Saturday, June 30, 2018


Guess the last post was quite a negative sounding one.  I AM in a negative mood - but not directed at that family.  All of this was long ago, and things that happened to them are tragic.  My son has fully forgiven the kids of that family, and I am following suit.  I still think they did bad things, but I guess they really didn't know better.

I AM furious with our neighbor at the SSB.  He is an outsider in acres of family-owned land.  People in that community historically (and rightly we are finding) shun "outsiders."  We, along with another relative who has since passed, helped them integrate into the community.

But this thing has turned on his neighbors.  It all started with the nephew of the other neighbor who helped whose land abuts his.  It is all over the road we all use that is on Z's property.  Z wants to cancel all easement.  That leaves properties landlocked.

The nephew has spent lots of money to fight Z.  He has a totally legal, recorded easement.  We are not so lucky.  Ours is an add-on to my MIL's property and it is the track we inherited.  It was bought from "nephew's" father who was in a bind to sell - at the same time he sold to Z.  Unfortunately the old folks did things on a handshake.  Our easement wasn't recorded at the courthouse. 

On July 12, after much wrangling, but without actually filing suit against him to stop him because we don't want to spend all of our retirement money, he is going to dam off our access to our property.  The law states since we have been using this road as easement, it is our right, but he will not recognize.  If he were going to take nephew as far as he did when his was recorded, we just won't fight that far.  We can get in through his late sister's property.

Am I waiting for karma for Z?  Absolutely.  He is evil.  He has property in another area, and no one will have anything to do with him - all over the same issue.  He is a jerk.

So I guess I should "turn the other cheek" and all that, but I most assuredly am not anywhere near that yet - and probably never will be.  So bad on me, I guess.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018


There are some who don't believe in it.  There are some who think it is just purely fiction. But then, something happens and makes you a believer.

This is the background here.  We had a neighbor who had children the same ages as mine.  She was a witch.  Honestly, she was.  Her daughter and mine were the same age, and one of her sons was the same age as mine.

One year when her daughter had her birthday party, she invited the girl next door.  This next door neighbor and my daughter were fast friends.  BUT she did not invite my daughter.  Needless to say, my daughter was crushed.

Then when my daughter was in Girl Scouts, this woman was one of the co-leaders.  When Krissi came home from a scout meeting one day, she had a bruise on the top of her shoulder (almost nect0  When I asked her what happened, she told me this woman grabbed her and squeezed.  I SO wish I had taken severe action then.  Today if that happened, she would be charged with assault on a child.  I seethed over that for years.

Her sons were bullies.  One day when the boys were getting off the bus, they pulled mine down onto the ground by his backpack.  When we went to their house to confront this particular incident, the parents could care in the least about it.  They also locked him in a playhouse for a long period.  They were just mean nasty kids.

The first time karma hit this family was the father who died early from cancer.  The latest karma I just learned today.  The mother has had Alzeheimers for five years, and she is pretty advanced.

I am not rejoicing nor have I ever rejoiced in the pain this family has endured. Neither of these things would I wish on anyone.  But it does tend to make me wonder.