Thursday, August 16, 2018

A little drama

Yes - a little drama in the family.  Actually, it is a little more serious than just drama.

Katie is having surgery as I type this.  She has a torn labrum in her right shoulder.  That could stop her career in water polo if it isn't repaired.  Fortunately, they won't be "opening" the shoulder - just arthroscopic surgery.  But this does stop part of her swimming competition.  She loves to do the butterfly and is great - but that is over.

She needs this surgery done as quickly as possible.  Colleges are really talking to her.  She will be going to two schools for a visit in New York in September.  I really am hoping she chooses Maris.  I think she would love that school.  But in reality, I think she is still looking at UC Santa Barbara lovingly.

The other thing, DIL has been in school (with three kids) for nursing.  She went because her dad promised he would pay for her schooling.  He can be a jerk. He and her mom divorced many years ago, and he had tried to put a wedge between her and her mother.  So things haven't always been close between DIL and dad.  That changed when the first grandchild came.

But he has remarried.  He is older than the new wifey.  They had another child - who is a senior in high school  New wifey is the one who is grousing about the money going to DIL. This after her son (from a previous relationship has been put through school - and they will probably pay a good part of the upcoming wedding.  New wife - who also was put through nursing school and became a nurse practitioner on the dad's money - keeps saying he wants to retire.  Well - they have money.  Lots of money.  They can most certainly pay for my DIL.  I told her I would somehow help if it came down to it.  It will be a good investment for the future and not a waste of my (little) money.

So things have been a little full of drama around here last night and today.  But hopefully Katie is almost out of surgery right now and DIL just texted me that this semester's tuition has been paid.  All is good right now.

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Judy said...

I do like the "All is good now" feeling, after all the drama.