Thursday, August 23, 2012


Busy, busy times!  I had the oldest three grandkidlets yesterday.  Even they are getting older, it can be tiring to have them most of the day.  I guess I have gotten set in my ways, and any change upsets the chi (or what ever ) around here.

Don't get me wrong, but there was just a change in things.  I had gone to the grocery the day before to first of all get food for those darling little locusts, and secondly to have something for them to do.  Cookies are always a winner for something to do.  Since I am supposed to have some sweet for Sunday, I thought this would be a winner all the way around.

So just the girls wanted to do cookies.  My druthers would have been for the oldest two of them to do them, but Monkey Boy was too interested in some horrible thing on Di*ney.

Doodle Bug was given the task of putting the sugar on top of the cookies.  I really believe I have more sugar on the floor than ever went on the cookies.  That activity lasted about 45 minutes.  So now what?

LB decided they should build a leggo village together.  I was afraid there would be blood!!  They did amazingly well.  They played for quite a while.

I thought every kid liked hot dogs.  Well, no!  The little ones only ate a bit, and Monkey was going to spend the remainder of the afternoon eating pretzels.  He was just mindlessly gobbling them down.  Now I know why childhood obesity if such a problem.  Laying in front of the TV mindlessly eating some snack.

But it really was all good.  And I slept like a log - at least a log like I sleep.  I only woke a few times for a few minutes.

Today I had an appointment with the regular ophthalmologist.  I don't know if this time I have true glaucoma or not, but I am back on drops.  I had been on them several years ago before it was found that I have thickened corneas that cause higher pressures.

When I went to her four weeks ago about the cataracts - that turned into macular degeneration - my pressures were very high.  So - I am back on the drops to bring the pressures down.  Well - I will have pretty eyelashes because this is that drug!!    

Monday, August 20, 2012

This and that - or - weekend update, again

Last night was family dinner again.  We went to son's house.  His eldest was in rare form there too.  His first thing was that he didn't want to eat.    I believe he thought he could get the other kids into refusing to eat to play.  That didn't work, DIL has a "talk" with him, and he came to eat.

Later while the adults were eating (which happens at all of our houses - at Daughter's and here - the dining room isn't big enough for 12, and it is too separate for watching the little ones, and Son's house the dining room is a play room for the three little ones), W was in the play room -- throwing toys or hitting the cousins.

Son told me that W was wanting to pet the animals (2 cats and a little Yorkie - all old), but before he does that he yells at them and pelts them with toys or whatever. He tries to do that to my Simone, and I will not allow that.  Of course it means that she is secluded in the bedroom and feels like she is punished - she LOVES the children.  But I will not allow him to hurt her.

I don't know what his problem, unless it's his maternal grandfather and step grandmother who let him completely run wild.  But he has a real problem.  The previous night, Son had to wrestle him down to put his pj's on him.  It was a battle through the entire pre-bed time.

Anyway, we all survived that.


Lady Bug is a woman now.  It happened on Friday, and she really didn't know exactly what to do.  WHen Daughter asked her about what to do, she told her  "I've been through THAT class."  Apparently she didn't pay close attention.  She really didn't know what happened or what to do.

But that's just another thing that makes Grandma feel really old.  I thought just going to middle school next week was a blow - now I really do feel old.


I wish I could be more like my friend Kat.  She only sees the good in things - people, situations.  Her house was one that flooded in the rains we had last month. She took it like a trooper.  It has happened before. In fact, so many times that she doesn't even have flood insurance because it has flooded so many times.  Her husband said that before some of the businesses were build around there, they never flooded, but now they get the water.  That seems to be so true of all places that are closer in to the "big city."  Like other places, growth is out.  When all the flat land is covered in cement - roads, parking lots, slabs for foundations, the water flows in its normal course to the Gulf, but there is too much and the normal flow paths are blocked - so the "downstream" houses that had never flooded get it.

Anyway, I wish I could be more like her.  There is a volunteer orientation meeting tonight for those who want to volunteer to help with the organization for which we held the shower.  This group put out a request for a volunteer coordinator.  One of the not-yet-members of our church piped up on the Facebook page - she wants to be that coordinator.

Now - this is where I am petty.  She COULD have helped us/them with the shower.  Did she?  That's a big no.  I have the feeling she won't follow through on this commitment either.

When the congregation had the "Workship" where we rolled those 2000 diapers for the diaper cakes, her remarked she would like to help put the cakes together.  She. Didn't. Show.  So I just wonder how she will do.

I am going to see if I can help the girls figure out just how they got in this predicament and to prevent another pregnancy.  Their stats show that a good percentage of those girls do get pregnant again quickly.  It would bu wonderful to help them prevent that.

So I guess I need to go do some penance for my feelings here.


Thursday, August 16, 2012


It has been a week since my injection in my left eye.  During that week, the world has brightened greatly.  I actually see images, although I still cannot make out letters.  That is rather amazing because I see "things" well, but I can't make out letters well.

I went to the specialists today for a check to see if there was any infections.  There wasn't, the doctor remarked about how much change there really was  - but cautioned there was still a long way to go.  So I go back in three weeks for another injection.

I had all three grandkidlets this morning.  My LB has turned into a full fledged hormone driven sullen adolescent.  I know the three are really sick of one another, but all the sniping at one another.  I can't say that one was more of a pill than another, but they were really unpleasant to one another.

LB professed hunger and asked if I had popcorn.  Well none of that.  But I had two sleeves of crackers from the June trip.  She pretty much downed one of those by herself.  I did tell her to give her brother 2-3.  She did - grudgingly.

I got the second sleeve out because Monkey Boy was asking for some.  She didn't want to share those with anyone either.  There was an argument about what was on the tv, and she left the room.  I still am not sure what that was about.

All I know is the hormones are raging in that girl.  Hoo boy!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not a good change

A few months ago, we changed what we thought was only our cable service and internet from C*m*ast to U-v*rse.  What a mistake!  We have only had trouble with the service.

The time before this time, the service waited until the end of  a mystery move we were watching.  All of the sudden, the picture pixulated and froze several times.  That was a disaster.  I did all that I knew to do, but it stayed like that for the rest of the night and into the next morning.

We called that night, and we got a fellow in India who knew what to do - at least we thought so.  We were able to watch the news without a problem - but that wasn't the end of the movie!!

The next morning, as I said it was back.  We called, and a technician was sent out. I was amazed.  He worked on it, and even gave us his number to call him if it wasn't fixed.

Now I know how that works.  Son works for the Land Line part.  They give marks if the customer calls the company back.  So they try really hard to please, and want to be the ones called if there was a problem.  Anything to keep the company happy!

So other than a minor glitch, we haven't had the problem - until last night at the END of "Rizzoli and Isles" it did it again, and it has been impossible to watch anything today.  Which means I so wanted to watch "The Chew" today because it was a tribute to Julia Childs.   Now that's another story.

So I called.  They got the technicians out fast!  They are still working, but I know when this contract is up, I will go back to the C!  I will be like one of their commercials - crying to the installer that I am so glad I was back and so stupid to leave.

I know we watch too much tv, but when you are old, and it's hot - tv is the choice for us!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Trauma drama

Last night was family dinner, and as usual, I got to do it.  I knew I had some pre-seasoned fajitas in the freezer, and I left it up to the kids to bring the guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, and tortillas.  Son didn't do what I asked which was to call his sister to split the list, and they brought all four items.  His sister got off scott free.

But it was ok.  Son and DIL just returned from a cruise that her dad paid for - his whole family.  They enjoyed it a lot.  I was worried the entire time they were gone because they were headed to Cozumel!  There was the storm also headed to Cozumel/Cancun. But they avoided it and had good weather most of the time.

Conversations pumped along as they usually do.  Daughter verbally assaulting me for deciding I have to work with Minister Sister.  She probably was doing that because she was, once again, protecting her husband for opening his mouth when he should have been quiet.   At the table I heard rumblings of political talk between G and son.  They are terrible opposites.  I don't know how son got to the stance he takes - probably his FIL.  But those conversations always get very heated!

So all the mobile little kids were fighting for position to play on the couch when Doodle tripped on her dad's foot and crashed into the marble topped coffee table.  At first I thought she was being who she is best - drama queen.  SIL was looking at her head she was complaining about.  I got an ice pack from the freezer, and we put it on her head.  I thought this was the end - until he took it away.  There was blood.  A lot of blood.

Panicking would do no good.  G and I kept our heads about us.  He finally used his paramedic training to look at the wound while I went to find gauze pads and something to clean the wound.  For some reason, I don't have any peroxide!  DIL was with me in the dressing area of the bathroom and helped me look for something.  We found betadine.  So I wet a pad, then put the betadine on because I thought it really needed to be diluted a bit.

When I saw the wound, I really thought she would have to have about three stitches.  He said later that that wasn't necessary.  Anyway, they left - washed her hair and re-cleaned the cut. When they called with the results, she was quiet holding the ice pack on her head.  I think everything is ok.

Family dinners around here are always interesting!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

The sea is calm

I know I didn't follow up on lunch with Pastor, nor have I mentioned Minister Sister.

Those things are calm right now.  When we (Pastor and us) sat down at the table his first statement was "I have  no agenda."  So perhaps because I am a coward or something I didn't broach the subject.  He did mention his sermon.  He said he remembered the things Larry (our dear, dear, departed previous pastor and friend) went through at the church where he was Pastor (and I his organist).  PC just said he didn't want rifts  taking place in his church so he didn't have to go through the things Larry did. He was referring to the, as he called them, parking lot conferences.  I think he knows they will happen regardless.  Sometimes the subject matter is something that should be listened to and evaluated.

I did find the culprit who mentioned the subject however.  It was my SIL.  I do not know why he chose to do this.  I have a good idea, but I am not sure.  I just wonder if he also added that his wife wants Minister Sister to be removed from the payroll.

As for as Minister Sister, I will, do and have respected her realm of duties.  So with that in mind while I was preparing for the Women's Group meeting I emailed her with a question.  I would like for the women to have another outreach.  I would  like us to have some "parties" for an area "nursing home."  That's in quotes because there are so many institutions that fall under that category -- like assisted living, etc that it's just easier to say nursing home.

Another of our group had expressed an interest in doing that earlier in our meetings.  I can't believe we have had only about six meetings total.  We have accomplished so much: the shower for the pregnant teens, painting the annex room (Sunday School) wall and putting Christian phrases on it, planning and implementing the church picnic, getting help organized for a family whose home was once again flooded in the rains we had last month!!  Anyway, it hit me that Jackie Sue gave parties for the home in her city each month pretty much on her own, and if she can do that our group of 10-15 certainly could.  Well, I think they are a bit tired from the shower, but we did put it on the books to have one for Valentines' Day.  Long way off, but most of these ladies work, and many have other things going on in their lives that take a lot of time.

Now that I have gone "around Jone's barn" as my mom would have said, MS liked the idea, and hit us with one for the school we adopted for OCTOBER!  They talked with the principal about this in May, but we are just hearing it.  It would be Herculean to pull off.  It is a "Trunk n Treat" which the members of the church did for just our little congregation (about 75 normal attendees).  This would be an entire elementary school plus who knows how many!!  So we said we would help.  We could not possibly host it.

As I said - the waters are smooth.  I don't expect anything ugly to come from our decision.  Sundays are too busy to talk about things, so I emailed her with the decision.  I expect an answer, but I don't expect her to question why we came up with what we did.  The only thing she may react to is our hope she will let us set up and run a list of volunteers to really clean the church on a regular basis.  We aren't saying bad things about her cleaning skills, but she has too much other things, and the place is FILTHY.  We have other groups coming in to use out facility now, and we really do need it clean.  It was what my other church did when it was in a mission status with no money to hire someone.

We'll see!!


Friday, August 10, 2012

44 years

Yep - we were married that long ago.  Can't believe it.  My sister in law has put it best when asked how they, who are also going to make 44 years in December, are asked how they have made it this long.  She said - well, we never wanted a divorce at the same time.  That says it all.

I would love to say it has been all wine and roses.  It has not.  There's been a lot of vinegar and thorns.  Some marriages appear to be wine and roses.  I really believe they too have the other.

It is interesting how people mature and change.  I guess I should be thankful we have been able to adjust to those changes over the years because they certainly have been there.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

What a difference

The vision in my left eye has been poor at best since the aneurysm that I had that was "fixed" in 2006.  When the poor vision progressed to where it was yesterday, I didn't really think much of it.  Even though the Ophthalmologist told me to check the little grid daily and call her immediately if I noticed a change in my vision - when I really couldn't see the lines, I didn't realize something was wrong.

So I had "the injection" yesterday.  While I still am not really to read letters and the like there is more light coming in.  Driving before was really scary.  I really couldn't see at any distance.  The last time we went to the SSB we took Daughter's old truck up to be a farm truck and live out its days there.  So since we needed a way home - I drove the Toyota.  It was quite a tense trip.

Today we took the Toyota to have its fluids changed, and I followed in the truck since we never know how long it may take our mechanic.  Plus I get something that is the biggest luxury in life - breakfast at a restaurant!  Driving was so much better.

I am going to be hopeful here and think that with the change after one injection and one day, that perhaps I won't really have to be doing this every month.  If I do, oh well.  But it would be nice to not have my eye "jacked" with every month.  It still feels gritty!!

In other things, I was really worried about Simone yesterday.  We changed her food to one that is organic and the like.  She has been losing hair (for years) to the point where I am afraid we will have a hairless boxer.  She has been on a low fat food that is also meant for diabetic dogs for so many years, and I just decided that a change was in order - hopefully to re-grow hair. I know I haven't regrown my hair since chemo, but it was a little sparse before, and my dog doesn't need to give me moral support in that way.

I also was going to give her some treats after she takes her "old lady pills" for incontinence, her glucosamine, and Prevacid.  I thought I was buying a good one.  I bought Milo's Kitchen chicken bits.  Yesterday there was a post that the chicken jerky had been been recalled.  It is made in China.  I looked at her chicken bits and while it isn't jerky, it is also made in China.  And of course she chose yesterday to act like a child refusing to eat all of her breakfast.  She will do this, but with the two things together I was really afraid I had killed my dog!

Fortunately she is well today!  I can see today more than yesterday.  All's right in my world.


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Report on the day

Lunch was great!  I wish I could have enjoyed it more had I not been to nervous about the afternoon activities.  We went to my favorite restaurant (at least one of my favorites) that we haven't been to since we were there with the Toy still having paper plates and Bimbette hitting us.

Now on the the big event of the day!  My eye.  And what did you do for the afternoon of August 8 - why get my eyes dilated (again) and have a needle shoved into the left eye.

Talk about nervous.  It seemed like we were there for days when in actuality it was only about an hour and fifteen minutes.  The last bit was the worst, as you would imagine.

When I was finally taken back to THE room, after all the instructions and warnings I was given, I was ready to bolt out the door.  No pool.  If pain that won't stop, severe reaction to light, bleeding - call immediately.

The Betadine will irritate the eye for several hours - no kidding.  But the needle is tiny - couldn't prove it by me.  Yes, the eyeball was numb, but pressure could be felt and was strange.  Pain? Really none.  Could I feel the needle - yes, the pressure that my brain screamed that it was supposed to hurt.

Right now (almost three hours post injection) I feel like someone washed my eye out with Dove.  It is irritated by the Betadine.  Pain?  Not really, but it did hurt right afterward and for the hour I decided to put myself in the dark bedroom.  While I know my vision will never be perfect - ever, the vision is a little cleared.  That is unbelievable.

I go back next week for a check  to look for infection.  I plan to ask if the aneurysm that was treated in 2006 was a precursor of this Wet Macular Degeneration.  After all the hallmarks of this disease are the growth of blood vessels in the retina that disturb vision and cause blindness.  I dodged the bullet when I had laser treatments on that aneurysm, and I am hoping for something near it with this.  But it is a loooong road.  These injections will be once a month for a while with the hopes of extending them to perhaps every quarter - I hope.

But I lived through it!  Now I am getting hungry!


Busy (scary) day

Later today I will be at the Retinal Specialists.  I will be getting the first of what will be many injections in my left eye for the macular degeneration that is there.  When I first watched the little video clip about this - prior to my diagnosis - I really squirmed.  Not I am really scared.  Before I left the office last week I was assured that my eye would be deadened very well.  Yeah - deadened, but I will still be awake and aware of a needle coming to my eyeball!

Before that will be having lunch with Pastor.  Don't know what will come from this.  I know we will discuss shirts for our Women's group.  And speaking of the group, we took our "Noisy Offering" for our group that ministers to the girls.  People really had a lot of spare change.  The cans were heavy!  We also gave them the fleece blankets and crocheted hats.  Quite a haul for them.

So - need to prepare for this ordeal.  I'll let you know - that is if I am not on some sort of restrictions for a while.


Friday, August 03, 2012

I need an attitude adjustment

I have spoken before about my perception that we have too much nepotism in my church's leadership.  It may be just me, but I suspect there are lots more that are beginning to feel it too,  but that's not my topic today,

Those of us who are the most active in our women's group have our ducks in a row.  We manage to organize and carry out very well.  In fact, we feel like Pastor's sister, who is "minister" of social things,  only comes to our meetings to try to catch us doing something "wrong."

The first thing that irked me was one of the groups to which we minister is school district based.  She was pointed to that one by my SIL.  We eventually adopted a school where we go to volunteer for different things.  At our first Women meeting, I brought up a program this group provides to some schools in the district.  It provides backpacks to needy kiddo full of food for the weekend.  SHE said we were too small to be able to do this.  Well guess what she did this past week.  She signed us up for this program.

Today I got two  emails from her,.  The group with the pregnant girls will be the ones who will be getting our "noisy offering" Sunday.  This is a neat thing we do for area organizations. Coffee cans are passed among the congregation and spare change (or bills!!) are put in.  The director will be bringing some of the girls along with their children.  Sister wants two or three women to run a nursery for them.,  So far she has one volunteer - and this volunteer hasn't done anything else!

THEN she asked me and the other "leader" when we planned to give them the blankets and baby hats we have done for them.  Before service, after, during their Temple Talk or what.  Pastor and the worship leader need to know before Sunday because it will make a difference the way the worship experience goes.  WHAT???  Like we run on a tight, non-changing, chiseled in stone. Not.

So I know I have to get over my silly self.  It is just difficult.  We are supposed to be one type of church that is being run by those who came from the more conservative branch like that branch - I guess.  Not like any other church I have been involved with, and I have been involved with the workings of the church for 51 years.  Just having trouble.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Well, isn't this just ducky

There is an old saying out there:  if I had known I was going to live this long ...   Well that's exactly how I am feeling right now!

The other day, we went to the optometrist's office.  She said my eye pressures were really high, and the cataract in my left eye was ready to be dealt with.  She told me to get to the ophthalmologist immediately.  So I did.

My appointment was at 11 this morning.  I was given every test the doctors have.  I was finally seen by the doctor, and she did more tests.  So now I am to use the Lumigan again because the pressure in my right eye is so high.  It is really caused more by my thickened corneas, but she wants the pressure down.  Bright side of this - I will have lovely eyelashes again.  This is that same drug!

Then she discovered wet macular degeneration in the left eye.  She said the cataract was the last of the problems there. This is the poor eye that about 10 years ago had an aneurism.  It was treated with laser therapy, and  the retinal specialist was amazed that as much vision came back as it did.

So I was whisked off to the retinal specialist once again.  I just didn't want to see the same specialist.  He just couldn't say anything more than lose weight.  And I haven't.  In fact, there is now pre-diabetes in my life.

I didn't have to see him, but I had to drive to another area since they were no longer in the medical center where I was.  Darn.

So off I went - at 2.  No lunch.

My eyes were dilated - again   The pressures were measured - again.  Pictures of my retinas were taken - again.

To cut to the chase, now I do once a month for an injection IN MY EYE.  It also will cost me between $85 and $100 because the cost without insurance is about $2000.  I called for assistance this afternoon, but after reading the information once again, because I am on Medicare, I won't get it.

So I have had cancer, my kidneys are sick, I am insulin resistant, and now I am going blind if I don't get this all done.  Wonderful.

If I had known I would live this long ...