Friday, December 16, 2005

The weekend adventure

This weekend should prove to be very interesting. Simone gets to go to The Little Place in West Texas. It is a long trip from here - some five hours. Thankfully she does appear to like riding in the car.
We are supposed to go to the Community Club Christmas Party tonight. I just am not sure about leaving her alone. It’s a case of getting to the house, taking things out of the truck, and going to the party. Simone has never seen that house. I’m not sure what she will do.
Here at home, she is getting very adjusted. Today was trash day. We have back door pick up. When she heard the trash cans rattle, she was very interested. She then did something she has never done - she barked. The only time I have heard her is when she was sleeping and having a dream.
I had to go out again this afternoon. She hid the handset to the phone AND the tv remote. The handset was fairly easily found. The remote was in her crate. Oh, my - we are in for some interesting times. G said we will have to start putting things up more. Well, if I put the remote up somewhere, Sasha, B’s cat that I am fostering, will knock it down.
Sasha loves to watch things commit "assisted" suicides. She will tap them until they fall off the surface they are resting on. We are trained to put glasses away - especially since most of my house has tile floors. I think she loves the sound of glass shattering.
I think Simone keeps Sasha fairly honest though. Simone is cat friendly, but Sasha seems to push the envelop. She is always around. Sebastian is smarted than that. He has always been the black ghost cat, but it is even worst now, but Sasha is constantly running around in front of Simone.
The only thing that beats having children is having "fuzzy" children.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Simone is a thief!

For those who are not animal people, the following statement is probably not "incredibly cute." To me it is endearing as can be. Simone is a little thief. My suspicions have been proven in aces.
On Sunday, I got my first inkling she had a shoe fetish. I left my dear ($5/pair) moccasins in the bathroom. When I went into the bedroom, there was one. I checked and the other was still in the bathroom. Since I have a bad habit of not putting shoes into the closet, I noticed she had rearranged some other shoes. OK - no damage.
Yesterday I observed her taking off with one of my shoes I had just taken off. I stopped that immediately, but still found it quite amusing.
While I was out yesterday, I called G to tell him I had gotten the Christmas presents he asked me to pick up. He told me he left a message for me, so I called home to retrieve the message. When I got in, I noticed the light for the messages was still blinking. I began looking for the phone. It was no where to be found. When I went to the bedroom to change clothes, there it was on the floor. It was on. The thief had struck again!
Today when I came in here to the study, her new D*entabone was on the floor where she had left it. She is a sneaky one! I’m curious as to what else we are going to find out about her personality.
I look at her and fervently wish I could roll time back to take away all the pain she must have endured. Her canines wouldn’t just break themselves. I really feel that she was kicked in the mouth or something along those lines because her sweet little tongue often slips out of her mouth. It gives her a certain character, but it isn’t normal. Even for a boxer.
I think she is going to be a source of great stories. After all Boxers are the clowns of the dog world.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Things have been jumping around here for the last week. The first thing was that I filled out an application to adopt a rescue boxer. We lost our boxer about four years ago, and I wanted another. We had two other dogs at the time, and at their ages it was not prudent to try to bring another dog into the home. Sam, the last one, died in July, and I felt it was the right time to put in my application. When I was checking the web site, I found a new boxer that would probably fit out needs. She liked cats and kids. Well, ok then.

After several attempts to get the application submitted (the first email address was incorrect) I got a response stating that a volunteer would be calling me. She did, and we set the home visit. I felt almost like a was trying to adopt a child! When the volunteer came, she had a beautiful flashy brindle female. She was so incredibly sweet. She is a real people dog. She obviously had not been given the attention she so wanted. She also was probably used as a "puppy mill." It is obvious she has delivered many litters of pups. But she won my heart.

Friday morning early, G was awake and moving about. I was awake wondering what was wrong with him when he told me to either call the ambulance or take him to the hospital. He was having chest pains. That will get your blood moving. I was set to take him. I had the car warming up since it was one of our unusual cold snaps, and he had complained he couldn't ever get warm at work on Thursday.

He said that the pain was worse. I called the ambulance. They got here after what seemed like an hour, but I know the response time was actually good. We are a volunteer service, so they had to get up and get to the station. G was a paramedic with them some years back. After their assessment, we all arrived at the hospital an hour later.

He spent the day there getting treated like a pin cushion. He had an emergency stress test, Fortunately all was normal as far as the heart was concerned. Now he just has to heal the bruises from the needle sticks!

We were supposed to go to Little Hill Country Place. Obviously that was out. I had told the boxer volunteer that we would be gone, but would like to look at dogs the next weekend. When I called and explained our plans had drastically changed, she said there was no problem to come on Saturday.

We got to her house. She let Simone out of the crate and into the back yard - which is the way she does the dogs. G fell in love with her too. When Simone came into the house, she was all over G. We paid our fee and brought her home. As I was leaving I told the volunteer she knew what she was doing when she brought Simone to the home visit. She said she did!

She has fit into our routine like she has always been here. I feel really bad though because normally I am here all day. Sunday was church. Then my son and his band were part of a benefit concert for Toys For Tots. We had to go there -well we really wanted to, and it meant so much to B.

Yesterday Lady Bug was sick and K asked me to come watch her for an hour. I should have known one hour equals two. The reason I am beating my self up is because I believe Simone may have opened her stitches from her recent spaying. I have to go out and get her things - a collar, sweater, etc. She will be alone for a while again.

We are really happy to have her. She is a really good companion. She is beginning to settle in, and is not as needy as she was. I feel really good to have given a home to a worthy boxer who didn't have one.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Learned lesson!

After I posted yesterday, I realized that I completely forgot to use spell check. It's not that I am that much of a poor speller, it's just that as a typist I make a much better speller!! I really make many typos.

Probably the reason I make so many typos is that back in the dark ages when I was in school, my mother absolutely forbid me taking typing. She was so afraid I would become a secretary, and she wanted more for me. One of the ironies here is that she refused to type my papers for me. My high school was a college prep school, and every course had a term paper. What fun that was. Folks, this is before PCs.

The other irony is that good secretaries these days make more than teachers. I think I could have been a great secretary.
I also learned that if I go to blogger later in the day to try to redeem by post, I can just forget it. I guess they get so busy that I am constantly trying to edit and repost, but all I can do is to go through the password stuff again and again.
I promise that I will not post again without going through spell check.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Slipping further away?

G went along with me yesterday to visit my dad. The new activity director had three women pulled over in the dining area coloring. My dad was standing when we got there picking up a crayon. I could never ascertain if he was actually coloring with that group or not. When he looked up and G greeted him, there was clear confusion on his face. When he looked toward me, there was the same confused look. G "introduced" himself, and it was clear that the name meant something, but the look was still there. He said "and this is your daughter" to which Dad parroted back "this is your daughter."

We went to another table to sit. I was frantically looking for something to talk about. In a flash I pulled out pictures of Lady Bug and Monkey Boy. I asked if he remembered his great grandchildren, he, of course, indicated he did. I just don't know where he is right now. He has been so successful at covering up all these years he remembers how to do that.

My heart is ripped out of my body every time we go to visit. I told G that's the reason I usually try to go with a crowd. You can see that Dad wants to participate in some kind of conversation, but he struggles to find the words. This must be incredible frustration. If K and the kids are there, he seems to be content with watching them and listening to our conversation. The down side of taking the kids is that the women in there revert back to the time they were mothers or functioning grandmothers. It really scared Lady Bug when they try to tough her. This is going to sound like a very proud grandmother, but the girl is stunning. She has the curls of Shirley Temple, and her face is beautiful. Monkey Boy is 16 months which in itself draws all the women to him, but he too is a very handsome kid. The last time I was afraid one of the women would hurt him without meaning to because she was sure that he was part of her family (who fortunately showed up after a bit - and she didn't recognize them).

I pray every day that this terrible disease will pass me by, or that I get lucky and something will take me either before I am afflicted with it or in the very early stages. I don't want to be in a place like that. I know Dad didn't. I don't want to be in diapers that the aides have to change. I don't want to try to join in a conversation, but can't find the proper words. I don't want to say things that may be the obvious truth that hurt someone's feelings.

I guess we have no choice in our fate. We can try to do things to protect out health. My father is pretty well physically. His knees have no cartilage left and the arthritis is so painful, but how could he have protected his wonderful mind?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Profitable day

Yesterday I participated in our little incorporated suburb's "Holiday in the Park." It's a fun little celebration where they bring snow in for the children of our city, and collect food for one of the shelters nearby. I was hesitant to go. I feared the weather wasn't going to allow the event, but it didn't rain until the whole thing was over, so it was a success.

K and I started a little candle and crafts business about four years ago. We never have made a profit, but it was fun. I have been making jewelry this year, and began making purses also. K talked me into taking a vendor"s booth to sell these things. We also brought the candles along for good measure. The idea was "let's get rid of these suckers."

We have had those candles for about 3 years. We are getting out of business with that particular brand because they don't want us and other small dealers anymore. They have a new policy for ordering the candles. To order candles wholesale now, you must place a $500 order. When we first ordered, the minimum was about $150. We have about $300 invested in the candles. Do you see where I'm headed. If we placed a minimum now, she would inherit my half because I don't think we could sell that many in my lifetime!!

So we packed up the jewelry, purses (including the cigar box ones), candles, and what we described as "fun purses" for the little girls, and headed off to the park. We really weren't prepared to set up. The last time we set up was probably two years ago. We were a table short, so we were very cramped. We couldn't display the items - namely the jewelry well. One woman came over to look at the jewelry. She found a set she was quite taken with. She asked if we had a mirror. Eghad, we never thought of THAT!! Needless to say, even though she said she would be back - she wasn't.

We severely slashed the candle prices. People who normally buy that brand saw the price, and bought. Now these candles are wonderful candles. I love them. I'm just mad at their new policy for us small dealers. We always tried to sell them for the MSRP. Well they just didn't move. SO we set out to get rid of them. We sold eight! In four short hours, we sold eight!! To make a long story short, I'm glad K insisted we participate. We made $189!! Christmas is looking much sweeter now!