Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Surprise ending

Another happening in our hotel drama today!

G just told me that he received an email from the hotel manager.

They send a note of apology for our experiences with the "neighbor" this past weekend.  The real kicker is that they comped BOTH nights for us.

This wasn't something we requested, and as far as we're concerned it was far and above what we even thought of in our wildest imagination.  It, of course, is appreciated.  Think we will push for further reunions there - you bet!  Guess they thought that 35+ people staying at their facility was important.

I DO regret this ever happened.  From the first perceived insult on, I do regret the situation.  But this lady repeatedly tried to find anything for retribution.  We both bet she is on some list somewhere for this chain.  Just sayin'.


Unrelated to the above.  Went to the cardio doc yesterday.  I was wondering when he was going to announce his news, and it was yesterday.  He is retiring in October!  Boo!

I am beginning to feel like the Queen (I think) song - And Another One Bites the Dust.  I think at this point in time I just need to get a Primary Care Physician.  There is no reason to see a Cardiologist.  I don't have heart disease (yet!).  All he does for me is to check my blood pressure and those meds.

I am going to miss him however.  Our relationship over the last few years has become really good.

Looks like the rain will hold off for a while today, so hopefully I can finally make it to Costco!  Meal planning has been difficult because I don't have any vegetables - fresh or frozen.  No potatoes.  Sides are sparce about these parts.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Where have I been?

The answer is kind of a long story.

Of course, two weeks ago we were hunkered down at the SSB trying our best to stay cool.  After a wonderful Spring, the heat is coming fast and furious.  It still wasn't as bad as it can get up there, but it was plenty warm enough.  After the refrigerator fiasco a few months ago, I understand we have to go check on things.

The hunters are really coming along with the new hunter's cabin.  The foundation is done, sub-flooring in and walls are roughed in. I guess next will be the roof.  They want a metal roof, G doesn't want to pay that much.  I just shut up!

Before we left, I went to the Pulmonologist/Sleep Doctor for him to check the CPAP.  All that was fine, and he gave me a new script for a nasal spray.  Reading the pamphlet, it said a side effect could/would be a sore throat.  Well - I was getting a really sore throat.  Within two days, my throat was raw.  I just wanted to cry it hurt so!  Then the cough started.  So I spent 6 days suffering.  There are no doctors close.

Here we are almost two weeks later and I am still coughing.  The sore throat is gone, but I have terrible laryngitis.  For me, that's really bad.  I still haven't gone to a doctor because I don't think there is anything that can be done.  It's just going to take time, but I DO have a cardio appointment tomorrow.  Perhaps he can have some miraculous cure for me.

This past weekend was a family reunion in Dallas.  There were some rough spots, but overall it was good.  The first one had to do with Brian (son) making plans for us all to go to dinner on Friday night.  It was to a restaurant owned by one of his friends.  Steve (son-in-law) doesn't believe in waiting until anyone else heads out.  This place was 30 minutes away, and off he took.

When we got there, Steve has already arrived and gone into the restaurant and took over everything.  Brian had told the owner we were coming, and (to me obviously) should have been the one to set things up.  He was really furious.  Steve has an insecurity complex 100 miles wide.  He has to bluster his way into things so that he looks important.  And he did.  I really can't blame Brian.  This was his deal, and he was so thrilled to do it.  We knew the owner had to be in Ft Worth for a wedding, and that is a shame with the way things turned out. John would have shut Steve down in a heart beat.

G made a terrible mistake on Saturday morning, and we suffered a bit for it.  He was leaving our room.  There was a woman coming out of the room next to us, and he mistook her for one of the hotel employees.  They were dressed much alike - I would swear they bought their purple smocks at the same place.  Unfortunately the women are black.  Our "neighbor" was highly incensed about his error.

He often does let a hotel room door close rather loudly, but if you let it close on its own - they do make noise.  One time he was leaving after their initial encounter, she accosted him saying "do you always have to slam the door."  After that, we did everything possible to make sure it made NO noise at all.  Which didn't happen, but it was really quiet.

That evening, she was at the desk complaining about us.  The family met in the lobby because the meeting room was booked, and we were allowed to meet in the lobby and pool.  I heard her say that there was "an old man that slams the door."  My hearing isn't great, and we were all talking so I didn't hear it all, but my daughter said she heard her say "because I am black."

I don't talk politics here.  That is not what my blog is for, and I am going to bring it up this time and this time only.  We are liberal.  VERY liberal.  Her skin color has/had nothing to do with anything or any exchanges we had.  So her statement bothered me and still does.

Yesterday, she was back at the desk.  I had no idea what she was saying this time, but after a bit when we returned to  our room to pack things up, there was a knock at the door.  With trepidation, I went to the door expecting to see the little bespectacled lady.  Nope - it was the woman from the desk.  She said that it had been reported that we were smoking in our room!  We. Don't. Smoke.  Even when G did, it was never in the house or a hotel room.

I told the desk person to come in.  There was no smoke.  I can't remember all of what I said, but apparently I alluded to the problems with this woman (who was standing in her door way observing and probably hoping this situation would get us fined and/or thrown out).  The desk person said - no that woman didn't complain, to which I replied that she had been doing nothing but complaining at the desk.

The kicker that I really loved was that she had a little yappy dog in her room.  Now - we had not heard a peep from that animal at all, but it was going nuts then.  I was able to remark about "Oh - that dog!"  Stupid woman should have shut her door to shut up that dog right then.  I kept telling the desk woman to come into the room and smell for herself that there was NO smoke.

After she left, the phone rang.  You know what I thought - it was crazy woman.  No - it was the desk apologizing AND comping us a night!

My daughter in law had thought crazy was the one hoping to get a free stay, but we did!  The desk person said it was clear, she smelled no smoke.  She was aware we had not been smoking.  I think she saw all of what had transpired the night before.  I don't know if crazy got anything comped or not, but we surely did!!

Oh and by the way - crazy woman stepped to the outside door that night.  G and Brian were outside.  Brian WAS smoking.  I think that's where she got that hair brained idea to "get us."

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

What a day!

I believe I have alluded to the fact that I have claimed the upstairs of my house as MY area - my crafting/sewing area.  It is two bedrooms (just one has a bed), a bath and a sitting area because when we took in the attic, the contractor couldn't figure out what else to do with that space that runs in front of the Hollywood bath and bedrooms.  So he called it the gallery.  It too is a storage area.  No one is to breach my area.  So there were some things that haven't been done - in YEARS.

One of those things was to move an old mattress under the bed that is there.  It was stored there when daughter, son-in-law, step-grand would come to visit.  Megan had to stay WITH them.  Not in the bedroom downstairs that had a twin bed.

When my son and his wife were living with her mother, the mother didn't want his cats.  So we kept them for a while.  Back in some of the earlier posts, I am sure I lamented about one of those cats - Sasha!  The took great joy in watching things commit assisted suicide.  She would get on the counter (which I also hated, but could never catch her) and tap objects, especially glass ones, until they fell off and shattered.

So I found a cat playhouse.  It was about 2x3x6.  She and Sebastian were to spend the unsupervised times in said playhouse.  It really was for outside use - so they could be getting some fresh air while safe, but for me, it was the bunkhouse.  She HATED it.  I would have to chase her down.

She loved to hide under the bed upstairs.  That room had not become the fabric/ribbon, completed projects awaiting sale room.  But that little mattress was under that bed, and it gave her perfect cover.

One night I pulled it out of the one side of the bed.  It has remained there for a long time because getting it back was not easy like it had been.  It looked horrible and took up a lot of space - that I really need for my totes.

This afternoon I tackled that mattress.  I would have had someone take it down to put in the garbage, but with our rains and garbage day being on Tuesday for this type of thing, I couldn't get one of the boys to help.  It went back into its place.  Someday, someone will have to deal with it.

But to move it, I had to take the top mattress off, the box springs off, and then pull that thing under.  There isn't that much available room for all that "stuff."  I was petrified that I would fall.  I.  Don't. Fall.  At least if I can possibly help it.  I can't get up easily.

But it is done.  Now it's quiet time to let my poor old body freeze up.  I will go back tomorrow and tackle the totes that have to be sorted and put away more properly!  But there's always tomorrow ...

Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Do you get a number of solicitors and/or robo calls?  We surely do!

I have gotten to where I use my Caller ID all the time.  If I don't know the number - I do not answer.  My philosophy is and always has been that I pay for this telephone, therefore I speak to whom I wish.  If I don't answer, and it's important, there is always an answering service of some sort hooked up to that line.  Leave a message.

This attitude of mine carries over to the phone at the SSB, although it is more difficult there.  I will answer more calls than here at home.  We often have calls out to service people.  It is a difficult situation there because their attitude is that they don't want to work in the first place.  It can be done later - they are going hunting, or fishing, or ...  They are not lazy people, but life moves at a completely different pace.  That can be infuriating when the time for them to get something done is short.

I also don't answer my cell to calls that are not in my directory.  I am immensely happy that there is no longer the monthly charge PLUS a charge for each call!!  I hate that those numbers have been supplied to the solicitors!  Just this minute got one from 00000000000.  You KNOW I was going to answer that one!

I did miss an important one yesterday.  I didn't recognize the area code.  I also didn't know G had been calling people about the trip he wants to take to Hawaii.  Guess what - it was one of those returning the call.  I didn't check messages until 10pm last night!  I didn't think there was going to be a message.

Two others we got were from area codes that were strange.  The calls were even stranger, and I really need to call the police about them.  They weren't the common IRS scam calls.  They were saying that someone at this number has been charged on five criminal accounts, and they were going to "help" us get through these accusations.  One ended: "if you ignore this call, all we can do is wish you good luck."  Very legal, right?

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Hello from Aqua World

Just this morning on the news, the weather guru said that our "excess" rain is in double digits, and we are good all through the summer with all the reservoirs, rivers, creeks, and bayous overflowing.  It. Can. Stop. Any. Day!  I know when it is hot and dry (at least I guess it may be) in August, we will be wanting some of this rain, but it is dangerous around here.

Last week I accompanied Daughter and Grand to Austin for a water polo tournament.  This was the day following another of our catastrophic area rain events.  This time, it was to our north.  I KNEW how bad it was between us and Austin, and frankly, I wondered why the tournament wasn't cancelled.  But off we went.

When we got to the bridge across the Brazos river, I was amazed.  G and I had gone over the river a few days before, and it was the highest I had ever seen it.  This time, it had spilled out of its banks and covered all the adjoining pasture land.

I had seen coverage of this on TV the night before, but in person, it was just horrible.  I knew there were cattle in that particular field.  The rancher couldn't get them to higher ground before the flood because it came so quickly and at night.  The cattle were swept away, many drowning.

That morning we crossed that area, there were about six large stock trailers waiting in the area for any stock that were found.  There were a few cows that had drowned in the pasture.  It was such a sad thing.

Now the river is cresting downstream, and ranchers are waiting until it is almost totally too late to move their cattle and the result is again some have drowned.  People are not leaving ahead of the crest.  They are getting stranded.  Apparently they haven't been watching what happened to the folks in Waller/Montgomery counties.  Such a shame.

But we finally made it to Austin (about an hour later than planned because of the HORRIBLE traffic in Waller County), and Katie swam in four games.  In actuality, it was a waste.  The only teams they swam against were from the same water polo club.  Which is named Viper Pigeons by the way!  What a name!

Nothing has been going on in our lives because we tend to stay in during these rain events.  For one thing, I don't like to get too far away in a heavy rain because we might not be able to get back home.  If the bayou about a half a mile away goes out of its banks, we can't get home.

The only thing new is that a friend wants me to write an article for her quilting magazine.  I.  Do.  Not. Quilt.  I know very little about it.  I am really putting her off.  There are many, many good articles out there about combining machine embroidery and quilting.  The authors of THOSE articles know what they are talking about - totally, and not just the embroidery.  I care nothing about being a published author!!!

So this has been my life.  Next week I will take the oldest grandson out to do something.  I didn't go to his "graduation exercise" from elementary to middle school (it was raining as usual), and he got his feelings hurt.  Katie keeps teasing her siblings that she is the favorite grandchild, and right now he is believing her.  I guess we will go to lunch (just the two of us) at least, perhaps a movie (I don't like his preferred genre, but...)!