Thursday, May 31, 2012

A bit miffed

So our October plans are changed.  My bucket list is not going to be met then - at least part of it.  Our planned trip to New York City, Philadelphia, etc has been canned.

I (sort of) agree with that.  While I really wanted to experience NYC, I don't want to pay those rates for the hotels.  After all, this would be the second trip for this year.  So I agreed to doing this.  I will live.

But we are probably doing another part of my bucket list.  We are going to the Outer Banks.  Now, that makes me happy too.  Not as exciting as NYC, but it's still good.  That's an area of the country I have never seen.

Right now, I am wondering how I am going to get everything in place that I need to do for this new doc.  I need to make an appointment for the kidney ultrasound, and I have to have lab work done before I see him - the day we return from Iowa.

So what's the problem you say.  Well - we are leaving Thursday for the SSB.  I will have ONE day between these trips.  Not. Enough.  So my plans are to get an appointment for the ultrasound between now and Thursday.  I will go on line with the lab to set an appointment for the day between the trips.

I don't like to be rushed that way.  No, not at all.  I really think I may broach the idea of cutting the SSB by one day.  After all - it will be HOT up there.  Not much will be done, and that would still leave four days there.

I know - I am such a whiner.  I need to get over it.  Things will work out.  They always do.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting old ...

Open ended statement you fill in the negative words you wish.  I'm trying to keep this blog G-rated.  I know what my statement completion.

I had the opportunity to add yet another physician to my stable.  Let's see:  general physician, cardiologist, dermatologist, pain management,oncologist, dermatologist, orthopedics (two of them), and NOW we have a nephrologist.  And my GP wants me to go to an endocrinologist.  Nope - not yet!

At the first of the year, my GP ran his battery of tests.  Apparently there was a lot of protein in my urine.  Six weeks later, it dropped 50%, but still high.  So I was referred.

I went today.  Now I have to go for a kidney ultrasound and see him back in a month.  Geesh!  I am getting so tired of going to the doctor.  What's more I am really tired of the lab tests.

Oh yes, I love, love, love getting older.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Swim - or drown?

In college, I decided that an easy PE credit was beginning swimming.  I already knew how to swim - I thought, but just how difficult could this be?  Let's face it, I was not, am  not a physical person.  I don't like to sweat.  I did enough of that with menopause.

That was the best course I ever took - other than the folk dancing that was also a PE credit.  Pretty cool - fun PE credits!  I learned the correct way to swim.  We began with just getting used to the water.  We ended swimming a couple hundreds of meter swim without stopping.  And I could do it.

So I have always loved to swim.  I loved it so much that we put in a pool.  When the kids were little we were in that pool everyday for hours.  Then they left, and I got old had cancer and two knee replacements.

After those surgeries, I had lots of stitches that shouldn't get wet.  After the knees, I knew I couldn't get out of the pool.  I don't have all the strength in my legs back.  Years of inactivity has taken its toll.

We had to have the pool replastered this year, and I wanted a rail at the steps so I had something to hold onto.  Otherwise I would be kneeling on the decking at some point, and I have been told not to kneel - especially on something hard.  He said the titanium knees would do a real number on that thin knee cap bone.  So we had the rail put in.  That was no easy task.  They are not usually on a private pool.

Saturday I finally decide that the pool had to be warmed enough.  It is a deep pool - we have a diving board.  It takes a long while for all that water to get warm.  Even in Coastal Texas!

It still is a little cool.  Its temperature is what I would like when the days are high 90's to 100.  But I got in.  Slowly.  I am so glad I didn't launch myself into the deep end - which isn't far into the pool.  As I began to kick, I realized I had never tried fake knees to swim.  They felt a little strange.  But more than that - I didn't have the strength to kick a lot.  Kicking is my long suit.  It scared me a little.

So I stayed in the more shallow end swimming from one side to the other which isn't far - maybe 5 feet.  I also did some exercise moves to strengthen my legs.  I wasn't in long.  I didn't really expect to feel anything.  I was so wrong.  I was getting a little sore, and it wore me out!  Talk about being out of shape!  Geez.

So I haven't been in since, and I won't be able to get in today.  The pool man comes and he will "shock" the pool which means the chlorine level will be off the charts.  Not good for the skin.  But I will be back in for a while, then we are basically away from home for the month of June.

In other news, I finally downloaded pictures from the  "graduations."  The top is my LB.  Not a good picture and it is the best I could get!  The bottom is Doodle Bug.  I have one of her smiling, but her eyes are closed.

Oh, and JuJu - we had about 65 people at the picnic.  I think everyone had a great time.  Some stayed for quite a while, and there is talk about having another one soon!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Church picnic

Yesterday was really a fun day.  The people who attend our church are really great people, and being able to spend time with them in a relaxed place was great.  We used our little city's park, and it worked out so well.  The weather was perfect - a good breeze and temps only rising into the lower 90's.  We set up under the pavilion, which really was a basket ball court until kids from the low income apartments near by would come and hanging out for hours ultimately destroying the basket ball goals repeatedly.  But it is a big nicely covered slab. If there had not been the breeze it would have gotten not under the roof.  It is metal, and heat is held.

An inter generational kick ball game began after we had lunch - hot dogs from the church, and a covered dish from the members.  Those people really enjoyed that and are looking to start a league with the near-by church (our old one).  It could be a lot of fun.

I made a cake from a mix to take - it was really nothing to inspire anyone to eat it, so G has cake around here.  People ate bought cakes before my little bundt.  Oh well.  I knew after it came out of the oven that it was pretty pathetic.  Certainly not what I usually try to do.

Of course, the picnic was a great opportunity for us to have a fight - well for G to display his wonderful personality.  We ended up really not speaking Saturday night.  I guess he thought I didn't begin preparing the steak soon enough to go on the grill.  What preparation that takes.  Sprinkling cajun seasoning on the meat - or if I get really fancy a little olive oil and THEN the seasoning.  I began talking about taking a table or so to eat from.  He exploded.  I don't remember what he said exactly, but it was completely uncalled for.  So I was pretty much silent after that.

Is there male menopause with the associated personality changes.  If so, he has had it for about  30 years!  Ah, well.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Didn't download, but

As usual, I didn't download the pictures from the pre-school graduation. but I will.  I know you are waiting with baited breath for that one!

We went to the elementary graduation.  It was really nice.  I will try to include a picture of Lady Bug and our neighbor across the street's picture.  I usually have problems with Blogger these days.  And I did.  I will try again.

I am back with using my sleep apnea machine.  I have gotten really a little worried.  I am hoping this will get my appetite under control.  Ten years ago I was diagnosed with sleep apnea.  That was when I was able to lose a considerable amount of weight.  In fact, so much that I stopped the cpap because I didn't need it.  That was also before the cancer - bc - lol!!

The problem with the CPAP is that the ramp feature no longer ramps!  What that means is that it begins putting our only a little air.  Then it gradually goes to the amount prescribed to keep the airways open.  That took about two weeks to get used to.  I was not getting much sleep since I was ramping it myself by manually adjusting the mask.

It is working now.  Things are good on that front.  My back is hurting some.  My right hip, where I fell, feels bruised, but I don't think any real harm was done.  No broken hip.  Good fat on the butt!

We are in the process of changing our email account.  We are getting with the program by bundling phone, internet and tv, so we will become ATT subscribers. I don't think it will affect this in anyway, but just so you know.

Tomorrow is the church picnic - first annual.  I am looking for good things.  Have a good Memorial Day.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yes, unfortunately I still exist

I've just been out of pocket for another week.  The bad news is that ATT let me down.  No internet through them and my fancy phone.  The worse news is that I guess if I want internet, it will have to be by satellite.  I guess the $50 (plus taxes and all sorts of fees) can go to the satellite that is advertised at $40 (plus taxes and all sorts of fees).  G doesn't like the idea - he isn't even on board for the satellite tv!

We actually returned on Tuesday, but I was too tired to post then, and yesterday I went to Doodle Bug's "graduation" from pre-school.  They were cute.  I will try to post a picture tomorrow - especially since Lady Bug "graduates" from 5th grade.  OMG!  Let's make all these big occasions.  In a way, LB's does mark her moving into a whole new era.  

In other news, I guess technically I am not a great grandmother.  My step granddaughter had her baby yesterday.  Strange family this makes.  I am a grandmother to a 4 month old and great grandmother to a newborn.  

Anyway, M came through it with flying colors.  I was worried about her.  Like every pregnant woman, the last weeks are miserable, and you want that baby out more than anything else.  So it was with her.  Last week she was told her cervix wasn't softening.  But she was given the choice of waiting or inducing (on her due date because of the gall bladder problems).  Guess what she chose?  So she went in on the evening of the 22nd for the Cervadil.  Seems to have worked.  Her water broke about midnight, and Allie Beth was born yesterday afternoon with a fairly easy labor.  Congratulations M.  Now don't follow in your birth mother's steps, who by the way isn't speaking to M.  

Yesterday I pulled a real boner stunt.  We laugh about the bottom step on our steps being the "killer step."  I have fallen more than once, G has fallen, Son fell - holding his son and hurting his foot really badly.  I try to be extra careful these days.  Well, yesterday I was trying to get the suitcase with the fabric I took up the stairs when I remembered Simone had not gotten her pills.  I was coming back down, not paying attention, and missed that last step.  Down I went.  I landed squarely on my right hip.

G, from the other room, asked it I were OK.  Duh - didn't you hear the thud.  Couldn't you have gotten off your dead a** to see?  Anyway, things were all in tact yesterday.  Today I am so sore!

Today I will be working to complete an outfit for Allie Beth and doing two more Baptismal blankets (that I have been asking about since January - our church - no communication until it is really serious!).


Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I do hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.   Mine was 99% great.  G gave me a lovely orchid plant.  He said he was replacing the one that died.  That and another one were the only ones I have been able to keep going - in fact, the one that is still alive even bloomed again.  That is a record for me, and it's a shame because I love orchids so much.  But then I used to laugh about all the rosemary plants in the world screaming when I walked by.  Every one I would buy would turn brown.  I finally figured out my water person (G) was over watering!  So now I have a huge, healthy rosemary plant.  I am hoping the same for these orchids!

I had told Daughter I wanted a good pair of fabric scissors because I know they can be expensive.  Well - I got those and another pair that cut nicely through thick layers of fabrics.  Wonderful.  Plus they hosted famly dinner last night, and it was delicious - as normally.

Son and DIL gave me a beautiful rose bouquet along with a gorgeous James Avery cross.  It is a very heavy one, and absolutely beautiful.  I think she likes it a lot too, and her birthday is the end of this month.  I may give her a matching one.  I will check with Son!

The 1% not good was my middle grandson.  He is Son's oldest.  He is three, and he is literally Hell on Wheels!  I think I posted before about him (purposely) throwing a wooden block at Daughter's youngest hitting her above the eye.  He throws things at Simone and chases Shadow.  I had reached my limit about a month ago, and the next week cancelled family dinner because of him.  No one stood up to host, so we didn't have dinner that week, then we were gone.  Son and DIL had it last week, and now Daughter and SIL.

So what got me this time, it was direct, willful disobedience. G was going to borrow a book from SIL.  So it was sitting on the couch, next to where one of the dog kennels was.  W decided that he was going to push that book through the wire of the kennel.  I just ignored that behavior.  Then he threw the book into the far back of the kennel.  I asked him to get it out, and he just looked at me as if to say eat sh*t and die.  So I asked again.  He acted like he wasn't hearing me.  I told him that I knew he could hear me and requested again.  Nothing.  I was ready to paddle his little butt!  I was furious.  But by that time Doodle  Bug had crawled in to get the book.  And to think - she was the brat before!

I really was livid.  They discipline this kid for a lot, but other things he is allowed to run wild.  His other grandparents ( and there are three - real grandmother, step grandmother, and real grandfather) apparently cater to him.  I don't cater to any of the six!

I think it is well known my family are deer hunters thus having racks of antlers about.  W thinks these large, eight-point racks are his toys.  They are dangerous.  They have long tines and are sharp.  When we were at his house, he had one that almost at differing times nearly pierced his little sister and baby brother.  He was trying to put a hole in their leather ottoman.  At Daughter's house, he took one from SIL's desk and was doing the same thing.  Daughter took it away.  DIL doesn't care - says he plays with them all the time.

OK - thanks for reading my rant.  I think he may grow out of this - at least I hope so.  I really believe he is going to give his parents a run for their money.  I am worried a bit though because I see a mean streak in him.  I neglected to say he threw a ball at his sister's head last night when they were outside - beaning her pretty good.  Fortunately, she had a batter's helmet on.  Mom just laughed. 

Now I am done.  Peace

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh, what a meeting

I knew today's Women's Group would be poorly attended.  I had gotten several replies that for one reason or another, they couldn't be there.  Most were people who seldom come anyway, so it wasn't a big deal.

Then my co-conspirator called just before the meeting.  She and her girls wouldn't be there.  Her brother made a surprise visit for Mother's Day.  I was a bit devastated

Daughter had asked last night who was going to be there.  I told her I had no idea - I had only gotten the non-attending.  I didn't think she would show either, but she called me when I was on the way.  She was coming.

I got there first - of course.  Then Daughter.  She has a key, but can't find it.  Plus she didn't think of bringing it.  The daughter of another member arrived.  She had no key.  Her cousin has one, but couldn't be there either, and didn't give B the key.

B's aunt arrived - the mother of the other one - and still no key.  But it was then determined that K had the key, but she wasn't there yet.  I found out she was attending the first communion for her God-daughter.

Crazy - right!

Then we began discussing formalizing the church picnic set for the 27th of this month.  We really couldn't because we didn't know what the church was providing.  Pastor was at the Synod Convention, but Daughter called and texted him - a lot.

Just as we finally got all the answers we needed - he sent his sister.  I already feel that they don't think we are able to handle this group, so I was really upset.  I am more than happy to organize the picnic, but I have to be given the rules first.

I thought we were going to have hot dogs AND hamburgers.  Well - no.  So that needed to be set.  At the very end of getting all set, Pastor's sister (who is Minister of ? - non ordained) asked who was going to furnish the grill.  I nearly fell out of my chair.

This is part of the problem we have in this church.  Communications are not clear, and most expectations are not well spelled out.

If this post sounds (and is ) crazy, that's because this meeting was crazy!!


Friday, May 11, 2012

I did it! I did it! I did it!

In my never ending battle with technology, I finally won a battle!  I bought another (sigh) router several weeks ago, but didn't even try to install it - until last night that is.  I thought Comcast had messed with my modem (I know you know that since I have moaned and groaned several times).  

I just decided I would give it another try.  It was so easy peasy!  Of course, I went with a good brand this time - one that I know the quality is there, not a cheap off shoot.  And it worked.  And it allowed me to load all the information on a thumb drive to go into other computers!  Now I have my big laptop back. I can sit in the breakfast room to watch GMA, etc, and work on the computer.  I have it on the little toy laptop that I use in the craft room to download designs directly.  And G has his own computer to use - no more messing up my settings, etc.

Having the internet available to me upstairs is important.  I need to be able to download directly because when I was trying to get the other router to work, I managed to get out of the Homegroup I set up.  I cannot get that setting back, so my computers will not speak to one another anymore, thus no more sharing.

I was going post some pictures, but I don't know if it is the router or just this computer acting up.  So - no pictures.  They were from the SSB - including the one I tease G about.  I call it his pet - actually a 12 inch rattle snake!  I will try again sometime.


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Bleeding money

There are times when it seems that we are just bleeding money - everything we do is at least 2 times what I expected.

We went to Walgreen's to get vaccinated for shingles.  My dad had them, and I know how terribly they hurt.  One of my daughter's friends had them recently.  He is an ass, but still I could see how much they hurt.  I really don't want to  find out for myself.  Well - guess what.  Since we don't have part D Medicare, they weren't covered by that, and our supplemental drug insurances didn't cover.  That wouldn't be so bad, except the injections were $ 215 (possibly more - G paid).  And that was for ONE!

We decided we would replace our 35 year old windows with something more energy efficient. I wanted to do the entire house which meant something like 16 windows.  He only wanted to do the front 6.  We (surprisingly) compromised and are doing 8.  I thought they would be cheap.  Nope. NO. The one in the dining room has a curved top, so that equals two windows, that have to be done in the Cadillac line.  The others, while still the same efficiency, are done in the bicycle line.  The dining room window(s) alone are half the price.  In fact that (those) windows are what I really thought we could do the entire house for.  S. U. R. P. R. I. S. E!

These are good windows.  They are the ones our neighbor had installed several years ago, and they love them.  My daughter had her whole house done by an individual.  I really don't know what brand of windows those are, and it was done by an individual and his son.  It was a cheap price.  We will see how they hold up.  Plus, she never gave me his number.

So we are paying half on about 30 minutes, and the other half when completed - in about two months!

I also went back to my preferred cell phone carrier.  I went ahead with a smart phone and hot spot.  I got the bill today.  I thought the lousy one I had was expensive.  This is almost twice.  Of course, the fee to begin will not be there, but OMG!  I may cancel the hot spot and go with satellite at the ranch.  Wow!

The injections I had a few months ago were, according to the bill, $63,000.  Then there was the Medicare discount of $62,500.  Anyway, my supplemental insurance won't cover the Medicare non-pay, so I owe $140 there!!!  I am so tired of paying after paying for insurance.

I know - all I am doing is moan/groan.  I'll get over it!


Saturday, May 05, 2012

Oh, it's me again

I was going to comment on JuJu's comment, but it got so long, I thought I would just make it a post.  Then I got so bent out of shape by my email adventure I forgot about it!

About my sewing club.  The place I purchased my machine is the location of the club meeting.  Our specific brand has three meetings on the day - morning, afternoon, and night.  I go to the morning meeting, and recently our numbers have been growing by leaps and bounds.  We, at times, have had 18 or so people.  And it was crowded.  I have noticed some of the "old heads" aren't coming anymore, but we have scads of new people there.

The store moved to a larger facility, and the classroom is a bit bigger than the old one.  It still isn't big enough!  I can only imagine how many people are actual members of this club with the three sessions.

All of the other embroidery machines also have clubs that meet there, but they only have one session.  At Christmas, we usually combine with the Viking club since they only have a very few members, for the Christmas party.

It is fun.  I learn new techniques at these meetings, and it makes me willing to try new things.

As for trains.  As a kid, my grandmother lived fairly close to a track.  I loved to be out there and listen and watch the steam engines work that track.  Ohhh - that shows how old I am!

Once I visited my cousin here in Houston and we took the passenger train back to San Antonio.  That was a lot of fun.  Teens riding alone!

My real passion for train travel happened after G and I married.  A few years ago, the train club here sponsored a special train trip over some lines that were to be torn up soon.  We joined that group - which meant we also joined the National Historic Rail Road Society.

Recently, we have been attending the National conventions that are held all over the US.  This year we are going to Iowa.  Next year - Alaska.  We have been to Ft Worth (whoo hoo - not a big trip for us), Duluth, last year, Portland and Seattle.  We ride a lot of trains, able to see a lot of shops (not me this year), and meet a lot of interesting people.

In October we will be taking the train to New York City and near-by sites.  It should be fun!  By the way, any suggestions on things in NYC and Philadelphia?  Thanks Kathy for all the ideas in NYC!

So there are the answers to the questions!

Is it me?

Since our Women's Group meeting is next Saturday, I thought I would send out the reminder yesterday to give people plenty of time to plan (ha).  I know there will only be the few of us there.  With school ending, sports in full swing, dance recitals, and being the day before Mother's Day - well, you know...

The group has been asked to coordinate the church picnic to be held on May 27.  I assumed most people were aware of this date.  It has been mentioned a lot.  So in topics that we will be discussing, I put we would be working on the planning of the picnic.

I hardly pushed publish before I got an email asking if the picnic was on the 13th.  I know I didn't put the date in the email, but seriously?  This particular woman was even at the last meeting when we were formally asked - again.

That email set off the Director of Education sending one really panicked about that being the date.  Seriously lady?  You are more in the know about what's going on than I.

So I drafted yet another email to go out making a joke of sending one that was clear to me, but obviously not all.  I guess I should have made that date clear, but it has been talked about for months.  It even has the RSVP on the cards we fill out on Sundays.  Geesh!

So from now on, I will make absolutely sure that there can be no misunderstanding of what is in those emails.  I should know better - after all, I taught for 29 years in Public School and about three in an adolescent psychiatric facility.


Thursday, May 03, 2012

Chasing my tail

At least that's the way I feel.  I am still fighting with the password protector thingy.  I really am ready to just delete it.  I know one thing - it doesn't like you to have more than one account at a venue.  I am still fighting about the Gmail accounts, and that's where the church women's group is.

Yesterday I was talked into going to a Rail Road Museum.  The museum is very small inside, and G really wanted to see the tower that they had.  It was too blamed hot for that sh, er stuff.  I did walk over to see the 1890 office car.  Quite something. I was just thankful THIS museum wasn't the size of our museum.  We have at least six pieces of rolling stock, and the artifacts number more than can be exhibited.  And we have to move that place.  Nice.

Today was my sewing club.  OK, but I really didn't learn anything with the exception that a size 11 needle doesn't penetrate seven layers of cross stitch.  It gives up and breaks!  I guess the coaster is cute.  Well the fellowship was fun anyway!

Why I am so rushed, I don't know.  It just feels like every moment is spoken for.  But then I tend to waste a lot of time here on the computer.  But then, it's fun.


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ah, geez

You know me - always jumping into the deep end head first without checking it all out.  Think I did it again - right on!

While checking the ten million emails on my Yahoo account (ALL embroidery sites), there was a message about the July 1 date where if you have any malware on your computer, you will not be allowed to log on to the internet.  I did that - and I am clean.  But, there was more information there about a password bank that gets your passwords off your computer so if you are hacked, they are not available.

You know me - I did it.  For the most part, it was really simple.  But there are two of us using this computer (darn), and since I have the memory of a sponge, which is none - no brain, I often forget passwords to simple places like Facebook, Gmail, and the like.  So that means I just give up and change those passwords. 

When I got to looking in my "vault" of passwords, and I have three gmail accounts and two Facebook accounts, there were something like nine or ten google accounts, and at least six Facebook ones all sitting there with their separate passwords.  Add that to the fact I use two different browsers since they seem to go down with regularity.  I can switch off between them.

Now - I knew I had a problem with what I recalled as my Facebook password when I was trying to set up my new phone.  I couldn't remember what it was right now.  You notice I said "password" and "it."  That's because in my infinite wisdom, I made those applications the same password.  Just remember one for two accounts.  Well, that means you forget one for both accounts.   And THOSE I didn't write down any place.  Smart!

So guess what I have been doing for the past two hours.  Yep - I have been playing with that vault, trying to get all my passwords straightened out.  I think I got G's straight, but I know as well as I sit here, as soon as he tries to access one of his accounts that is password protected - it won't work.  There will be hell to pay tonight!

And I can't even blame chemo-brain anymore!