Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Addendum to last day

By the way, the causality count for this trip is 0.  My grandson and SIL were here when we got here on Thursday and stayed until Friday morning (another story).  He wanted to see and shoot at a hog so badly.  None showed up.  None have been around - when it's light enough to see them even now - so the body count remains at 0.  Let's hope no snakes either.

My week at the SSB

Today is our last day for this trip.  I should be cleaning the house, but my plan was to begin in the master bath - with that stupid "garden tub" that I couldn't get out of now with a crane, so we use it for feeding the cat.  That way, Simone couldn't get to the cat food.  I can't get there now because I have a husband who I will swear has a real bowel problem.  He would kill me if he knew I was writing this, but he doesn't remember where this blog is, so ...

After EVERY meal, he has to go.  And then he stays in there for at least 20 minutes.  I got the laundry out, sorted and started.  Then I got all my cleaning supplies out of the utility room getting ready to tackle that bathroom.  Nope - door is shut.  So I will gripe to you.

We are here with Clyde.  Shadow is at home with daughter coming over everyday to give him his 1/2 can of wet food.  Clyde has just been way too interested in Shadow - and not in a good way.

He has really settled in here.  He and G have become fast friends.  We don't let him just run.  There is way too much cactus and a thorny bush called cat claw for him to be set free, and I have written about the snakes.  He is quite interested in moving things.  Anyway, G lets him wander over to the hunter's cabin area to do his business.  They go out way too often.  Clyde must have a Texas sized bladder,  and his food must not produce much waste because he doesn't have to go all that often.

They go out at 10 pm like Simone did.  Often as not, he won't do anything.  That is amazing.  Of course this morning when we really didn't have to get up early he came into the bedroom at 5:10 - barking.  G took him out and heard a hog on the other side of the fence.  Clyde didn't do anything then either, and they came back in.  He started barking again. I am sure it was the hogs.  I took him out this morning after his breakfast, and there were a lot of hog rooting spots around.  Oh yes, I do love my fence.  It was originally to keep the cattle away from the house if the drought ever breaks, the pastures get back, and we lease out again!

Bonnie is back with the woman who runs the rescue.  She would have driven us crazy here. Ann wasn't thrilled.  She has 18 dogs with her.  She has moved out of the city to about 110 miles away.  I think it was because of all the dogs, but I feel like she wasn't completely honest with me when I took these two.  I am not sure she has even posted them, and I don't know how she is going to meet potential adopters,  Her husband is off-shore until October, and she has to be in this little city to take and pick up her eight year old daughter.

She had forgotten that I had told her we would be gone most of September.  Again - not too happy.  But it looks like either we will keep Clyde or if Princess (daughter's older boxer) likes Clyde, they will have him.

Ah - the bathroom is open now - gotta strike while the iron is hot as they say!

Monday, August 19, 2013


After last night's fiasco with our foster fur babies, I am living in a delightful world of two dogs being in their crates.  I desperately needed a respite from mostly Bonnie, the hyper-puppy.

Last night after they had gone for their before bed jaunt, Shadow decided to stroll by the baby gate that blocks the hall off from the den.  Clyde, the supposed cat friendly one, decided he was really cat friendly.  He looked like Shadow would make a tasty mid-night snack.  Of course, G had taken his leash off.  All I could do was grab Bonnie's leash.  In the meantime, Shadow took off for the stairs making Clyde believe he had gone into the study (with no kids - all bedrooms with the exception of the master are not bedrooms anymore - can't have guests.).  G is standing there trying to reason with this dog while I am wrestling with Bonnie on a leash.  I finally get his leash and throw it to G.  

He then takes them outside while I try to find Shadow to secure him.  He isn't in the bedroom - thankfully, so I open the back door to try to monitor the escape artists in the back yard.  G has let them come to the door - both noses pushed against it I believe.  I open it and I am immediately overcome with dogs.  Mr Passive-Aggressive just stands there while I run to catch them since the baby gate isn't up.

After this - they are doomed for bed.  Bonnie has learned a new trick to avoid the "house."  She puts her chin on the top of the crate.  Then by the time I get the head off the top and try to put it in the crate, she has turned over.  That dog turns completely to jello.

Finally they are both crated.  But she is noisy all night.  

This morning, Clyde was more interested in the workman who I would swear is really completely re-building the house next door.  He has been there months and months remodeling the bathrooms and kitchen.  Still working now.  Clyde wanted to meet him,

Bring them back in.  Measure our food.  Don't like food because I have no more wet food nor stock to put on said food.  Try to turn it over with their noses.  I am taking oldest granddaughter to buy a craft item, so they go into crates (see last night for description).  No help from you-know-who.  

That's where they are right now.  It is pure heaven right now!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sleep deprived.

Someone has got to adopt these dogs.  And I mean now!  I am exhausted.  Bonnie is going to make someone a great dog.  She has a tremendous personality.  She is so funny and really sweet.  She is a PUPPY!  I am too old for a puppy.

Clyde is pretty laid back, but last night he worried me.  Shadow was on the bed when we were putting them in the crates.  Shadow jumped down, and attracted Clyde's attention.  Not.  Good.  Clyde and Shadow are scheduled to go to the SSB next week.  Six hours of a dog trying to get into the cat's crate?  OMG!

I am just  not getting enough sleep.  I don't know what I am going to do about it either.  I am really afraid that if I take a nap, that will just make the situation worse.  But I can go to sleep sitting right here in my office (breakfast table).  I can and do go to sleep sitting on the couch.  It is really bad.

I also need to make the shirt for the one beginning kindergarten this year.  It has to be done by Wednesday, or there is no reason to do it.  It says "First day of kindergarten."  Pretty much a definite deadline.   I hate to go upstairs because I know the dogs will get into something.

I have been lax.  I have put  my front door wreaths on the "Hall tree" in the entry hall.  Well, Miss Bonnie discovered them and ate part of my fall one.  Then she managed to find a block of paraffin.  It is now on my area rug in the den.

G is no help.  Yesterday we had the dogs out for a potty break.  The folks behind us were out with their boxer(s).  Clyde wanted to dig into their yard.  G just stood there, talking to them like they were 16 year old kids.  Clyde doesn't even know his name yet, much less "get away from there", "stop digging," and other inane commands.  Then he heads to the deck where I know good and well he can make it over that fence with a single bound.  These are both known escape artists.  Scheeesh.  He talks to them like this in the house as well.  I would often like to box his ears!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Feeling so badly

When I said I would be a foster I never thought I would foster two!  I also made it clear that we would be gone in August for a week, and almost the whole month of September.  The one who heads this particular foster group appears to be moving about an hour and a half away.  That is adding to my feeling.

She is at the other place right now, and will come back on Monday.  I am worried about Clyde, but I am sure things are actually ok.  I haven't witnessed him urinate today.  I know - but after his life altering surgery, I really am trying to watch him closely.  His scrotum is still swollen.  If something happens - the clinic where he was treated is closed on Sunday.  Mine is open, and I guess I would just bite the bullet if I have to.

But I am most distressed because I told her yesterday that there is no way we can take both Bonnie and Clyde with us to the SSB.  She has been trying to find a short term foster for Bonnie, but can't.  She is full, and will be going back to the other place away from here on Wednesday because her daughter is going to school there.  She said she would be back on the 29th,  but needs to be home at 3:45.  No way are we able to make the drive back from the SSB by then.

I shouldn't be so upset.  All  my plans were carefully laid out prior to becoming a foster.  She knew G was very hesitant of taking two dogs.  I really haven't changed anything.  So ...

I keep hoping Bonnie will be adopted next week.  She is a doll.  She can't be more than a year, and she is beautiful.  I have known for ten years however that I NEVER wanted another puppy.  Adorable but chews!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

More Bonnie and Clyde

In one way, they are a delight - I suppose  that one way being Clyde!  He is just so laid back.  He is happy sleeping on the couch or in the club chair (much to my dislike, but he will be moving on at some point).  Bonnie on the other hand is a handful!   The other day she decided that she should chew up a paperback. She has  wanted to "play" with one of my throw pillows.  In other words, my house may be rather baby-proofed, but definitely not puppy proof.

I go to bed exhausted every night, and I get up tired because I haven't been able to sleep in as I would like.  Yesterday my Ophthalmologist appointment was 8:10.  I don't know what I was thinking!  I am in bed at 8:10.  So the dogs had an early day which they loved!

Yesterday, Shadow was desperate for attention.  He had strolled through the den night before last - when the dogs were asleep.  So at lunch he comes in to get affection.  Only the dogs were awake.  He ran into the kitchen where there was no outlet.  Bonnie was right with him, but not as close as Angelica had been.  Shadow turned, because twice his usual size, and hissed so loudly it was amazing.  Bonnie turned to get out. Clyde then wondered what the problem was.  We got both leashes (yes they drag them all the time so we can control in an emergency),  and got Shadow out.  Bonnie growled at him like she did the second night when she was crated.

They make life an adventure!  I think I am too old for this adventure!

Recent pictures I want to share.

Bonnie is often taking Clyde "for a walk".


Clyde's sweet face

Just normal - together most of the time.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

And I thought Layla was a handful

Bonnie is really a puppy - still.  Of course, we don't know her history at all other than she was found wandering the streets with her buddy Clyde.  But she is still so much a baby.  And I never wanted another puppy.  She certainly reinforces that desire.

She is like a baby in that when she gets too quiet, you know she is in to something. When I got back from the Ophthalmologist, she was quiet.  When G went to the bathroom, all hell broke lose.  First she found a paperback and began to  chew on the back.  I gave her the rawhide chewy.  She wanted to bury it in the chair - along with my foam flip  flop that she had been chewing on.  I got her out of the chair, and she went to bury the chewy in the sofa.  So she has no chewy.  Her crate is looking so good - perhaps I can crawl in it and be away.

Clyde of still skeptical about eating.  We got Benefial - the director of the rescue thinks it's not good enough.  I put stock on it and he will finally eat it.  Bonnie likes to graze.  But when we eat - they are ready and willing to eat what we eat.

At least they are good in their crates when the lights go out.  They could whine and carry on all night.

Last night I was here at my desk (also known as the breakfast table) shutting the computer down when something smaller and soft was rubbing my legs.  I looked and it was Shadow.  I have define doubts about Bonnie and cats since she growled at him from her crate night before last.  Both dogs were asleep, and he just strolled in before I knew it!  I grabbed him and put him in the utility room.  I didn't want to wake the dogs and put him in the hall behind the baby gate.  Of course he cried, and they thought he was in the back yard.  So they were standing up on my half glass door -----scratching the paint on said door.

I think I have bitten off more than I was ready for!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bonnie and Clyde

Those are my two foster boxers.  I picked them up at the clinic on Monday while they were still drugged.  In fact, Clyde was really out - slept the whole time.
This is Clyde.  He is a very laid back boy.  That makes him difficult to photograph!

This is Bonnie.  We knew she was young, but we believe she is only one year old.  And she is a real puppy - she is in to everything.  Sweet, but requires a lot of attention.  She wants to chew on (mostly) paper, but keep an eye out.

This is how they spend about 75% of their day.

These two were found wandering a neighborhood.  Some guy was going to try to place them himself, but then it gets foggy.  Anyway we have them in rescue.  I think they will find homes quickly, but they are pretty bonded together.  He seems to be cat friendly, but I am not so sure about Bonnie. 

Their crates are in the bedroom.  When Shadow decided to get into bed, Bonnie growled.  Fortunately Shadow is dog smart enough to not flaunt his presence.  He spends most of the day under the bed or upstairs where they can't go.

So guess what is going to take up my time for a while!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Great time

I may be the only in-law to say that I really enjoy the family reunions, and the one this past weekend was the best of the three!  I love my FIL's family.  They are such fun.

We had the reunion at a hotel in Dallas.  It, of course, had a pool that the kids loved.  We took over the lobby Friday night and Saturday night when we had to leave the meeting room at 10 pm.  It was so great to see these folks again.  One cousin said it had only been a year since the last one (and since they were usually in October it really was more like 2 years), but I disagree.  I really think it was more like three or four.

We had it in Dallas because the two surviving aunties (out of  10 kids - 5 boys  first then 5 girls - all right at two years apart) really can't travel anymore.  The older is 86.  They used to be in Houston, and we would visit them often.  They moved to Dallas because the younger's children said they could better take care of them.  Guess who didn't show at the reunion.  Her "caring kids."  The aunties live about 3 houses from an in-law.  I think this in-law, Betty, takes care of them - not the "caring kids."

We really had a great time, and when I was counting the grand kids most of us were there.  When I got a head count, he was 53.  I think more than that came to be honest.

It was our 45th anniversary, so I managed to get Daughter to find a cake.  I heard that was quite of a trial, but it was appreciated, and we celebrated with the family.

The down part was the "high speed internet" is slower than the satellite internet that I have at the SSB.  Now that's saying something.  I couldn't get things to load - namely Facebook and Farmville 2.  Perhaps that was a good thing.  If I lose my gold medal this time, I am done!  And the way it has started this week, I already have harvested crops and didn't get credit.  I think I am done.  What will I do with all this extra time?

We did get a suite thinking there would be more time spent in the rooms, and it would be an overflow for the kids.  That wasn't the case, but it was OK.   Still good.  It all was good.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Ah weekend

And this weekend we will literally be going out of the frying pan into the fire.  We will be trundling off to Big D - Dallas.  It is hotter there than here.  I can't believe we are really doing this. but I am hoping the weekend will be spent in a nice cool hotel!  That's where the family reunion will be.

Judging from G's father's portion of the family - I thought there would be a large number for what will probably be the last if not one of the last reunions with the Aunts.  We have 11 adults and 9 children going.  The total head count (which is probably food count, so it may not be accurate) is 42 adults and 11 children.

I emailed a cousin who is ramrodding this affair because the reunion is on the same day as our 45th (????? no kidding!!) anniversary.  So I thought I would provide a cake for the occasion.  So that is the number I got.  I am thinking some of the kids are going to be eating from their parents plates.  I know my youngest grandson is doing that - in fact his sister may be too.

I am looking forward to (HA!) a "hot time in the old town" Saturday night.

On Daughter's in-laws - yes they are pure trash.  Are, has been, and always been.  They have walked on bills owed, they have gotten utilities in all the kids names and ruined their credit, they want the largest screen TV's available (rental from Aar*n's), they would sneak into their kids high school games.  They are such fine upstanding people.  SIL is making his dad a saint.  Believe me he wasn't.  He was incredibly hard on SIL.  He would tell him to ignore sports injuries.  He never thought he has accomplished anything (he is Vice-President of his company making more money than "Pops" made in his entire life in one year), and he constantly told SIL he wished SIL and Daughter would get a divorce.  Oh, yes a man to be respected.

I could go on.  Seventeen years of knowing that bit of trash has left me with a lot of stories and a lot of really bad feelings.

See you probably next week.  I will report on how much we melt this weekend!!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Daughter came back on Monday.  I really miss her dogs; they were so much fun.  I keep  telling G the only thing better than one Boxer is two Boxers, but he doesn't listen!  Shadow is so pleased they are gone.  He can come back downstairs.  Hence - he has slept in the bed for two nights - keeping me awake because he has to be in my face.  That means if and when I turn over, he stomps around my head to get back in my face.  Dumb cat.

Daughter's tales of her in-laws keep my head spinning.  I don't know what is going to happen to her MIL.  She doesn't have enough money coming in to keep her where she is (a run down house from what I am told).  Now stay with me here, the relationships could get complicated - Daughter's sister's-in-law mother agrees with me.  The mother here needs to go into a nursing facility.  The mother is social - she would have interactions.  Since the diabetes has ravaged her body (to the point of dialysis three times a week), her eyes are gone.  The mother would also have someone to watch her blood sugar, blood pressure, and meds.  They would keep her awake during the day.  They would have her on a schedule.

In addition, she could afford it because not owning anything, as well as being over $5000 in debt  because of her deceased husband, the Medicade she is on will cover all of not most of the facility.  The kids are fighting this.  They believe she will be in a poor facility.  Plus, they would have to go there to visit.  Daughter knows how depressing any of these places are.  Daddy was in a first rate place - but still.  It was horrible to go.  My MIL had the same thing.  First rate facility, but it was horrible to visit.

So they had the family meeting, at least sort of.  The needs have been noted.  Some plans were made.  Those include the sister having to set up other accounts for her mother's monies.  Since Daughter and SIL gave her about $2000 to keep her from being evicted, car repoed, utilities cut off, and the like it is obvious that she cannot handle money.

The drama continues there with that.


Along the same lines - step granddaughter, the one with the 18 month old daughter, just posted her "engagement" ring.  Supposedly it is a 3 carat diamond surrounded by small diamonds.  This after her hinting to her father that their refrigerator was "like a bachelor's fridge - no food and the baby is hungry."   Then today she was asked to take her grandmother to dialysis and responded that she didn't have gasoline - nor money to get it.

Last week her rant was that her uncle "burned up her car" taking S to dialysis, and they couldn't afford to fix it.  BUT for their wedding next April, they are paying $200 a month for the "venue."  This does not include any food, invitations, music, flowers.  All this with the flower girl already being their daughter.

My head just spins with those people.  I don't understand living like this.  Sometimes I feel that I am perhaps out of touch with what is going on in the world.  I feel sorry for those who have nothing and are living on the edge.  I give to sources to help them out.  But to live on the edge because of stupidity - I don't understand.  Just don't.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

The adventures of living in Swampland, Texas

First -we had a sort of scare on Sunday.  I got a call from our insurance company who also issued us one of our credit cards on Sunday afternoon.  They basically said that our card had been compromised.  It was used five time in a grocery store north of here.

When I first answered the phone, I really was a little worried.  That card is basically G's card, and he wasn't here.  That is a story to tell later!!  Anyway, then they told me where the charges were made, and at first I was thinking he had stopped at another grocery in the chain.  But then the specifics came out.  Nope - our card had been used.

The night before we went to a rather upscale restaurant with Daughter and SIL to celebrate their anniversary.  Their anniversary is conveniently the day after my birthday.  I can remember it!  Anyway, it was decided that we would split the bill.  When all this with the hacked card came down, G noticed that we had been charged twice.  Then with this - we knew the hacking had come from this restaurant.

A day later, Daughter got a call from her card company.  In two transactions, over $1000 had been changed to a national lingerie company in Miami.  Fortunately the same day SIL had used the card at S*m's - so that put up a red flag.

She called our local police, and G called the Sheriff since the restaurant was in the county.  Both cards had been cancelled and new ones on the way.  Things seemed just fine.

Until Wednesday that is.  It seems one of our local police (we are a small incorporated city outside Swampland) also works for the Secret Service.  This case caught his eye.  So - this has gone big.

The really weird thing is that yesterday our Pastor posted on Facebook that someone hacked his debit card.  He didn't know it until he was trying to check out at the grocery store.  Others replied to him that it has happened to them too.

This is really scary.  Apparently we have a large group working this area that is hacking credit cards - more then normally happens.  I hate this because I use my card like my check book used to be used.  Gonna' have to watch it very closely!


Yesterday was marathon body maintenance day.  First was the eye appointment.  I had to travel some distance because my usual doctor isn't at that clinic anymore, and the one with whom I had the appointment isn't on my insurance.  Humph.  So off we went.

I used the map and directions on the web site to get there.  It was easier than what was published, but of course we went the hard way.

I have had an ear infection for weeks.  I couldn't hear thunder as they used to say.  I thought they called my name, and I wondered about that because I could see the order in which people were being called, and thee was another woman there.

Yep - I went in at the wrong time.  She nurse didn't realize it until the receptionist pointed it out to her after I was in.  Talk about embarrassed!  Oh well - it ended all good because I had an appointment with the ENT over here three hours later.

We got out and headed for the ENT, but decided to have lunch first.  G suggested St*ek and Sh*ke - I think because he didn't get to go with Daughter, Diva and me the day before.  Something was terribly wrong there.  There were at least 12 tickets in the window, and NO food was coming out.  This was 12:45.  My appointment, while across the street, was at 1:15.

There were about 15 workers from a local company in there awaiting their food too.  Finally one said that he was leaving - they only had 10 minutes left on lunch.  That got a lot of movement going and their food was prepared to go.  We got our food, and were only about 5 minutes late to the ENT.

However when I checked in the first snide comment was - "yes - at 9:45"   I said I called back to change it shortly after making it because when I put it in the calendar, I realized there was a conflict.  I was off to a great start here.

Then she said I HAD to have a referring doctor because Medicare/Medicade "la la la la ..."  I said the insurance was Medicare ADVANTAGE and Medicare was secondary.  I don't need referrals, and I checked with the company and they are "on the plan."  Then she got snootier.

In the end - I got in to see the doctor - and I am a fungus head.  A plain run of the mill  fungus in the right ear, and a yeast infection in the left.  Plus swollen mucus membranes from allergies.

He called in meds - of course one is so obscure, the main pharmacies don't have it.  The Ta*get across the street from him usually carries it.  I will just rinse my ears with the vinegar wash (???) he told me to do, and get the prescription filled when I go back on Monday - after the Cardio doc.  So I am booked again - 9:15 and 11.  Ah - such popularity!


We are babysitting Daughter's two boxers this weekend.  They are both hers because of me.  Princess was from our vet calling me about adopting her.  Fortunately Diva Girl fell in love with her - so they took her.  Angelica was to be my foster a couple of years ago, but she wanted to eat Shadow (and he will never be the same again - just ask Layla when we had her!).  Shadow is living upstairs for the weekend.

When they get back, I am sure I will have a story to tell then also.  They are having a family meeting with SIL's trashy family - about (horrors) money!