Monday, January 23, 2012

Me again

I will be heading into the wilderness for a week again tomorrow.  You know, the area with (gasp) no internet.  So it will be a while before I can induce sleep again.

And I think I made Daughter sound a lot worse than she is.  I KNOW she felt guilty  about seeing #6 for a week.  She has always been this way.  She gets upset with herself, but then lashes out.  Not a good quality for sure, but it is just the way she is.  Definitely lives by "the best defense is a good offense" philosophy.

She and Son were close as could be in high school.  It has changed now.  He, like most men, married.  The old adage holds there.  A son is a son until he takes a wife.  They spend much more time with her people.  So ...

Anyway.  Have a safe and happy week.  Catch you later.

Sibling rivalry

Ah - what a deep subject for a Monday morning.  It is a subject that I have no personal knowledge of other than my own children since I was an only child.  I see it with G at times.  Whether is was his perception of his mother's actions or not, I know he will occasionally make statements that could be construed as springing from sibling rivalry.  I think that is not the case - I knew the witch for 42 years.  She didn't like any of this family.  My question is rather rhetorical I guess because of my previous statement, but does it ever end?

Daughter had not gotten out to meet the newest baby in the family.  I know she is busy, but ...  So I asked her if she would host family dinner last night since her dad wasn't feeling well and didn't want to infect six children.  She launched into such a tirade!

She had contacted DIL on Saturday asking if it would be ok to come out that afternoon to meet #6.  DIL said it really wasn't because Son had a gig at a BBQ cook off.  Family dinner was brought up, and DIL made a comment along the lines they hadn't decided what they were going to do, but she would let Daughter know Sunday morning.

About 1, Son called me to tell me his had scored a couple of briskets at the cook off, and he would bring one.  When I talked to G later, we decided that (1) it was Daughter's turn to host, and (2) we weren't.  So then I made "The Call."

What a storm I stepped into there.  She was furious with DIL and Son for waiting so long.  They had started pork already.  On and on she went.  I finally just flat told her to let me get a word in.

After a bit, she called and apologized to me.  But, you know, the damage really had been done.  I felt terrible about the situation.  I wish I had the nerve to tell her that she had been wrong for not making time to go out to see the baby.  I know her reaction was partially out of guilt with the situation.  But still.  Even her kids were taking the brunt of all this.

She is so jealous of her brother at times.  There is no reason at all.  They have always been treated equally, and if it was unequal, she usually had the better times.  Son doesn't seem to have these feelings.  He is pretty even tempered - until something really gets to him.  Even then, he blows up and it's over.

Daughter is looking closely at 40.  I can't help but wonder if there might be some peri-menopausal stuff going on there.  I don't know, but this stuff is really getting to me!

Better things to think of - our Pastor was absolutely amazed at the working of the women's group with out initial meeting.  He saw positive things happening the entire time we were together.  My co-conspirator was furious he was there.  She felt he dominated the meeting.  I told her for this first one, it was fine.  I wanted him to see that we were a good thing for the church.  If he comes in the next time, we will politely tell him to get a plate of food and leave!  So there were good things happening on Sunday too!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

It was amazing, and a lot of fun

We had the first meeting of the new women's group finally today.  While not everyone who said they would be there showed, there were still 11 of us.  The eleven are strong women who can get things done.

While we snacked - after all what's a meeting without food, and Robyn brought mimosas! - we talked about the group and what we saw as important.  It was clearly decided that the fellowship is important, and that service to the church and the community was equally important.

Pastor came in to say hello, and we convinced him to sit and enjoy some food.  So he did.  I think he was very impressed by the attitude of the group wanting fellowship, but more importantly - wanting to be of service.  We want to be the nurturing heart of the congregation.

We set the next meeting, and we have some definite ideas of where we are heading.  What a great bunch of women.  There was a little aside where there may be splinter groups from this  main group who will meet occasionally - like perhaps a crafting group.  Yea!  We are off and rolling.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


The women's group a friend and I have wanted to start at church will actually begin on Saturday.  For this, I am excited.  We were going to work on the "children's annex."

A little history here.  We are a brand new church (well - five years old).  We began meeting in an elementary school.  That was good although tiring  because everything had to be stored in a trailer and put out/taken up every Sunday.  Daughter and SIL stayed at that church while we went back to our "home church" after they got a new preacher.  Wanted to give him a chance.  But he was not as dynamic at Pastor C at this new church.

After three years, the school gave us the boot, and a new worship facility had to be found.  So the church relocated in a strip center.  The church sort of has a coffee shop feel, but that's ok.  It is laid back and very progressive.  It works.

After about a year, it was evident that that space was simply too small.  There was no room for the kids.  So another spot was leased about three doors down that gained the name "children's annex."  Now this isn't advertised except among the members because it seems that there is something that prohibits a children's place.  They are probably trying to make sure there is  no day-care locating in that strip center.  So we moved to two services (ugh!), with the children having a 15 minute education experience during the sermon.  It is sort of a Sunday School, but not really.

What does this have to do with the women's group you ask.  Well, the person who is in charge of the education has said she wanted curtains to cover the windows.  OK.  Sharon and I both sew.  She does quilts (and I am hoping before something happens she will teach me!), and you know what I do.  We were all set, and this was going to be the activity for the first meeting of the wg.

When the time grew close for this meeting on Saturday, K said she had consulted a decorator (!?!?!?!?! - we are broke!) who suggested painting phrases and the like on the walls.  She was going to Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase curtains.  What??  Well, ok.  She said the women could do the painting.  We agreed.  We thought it was all set.

I get an email today saying that she doesn't have time to get the paint and all.  She suggested a stupid ice breaking game for us.  Nope, not gonna' do it.  I hate those stupid ice breakers to begin with.  Always have, and always will.

I forwarded the email to my partner in crime, and she agrees.  So it will be a more relaxed time.  We will eat snacks and lunch, and sit and talk.  We will be looking at things in the future.  We will try to pin down service things for us to do, but first and foremost we will get to know one another.  That's what we wanted all along.  We just threw in the other stuff because our unmarried pastor doesn't seem to understand that there is an underlying desire among us women to simply know one another.   Hopefully there can be some service to the church and community.  He is big on the community involvement.  He doesn't want us to be self-centered.  I think we can handle it all!  Even if K keeps throwing monkey wrenches into plans.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I get pulled into things like this all the time.

First, I will say that I do like venison.  I don't hunt, but I do eat the stuff!  I like the meat.  But I have gotten what I guess some would consider lazy (G), and some would say smart.

When we first began going to the area of the SSB - family land remember - I would go out after G got a deer and help him dress it.  After all - biology major and all.  I knew the anatomy, and where to cut.  This is the gross part, so skip to the next paragraph if you want.  When I was three months pregnant with child #2 (Son), I saw a deer in the pasture outside the house.  Close shot, and easy meat.  G got up from breakfast and shot it.  Like a trooper, I went out with him to field dress it.  Won't go into anymore detail.  If you know what that means, enough said.

After a few years, I got really tired of having my feet freeze while out skinning and so on.  It seems his favorite time for shooting a deer is at sunset.  I also was tired of staying in MIL's house.  She had OCD about the house and cleaning.  I knew  I could never get it back to her standards, and as I have mentioned before, she hated me.  So I got really tired of the place.  Plus there was only one tv channel.  FIL installed this fancy tower antenna, but everyone was afraid to touch it.  It would rotate, and it would continually break if it were turned at a speed over .001 millimeter per hour! So I didn't go with him for a long time.  I was more than happy to stay at home, and enjoy the life here.  

Then we had our trailer put in.  I like to be fancy and say "manufactured home," but let's get real - it's a double wide.  We have put a lot into it, but that's what we could afford.  Anyway.  I now go with him once a month and we stay for a week.  That's when you don't hear from me.  I still do not do any of the butchering.  But until last year, I helped make venison/pork breakfast sausage.  

Last year G and our wonderful neighbor made the sausage.  Gene has a wonderful set up, and it doesn't take long to make that sausage.  I don't remember if I packaged it or not, but I am thinking I did.  This year I wasn't going to do any of it - except eat the sausage!

Now you know how that fared.  I managed to do almost nothing until it was all ground.  Then G came in to do the packing.  I showed him how to use the meal sealer.  But then he complained about having greasy hands to try to use the sealer.  I finally decided it was easier to just give in at that point, but I did so knowing that he was fully committed to staying right there to help.

We got it done.  Took about an hour.  But at least I wasn't doing it by myself.  Next year - who knows.  There's hope I won't have to do anything!


Monday, January 16, 2012


I thought I could successfully steal the video of Lady Bug winning her 50m breast stroke from the Facebook page.  It was just a tease for me.  On THIS computer, it worked.  I later found out from the comments that I was woefully wrong.

Anyway, she did win that meet, and placed in each and every one she swam.  She gathered a lot of points, and today since she is 11, she is not in the same group.  Things will be a little different for her.  Instead of (and excuse the terrible pun)being the big fish in the pond, she will be one of the youngest.

I have to give it to her however.  She got up and went to swim practice this morning.  When her dad asked if she didn't want to just chill - she said "no, all the good swimmers will be at practice this morning."  What a kid.  I think I am going to have to make sure I have my passport up to date for 2016!  She has her eyes set on it.  With this dedication I think she will make it.

Angelica went home this morning.  She was so excited to see the kids!  She was getting really settled in here too.  She was getting a little jealous of the attention I would give Simone.  That broke my heart because I really wish we had that little girl living here.

She had a bit of excitement when she went out for the last time last night.  G came in to tell me there was a rabbit in the middle of the yard.  Simone even was a little interested.  She usually has a "live and let live" attitude.  She doesn't care about the squirrels - and we wish she did!

I asked him to take Angelica out front, but she went to the back.  Well - the rabbit was back in the middle of the yard.  Angelica is fast!  I would have really freaked out seeing that.  I was so afraid Angelica would have a midnight snack. G said he never saw a rabbit move so fast.  Fortunately it made it under the deck before contact could be made. Fun and games at Grandma's house!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

So what do I do now?

This probably isn't going to be a very perplexing problem for you.  In fact, I doubt that anyone else in this entire world would give this a second thought, but to me - I don't know which answer I am going to use.

You see - yesterday I found I had filled the hard drive on the old laptop I use upstairs for my embroidery designs.  Now this could be because the hard drive is something like 65 gb.  The computer is getting old.  It crashed once, and I suspect that all those old files that were on it are still lurking someplace in the dark recesses of the hard drive.  I have tried to find space.  I deleted a lot of old files.  But I think there are some I cannot find, and I don't delete files willy-nilly anymore.  I managed to do some serious harm to my school issued laptop when I was still an in-service teacher.  So I try to be a little more careful.

The other explanation is perhaps, just perhaps, I have too many blasted embroidery files.  Just because collecting free embroidery designs has replaced my passion for genealogy ...  The last time the files were counted they numbered something like 46,000.  Hmmm.  Perhaps, just perhaps.

But the problem exists never-the-less.  I have been thinking of various solutions.  The most immediate solution is to put the designs on CD's.  That is an easy fix, and many of the designs were placed on CD's when I used the reader to load them into the machine.  That was pre-digitizer.  Yeah, spend $1400 to replace a CD reader. But it is a set-up that works well, and IF I ever learn to use it properly, I will have greater flexibility - to get MORE designs.  Well...

The downside is that I don't trust CD's - at all.  I really don't want to lose those designs.  Not all were free.  And many of those that were free are special.  Nope - can't afford to lose them.

Another possible solution would be to get some large thumb drives.  I have mostly small ones now because the machine reads the 2 G ones easily.  The bigger they get, the more time it takes to load the designs.  But I could use them as storage to then move the design to the computer to load into the machine via the digitizer.

Downside here - not trusting of the thumb drives either.  Of course, I should be so trusting of the hard drive on the computer?

The last thought I have had is to buy another external hard drive.  I have one, and I backed up the designs on it yesterday, but I need to take a cold look at the files on that drive.  I have piled files on there that seemed to be of vast importance when I put them there.  Now I am trying to remember just why those files were so important.  Plus, I have backed up embroidery designs so many times, I am not sure where the most recent back-up is.  Darn chemo-menopause-old age brain.

This has the same downside as the other ways.  Plus, the external hard drive is the most expensive.  For some reason I seem to trust it more, however.

I think what I am going to do is a combination of at least two of the possible solutions.  Probably all three.  It is tempting to go to an off-site storage place I have seen advertised.

But the problem is that I cannot get this computer to accept the router, meaning I have no internet upstairs.  I got the wild idea to try to set up the home connection thingy.  I have worked on that for the last couple of days.  It still doesn't work.  I look at my  internet accesses upstairs, and it shows that it recognizes this computer as an internet place.  But this computer doesn't send any information to that one.  I guess this one is just too stuck-up.

As to the weekend with the dogs - the old lab is still alive, and doing well.  When you are taking care of a dog that old, you worry.  You surely don't want him passing on your watch.  Simone and Angelica are doing ok, with Angelica staying in her kennel most of the time.  We just keep them apart with that little grating.  Shadow on the other hand is back on top of the china cabinet.  Last night I went in to pluck him down so he could use his litter, eat and get some water.  I imagine he is back up there today.

All will be back to normal tomorrow.  Mean time, Lady Bug won her 50 m breast stroke.  It was a pretty sight.  Perhaps I will see if I can hijack the video from Facebook and put it here.  Brave talk from one who is becoming very technology challenged!

Keep warm, and peace.

Friday, January 13, 2012


In just a few minutes, Angelica will be here for the weekend.  You forgot who Angelica is?  Well!  She is the little boxer we wanted to foster (and adopt), but she likes Shadow tooo much!

It should be an interesting weekend.  Lady Bug is off to LSU (??) for a swim meet.  It is a big deal.  The other boxer is going to the vet for boarding, and the old lab will be at home.  I will be going over to let him out, and all.  But I get to have my cutie back here for three days.

Shadow may be traumatized by the whole thing.  If he's smart, he will only come around when she is in the kennel - which will be a lot of the time.  She likes it there.  But I am really happy to be able to have this sweetie!

Haven't gone to the hospital today yet.  Is it just me, or does the wonder and excitement of grandchildren sort of subside - after five or six.  He IS number six.

So, I will go and make ready for the sweetheart.  I hope Simone will be OK.  She has been acting strangely.  That worries me.  She is getting old, and she has had those mast cell tumors.  The vet said they could well start up in the digestive track.  Great.  She already has GERD.  About once a month, the throws up.  She has been acting like she wants to for a couple of weeks now.  This may really set her off.  But we have her nausea meds now.

Have a great weekend.  Keep warm wherever you are.  Seems like winter has found all of us.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

He's here, he's here!

I would like you to meet Mr Holden Gregory.  He arrived by C-section this morning.  The C-section was already scheduled, but he was going to try to make his entrance into the world early.  DIL's water broke about 2:35 this morning, and contractions began shortly after that. 

The surgery was a given though - she has had two before, and there was no way she could have delivered this baby - the largest of the flock.  Statistics:  8 lbs 6 1/2 oz, 20 1/2 inches.  She is 5foot 2. 

(Note this is the VERY first picture - he still has ink on his feet!!)

Here are the sibs admiring the new brother who is in dad's arms.  The other granny is sitting there also.

Busy Boy  looks rather astonished! He is ready to be the big brother.  He wants to hold him all the time, and walk around with him!  He wasn't too thrilled that I got to hold him.  Our relationship isn't as strong as with the other grandparents for him and the other grandchildren for me.  But then Monkey Boy (7) is just now coming around to me.  It's ok.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Time warp

I must have stepped into a time warp.  Where did those other days go?  I really thought I had been here since the last post.  Oh well - it's hell to get old.

In an old category - weather.  It seems it is either feast or famine around here.  We went through the summer, well most of the year, with almost no rain.  We didn't even get a tropical storm.  Today we are getting flooding rains, and the news people are out standing in the flood waters - through all the regular programming too.

You know, I really don't mind the flooding rain except that my kids have to be out in it to work.  Both don't have jobs that are in an office.  Daughter has accounts (mostly corner stores) to see, and Son works for the telephone company.  I told Daughter this morning this is when retirement is really wonderful  At the first clap of thunder this morning, I was able to just roll over to go back to sleep!!

The weekend was rather uneventful with the exception of having to host family dinner.  Five grandchildren aged from 2 - 11 is really too many!!  The toys migrate their ways into the den, and then not a single kid has played with them.  Ha!  I told one of them that I don't play with them, so I shouldn't have to pick them up.  Perhaps I should just get rid of the toys.  Went over like - well you fill that in!

Thursday we will add grandchild #6.  DIL will go in for her C-section.  The other day she remarked on Facebook that she is anxious to find out what it is.  I wanted to be a smart-a** and tell her that technology will do that these days.  It is called "ultrasound," and she has had several!  I didn't.  I didn't know what her mood was at the time.  Pregnant women can be awfully hormonal!

Step-granddaughter has me wondering again.  She needs $$$$ to fly back to SA.  There is a legal problem she must attend to, and I can't help but wonder if she isn't using her dad and step mom.  She's done it before - many times.  And what do they say about leopards?  Yea.  We'll see, and I will hope for the best.


Thursday, January 05, 2012

Yes, we are back from the edge of the world.

And we hit the place running.  It seems like I haven't slowed down since we came home.  But then, when you are 8 or 9 days without internet, and you do a lot on the internet - it takes a while to go though it all.

All is on for the new baby arrival next week.  DIL went to the OB yesterday.  All is in place, and her body, as usual, has done nothing to be ready to deliver this third baby.  She is still clamped tight.  Well the good doc will take care of that!

My step-granddaughter is pregnant.  That was a shock to say the least.  I worry about this relationship.  She is a nutzo, or at least had been.  She and the father have only been together five months.  Guess how far along she is.  Right - 5 months.  Due in May.

He had been engaged before they met.  I could smell "rebound."  They have moved to Alabama now.  There is no support system in place for them.

But according to Daughter (the new grandmother), SGD has grown up a lot.  She is more mature, and seemingly less needy.  The dad wants to marry her - now, but she doesn't want to be hugely pregnant when she gets married.  What?  She wants her daughter to be flower girl?  Sorry - ugly!  Just slipped out.

Anyway, they made the big move on Sunday.  Seems like things are going well.  There are still a lot or worries in everyone's mind, but they seem like they plan to make things work.

I hope so.

Since I haven't been here to say it - Happy New Year.  Ours was incredibly quiet.  We were in bed fast asleep by 11.  We lead such an exciting life.

I am working pretty diligently trying to get a Women's Group going at church.  We really need one.  But our plans probably have been changed for the first meeting, and I have to call my partner in crime on this.  Our Pastor was supposed to announce the first meeting on Sunday, but I don't think he did.  I am a little ticked about that!!

So - off to call my co-conspirator, and then draft the email to send out to all the women!