Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Yes, it's meeeeee!

Time has surely flown by.  And some things have really happened!

First, we spent our Spring Break at the SSB.  That was early because we wanted to take advantage of the (slave) labor we were offered!  My son and his family were able to get away to come up to help get some heavy work done.  

Originally they were to spend a week, but the Houston Rodeo got in the way -they had tickets for Friday and Saturday.  Then Brian doesn't have much vacation time left (and I will get to that in a bit).  So they came up on Sunday and returned on Tuesday.  BUT we were able to get the old storage shed pieces to the dump, and we were able to move all the old wood pile into the pasture so it can be burned.

All this needed to be done because the new hunters' cabin is finished.  It is for them and us when we have an overflow.  Twelve people in our house is just too many!  So we are trying to make the enclosure where the two houses are cleaner and neater.  The storage shed had its roof blown off last year, so it wasn't much use!  The wood pile was leftover lumber from the various building projects that have been done.  Anyway -  we have an almost park-like setting now.  Thanks Brian and Christina!

He doesn't have much vacation left because they have friends who moved to London.  Their daughter is graduating from high school this year, so Brian and family are going.  Christina almost talked us into going with them.  To cut to the chase, we almost went, but now we aren't.  Traveling with a group of 8 is just too much for one thing.

The other reason is G is now having a lot of sciatica pain.  I guess I am going to sound not caring, but I have had all that pain for years (at least 40 years), and I have "sucked it up" and gone on.  Being a man, you would think he should be in a wheelchair now.  He is scheduled for the spine injection (the ones I have had for the last 7 years) on Thursday.  He thinks he will become paralyzed from it.  

I could go on with all the pains I have, but that would be letting them take over.  Plus, I really try not to spend that much time dwelling on them, and I do apologize for bringing them up and groaning about them to you.  My mother did that - constantly and I swore I wouldn't be that person, yet- here I am doing that.

I am gearing up for my cataract surgery now.  Last night I remembered I am to begin using some eye drops before surgery and panicked a bit thinking I should have already started with them.  Just what I needed to add to my insomnia.  But all it good on that front.

The old adage - "if I had known I was going to live this long ..." - really holds true.  I certainly would have taken better care.  I tell my granddaughter this all the time.  She has injured her shoulder in water polo.  She finally had her MRI and will have surgery later this year.  She hasn't been doing the exercises to strengthen and especially loosen her shoulder right before games.  So she will have her surgery after the season - in May.


Marti said...

The SSB sounds nice. Traveling with a big group is a pain, but I think I'd do it for a chance to go to London and maybe spend a little extra time sightseeing. But I understand about the back pain too and sitting a long time makes it worse.

I'm kind of getting excited for you to have the eye surgery and restore your vision in that eye. I'm praying that all goes well.


old age ain't for pussies..