Tuesday, December 31, 2019

So ironic

We moved next door to daughter so she could take care of us.  Remember that?

Well - turns out the ninja monkey wanna be has torn her ACL and bruised her meniscus.  She is waiting for an appointment with the surgeon to evaluate her next move.

Looks like WE will be taking care of her now.  Oh well - guess things will work out for the best after all.

Saturday, December 28, 2019


The "old" house looks like vandals have trashed the place.  While I DO so much appreciate the help with the moving - did things that weren't in boxes have to be strewn about?  Honestly, it does look like vandals have been in there.

The antiques still sit in the formal living room.  I still don't know their fate.

The "new" house master bath is filled with boxes of "stuff" that has no storage space.  The master bedroom had the mirror from the dressing table on the floor and bags of "stuff."

We are on what was supposed to be a family break in Mason.  Only half the family is here.

And the other half of the family is home BECAUSE my daughter decided she was a cross between a wild monkey and a ninja.  She did something to cause her knee to "pop" when she was (get ready top this from a 46-year-old woman) standing on the bathroom counter reaching across the way to the cabinets on the OTHER wall to check the top shelf.  Her father had just told her to get a ladder.  She is scheduled for an MRI on Monday, so they aren't here.

Plus my SIL who in reality knows NOTHING about cars and drives like a bat out of hell anyway took their SUV to Firestone.  And $2000 later it was still undrivable.  It "shook" like a thrashing machine at 70 mph. 

I think he hit something.  When I was standing in the front yard talking to my granddaughter, she made a comment about the front end damage.  After three days of taking it back because it wasn't fixed, yesterday they asked if that vehicle had hit a pothole.  I am SURE it did - at the very least. But (and he IS a good man)he would lie about it - like he does whenever something like this.  He is a known liar. 

So there are just eight of us rather than 13.

Of course, our drama isn't finished.  When we got here on the 26th, I went to our little freezer.  When I opened it, there was an "unusual odor."  Then I looked at the back of the top door.  Water ran out.  There was still frost at the top, but all the food was only cold - not frozen.  So I have been cooking things that were still very cold.  That means all available refrigerator space is taken up with food - extra food because we all brought the meals we planned.  Of course, with daughter not coming that left two days open.  But even so, enough was brought to feed 13 on each of our days.

So goes our lives.  The story is never dull.

Friday, December 20, 2019

I. Will. Never. Move. Again!

They can move my cold, dead body.  I am never moving again.  We have been actively doing this for a week now and we are STILL not moved out nor in.

First - I can't GIVE away my antique living room furniture that I have no room for.  The charities won't take it.  No one seems to want it.  I don't know what I am going to do with it.  I am about to simply take it to the dump. 

I knew that my furniture in the remainder of the house was too heavy to move - at least for me with my deteriorating back, but OMG - the dust under it.  And so many things that fell behind it.  I am so embarrassed.  SO much dust.

I still have a bathroom and the kitchen to empty, but most of the rest is done with the exception of the stuff that got strewn.  We couldn't have done this without the help, but so much was just strewn about.  So I have to get that all sorted.

Things are not all rosy at the "new" place either.  We knew that the oven smelled of gas when it was turned on.  I also KNEW going in that a new one was going to run $1500+.  We had the appliance guy out yesterday to fix it, hook up the dryer and check the garbage disposer.  He left - after $560 work, and the oven completely unusable now.  The dryer needed a new gas fitting. The disposer was toast and leaking.  He thought the oven required a new ignitor and thermostat.  Well - he replaced the ignitor and it wouldn't light - AT ALL.  Then trying to adjust that the gas line broke.  So - we are looking at a new one.  I so wish I could put in an electric oven, but I don't believe there is 220 behind that old one.  I looked under the cooktop and it apparently was always gas.  So - that is probably a pipe dream.

Shadow spends his time under my bed.  He is a shy cat to begin with, but with all the people constantly in and out - he is just as his name implies just a shadow. 

I am sure things will even out - eventually.  But I surely know why we lowered our price to buy $20K and asked them to pay $5K of our closing costs.  It is being eaten up quickly.  PLUS G's truck broke today.  When it rains ...

Monday, December 02, 2019

I am going to explode

More venting here.

Wednesday was the set closing date.  We have our kids lined up to move on Saturday.  We have the UHall on Friday. 

Guess what! No closing on Wednesday.  The appraiser dropped the ball.  He had TWENTY days to go appraise the house.  He has not done it. 

IF we are lucky - we can close on Monday of next week.  After he gets off his rear and does it, sends it in and all that mess, THEN it has to sit for three days.  Unbelievable.  Absolutely.

That means we are postponed getting out totally which means our contractor is postponed from coming in to paint and recarpet.  That means we are postponed putting the "For Sale" sign out.  That means a longer time to sell.

I don't believe this.  At. All

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


This was so much easier 44 years ago.  I can't believe what a toll this is taking on me!

Of course 44 years ago the house was smaller.  We added two bedrooms and bath upstairs.

And 44 years ago, I didn't get into machine embroidery and tried to start a small business.  So I didn't have items that could be embellished hanging around.

And 44 years ago I hadn't inherited items (of sentimental and real value) from parents and an aunt and uncle who were like parents.  Silver services, etc.

AND finally, I was a LOT younger then!


Friday, November 22, 2019

Closing on the house is near

So we are back to the original closing date - December 4.  Things around here have switched to high gear.  I had been lazing about, procrastinating comes so easy!

But I wonder about the woman.  She has stage 4 ovarian cancer.  The reason for putting closing off was so she could have surgery the first part of December. I wondered how she could move so closely following surgery, but apparently, there is no surgery. It makes me worry that she was told there was nothing to be gained by the surgery, but another part of me hopes that the tumors were so greatly reduced by the chemo.  Whatever the reason - she is in my prayers.  She is a beautiful person.

I  tackled the "craft floor" yesterday.  My fabric stash had spilled out of its containment, so I was putting it back into the storage containers.  I have all the items I had for craft shows that I am unable to do any longer in a bag for Goodwill.  It was HEAVY.  I had to weave through close quarters to get it to the stairs to send it rolling down, and I paid for it last night.  My back was killing me.  I am going to have to have help with picking up bags and boxes from now on.  I just can't do that now.  Moving isn't for 74 year-olds.

My emotions are all over the place.  There is such sadness when I look around at what I am leaving. Our remodeled bathrooms, my powerful vent hood, the open expanses of this house. What I WON'T miss was released yesterday.  The new FEMA flood maps.  We are now in the 500-year flood plain with the 100 year right behind us.  When we moved here 44 years ago, we weren't close.

I am looking forward to being close to the grandchildren however. And I keep repeating my mantra that regardless that house is better than a garage apartment or independent living place. Sometimes you have to find the silver lining.  PLUS - I don't have to worry about THOSE STAIRS!

I have a living room full of antiques that don't have a place in the other house.  G said to just donate them to a charity that gives them to people that don't have furniture.  HE doesn't even want to sit on them - so why in the world would someone down on their luck want it?  I contacted an antique place that has 200 dealers if they knew of someone who would like those pieces.  We will see.

So the big move is set for December 7.  Wish me luck!

Friday, November 01, 2019

The story continues

Just when I thought there would be no changes - there are.  As I have said, the owner has stage 4 ovarian cancer.  She is getting chemo right now.  But I didn't know she would be having surgery in early December.  Well, she is.  So that means they are asking to delay closing until the 20th.  Now IF I still decorated for Christmas I would be really upset.  But I haven't in years!!

The thing I am worried about is that this year looks like it is going to be COLD in Texas.  We have had freezing or near freezing in Southeast Texas (Houston area).  We have tropical and semi-tropical plants.  Usually, I would put them in our storage building, BUT (1) we are in the process of cleaning it our and (2) I don't want to have to move them twice.  Yeah - I know = sounds like a personal problem!  It is, but all the same - plans change.  My daughter will "foster" my two six-foot Hawaiin plumerias.  I really don't want to lose them.  The other plants I will just have to group in the corner of the patio which is on the south side and pretty protected = they hope and pray.

I did get a giggle from the email their agent sent ours.  She said normally they would "negotiate" the amended offer (well, OK) but they wanted to leave the neighbors with good feelings - even at their loss.  Then the male owner looked at our inspection report.  He said nothing about the serious defects (that could result in the house burning down) but nitpicked the little things that made no sense to me.  I was reminded of the old saying "gagging on gnats and swallowing elephants!"

I have been throwing things out.  Yesterday out went the (outdated!!) VCR tapes.  I really was hoping there was some recycling place since they are covered in toxic chemicals.  AND I had hoped I could find a taped segment of my beloved Taz playing with the water sprinkler.  Alas - reality struck.  We put out about eight bags (couldn't get them too heavy) last night when we were pretty sure there wouldn't be any goblins to tear them open and spread all that around.  And the decluttering will continue today - and tomorrow - and the next day - and ...

So I may not be complete with my venting - yet.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Rather strange

Just when I was pretty sure the contract wouldn't go - that they would not accept the addendum or come back with a counter - they SIGNED IT LAST NIGHT.  The accepted the reduction of the price by the entire 20k.  I guess Christi (the wife) said enough.  She wants to spend time with her grandchildren and isn't sure just how much time that is.

I have totally accepted the fact that we are (1) downsizing, and (2) I will be giving up some items.  This move is for the very best.  We are gaining some things.  Unbelievable is that the dining room is larger.  With our family at twelve and we have family dinner on Sundays, that is important.  I will have the biggest dining room - and the breakfast room and the associated kitchen are bigger.  For twelve people (oldest grandson is 6'6" and 230) the extra room is going to be good.  The flow isn't as good as here, but that will work out.

So back to decluttering and disposing of things.  Then packing.  If I think about it, it is really overwhelming. I can only think of doing a bit at a time without panicking.  We have been here 44 years THIS month.  Amazing how things accumulate.  But I have about 40 days.

Thanks for tagging along on this little adventure.  It was great to have a place to vent!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Stand still

So - the contract was accepted - like it wouldn't have been since it was full price based on inspections.

So we had the inspections.  The owner disclosed that there was "cosmetic" grouting to be done on the chimney,  Uh,  no.  Probably cracked ceramic flue cracks.  The pool needed replastering.  Yes, BUT.  The first company would not give a quote on replastering because they thought the pool was popping out of the ground.  The second (and mechanical inspector) both said - yes replastering and not popping out BUT the deck surrounding the pool has dropped (therefore cracking badly) a couple of inches which has ruined the coping around the edge of the pool.  So a $5000 job is $18,000.

The mechanical inspector found the gas wall oven is leaking gas.  The main electrical box is defective and must be replaced (a neighboring area had their house burn down because of the same box - and ours here was done 15 years ago).  The dishwasher door will come open. When running.

When you total just the major problems, it comes to (actually more than) $20,000. So we amended the contract - offering 15,000 less on the price and they pay $5000 of the closing costs.

I know the woman has stage 4 ovarian cancer.  She is getting chemo and being a breast cancer survivor, my heart breaks for her.  They have asked to have until Monday to go over the amended contract.  I hope this is the real reason.

Their agent is (get ready for this one) the wife of the female owner's ex-husband, and has stated at the get go that she is protecting the seller.  I know this is what the realtor is supposed to do.  I was in real estate in the 1980s - when the first oil bust happened to Houston.  I had to quit.  No one was buying anything.  BUT she is not familiar with this area.  She had them price that property high, but we did sign for that.  They are selling "as is" and that is fine, but we will not pay the inflated price for a property with THIS many serious faults.

If it was meant to be - it will happen.  I know they now believe they are sitting on a gold mine and looked to make $100,000 on that house.  My inspector says different. 

So we will see what happens on Monday.

Friday, October 25, 2019

House inspection day

We just returned from being with the inspector for four hours on the other house,  He is THOROUGH and I love it.  Great guy.  We were there for four hours or more.  I was feeling sorry for the woman who lives there.  They were gone - she is being treated for stage four ovarian cancer and is not doing well.

He did find some biggie deficiencies that we can address with negotiations on the closing costs.  But his final statement was that HE would buy that house if he were buying, so that speaks volumes.

The longer I was in the house today the more it grew on me.  Yes, we are losing 700 square feet - which means the equivalent of a couple of rooms.  But there are some things that actually are better.  It is a give and take.  That comes with any downsizing.  It certainly didn't show as dark as it did over the weekend.  Perhaps because this cold front brought rainy dismal weather.  But with my table lamps, it will work just fine.  This present house is BRIGHT!

We had a scare Tuesday when my pool company came to look at that pool.  There is equipment that is broken and missing, but they said they couldn't replaster because the pool was coming out of the ground.  I sent the pictures to a pool builder and they said they really believe the deck is sunken more than the pool rising.  I looked at it today and I don't think that is what is happening.  Neither does the inspector who we didn't have him add the real inspection report.  Sooo.  That is one huge amount we are not looking at having to do.

With all that - it looks like closing will be early December.  I hope Christi (the owner) lives that long for many reasons.  I don't want to have to wait for probate, but I want her to be able to move to Abiline and spend her days with her grandchildren. My heart breaks for her.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

We will be moving before Christmas - probably

The contract was accepted.  It should have - it was full price.  That was a big surprise to the owners I know because they had it "as is."  And that condition is meaning at least $10,000 in repairs.  The pool is in terrible condition, and we have the inspector going there today.

My daughter (and our realtor for that matter) wanted us to offer less.  And then the idea is that if the repairs are REALLY excessive, we modify the contract.  That was until yesterday when the loan officer said the best way to go is to negotiate closing costs.  So I will be talking to my agent today.

So the next step is to downsize our "stuff" which isn't going to easy thing to do.  G would just like to pitch everything - seriously.  If it hasn't been used in a week - pitch it.  Then we pack and move.  After that, I bring in our contractor and he will paint the house and then we will replace the carpets.

On the carpet - I was reading an article about making the house sell faster.  I knew most of them - they haven't changed from 30 years ago when I was in real estate with ONE exception.  They said rather than replacing the carpet - add hardwood flooring.  That is a big no.  If I put in hardwoods or any upscale flooring it would be in the one we are buying.  It is mostly carpet with new tile in the kitchen.  The baths have some wood looking flooring up to the 1970's terrazzo!  There is so little left I don't understand why they didn't go the extra 10 square feet with the "new flooring."  But I had terrazzo until two years ago, I can live with it again.

Now if I can just get all this out of my brain at night.  My insomnia is rampant.  When it gets dark and quiet, my brain is placing furniture and mourning lost possessions.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Not my dream house

The house we have put a contract on is most certainly NOT my dream house.  I am pretty much living in that one right now.  BUT it does have some nice things about it.  Number one IS location.  Next door to my daughter's family!

I don't know where the builder's head was, but he made some huge errors in that house.  All the bedrooms are BRIGHT.  The master has THREE windows.  One of the secondaries has two and is bright.  The living area has one tiny window.  I can't understand that.  There is a fireplace centered on the outside wall and that one little window is to the right.  There is an equal amount of space on the left - and it is a blank wall.

The backyard is beyond beautiful - but one of the main problems present that has made it "as-is" is the heater for the pool's hot tub is gone - taken out apparently AND the jets don't work.  We will have our pool company really look at that.  The pool needs to be replastered, but that is normal for a pool.  Ours has been done once (and probably could stand it again).

They first listed the area around the chimney as leaking when they did the listing on Thursday, but yesterday they did a second seller report and said the problem with the chimney is just grouting.  So another possible problem.

We gave a full price contract - before we read the report.  And that price is dependent on what amount the repairs on these things comes to what we will finally offer.  In the meantime, we have been approved for the loan, but now have to convince the underwriters we are not getting this as in investment property.  I don't know why that should bother them - the loan gets paid.

Now to get this house ready to put on the market.  We plan to move out, paint and carpet, then put it on the market.  Busy times ahead.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Just WOW

It's been quite a while since I have been here.  And things have pretty much been status quo - until last night.

First, Katie has gone off to Poughkeepsie to college.  She LOVES it.  She flew home for a couple of days on their fall break, and we have been enjoying her so,  She is doing so well.  Her roommate is from Nigeria and they get along quite well.  Her training schedule for water polo has gone to 20 hours a week, and she is getting quite the work out from that.

The biggest thing that has me so torn is it looks like we will be moving from the home I love so and have lived in for 44 years. I dearly love this house, but...

G has convinced my daughter that we are infirm.  She is hell-bent on moving us in with them by some means - either by them selling and us selling and getting a larger home or them enlarging their garage and we live in the garage apartment. She even has thought of enclosing the game room they added upstairs where they would move up into for the master and we take the existing master.

None of these is a good option.  Not for either me nor G.  We are in 2600+ square feet.  We each are in a bedroom - he snores and I have bouts of insomnia.  Those two things don't mix.  One of us will be disturbed.

Anyway - the house next door to daughter has come on the market.  We looked at that house when it came up before and decided it most certainly wasn't our "dream home" nor was it one we really liked.  Well - I am looking at the handwriting on the wall, and this house has gotten too big for me to keep.  I don't do stairs well (I fell from the "killer step" a few months back). 

The one next door is 2000 square feet, so there is certainly enough room for us.  I don't like the boxiness - the kitchen is totally closed off from the den.  My current house is very open, and I love that about it.  BUT compared to my option - even going into the new independent living facilities - I don't like any of those.

So we are going to go look - again today.  We are ready to make an offer.  I am so conflicted.  Being close (really close - not one mile) from the grands will be great - even if Katie is in New York.  Leaving this house that is just the way I like it (not the clutter mind you - it has gotten the best me admittedly).  But there are changes coming one way or another and I want to be the master of those changes, not the recipient of those changes.

Keep me in your thoughts.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

And of course - another venting session

Granddaughter Katie is off to college in Poughkeepsie - and LOVES it.  I think the fact that they all have I-phones and can do "face time" every day has helped, but she loves everything about it.  Now when winter comes, I don't know how this Southeast Texas girl is going to manage!!

Now the venting.  I have had sciatica for over 40 years.  Now add stenosis and arthritis, and I am usually in pain.  BUT I have managed.  We have vacationed and that includes a lot of walking. 

Why am I bringing this up - well, poor little G has sciatica now.  He is claiming it is debilitating pain.  He wants surgery.  Me, I think that is a BIG mistake.  I will (and did) have both knees replaced, a partial shoulder replacement.  I will do any surgery except my back.  Do. Not. Touch. My. Back. With. A. Scalpel. 

He also complained to my daughter saying that we just HAD to downsize.  That he almost fainted from the pain when he was moving the sprinkler in the front yard.  So now she is investigating moving us.  That means we would be leaving a 2700 square foot home and going into a 700 square foot garage conversion - or a single room if we were to sell BOTH houses and we all move into a totally different house where we would have "our own room." 

That solution isn't something I want.  We already sleep in separate rooms.  He snores and I have insomnia.  We are not compatible in the same room.  We have been married 51 years and this is our solution.

Plus, I have been thinking of all the things I have to give up.  I am not ready to do that.  I have my craft room - err rooms - upstairs.  That all would have to go.  Admittedly, I do not cook as I once did, but I have accumulated cooking items over the years.  They would go.

And on the cooking - if we moved in with my daughter, we wouldn't be eating the way we do now.  My SIL does cook OK - not as well as he THINKS, but pretty well.  I don't want to eat his cooking every day. 

Now there would be advantages to living with them.  I would be close to the children.  That would be nice - even though they are both teens (and I would be THERE when Katie comes home).  I would be closer to my daughter.  Even though we are only one mile away, I often go weeks without seeing any of them.

So I have vented now.  I could partially vent to daughter, but not all that I put here.  I don't want to vent to DIL  I don't want to vent to close friends - they live with family!!  So this is my outlet!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Changes coming

The oldest grandchild graduated from high school last night.  That is the first of those graduations in a line of six!  In her family, there are great changes afoot.  She from high school, her brother from middle to high school, and little sister from elementary to middle!  In my son's family, there won't be a "graduation" from elementary for another year.

I was standing there as the high school graduates marched in (all 913 of them), and I couldn't control the tears.  This is the beginning of big changes in the family.  They are growing and leaving the nest.

I cried because she will be so far away from our little "hamlet" outside the greater Houston area.  She will be in New York at Marist College.  She has been to busy this year - and so have we in actuality -  that I haven't seen her that often.  She lives exactly one mile from me.  But I knew she was close and I could arrange to see her.  Now I will have to travel. 

She will be playing water polo for them - her dream for six years.  At Christmas time, or shortly after, the team plays in a tournament in HAWAII.  Guess I will have to save my pennies and head to Hawaii!!

Regardless - I am going to miss this girl greatly.  And wow - I am getting OLD!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019


After three weeks - my poor back has improved.  While still far from perfect, it is much better.  I would say I am back to where I was pre-fall.  And while that is not perfect, still is painful, and still debilitating at times, I can live with it.

G, on the other hand, is a wimp.  He has sciatica.  You would think it was a terminal illness.  He moans and groans - claims he cannot bend without support.  The problem is that he is SEVENTY-FIVE!  He cannot do the things he used to do.

He really doesn't help himself that much either.  Every afternoon is spent with his behind parked in a chair or on the sofa reading book after book.  I am not against reading, but ...

He will do his "PT" faithfully twice a day - and that is 10 minutes per session.  He will put out the sprinkler when needed and take the trash out once a week and recycling once a week, but other than that he is READING.

When we go to the SSB - for a WEEK - 75% of the time he is READING.  I know things have to be done.  But for him, it is either too hot or too cold all year.  So he is in the climate controlled environment on his rear READING.  And I am away from the things I need to do here.  We could get things done in a day and a half there  The excuse is that "traffic is too heavy Friday to Monday - so we have to stay over." 

So his solution to the sciatica problem - surgery.  I personally think he is going way over-board.  He is sounding like his mother.  She had not one but two surgeries and still was in pain.  Our tenant has had SEVERAL surgeries and is only hopeful this past one was her last.

OK - rant over.  Had to get it off my chest.  Me and surgery.  On my back - NOPE.  I will do the joints.  But I will NOT do my back - ever.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Not "Golden Years!"

At our house, the bottom step of our staircase is known affectionately as the "killer step."  It gets this identifier because each and every one of us who has held residence in this house has fallen from this step - some more than once.

I joined that frequent "flyer" club a week and a half ago.  It has been a long time since I fell.  I diligently count the steps leading to the ground floor after the turn.  There are three.  The handrail goes right along with those three steps.  No more hand rail means you are safely on the ground floor.

I am paranoid about falling - anywhere but especially on those steps.  When I had my knees replaced the surgeon told me that I shouldn't kneel.  He said that the patella is just a thin bone which can be shattered when it is between a hard surface and the titanium replacement.  I don't know of any way for anyone let alone a 70+-year-old gets up without turning over to be on their knees!  So I try very hard to never fall.

But after not going upstairs to my beloved sewing/embroidery machines for two months post shoulder replacement the call of the crafting was too much.  I was working on a project for my granddaughter who is graduating from high school this year.  It was the end of a long day and I had a battery to be recycled so I was going to bring that and some tote bags to be used as grocery bags down with me. 

To help me down the stairs - I threw those bags with the battery down ahead of me.  One of the bags has very long straps.  They landed on the first landing.  I picked them up and was distracted by those straps - I didn't want (wait for it!!) to FALL after getting my foot tangled in those straps. 

That meant I didn't count.  I didn't pay attention to the handrail.  And before I knew it, was airborne.

I landed - hard - on my right butt.  That didn't hurt.  The small of my back was in immediate pain.  Knowing that my spine is narrowed, disintegrating and I have sciatica I was really scared - plus in a lot of pain.  I really was afraid I might have broken my hip.  But no - fortunately.

After several minutes I was able to think about how I was going to get up.  G asked what he could do and honestly, there was absolutely nothing.  Finally, got turned around so that I could push myself up on the killer step, use the handrail and get up.  That was a no go.  I still have tenderness and a lack of strength in the shoulder.  I just bit the bullet and figured that since I was on the et I would just get on my knees and get up.  It worked.

By that time my right buttock felt like there was a softball under the skin.  So I worried about what I had done there but it seems like that is inconsequential.  My back, however, is still killing me.  The left hip hurts - a lot!  Standing isn't pleasant.  I believe I will now have sciatica on the left side.

Since I am looking at a time lapse of two weeks on Wednesday, I am thinking this is as good as it is going to get.  I think I am going to have to get professional help.  I see the shoulder surgeon on Friday and have sent his office an email asking for his suggestion and I am waiting for a response.  I will ask him, but I believe I will be making an appointment with someone else - who is closer than 40 miles for this problem.

Just who says these are the "golden years?"  Obviously not someone who is in them or someone who has taken better care of themselves.  Two days before I fell, my SIL fell and suffered a spiral fracture of her right humerus.  A few days after my flight, an acquaintance from the SSB area fell and broke her leg - requiring surgery. 

Sunday, May 05, 2019

Potpourri weekend!

We had been planning for almost a year to attend the State Water Polo tournament that was held this past weekend in Austin.  This is Katie's last one and we wanted to be there - with hopes they would e the winners AND she would bet the "most valuable player" award.

We left on Thursday so we would be there for the first of her games - about 9:30.  It was a very easy win and left me with high hopes for the second game.  The second game was a horrible mix of really poor officiating - the ref doesn't even know all the water polo rules - and the fact the girls simply couldn't make a goal in the second half.  They lost by one.

To see that second game, we practically swam to the game.  It was during a severe thunderstorm and flooding event.  Austin got five inches out of that rain.  We were there early and sat in the car for 30 minutes hoping the storm would pass over.  It didn't.  It was one of the training severe storms.  So we walked through two inches of water ON THE SIDEWALK!  I felt like WE had been in the pool by the time got into the Natatorium!

It was still raining and flooding when we left, and we hadn't had dinner.  The hotel we were staying in had no kitchen - so no dining.  There were no restaurants between the nat and the hotel, and by the time I saw a Burger King (which would certainly have worked in the pinch we were in) we were in the wrong lane on the access road.

We got to the hotel and there was a folder that was "room service."  Knowing it was not on premises, AND there was flash flooding we decided to give that a try.  Well - the menu was outdated.  But we ordered greek salads.  After an hour and a half, and it was 10:30 pm the food arrived and we weren't speaking to one another.

The next day the only game they had since they lost the second was at 2:30.  I pretty much knew Katie was not going to get MVP and G already said we weren't going to the awards.  So since neither team was going to play diligently (they had no reason) we decided to come home.  We considered checking out, going to the game and leaving then.  We would still be home about 6.  But I said for us to just come home.

Reagan (grandson) was to be confirmed today at church.  I was sick that he was going to miss that.  I let my daughter make the suggestion, and I didn't hesitate.  We brought him with us.  He stayed the night with us and we took him to church.

Three years ago we missed Katie's confirmation. We were out of state somewhere.  Today - we got to be the ones at the altar for his confirmation and rebaptism and placing of hands during the blessing.  I was so honored.  I was so glad all things with him came to what I had dreamed of.  

So we are at home.  Shadow was so glad we were back.  I am sure there was a lot of "caterwauling" for two nights because he really doesn't like being alone and really hates missing his little serving of wet food.  He wasn't sure why the big guy stayed all night, and why G slept in the bed (G snores and sleeps elsewhere).  But things are all back to the same old boring normal now!!

Loved the weekend.

Thursday, April 25, 2019


We are still missing Clyde terribly.  When I come into the den in the mornings, I always look to the couch to see him.  We went to the SSB last week.  When we went through Austin and got to the place where I heard (without realizing what it was) his last breath - a wave of sorry went through me.  Every night when it was time for his last outside time, I would think of him.  I would think of him running free with those ears flopping when I would go outside.  Time will heal us more, but it is painful.

I was reading on one of the many Boxer lover sites that someone lost their fur baby the same way we lost Clyde.  He just dropped dead.  For their baby, it was an arrhythmia, which I surmise was what happened to Clyde.  Boxers are disposed to heart problems, and our baby had been heart-worm positive when we adopted him.  He was probably 8 which is getting up there and I am sure his heart was weakened.


I poked fun at G for having a cold.  Well - I got it the next day.  AND I STILL have the remains of it.  I am so careful when around people with upper respiratory infections because once I get one, it lingers.  I still have drainage and cough. Hope that wasn't TMI, but this has been my life. 

I did tell G the next time someone comes to church, sits behind me and coughs constantly, I am moving.  This is my second time to have this happen.

This did motivate me to find a PCP though.  I have been lazy about it.  I absolutely hate the one that I have seen before.  They order blood tests several times a year - even my oncologist and cardiologists don't do that.  They order tests that are not needed.  I need someone else.  I won't go to one of the specialists with a cold.  It DID help G though - I guess.  His mess lasted a week while mine has lingered.


I saw the orthopedists a couple of weeks ago.  He is more than pleased with my progress, and basically said I could do what I please with the shoulder.  My range of movement is great, and mostly all pain is gone. 

When I went to PT, I had an intern with the therapist who massaged the shoulder.  I believe she "tweaked" the nerve a bit because I have some pain that had gone away.  But overall, things are going well.

The surgeon ordered six more weeks of PT.  I was ok with that.  The therapist said he didn't believe I needed it.  So - I am not going to go back.  I don't think I need it either.  Especially if I do what is basically stretching here at home, I am good.  The strength is good.  I helped G load a lawnmower at the SSB, and it was easy - so ...  Plus I will save over $60.

And you are caught up on my exciting life.  Just a lot of nothings!

Thursday, April 04, 2019

I am here.

It has taken me a while to not be so teary-eyed when I think of Clyde.  I am not feeling so totally incompetent as a pet owner not seeing anything that could have caused the sudden death.  I know Boxers are prone to catastrophic heart problems that suddenly present themselves.  But, that said, I still miss that sweet face terribly.


I am recovering quite well from the partial shoulder replacement.  Physical Therapy is working wonders and my flexibility is improving a lot.  I went through a rough place when I was afraid that I had used the arm too much and damaged the tendon that is attached to the shoulder from the bicep.  But after Tuesday's PT, I feel so much better.

I see the surgeon next Friday for my six-week return.  I think that will be good.


 Yesterday I saw a meme on FB that I wish I had copied and saved because it is so true today (and yesterday for that matter).  It said that women in labor experience pains that come close to a man with a cold.  Well, G has a pure and simple cold.

I KNEW we would  probably get a cold this week because the woman who sat behind us coughed the entire service.  Turns out she is the Pastor's mother, but regardless she coughed the ENTIRE service.

Yesterday, G moped around, barely speaking in an audible voice, complaining of a sore throat.  I told him mine was a little scratchy too, but you would have thought he was absolutely going to die!

I had a follow-up with the new Oncologist (since mine for the past 11 years finally pulled the plug).  I told the poor dying man I would drive myself - against surgeon's orders.  In the meantime, he made a doctor's appointment.  For a sore throat?? For the first hours?  Yes - he had a cough, but that was because that was the way he handled the sore throat and probably mild drainage.  I would have thought he would simply go to the drugstore to get some cough syrup, antihistamines or the like, and some type of pain reliever (since he now has to take blood thinners due to the DVT from last year).

I think he was disappointed it wasn't the flu.  And he is still wandering about like he is a dead man.

I, on the other hand, went about my normal routine - taking Advil and cough drops,

He wants to have back surgery - fusing two vertebrae.  First of all - I will have knees replaced, shoulders replaced, but I will NOT have back surgery.  That scares me.  There are too many nerves there.  And secondly, if a cold sends him into preparing for death - I don't want to have to deal with this surgery.  It will take explosives to get him out of the hospital.


So with that - enough said.  Hope your life is going smoothly!  Mine is getting better all the time.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Change in direction

I had been hatching a different post - one about this and that, but all that changed yesterday in a horrible way.

On the way to the SSB to spend spring break with my son, his family, and one of his friends and family - we had a disaster that I don't even want to happen again - and it won't.

We were over half way here when the truck was filled with a foul odor.  Then came what sounded like a loud fart.  I really thought it to be the cat in his carrier because he moaned when I was loading him at home.  And it was about his usual litter box time.

We stopped for lunch, and I didn't turn around to check on either animal.  And we proceeded on.

What we smelled was his body relaxing and letting go - what we heard was his last breath.

We got here.  G went to open the door and I turned around.  Clyde was still laying in his favorite sleeping pose.  That wasn't normal.  I tried to rouse him.  He didn't respond.

G asked if I were getting the dog and I replied "I think he is dead."  By that time I had gotten the door open.  I touched him, and he was cold.  I shook him - no response.  I slapped his haunches - no response.

Our fur baby died on the way.

We have such huge holes in our hearts.  We were dreaming of him being able to run free because it is still cool and there is little worry of snakes.  I knew this would be such a great time for him - five more adults and five children to love on him.  I didn't know there would be three other dogs for him to play with, but there are.

But today, he is in the freezer at the vet's office waiting for cremation.  We love you sweet boy.  Rest in peace.  And I hope you found the others on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and they are showing you around.

Here is Clyde - on the right with his two "girl friends" Angelica and Princess (my daughter's babies}at the ranch who are on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and hopefully they are reunited running and playing.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Easier than I expected

My surgery was on the 26th.  Needless to say I was nervous.  That was really a wasted energy!

We did stay in a hotel near the hospital since the hospital is about an hour from home.  I didn't sleep well at all.  The mattress was far from my wonderful one, I was either too hot or too cold, and I was afraid I would oversleep!

Orders said to shower with the antiseptic soap the night before and the morning of surgery.  That was some nasty stuff.  But I followed those orders.

The morning of surgery was something.  In Pre-op, they wouldn't put the IV in my right arm because I have had a mastectomy and have been able to avoid lymphedema for these eleven years.  SO it was the foot since the left was the topic of the day!

They nurse said the veins there were great.  But they weren't.  IV's in the foot are painful.  As she tried to hit the vein, it "rolled."  After about what seemed like a life time, she left and came back with xylocane.  It was then to go to the other foot, but with the numbing, if wasn't too bad.  It took several tried, but finally success.

After that wonderful experience, what was going to seem like a long wait of two hours was over and I was wheeled into surgery.

To cut to the chase, my surgeon had called for a nerve block.  It. Was. A Great. Thing!  My granddaughter used the same surgeon and had the nerve block also.  We laughed about how you think you can lift that arm, but it doesn't move - but there was no pain either.

I am now a week and a half out.  I have begun PT.  The mobility is getting better and better each day.  I can use this hand to type - which I couldn't last week.  I still want to use this hand to lift, but immediately get the message not to do that - a cramp in the bicept.   But all in all - no real pain any longer - and if there is, it isn't as bad as before surgery.  Increased movement.  I am amazed.

And as usual - I am wondering WHY I waited so long.  I just wish I could drive myself places.

Monday, February 25, 2019

D day or should I say S day

Almost here.  Tomorrow I have the partial shoulder reconstruction.

I was able to read the results of the MRI.  There are fragments in that shoulder that are about 1/2 inch in measure.  No wonder the pain is so bad at times.

Needless to say, I am worried - not so much about the surgery, although with anesthesia ...

I am really worried about the rehab.  I am worried about the pain after.  But I also trust this surgeon.  He did Katie's shoulder and another friend.  I just know this is a painful recovery. 

But I know (hope?) it will all be worth it.

Saturday, February 09, 2019


My new computer and Blogger do not get along.  Of course, I can't do things the easy way.  Years ago, when I was hoping for a home-based business to add to my (pathetic) retirement, I started a blog to help with it.  Well, the business didn't go anywhere and the blog had sat for years. 

So what does a new computer have to do with it?  Its Windows10 is just a scooch different from the last version, and I guess all the little synapses inside work a little differently.  When I go to blogger - it takes me to that blog.  And being so incredibly proficient these days (since I have been out or really using the internet) I find myself lost.

So today I thought the answer to that problem was to delete the second blog.  So I did.  And that didn't solve the problem - at all.  I am still directed to that one - even though it is gone.  Well as much as anything in this cyber world is ever gone.

SO if I don't respond to your comments nor comment on your blog - it is because my brain is still in 2001 technology!

In other news, I am getting ready for ANOTHER surgery.  I got what is actually a second opinion even though I went to this orthopedist hoping for something else - like not surgery.

I am going to have a partial shoulder replacement later this month.  The pain has gotten to the point it will not allow me to sleep.  And with all the hubbub about pain pills even if I wanted to go that route, it is so difficult.  And I have been down that road before when I went to the quack pain doctor who was just a front for pill pusher.

This is the orthopedist who did the surgery on my granddaughter as well as one of my fellow church members and his (nurse) son.  They wouldn't go anywhere else.  My love of an orthopedist has been dead several years now, so I have been looking for someone who is well loved by his patients.  Hopefully, I have found him.

I never thought I would be beset with this much arthritis.  I guess I have never outgrown my childish feelings that I was invincible.  I used to think I wouldn't ever die too!  The way I see it if I have the nine lives of a cat - I have definitely used four of them - probably more that I am not aware of!

So once again - surgery on the 26th.  At least my blood work is back to normal after the removal of that cyst that was causing kidney problems by pushing on the ureter!

Friday, January 04, 2019

It was COLD

We did spend the last week in South Texas - South Padre Island on a family vacation.  It. Was. Cold.  South Texas is supposed to be warm - it wasn't.

Now I know to many the temps were not bad - they were spring/fall like, but when you go to the beach in South Texas - it is supposed to be warm.

But the house we rented was warm and cozy, and we had a great time.  I am in the process of gathering the photos we took to make into "books" for the family.

We are marking a new chapter in our family life.  We are not adding out additional children (the in-laws), we are not adding new children, we are beginning to see those children (the grandchildren) leave the nest.  Katie will, as I have said before, be leaving us in September for Marist College in New York.  That's a LONG way.  So we celebrated this change.

It all went very well.  Here is the first installment of pictures from this trip. As you can see by our outerwear - it was really chilly.  The winds from the Gulf didn't help things one little bit.

This was the only time we went "out" for something to eat.  It was a brewery on the island - with pretty good food as well!
The family (minus us old people) at midnight on New Year's Eve.  Not a good picture, but it was foggy and COLD