Sunday, August 21, 2016

Really quickly

Having to use wonky back up computer until other one is fixed.

Been gone a lot - SSB and New Orleans

Otherwise - same old stuff with lots of rain coming down.

See ya' next week, I hope!

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

What a week it was!

My daughter's family is home, and so is their dog.  She spent the week with us.  She is an 11-12 year old Boxer who had been with them for about 6 years.  Our vet rescued her after the puppy mill breeder dumped her alongside the road. She has the canine equivalent of ALS.  The nerves in her spine are losing their covering sheaths and eventually she will be paralyzed.  But everyone here enjoyed her with the exception of the cat!  Things were going fine - until Thursday of last week.

Shadow is fed his wet food at 9pm.  That night, he decided he would "slink" back through the entry hall.  By this time Princess had become very comfortable here.  She had been "protecting" her new home all day.  So when she saw this creature slinking through the shadows, she was on the attack.  That made Clyde attack too. She moved so quickly - it was amazing.  Her partially paralyzed left leg moved just fine!  Normally Clyde just lets Shadow bite him on the butt and goes on.   That was the end of it all for the cat.  He wouldn't venture into the den on his own!   He is so happy she went home yesterday.

The pinnacle of the week was my main laptop deciding it wasn't going to load.  Fortunately I had backed up almost everything, but still it is a bad, bad thing.  I have the wonky Dell that I keep upstairs for loading the embroidery designs onto USB sticks when I want to use them, but it's getting VERY old!

I found it will load in Safe Mode, but that isn't the answer.  I called my computer guru.  He is busy for the rest of this week and will be out of town next week.  Well, so will we so I guess that means when we all get back I will have him look at it.

In trying to recover things from the computer, I discovered that I had NOT been backing up my most recent genealogy work.  I was going to use this one to do more this week, but I have apparently lost about a month of work.  Even though the backup on the "down" computer said it was the recent work - it wasn't.  There was supposed to be a backup on a disc, but guess what - it didn't.  At least all the embroidery designs both already files and those recently downloaded that have to be worked are untouched.

Next week we will be in New Orleans.  It is the Lutheran Gathering.  It brings Lutherans from all over the country for meetings and worship.  We went to another many years ago that was in the Lutheran Mecca - Minneapolis.  This is quite an event, and since it was so close we are going.  Plus we have so many "miles" from Amtrak, we get a free sleeper.  We don't need it for sleeping since the trip is only about 9 hours, but it will be so much more comfortable.  Plus this means meals are included.

So we are preparing for a week in New Orleans.  I just wish I were younger.  Our last vacation there was 45 years ago.  I don't think this will be a similar trip.

Now I have to see how Princess is adapting to being home after Grandma and Pa spoiled her rotten!