Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes - I am still around!

I have just been covered in an avalanche of things.  Why did I think of making Christmas presents?  I don't have the wildest idea right now.

Say a prayer or three!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just full of complaints - well one anyway

This is going to sound so silly, but I am suffering anyway.  This morning, Krissi called at (gasp) 8.  Early, early.  I rolled over to get the phone but stayed in the prone position.  So here I am - on my back like a beached whale, barely on the edge of the bed, and I have to pee.

Now I most certainly a lady of a certain age.  One whom the OB/GYN keeps reminding she needs a little lifting surgery of the mesh type.  That means I really have to watch straining anytime but most especially in the mornings.

Our conversation was about yet another attempt to get tickets to a local "Nutcracker" performance that we wait until the last minute for.  Looks like this one is also sold out.  That makes three local groups.  And we are too cheap to pay for the Houston Ballet performances.  Geesh - they are costly.

So while I am perched on the side of the bed, Shadow nestles into my arm pit.  He is thinking "ah! She's awake - time for some loving."  I get off the phone and am well aware of the fact I have to get up and to the bathroom - fast.

But the problem is being on the edge of the bed.  There isn't a bit of  "wiggle room" because I will fall.  Not a choice I want under the best of conditions.  And with my weak pelvic muscles - bad.

I moved.  And my sciatica set in.  My back seized up.  I was so afraid things were going to all let loose.  The cat is still right next to me.

I will leave the rest to your imagination and not complain any more with the exception of the fact that I was successful in the trip to the bathroom without a mess!  But I really do not want to do ANY twisting at all.  Chubby Checker - you are out of luck today - no twisting like we did last summer for this gal until the spasms leave my back.


Yesterday I set out to do something that G really likes.  The day before he volunteered to hit then grocery store for the items needed.  The recipe said it only takes 20 minutes to assemble and two hours to bake.  As the saying goes around these parts:"it lies like a big dog!"

Having forgotten all the fun involved with this process because I haven't done it in a couple of years, I foolishly set out to bake a couple of fruitcakes.  This is like childbirth.  You tend to forget all the pain!

I chose one bowl to mix all the fruit and flour in thinking it would hold it all.  Wrong!  So I got another bowl out.  When all the fruit was in the bowl, it weighed over four pounds.  My hands are too arthritic to turn that much over to coat it all.  G did help there,

I went to my big Kitchen Aide mixer.  I love, love, love that thing.  Got it for a great price.  It is one that is just under the really big professional ones, and its a good thing.  I creamed the butter and the sugar, added the 12 eggs, the four cups of flour one cup at a time with little additions to those (forgetting the blackberry jelly).  Then it came time to mix that with the fruit.

There was a great disparity between the mixing bowl size and the size of the bowl containing the fruit.  But I was bound and determined to "fold" as much fruit into the bowl of the mixer as I could.  The rest I ended up using my best mixing devices I own - my hands.

Now - the liar instructions say to grease and line with parchment paper three loaf pans or six mini loaf pans.  I had a pan with eight minis.  So they were dutifully greased and lined.  I barely made a dent in the mixture.  So I got out my only loaf pans - two.  Still had a plethora of mixture.  Got out two round dishes, and overfilling everything, got all the dough in something in  which to bake it.

After a total of three hours in the oven, (where the recipe said two), I finally got the last of the fruitcake out of the oven.  I divided it all in half - sprinkled it with rum, and put it away.  Half the kids can eat.  Me - I'm sticking to the rum.

Have a great one - and beware of fruitcake recipes!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

A little of a few things

My two eldest grandchildren came over to put out the Christmas things.  They were so excited about doing it, they forgot to fight about it all.  Over the years, we have collected several wooden cut-outs, and they wanted and did put them all out!  I will have to get a picture to post tomorrow.  I always forget pictures of things I write about.  Not a very visual person I guess.

I was saying that we didn't do well at the show.  We actually did about as well as anyone.  Many of the folks had the huge deco mesh wreaths that are so popular these days.  Actually they aren't so popular anymore.  Those folks didn't sell any as far as I could tell.  And of course they are not as popular anymore.  I have rolls and rolls of that stuff.

But the person across from us had the blankets too.  Hers were less expensive, and she still didn't sell any.  Thee were lots of people who didn't sell a single item I believe.  This is a show I have done a lot.  The best sales we had were (and I am ashamed to tell this really) was the year this was in its infancy - about 10 years ago - when we had a booth near the boy scouts.  We were re-selling dollar store stuff.  The boy scouts bought that stuff like crazy as presents for moms, aunts, grandmothers and the like.

Will I do it next year?  I would like to.  I enjoy being out there.  It runs from 1 - 4.  That's probably another reason sales are so low, plus there are the local FFA craft shows, among many others, going on.  I just don't know if the others are game.

Today was eye injection day.  Left eye is blurry.  Headache is coming on.  I think I am going to take a nap.  Will catch you later!  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, December 08, 2014


Well - success in this case is clearly in the eye of the beholder.  We did the show yesterday.  AND I was correct - my name was not on the list, but there were so many empty spaces it didn't matter.  We got a really good space.

They set up areas of snow for the kiddies.  We weren't too close to that nor too far away.  I had asked a friend and her grown daughters if they wanted to join us.  And for a change my daughter wasn't too busy.  Unfortunately, my friends sold nothing.  Krissi sold two of six or seven fleece tied blankets so she grossed $50+, but netted $11.  I sold $17, but I have no idea of net because most items were made with such few supplies.

The main thing here for me are the head bands.  Thise are also a couple of my bracelets.  The tiara head band sold before I could bet a pictures.  The bracelets - nada, again.  The blanket behind is Krissi/Katies.  That is the high school colors.  Those didn't sell either.

These are the tea light covers.  In front are the tea light pins.  I sold one.  There is a sleep mask behind.  Nope - no sale.

These are little covers that go over clothes pins.  I think they are so cute, and would be a great teacher gift to hold papers together.  Sold one!  Oh well.

Have a great day.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Silly me!

I have another gmail account AND another blog.  That blog was dedicated to the business, and, like the business, it has been sitting silent for a long time.   That is until today when I realized I used it to comment on a blog.  Then when I came here, I THOUGHT I was back here.  Nope!  I also realized I made this mistake December 2.  I posted over there.   Well... guess the mind is really going.

I sit here - in pajamas - when I should be heading out to Jo Anns or Hobby Lobby.  I need pin backs for my little pins and I need bags for them.  I know I have some large bags - some
where.  When I put things away in the craft room(s), I try to put them where it makes sense.  Well - they are put away really well.

And I STILL haven't heard from the woman who is heading the committee that is putting on the thingy tomorrow.  So I will just show up with my five other people and all of our tables and assorted stuff!  Surely we won't be turned away!

See ya' Monday.  I know I will be too tired tomorrow after the show, and too rushed before.

Friday, December 05, 2014

I forgot

I remember the volleyball games - they went fast.  The basketball games - not so much.  I will bet you can guess where I was yesterday afternoon/early evening.

It was Katie's first basketball game - against their arch rival.  Big game for the opener. And the "a" team lost.  "B"team won  - barely.-

It was quite a good game.  They actually run plays now.   Last year, they didn't.  She has some twins on her team - don't know if they are Viet Namese - but I think so.  They play "club" ball all year around - like Katie and her swimming and water polo.  They are really good.  Not only have they worked all year around (and for several years), they also have that twin thing going on.  It is amazing watching them play.

Katie was upset after the game.  She said she was open a lot, and they never passed the ball to her.  Well - unfortunately that's the way they play.  In reality, I guess you could call them ball hogs, but they are so danged good!  It';s really hard to argue with them having the ball most of the time.

Other news around little ol' Jersey Village.  The fire down the street from Krissi was a bad one.  The house is a total loss.  The family that lives (lived) there is of modest means.  They came to JV to get better schools for their kids.  They are a Hispanic (as though that really matters) family with four kids (high school senior to second grade).

I am so proud of our citizens.  Help for them is abounding.  It is in the form of gift cards for restaurants right now and snacks for the kids in the rooms.  There is real money coming in also.  We may be surrounded by the fourth (??) largest city in the country and the biggest in Texas, but we still have that small town mentality and feel.  We look out for each other.  Plus we have a really good police department, and an excellent volunteer fire department.

My only bummer that is city related is that I have not heard from the one in charge of the thing on Sunday.  Bah!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

And today ...

There are several sites about town called Beg, Buy, Barter, Sell and I belong to three of them.  I have bought twice.  I am meeting another today.

Now that really isn't a biggie.  I have learned the routine - sort of.

Todays buy is a new pet carrier.  Shadow is really crammed into his.  He has only had it since he was a YOUNG kitten.  Can't imagine why it is a little small.  I had looked on the pet store site, so I was aware of the price.  I found one last night for a good price - brand new.

So G is going to accompany me.  He wants to LOOK at it.  You usually go to buy, but whatever.  So the woman is going to meet us at 10:30 - at his request.  It is 9:45, and I really need to hit the bank.  His daily routine runs 45 minutes.  I. Kid. You. Not.

I sit here, dressed, Waiting.  I hope he puts away this facade he has taken on in the last couple of weeks.  I really am tired of it.  I don't want to be embarrased either.

Katie has her first basketball game today.  Exciting.

Shortly after I took her home, Krissi called me.  She asked if there had been a house fire on her street.  Well - one broke out after I left and it was about 7 houses from them.  The local police patrolman with whom she is friends called Krissi to tell her about it.  The poor folks.  I believe they are barely able to stay in the house as it is.  I don't know what they are going to do now.  There was a lot of damage.

So hopefully the Lord of the Manor will appear shortely and we will be off!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

"The best laid plans of ..."

This is so true - at least so far. I had dreams of being chained to my sewing machine turning out little gems of items that will sell like hot cakes at the little craft show Sunday (that is IF I am registered). So far, I haven't been near the stairs except to go to bed or shower.

 Funny how things like that happen - at least to me. Yesterday was the pilgrimage to Costco. Let me tell you, that wears me out. Such a big store, and I love each and every square inch. But I get tired from it. Then I have to put the things away. They don't sell the small size of anything. So yesterday I was packaging meat to freeze.

 Today we went to Academy. I have lost both pairs of my moccasins. Normally when I get home, the first thing that leaves my body is my shoes. Then the jewelry, bra, and the like. But when it is cool - remember we never really get cold - my feet get cold, and then I am miserable.

When we arrived at the SSB, the temperatures had been in the mid twenties at night.  The floor was COLD!!  I had a really hard time getting warm.  Since I cannot get on the floor because of my knees, I couldn't look under the beds, but I used the dust mop (which gave an additional perk) but they weren't there.

My floors here at home in the living area are ceramic tile.  With the pool I got tired of chlorine drops on my carpet.  The tile usually works beautifully, but when it's cool out, once again I get cold feet.

So after looking on my favorite place Amazon, I decided I would return to Academy to find the mocs because my beloved Amazon would ship until after December 29.  That just wouldn't do.  Besides, the last pairs of mocs I got from Academy were $5!!!  I loved them so much.

Well - needless to say, Academy doesn't have $5 shoes now.  I did find some real cuties however.  They had knit almost moccasins for $13.  One is an owl (I think) and the other a cat.  Then I went around the corner and they had mens' moccasin's for $8!!  I walked out of that store with FOUR pairs of shoes.  Two for here and two for there.  (and all four to hide from Clyde or I will have zero again)

Then I walked to Staples to get pricing items for the "Big Show" on Sunday.  Could I leave with just tags?  Of course ----- not.  I NEEDED labels for the bags with the tea light thingies.  Then I remembered I NEEDED a new calendar to go into the day timer I no longer can live without.  (I managed for 4 years post retirement - then my body began its sure decline).  On my way in I saw the bin of bargain books.  I ignored them going in.  But on the way out - I bought the three for $10.   After all - just because I have about 100 books to read on the Kindle and about 10 other hard/soft backs scattered about my house I just had to have three more.

And the day wasn't finished then!  We had to get hair cuts.  So we did, and then lunch at the most delicious little Indian restaurant around.  Everyone in the neighborhood loves this little place.  Never knew I loved Indian until they arrived on the scene.

One last thing to do today.  I will pick up Katie (my darling Lady Bug!) after school.  Krissi has a cardio doc appointment - finally.  She has only put it off for four years.  We are a timely lot.

Tomorrow I will probably venture upstairs to gather the items.  I really do hope I am registered for this show.  I haven't gotten any confirmation.  Of course with wonky Internet, I really had a hard time sending emails out.  I sent one on Monday, but I have no reply.  Such is life.

Monday, December 01, 2014


Yep = we are home. I am so glad. It is rather late, and I have a lot to do, so I will just close. The trip home, while long as always (5 1/2 hours) was uneventful. I managed to finish one book I was reading and make good progress into the other. Not much traffic which I was worried about being right after Thanksgiving, and the weather while being cold (for us) it was clear until we almost got home when we picked up the cold front and the mist with it. Have a great night.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


More than ready. Even though I think I have solved the internet problem (sort of) I am so ready to go home. Yes this is really a second home, but... The kids left this morning. That is a mixed blessing. Like fish, even the most loved ones - those with whom you spend a lot of time anyway - like fish, begin to smell after three days. In this little house in the Texas Hill Country, four adults, three children, three dogs, and a cat begin to have a little too close relationship. As much as I love them, I was ready yesterday which was the fourth day. Today- they have been gone two hours and I miss the devil out of them. I am really going stir crazy. Everyone else got out of the house for at least half of the day going hunting. I was here all day, all night every day. I. Want. To. Go. Home. I told G last night there will be no more two week stints here for me. This is about to kill me. Sorry for the rant. I have to get it off my chest. At least one of our hunters and his brother are here. That will give us someone new to talk to this afternoon and tonight. I just have to count the days (hours) until we leave. Today will probably be about the worst. Tomorrow is laundry day - again. And it will be DEEP vacuuming - three boxers shed a lot of hair! I know one of the reasons I was ready for them to leave is Karrington (the youngest - at 7) arrived with lice -again. They are going around her school like crazy. So that meant after treating her hair, my daughter spend hours several times a day "picking nits." It also meant she washed and washed clothing and the like. My washer doesn't get used that much in six months. I was worried about the septic system - it is a small one, but I guess it's ok. I don't think it is going to overflow or something equally horrble. So - thanks for reading/listening. I feel better, andis about 48 more hours we will be on our way home.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Short and VERY quick

Internet here is terrible. Some days I can't load anything. Will be back about the 2nd when things are better. With pictures of the project for Brian!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What can I say ...

We are here at the end of the earth once again.  Unremarkable trip. Just the usual 5 1/2 hours.  Idiot neighbor has added yet another "private" sign.  That makes four signs he has posted.  What a dweeb.

Today we ventured into the thriving metropolis of Mason.   Since it was Tuesday, many of the shops and restaurants were closed.  But we managed to gather items (and spend money) to bring back to the wilderness.

I really NEED to be working on the embroidery things I want for the craft show on the 7th, but I didn't bring my machine.  Just as well - the main road into this place (which is rock/dirt) is literally a washboard.  You can see the lines across it.  To stay on the road, you have to travel at less than 15, and your teeth are still rattled out of your head.  Wouldn't do my computerized sewing/embroider machine any good at all.

Before we left, my DIL saw a pattern for little microwave bowls, and she told me Brian would really like some of those.  Well - ok.  So I bought the pattern, downloaded it, and while in the thriving metropolis, I bought wool batting (at a fortune), cotton fabric and cotton thread.  I have my old (and I do mean old) machine around here so I can make those while I am here.  I might even try to make extras to put in the show.

Of course, I couldn't find my shopping list when I got to the grocery store.  That was really ok because I will go into Fredericksburg on Sunday and visit the good store for Thanksgiving necessities.  I remembered almost all of the list, but I was so irritated with myself.  The list was here on the floor when I fot back

I have had another fungal bloom in my ear which means it is full of fluid again.  That means I can't hear out of that ear.  I hate my ears. And I am sure that was far TMI for everyone!

And once again, there are thing going on here that I am not sure of - at least the keys are putting out the proper letters. I promise the end of the last post was what was coming from the computer, not my fingers. I type poorly, but not quite that bad. Seems like it is nap time around these parts anyway!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Got a virus

Not me, but this Toshiba.  In fact, it is sick, sick, sick.

It's really rather ironic too because I have two anti-virus programs on it.  But that's the way of these viruses.  If those idiots who dream up these viruses would put their obvious intellect to something good, who knows what we could glean from them.  Shame.

I have a great guy who will clean it for me in a day or two.  He worked wonders on the Dell (new hard drive after I dropped it in Alaska) and G's Dell that he ran "barefooted" through the internet for a couple of years.  It had hundreds of viruses on it.

This attack is my fault.  I take full blame.  I had a pop-up telling me my player was out of date.   Seemed like something normal.  I had been trying to download an update before.  Well ...   That was the wrong thing.  Now Firefox is not a good browser for me.  It does really strange things.  Among them are pop-up ads (not at all surprising), and the keyboard doesn't put the proper letters in a document (which is surprising!).  But at least I have Chrome.  So if I don't comment on your posts - that may be the reason.

But this can be fixed - whenever I am home for a while.  Yes - we are getting ready to leave again.  This time for two weeks.  I. Am. So. Tired. Of. Being. Gone.

I ordered the youngest grandchildren's Christmas from Toys R Us.  I paid for a little more expedited shipping.  I KNEW I needed it all to be delivered by today,  Only two of the eight items will be delivered.  With the beginning of the holiday shipping, thieves are lurking looking for packages being left of the porches.  We had one case in the area where I really think the do-bad was following the Postal Carrier.  As soon as the package was left - he struck.

So I am running the risk of having $100 worth of items stolen.  I am upset.

Another reason I don't want to go is that a friend and I will be doing a small craft show on the 7th.  I have today, tomorrow, Sunday and six days after we return to complete all the things I want to do.  I would take my big machine with me, but I really don't want to put a several thousand dollar machine in the bed of the truck, AND there is no way I could pack all the fabrics and threads I need.  BAH.  Holiday spirit at its best.

So why are we going this early.  One reason is this unseasonable freeze.  I didn't leave the heat on, and it has been colder there than here.  Of course, in this weather we are leaving THIS house to freezing weather.  Then comes Thanksgiving.

It has been traditional since the house was put in to spend Thanksgiving there.  In fact we moved in at Thanksgiving.  G said we would spend it at home this year until DIL said they would be with us this year.  Well - guess what.  They will be home

the computer is goilg crazys  see ya later with my ralts  this should make selseh but remember what I said about the keystrokes>>>

Monday, November 10, 2014

What fun!

I am so glad I tagged along for the water polo tournament.  Our girls were a rather rag-tag team.  A lot of girls who usually play together couldn't for this tournament because the main rule was you could be no older than 14 AND not in high school.  Our usual team (the club is called Viper Pigeons) are 14 and in high school.

So girls from all over the greater Houston area were picked up.  They were still short and a girl was there with her father and brother from Connecticut.  Her team decided not to come because the tournament was in the Dallas area and they were concerned about Ebola.  Not. A. Problem. Now.

Anyway we got her, and she is one heck of a player!  Things wouldn't have been as close as they were without her.  We also got one of the Viper Pigeons from San Antonio.  Again - great player.

The first six games were against either California teams where water polo is a UIL sanctioned sport - or at least VERY popular or a team from Chicago.  The Pigeons held them really well.  Their defense was quite good, and that was important because our goalie didn't want to participate in the tournament.  None of the girls there played goalie.  Defense was our only hope.

The second to the last game, against Santa Barbara I believe, they lost  by one in the last 30 seconds.  What a game!  It was so exciting.

The last game was against the Dallas Thunder.  Once again - back and forth, back and forth.  But this time our girls were ahead with 30 seconds.  They managed to get the ball back and hold it for the win!  Glad I didn't have to take my blood pressure after either of those two games.

It was really a fun weekend.  Now back to the real world except for Katie.  She had volleyball on Thursday, two water polo games both Friday and Saturday, one Sunday, and her last volleyball game of her school career today.  Tomorrow begins basketball try-outs.

Hope your weekend was nearly as good as mine because mine rocked!!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Change in plans and change in browser

Originally, Katie wasn't going to play in the tournament in the Dallas area this weekend.  After last weekend when she got elbowed, she wasn't too eager to get back out there,  And her mom didn't want to do the drive to Dallas.

That all changed last night.  They (the coaches) convinced her to play.  This is a tournament more like Junior Olympics.  But then anything could be better than the past weekend!  It was a mess.

So Krissi called me this morning and asked me to tag along.  Of course!  So we will be heading out early tomorrow morning to get on the road ahead of the traffic.  And her first game is something like 11:30,  So early morning.

I have changed browsers especially when I blog or want to write something to Facebook.  I loved Firefox, but it would hang up for several minutes while I was trying to post here.  At first I thought perhaps I had gotten some strange virus.  But when I came over to Chrome, I have no problem.  So bye-bye Firefox - at least when I want to type in more than two words!  All my addresses are saved over there on Firefox along with passwords, but slowly but surely I can see a total move taking place soon.

Yesterday I spent a good part of the afternoon trying to organize all the ribbons I bought from the Beg, Barter etc site.  I just wish I had taken all of my ribbons.  Several are stored on the coat hangers you get from the dry cleaner that have the cardboard tube for hanging pants.  That tube generally fits the hole in the spool of ribbon.  Well  - perhaps someday.

I started a really cute skirt for Karriington.  I used my serger for the very first time and I have owned it for something like 7 years.  I couldn't get the bottom looper threaded.  So a couple of years ago, I took it to my sewing center to have them do it.  I don't want it to become unthreaded again!!!

But I am finding that the serger only works for part of it.  I still have to use my machine.  Today will be the hard part of sewing it.  It is the ruffles!  Not necessarily easy, but gonna try!

Catch ya' later.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Busy days

 I don't know where the time has gone, but it surely has flown by.

Saturday we went to one of Katie's water polo games.  There was a local tournament. They were beaten badly, but then they were playing 18 year old girls (Katie is still 13 - until  January).  Shehad to guard a girl who is nationally recognized.  Tough girl! Both of them

Sunday, I ended up doing family dinner - again!  Before everyone got here, I gave William his first piano lesson.  I don't know how this is going to go.  He only had to use three fingers on each hand

At the end of the time - which seemed like hours and hours - he still couldn't play with fingers one, two, three - going up three adjacent notes.  We did only two little three note songs - playing hands completely separate.  I don't know how this is going to go.

Dinner was purposely simple.  Frozen lasagna, salad, chibata bread, and a bought bundt cake.

I don't know why I am continually tired, but I am.  I just have no energy, and I have so much to do around here.  Nothing seems to get done.  My feelings are that it is because we are gone too d*mn much.

Today was eye injection day.  That went well enough.  Fluid is still there, but not increasing.

Then we voted.  Easy as can be.  All the folks (the few) must have voted early.  We breezed in!

I sat and waited for the computer to work for 15 minutes.  Got sick and tired of it and went to Office to cut and paste.  This whole procedure has taken 30 minutes for 5 minutes work.  So if something is out of place or makes no sense - that's why.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I have pictures

We are back (yea), and most people would probably say I am daft, I just spent $650 on ribbons (a lady was getting rid of her stock so it was like .17 a yard)

I took pictures of the road(s) that are now on our sweet neighbor's property (petty man), and is out easement into out property.

This is at the entrance, just after the cattle guard.  The road used to go more straight, but he has now made two roads.  His is clearly marked!  Our property (obviously) is to the left in the picture.

The patch of weeds in the middle is where the road was originally.  Parts are still fairly visible as being the road (the ONLY) road.

This is the part that worries me a lot.  It is basically dirt.  Now when it rains - the dirt and water make mud.  There is a lot of rock just under most of the dirt, but this dirt had been undisturbed for probably a century - since the fence was erected.

Now you can see even more of the reason I am concerned.  This is a pretty steep hill - at least for a DIRT road.  If you look closely at the bottom - just a little past the tree on the right is OUR cattle guard into our property.  AND this will wash out!

And his road goes to the right, ours to the left, and Reggie's straight.  What a dweeb.  

Monday, October 27, 2014


That sounds very ominous doesn't it?   Sounds like it was a terrible experience yet again this year - even though last year wasn't completely terrible.

This year was really good.  The guide, as usual it seems, was a delight.  She has been a teacher, but now works in administration.  She taught middle school science!  She raises bird dogs.  Some sort of Spaniel - I haven't done my homework yet to read up on breeds of Spaniels.  This is one I don't know anything about.  She also would like to hurt animal abusers.  Needless to say we had a LOT to talk about.  Very interesting time.

The girl was a sweet girl.  She is from the town where my SIL spent his youth.  She is pretty far from home living in a home for children.  Just from what she said, I really think her father is the reason.  She talked extensively about her mom, her sister, her aunt and uncle, her cousins.  The only time she mentioned her father was when G was filling out the tag for the deer.  She gave her last name, but said "that's my father's name" in a very derisive tone.  So...

It's really sad the kids have to pay.  Last year, I think that girl was out of control.  She was probably taken by the courts to try to straighten her out.  At one point she was talking about having taken her mother's car.  She was 13.  This girl is 15.  I have worked with children this age for a long time, and she may be a really good actress.  But she presented herself so well.  Cute kid!

At the very end of the day - it was right at sun down, we heard a shot.  So she did get a deer.  I( was so glad because she was a real trooper about being out there.  I think she did have a good time.

Yesterday instead of going to Doss to church (which is MY family's church) or Hilda to G's family Methodist church, we went into Mason to the Lutheran church there.  It was Reformation lySunday - the day we observe as the day Martin Luther  posted his 95 thesis on the door in his effort to reform the Catholic church.  We all know that didn't work out - he was excommunicated, and the newly invented printing press (like the internet of today) made those go "viral."  He picked up followers, and now we have the different Christian churches today - including the Lutheran.

The service was very nice - completely traditional.  Loved it!  And, of course, there were relatives from both of our families that we met there!!!  Lunch was at the newest restaurant in town, and it was good.  I just think I had heard too much about how great it was.  But then - we are city folks!

Thought we might be able to go back early.  G developed a floater in his eye.  This one isn't something serious, but I was so tempted to make it sound like it was really an emergency.  So I am here until Wednesday.  Between now and then I will get the house ready for the possible influx of 10 people and an undetermined number of dogs!

Friday, October 24, 2014

A few quick words

Or as quick as they can be here on this sloooooooowwwww internet.

Yesterday it was off to Fredericksburg to gather food.  We have the girl from Operation Orphan coming tomorrow for her hunt, and I really don't know what to expect.  The last one (and I hope is isn't the same one!!) was quite a large girl with an appetite to match.

I am a bit nervous about it.  The time from when they come in from the hunt (about 10:30/11:00) to going out again (about 3) is a long time.  We only will have the one girl.  My BIL and SIL have boys later in the year, and they usually have 2-3 boys.  They entertain each other.

I am waiting for G to finish his morning rituals (takes him longer than me) so we can go out while it's still cool to fill the "house" feeder.  This is where I get to watch the deer in the evenings.  He wanted to "go out early" and I was feeling guilty because I slept in until 9.  I have really bad allergies.  My right ear is completely stopped up and drainage is killing me.

It is now after 10:30, and he has finally come out.  He read his book until almost 10.  That is his normal behavior these days.  Head stuck in a book.  Period.

So now off into the pasture to pour candy (corn) into the feeder!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Just words today

Don't think I will post any pictures.  It worries me when I do - especially when I look at my blog and the pictures are distorted.  I guess they really aren't, but on this computer they are.  But then things are getting a little wonky with this baby.  I think she needs a check-up!

I am tired today - but I really shouldn't complain.  SIL is in Minneapolis today and tomorrow at least.  We were supposed to be on the way to the SSB.  My daughter's work has meetings way south of here today.  She was at wits end.  It seems every time Steve is out of town - so are we.

She didn't know how she was gong to handle getting the kids to and from school.  So we stayed for a day (you KNOW I am so disappointed).   Katie has practice at 6:30 (AM!!) and the other kids don't have to get on the bus until about 7:30.  So I went over at 5:50 so she could take Katie without having to wake the other two.

Would have been no problem - except Shadow decided it was time to play in the bed at 4!  I have never been a morning person, but all my working life I had to be at school at 7.  Since retiring, I sleep in until about 8 (8:30 if I am lucky).  So I am dragging a bit today.

I don't know how my daughter does it - with the exception she is young still.  I would imagine she got up and worked out this morning before I was even up.  I am pretty sure she didn't fall asleep until about midnight.  But about her age, I was part time organist at a church 25 miles from here, began a craft business, and taught middle school.  You can do things when you are young!  I forget.

So we are off tomorrow morning.  This is so that we can host the orphan (or whatever) girl on a deer hunt.  Mixed feelings here.  Happy to help get someone out and doing something different.  I just hope the one this year is a better person than the last.  I know all my electronics will be put away.  No computers out, no Kindle, no phone.  The last one used my Kindle to get on Facebook.  This is after she lied about looking for a book.  Live and learn.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pictures and WOW!

I just looked at my stats when I opened the site.  Today is the 1500 post.  Now I looked further and saw that I have written more, but they didn't get published (???).  But today is 1500!  WOW!

OK, so Saturday when I went with my daughter to put on Karrington's late Tea Party Birthday, I took both of my cameras.  I had not used the Kodak since September when we were in the north.  There were some very unique pictures on there.  So if the good Lord is willing, Blogger is willing, the computer is willing I will post some pictures today - you lucky, lucky people!
Now this looks like an engine.  And as we are train buffs, it wouldn't be unusual for us to have pictures of trains in our photos.  I have taken most of those out.  But this is NOT just an engine.  This is at least one motel room.  This is a place just outside of Glacier, and one of their more "unusual" rooms.

Pretty sure this is one room.  And really it isn't so unusual for folks to take old cabooses and make them into some kind of living quarters.  But still...

The view across the street.  Really pretty.  I think this is where the Empire Builder stopped to let off a passenger  (about midnight since we were sooooo late!!!)

The main part - but who would really want to stay in here??

 Now for the birthday party.  We held it at the church.  You have to remember, we are a "store front church" since we are in a strip center. Out spot used to be a coffee house, so it lends itself so greatly for parties too!  I have decorated it for a baby shower we give for pregnant teens, a Mardi Gras party, and a fund raising dinner so we could have our wonderful Vicar for a year.  It makes for a great party.  Steve even decorated it for Krissi's 40th birthday party.  And being Lutheran - beer and wine may be consumed if you want that type of party.

We have the tea sandwiches.  I think something was taken off to be served to the kiddos here.

The sweets.  We had a LOT!!  And most weren't eaten.  The flower "cake" was what they ate mostly.  It is really a group of cupcakes,.

Here they are being served their meal.  (I was worried - if you look carefully at the lower right corner of the table, that is one of my antique glass plates that was being used.  The boy next to the plate is the only boy.  He is the one who caused about 3 other boys to be invited.  He is part of triplets, and his mom didn't want to leave him out.  The girl standing with the BIG black polka dots is Karrington.  The curly head is Katie.  She was such a great help.  Krissi is in black with her back turned.  The boy is green at the counter (with more food!!!) is Reagan (grandson).  My son in law is behind him.  The young man to everyone's right is a water polo player friend of Katie.

One of the crafts they made (on the altar of all places) were picture frames.  Katie took pictures of all those present, and they will print them and send them to each child. They also decorated pieces of a little play tea set with paints that came with it. All in all it was fun couple of hours, and I went home with a splitting headache!!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Run! Hide! Here comes more pictures!

These aren't pretty places.  These are some of my "handiwork" upstairs, slaving at a hot embroidery machine!

I don't think I will post all of them.  I have three or four of the ones for granddaughters.  The others are going on pages to sell.   I will put them here - probably tomorrow.

This is like the one I made for Katie.  It is the middle school colors and mascot.  I promised little sister (in this case the real little sister - Karrington) I would make her one.  I still have the high school mascot to make for both girls.

This is the hair bow I made for Katie and her 7th grade "little sister."  They give gifts to one another each week.  The only difference is Katie is 15 instead of 25.
   There was supposed to be one more.  It was the slider hair band I did as a joke for my daughter.  But Blogger doesn't like to cooperate.  They were so torn apart at first, I deleted it.  I will post it tomorrow.  Maybe!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Turned out ok

The nurse/practitioner came.  I passed with flying colors except my blood pressure was high!  Very high.  In fact, I almost expected her to call an ambulance and contact the doctor.  But I have done everything else ok.  I have done my screenings, taken my immunizations, all that jazz.

She left with the instructions for me to continue taking my blood pressure.  Well - this rattled me, and my blood pressure stayed high.  It would go down a bit, then jump back up.

I remember that taking naproxen will raise blood pressure in addition to the stomach problems and so on.  I have been taking two a day for a while.  It helps the back pain.  I really do not want to go back to hydrocodone.  I do not want to be drugged like I was with the hydrocodone.  It is dangerous.

So a while ago, I took one of my evening tablets.  I think it is beginning to work, because the numbers are going down.  Of course, when I get this worked up over something - it makes it all worse.  My nerves make my blood pressure go up.  And my nerves are going at full tilt.

Needless to say - the naproxen is out now.  I know I should take my blood pressure regularly.   I don't I will keep an eye on it for the next several days, and I will use some other pain med.  If things don't get better - I will call the cardio doc - ASAP!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another broken promise to myself

The promise?  To be up-beat.  To now whine and moan.  Well - so much for that. 

I hate insurance.  Hate. Hate. Hate.  But you have to have it.  If your home burns down, and you can prove that it wasn't an act of God that the neighbor's fire didn't sent a spark to your roof.  That the car that totaled your car was running a red light. and the driver had no insurance.  That you are a reasonable person who is careful about what medications you take, and don't ask for every medical procedure known to man.

Well - the last is the one I am dealing with now.  I have to meet with a nurse/practitioner from my stupid medicare advantage plan (which I hate) tomorrow to assess my health and the medications I am taking.  It will take an hour, she comes here, yada, yada.  I. Do. Not. Want. Nor. Need. This. Service.

This is a busy time of year.  I am one person with a home based business.  When my machine isn't running its slow little self - there is no product to hopefully sell.  Plus I am not a housekeeper to begin with.  My arthritis is killing me.  I don't want/can't clean as I should.  So now - today I have to do what I can.  More wasted time.

I do not pursue all the tests in the book.  I seldom have some test done.  So they don't have to use their crystal ball from this visit when I am perfectly healthy to glean from the future what test I need so that the approval will come more rapidly.  Horse manure.  It won't and they won't.

I have ONE doctor manage my prescriptions.  He writes them, approves their refills, and is my cardiologist for pete's sake.  I believe I trust him more than the person from the insurance company.  They would probably say I shouldn't take anything.  Then I could use my pre-paid cremation service soon - and they wouldn't be paying their co-pays.

I told the guy that called this morning I wasn't interested in doing this.  His comment "this is as important to us as your annual physical is to your doctor."  Well - my doctor doesn't do an annual physical.  We do blood work and a check each six months.

Am I upset?  You might say so!  I hate insurance - but you gotta have it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Answering a question

I am finding posting comments on blogs to be somewhat of a trial.  Some are easy and straight forward, but some aren't.  Mine should be easy, but I was in a bit of a hurry.  It wasn't.  Also with my macular degeneration, small cataracts, and glaucoma my vision is compromised.  I don't see light colors well.

Anyway, that being said, I want to answer Pudge's question - and perhaps some of yours too.  We inherited property in the Texas Hill Country.  It has been in the family since 1845, and with the exception of one family it is still all in the family.

The country is rough.  It is semi-arid.  We are in a transition ecologically from the hill country to the desert.  So we have lots of prickly pear and other assorted cacti.  We have a member of the legume (pea) family that is called cat claw, and for good reason.  It is mostly thorns, and once it catches you it is hard to get out of.  It will literally tear your clothing.  We have lots of snakes - including the Western Diamondback Rattle Snake.  Knock on wood - haven't seen and killed any on our property, but those around us have both - lots of both.  And we have lots of bugs.  Many, many of those sting.

So when I was thinking about naming the place, I came up with Stings, Sticks, or Bites because that is what almost everything there does one of those three things.  When I write about it, the name becomes SSB.  G doesn't think that is a good name or even abbreviation, but I like it.

For years, I worried a little about someone hacking me here, and getting information I didn't particularly want just hanging about out there.  I would use anything but names.  I still use G for my husband.  It's just easy.  But I am beginning to use names.  I don't know why I was so secretive, but there is very little privacy these days (yeah - like G's credit card has been hacked twice in a year).

To give you an idea of where the SSB is, I could make it really clear - if you are from the Hill Country.  Our mailing address is Doss, but the community we belong to is Hilda.  For most, this is meaningless.  To give you a bigger location, we are between Fredericksburg and San Angelo. Almost right in the middle, but to the south off dirt (mud and rock right now) roads.  The largest city around is San Antonio, but that is about 2 hours away, as is Austin.

So that my friends is my home away from home.  At the end of the earth (only one person beyond us on the main road), surrounded by things that sting, stick, or bite!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Where did the weekend go?

I was so looking forward to yesterday.  G and Steve (and Reagan) left for the SSB.  Steve wanted to fill his feeder and so on.  He hasn't been there in about a year.  G is a little miffed at him.

We really don't like for him to go without one of us.  He isn't diligent about things.  Once he was there with a friend (about 10 years ago - and a looonnng story).  When they left, they left out my good cloth folding chairs out in the weather, didn't close the blinds (and our sun is unrelenting), and the thermostat turned down to 70 (in the mid of summer).  He CONSTANTLY puts plastics in the burn barrel.  Leaves trash all around.  So we try to make sure we are there to keep things doing well.

I just remembered  - he did go without us last year (we came later).  My DVD is broken now.  The reader won't read the disc.  It always has been finicky - having to have s disc in it to open easily.   I believe they didn't look and plopped another disc in it thus damaging the part that reads.

Anyway - I was looking forward to my time here - by myself.  But there was church yesterday, then the congregational meeting work session.  The budget was one of a church that had all the money in the world.  G had already tried to talk to the pastor about it.  So I went.  All in all, the council people realized they needed to look at that budget and do more cutting.  Other things we have a problem will never change.  So.

But now they are on their way home.  I never had time to relish my time alone!  I said I would do this - I have the girls.  It wouldn't be a problem except we are getting the front with cooler, drier weather.  That means thunder storms, and I don't want to take them up to work upstairs.  But I do love those girls!

Things go back to "normal" in about another hour or so.  Boo.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Love/hate with Firefox

Firefox is the browser I prefer.  Chrome is second, but a far second.  Explorer doesn't even make the list - anywhere!

But my love affair with Firefox is beginning to fade. It is fighting me - a lot.  It is hanging up terribly.  It takes me twice as long to do the things I want to do.  I have "fixed" it twice, and still...  That was the problem today.  So I am over here on Chrome.

I was going to post yesterday, but the day just disappeared.  That happens a lot these days.  I don't know where it goes except that I have joined several (probably too many) Facebook group pages.  Facebook does them a "favor" by posting the new entries to the regular news feed.   So if you go to the group, you have already read the new adds.  I don't think I like that much.  I would drop out of the groups, but they give me information that is mostly useful.  Like freebies, sales, and hints to make the work easier.

I was going to be sure to post a picture of the head band I made for Katie, but I was so intent on getting to her game WITH the head band that I didn't take a picture.  The batteries in my good camera are dead, and I didn't take the time to replace them.  But I will be making Karrington one today or so, and I will get a picture of that one.  Plus I will add the volleyball bow then,

Her game - well let's just say it would have been just as well had I stayed home.  They lost, but it was fairly close.  It seems to me they have the worst coach in the district.  The girls do not communicate on the court.

Hopefully I didn't bore you to death with the marathon pictures.  It was a nice trip.  All in all, I would have been happy to stay home however.  He already is planning two trips for next year.  One in the spring to the San Francisco area.  I am trying to get him to put that one together with the trip to the Anaheim area when Katie goes back for Junior Olympics in July.  Then there is a trip to the East Coast for the fall color.

I sound terrible I guess.  This travelling is getting hard on me.  When we had pedicures last week the one doing my feet said "travel while you can."  Well ok. Honestly, I would rather save that money!  I don't think I will live all that much longer.  At one time I thought I was invincible, but God has a great sense of humor.  Yeah - well here, take this cancer.  Got that one - here is a good case of arthritis all through your body.  But I really am afraid of not having the funds we need when we really get old.  At 69 and 70 we are not quite there, but SO close.

Enough of that,  Hope you have a great weekend.  As one of the fellows on the news would say (BTW - he was the inspiration for the movie and play The Best Little Whore House)   "good golf, good tennis, or whatever makes you happy!"

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Trouble with posting

Yesterday, Blogger was being very temperamental.  I know I posted more than four pictures, but I was patient - waiting for each one to load completely.  I was being "very gentle" with the old crotchety girl.  But they didn't want to load.  The blog posted - but with pictures that were pixulated.  I think that's the way the word is spelled.  Don't really know, and spell check is out of the question.

Anyway, we are on the trip home - last two days.  What?  Is that cheering I hear?  Well for the one of you - I will complete the journey.  I have to get this done because I will be shutting the computer down in a bit.  I will finally get to go to one of Katie's volleyball games.  If she has played at home, we were gone - and the others were away games.  I am pretty sure they will lose.  The 8th grade "A" team isn't very good this year.  They are meeting teams whose girls play "club ball" all year around.  We don't have any.  'Nuff said there!

So - here we go:
This was someplace after leaving Missoula.  All of Montana is this way it seems - didn't know the reservations were this large. I just couldn't help think - what could go wrong here.  Liquor and casino.  In a gas station. 

There was snow!!  Now - you know a Southeast (grew up in Southwest) Texas girl HAS to have a fascination with the white stuff.  Here it is September 14 and there is snow on the ground.  I believe this is Wyoming, and I wonder what this may mean for this winter!!!

This is the view from our hotel room.  Just getting to this one was a "trip."  From the time we made reservations to getting there - it changed names.  And it is in the middle of no where.  In a tiny town.  This part of Wyoming is not my favorite.

And here we are back in Texas.  We crossed the New Mexico line a while back.  So I certainly shouldn't complain about Wyoming.  I couldn't live in this part of Texas.  No way.  I know some (Marti) really appreciate this part, but me, not so much.  After this we spent a night in Childress , and then made it back to Houston - on a freeway that was torn up in at least two places and a blinding rain storm.  We moved at about 15-20MPH for a long time.  Ah, welcome home.  Maybe this isn't so bad after all!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Squeeking in - and yes, MORE pictures

After taking the truck to the shop for new breaks, having breakfast out (I so love to have breakfast out!), and getting new designs downloaded to make hair pretties for my granddaughters, I am back here on the computer.

It was a rather busy day, and I made a really cute head band for Katie.  I will take a picture of it and the others I plan to do this weekend (yes, MORE pictures ahead).  I also am in the process of making one of those deco-mesh wreaths with a football (that I also downloaded and embroidered) for my grandson's football team.  I already know what my daughter will say - the blue is Houston Oiler Blue, not the Colt blue.  Oh well.

So in the pictures today - we leave Seattle, heading back down through Montana and Colorado.  I don't know how far I will get.

What a change in scenery! 

This is the Columbia River. 

This is the area of the "Dry Falls."  The last ice age caused the river to change courses, leaving these falls dry.  They are said to be taller than Niagra Falls.  And no - I don't know who photo bombed me.  Or actually I guess I just didn't work hard enough to not include them,

This is to my right.  I guess more of what the falls were.  The water under this one really looks nasty.  I wasn't going to include that.  Obviously these coulies collect rainwater only.

I would have passed this little restaurant up.  There was one across the street, and I was surprised we didn't go there.  Well - it was closed.  This place was amazing.  It was so clean you literally could have eaten off the floor.  A little mom and pop place that took no credit cards.  You had to go down the street to the grocery or bank to get to an ATM if you had to.  The food was so good, and very quick.  I was really glad we stopped!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Running from allergies - or a cold!

This was yesterday's post!  Blogger decided it didn't like the pictures I was trying to upload, so it quit.  Just flat quit.  So I logged out, then got busy.  With any luck, it will post today!  There are more than usual - since I basically missed a day!

Annnnnnd, I had the cursor in the wrong place, so surprise.  Pictures first today.  I am not going to fight again today.  The words are at the end!  With a picture between paragraphs.  I amaze myself with my ability to master Blogger!

Our mode of transportation.  I don't know if this is the one we were on - but going/coming I am sure it was one. 

I am fascinated by a ferry - especially one that takes cars.  When we went to Nova Scotia, we took the BIG cat across to Halifax from Bar Harbor.  Talk about fancy.  This one is pretty plain Jane, but still.  This thing takes buses, semis, and tractors!  Huge amount of vehicles, but you aren't really crammed together below.  Neat.

I have looked for the name of this body of water.  I think you are aware now that I am fascinated by water. Water falls, lakes, rivers.  All of it.  I have looked on the maps, and it is called a river, a bay, etc.  So since I am not sure exactly WHERE this is, I have no idea what the name is.  It is on the way to Olympia National Park.  It goes on and on!

We kept looking for the entrance to the park.  We were about to give up when we took this one.  This is a neat  little information place.  But I was amazed at the FERN in the center of the picture.  I am fully aware of the fact this is a rain forest, but still!  I imagine it gets cold here.  We are between the Pacific and Seattle.  Just south of Canada!

As I said - rain forest biome!  Thick, thick forest.  Really pretty.

When we got to the end of the road - literally, it was a resort.  They have hot springs - which was no surprise when we opened the car door!  This is a resort that has a bunch of little cabins scattered around.  Seems to be very popular. Looks like they "treat" the water from the hot springs. 

Couldn't resist another picture of the water with the mountains around it.  We were returning to the ferry here.

I stayed in the car this time.  If you look carefully ahead, you can see this is a piece of heavy equipment ahead of us.  You can't see them but on the left, there are two school buses taking kids home from school.

Allergens abound in this area presently.  I take my antihistamine daily (probably over a greater period than I should), but I have that sometimes itchy throat which is now a little sore at the junction point of the nasal cavity and upper throat.  That symptom could either be a cold or allergy.  Even after all these years, I can't tell!

Delaney's party was nice.  I didn't get caught with Christina's dad this time.  Every other party, he attaches himself to us like glue.  I guess when we said he couldn't do a "day hunt" with his kids (all adults but one plus MY son) on our property, he doesn't like us.  Ah, too bad.  I referred him to a neighbor who had stocked his place with exotics.  The least Chris could get by with to hunt there was about $2000 a gun!  But he always brags about having so much money.   I guess free deer would be better for him.

OK - today we go across the sound to Olympic National Park.  Let me just say, G really didn't know where we were going.  We drove and drove looking for the entrance.  We finally decided we would pull into the next gate we found.  Their entrances are not like any other park we have visited,  After getting home we believe this was the main gate.

By the way - we have a senior pass that we got when we took the grands to Alpine, Texas.  We went to Ft Davis when we were there - and now we get into the National Parks FREE!  Free is always good.

On the horizon, blending in with the sky and haze is Mt Rainer.  I took about six pictures to try to get it - this is the best.  You still can't see it!!!!  But it is there!