Friday, May 29, 2009

Swim meet

Tomorrow is the third swim meet of the season. Lady Bug has great confidence in her ability. She is trying to beat all the boys at practice, and takes the whole thing very seriously. Having such confidence is good, but I'm always afraid she might have it shaken if she doesn't do well sometime.

She is a competitor. She is sort of like the race horse that doesn't want to have another horse in the competition. When one of the other swimmers gets close, she pours on the coal.

Last week, Daughter kept telling her I was her good luck charm. I'm not sure that was a good idea because she immediately began asking, no begging, me to come to all her meets. I enjoyed it a lot, but every Saturday?? I don't know if I can keep that up.

Would I do anything in the world for her. You bet - in a heart beat. Guess where I will most likely be tomorrow!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Effects of changing weather

We had a front move through here yesterday. As expected the joints announced its proximity the day before. They are still screaming.

Just about the time I think those joints are settling down, something happens that makes me realize they are still there and still talk to me.

This is one of those times. They are waking me in the middle of the night. They scream when I go upstairs to work, but it's the coming down that really hurts. If I could get down on my butt, I think I might try to come down that way. Getting to my butt would probably mean I would go down the stairs head first.

My half hearted attempt to get rid of this excess weight have been just that. I haven't been successful. I tried the dietitian's method. I gained weight. So I think I may have to go back to carb limiting. My body latches on to carbs like there's no tomorrow.

I guess I could stop the Fem*ra. That would do it! The little c would return. That would be a way to lose weight. I saw Son's best friend's mother Monday. She also had breast cancer. After she completed her five year run of the other drug, her cancer came back. I heard she was at death's door. Apparently she really isn't - but she looks really old. She is thin though!

Perhaps we are in for a nice long string for good weather. Perhaps the joints will settle down again. Perhaps I just should make an appointment with the ortho doc.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost that time - again.

Part of my morning routine is to sit here, reading emails and blogs, drinking my coffee, while listening to a local talk show. Today's topic: hurricane season. It seems like Ike just hit. There is so much that hasn't been repaired yet. They gave the damage amount as $24 billion. Now here we are faced with another season.

We have lived here 38 years. In that time, we have weathered two hurricanes. Alicia was the first. In that one the eye passed right over our house. That was an interesting experience. After the rain and winds, it became beautifully clear. It was calm and dry. We looked in the back yard to see our huge pecan tree split right in half. We expected to lose that tree, but it managed to heal and has given us (but mostly the blasted squirrels) pounds and pounds of pecans. After a bit, the skies darkened again and it all started over again.

With Ike, we were so blessed that the eye went more to our east. That put us on the "dry side" of the storm. While we did have our neighbor's tree land on our garage roof (and he STILL has not had his trees trimmed - the bum), our damage was nil. The worst was losing power. After a hurricane, it becomes very hot. It's like the storm pulls all the air along with it. Of course, September is one of our hottest months.

I think the tv stations are doing a good job however. With Ike, a lot of people in the low lying coastal areas (we are 60 miles inland - at least) didn't think they needed to evacuate. They had ridden out storms before, so they were staying put. Of course, the experience with Rita, it is no wonder they were going to stay put. People died on the freeways in their attempt to flee a storm that didn't hit here.

I don't think folks will decide to stay put next time. According to the paper today, four more bodies from Ike have (finally) been identified. That leaves at least one body to still be identified - but I think there are still a lot of missing folks. When houses are washed away, you know bodies have to be washed away. If they went into the gulf, they are gone.

Anyway, I am sure preparations will begin early this time for a lot of people. I was able to find a portable digital tv last weekend. That is really good because my little analog I have had since Alicia will be obsolete. Those little tv's really help to feel connected, and I feel much better with this little new one. That is about all we need to do here to be ready. I always keep canned food, and with the power going out, all the stuff in the freezer will melt - so that is a ready food supply is there - until it spoils and gets thrown out. But I think our plans will be to stay tbrough the storm, and then leave for the SSB.

This is just one of the joys of living along a coastal area. But each region has its own problems. At least it isn't ice and snow - normally.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I never thought I would say that yesterday I sat on a $250 pillow - and it was on sale!!!

Son and his band got a gig at a very upscale furniture store in a very upscale part of Swampland. They handle the very popular Texan rustic furniture. You know, leather and old barn wood kind of stuff. The difference is that they have BIG price tags on said furniture. One leather sofa was $12,000.

The stuff is comfortable. These days I really eye the chairs I am going to sit in. If they allow the butt to go lower than the knees, they are "capture" chairs. They will have captured me. When we went to the movies on Sunday, we went to one of those new food, drink, and movie places. They have low chairs and higher chairs. I thought the low chair would be ok. Not so much!!

But the chairs in this store were wonderful. If: 1. I didn't have to completely redecorate my entire house because that is not my present style, and 2. The chairs weren't $2500 on sale, I would buy one in a heart beat. They were soft and cozy while being supportive. But I am not going to spend $100,000 on my den.

Son and band did a very nice job of entertaining. It was a fun outing. The store was providing some kind of bbq sandwiches, beer, wine, and margaritas. And I did find something that G assures me I could get and it not be stolen. They had a metal welcome sign that was about 2x3 feet. It would be so cute on the side of the house at the SSB. He has a good point. We lock the gap over the cattle guard. If they are going to steal that sign, they will be in the house as well. They would have to go to a lot of trouble to get to the house. They will certainly make it worthwhile. Not just a $113 piece of metal signage!

So I told daughter I wanted that sign for my birthday. I could go back to get it, but they are always wanting to know what we want for various present giving days. Thought I would give her an idea.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Sleep deprived

For some reason, sleep is eluding me - except for those hours after 6:15 a.m when G's alarm goes off. For several months, I have been reading before I go to sleep. Recently I fall asleep while reading, and this means dropping the book. So I assume I am sleepy, so I turn off the light and prepare to go back to sleep.

Sleep doesn't happen. It is almost as soon as the light goes off, my eyes open - wide. I have always had a problem falling asleep. When it gets dark, my mind races. That got better for a while, but it is back with a vengeance again.

When I have tossed and turned for a while, I'll turn the light back on and read some more with the same results. My eyes close, I fall asleep. So I turn the light off again. This usually goes on until well after midnight (bedtime is 10:45).

I am usually sleeping well by 6. Then the alarm goes off, and I get up. I will lay on the couch "watching" the news. When G leaves I will sometimes fall back to sleep for about an hour.

I just wish I could sleep when I am supposed to. I am so tired of tossing and turning. I know it is said you shouldn't read before bed. It has been relaxing me. I really think the new a/c has more to do with it all than anything else. With the old one, you could hang meat in the bedroom because you were trying to cool the rest of the house. The new one is better balanced and seems to run less - a lot less. So I am used to a cold bedroom and now is is cool. So I have set the thermostat to be cooler between 10 p.m and 6 a.m. It was that way last night - and I slept better. There is hope.

May your problems be no bigger than mine. If the a/c temperature is as bad as our problems get we are really blessed!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Potpourri

It is unusual that I am posting on Sunday, but here I am all alone - at least right now.

G and the guys are at the SSB. They have unloaded the large table my dad made years and years ago that was at the lake. Daughter got a picture from Son in Law's phone. She said it looks good. It makes sense to have that table there. It will seat 8, and when everyone is there, we need something that large. In a few years, we will still need a kid's table though. Right now there are 4 grandchildren, but I know that number will increase. Plus, our house is usually the gathering place if the extended family gets together - but that seems to be happening less and less since Father in law's death.

G just called and said they will be bringing the "large chest" back here. I gave exact directions that if it was damaged too badly by the vandals, leave it. Well . . . It looks like it is. It is not where I wanted it. The other one is not where I wanted it. Men!! Well I can change it June 19 weekend. I need to paint those chests that are there. They don't go with the colors in the house - at all. One of the chests is an antique cedar chest that is painted "cheokee red" which is in fact a dark pink/rose. Does. Not. Fit. In.

Enough of all that. Lady Bug had been promised Build A B*ar today, but since I said that I don't think I could walk that much we are going to a thrift shop that has great new (from model homes) furniture, lunch and a movie. Of course, BAB is on tap for tomorrow.

At least I will be getting out of the house. I have lots to do here. I need to complete the inner and outer purse that I am doing. I want to have that for the July craft show along with other outer purses. I will post pictures when I have finished. I also want to make baby and toddler hats. They are supposed to sell like hotcakes. The only problem with these projects is it still takes time to embroidery them.

Happy Sunday.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nappy time it is!

I have just returned from one of those "you're in town" command performances. Lady Bug was in her second swim team event. I was informed she would be crushed if Grandma didn't come to at least one event. I went and stayed for four. That little girl is actually incredible. This is her first year, and she is really good. She improved her time on three of the events, and actually participated in one where she didn't know the stroke. Not only was she not disqualified, she placed third.

I really should have gone to Son's vocal recital. But I think he will understand. At least I hope.

G and Son in law and friend went to the lake house to remove some of the furniture before we put it on the market. He called Daughter and said the way the vandals tore up the place made him want to cry. Yep, me too. I am really having to distance myself from that house. My parents put so much of themselves in it. It was just a shell, and they completed it.

I feel like a failure in keeping the "estate." First, the funeral home really wrecked Daddy's funeral, and now I have let the vandals ruin that house. I just feel like I can't really do anything right.

Hope your holiday is a good one.


Friday, May 22, 2009

HAL, part 2

I hate hackers! I know this is not an unusual statement because who in the world likes them with the exception of other hackers. If the world were free of these horrible people, we wouldn't have to load our computers with hundreds (ok, mild exaggeration here) of programs to keep them from infecting and invading out computers.

What, you may ask, is causing this tirade? It is simple, my friends. When I boot my computer, it is because I want to do some work. I want to do it immediately. But all too often, there is no way because said computer(s) are having a moment. They are in control, and you can't get in. Why are they in control? It is because they are automatically downloading updates to said programs and/or they are scanning the computer.

I really thought my computer(s) could do more than two things at one time, but apparently this is not the case. This morning I wanted to turn the computer on, log on to the internet, do my things, and then go on with my other business. That was not in Gertie's plan. She wanted to do a virus scan - which is a noble thing to do. I know it must be done, but immediately upon booting?? Not only that, but apparently there was an update on the firewall, so off she went.

I know what you're thinking. I should have someone run a real check and find all the hidden bugs that these programs miss. You are absolutely correct. I know I can't do it, but the local computer guru place will keep the computer for several days. Not. What. I. Want.

I guess this particular HAL and I will just have to learn to coexist. But I don't have to like it.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

What a morning

I had the distinct priviledge of beginning my morning with a trip to the dentist. It was my usual (three month interval) cleaning. I enjoy my hygenist. She is funny and we get along well. But, I mean, really - the dentist. You have to understand that I have a mouth full of crowns. I think there are about 10 teeth that are my own. The remainder came at great cost to me.

One of those that is still the natural tooth has a crack. It was there three months ago, and it hasn't gone away. Amazing. I accuse my dentist (who we have been seeing for almost 30 years) of wanting to take a trip somewhere by crowning these teeth.

My teeth have never been strong. Then when I was 12 I had braces applied. My orthodontist's name, and I am not kidding, was Dr Pulliam, and pull 'em he did! Those braces did nothing to strengthen my teeth. Those were real torture devices. The good ol' doc didn't believe in wax or anything when there were wires poking into the inside lips. I still have scars from them.

When I first began going to this present dentist, he wanted to crown my front teeth since they had porcelain fillings. No, no, no, no. Then the one where the nerve died when I was 16 finally became so brittle that it broke off, I had to have it crowned. I really was afraid that time. There was nothing sticking up from the gum line. I had an implant before they became common for tooth loss.

Three years ago, when I had several crowns nicely in place, he talked me into doing all the front teeth. I could have bought a small car, but we did it. He and I spent the day together that day. I had six crowns put in.

But that is done, and I'll admit the results are great. They look really nice - much better than my old real ones. But as for the one that is cracked now - my opinion is we wait. Emergency crown placement is so much more fun. After all I need some excitement in my life!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HAL is taking over

Yes, I really believe HAL, from the movie "2001" is taking over my life - and I'm losing!

The new, much ballyhooed a/c system is (gasp) computer controlled. I read the instruction booklet. I go to set the temperature. I still get a "hold until X:XX (time). I try to reset it to a cooler temperature, and it only holds for x amount of time. I am supposed to be able to program "events" in to it. What events?? There are no events around here. We get up, G leaves, I "do" my computer stuff, I eat lunch, and so on. I just need the thing to keep a temperature.

I made the mistake of allowing the temperature setting to be a little higher last night. It sure was! There was no getting up in the middle of the night and bumping the thermostat any more. You have to reprogram it.

I think it will be great in the winter when I want the heat LOW at night, then let it warm up when G gets up. I can't believe he is so cold natured. I think he really needs to live on the equator. The man wears long sleeves all year long. I'm sure glad he doesn't want to retire. I think we would kill each other within a week.

My next problem with computers came this morning. I have had to be sure that F*irfox is not my default browser. If I do, when it gets its panties in a ruffle, I would be dead in the water. The problem with going back to E*plorer is that my bookmarks do not come along. So my browsing is limiited. I was in the middle of reading blogs when the F got in a snit. I could go to E to check the business email and so on, but I have to wait for F to settle down to finish my reading.

I'm fighting these computers - and they are winning! What a bummer.

To add insult to injury, I need to call the alarm people. When we came in Monday, G, with his infinitely poor memory, messed up the keypad I think. It is flashing numbers that I don't understand and is not ready to arm. I'm afraid to try to do anything with it. I don't want it going off. That is not a pleasant situation.

So I am going to try the other browser, then call the alarm people. Wish me well! I wonder if the computers cam tie me up in wires and chips??


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Woo Hoo!!

The guys are here to finish the a/c! Of course, I was told that I would be called when they were on their way. Guess what. Yep, that was too easy. No call.

Daughter in law and Wiggle Worm were here visiting. She came to pick up some music for Brian for Saturday. He is participating in a vocal recital. Anyway, we were having a great visit, when a knock on the door . . .

Simone came unwound. She had no collar on. She barked. It startled WW, and he spit up while lying on my couch. It was just so much fun. But they are here. They are working. They will be out of my house - some day! And we will be cool while saving energy (I hope).

Peace again today.

Home again

We are home again. It was an interesting weekend in that we had to bring back furniture that broke. The first thing that fell apart when I touched it was a lamp. I was going to adjust it, and it came apart. I know how to fix lamps, but this one didn't give me enough space on the screw part to reconnect it. The lamp was one bought at one of the assistance ministries around, so I wasn't too upset. It served its purpose for six years.

The second was my chair! Now these chairs weren't exactly the top of the line pieces of furniture at the get go. They were the little inexpensive $99 fake leather swivel rockers. In the last few months, the plastic was separating from the backing. I was constantly doctoring the arm padding with the glue bottle. Of course, all that did was make it uncomfortable. I have been thinking about replacing them for several months, but I really hate to spend $300 + on a new chair. I also don't want to haul said new chairs from Swampland to the SSB. I just have not been able to figure out where I would buy new ones. Well, now I have an idea. I am going to check the thrift shops in the area.

We brought home the pieces of those things. Today is heavy trash pickup here, so we put them at the curb. When G went out this morning, they were gone. I know the lamp can be fixed - if you have the patience. The chair - I'm not so sure. Daughter had a chair like that one about three years ago. It didn't last long. I know what broke, and I really don't think it is worth fixing - especially with the plastic coming off.

As for our a/c update. They sent the good technician out Thursday evening. I called on Thursday only to be told they would call back. That didn't happen, so I called again. When I finally talked to James and told him we had no a/c, he set up a technician to come out. The first guy had no idea, but the second, who has been here twice before and is good, fixed the unit. We were cool Thursday night. In fact with about 1/3 of the duct work still out, it is doing a beautiful job of cooling the house. Of course, the weather has moderated - again. It is only about 70 outside right now.

James had called before we got home. I returned his call. They probably won't be able to complete the job (estimated to be a half day) until Friday. It seems to me that it would be better to not start a job if there are others hanging. We didn't have to have it done immediately. We weren't without cooling. Oh well. We'll see.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day four and counting

The guys left last night at 7PM. I had hopes that they were fnished. Nope. Most of the duct work is not connected. They said that it is really tight getting to the duct work. I am well aware of that. It had been pushed aside since we took in the attic. But the salesman is the one who drew up the plans - talk to him. Yep, I'm getting a little bitter right about now.

They had the downstairs unit running when they left. But, as the night before, it quit. It turned red and said there were too many amps to the compressor. So that means the little unit upstairs is still trying to cool this entire house. It was meant for about 1200 square feet. We have more than that. I can see it will fail before too much longer.

They said they would "probably" be back this morning. Well morning is about gone, as it is 11:29 AM Swampland time. I called them at 10:30. They were going to call back. Tick, tick, tick . . .

My mood right now is not a pleasant one. I have finally started my washing. That is another heat source in the house. I need to go to the store since we are/were going to the SSB tomorrow morning. But here I sit - waiting.

I wish I could find some humor in this mess. It escapes me. My house is hot, my duct work is missing, the fancy-dancy compressor won't, and the little one is probably going to roll over and die. Oh, by the way, when I checked it's thermostat last night, it was set on 40!!!! The heat wave continues, and the blasted weather people keep saying - just a couple of more days and then a front which will significantly cool things off. I think I need to turn the news off!

Oh well - such are the joys of living in Swampland and deciding to be proactive and replace an old unit before it quits in August.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day Three

Yes - we are entering day three of the air conditioner make-over. And day three of an "unusual heat wave." Why should that even begin to surprise me?? Stupid me. We could have done this in February, our coldest month. We would have had a heat wave then. Temperatures would have soared into the 90's. The record books would have new records to report.

Monday, I was smug about the whole thing. It remained really cool in the main living area. The bedrooms were hot, but then they had been closed off. You see, they are a mess, and I was embarrassed by the mess. I didn't realize that they had done nothing to the little upstairs unit except set the thermostat to 70! It was cooling its little heart out.

Monday night I managed to cool the bedroom with the usual fan and an added box fan to try to bring in the cool air falling from the upstairs (remember - I told you about that).

I got up yesterday with the house still fairly cool. They worked like little beavers all day. About 6:30, they announced they were leaving. Those were the words I was dreading. They would be back today.

Well, alrighty then. Monday night wasn't too bad. I spent the day right here in my breakfast room turned office with a fan blowing on me. We'll survive.

Except I had figured I better actually cook. Spaghetti. Not one burner but two! Well, that's one of the reasons I had the vent hood changed to a Tim Allen special. Remember his show, "Tool Time?" I wanted/needed one that would pull out smoke and hot air. My cook top is in a sort of island. We have a grill in that cook top. Grill + food = SMOKE! So as I was simmering the sauce, and then boiling the pasta, that sucker was pulling out air at full force.

When I went to the refrigerator I realized that the vent from the upstairs unit that comes into the kitchen had been dismantled. NO. Air. Coming. Into. Kitchen.

Shortly after the guys said they were leaving, another, different guy came in. He said he was going to try something. That something was to try to get the new unit to provide a little air. They have installed a fancy dancy new thermostat (that I wonder if I will ever figure out - no G will never figure it out, bless his little non-mechanical heart). It had been flashing red. I got the idea that something must be wrong.

After he tinkered, the thermostat turned green. I was so excited! I ran out (this time not encountering an alarm salesman) to look at the new, huge unit, and admire it as it compressed whatever it compresses to cool my house. As I rounded the corner, I heard the upstairs unit, but thought the new one ran so quietly. Yes, it was quiet; it wasn't running.

I returned to the house and the thermostat was red again. Our fate was sealed. Still, this was nothing compared to post-Ike. The warmest it has gotten in the house is 80.5. That wasn't too bad.

G went upstairs to check on the little unit. They had dismantled all its vents with the exception of the bedroom that is opposite the stairs (!?!?!). It was set to 68. He opened the access door and the attic was really cool. Vents were just there - no connection. So he (gasp) left the attic access door open. I was imagining all the little varmints that might be slipping into my craft room.

To bring this to a close - we did get through the night. They are here again. There is a lot of banging and thumping. The new unit will be addressed. I am sure (hopeful) things will be all humming properly tonight!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thirteen hours and then . . .

Yesterday was one of those days. It was like one we had about eight years ago. We endured workmen in our house for about thirteen hours.

Yesterday was the scheduled day for the a/c replacement. The guys arrived about 8:30 AM. They worked, hammered, banged, and removed duct work until about 6PM. I was pleasantly surprised with the ambient temperature in the house. Last week, we managed to have temperatures in the 80's. This week . . . low 90's - of course.

Last evening when I went to the refrigerator to get the salad fixings, I was almost afraid that the freezer door had been left open. It was really cool there, in fact the tile under my feet was cold! It was then G informed me that the upstairs A/C was running. In fact it was set on 70. No wonder the living area downstairs was fairly comfortable. I looked at the thermometer. It registered 79. It was really no hotter than when the downstairs unit was running. No wonder we needed a new one. The upstairs unit has a vent into the kitchen. That little vent was keeping this area cool.

When I got ready for bed, I could tell the downstairs unit was off. The bedroom, which got the lion's share of air from the old unit and thus comfortable, was an oven! The stairs land right outside the door, so I got a box fan to bring the falling cool air into the bedroom. It was passable last night - until Princess Simone decided that she had to take a stroll around the backyard at 3:30. That was really ok, because her day yesterday was completely turned upside down.

We were going to go outside after the a/c guys left to admire the new (huge) outside unit. I opened the door, and there was a guy standing right there getting ready to either knock or ring the bell - don't know which. Turns out, he was representing another alarm company. They would give us a new keypad, basically update our ancient alarm equipment and give us a fire sensor. The equipment was free, the installation was $99, and it would be $1 more than we pay to the big B company. So we had people in the house until 8:45 last night.

This reminded us both of the time we changed cable to digital. The technician was trying to run the cable where it ran before. That was a tricky task because after the first cable, we enlarged the house by taking in the attic to make two bedrooms, a bath, and a sitting area. The cable was not accessible anymore. He was pulling the new with the old. That is until, while trying to enlarge the hole through which is passed, he cut the old cable with his drill.

We ended up with at least two supervisors and the original technician tromping around. The weather decided to change. It began to rain. Not a light soaking rain. No, this was a pounding rain. Water everywhere. My son was still living with us. He was going to his room upstairs when he asked my why the hall carpet was wet.

My first response was to look up at the ceiling. That was really stupid because it couldn't be coming from there. It was worse. The hot water supply line to the downstairs sink had ruptured. There was hot water everywhere.

So now we get to add a plumber to the mix. He comes in, shuts off the water, and repairs the line. G, in the meantime, called our insurer. They send a reclamation company out. Now we have the technician, two supervisors from the cable company, fortunately the plumber left, and two guys from the reclamation company trooping around the house which now has wet carpeting in a main passageway.

The reclamation company pulls back the carpet and sets up their huge fans to speed drying. It was pure chaos around here. And as well as I remember it was about the same time of year. Oh, my. Pray for us. I think we need it. The a/c guys are back. I just hope one doesn't come through the ceiling while replacing the duct work.


Monday, May 11, 2009

We survived

Yesterday was not only Mother's Day, but literally D day - Dedication Day. We survived!

We got to the church at the appointed hour to get seats - 11 AM. I called Son's cell - no answer. So I tried DIL's cell. She answered. They had not left their house yet. It was agreed upon that we would meet outside the church when they got there. About 15 minutes later - they were there. We went into the church.

I can honestly say that I felt that we were entering a movie theater. In the middle of (what in my church) is the narthex was a big "information center." To my left was the snack bar. It did have a name something like (church's name) cafe. The whole area was about the size of the lobby of a mega movie theater. People were EVERYWHERE!

We went into the church. The lights were dimmed and the canned music was blaring. People were milling about. At the ends of the rows and rows of chairs were little plastic buckets. At the backs of some sections of chairs were set ups of wine and bread with something in a picture frame about communion.

We sat down, and best of all I got to hold Wiggle Worm. That baby is a morning person. I do not know how he got into this family! He doesn't fit. Anyway, then the "service" began. I honestly felt like I was at a rock concert. All the cameras were sending their signals to the big screens mounted in the front of the church.

I do not mean to step on toes here. The new Lutheran church I would like to attend because of their dynamic pastor is contemporary. It has a band. It has a lead and bass guitar. It was drums. It has singers at microphones, but it is not rock. They continued through about three numbers. It was a concert.

Finally the main preacher came out in his worn jeans and untucked shirt. He said several things, and the dedication was on. There were probably ten children who were being dedicated. When it came to WW, he was clearly not happy.

G and I come from backgrounds of infant baptism. I laughed with G saying that WW was wondering where the water was for the baptism which is his heritage too!

After the dedication, they announced communion. You just were to get up and wander back to the areas where the bread and grape juice (? I don't really know) were there. Then they sat back down so they could pass out the plastic buckets to collect the offering.

Finally was the message. He was good. He quoted several Bible verses. They had a little insert i n the bulletin where you were expected to take notes and fill in blanks.

I am sure most of those people got a lot out of that service. It left me cold. I am the very first to admit that I am caught up in the way we worship. I love a liturgical service. For me, it sets the mood and prepared me to worship. The emphasis of our service is communion. Everything builds to that event.

I know Son wants us to come back to experience the main preacher. He says he is so good. He may be, but I won't be back. That church just doesn't do it for me, and that's fine - obviously the church where he was raised doesn't do it for him any more.


Friday, May 08, 2009

Forgot to tell you

My phone will never ring if I don't leave the house - at least that's the way I feel most of the time. I can sit here for days and with the exception of Daughter calling to check on me, there is not an incoming call.

That was the case on Wednesday. I sat here awaiting (dreading) the call from the dietitian. She was supposed to call at 1 PM. That came and went. I figured she wasn't going to call. So I left because I had to get to the ATM.

I was gone about 30 minutes because when I got to the drive through ATM, they had the driveway torn up. Now, why couldn't they do that on the weekend. Naturally this outing is one of the very few where I didn't put on long slacks, a good top and my trusty wig. I looked like something the cat tried to bury. This is important because I had to go across the street to the main building. There is a walk-up ATM there.

I pulled in the parking lot. I looked around, and breathed a sigh of relief. There was no one in the immediate area. I get out of the car, and out comes one of the tellers. I could have died. Then up drives another person. I was about to crawl into one of the cracks in the concrete! I got my money and left.

When I walked into the house, naturally the answering maching was beeping its little head off! Guess who it was - right! The dietitian.

The first part of her message was to call her. The last part was she would call me next week. I did return her call. I guess I have to wait until next week.

We are having our duct work and downstairs air conditioner replaced next week. It will take at least two days, possibly three. Our forecasted weather for said period - low 90's. Of course. Just want to chase away moderate weather here in swamp land - have your a/c break or be worked on. Works every time.

Hope your weekend is a good and restful one.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Probably controversial

I try to keep away from controversial topics here. The reason for this blog is not do have idealological arguments. I usually just want to share little life happenings, and it started for the grandchildren. Of late, I keep wondering if I want any of them to read it because of some statements I have vented about family members.

Anyway, I really need to vent about this topic. When we had schools close here due to the flu, some parents were up in arms. Now for the ones who are supposed to be at work, I can really understand. They have no other placement for school age children. A day care isn't going to take them for a week or two - even if they have space, and they don't have programs for older children in place at this time of year.

The mother that took the absolute cake for me was the one who said she wouldn't be able to feed her children. She depended on the school to do that. I know times are tough and very tight for a lot of people. Your children are supposed to be at the top of your expense list. A child doesn't eat that much. I guess she depends on the neighborhood programs in the summer too. Feeding your child is your responsibility.

(Now out comes the soap box for more)

Teaching really made me aware of how little some parents want to parent. They want to turn all the sticky stuff over to the schools. They want after school programs to be provided by the schools. In reality, many want before schools too. I honestly believe they would only like their children home for a couple of hours.

Having been trapped in middle school for most of my career and teaching 7th grade science, I was one of the cadre of the chosen to have to teach sex ed. I am a full believer that subject is an absolute necessity. I didn't mind doing it. I know too many parents are just simply not comfortable to talk about IT.

The problem is when you consider all the nationalities and religions we have in the public school. All parents wanted sex to be taught "their way." We had such a canned unit that it was really scary to teach it the way it was supposed to be taught. We did have an alternate unit for those parents who didn't want their children in class. I'm sure they learned all the subject matter on the bus on the way home, but they were given a regular health unit.

We separated boys and girls, and to show that none of us were shy about the subject matter, we would rotate between the two groups. The scary part I referred to was the dreaded anonymous question box. Remember - I am talking about 7th graders. Some of the questions were good. Others were put in to see what the reaction would be as well as the answer. Now, those questions very well might have covered some of the material that was purposely left out of the curriculum.

In reality, I think all questions should have been answered. We have entirely too many teen mothers here. What we are doing isn't working. But . . . We had to watch our mouths because if something got home to a parent that they didn't approve - well you can finish that thought.

Back to my original rant. I don't want to see children go hungry, do home to empty houses that could tempt them to do who knows what, or be poorly educated. It isn't the child's fault. But depending on the school for the nourishment of your children!!! I think it is time for today's parents to step up to the plate and take responsibility for that child. The schools cannot and should not be everything to everybody.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


OK, this proves it - I am not a positive person. In fact right now I am positive I am not a postive person!

This morning has been one of complete frustration. Everything I have tried to do has ended in hair pulling frustration!

The first thing I tried was to send Mother in Law flowers for Mother's Day. I have done it before, and there was not a problem. Today - different story. Our insurance company is huge. They do lots of things. One is having a special with one of the floral delivery companies. I logged on to their site to get to the flower part. I needed the user name and password. I. Didn't. Have. Them. I emailed G. It took him over an hour to send it to me. So I went about other tasks while on line that I will go into later. I even tried to set up my own used name and password. Nope - I was informed I already had one. There was no escape information for those of us who would have forgotten that information. Out of luck.

Finally he emailed me back, and I went back to the site. I happily filled out the form, having retrieved the address that he had to get from his brother last night - omitting to tell me where he had written it. Then I got to the reciepient's phone number. Did. Not. Have. It! At this point, I was remembering all the hateful things this woman has done to me and considering to just "forget" to do this task. I was not about to send another email, so I called to get that information. Finally that was done. A perfect ending to a frustrating morning - almost.

While waiting for the email, I went about my merry time reading emails (from 4 accounts) and the blogs I read in the morning. That went well. Until I got to the email where one of the embroidery magazines posted that their 50 free designs were available. OK!! My new addiction. Free embroidery designs.

My first attempt was with Firefox. I got dumped twice. Desire to throw the computer onto the floor with force! So I went to Explorer. I keep that as my primary because for some reason, Firefox will not allow me to edit our web site. The downloads there were going to take me years.

So I went back to Firefox. At least it worked fairly well this time. I now have 50 new designs - to add to the thousands I have already found. I really needed them, but they were free!! Free!! The magic word.

Then I decided to come here to post (read vent). I was happily informed that Firefox was already running so tough. You can't access it. It is hidden. This happens to me - a lot. So I went to the search function. I was directed to Explorer. I didn't want Explorer, but here I am.

So here it is - after 11AM. I planned to be out of the house now. I need to hit the ATM for money for tomorrow's sewing club meeting. I guess I will have to wait because it is time to pay the piper. (This was going to be today's topic). The nutritionist is calling today. She will want to know how many pounds I'm down. Gasp! Fortunately, with my varying weight, I can honestly tell her two pounds. Don't know where it went over night, but I can rest assured it will come home tomorrow - probably bringing a party of friends! Anyway . . .


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Positive outlook?

I really thought that for the most part I did have a positive outlook. I mean, after breast cancer, I just know am going to beat it. That's pretty positive thinking. But yesterday made me wonder about just how positively I do think.

We spent the weekend at the SSB. Daughter and Son in law were going to the Alamo City so she could go to her company'd section meeting. Lady Bug has already missed several days of school, so Daughter didn't want her to miss two more days so she could go with them. We were to pick Lady Bug up from the afternoon bus to stay with us.

The trip from the SSB is at least five hours minimun, regardless of which way you go. G wanted to stop by the lake house to try to board it up. I went in this time, and that is for another time. It was bad.

Back to the subject at hand. I spent the entire trip home worring about getting home to meet the bus. We decided we would leave the SSB by 9AM. That meant not vacuuming and dusting. It also meant washing dishes by hand. The dishwasher takes hours it seems - especially when we are in a hurry.

So the SSB is a mess. We piled into the troop carrier, and we were off. I kept expecting a serious accident or a break down that would mean that we wouldn't get home at all yesterday. I just knew something was going to happen.

We got to our house at 3PM. I had an hour and 20 minutes! Daughter gave her neighbor a heads up to look for Lady Bug in case we were late. That was really great. I got to know her better. We have a lot in common! She is a great lady. I really want to get to know her even better.

So we had Lady Bug all night. She slept with me. I didn't sleep. She is impossible to sleep with. She normally sleeps in a twin bed. Give her a king and she takes the entire thing too.

Oh well, I have the rest of the day to rest. I pick her up again today, and she will be here until about 9 this evening. I am so lucky. SHe is such a great kid!