Thursday, March 14, 2019

Change in direction

I had been hatching a different post - one about this and that, but all that changed yesterday in a horrible way.

On the way to the SSB to spend spring break with my son, his family, and one of his friends and family - we had a disaster that I don't even want to happen again - and it won't.

We were over half way here when the truck was filled with a foul odor.  Then came what sounded like a loud fart.  I really thought it to be the cat in his carrier because he moaned when I was loading him at home.  And it was about his usual litter box time.

We stopped for lunch, and I didn't turn around to check on either animal.  And we proceeded on.

What we smelled was his body relaxing and letting go - what we heard was his last breath.

We got here.  G went to open the door and I turned around.  Clyde was still laying in his favorite sleeping pose.  That wasn't normal.  I tried to rouse him.  He didn't respond.

G asked if I were getting the dog and I replied "I think he is dead."  By that time I had gotten the door open.  I touched him, and he was cold.  I shook him - no response.  I slapped his haunches - no response.

Our fur baby died on the way.

We have such huge holes in our hearts.  We were dreaming of him being able to run free because it is still cool and there is little worry of snakes.  I knew this would be such a great time for him - five more adults and five children to love on him.  I didn't know there would be three other dogs for him to play with, but there are.

But today, he is in the freezer at the vet's office waiting for cremation.  We love you sweet boy.  Rest in peace.  And I hope you found the others on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and they are showing you around.

Here is Clyde - on the right with his two "girl friends" Angelica and Princess (my daughter's babies}at the ranch who are on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and hopefully they are reunited running and playing.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Easier than I expected

My surgery was on the 26th.  Needless to say I was nervous.  That was really a wasted energy!

We did stay in a hotel near the hospital since the hospital is about an hour from home.  I didn't sleep well at all.  The mattress was far from my wonderful one, I was either too hot or too cold, and I was afraid I would oversleep!

Orders said to shower with the antiseptic soap the night before and the morning of surgery.  That was some nasty stuff.  But I followed those orders.

The morning of surgery was something.  In Pre-op, they wouldn't put the IV in my right arm because I have had a mastectomy and have been able to avoid lymphedema for these eleven years.  SO it was the foot since the left was the topic of the day!

They nurse said the veins there were great.  But they weren't.  IV's in the foot are painful.  As she tried to hit the vein, it "rolled."  After about what seemed like a life time, she left and came back with xylocane.  It was then to go to the other foot, but with the numbing, if wasn't too bad.  It took several tried, but finally success.

After that wonderful experience, what was going to seem like a long wait of two hours was over and I was wheeled into surgery.

To cut to the chase, my surgeon had called for a nerve block.  It. Was. A Great. Thing!  My granddaughter used the same surgeon and had the nerve block also.  We laughed about how you think you can lift that arm, but it doesn't move - but there was no pain either.

I am now a week and a half out.  I have begun PT.  The mobility is getting better and better each day.  I can use this hand to type - which I couldn't last week.  I still want to use this hand to lift, but immediately get the message not to do that - a cramp in the bicept.   But all in all - no real pain any longer - and if there is, it isn't as bad as before surgery.  Increased movement.  I am amazed.

And as usual - I am wondering WHY I waited so long.  I just wish I could drive myself places.