Friday, July 31, 2009

D Day or rather MIL Day

Quick note here. I have to get out to pack the troop carrier (how appropriate today) - even though I can't load some of the furniture I salvaged from the lake house. Wouldn't you know, no rain in Central Texas for months, and now . . . I understand from the neighbor (20 acres away) that seven inches fell yesterday. It is very overcast here.

Today we will be stopping to pick up MIL. I really, really don't think she has any idea how big that truck is. Being a 4x4, it sits higher than a regular truck - which is already too high for her. My SIL cannot get into our truck without a stool, and I definitely have trouble. I don't know who is going to hoist her up about 20 inches to the running board - not me!

I especially won't be hoisting today. This is a day of terrible muscle cramps. My left leg from the hip to the foot cramped a while ago. I really believe it is the statin I am taking that has lowered my cholesterol very low. When I went to the doctor, they asked if I was having muscle cramping. I said YES!, but that didn't change anything.

Oh well, the last 2 hours of the trip will be sheer hell, but then we are free of her. Younger SIL will return her home (but couldn't come to get her???), so we don't have that. But the rest of the weekend will be with Son and family. Lots of time with Wiggle Worm.


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today is a terrible day for arthritis, and I don't know why. It began yesterday and continued into the night. It effected my sleep.

I tried to use the recumbent bike Tuesday. If my knees would rotate just a bit, the pain was terrible. I lasted five minutes, but it was difficult.

Yesterday, Son finished the sewing machine cabinet. He managed to get it upstairs himself, but while he was doing that (maybe that's why he moved it by himself), I was moving the old cabinet out of the way. That wasn't an easy task. When you have three machines set up, space is at a premium. I didn't want to move all the tables, so I sort of boxed myself into a corner several times. Plus my sewing chair is an old office chair, so it takes up quite a bit of space itself.

What does that have to do with anything - I think it added to my soreness.

I have finally made an appointment with the new orthopedic guy. They want my x-rays from the last doc. I hate to call to get them. His receptionist (assistant, whatever - only other one in the office) is really sweet, but the doctor is rather abrupt and rude. I didn't want his "lay it open to fix it" idea about the rotator cuff. G tells me the films are mine, not his, but I really hate to call to get them. I feel like asking the assistant when he won't be there.

This post may be a little disjointed. Lady Bug is here. I love her dearly - but she is a "ratchet jaw." She talks non stop! But I love her so!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Today is a little of this and a little of that. Nothing earth shattering at all.

Shadow is a big boy now. He has gotten his rabies shot. Next month he gets to use the big boy Advantage for cats. He is only 5 pounds now, and he has to be 9. That will be next month at his rate of growth.

Yesterday, G's mother called. I thought it might be to note my birthday. The first time she called, I was thankful for caller ID. She never said a word, is was just heavy breathing. Now I am notorious for addressing obscene callers - it isn't pretty. The second time, she hung up as soon as I answered. About noon, she called again. Her question was if we were going to the big family reunion this weekend - knowing the answer to this all along. She wants us to stop in the Capitol City to pick her up.

The problem with this? Well, let's see. We travel to the SSB in the BIG F250. I have trouble getting in. She is supposedly so infirm that she used to have people chauffeur her around in her car - no demands or anything. I do not see how in the world she is going to hoist herself into that truck (besides her arthritis, back problems, she is 88).

The second problem is we are usually loaded with stuff. This time, we will have Simone AND Shadow. I'm glad Lady Bug said she needed to stay with Daughter to help out since SIL will be out of town.

The third problem is that we will be leaving here after noon. That means we will be late getting to the SSB (at least a 5 hour drive - now extended by probably another 45 minutes), but fortunately Son and family will be going tomorrow. We won't have to unlock the gap in the dark.

If MIL was a nice person, it wouldn't be quite as bad, but she NEVER calls us. My family doesn't get birthday cards, and Christmas is acknowledged because the whole family is usually together. She has verbally attacked me on several occasions for no real reason. She has been so hard on G his entire life. His dad worked for the rail road and was gone a lot. She actually abused him when his dad was gone.

Well - enough venting about her.

Something I am thankful for (gotta be positive) is the spell check on the computers. I have never been a good speller. Take that and add 29 years of teaching 13 year olds, your spelling really gets bad. It is so comforting to be writing and have the computer proof read for me! Not only am I a poor speller - I am a terrible proof reader. I know some of the little red underlines escape, and there is one in this paragraph that I am leaving, but what a blessing. And this coming from an English minor!!

So this hasn't been too bad. Two good things and one venting.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Over my head

Technology. It has left me in the dust!

My internet connection is still wonky. Since Friday, it will be on and off. In fact, as I am writing, my wi fi keeps telling me it is reconnecting to the internet. That is not normal. I KNOW that as soon as I really need a connection - it will be off. That's what happened then. I call Comcast and get them to send a "refresh signal" and it works, usually, for a while.

I really thought I would be able to ditch Comcast and get an air card. I don't think so. The monthly rate is just too high. Daughter and SIL have them, but I think they get a special deal since they are through their business. I don't think my little craft business would qualify me for a special rate. I was really excited about an air card since it would give me access at the SSB, and since we are going on vacation in two weeks, it would give me access then. G tells me two of our hotels advertise free wi-fi. We'll see.

I spent the entire afternoon yesterday trying to transfer music from some of our vinyl collection onto my new Ipod. What a farce!! I finally got one side of one record on the Ipod four times. Not only did I have to learn how to interface the USB turntable with the laptop, I had to learn how to work the Ipod. I am still, obviously, fighting Itunes.

I chose an album that had two lp's. I have all four sides on the computer, but only one resides in Itunes. The others are in My Music. Today I will try to get those files from My Music into Itunes. What a way to spend the day. But I am going to try. We know from experience that traveling in the midwest there are areas that will not have radio transmissions. We thought the Ipod would be a great thing.

So with that in mind, I saw a little thingy that goes into the power port on the car that holds the Ipod, recharges it, and plays through your radio speakers. I was entranced. I ordered it. I don't remember from whom. Guess what! It doesn't fit any outlet in any of our vehicles. It must be for an 18 wheeler. The plastic part that is supposed to go into the hole is way too big. So we are basically back to square one with the exception of the fact that on my last forray into Wal Mart, I picked up some little speakers that are meant for the Ipod and/or computer.

It is sad watching me struggle with technology. I used to be very up to date. I was a go to person at school. I could get the computers working, I could get all the audio-visual stuff working. I could do it all. Now I cannot even hook up the DTV. I am totally intimidated by it. I want to hook up a dvd player to the little vcr/tv (I know - obsolete) that is in the sewing/craft room. I don't know how. Sad.

Time to waste with transferring music now.


Monday, July 27, 2009

And the heavens opened . . .

I chose a small local seafood restaurant for our celebratory birthday dinner last night. Their menu is a little more limited than the big seafood place here, but their quality is just as good with portions that are for normal people - not competitive eaters.

As we were on the way, we could see bolt lightening around the area. Showers have been all around us for several days (which we loved), but we had not gotten any rain to speak of. I really thought those showers would just go on by.

We all got to the restaurant at the same time. That was absolutely amazing. I knew Son, Daughter in Law and Wiggle Worm would get there with us because Son had been assembling my new sewing cabinet which was my birthday present from G. But Daughter and brood were getting out of the car too.

I had been worried about the restaurant being able to handle ten of us at once, so G stopped there earlier in the day to check. We certainly shouldn't have worried. They ought to close on Sunday nights! I don't think they served more than 15 people other than us the entire time we were there which was from 6:30 - 8.

While we were sitting there, the skies darkened - and not from nightfall. The winds picked up, and the thunder and lightning got worse and worse. The lights dimmed several times, and we joked with Daughter in Law about eating in Cow Village and the lights going out (that happened last Monday).

After a bit, the winds were really howling. We looked out and a tent they had put up for something that was going on the previous evening collapsed. Then the hail started. The rain was a real toad strangler.

That was a wonderful birthday present however. The rain is a blessed event around here. We had a good time, good food (even Monkey Boy ate - a corn dog and french fries, but that is another story), a good visit, and a good rain. It was really all good!

If the Comcast gods allow my connection to continue - I'll post this. Hope your Sunday was as good as mine!


Sunday, July 26, 2009


Yep, one year away from Medicare. With mixed emotions, I am looking forward to that because then my health insurance costs decrease dramatically. That's important! Here in Texas, we retired teachers have not had a raise in our annuity in eight years, and it doesn't look promising in the near future. Last week we got a message in the Bulletin that if the state attorney general approves, we will be blessed with an extra $500 at the end of the year. Oh be still my beating heart! I'll try to not spend it in one place.

Yes the body is 64 years old, and I think I feel every day of them. But the mind is still, oh, let's say 16! We have been married 41 years in a couple of weeks. Just where did all the time go? I can't believe those numbers.

Tonight we will go to dinner with the family. Getting them all together - in a restaurant - is always fun. Monkey Boy and Doodle Bug get bored - quickly. It really gets to be a circus. But I am really glad we can gather as a family.

G "gave" me a new sewing cabinet for my birthday. I went to the store and bought it. Now I have to wait for Son to put it together. I really wish things would be sold in their usable form! There is no way in God's green earth I could get that thing together. It is in TWO boxes, and it is the smallest one they sell. OMG!

It is a very quiet day. The temperatures have moderated - a bit. There is rain in the area, but we seldom get it here. Galveston has been getting quite a bit, and I am thankful for them. Ike really did a number on them. The salt water remained on land for a long time, and the land is highly saline. Trees have died, and crops won't grow. They have been below their rainfall for a long time, and the rain is really needed to wash out the salt.

Hope your Sunday is peaceful and restful.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Such service

On Wednesday, the person from the title company that was handling the closing of the lake property called - while I was out for a few minutes, of course, saying they were going to send the papers to G's email at work. In fact, they had already sent them.

He looked them over and saw that only one lot was listed. So that had to be corrected. His IT people at work told them the system would be going down at 6 pm, so he told the title company to send the updated paper work to my main email.

Normally, that would be fine. Yesterday - not so much. The day began with a call from Daughter. Her sitter was sick, and Son in Law was still in Arizona. He would be landing about 10. So I went over. I took my computer and logged on to her router. There was nothing new in my mail.

Son in law did come in at the appointed time (for a change). I went home and logged on here. Things were fine until about noon. My server went down. Wonderful Comcast! (It's acting like it may again.) I had no service. So I called G at noon and told him to check my email.

Finally yesterday afternoon, the papers came in. We had to take them to a notary to sign, and they wanted them back TODAY! Anyway, we got it all done. The papers went off at 5 pm. They should arrive today.

The notary was at the bank. I never go into the bank. I will go through the drive through and hit the ATM. That's it. She showed me all the new things they offer. I am now in the 21st century banking!

So the property is gone. It is the way it is. It's time to move on.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The time has come

I really have been dreading this. The lake house is going to closing on Friday. I really hoped the sale would fall through. But we got an email from the realtor that the buyer closed on her property on Monday, and would be ready to close on Friday.

Daughter and Son in Law made the final trip last weekend. They brought back so much, but there is still things we couldn't go through. I know I am losing yet more of my heritage. When V died, and it was obvious that Dad wasn't ever going back to the house, her son sold it. Dad lived there for 20 years. He had so much there. I found some things, but there were whole areas that I didn't have time to go through - beside the fact that G was "chomping at the bit" to return to Swampland.

When my mother and Dad contemplated moving to the lake house to retire, they hauled a lot of stuff up there. He had built a three car garage, and it was full. Daughter tried to go through it, but she couldn't get to it all. We both know there are still things there that would be of value - at least to us.

She did find the cedar chest where Dad's Masonic apron was stored. Of course, we are about 3 years too late with that one, but I really don't think he cared. He had stopped paying dues a long time ago. But he was supposed to have been buried with that apron. With the rest of the funeral fiasco, he didn't have a Masonic funeral either. We got him reinstated as a Mason. But, as I said, I don't think it was that important to him anymore.

So with the things that the vandals destroyed, the things that we have no room for, and the things we cannot possibly get through, another chapter closes. I still feel that I have failed. I have to let a property go. As I have said before, it is a property that he put so much into. But when there is no other desire to hold on to it in the family - what's the use.

The really ironic part of this whole thing. When we were there the middle of July, the property behind the house is being developed. We have waited all these years for other properties to be around this one. The house was set so far back from the road that you couldn't see it from the street. When Henry was alive next door, our place was safe. His relative that lives there now, I don't know if he would be watching out as well as Henry, but with a new property behind - maybe there was hope.

But now that's too late, and besides, the entire county has four sheriffs to patrol. I guess we (I) did the right thing. Now we just have to sign the papers.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I don't know were my mind is!

Yesterday was Doodle Bug's second birthday. That's great isn't it. Another birthday. Whoo hoo - let's celebrate!

Only in my mind, I thought her birthday was TODAY! I am really beginning to wonder about my brain. For weeks, I have thought her birthday is today. When I talked to Daughter last night, she was cookin to DB about her birthday.

One big problem - I haven't been shopping for her. I did get the scrapbook made, but still . . . Aaannnnnd, I won't go shopping today either. I bought MY birthday present today after I went to the cardio doc. I am tired of holding my hands up in the air to sew, so I bought a new sewing table that fits my machine and brings me into the 21st century. The arthritis in my next was just too much for me to continue.

But the boxes (some assembly required) are still in the back of the truck. I don't know that I can move them. I can't lift things like I used to. Between the arthritis and the reconstruction that put a back muscle in my chest, I just can't do things.

At least I didn't
forget her birthday, I just had the wrong day!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Memories of grandparents

Watching the news on Friday, one of the reporters commented about being his grandparents remote control to change the station to watch Walter Cronkite's news.

That made me think about memories that children have of spending time with their grandparents. I don't have a lot of memories of grandparents. Both of my grandfathers died before I was born. I have vague, grainy memories of my maternal grandmother. I think I was less than eight when she died. My strongest memory is of my standing in the kitchen when she made potato soup. She lived with us at the time, but that is the only real memory I have of her. I have memories of her presence, but not of her.

My fraternal grandmother died when I was about sixteen. I used to go out to her house and stay frequently, and I do have some memories of her. The strongest is sleeping with her at night. She would pull out her dime novel which was a paperback western (probably what they were called - don't really know). I would have something to read also - probably a comic book, and we would lay there under the reading lamp attached to the head board.

Something happened with the relationship between my parents and my grandmother. Of course, I was a child who was totally self involved. The world revolved around me. This is a situation that I have come to hate at this point in my life. I wish I had listened to stories about family and the like. I was sure my parents would be around forever. Well, forever came sooner than I thought with my mother's death from cancer at 57, and still I didn't take advantage of having my dad. When he developed Dementia at the age of about 88 (dementia is strange - it creeps up), it was too late for me to get information from him.

All this brings me to something else. Last week, when I was over at Susan's Grandparent Blog ,
she was talking about parents having to detox their children after a visit to the grandparents. I think the relationship between children and their grandparents is so special, and I may feel that way because mine was so limited.

I am so lucky. Three of my grandchildren live a mile away, and the fourth lives about 10 miles away. I can see them whenever I want. I usually don't see them except for Sunday dinners. I don't really keep them for extended periods because they are right here. When I do have them, I will admit that I spoil them to a certain extent, but I do try to keep the parental rules in mind. In some cases, I probably spoil less than the parents.

I just think that grandparents are here to be something special to children. My children had a bit more of their grandparents than I had. They had their step grandmother until about six years ago, my dad until about 3 years ago, their other grandfather until 2 years ago, and the other grandmother is still alive. They spent time with all of them. I am delighted that my grandchildren spend time with us.

I hope their memories will be vibrant and good.


Friday, July 17, 2009

My incredible luck

My luck, or lack of same, still holds strong. Today was the day Daughter in Law and I chose to go to a small city north of here to get my driver's license renewed. What should have been easy is going to end with me in a drugged haze.

We left a bit late, but that wasn't the cause of the problem. The problem was one that we couldn't have known about. The Junior High students from another town in that county had come to take the test for their learner's permit. All ten of them. The Driver's License Office hold six people.

We got there, walked around the building to the door where we encountered three people waiting outside. We were told that the office was full, and we would be called for. The real problem here was simple - there were no benches. That is why I chose what I thought would be easy. I knew the Swampland offices had no benches and a lot of people.

After a bit, we decided we could go in. There was nothing apparently happening. Just a bunch of hormonal teens around. There were a couple of people ahead of the teens who also needed just to renew. They finally got through, and the ONE clerk began with the testees.

I managed to find a desk to park myself in to ease the pain in my knees, feet and back. But then the clerk said the desks needed to be emptied as the tests were going to begin. So, I was standing again.

All in all, I stood for a good hour. I am so miserable right now that mere words don't cover it. I finally got my renewal - which is running two months late! It's me and the paper receipt, baby. What should take no more than 45 days is not 10-12 weeks.

I would love to find humor in this. I really would. But there isn't any. I am off to take one of my horded post surgery pain pills. I hate to do it, but this is a qualifying circumstance. Then I know I'll slip into a quasi-sleep.

Hope your weekend is good. Ours has potential. We are supposed to be getting a cool front bringing rain and greatly reduced temperatures. The predicted highs are 10 degrees cooler that what we have had. I can't remember when I looked forward to 93-95 for highs, but I surely do now. There is also rain in the area. We will be truly blessed if this all comes about.


Thursday, July 16, 2009


That stupid cat thinks he is ten feet tall and bullet proof. I just wonder if he is Simone teeth proof?

Last week, he decided it was so much fun to run by the sleeping dog and bat her in the nose. I thought it was funny too. I was trying to get a picture, so I was concentrating on that. Suddenly Simone jumped at him. That brought all of that to an abrupt halt.

Last night, he again decided she was a play toy. He kept jumping at her, until . . . You guessed it. She had enough. She jumped at him again and snapped.

Of course, this is after I forgot to clear the dinner table immediately. It has been a while since I have had a cat. Our last cat wouldn't get on the table because he was blind. Poor Ralph had detached retinas. He lived a good life even though he was blind. We just made sure we didn't change any furniture around. He even survived Son's cats that we kept for a while (2 years!!).

It was really my fault Shadow got on the table. There were all those wonderful aromas lingering. I also hold him while I am writing on this laptop. I thought he was thinking he was in my arms and not on the table, but I guess I was wrong.

Right after we got him and he was only about 3 inches long, he would stand on his hind legs to be picked up. I thought it was cute, so I did. Well, he is still doing the same thing - and so am I.

But I will try to train him again to stay off the table. Training him to leave Simone alone is a different thing all together!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another headache

My driver's license expires on my birthday this year. No big deal, right? No it is a big deal. This year, everyone whose driver's license expires has to go to the office to renew because the card will be encoded with car insurance information. So when you are pulled over for speeding, the police knows if you have insurance, immediately - I guess.

Now even THAT wouldn't be a problem, but since Swampland is, what, the fourth largest city in the states, we have a lot of people. A lot of people means a lot of people will be having their license expiring on their birthdays. Should still be no problem, but it is. You see, we only have about six offices in Swampland, and one of those is closed for renovations.

This means that the lines are looooooooooong. This means that ol' Grandma K would have to stand for a long time. She cannot do that little thing. Now, in theory, one is supposed to be able to make an appointment. That would probably be true, IF their phone wasn't busy 24/7 (at least I think it is). I honestly believe there is a single line into their office.

To rub salt into wounds, there are two counties close by my house (which is a small city in the far northwest corner of our county) that each have a driver's license office. They have a few citizens in their counties. One of the offices is about 45 minutes away and the other is an hour away. Guess where I am going on Friday! Yes, I'm putting my behind into my car, getting Daughter in Law and Wiggle Worm to go with me, and heading north to a smaller county. While we are there, we will go to a large farmer's market to get our fruits and veggies for the week.

In addition to that problem, the department has a virus infecting their computers. Normally, it take about 45 days to get your renewal. That isn't happening these days. The little paper thingy is expiring before the new card comes. They are asking police to be lenient with expired paper temporary licenses. You can't win in this situation. I foresee a ticket in my future that I will have to take months to settle. Either that, or when we are on vacation, my passport card will not be identification enough, and I will have an expired driver's license.

Life is strange isn't it? At least getting services is.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Made it back

The weekend was like typical weekends when there are more than the two of us in the house at the SSB. There were time it was quiet (3 A.M.?), and there were times of absolute chaos. But we survived.

I was most concerned with the delivery of the new dishwasher. That should have been the least of my worries! That was the smoothest part, and even then it wasn't without it's snag. Friday morning, we got a call that it would be delivered between 11-12. That time came and went. About 1:30, the phone rang. The delivery person said he thought it was at our house and no one was home. No - he was at sister-in-law's house. Then he called saying he couldn't get through the cattle guard. We told him to use the gate. He hadn't seen the gate.

When Daughter and brood got there, SIL started getting ready to install the machine. It had no power cord. We decided we went into Bitty Town Saturday for the craft store, lets call the guy that has a store with one of everything under the sun. After he checked our genealogy, he looked and had a power cord. So the installation would have to wait.

Saturday the craft show was pretty good. Even with the temperature hovering around the 100 mark, it wasn't too bad. We had a great spot - not where I really wanted to be, but closer. We had traffic, but since we had to lower our prices to stay in line, we didn't make as much money.

Back home, SIL put the power cord on. Think that was it? No way! We needed a new water supply line. The one they sent with the machine ($20, thank you very much), didn't fit. So Sunday, a trip to Fritztown was scheduled. To cut to the chase with this part of the story, it finally is in and works!

Monkey Boy was an absolute brat the entire weekend. If something doesn't go his way, he whines and then cries about it. When he is told "no," he continues doing whatever it is. When he is like this, it sets the girls off. I thought "Pa," otherwise known as G, was about to step in, but he didn't -thank goodness.

Daughter, Lady Bug, and I picked up some kind of intestinal thingy. We have had our problems. It started with Daughter, then I got it, and Sunday, LB got it.

LB surprised me. At bed time, she put on the pj bottoms she made. I really thought she didn't like them. She hasn't committed to making the top yet though!

So now we are pretty much back to normal. I've still got things to unload, and I have to get Shadow from DIL.


Wednesday, July 08, 2009


This weekend is going to be rough to be sitting under the pecan trees hawking our wares. For a while, it looked like the temperatures might be in the mid to upper 90's, but the weather gurus are predicting 101.

I sent our reservation in early this year. I am so hoping we get on the east side of the Courthouse. In the past, I have been a little late, and we end up on the west side. It has always been hot, but with the big trees, it was tolerable.

As usual, I tossed and turned instead of falling asleep thinking about all the items I had planned to make, and didn't. After every show, I promise myself that I will discipline myself to go up every day to sew. It just doesn't happen. Then comes the next show (there are 6 month intervals here), and I still haven't done everything I want to do!

In other trivia, Simone went for her bath today. When I called yesterday, the guy that is there in the evenings teased me when I asked if she could get a bath today. He told me I could bathe her when ever I wanted. I was so proud of her. Instead of going for a drag to the back, she actually walked. I did have to go with her, but she actually walked. It might be due to the fact that for the last bath the big guy came out and carried her back!

So it's off to the SSB tomorrow morning. I hoped Daughter and family would be coming then, but she ended up having her boss work with her tomorrow. We needed SIL to unhook the dishwasher so they will take it away when they bring the new one on Friday. I guess G and I will have to learn how!

Lady Bug will be going with us tomorrow. After the last time she decided not to spend the night - I am a little worried. I still think that came about because of the sewing lesson. Kids! They are so hard to read sometime. But she seems to be genuinely excited and happy about going with us. I don't think it is just because she is getting away from her brother.

Monday will be a trial. We are stopping by the lake house - for the last time. It is going to close by the end of the month it seems. We are getting some of the furniture that Daughter wants, and I will do a final walk though. It is going to be an emotional time I'm afraid.
If you aren't under this high pressure system and it is relatively cool, send me some with your thoughts! I will need it when I am under those trees!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Break out the overcoats!

Talk about a cold front! The temperature only got to about 93 yesterday! This morning - rain. Are we back in the right universe?

Seriously, this is a nice break from the oppressive heat we have been experiencing, but the weather gurus tell me that our resident high pressure system is lonely and moving back over us. It will remain there for another indefinite time keeping us snugly warm under its blanket of hot air.

I knew the weather was going to change, but this time it wasn't my knees, hip, and back that warned me. I went out yesterday to buy the spray paint to repaint the clothing stand I need for Saturday. If I have an outdoor activity that has to be done today - it will rain. Of course G, in his usual manner, reminded me that I could have done that painting this past weekend. Yep, could have - except I didn't want to get out to the store.

Such is life. I am just glad we got the rain. Things are getting really bad. I see the sun is beginning to come back out. It will probably clear up later, and I can do my outside thing. The "feels like" temp will only be 120 with the humidity rather than 107 like it has been.


Monday, July 06, 2009

Plans and other nonsense

Our plan for the partnership discussion with the kids didn't work out. Son and DIL went to spend the fourth with her dad. The holiday traffic kept them in the car for about 8 hours. That is about twice what it should have been. Wiggle Worm was DONE. So they didn't join us for dinner. Of course that dinner was also to have celebrated Monkey Boy's fifth birthday (today) and Son's 33rd

My next plan I don't want to do at all. I have to GO to the office to have my driver's license renewed. Here is Texas - that is a nightmare. Swampland has about 5 offices. I'm not sure they have that many because I know one is closed for renovations. I don't think I can stand for such a long time in line. I really don't know what I am going to do. It is SOOOO tempting to just drive without one!

When I was researching locations, one site said you could get an appointment. I have never heard of that, but then when you try to call it seems they only have one phone line - and it's always busy. Go figure.

Last night I thought would be Shadow's last. Simone was lying on the floor, minding her business. Shadow kept running by batting her nose. She finally had enough. She got up and lunged at him. Do you think that stopped him. Not one bit! She looked like she was going to do him in at any minute. I finally put him to bed in the hall bath.

I did manage to get the turquoise and red coral necklace made. I ordered the materials last year after the up coming craft show. It got made yesterday! I'm really on top of things. What I haven't done is the "crocheted" covered Christmas ornaments. I have about 10 packs of ornaments silently waiting for their covers. Well - perhaps next year. I may try to get a couple of western themed Christmas stocking done before Wednesday.


Saturday, July 04, 2009


Happy Fourth of July! As usual, we are facing another day of 100+ temps. I really don't see any relief in the near future. June was a record hot and dry month. But enough of that.

I got my serger to work yesterday. I am making purses from Lady Bug's outgrown blue jeans. That serger just flew through the bottom seams. I have some drapery sample fabric that is making the lining really cute! I think they will sell next weekend.

We were supposed to go to Daughter's house to "hang out," but there is no reason to do that. We have everything here that they have, just not other people to visit with. But it is also much quieter and no drama.

I started wire brushing my display rack that has rusted and looks terrible. The rust is not all coming off. I had thought of spraying it with chrome paint, but I am thinking of using a different color. I don't think the chrome paint will cover as much as I want.

I feel sort of like Garrison Keillor on A Prairie Home Companion - it's been a quite day here in Swampland . . . But I don't have any other stories to tell about anything. We are just trying to stay cool and hydrated around here.


Friday, July 03, 2009

I owe, I owe . . .

In one fell swoop yesterday, one swipe (well actually a lot of swipes) of the pen, G and I went from owing no one to the probability of owing a mortgage company.

Last Sunday I went to look at a house on the street behind us that has gone into foreclosure. It has been on the market at least three months, and vacant for two. I was really afraid of that house - I mean its condition. The pictures on the Multiple Listing site here were grim. There looked to be a lot of damage upstairs. They stated water damage. I thought the roof was gone.

In reality, it seems the a/c condenser pan overflowed and some goober fell through the ceiling while working on it. The goober may well have been the owner.

I took Daughter and Contractor. We all felt that the house was really fairly nice. It seemed the most it needed was cosmetic. Of course, when we had "the flood" about 5 years ago, it did flood. But I know the city has done a lot of work on the drainage, and the county is doing more.

So G and I made an offer on the house yesterday. We had to go through the pre-approval process. Get this - we are tentatively approved. We have to furnish the taxes we pay on our properties, the insurance, and the deeds to properties. I know the mortgage companies were too lax before, but . .

So IF it goes through - the bid, the mortgage, and the inspection (I wouldn't buy it if there are major structural/mechanical problems), we will have an investment property. The next step is to form a limited partnership with the kids - if they want in.

It is sort of exciting. We've been toying with this for several months now. The first step has been taken. We will know in at least a week.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mr Shadow

He survived his first night at home. He is determined to gnaw at those stitches, so last night I decided that he would have to wear the e-collar all night. Since he had to wear that collar, I then decided that being in the hall bathroom wasn't enough, so I put him in his little crate.

I hate having this collar on him. It is so big that it makes eating and drinking impossible. He also has no balance with it on. The balance issue was the determining factor in the crate. I have dreams of training him to this crate, but I am also a realist. He hates it! I don't think he will ever like the crate.

He is a little wild man - still. He attacks everything. He will rest peacefully in my arms for a long time, then he turns into the devil himself to chew my hand
s. Right now he has found his best place in the world. He is sandwiched between me and the laptop - on the table (ugh). So, I will get the disinfectant out in a bit to clean his little 15 square inches of table top.

It is going to be a long ten days. I just hope we both emerge unscathed at the end of the time!

This is a picture of him with the dreaded collar. I too
k it for G to show a co-worker. He is so black that I had to severely edit it. Otherwise, he would not be visible.


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Lots of dollars today already

It's amazing how much a "free" cat can cost. I got Shadow out of hock today (picked him up from the vet). I can't believe how much that little rascal cost. I love my vet"s office. There are four doctors there, and I trust them all. I started going to them when I had an emergency, and the vet I had used for over 20 years wasn't in the office. I love this new clinic, but I think they are a bit pricey.

When I left Shadow for the surgery, I had to pay extra for IV fluids yesterday and pain meds including what I would bring home. They do things like this. When you board, if you don't take a luxury suite, your dog goes in a little kennel (crate). As much as I love Simone, I can't afford those suites. They push $100/day. I'm glad she sleeps most of the day!!

I got Shadow home, and he immediately began gnawing on his stitches. So we were off to the pet store for an E collar. It is difficult finding one for a small kitten! Putting that darned thing on was a trick. I bought a collar with a bell on it also. That seems to be doing a good job of distracting him from his feet though. The E collar is still here - just in case.

I contacted a home improvement store near the SSB since the dishwasher there crashed. Boo-hoo! I have hated that one since day 1. I can't believe how expensive dishwashers are. I always thought when you got into the $600 range, those were the top of the line. I was amazed as a perused the listings on line. The one I finally settled on is a lower mid range, but I needed a large capacity. WHen everyone is there, there are a lot of dishes! Paper is not a good option because it has to be brought home only coming home, it's dirty!

So my credit card got big hits today! They would be happier if I didn't pay it off at the end of the month!

Hope you can guard your pennies better than I have been able to do today!