Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dread became fun

OK - I am a grumpy grandmother about some things.  I really do love seeing my grandchildren do their activities.  I am happy they are involved in activities.  But there are some things I really do not like to participate in for/with them.

One is baseball games.  I know, I am strange.  The American sport!  And I can't stand baseball.  I would rather watch paint dry.  So poor Reagan - I have never made one of his games.  I wanted to go to his football games last year, but it never worked out.  That was probably good because the fields where he played weren't completed.  There were no bleachers - no anything.

The other thing I really do not enjoy is the dance recital.  Granddaughter #3 had her recital on Saturday.  I had forgotten (convenient memory, I guess so) until I got a text.  Bless her heart, my daughter in law even had sent out invitations, but with our iffy mail service, mine didn't arrive.

I knew I had to go.  Those last three are sort of like the younger kids in a large family - they don't get as much attention.  They are just getting into activities, so I don't feel so badly, but I am making a real effort to attend as much as possible.  Their activities are a little harder too because they live further away (12 miles).

I attended GD #1 and GD #2's dance recitals.  The first was OK - but long, and at night.  The second was last spring, a long way away, and in a region that had just experienced its first flooding issue.  It was the cute littles interspersed with some really good dancers, but also some of the older ones who were as graceful as elephants flopping around the stage.  I.  Was. Not. Impressed.  I hated it, in fact, and couldn't wait to get out - over three hours later.

But this one was cute.  It was all littles.  It is like watching a T-ball game.  You never know what they are going to do.  I am sure some of the parents were wondering just why in the heck they spend all those dollars on the costumes when their daughter wouldn't even stay on stage, but they were absolutely precious.

One little girl was the "star" even though she never danced a step during the recital.  Her routine came up.  The curtains opened and the music began and she ran off-stage.  Immediately.  The second routine, she didn't even come out.

I had not planned to stay through the awards, but I did.  The ENTIRE time they were giving the girls (and one boy) their medals, certificates, and shirts, this little girl was spinning, twirling, and dancing throwing kisses to the audience.  Hysterical!

All in all, it was totally enjoyable.  Granddaughter was really good.  She seems to have a natural talent for dance.  Of course, now she wants to do gymnastics - forget dancing!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

What a week!

Last Sunday night/early Monday morning was the worst flooding our area has ever had  Of course, like Memorial Day, we were at the SSB.  I am so thankful for all the social media AND the fact that I do have the internet in the sticks.

While I constantly read the posts on the local Next Door site, I followed the progression of the flood waters in our little village outside the city limits of Houston.  One of my friends chronicled the rising waters as he witnessed him home flooding - for the FOURTH time.

I followed the link to the meter on the bayou that runs three blocks from our house (and two blocks from our rental house that had flooded before).  That meter keeps a record of the depth of the bayou as well as the amount of rain that falls.  Mikes house began taking on water about 1 a.m. and the rain continued to fall.  To cut to the chase - there were 11+ inches in that part of the storm.

Between the SSB and home, there was also what was to be 15 inches total of rain falling  Water was covering highways.  We were supposed to come home on that Monday.  I had my eye injection appointment and G also has a doctor's appointment.

As I was learning more about the Village's flooding, I knew we couldn't get to our house.  While we haven't flooded before (hope I am not jinxing here), the streets around us become impassable.  Then we were hearing about the highways coming in.  So our return was set for Tuesday

As I drive around  the neighborhood, it makes my heart hurt to see all the drywall, carpet, and furniture stacked at the curb waiting for the insurance adjusters to come by to chronicle it.  For the first time, we had looting.  Not coming into the houses as far as I know, but taking all the things that had been flood damaged that needed to be out there for the adjusters.

I was so incredibly proud of our Police Department.   They immediately closed the flooded streets to through traffic.  It was a dangerous situation to begin with.  The streets were basically strangled with cars that were damaged, vehicles from those helping to demolish damages, and the companies who were in to begin the drying out process.  There was one lane - possibly + to get through  Then they manned checkpoints to determine where people were going (and did they belong).  Good job guys!!

The school traffic should be interesting tomorrow should be something else.  We have a high school and an elementary.  One of the flooded streets is a main street for the traffic.  Will they be detoured to our street??  I guess we will see,

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Me again Ifinally)

I don't know where the time goes, but it certainly flies by.  Seems like one day becomes the next before I know it.  Couple that with having a Ph.D. in procrastination ...  Well - you know what happens.

I had a profound thought this morning while sitting in church.  I should have been listening more attentively to the sermon I suppose, but I was thinking of what a relative said about our AIM (Assistant in Ministry)  who gave a sermon on Easter.  We kindly let our seats go to the C and E members (you know - they attend on Christmas and Easter), and stayed home.  So we missed that sermon.  A family member made a statement about the sermon.

The statement was brought to mind this morning because she was preaching again this morning.  The statement all centered around one small word.  That word is "but."

Long ago I heard a statement that when that word is used in a sentence the real meaning of the sentence follows that word.  This person said "I love ______, BUT ( and there it is!) she read the sermon, and I was bored by that.

Innocent enough, right.  Nope - not by a long shot.  This person doesn't love _____ because this person was rebuffed by _____ because this person didn't want to follow the rules to join the church.  This person feels above rules a lot of the time.

It did get me to thinking though.  Our AIM delivers very thought provocating sermons.  She hasn't been to formal seminary.  She has had training, but certainly not in sermon writing and presentation.  Even so, she does a great job.  I know I would have to depend heavily on "reading."  Our beloved previous pastor (whom this relative "loved and respected") read his sermons to a certain degree.

Excuse me for a second - gotta put the soap box away.

I finally downloaded the pictures of the tool of terror that used to reside in my catch all utensil drawer.  BTW - the finger is still a bit tender.  Thought I would share.  Actually there are two (with a third somewhere - and that scares me a lot).  So here are the two.  One a bit longer than the other.  Nice little curved, SHARP pieces of metal for turning steaks and chops - and slicing tender fingers

See those curled pieces with the sharp point!!! Sorry about the cutting board that was branded with a hot iron skillet lid!

A closer look of the instruments of doom.  The bottom isn't  focused well because it sticks up so far.