Thursday, March 31, 2011

I accept the razzing

Before I accept all the razzing, wow, this is my 925th post! That's a lot.

Now down to business. I have no idea why I was bundling up for temperatures that would top out, and this makes it worse, in the high 60's and lower 70's. I used to beg for that kind of weather. My normal "knock around" clothes are exactly as Judy put it - a tee and shorts. What happened, I don't know.

I am even opening myself for more ribbing. I turned on the heat. And I pushed the thermostat to 72. I don't usually do that kind of thing. Usually G is the only one around here with a long sleeved shirt and trousers. So go ahead - laugh at this silly Texan who cratered under this last front. I deserve it.

I am really finally a firm believer in the six degrees of separation. There have several surprises of how close to me some people are. When G and I met, it was his high school physics teacher who had married the girl who would become my Matron of Honor. That relationship got even closer - my aunt, who was 18 years older than my mother and I never met, had married into the guy's family. Intricate I know - it does make sense the way it was written. But I my head still swirls with the closeness.

Today I was talking to Son. He told me the youngest child of my best friend (I guess - haven't heard from her in months) lives close to him. So, let's see how many of them are out there. A guy that was in Daughter's graduating class and we used to go to church with the family for one - he is up the street. Across the major street is (and here we go again) my Matron of Honor's son lives there. Now this newest one.

I would think living in the fourth largest city, things would dilute a bit. But out here in the northwest part of the city and into the county, it is like a small town. And things still make me wonder.

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have gotten myself over my snit. It's just that I really strongly dislike jokes that are at the expense of someone else. That covers a great deal of the area doesn't it.

Things around here are calm. My body is trying to accept yet another change in timing. I am used to the hustle bustle of packing up and heading to the SSB. Silly how one can get so adjusted to that type of schedule, but I have. Instead of every two weeks, or twice per month, we are going only once, but stay for 7-10 days.

My body isn't regulated there either! Come Sunday, I begin feeling like I have to start the laundry and mop the floors. Since neither of those is on my "Top Ten List," I don't relish that feeling. It is good though when I realize I have at least a couple of days, but that laundry building up tries to get its little jab in!

All the children are wonderfully well. That is saying something for five kiddos. That rarely happens, and it is really joyful when it happens. The youngest two are really getting their personalities. Little Bit seems to be a very happy baby - she smiles so readily which is her usual practically since birth. I have seen her pitch an absolute fit though. That's my grandchildren - all of them are so even tempered (NOT).

I have been working on the cutest blocks made from cocktail napkins. There is a letter with something that begins with that letter machine embroidered onto the center. The "pattern" called for a ribbon to hold the six pieces together. Whoever made those first must not know the babies those blocks are intended for. I stitched them together, and then put the ribbon.

I don't know if my spacial brain is on vacation or what, but I cannot get a single ribbon to go through the little spaces around the edge of those napkins. I don't think a single ribbon could possibly be used, so I do what I can. for the demo ones, I am using a fabric glue. My previous partner said you could build the Eiffel Tower with the stuff, and I concur.

So today is a slow day. We were going to the plant nursery, but the weather is a little miserable to be out in it. I know, I am hiding indoors because it is high 60's and cloudy. I'll admit it - I am a coward. But then, that's why I live here. Besides that, all the joints in my body that have even a bit of arthritis is screaming today.

I do wish Spring would come to you living in the places where snow is still on the ground and the temperatures are so low. I do not envy you one little bit.

Peace be with you.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surprise - it's me on Saturday!

I know I don't usually post on Saturday, but it's such a nice day I need to stop to let my lunch digest a bit before continuing my chores. When I was working, I had to do all my chores on Saturday. I've been retired 10 years, and I still do them on Saturday. Such a creature of habit - or is it my absolute hatred for chores? I'm putting my money on the second. There are always a chance I'll get a good invitation and I am off.

I just had to post this amazing thing happening. I was so worried about G retiring. So far, knock on wood or whatever brings luck to make this statement true and last forever, everything is going well. G has a terrible temper, and not much impulse control. He has been really pleasant to be around. This is the best yet.

Right now he is tackling our garage. Now our garage is/was an absolute mess. He wants to blame it all on me, but it is not my mess. I have confessed to being a bit of a horder. I know, because it has happened over and over, as soon as I decide something isn't needed - the very next day I really could use it instead of perking the economy. When you teach science and craft - well either you know what I am saying, or you don't.

But this garage - now that is another matter. I may have put some things in there - in relatively safe places that I wanted. As they are coming out now, they are garbage. When the kids would move out and back home and out and back home (phew!), some of their stuff would stay here "until they can come get it - we just don't have room for it right now." It had remained.

When we would get something out like my craft show tables, drink coolers, etc, and G returned them, he would just throw whatever in the middle. When he found that B didn't need this shelf that had been for advertising something, G proudly put smack in the middle of the floor. He has been having everything else join those shelves. Now I am not saying that I don't like that display unit. It does hold stuff. It's just it would be much better on the side of the garage.

When he would begin this pre-retirement, I would always have something else for us to do. I put myself in the bedroom - it's a mess too with the dog kennel "right in the middle." It also has my stationary recumbent bike. It had to be shoveled out. When I started with all my surgeries, things didn't get put away properly. My fault - no one else's (for the most part).

Today is going well. If he finds the things that are mine, and so far there have been three baskets for plants that have gone to the other side - he puts them on a table that I marked to get rid of and asks me if I want them. His mood is pretty much ok. Who knew?

So obviously we are having another nice (hot) day. It would be nicer if it were raining since we need it so bad, but it is pretty with all the plants enjoying the weather before the high 90's and low 100's begin with 99% humidly. So all in all it's good.

I hope pleasant weather comes into your neck of the woods soon. It has been a bear for part of the U.S. so far.

Peace be with you.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I watch a lot of tv. I always have, and I suppose I always will. That may not be true because I find myself with it turned off - especially if I am trying to concentrate on something.

I was watching a commercial with an especially cute young thing going through magic changes of attire. She really is a cutie. Some girls can't handle something like this, or perhaps it is just a really good casting call with an especially good director.

Anyway, I was thinking while watching her that I wish I could wear clothes like that. I just wouldn't feel comfortable in those short skirts and shorts period. It hit me then that I am 65! Now just when did this happen?

You seldom saw that particular statistic about me here. I try to never give it out. I want to be my mental age (no laughing over there in the corner!). I consider myself to be in my late thirties and wonder why the heck it is so hard to get around. Other thirty somethings don't have swollen joints in their hands.

And hands! Just when did those suckers get all wrinkly? There is a lot of loose skin to match those enlarged joints. My fingers are not as agile as they were. And it seems like the changes have taken place overnight - literally OVERNIGHT.

Has this happened to you? Do you still think like a thirty year (or younger - sometimes I think I am still 18) ?

Seriously - in many moments I expect to look in a mirror and see my younger self. I think of the age of 65. How did I get here so fast? I still look at the older people and not relate to them.

G's Aunt Weetzie (that is her real nickname - it fits her - I love her so) went to look at Assisted Living places. She was well into her seventies. She told me she didn't want to live "with those old folks. She has my same disease. We are simply not the age as it works out from our birth certificates!

So, here I sit and wonder how this all happened. Don't get me wrong, I am glad I am still able to think about this. I have jumped a lot of hurtles to get here. Hopefully I will still be jumping them next January when my five year survival comes around. Now it's time to get back to wondering.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A little serious thinking

I really don't know where all the these thoughts are coming from - the news I guess. There have been a lot of really depressing news, at least for me.

Saturday night I was sitting at the SSB with my cell phone showing I had a bar a and the computer was reading no internet access. Well this is something I really don't understand. I did have a connection on Wednesday with the same bar thingy showing, but I was connected to the rest of the world. Up there, it seems as though I am allowed one day of connections.

I was fuming and venting when G brought things into focus for me. He said "there were people sitting around this spot 150 years ago playing dominoes by lantern light." That set me thinking about his ancestors doing just that. They probably weren't in our exact spot. Their cabin was and still is on SIL's property. All those thousands of acres were a good day's ride from the main settlement.

And here I sat with towers beaming signals to little palm sized computers that we call a cell phone, satellites beaming hundreds of channels to fill our hours in front of the tv. And the tv - well, G and I decided a few months ago that our old eyes couldn't see the 27" color tv sitting in its cabinet so we went for the 42" flat screen. We are in a climate controlled house with a real floor - not the dirt one, although I really have the feeling the cabin had a wood floor from the get go. We have a solid roof overhead, and everything tight to keep the gales that are almost ever present at bay.

Yes, we have come so far. Then I returned to the news on tv. It was covering the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. As I looked at the destruction, I was stricken at the mass destruction. They were interviewing an American teacher who managed to survive it all, but lost many people. There are no words for this. The nuclear plants possibly leaking radiation. It is just so much to try to take in.

And yet, here around the world, we sit with our snug houses, warm (or cool) houses, tv and computer service (maybe if I hold my mouth just so and the connections happen to meet). All these pleasures we take for granted. I'll bet they did too.

Peace be with you

Monday, March 14, 2011


That's really how I feel at this moment. I had been kicking around a few ideas to bore you with today, but I happened across a trial I had been following in the Houston Chronicle for a few weeks now, and followed it after the event.

I was logging onto my Yahoo account when one of the news headlines, with the Chronicle by line, was first on the list. It was more about this case I had been following.

The case is about a young father repeatedly stomped on his three month old son's head. This happened last summer I, believe. His trial was going on in Galveston (where he was living) where the incident happened. He ran to Philadelphia after he committed this crime. He confessed there, both on paper and in video. Pretty much open and closed case - and it was. I think the trial started last week, and the jury found him guilty in an hour. Today was to be the penalty part of the case. He could get life without parole or death since this was labeled a Capitol Murder Case.

The thing I just read over the internet (because it wasn't in the morning paper) gave a lot more information about the man. I will give some of the background information because it helps fill out the crime. He and his girl friend were befriended by another person. They were living in a trailer in Galveston. The friend had an 8 year old daughter. This insidious thing tried to molest that girl. He managed to begin to pull down her pants, but somehow it didn't happen.

He was scared and was going out for a drive, I suppose to get himself back together. His girlfriend apparently was worried he would leave for parts unknown, so she made him take the baby. He drove out to a dune where he started yelling. That caused the infant to begin crying. Until this morning, I thought he wanted to shut the baby up, and tried choking him to death. He wanted that baby dead - he said as much. I thought he then took the baby out and (probably threw) put him on the ground and stomped on his head until he felt it give. To me that was bad enough. It turns my stomach to even relate that much.

This morning it comes out that he sexually molested that baby before killing him. I cannot describe how sickened I was. I read a little further and it said he had molested a cousin when he was 8. Now here comes the "defense." I will bet you know it already. He had been molested as a child, so... As if this makes a difference really, the account went on to say his mother smoked incessantly, had numerous cups of coffee, and I can't remember the rest of the things she did. All these things probably had to do with the surgery he had to have as an infant himself. I don't think it listed the surgery.

I am so sick and tired of hearing that excuse for molesting and KILLING a child. It happens to others when they are at the hands of their parents, but they don't become this kind of animal. I hope and pray the jury doesn't put him to death. It is not for the reason you think. Here in Texas we have executed innocent men, and this one definitely isn't innocent. No, I want him to be locked up for good (and cost us far, far more than he is worth). I want him to suffer each and every day with each and every breath.

Well. Now on to some other business at hand. We are getting ready to spend a week at the SSB. It is still a crap shoot whether or not I will have service. If I do, I will check in. If not see you in a week and probably a day.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I am such a coward

I knew as soon as the subject of the Stock Show was mentioned this morning when Daughter called. I steeled myself for the question. And sure enough - here it came. It went something like this:
Her:"we have to work at the show tonight. I would have the kids go to L**'s house, but I don't want to set upset her girl's sleeping schedule. T** (the usual sitter) has swim practice in the morning, so I don't want to keep her out too late since she has to get up at 5 to get there (a fact I know for sure because they practice at the school where I taught - those poor kids were coming out of the building like drowned rats when I was going to work). I hate to ask ...

Me:"it's ok, I'll do it. "

What was in my mind:
"why don't you tell your dear hubbie that we can't do this thing that goes on for two or more weeks when we have small children that I cannot get a regular sitter during the week that we have to work?!?!?"

Needless to say, but guess where I will be tonight from 5:30 to 11:30.

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Taxing situations

As you know - it is Income Tax time in the land. Everyone is gathering up paperwork from the previous year. They are possibly finding out they have lost some important documents as well as some non so important. That is where I stand right now!

In previous years, this was a dark and stormy time around these parts. The main tax man was in a terrible moon beginning about February. Every living soul in this house would find some place else to be when dad entered the "tax preparation place."

Recently the time has been less stressful for the most part. The part that is stressful is when I have to find things like my medical, and other miscellanea about this house and the rental. That's when I am wanting to become invisible and wishing that I really had been more careful in filing my stuff.

The biggest loss this year was information about the insulation that was put in here and the rent house. Important? Oh yes! There is the energy tax credit on this house, and the expense on the other house.

I have torn files apart looking for all my things. As far as medical, my doctors are not giving statements when I go. Even if I paid for service at the time, I used to get a nice page stating what was done to me, and what I paid. Now I get a small cash register tape. I can't find those as soon as I get home! The pages with the medication is better, but I don't open those in the study - by the files.

I have torn this house apart looking for the nice little folder I had with the insulation stuff. I searched all the checkbooks looking for that information. Was't there. So today, I put my price far, far away and called the company. They were so sweet. They will be sending me a copy of the papers tomorrow. My life was saved.

So the taxes are ready. My flub from last year didn't cause too big a stir - I just forgot to put a rather large sum into my IRA. That will cost some this year to file an updated form and pay the penalty, but it has been a rather easy time this year. Hope you got a huge amount back!

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sometimes ...

Sometimes I do worry about myself. As I said the other day, I really think I have chemo, menopause, anesthesia, and Alzheimer's brain. Since my father died of Alzheimer's, I worry each and every time I cannot remember anything. But then I add the 30mg of hydrocodone I take during the day, the three Lyrica (I think a total of 150mg), and then throw in the muscle relaxers. Try that to remember things. But it also makes me a lot more careful when driving. I already had the one accident because the ditsy blonde stopped in the intersection - but that's a different story.

My memory and alertness came to mind when I went to the drug pushers today. A little old lady (she is much older than I so that will apply) came in to the waiting room. She told the one at the window she needed a new prescription.

With all the fake pain clinics around - you know the ones that give mega doses to anyone who is able to walk in and swear that they are in pain - this clinic does not just give out prescriptions. I wondered why she could get her prescriptions filled at Walgreen's. She sat down to begin her elaboration to anyone who would listen. I feigned complete interest in my book. I wasn't distracted by anything! Certainly by this lady. Come to find out she is on a morphine pump, oral morphine and something else. And the drove herself. Apparently she gave the pharmacist the three scripts. They said she didn't give them one of her morphine. I don't know which one.

I am concerned about the amount of drugs in my body! Holy morphine, I can only imagine. The Mexican man sitting on her other side was trying so hard to be good to this lady, and he got trapped! Her Rolator (walker with seat) was all wrong for her. He looked at it trying to fix it. He was so sweet. But then he had the opportunity to hear all about her morphine; all about that Walgreens; all about the Rolator.

One of her statements stopped me cold. She can open the Rolator without difficulty, she just can't put it back in her car. That got me to thinking about all of us legal druggies. We are turned out in the traffic all day long on clinic days. I'm glad John Q. Public doesn't know about us. I know I am "under the influence" and I am more wary. I keep my eyes on the road, and I am aware of what's around me. I don't think this little lady is able to be aware of what's around her. Her age appeared to be easily mid-80's. That is a time when the family (are you listening kids - mine I mean) needs to take a cold, hard look at her abilities.

So, that was my morning. I sat in the waiting room for an hour and 45 minutes. I saw someone in the back. I think he was a physician. He asked me if I had numbness in my feet or legs, and that was it. They even brought my next appointment card to me. I went to pick up my drugs, and the little guy that was there for months is gone. I guess they could see what a mess he had going. The time in the examining room and the prescription area probably wasn't longer than 15 minutes. Makes you wonder doesn't it.

Peace be with you.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Where did it go?

I had a great topic for this morning's post. When I got in here and opened the computer, I lost that idea. Does that happen to you? I am getting a bit worried. I forget too many things. For good example is my wedding ring. I know that when I put it there (obviously not where it should go) I thought to myself that it was in a strange place I wouldn't remember. Ah, I know myself too well. That ring is sitting right there in the place I knew I wouldn't remember.

I have trouble with names also. If I meet someone and they tell me their name, odds are that I won't remember it two minutes later. I seem to remember names after three or four meetings. I lay that on the fact that I would have to remember 150 names in two days. As least that's my excuse.

All too often, I can't remember what we had for dinner last night - but that's because it must have been some of the slop that I throw together and serve in a thirty minute time period. Rachel Ray has nothing on me. I have been cooking that way for 50+ years.

I once feared my memory loss. That was until our ex-pastor was talking to me. I was his organist for at least ten years. I would ask him about something that occurred when we were doing a wedding or service together. He told me that he has the same problems caused by too much anesthesia. He has had far more than I. In fact neither he nor his cardio doc can remember how many stents he has had put in. I have been under for five surgeries. I have had conscious sedations twice. There just might be something to his claim.

I can add to the claim though. Throw in raising two kids, well he had three, so throw that one out. I have been through menopause (top that one L), and chemo (trumped you there L). I really believe adding those things with a dash of simply just ageing (after all I now get my $67 a month - because I was a teacher with a retirement plan that used to not add into taking SS away). Yep - I have four things that add up to me being a walking zombie!

I still don't remember my topic. It will come to me when I cannot possible write it down. But we will see!

Peace be with you.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

I don't know why I'm here

I really don't know why I am here! I just completed my readings of the blogs I follow, and I guess I was so inspired by you folks that I just had to say something. But what?

This reminds me of being with someone I don't know well or just flat don't know. We have no real bonds, that person and I, and the silence is deafening. Someone should start a conversation as it is embarrassing to sit there and nothing comes out.

Being me, my brain goes dead. There is nothing there. I struggle to find a topic better than the weather, but the weather is all we have in common. The harder I try, the worse it gets - at least to my mind.

Time - of time! It has stopped already! It feels we have been sitting, she and I, for days. The silence is deafening. My brain is dead. Absolutely dead. I try to jump start it, but all it sends to my brain is "it sure is hot today." That is a statement that is so true in Texas almost any day of the year. Trite - on my God!

So for having nothing so say, I was able to push out several paragraphs. But you, my blogging friends, and I have a lot in common. So I can find words to communicate with you. Perhaps the words are not much better than a commentary on the weather.

Tomorrow I will, again, try to find a topic out of my exciting life to share the experience with you.

Peace be with you.

Friday, March 04, 2011

How things change

When I was an inservice teacher, having several things going on in a single day was not daunting at all. I could teach all day, and still be able to do two or three things when I got off. It was just the way things were. No problem.

Since retirement, I have become such a homebody! I just don't get out, and my house has become a secure cave for me. No one in - no one out - including me. So my house should be a show place - right? Well that's wrong. Being a procrastinator in the highest levels of that "disease". I have always has the procrastination gene. It even went to my daughter which is one of the smaller reasons she doesn't quit since she doesn't have to work. She sees me and knows she would fit right into my mold! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Off the subject again. Yesterday I had sewing club (10:30-12:30) and then a 1:00 appointment with the dentist to get my real I got to the dentist at 12:30. He is five minutes from the house. I thought about dropping my machine at the house and then go back to the dentist, but I didn't because I was afraid I wouldn't get back in time.

So, here I am at the dentist filling out my health history since the last one was a long 3 months old! I will bet just my health histories are two inches thick. I thought the woman (more like a girl) at the desk was a bit surly, but didn't worry about it. EVERYONE else at the office are bright and cheerful. I figured she wouldn't be there the next time I do in, which is now two months away.

I sat in the office. I didn't have my book and the TV was showing some type of a informercial about dental services. After writing "no change" on the top of my health form, I began my search for reading material. It was all male related. I found the paper, and since I didn't have time to read "my" sections as G calls it., I thought this would be just great moment to read it. That took all of five minutes.

I am still sitting there - no others in the waiting room, Staff coming and going for lunch. I am getting cobwebs now. I am desperate to get something to read to spend my time. Time still passes. Then I heard someone mentions my name. Another voice pops up and says I am "out there." Another voice quips "You mean she is in the waiting room?" And the scurrying begins and brings me into the working area.

As I go in, the person who takes the money and sets the new appointment says to me "oh, I just called your house and left a message - just disregard it." Well, alrighty then, and I head onto my room to await my crown. (that sounds really regal!) The rest of that is just the usual fitting.

When I got home, I played the message. It was: "GrandmaK, this is *(*^&* at the dental office calling to help you make another appointment for the one you missed with Dr Pull em out" I had a good laugh over that. I may have hastened Miss Why are you here to make me work's dismissal from that office. Dr Dentist doesn't put up with that sh*t.

So to get back to my original statement, as all good writers are supposed to do, I was really tired when I got in bed last night, I was so tired I started making up phrases to go in the book I was reading. That's when I know it is time to stop reading - I make up things that are not written in the book. The other way I know to stop is when I drop the book. Those things came about when I was on the first page where I left off. To sum up - I just can't do things like I used to!

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Shouldn't be here

OK - here's the scene as I know it right now. The house is put on the market priced far above its real value. A buyer comes in and buys it ( and that results in the rest of the houses in the area to have their values for taxes rise!). He appears to be an older gentleman, and the gossip around the area says he paid cash. The house was paid for in cash - no mortgage. Gossip says he lives in the north (Michigan ?), but his father lives in the neighborhood and he wants to have a place to stay when he is here.

That's all well and good, but he wasn't here but a bit after buying the house. He moved a young Mexican lady along with her two children (one about 12 at the time and the other 4) into the house. She is the one there most of the time - except when she returns to Mexico. Some question about the relationship there. Someone said she was the housekeeper. Hmmm.

That was four years ago. Come to the present. The lady has had ICE problems, as well as child services called. When she returns to Mexico, the children often don't accompany her. Last year they were celebrating someone's birthday. Some of the neighbor kiddos were in attendance. OK - swim party, fun. Yes, until it was time to begin to prepare the meal. The menu called for cabrito. A good Mexican specialty food. It is a barbequed kid - no, a baby goat. Did they buy it at a carneceria? Perhaps, but it was alive when is was brought home. The kids - uh, children - at the party got to witness the goat being hauled up on the basket ball goal to have its neck slid. Yeah, that went over really well with the visitors.

Most recently, there were a lot of people over one evening. The lady had a brand new SUV - a gift for passing her citizenship. The people there were removing the padding from the seats, and replacing it with unknown (to others) substances. They then went to Mexico. That fancy SUV hasn't been seen since.

Now it is thought they have seven new people living in that house. Children have been enrolled in school. Who knows what this is all about.

So where is this house? In a barrio? In a low income area? Nope - ladies and gentlemen, it is the house catty-corner to me. It is next door to a woman with two small daughters.

Hopefully we can find something to do about them. If the house was being used as was said when it was bought - no problem. They take wonderful care of the yard and exterior. If it was the 3-4 people there. If, if, if. But it's not any of that. The police have watched that house I have been told. Guess it will make a good crime drama, but I just hope we aren't home with the bullets start flying or the cartel makes an appearance.

Peace be with us all!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It may come about

First an update on the horrible fire here. It was apparently a pot with oil in it was left on the electric (makes a difference??) stove, and thus the terrible smoke for the amount of fire. The woman does appear to have fled the states. They have a tape showing her at Target at the time of the fire. The death count still stands at 4 with three in various conditions in different hospitals. Luckily two children were not in day care that day.

Now on to today's stuff. Yesterday I went to every woman's favorite physician's appointment. Yes, I went to my ObGen. I love him so much the exam just flies by. Or perhaps I am so old nothing bothers me more, I don't know which truth is strongest. Anyway, after the results of not having gone in 10 + years (the breast cancer) I make that appointment every year - and make sure I love it - I'm alive to be there!

Just after my appointment last year, some woman in my extended family told me he had bladder cancer. That was such a blow, so when I saw him yesterday I asked about it. He had been diagnosed before my last appointment which was January 2010. To bring the story to where we are, he is participating in a study. He has two more chemos which appear not to be as devastating as the chemo for other cancers. And right now - he is clear of any cancer. Hallelujah!

But I did have a question for him beyond our cancer connection. I was pretty sure I knew the answer since he referred me to this surgeon for the breast cancer. I have mulled the gastric sleeve for a year now. I mean seriously this time. I talked to the surgeon last year, and I have all the forms that have to be completed before insurance would approve this. I guess they want to weed out those who really don't need it for whatever reason. So I took step one with my PCP.

Anyway, my darliing OB did say that my surgeon would be someone I would have anyone use. My PCP sounded like he didn't really like the surgeon. He said to really look around. That's funny because the surgeon didn't want my knees done by my orthopedic guy. And he was great.

So yes, I am seriously looking for this surgery. It appears I just can't do this on my own, and the OB said I should come through it well because of my past history (starting 4+ years ago with the mastectomy). I am embarrassed to admit that , one, I am that overweight, and two, I seem to not be able to lose it without major surgery. I have to do something. I thought the metformin would do it, but the good effects are going to stop.

Enough crying on your shoulder. And I just heard a news break - the day care owner's family are also "on the move" whatever that really means. I guess I will learn in a few minutes.

Peace be with you.