Friday, April 29, 2011

Isn't there something else to talk about?

I'm talking about the weather here, but I do have something else to talk about - - before the weather.

I am having a problem with good old Blogger right now. I don't know why or how it happened, but I cannot post comments to any Blogger site. I know - keep my comments to myself. Yes, that might be a good plan.

I really am not sure this will make it to electronic space, but I am trying.

The weather for some folks just keeps on hitting and hitting. I am so amazed at how much damage has been done to lives and property. These tornadoes are devastating. I pray for all who has had their lives torn to shreds.

We continue to be dry and windy with very little humidity. Strange weather for Swampland. I expect it for the SSB, but now here. Friday night was a scare when the chatter or Facebook was about a huge wildfire in the next county from us. It was already a little south of us, and is now (yes that's right - people are being told to get out) continuing on a south trek. It is only about 60% controlled. What's going to happen next?

OK - Friday afternoon and I better get ready to do something else since daughter called and the Mexican restaurant time for the crews has been cancelled!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun, fun, fun!

We finally were able to have lunch with the previous pastor to the previous church today. That sounds really vague, and in a way it is. He went on disability with his heart condition because of some of the church members decided they were going to get rid of him, and with their little secret meetings, secret letters and the like put enough pressure on him that he just took disability. That was a sad day for us. My son had a knee jerk reaction, and went to a non-denominational mega church - not my cup of tea by any means. Daughter and family has gone to a mission church. I am the one who got here there in the first place. And now we are there too.

Anyway, back to lunch. We had such a glorious time. L is not your usual run of the mill pastors. He is still in the 70's in many ways, but he is special to us. We can get him to come away from the pressures here to come up to the SSB to hunt. Those times are really special. We get to spend extended time with him.

The restaurant where we met is less than six months old, and is the perfect place for us. They serve outside on picnic tables with umbrellas. I never wondered how they will operate if it rains, but then we certainly haven't seen that wet stuff in a long time. They are good to go.

But today it was cool - unlike temperatures in the 90's like yesterday. In fact Lady Bug is going to be terribly cold at swim practice today. It was a perfect day to sit and talk with an old, close friend. Don't get too many of those.

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The right hand ...

I was worried when G retired. I think we had turned into a couple of old grumps as it was. I thought spending basically 24/7 together would be just miserable. And I guess it could be. I feel like I am really working on keeping things light around here - often accepting blame on things I clearly know I didn't do!

For 30 years we have had separate check books, credit cards, and the like. We each had certain bills we would pay. He knows that now, especially, he makes more in his retirement than I do. It has been ten years since the teacher retirement system has given a raise in our annuity payment, and turning 65 was not a big deal because I get a little over $150 because I have the "wonderful teacher annuity." So people like me with whatever counts as a special annuity gets only a portion of their earned right to Social Security, and when the husbands die - we get NONE of the survivors' payments. Uh, ok - off the soap box and back to the subject.

I let him take the trek to the mailbox, so he sees all the bills before I do. I have been responsible for the pool guy. I sat down to finally pay bills this afternoon, and I found the bill. But in the past G has paid that bill. I think it is going to end up - perhaps not this month, but sometime the pool guy is going to be paid twice.

He has picked up other things - things that would not have the chance of double payment. he dog food is a good example. She has to eat only the best from the vet. She has a troubled stomach. So G has been doing that.

It is sweet of him taking these items. It relieves me from just managing to hold on to the end of the month since, as we all know, everything else is going up. I am just glad we have an honest pool guy!

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'll bet you can't beat that!

The last visit with my cardio doc a couple of months ago left me with a new prescription. My blood sugar has been right at the higher limit for a number of years, but this last AC1 (or something like that) was also high. So he said we should try me on some metformin. He did not say that I had turned the corner to become a diabetic, but said to go to my primary.

Well, that was a bit of a problem because I had been using the cardio doc. I had seen my primary since it was suggested to me (by my insurance case manager) that I meet with him on just a well patient basis. So I did some years ago that had the doctor's office thinking I was from outer space or something.

When I started taking the med, I did make an appointment with him again - and was treated like a new patient. I tried to tell the appointment clerk I needed him to follow me on this med.

Anyway - to cut to the chase. The cardio gave me an unlimited prescription. It read 6+. So I felt pretty comfortable with it until I have come face to face with the insurance dragon again.

When we go to the SSB, I got really tired of hauling my pharmacy with me. I tried the week holder of pills. Don't like it. The pills find a way of dancing around. Since I am on mail order with automatic refills, I have a back log you wouldn't believe. Since I often forget to take my pain meds, I have quite a back log of those too. There are a few that I haven't been taking long enough to build up a back log. So I thought I would take some partial bottles to leave there. We are there often enough. It would simplify my life.

Such was the case with this one. I know I took the bottle, along with two others with me. Things were fine - I could take all the meds I needed from my stash there. The problem arose when I got back here. I had a second bottle of the metformin here. I thought it was the new refill.

I know - you guessed it. The new bottle is nestled safely in the drawer --- at the SSB with the other "over need" pills. And now those bottles that had several pills in them are empty.
This would not be a real problem if the insurance would allow a early refill. Dealing with the insurance is like banging your head against a brick wall for an hour so you can say it feels so good when you stop.

My next step will happen tomorrow. I am going to the drugstore, and ask face to face if we can get around this silliness if they will sell me enough pills to get me to that magic refill date. It's worth a try.

So should the moral of the story be to not leave medication there so my bag isn't bulging and rattling like I don't know what, or leave it there with a good check list. I have a check list from the last time. It didn't do me any good at all. And so, here I sit with a problem. I think cold, hard cash will solve it tomorrow, and then a big red mark on the top of whatever has to come home will do the trick.

Peace be with you.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday let down

It really isn't a let down. It really is peace and quiet. Five grandchildren can certainly fill up a space, and I know that five isn't the final number. But - oh well. I dearly love them all.

Monkey Boy was the hardest for a long time. I really thought he hated me for a long time. He would have to be prodded to give a hug - and a kiss - well ...

I have witnessed too many "now kiss Granny" situations. The kids weren't really into that. I didn't want Monkey Boy to be like that. And the thought of me baby sitting him. You would have thought I would pour hot oil on him during the specified time.

But, I sat back. I let him make the first move, and he has. He will come to sit by me. He will give me hugs and kisses, and you know what - they are more sweet because it comes from him. He actually likes to be around me,

Last night, we are all gathered around the little breakfast table - four of us sitting and four of the others standing. G announced that the dining room table was ready. That kind of broke the spell we had going (it was the best time we have had as a family in a very long time).

Lady But went to the dining room, and came back a short time later. She was the only one in there. Even though it is just on the other side of the kitchen, you definitely feel alone. I told her I would eat with her. I have always enjoyed her, and the older she gets the more fun she is!

We were eating and talking when I look up and there is Monkey! He came to be with us. That really made the evening special. When we retired to the den - he sat beside me on the couch and snuggled up beside me.

Waiting and giving things a chance really is a good policy. Now if it will just work on Son's son. I will be here - waiting for him.

Peace be with you.

He is raised indeed - hallelujah!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

But she's still a child of God

We have changed churches. We are Charter Members of this church. This church is active in their out-reach. Everyone knows your name. That's why we changed - along with the fact Daughter did this several months before us after we all visited.

This church goes to the home for the mentally challenged to spend time with them - painting fingernails and the like. These kids are brought into "town" for church. I think it is really neat! I especially liked the young man who punctuated things with his "ieeeee." Such a sound of joy.

This morning G and I were greeters and ushers. That was a surprise since neither of us volunteered! But that's ok. We want to serve. The only reason I brought that up is because we sat close to the door.

Oh I forgot to tell you - we are housed in a strip mall. We don't have the money to build a place, so we are housed where we can afford. We were meeting in an elementary school for a while, but they put an end to it. I don't really know why.

Anyway back to my story. We were sitting in the back row - last two seats. Someone was coming in after the beginning hymn. I think that is the attendant's way of doing things. The girl (woman?) who was obviously a downs syndrome - and possible more - pushed her way past G, and then me. The attendant and a young man obviously more effected came in. The woman sat next to me.

We were asked to stand, and she was closer and closer to me. I had on my new bright yellow top - and holding a cup of coffee. I usually can manage to spill whatever I am consuming on myself, but it looked like I was going to get a little help. I told G, and wisely we put the cup in the little kitchen area. I was worried that she was going to sit in my chair however.

The pastor hadn't gone to the front yet, and I saw him tell G something. I really thought it concerned ushering or something, but it was a reminder or heads up that they were from the home.

After service, he said something again. I truthfully replied that I was blessed that they were in attendance. And I really was.

He is risen. He is risen indeed, Hallelujah.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I guess ...

One thing that must come with having cancer is when it will come again and in what place it is going to come back or originate. You see that's the wonderful thing about that disease - it can metastasize from the original or it could be a completely new one.

I have been feeling really good that here I am at 4 1/2 years of being "cancer free" or at least it seems that way. Every 6 months I go to the oncologist and get that magic number from my blood test that measures something that indicates cancer might be present.

I went to the dentist for a cleaning on Tuesday. I am to take antibiotics before any dental work so that I don't get an infection in any of my replacement parts. I hate to take them. Within 30 minutes I feel like my upper GI is on fire. It is so painful, and I keep experimenting with how is the best method.

Well, I forgot on Tuesday. Had I been smart, I would have lied, and said that I sure did. The dentist's office have them there. And instead of just two pills, I got four - with the same side effects that were made worse by having my head tilted toward the floor.

We went to lunch with Son's family. Bar B Que. Great. I took my bottle of indigestion pills with me. I was suffering big time.

Now so what do these two stories have in common. My bouts with indigestion. And now my upper GI still feels funny. I have wondered for a while if there might be esophageal cancer in there. Now if I were a brave person, I would get to the GI doc. I know I should, but then everything goes away. I know that weight can cause reflux. Well - that I've got. I am supposed to make an appointment in July for a colonoscopy. I will tell the doc how I am feeling then.

I really think I am being silly. But such is the life of a cancer patient - even survivor. Every twinge makes you believe that it's back. Thanks for listening. That helps.

Peace be with you.

Friday, April 22, 2011


I have forgotten how long it takes to quit an activity that has become a habit. When it comes to the bad habits I have - it seems like I can never lose that thing. Try as I will, I fall back into that activity. Thank Goodness I never developed the smoking habit. I know how hard that one is to break. I only know of a few folks who have been totally successful.

Blogging each day had become a habit. I found myself always thinking of topics. It wasn't too unlike when I would talk to my dad on the phone every Saturday at 5. That was another habit, and all during the week I would try to remember something that had occurred that week to "tell Daddy." It's been a few years now, and I still find myself thinking about remembering something to "tell Daddy when I talk to him."

Now the blog IS on my mind a lot. I am always running topics by that might be developed into something interesting. I know, I know - I am still looking for those "interesting" topics! But I keep trying. Usually when I come in to write, they vanish like the money in my pocket!

It is interesting that in just ten days without an internet connection, I have lost my habit.

I really believe one reason is that I can't remember anything. When I think I would certainly remember something, I don't. Days of the month mean nothing anymore. Hours of the day can slip by before I know it. I am happy as a pig wallowing here in the non-existent time zone. I am happily ignorant. I do keep my day runner close by though. So far I haven't missed an appointment.

I will set my mind to being more aware. I miss being here. So until I once again have to depend on my "hot spot" cell phone, I'll be here.

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here I am

Oh, gotta get the spider webs out of the corners and dust these baseboards! What a mess after ten or eleven days. Gotta get things cleaned up.

I spend a bit of time rummaging about in my blog log. Lots of neat things there, but I am so far behind. I am going to have to take a systematic approach to catching up instead of the old tried and true shotgun method. I will get caught up with you all though!

My connection was iffy at best. I could read my in-box, but I could not answer or send any emails. I could read one or perhaps two blogs, but that was about it. That is more than I have been able to do before. I had one bar most days. That wasn't much strength. But it certainly could pick up the gmail accounts - that aren't anything personal, and forget coming here to blogger. No way.

It was mostly hot and dry. We had a couple of fronts that gave us one night that wasn't pleasant. We had thunder, lightning (hard to have thunder without it!), and quite a lot of hail. The winds blew almost constantly. I measured one gust at 25, but I really think they went higher.

We were lucky to have a little rain out of that system. The rest of west Texas is dry, dry, dry. Thousands of acres have burned. It is scary being away because there is nothing we can do to help stop the wildfires. We have done all we can. I told G I think this might be the year our place will burn. I know we couldn't help anything if we were there, but still..

I did get to meet up with my best friend in middle school. We had a great time, and it went too fast. I am going to try to get them up to the house. I have been thinking all the ways we could do this. I will get it done!

We had a pigeon appear. You could tell it belonged to someone. It was fairly tame and was tagged. I wish I could know whose bird it is. There was nothing we could do to help the bird. It was really happy eating our corn gluten we put down to try to stop the grass burrs from sprouting. Then it went to the bird seed we had out. There is no water. I am sure the poor thing will die there. I just hate this!

We put our hummngbird food out. Those little things consumed two cups a day! The usual suspects were out - in droves. The black throated ones were back. This year, for the first year that I could tell, we had a ruby throated bird. I was so thrilled!

The worst thing happened mid week. Shadow was intent on an area in the kitchen. G thought it was one of his little play mice, so he went to investigate. Nope - that sucker was real - and alive. We finally killed it, but I am so upset. I thought we had found all the holes they can get in. So when we went to the store, I bought more things to trap/kill them. I put fresh batteries in the one that electrocutes them since it has seemed to be the only one we have that works!

I have babbled enough. There are so many things yet to do, I really have to run. It was fun to be away. Did some neat things, but good to be home as well.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Last day

Well - this is the last day I will have a good contact with the outside world.

Something about that statement is good, something isn't.

Anyway, see you again after the 20th! Be good.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I am so excited

I am going to meet my best friend in Jr High to high school sophomore in high school this weekend. She found me in one of the school things and emailed me. She is the fourth to do so. But she is the only one who is going to get together with me.

I am just so excited, and at the same time nervous. Let's face it - I am not the same girl physically that I was then. I just know she will be thinking "how did she let herself go like this."

Well, blame it on me being addicted to food. I was vindicated on the news yesterday - as if I didn't know it. I really have felt that addiction. But that's for another time, and I am just running down a new rabbit hole to start on that topic.

She is going to be close to the SSB this weekend, so we are going to meet in town. I would love to have her come to the house, but I warned her about the roads (and lack of same). She elected to pass on the roads. I think I would have loved them to stay the night, but reality is staring at me around the corner. What if we no longer have things in common.

We do have children - she has one, I have two. She has grandchildren - 2, I have 5. I think we will have something in common.

She is the one that didn't make what is now called the Pep Squad. At my high school, they would allow a few sophomores to be in it. I made it - she didn't. That spring, her parents bought a house in another school district. I think they were waiting to see if D made it. Since she didn't, they moved to another part of town.

We kept up a little, and then G and I moved to Swampland. That was the end of a lot of my friendships. But I will see one this weekend! I am so thrilled!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

News update

The animal that I was telling you about who crushed his three month old baby's with his heal was (obviously) found guilty. I was sort of hoping he would be getting life without parole so that he would have a lifetime to reflect all the children he had molested and that little baby that he killed. The jury gave him death - but that automatically means an appeal.

The woman who left seven children to go to T*aget with a pan of grease on a stove with the heat on was brought back from Nigeria. No charges had been filed when she split, so there is no punishment for that part, but the charges are piling up. She now has four counts of murder there. Her bail is huge - I don't remember the amount.

So we will be hearing about Jessica Ta Ta more in the future. I have no idea when her trial will begin. I am sure it won't be here! They couldn't possibly find a jury that hasn't heard about the case. At least I hope there aren't 13 people who have lived in a cave for that long!

So that's the real news from here!

Peace be with you.