yet again, found it had been on. I thought that was all taken care of, but then I got two bills totaling $426.

I called yesterday to get that cleared. When I called the number that was listed for those of us who felt the bill was a mistake, I found that there was a credit on September 11 of the same amount that is still "owed." That line would just allow me to make a payment, or ask for balanced billing. When I told the computer I wanted none of the listed options, I was whisked to Customer Service. As I was explaining my case to the guy, as soon as he said "I understand" we were "disconnected." And he ever tried to call me back.

I sent an email to the address that was given for comments, etc. I didn't expect to hear anything at all. I did get a almost immediate response promising she would look into the matter. So far - nothing.

So there is my whine. I guess I should offer some cheese to go with it. Now I am off to take my meds, get dressed and hit the stores. Ugh!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Same song

Yep, same song, verse fifth something. Simone is sick again. It started last Tuesday when I needed it the least. The guy was here for the generator, and he had to turn the power off. I witnessed her nausea in the den. I didn't know about it in the bedroom until, in the dark, well you fill in what happened. It wasn't pleasant.

She was better Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday I saw the signs and was able to get her a pill for nausea. That held off the severe nausea. Saturday she was OK, but Sunday not at all. Daughter did volunteer for dinner. I was relieved.

G decided that she needed to see the vet (yet again). So yesterday I made her an appointment with the more senior veterinarian. It is so funny to get to the office. All the assistants exclaim "Here's Simone!" They come around the desk and love on her. Word apparently spreads through the entire hospital. It is almost embarrassing. Of course, you have to remember that she goes there for baths too. She also has been boarded there two or three times.

The veterinarian came in. He is basically stumped. But I wanted G to be there to ask questions. The vet said there was no reason to spend the money to send her to A&M because she gets nauseated, then gets better. She is maintaining her weight, so there isn't that problem,

The course of treatment this time is a stronger anti-vomiting pill. She got that this morning. When she got up, it was the lickey-lickey stuff again. He also wants to try an antibiotic. Boxers are subject to, among the multitude of things, an overgrowth of bacteria in the gut. That can cause the nausea. Well, that is as good as any other probable cause.

This morning she has had her super-duper anti-nausea pill. I need to give her that anti-acid, and she wants to eat. Then we will try the outside break - on a leash to stop the grass (or anything else she can get her mouth on) eating.

Life is nothing but exciting around here. In addition to a sick dog, I will be fighting with the power company I had lined up to turn the power on at the house we want as an investment. They turned it on way before I asked, and didn't say anything when I would call to postpone the turn on. They had it on for less than a month, and they sent me a bill for aver $400. All I can figure is that that thermostat is set on deep freeze. I wouldn't know because I am not the owner yet, and I have to access to the house. Wish me luck.


Monday, September 28, 2009


That title sounds ominous I know, and it's really not that bad. But I am praying in earnest. Here's why:

Our church is about 27 years old, and in that time we have had three pastors. Pastor One was there o get the church started. He was older - about to retire. Pastor M really tried to please all. I was his organist, and I saw a lot of the things he did to please. I have found that the pastor and organist have a pretty close relationship - at least in our church that was the case, especially when we were still considered a mission church and right after. The staff of the church was small.

I remember once Pastor M said he would marry these folks that weren't members. They were going to have the big wedding with bells and whistles. It was to be on Saturday afternoon. We were all assembled - me there an hour or so before to begin the music about a half hour before the set time. I began to play fully aware that the bride was not there. After 45 minutes, I gave up. One can only sit at the bench so long! I discovered the groom's dad was opposed to this marriage. It seems that it was almost an "arranged" marriage so the bride could remain in the country! After about another 30 minutes, a small car careened into the parking lot. Out tumbled the bride and a host of others making that scene resemble a clown car at the circus with a multitude of clowns emerging from a little car.

After a few years, the church was in its building and on its way, and Pastor M was going to retire. So we had to call another pastor. That's when we got Pastor L. L is a very liberal guy, and very dedicated to education. His main focus as pastor to our parish was to serve the community. To him that included a daycare/school. He kept pushing and got that in place.

His health wasn't the best, and he suffered several attacks. He has had many stints put in his heart. Many of our parish are staunch conservatives however. After a parade of two assistant pastors who turned out to be, lets call it as it was, real duds, then the specter of (gasp) sex education and homosexuality reared its ugly head, he was pretty much hounded out of the office. His heart just about quit, he went out on disability, and ultimately resigned.

That was a blow to my kids. He was THEIR pastor. He confirmed them, went to camp with them, presided at their weddings, baptized one of Daughter's children. When he left - so did they, much to L's sorrow. He repeatedly told them it wasn't HIS church.

Our interim through this ultimately became the pastor. It was his dream. He was close to retirement, and this was the position he wanted before retirement. My family didn't find his sermons inspiring. Daughter and family have begun to go to a mission church a little further out. That pastor is so dynamic. I love the spirit - I miss that mission spirit. Our church is the kind that people sit back to let "someone else" do the work. You can't do that in a mission church.

Now we are issuing a call to a new pastor. He is young and from the area. He and the mission pastor are friends. I imagine that he will deliver good messages, not Chicken Soup for the Soul. My concern is something Pastor C said. He remarked to Daughter "Church X (ours) has a bad reputation, and I hope he doesn't get run off because he is a good guy." I hope not too!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ahh weekend

I have hopes of a peaceful weekend. G is on his way to Austin to visit his mom. I told him I would go if he really wanted me to, but otherwise, I would like to stay home. I have hopes that Daughter will volunteer for Sunday dinner. I'm not going to hold my breath however. They usually wait until noon on Sunday to ask about it!

Next weekend is going to be the circus. That is family reunion weekend. We are doing the meat. I just hope it all comes together. SIL has promised that he will get the briskets done. He is going to take them to a customer in College Station who will do them in his restaurant equipment. If not, I will really be up a tree. I have four huge ones in my freezer. My smoker isn't big enough, and my Shake and Bake oven could do possibly three if I had pans big enough. I really miss my old ovens. They were large enough. These replacements are better insulated I guess. To fit the opening, I had to get ones that were smaller inside!

I bought the excess sausage from Wide Spot Community Club. It was from the celebration where I do one of my shows. They don't usually have any left - they sell "German Tacos" which is sausage wrapped in a tortilla. The Boy Scouts were set up close by selling fajitas. Whenever the Boy Scouts are near selling whatever you are selling - you are out of luck. Anyway, that is covered. I ordered smoked turkey from DIL's mom. It pays to know someone who orders food in bulk! She is the director of a child care facility. Sweet!

So this weekend, I am looking forward to peace and quiet. G will be gone until late this afternoon. Daughter and brood are attending the birthday party for the little girl across the street who goes to school with Lady Bug. They will be at the park for that party until 3. Son has a gig tonight, but they don't usually call anyway. Since it's Saturday, I don't expect any workers falling over one another in my backyard, but the gate is unlocked anyway.

I think I will mosey on up and work on stuff for my Christmas craft show! Have a great one!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Have to brag!

When Daughter called this morning, she related a little bit of information about Lady Bug that I have to share.

First a little history about that little girl. She has curly, curly hair! When she was just over a year, it came in with the tight curls. When we would take her out, people would stop us and ask "are those curls natural." I felt a little like Bill Engval (Here's your sign guy). I wanted to say "no, we permed it last night!" But I also know those folks wanted to comment, and that was the first thing that came to mind. This little girl gets noticed!

Since she started school (she's third grade now), all the administrators and teachers know her. That could be good or bad! She is known at her school. Not only with the curls, but she really is smart. She is in the Gifted and Talented group. She has amazed me for years.

Our school district, like so many others, is in a financial bind, so they have eliminated busing within two miles of the school. These kids either walk or are taken by their parents. LB is a car rider because she would have to cross one of our busier streets, and at nine, we just don't think she is ready to walk. Our neighborhood is considered very safe. We have our own police, but . . .

So daughter got her to the drop off point at school. The teacher there greeted her, as normal, but asked her to stay with her a moment. The next car was one with one of the Down's children in it. He needs an escort to his class. There wasn't anyone around who could do that, so the teacher asked LB to do that. They only entrust these kids to ones that are known to be the most trustworthy. That would be my granddaughter.

I am so proud of her - not only for this, but so many other reasons. I really believe she is going to do wonderful things with her life.


Thursday, September 24, 2009


My life is supposed to be peaceful and non-stressful. Right? Right?? Apparently not! I usually have my post done by 11 am, and here it is 5:04 pm. What's wrong with this picture?

Well, first off, I had no power for at least five hours. The exact time is unknown because I had a dentist appointment to get my crown at 2:20. Of course, they made me wait until 2:45 to go back. I should have stayed home until 2:45. Their office is just across the freeway from me. Then the tech had to add to it because she ground it down too far. That was another 20 minutes. But when I got home at 4:00, I could see the lights were on.

The reason they were off is ironic at best. It was again the generator. The electrician was going to put the circuits into the generator powered box. I have no idea what we have powered by the generator, but he put them in. To do that, he wanted to turn the power off for two hours. OK. I could stand that. It was 10, I would have power by noon.

The power went off, then after a bit it came back. There was a knock at the back door. There was the electrician telling me he had to find which breaker ran the furnace and a/c. Well of course! He wanted me to turn on the blower fan. Well, since we have HAL (from the movie 2001) sitting on the wall running our heat/ac, I was a little worried.

I cranked the temperature reading on the thermostat down to 46. Then I ventured into fiddling with the fan - a totally new experience. I found a command that said "on" so I did that. Then it came to a setting of fan speed. I moved it to maximum. Then the lights went out again.

I huddled here in the dark until noon when my soap came on. I got my new little battery operated digital tv out. You can't live around here without one of these -especially if you don't have a generator. When a storm hits, you can really feel isolated without the weather.

Time kept going by, and at 1:45 I had to get dressed - in the dark - for my dental appointment. I really felt sorry for the guys when I left. It had been raining for a while ( a cold rain for these parts too), and they were drenched.

I left. The ac set for 46, the fan on and on high. I was very worried about what I would find. When I was waiting for the crown to be built up, I called home. I always have my answering machine on. If it rings more than four times, I know the power is off. The machine picked up.

When I got in, the house was 67. I think I have it all set back. HAL is supposed to go back to normal at 5 anyway, but I wasn't sure. It doesn't seem too cold in here now, but we'll see what happens.

I don't really know where we stand with the electricians. I do know we still have to have a new gas meter installed. Then the plumbers can hook it all up. I also know that someone around here doesn't have a phone. The gas company told me they cut the cable. When the phone repairman came, he told me he will have to send his crew out because the hole the gas company left for him is too small to get in.

So the story goes on.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a day it's going to be!

I am old enough and have experienced Texas weather long enough to know that this won't last, but this is a beautiful fall day. The sun is shining (they forecast rain), and the temperature is wonderful. By this weekend however, we will be pushing 90 once again. So the weather, I'll enjoy today. It is a rare and precious thing.

My back yard is filled with workmen. There are about five guys from the gas company here to put in the new gas line and meter. It has only been ordered and paid since the middle of July. They are right timely, those folks.

There are also two from the generator company securing the transfer switch to the back of my garage. They were supposed to be here yesterday, but for some reason they didn't want to dodge the lightning bolts. Strange.

And to put the icing on the cake, I have a sick dog. She has not been sick since we have been back from vacation. But today . . . She, like the gas company, has such wonderful timing.

Oh, and the investment house - the seller's mortgage company still hasn't made up their mind about our offer. They are saying they have a month. If I could withdraw my offer without losing my $1000. But in the long run that may not be such a bad thing. It is too late in the year to get it rented. People usually don't move until after Christmas. Also, there has been so much activity with investors buying distressed properties that the rental market is glutted. I may just cut my losses.

Hope your day is a good one. I really hope for those in the deep south that the rains will have stopped.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weather report

The first day of fall is going to be an unusual one for Texas! Usually, the day is just like any other at this time of year. Hot. That isn't going to be the case today. Right now, we are experiencing a fairly heavy rain. We have a cold front approaching! That is something that usually doesn't happen. So in addition to rain, our temperatures will moderate a bit.

While at the SSB, we watched the news from Capitol City. They had been enjoying a delightful respite from the usual temperatures for the summer. They had precious few days under the triple digits for most of the summer. Last week was cool and heavy rains. I think they would have liked the rain to come a little slower, but when you are in that kind of drought, rain is rain folks.

When I checked out electronic rain gauge at the SSB, we had 5.48 inches from the last time we were there. I knew we had a lot because a dirt tank we pass on the way that had been almost completely dry was full and overflowing.

It has been a strange year. The drought, heat, and absence of storms in the gulf! There is a great probability that we won't even have a big tropical depression come onshore now. It is past our season for such things. Plus with the apparently strong fronts coming, that will push any disturbed weather away.

So now the question becomes what will our winter bring? If it does to the extremes we have seen this summer, oh my! All I can say is that we are not prepared for biting cold weather. We blatantly leave exposed water pipes out. Our main water supply is just a pipe jutting out of the outside wall going into the ground. That puppy broke during one of the bitter winters a few years ago. We make valiant efforts to give it a nice blanket each year, but I always worry that it isn't enough.

What would we have to talk about if is wasn't for the weather??


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Test results and other news

As usual, Dr Poison was late. He never gets to the office on time, and stupid me, always tries to get the first appointment. I still think it's better. If he's late, it's not going to get any better later in the day!

When he came in, we began to talk and his cell phone rang! This is the second time that has happened to me in the last two months. Dr Bones (my ortho) did the same thing on my first visit to him!! And they have the gaul to tell us to turn off our cell phones! Anyway, the marker number is well within limits, but it is still not low. From what I have read, unless it is over 38, there is not supposed to be a problem and mine has gotten to 26 (it has been around that area for two years). The second thing from what I have been reading today, that number that I have been hanging onto for two years isn't that accurate. Well, isn't that wonderful news.

I managed to stumble through the grocery store, and then I treated myself to Clown in the box. I know I shouldn't have, but I wanted a treat. When I was getting ready to leave, my driver's window would roll back up. The switch has been acting strange, and today was the day. Of course. We are leaving for the SSB for the weekend. So G will meet me at the garage this afternoon, and we will get it Monday.

In the generator saga, the guys installing the transfer switch (that gives the generator circuits to power) needs to be bolted to the wall. They need special bolts because our 35 year old brick is too soft (??) to hold the screws. They couldn't get back yesterday. The job guy called today and said they couldn't get here until - you guessed it, tomorrow. So that will be Tuesday.

The gas company told the generator people I had to call to get the meter. I had been calling. But I called regular customer service. They will be calling, wait for it, to set up installation in the next , yes you guessed, 3 business days. We are gone two of those. Mamma Mia!! You take three steps forward and get smacked back at least one.

So we will be off to the SSB. It won't be a quiet weekend as the three little ones (Daughter's family) will be there so SIL can set up his feeder. Well, I have a lot of work to do. G will just be the one going crazy. Shadow was going to stay at Son's house because G wants (feels he needs) to stop to see his mother. She probably has a small stroke a couple of weeks ago. But he has now decided that he can go along. We can take the cat and the dog into the assisted living place. Enough said on that.

I probably won't be back until Tuesday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with wonderful weather!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was just finishing lunch yesterday, getting ready to trek upstairs to work when the phone rang. G told me he had a guy from the generator place on the line that was coming out to do something. OK. Well that's a step forward.

Earlier that morning my new best friend (the one who has become my contact person at the generator place) called me. He told me that they had paid the gas company in mid July to come out to put in the new gas meter for the generator. We have to have that done because there is no way it could be connected through the existing gas meter because the money pit (swimming pool) is in the way. My NBF suggested that they might listen to the customer complain about not being out here more than the company.

So I called the gas company. I got the guy's voice mail. I dutifully left a message. No call back. I called again this morning, only earlier. Same song, second verse.

In the mail yesterday I got a bill from the electric company that I wanted to turn the power on in the house we are trying to buy as an investment - which is still on hold. I'm about to call my realtor and tell her that we are really tired of this waiting game - especially with what I am going to tell you. Anyway, that electric company has been called five times. The first was to establish power to be turned on the next week, i.e. call on Aug 12 for power on the 21st. We called on the 18th to cancel and postpone the order to the 28th. We still didn't have the house, so we called on the 25th to cancer and set for Sept 3. I called to simply cancel the whole thing only to find that the power had been turned on on the 12th of August.

The customer service guy worked a lot, got the power turned off, and supposedly set it to where I wasn't going to be charged. Well, the power was turned off. A few days later I got a bill for 25 days of over $400. I am fit to be tied. I don't even have access to that house, much less own it. I'll bet someone turned the thermostat to 60 to get a bill that high.

A few years ago, we had deregulation of utilities here in Texas with the idea that a free market would reduce our power costs. Well, it has been a disaster. At least in Swampland, we pay the highest rates in the country. Our service, well in a word, sucks. With my recent dealings with utilities, customer service is also terrible.

I wonder if the gas company has our house here mixed up with the one we were trying to buy?? It needed a new meter also. I'll bet so.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little less blood

I am a few vials lower in blood than I was when I woke. I went to the medical center where I had all my treatments because the lab is just upstairs from the clinic. I figured they could get the results to Dr Poison quickly and efficiently - at least for once. They don't really have a good track record, but they are right there. My chances are a little better. This lab does all the outpatient blood work, and they are affiliated with both major labs.

I am in awe however. I don't know where all the people have gone here in swampland. Yesterday we had to take the troop carrier to the doctor (the repair garage). There was no traffic. Usually the traffic is completely gridlocked. G wants to get the vehicles there by 7:30, and that is part of the teeth of rush hour(s). I wondered if it were perhaps Sunday, and we goofed. Then I tried to think of what holiday it could be.

G had a dentist appointment, and then he got to give blood, so he was gone until about noon. When he came home, he said we could go to lunch and he would then go to the craft store with me. I needed felt to make ornaments and fat quarters to make pony tail thingies for the Christmas store. We were about the only people in the store.

This morning, I was sleepy and couldn't get moving. I got to the lab about 8:30. There were no people in the waiting room. I later saw there had been two people in the back. I got right in! Where were all the people??

The vampire at the lab decided that she wasn't going to use the vein in the elbow. She was going to try for one in the forearm. Ummmmm - not! It didn't work (big surprise) so she went for the inside of the wrist. That HURT!!! But at least she got all the blood she needed!!

To award myself since I was fasting, I stopped at my favorite fast food place to pick up a breakfast. There were no cars in line. This situation is indeed strange.

Where are all the Swamplanders? Have they decided this place isn't fit for man nor beast? Is it mass vacation time? Are there that many jobless now? Whatever, it surely is easier to get around and get things done!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Been thinking

For several days I have been thinking about being a survivor. Time goes by so quickly, and I tend to forget how long ago I was diagnosed. It has been two years and eight months. When I realized that I am halfway in the five year survival time, it kind of amazed me. I was so moved that I really thought I would celebrate the three years in January.

Thursday I get to see Dr Poison (my oncologist). I will go tomorrow or Wednesday morning to have the blood test done. This is always a time of a little apprehension. I always worry about what the cancer markers will show. I keep praying that number remains low. Otherwise, it's back.

Then I got to thinking about the Femara that I take daily to help keep it away. I wonder what will happen in three years when I quit taking it. Or will I quit taking it. That is a question I need to ask Dr Poison.

All this is a little overwhelming to me today! I guess I get this way right before my oncology appointments. As I have said before, when I was going in weekly (and daily for radiation), I looked forward to appointments being spaced out more. Now that they are, the time between appointments seems to be so long. I would almost like to have the Ca25,27 done monthly! But it will be done this week anyway.


Friday, September 11, 2009

I guess I am too impatient

Either I'm too impatient or I expected a miracle. In the continuing saga of the knees (I know, I'm sick of this subject too - but it's my life these days), they are actually some better. I think I was expecting complete renewal of those babies. Well, some relief is better than none. Perhaps the injections will work. I am satisfied to give it a month.

The generator guy showed up yesterday. His "after lunch" was a lot like the time line his company has been working on. We ordered that blasted thing June 30 or before. We are still waiting for it to be operational. Right now it is just sitting there behind the garage looking pretty. But C (the guy) said the next thing is to get the gas company out to put in the new meter and run the gas line, then get the electricians to hook it up. I hope that begins to happen next week. At least I have someone whom I have met, face to face, and will be our advocate. Going to the BBB site, I have the owner's name and his email. That also is comforting.

But with C not getting here until after 4, I wasn't able to go upstairs to the "studio" (that sounds so official - it's Son's old room that I have commandeered)to work on my embroidery projects. This afternoon looks pretty clear, so that's where I am headed in a bit. Housework? It will be here when I come down. I just won't let anyone in the door!! I know - I'll claim my knees are still too sore - shhhhh!!!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Such a busy life (not really)

Yesterday, I referred to the family reunion. G's family started having them about 30 years ago. My FIL was probably the motivating factor there because of the multitude of reunions in MIL's fmaily. He had ten siblings, and they would provide the meat (brisket - after all this IS Texas), paper goods, coffee and tea. The rest of the people (kids, etc) would bring the rest.

We are down to two of the siblings now. Several years ago, the children began picking up the responsibility of getting the location and providing what the siblings did (meat, etc). It would be the children of one of the siblings. This year it is our group's turn. Since the reunion location is closest to us (BIL made the mistake of wanting it in the Capitol City, but they are having a MAJOR three day event - no hotels!), G and I get to do the meat.

When we all were at the SSB weekend before last, we all got together at their house. We began divving up things to be done/provided. We had already decided on brisket. While we were sitting there, BIL said we should also have chicken for those who are on restricted diets. Now this is the same person who has a "eat more beef" bumper sticker on his truck - he had cattle before the drought. They are also the people who eat beef "maybe twice a month."

We usually average 60-70 people at these reunions. The beef isn't that much of a problem. It was .99 a pound this week. But chicken!! If we have chicken there, it won't only be those on a restricted diet to take it. If it is offered, more people than not will take both. We are also having sausage
that Community Club has (left from Itsy Bitsy Town's summer festival). I know just as well as I know I am sitting here that there are many people who will take all three meats.

So we decided it won't be chicken (even though they are .88 a pound for whole chickens this week). DIL's mom found smoked turkey. That's the "alternative meat." White meat loaded with salt. Yeah.

In better news, it is raining! It rained yesterday, it will rain today, and there is the dreaded low in the gulf! It will possibly be a toad strangler this weekend. But it holds the temperature down. I love it!! We didn't even reach 90 yesterday. Our fall is just around the corner (like late October)!

I didn't report on the ortho doc appointment, and Judy was sweet enough to ask about the knee condition. I told him that I didn't get the relief from the second injections, yada, yada. He went ahead with the third. I asked him where we go from here, and he said to give it a month.

I am so glad I had G go with me. It was comforting to know that I had someone with me so I wouldn't fall, and there were no close handicapped parking places. He also remarked about the trek from parking to the office. I really don't think they could have gotten farther away!! So my knees still hurt. They woke me a couple of times last night.

I think I may be expecting too much from these injections. I was expecting the magic bullet. I was expecting full mobility with no pain. So I will give it a month. I will dedicate myself to getting some of these pounds off. I know it will be a rough road; they like me too much and want to keep me company. I see another two surgeries in my future (gee - I'm psychic - ha!).

The generator guy called and will be coming by just to see what has been done. He's not directly involved with the installation, but he said he will do what he can. He is just not sure where we stand. Hope springs eternal here.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

One day I don't want to have again!

From the beginning, today has been the pits! I hope I never have one like this again. Allow me to share.

When the alarm for G went off at 6:15, I knew I needed more sleep. But I got up to let the cat out of his crate, let the dog out, and turned on the tv so he could get traffic alerts.

When he left, I returned to bed, setting my alarm for 8:45, which is a much more civilized time of day. The alarm went off, and I reached to the bedside table for my glasses. They were not there. I knew Shadow had been climbing all over me, and he had gotten on that table, but I didn't think there was a problem with the glasses. There was.

I searched and searched. They were no where. I looked for my next oldest pair. They must be at the SSB. That left me the newest that I cannot see anything with. Now that I have a new driver's license, I am restricted to driving with glasses. Oh, my.

I am still searching and the phone rings. I thought it was daughter, but it was the man from the generator place (the one we ordered mid-June, that is sitting in the backyard, finally, but not hooked up). He looked into our problem with the installation. I discovered last night that our original salesman no longer worked for this company. Well, C gave me his name and direct line. We'll see what happens here.

I go back to look for my glasses.

Oops, it's overtime for Simone's pill. She decides this is the day to fight me over that blasted pill. The phone rings - again.

This time it is Daughter. Now yesterday she didn't call at all. Neither Simone nor I have had breakfast, and I still am wearing glasses that make the world blurry. This morning, she talks, and talks, and . . .

After a long while, she decides to go to work, and I get the pill for Simone again. This time she takes it.

I go back to looking for my glasses. I have a dental cleaning 11. It is almost 10. I finally find them. They are peaking out from under the bed. I swear they weren't there an hour ago.

I come into the kitchen to prepare Simone's food. I know I don't have time for coffee. That's bad. But I get my breakfast together.

I go back to the bedroom to get dressed. I am almost dressed. The phone rings.

Now, you have to understand I go days without a phone call (with the exception of Daughter). My cell phone plan has 450 minutes. Usually 400 roll over. But today, I am Mrs Popularity!

It is my DIL's mother. She has investigated rolled turkey roasts for the family reunion. I will tell that story tomorrow. The roasts are EXPENSIVE!!

I come in to boot my beloved laptop. I want to be ready to get on line when I get back from the dentist. It doesn't load right, and I have no internet. The internet is working, but my ISPs are not allowed. In fact, even my firewall can't activate.

I installed the "recommended update" for the air card yesterday. It changed a lot on this computer. I really don't know what all, and the kicker is that even the air card wouldn't access the internet. I am calling ATT today - when I catch my breath. Their update is a disaster. Right now, all programs for the air card have been removed.

Last night was the real beginning of my terrible times. I really wanted to watch Hell's Kitchen. G wanted to watch the PBS (it's begging time, so they have decent programming) program on Steam Engine trips. Well, he rarely asks to watch anything. I bopped into the bedroom to set the timer on the stone age VCR. I did that. When I went to check the program an hour after it aired, there was no program. That VCR is difficult to set. When we had a power outage (see - need the generator), the wrong date was put in. So no Hell's Kitchen. I guess I'll try HULU after a bit.

I so hope your day is a good one. Someone on this earth needs a good day!


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This and that

First of all - does anyone else have a problem with remote controllers? For the system we have right now, we have three controllers. I cannot keep up with all three of them! I have lost the dvd/surround sound remote. It was there just Sunday, now it's gone. It has disappeared into thin air. I have searched everywhere.

So I went on line with the idea of buying another one. So far, no luck. I found one site, but the parts for that system goes on for pages and pages. I will try to search for one in a different way later, but right now I am frustrated!!

Today is the final orthovisc injections. I think I am wasting my time unless these are the magic bullets, and I think that is just wild hope.

Yesterday I went upstairs to the craft room. Just climbing the stairs was painful. When I got up there, I had to move furniture. My new (from July) sewing machine cabinet was up there, and I had to do something with the old one. So I managed to set it all up with all my machines (with the exception of the terrible Singer) up and ready to go.

I came down to take the biggie machine up. I wasn't sure I could make it down the stairs. My knees were so very painful.

Well, enough self pity. I am going to get the injections. I hope for the best.


Monday, September 07, 2009

This wimp is upset!

True confession time. I am a card carrying wimp. I hate confrontations. With. A. Passion. I don't like to confront my adult children either. But, this time I need to.

Last night we went to Son's house for dinner. I thought they would be going out of town this weekend, so I called them earlier in the week - I think Tuesday night of Wednesday night. DIL asked if we would come to their house for family dinner. I was frankly delighted. The bloom is off that rose for me. I look forward to going to someone's house. I kept the dinner going through chemo, and it was tough!

When I talked to Daughter the next day, she said they were having friends over at their house, so they wouldn't be going to Son's. I really thought she would call DIL. I let it go. Something in the back of my mind kept telling me that I should call DIL, but I really thought Daughter would do the right thing. If the tables were turned, she would be, well frankly, pissed.

We got there last night, and they had prepared a nine pound brisket and had TWO pies. They expected five more people. SIL called just before we arrived telling them they wouldn't be there.

DIL's mother really doesn't like SIL. He can be very over-the-top, and she is a little reserved. I'm sure words were spoken when he called.

I am going to say something to Daughter. I am going to try to make it non-confrontational. This doesn't need to tear the family apart. But I do think she needs to know. She knows Son is doing everything he can to cut expenses, so I think she was very rude in this.

In better news, we went to see Julie and Julia last night. Julia Child was my teenage hero (heroine?). Meryl Streep did such a great job in that role. G's brother and wife are best friends with the real Julie's parents. So I had followed Julie's blog when she was writing. I bought and read the book, so the movie was the next step. The movie was so well done. I was afraid it wouldn't be showing by the time we could get to the movies since it came out just before vacation. I want to buy that movie!!


Friday, September 04, 2009

Never fails

We have been having a break from the stifling temperatures here in Swampland. One day, the mercury actually didn't go above 90! Wow, that was new. We have had a week of about 90 degree temperatures. Perhaps fall is just around the corner. I don't want to jinx the break. We can have high temperatures all the way until Halloween!

Yesterday I got to sit in the dental chair for yet another crown. I think I only have two more fillings left in my mouth and a few natural teeth. The thing about me getting a crown is that we have storms every time.

When I had a marathon crown visit (like seven) we had a terrible thunderstorm move through. We were almost finished with the temporary crowns when the lights went out. That meant no a/c, no lights, and probably no drill. Well those temporary crowns have to be drilled to fit.

If you have ever gotten a crown, you know how the teeth look. These were my top front teeth. I was beside myself. My dentist decided to see if there was enough air in the line to run the drill. There was. Hallelujah! With all the flashlights in the place focused on my mouth, the window open to allow air in, and the assistants fanning us both, the temporaries were in place.

This office has tv's in all the rooms. I was watching when a severe storm alert was in place for an area about 100 miles away. We got the temporary in place, and I was on my way. When I got outside, I could see how threatening the skies were. About a half hour later, the clouds opened up! I just sat here, comforting Simone through the thunder, laughing to myself. I guess to get rain, I have to get a crown.


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Comcast vs ATT

Right now I am sitting here using the air card. Yes, I am in my house, with a connection to Comcast. So why am I using a metered service? Simple, because the other unlimited service wasn't bringing in anything.

I still have a few days before my month trial is over with the air card. I found it works at the SSB. I also have to get out of the "dial-up" frame of mind. I am not charged by the minute, I am changed by the bits of information transferred.

When I saw my bill, I nearly fainted. Then I looked in detail. There was the activation fee, a prorated month, and the month fee. I really had used just a bit of the allowed bits. That makes me want to keep it. In reality, would like to keep both services. It is easy (when it works) to use the regular service. I don't have to worry about sizes of files, etc. It is nice to have a service that works when the computer works. But I have to worry. The last thing in the world we need is to spend this kind of money just to have internet access. So, I have to make up my mind - soon.

It's really leaning toward the card. It is consistent. I have it on the weekends when we are gone. Oh my, I really hate to give up that email address. I can't remember who all I have to notify it won't be there anymore. I am glad I have used some of the free email sources for other purposes, like our business. They don't have to be changed.

Oh, life is just so complicated. LOL


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The confidence is gone!

I marched into the Ortho Doc's office full of confidence, looking forward to getting the second in the series of three injections in my knees. I was full of vim and vinegar thinking that I would be so much better after getting these shots.

I was called back right on time and taken to a room. I was relaxed and very confident. In fact, I was looking forward to the whole thing. I sat on the table, and they brought in the tray with all the paraphernalia for the injections.

The doctor came in, and we exchanged a few pleasantries. He prepared the left knee. He put the injection in, and all was well. Before he could get the band-aid on, I had a stream of blood heading to the floor. He asked if I were on blood thinners, and I replied no. He wiped up the blood, and I had another stream running down my leg again before he could get the band-aid. He got the site bandaged, and the bleeding stopped - or at least was contained. But the injection didn't hurt - at all. OK - let's do this!

He prepared the right knee. He jabbed the needle in, and it HURT! He injected the fluid, and it HURT! Then is was over and I was bandaged. We all said see you next week, and I got off the table. The pain that hit that right knee was horrible. It felt like someone had put a knife in the joint. Every step was agony. Of course, the doc was on to another patient, and the nurse was gone to chart.

I hobbled out of the back into the waiting room. I considered sitting in the reception area, but I didn't know if that would help. I left the office and headed for the ladies room that I noticed when I took an alternate path to the office. I went in. At least I could sit in privacy for a bit.

I couldn't stay there all day, so I went out to take the long trek to the elevators. (Why does an orthopedist have an office as far away from the elevators as possible - in a hospital at that where you have to walk fifteen miles to get into the building???) I finally got to the car. I really wasn't sure I could drive - the pressure of applying the break was sending pain all the way up to my lower back.

I wasn't worth shooting yesterday. I was on my butt or back the remainder of the day. Now I am not so full of bravado about the injections next week. But then I think of the recovery from knee replacement. I guess I'm not so bad after all. I just hope these work, and I hope they last at least six months.


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Shots number two

Today I am scheduled for the orthovisc shots number 2. I am a little jazzed about them because number one seems to be helping.

When we put the house in at the SSB, the installers asked me how high up off the ground I wanted the house. Well, never having a manufactured home before, I thought taller would be better - and that was before the arthritis in my knees got really bad.

That means that it is five steps to get in the back door, and even more (two sets of five I think) to get in the front. As my knees got worse, it was harder and harder for me to get in the house, and once in, I tended to stay in. G would have to take Simone out, and she is wanting out more and more these days.

This past weekend I found that it wasn't nearly as bad to get into the house. It didn't take me five minutes to climb the steps. There was very little hesitation. I am thinking good things are ahead.

Of course, I did talk to SIL M this weekend. She had the shots three times, and each succeeding set of shots did less and less, until she had the replacement. I just hope that they are better these days, and I can keep from getting a replacement. In the back of my mind I think perhaps Dr Ortho knows this, and is just helping me buy some time to shed these pounds. I just believe that the surgery is still lurking out there waiting for me.

On another thought - Monkey Boy began his school yesterday. Things went well. Of course, he was asking the teacher every five minutes when his dad was coming to pick him up. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will do well.