Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

This would have been your 95th birthday. I think you would have still been with us if it weren't for that blasted Alzheimer's. Your body was so healthy, but in reality we lost you many years ago. You were not the same person.

I still think of you many times a day. Little thoughts of you creep into my memory, and they seem so real, so vibrant. I am finally getting accustomed to not being near a phone on Saturday afternoons at 5:30. That was our scheduled time to call, either me to you or you to me.

For years, every time something would happen in my life, I would file it away to be sure to tell you on Saturday. Those calls went on for 30 years after we moved away. When you began to be affected by the disease, those calls became difficult. Sometimes you were far removed from reality. It was in these calls that I could no longer deny what was happening to you.

I was truly "Daddy's Little Girl," and I loved it. Memories of my childhood are flooding into my memory as I write this. I want those memories to be the once that obliterate the memories of you being in the assisted living facility looking so disheveled. You were always of "natty" dresser. You were so lost there. You repeatedly tried to escape and go home. Your escape attempts still amaze me. Your knees were as bad as mine. I don't see how you could have done the things you did! But I want to push those memories into the deep recesses and remember back when. They are just too painful.

Happy birthday Daddy.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Free (?) trials

Today I was over at Susan's blog, and she posted something that brought my blood back to boiling. She was writing about "free trials" and automatic renewals.

In my desperation to lose the weight that managed to find me again after my chemo (and bring friends), I looked into Weight Watchers on line. I found that the web site wasn't easy for me to calculate points. I think that is a good program, but it was time consuming and not easy for me. So I cancelled. No problem.

So what's the problem? Well, I had been very successful with Atkins. I know South Beach is very similar, and I found their web site. I decided to give it a try. Of course, the free trial asks for a credit card.

I used the web site for about a week and again found it not to be what I wanted. Their "canned" menus for the day involve what I consider bizarre foods. I though I was on a month to month program, so I didn't think there was a hurry to cancel.

When I got my credit card statement, there was a charge from them for about $200. (I don't remember the exact amount). I called to cancel and was informed that I had been given a "special deal" that was for the entire year, and I could not cancel. In fact, at the end of the year they were going to renew the contract for another year.

I ranted and raved, and guess what. No refund and still getting sporadic emails (that should have been daily). does the same thing. If you want their free trial, you have to give your credit card number. They will also roll you over automatically. That didn't bother me because I intended to join them anyway, but I cannot, in good conscience, tell anyone else to give them a "try" because it is too easy for that trial to become a year membership.

These days, I don't respond to a free trial. I had always lived by the old adage that "nothing is free, and if it seems too good to be true, it is." I learned that lesson the hard way. All I can say is that South Beach diets must be in dire straits if this is the way they get business. Live and learn.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This and that

OK, the visit to the Ortho Doc went well. I was very apprehensive about the whole thing. I'm not good at new situations - especially those involving probable pain. The injections did hurt, but more than anything they felt very strange. He began by using the aerosol numbing agent that I was already used to from chemo. They used it to numb the skin for accessing the port. He then felt around to get under the knee cap, then stuck the needle in. I could feel the liquid, and it was a combination of pain, though not excruciating, and then the sensation of my tissues filling with a liquid.

Right after the injections, I was really happy. The knee pain was diminished greatly. I had thought of going to the craft store near the office, but I was not sure how I would react after the initial time. The pain in my knees is less, but this morning, the right knee is still letting me know it's there. But then, that's why there is a series of three injections - each a week apart. I am hoping these will work. If they do, I can foresee six months of relief without surgery. That would be wonderful. As I research knee replacements, I really don't want one. This weekend I will talk with SIL M since she has had both knees replaced. She has been urging me to do it for years. Hers have done well - even though she almost died on the table because they used the wrong anesthesia on the second replacement!

In other things, MB did pretty well yesterday. He still is not compliant with requests, however. He spent the first hour in the bedroom watching Star Wars. He came into the den where I was working on the computer. I told him to change the station on the TV if he wanted. They have the DVR attached, and he found that he could reverse the feed over and over. I got him to stop that because it was really annoying. That he did, but then he kept playing with the remote. I told him that I did not know their system, and if he "broke" it, I could not fix it. Well - you know what happened. In a little bit I could hear the static from the TV. He looked at me and said "this TV is broken." Um - not! I know he is way too young to know action/consequence in a lot of situations, but he clearly didn't see it here.

I think they promised him the moon and stars to behave. He has a hand held game that he has become addicted to. He is only allowed to play with it on certain occasions. This was one. Plus, I think he was bribed with movies all afternoon after I left. Well - it worked for me. He was generally good. Can't ask for more than that. After all - it isn't my TV!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today's events are planned and unplanned. The planned event is going to the Ortho doc for my synthetic cartilage injection. They called the house twice while I was on vacation and once on my cell - even though I told them of the return date. Oh well.

I am a little apprehensive. After last night, my knees can't hurt worse than then. They kept me awake most of the night. I couldn't find a comfortable position. I am praying for good results. I really don't want more surgeries.

The unplanned is me watching Monkey Boy for a few hours. They must have threatened him with his life. He is being so very good. He is even pleasant.

If I were here awaiting SIL, I would not have said I could do this, but Daughter is the one who will be home. She is so very careful - at least with me watching the kids - to be on time.

I am anxious so see the paper bill with the air card. What I saw on line is twice what it should be. I have decided that I am paying the "restocking fee" and getting rid of it. I have a month. The thing runs at 3.6 mbps. With all I do on line, 5K is eaten up rapidly. I'm sure glad that I had free WiFi at the hotels. My bill for that thing would probably have been $500.

Daughter should be here soon, so I will go.


Monday, August 24, 2009


It's getting to be time to stop kidding ourselves. Monkey Boy apparently has some real, deep seated problems. His parents put it off to "being a boy," but I think the problems are much more serious than that.

I am well aware that boys are very different from girls, but . . . MB has been coddled since birth. He has been the little prince in the house. Whatever he wanted - he gets. If the family is eating one thing, all he had to do was say he didn't want that. He would get a meal of frozen breaded chicken nuggets, french fries, and ketchup. They didn't believe that he would eat when he got hungry.

A little while ago, they would make him try foods (by the way he just turned 5), and if he said he didn't like it, he would get a lunch meat sandwich. Still today, he has to have ketchup on everything.

If he wanted a toy his sister had, Lady Bug had to give it up. Every time something happened, she was blamed. He was held innocent.

Well, last school year, he had some kind of disagreement with the day care teachers. I know there are two sides to every story, and I don't know the teacher's side, but I know how Monkey can be. To act out, he smeared feces all over the bathroom. Of course, according to parents, it wasn't his fault. The teachers were yellers, etc. Well, so are parents.

A couple of weeks ago, he got into a fight with another kid at the child care at the gym. Again, it wasn't his fault. The kid was bothering his nine year old sister. Believe me, LB can and does take care of herself.

Last night, he was in a "mood." When he saw me and the shirt I brought him from our vacation, he made some noise and disappeared. He later remarked how he didn't like the shirt. So the response was "does it scare you?" I purposely chose one that is like one he has with a wolf on it.
He went through intensive speech therapy. His words are clear, but he babbles things that don't make sense and are not about what is going on. When they brought Simone home on Saturday, he was babbling about something being his TV. It had no bearing on anything.

Next week, he begins a new program - the bridge program. I am going to be interested to see how he manages in that program. As a professional, I see aberrant behaviors here. My problem is how to tell his parents. No parent wants to hear that kind of news, but your own family is even more difficult. My personal opinion is that there are going to be more problems. We have seen aggression to his two year old sister. I think there is going to be more this year.

If it does come about, I am going to have to say something. I think I will consult with my "resident" psychologist - my sister in law. Sure is nice to have one in the family!


I am biding my time. I will see what happens

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Joys of home

Sleeping in familiar surroundings is really nice. My very own bed felt so good, and that in itself is a very good thing. One of the souvenirs I brought home was a cold. I know I had gotten totally fatigued several times on the trip, and my system must have been compromised. G said he was not feeling well after the Algoma train trip. It turned out it was a cold. Guess who got it two days later?? I tried to stay away. but when you are trapped in a car . . .

Simone got sick last night, just as I thought she might. I don't know if coming home was too exciting for her or what. I think her last two weeks were rather trying. She is used to peace and quiet with two old farts, and she was thrown into a household with three lively children that even under the best of circumstances is not quiet. Daughter was so worried about her getting sick that she watched her like a hawk. Simone wasn't allowed to even be outside by herself because she will sneak something green to make herself throw up. She also was cut back on food with the hopes that she wouldn't get sick.

Today, she has taken two long sunbaths. I am not sure she had pottied at all, but she is calm and has slept a lot - and soundly.

Today we get Shadow back. Son and his band were booked to play for a wedding in Galveston last night. I miss that little dickens (Shadow), but I was really glad we didn't have to drive even 10 mote miles out to get him. I could not get into a vehicle for days and be happy.

But that won't be happening. The Ortho doc's office called three times while we were gone (twice here at home and once on my cell) to tell me the injections are in. So I guess I'll call tomorrow for an appointment. I am looking for some pain relief with them; I am praying for a "fix" with them so I can avoid surgery. I am a little worried because I am imagining needles shoved into my knees and injecting a thick fluid - three times. But overall, I am excited about the possibility of a reduction in pain.

School begins tomorrow for the grandchildren. Lady Bug is going into third grade. She is still grouped with the gifted and talented. I am sure she will be classified this year. She is excited about the new school year. I think it will be a good one for her. She has the same g/t teacher all day, and her class is only 15 students. Sounds good.

Monkey Boy will be going into a "bridge program." He only turned five last month, and none of us think he is mature enough for kindergarten. The school will not retain him at the end of kindergarten, and we are really afraid that might be the best thing for him. We really don't want him to float along, and then about third or fourth not be able to cut it. All this does is to give him another year to mature. He really needs it. I wish I had such a program available for Son when he was this age. School was always hard for him. By the way, his birthday is the day after MB's. So there was a maturity factor there too.

So goes my life. The cold is going away - some. I am feeling a little more human. Good thing. I have a huge pile of laundry to do!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Last day!!

I didn't get to post yesterday. We had WiFi at the motel, but my firewall kept warning me about intrusions from it. I switched to the air card, but the signal was weak. We were in the Missouri boot. With all the intrusions, I just didn't trust that connection, so I just turned it all off.

The hotel was really something. It was definitely older, but every room was a suite. We opened the door, and the room was really spacious. I then looked to my right, and there was another room that had a hide-a-bed, two chairs, a coffee table, another TV, and a desk. It was really a nice room. The only thing that freaked me out was the creaking of the floors. They creaked in the hall, in the room - everywhere!

I am going to be so happy to be back home. I never thought of myself as one who needs handicap things, but I have come to appreciate handicap ready bathrooms. Some of the toilets I have encountered seem like they are on the floor. Some do have bars close, others are just there. Out in the middle of the floor. Those scare me - a lot. I am also so pleased when I find a restaurant that has a handicapped stall! Getting old and infirm - but that's another topic.

We are in a litle town in Texas - Atlanta. The WiFi here says Carthage. We are just south of Texarkana. About five more hours and we are home.

Daughter tells me Simone has settled down - finally Wouldn't you know - after 13 days, she settles down. I am told she has been sick about 60% of the time. Great.

The trip was fun, but I am so ready to be home. I really miss my bed, my bathroom, my dog and my cat!! Oh, I also miss the family, too. Just going to be glad to be home.

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here in Indiana

Home is at least two days away, most probably three. This was a long trip today - especially waiting on the International Bridge. There was construction, and then the wait at customs. If the customs guy wasn't so chatty, things would have gone faster. I really think those customs checkpoints are a joke. Between the US and Canada, there is no real checking, not like between the US and Mexico.

I knew I should have put Simone with the vet. She has been sick with Daughter - especially when her in-laws arrived. Daughter tells me she looks like she is going to be sick most of the time. I need to get back to my furry baby.

So here we are in Indiana - and there are bad storms moving through. Nice.

Check with you later.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last night in Canada

We took the Algoma excursion train today from Sault. It really was a pretty trip. I found the seat to be a torture chamber.

We go back home starting tomorrow. Next in sights is Ft Wayne, IN.

Exhausted. I didn't sleep well from 2:30 A.M. on.


Monday, August 17, 2009

We are here

OK, this is the farthest point of our trip. We are here in Sault Ste Marie, Canada. We are going to (gasp) ride an excursion train tomorrow. Then we will stay the night. Wednesday will be the bee line home. Hope those storms in the Atlantic decide to go away. I don't want to come home to one of those - especially since the generator isn't in yet.

It took us 45 minutes to get into Canada. We sat on the bridge and waited. I've never waited that long to get into Canada before. But then again, I don't think we have been here since 9/11.

Our trip here was really beautiful. Northen Michigan is beautiful. The Holiday Inn in Marquette was a very comfortable place, and the grounds were just beautiful.

So far I don't find Sault as beautiful as I remember. Perhaps it is just where we are. But hopefully I'll see some of what I remember later in the visit.

I am now tired - and it's dinner time even on my central time zone body.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Whatever day

We are out of the Rat'sson (I know - that's not the name of the hotel, but I hated the place). It only took about five minutes to get the elevator to take the luggage down. Fortunately G found a cart. I think it was the only one left.

We are now in Marquette MI. It is a pretty place so far. The drive from Duluth was really pretty. The weather wasn't cooperative. It was misty and some rain. But we are here. That's the main thing.

This morning, I watched the folks that are taking the train back to Minneapolis cross the street, and down the hill in the rain. I'm sure that was so pleasant. My though was I was glad I didn't have to do it. I really think I would have called a taxi. I would have been completely soaked through by the time I got there. That hill is quite a hill, and I have to take it really slow with at least one stop along the way. But thinking back - I don't think I ever saw a taxi in Duluth!

Tomorrow we will head into Canada. So there isn 't anything to post. I just hope tonight we get a good sleep.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day eight

The days are beginning to run together. If a drop down menu didn't show up, I wouldn't know what day it is!

We arose early again to eat the cinnamon rolls and scones we bought with lunch yesterday. I have my coffee maker, so we have coffee. Just like me - I don't trust the hotel's coffee maker. I know how dirty mine is. But then I bring my own pillow too. That isn't because I am attached to that pillow - I just know where mine has been. I would have bought one of those new bed liner dubies, but I didn't have time. I really thought about making one. I've been this way since chemo. I hate walking on the carpet barefooted, but I also hate shoes. Quite the dilemma there.

We left here about 7:30 to go two blocks to the Rail Road Museum to board the train. It is a miserable trip for those who are mobility deficient. If you know Duluth, it is hills that end at the lake. Walking down that steep grade hurts my knees and back a lot. I have been using my hoarded from surgeries pain pills. This is why I hoarded them in the first place.

This is really beautiful country. The trip went to Grand Rapids. Unfortunately, the train was about an hour late getting in, so we had limited time. Walking about town would have been difficult, but I think I would have tried. As it was I sat on a bench with another lady from the train who is mobility deficient. Our husbands brought us the box lunch (the first one on this trip). Then we boarded the train to return to Duluth.

Tomorrow we head out to Marquette I think. I'm just along for the ride. I have a couple of days before it's on another train. I really am glad. Today was a bit trying. When we got the the Museum, the line stretched for a couple of blocks. We had coach tickets which shouldn't have been a problem. When we boarded the car, there were no seats, or at least a few - scattered. We walked to the next car. Same thing. Then it was stale mate. We couldn't move. As it was we ended up in the club car. My feet were kicked five times, and I couldn't have gotten them another centimeter under the seat. My legs and knees were screaming the entire trip - there was little padding in the chair front. But the scenery was really nice.

So this brings the convention portion of the trip to an end. We are on our own starting tomorrow for the most part. No downtown hotel. Yea!

I haven't used the air card since the first day or two. I have been using the free stuff. I said I would use the card, but . . .



Friday, August 14, 2009

Day seven

Today has been one of rest. There were sessions scheduled, but no rides. The last one is tomorrow, and it will be a long one again.

I wanted a real breakfast this morning. So we set out (in a direction I didn't want to go) to find a restaurant. I was tired of scones or other carbo stuff. We found a Burger K*ng. So we stopped. Not exactly what I had in mind. Oh, well.

Later we had to go across the street to the public library. Our realtor called last night, and our offer on that blasted house had been denied. We decided to go up some. But that meant downloading a form, printing it, then faxing it.

I first downloaded it to a thumb drive. The problem was a printer. The library was no help. We came back and wonder of all wonders, the hotel computer and printer was open. So the form is printed. Now I need to find a fax.

We drove around a bit later, finding a nice little restaurant for lunch. It was good!! I'm sounding like Aunt W. When you ask about a trip she has been on, she rates it by the food.

I have worked on cataloging my free embroidery designs today. G went across the street to the museum (rail road of course). It's been quite and peaceful. Restful too!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Days five and six

I hit the wall yesterday. I was so tired and drained it was terrible. The day began with boarding the bus at about 8. We were to get on the train at 10. It was a "lunch train." We were in Wisconsin - a first for us.

We took the train from a museum, so some time was spent in the museum. There was a little shop that probably thought it hit the gold rush when we all got there. There were three bus loads of train enthusiasts that arrived in Spooner, WI. A little shop with scones and coffee was located. That was breakfast!!

The train (at least in coach) was not air conditioned. We knew that, but this is Duluth!!! All the cars were set in tables. It was a lunch train. The food was great. The tables got a little old at the end. On a train, tables are close and set for four. Enough said.

We got back here about 5:15. There were those who were taking the dinner train that night. It was tight. And that's the problem. Here at the Rat'sson, we have 15 floors. There are two SMALL elevators. People crowd them until I am really afraid they will fail. Did I mention I was afraid of elevators? It takes forever to get people to their destinations.

Today, we were to get on the train at the museum. We were warned on the way over about the spray. We have been spoiled by the steam trains we have ridden before. They were oil fired. THIS one was coal fired. We were spewed with water and soot when it arrived at the site. I had on white, but it can be bleached. G had on a new shirt. I don't know about it.

We went to Two Harbors. It was a very quaint little village. Both lunches were hot. I expected box lunches, but they were both absolutely delicious.

I wonder, however, if I am becoming tired of riding trains. It may be the heat. But I am tired. The routes look the same for the most part. I am tired of the "run bys." Those are where the photographers can get off, set up, and take pictures of the train as it runs by - hence the name.

We didn't make the second trip today. We were both tired. I am really not looking forward to Saturday's ride - and that's the one I really chose. Perhaps I am just TIRED!! Tomorrow is a play day for us. I want a real breakfast. I want to explore Duluth and that should not be too difficult. It seems Duluth is about 26 miles long and two miles wide. I just want to sleep!!!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day four

We made it to Duluth with time to spare. That means our room wasn't ready. As usual for a downtown hotel, there is not a cheap place to eat within a block and certainly not in the hotel. There is one here, but G loves to travel, travel, travel until I am about ready to eat the seat belt then stop at about 2PM. Well guess what! The place here in the hotel closes at 1.

We registered for the convention, then I got settled while he went to scout for a place to get something to go. He was successful, but I am worried about breakfasts, etc for the remainder of the time.

Tonight is a dinner cruise on Lake Superior - makes sense doesn't it?? Come to a train convention and have a dinner cruise., Ok . . .

I'm glad we didn't take the train from Chicago. It was a specially chartered train, and I really wanted to do it, but it is three hours delayed. It was supposed to be here at 3; it won't be here until 6. The cruise is at 6:30. A little tight! But that's train travel. To us the trip is the exciting part.

We will be on the bus to the train trip tomorrow about 7:30. That should be fun.

Daughter reported last night that Simone got sick. It is always something! I keep telling her she can board her at the vet. She keeps telling me no. Oh well.

Off to change clothes. It is HOT and humid here. Just like home. I knew it wouldn't be cool. I've been in Minnesota before in August!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Day three

We are in a small town north of St Paul tonight. It was the only place we could find a room. It is a nice place however.

The lady at the desk recommended a restaurant. Since it is our anniversary, we splurged. I had halibut in a white balsamic sauce. It was absolutely to die for.

Just as I predicted, the heat is here with us. I know it isn't as bad as Swampland, but . . . I really wanted to experience cool.

Tomorrow is Duluth, and the train rides will commence. Our first activity however is dinner on the lake. That should be fun!

I did not fry the IPod. I was all set to work on it last night. It came on, and charged. We used it a bit today. I haven't gotten taking our OLD 33 1/3 vinyl and putting it on the IPod yet. The sound is not very loud. I'll have to work on that.

We had tremendous thunderstorms last night. This morning was bright and sunny. The thunderheads seem to be building once again. Hope they stay away!


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Day two

So here we are at the end of day two of the great adventure. We have had (knock on wood) a very uneventful trip - at least on the road.

Last night our room was about 4 rooms from the pool and around the corner from the elevators. That means the headboards in our room backed up to the elevator shafts. All afternoon, we didn't hear the elevators. I will swear that the volume of those elevators was tied to the lights in our room. The lights went out - the elevators got louder. I say this because this morning, they didn't seem so loud.

Also, we had bikers who were returning from Sturgis. That is the biggie for motorcycles. They partied hard - and late. Guess where they met. Yep - the elevators.

Anyway, we traveled a little further today. We are north of St Joseph, MO. There are thunderstorms in the area, but I think we will miss them. The weather - HOT. I knew this would happen. Tomorrow, we will be in Minnesota, but we don't have to be in Duluth until Tuesday. So I don't know if we will spend time in St Paul or Minneapolis. Either is fine with me.

Daughter called to let me know the latest with Simone. She slept poorly last night, and it's evident she misses us. I miss her too. Every time we stopped today, I would look back into the back seat so check her and the windows. I have been traveling with her too much I guess!

I think I fried the IPod last night. We have free internet here, and I plan to go to Apple to try to get help to bring it back to life. I was in a hurry and using the air card - for the second time. It was a comedy of errors. But the result is the Ipod that I was trying to charge is DEAD.

I'll try to be back tomorrow - if I don't fry the computer!


Saturday, August 08, 2009

First day

The first day travel was smooth. We are here in some little Oklahoma town north (east?) of Ardmore. Nice place.

I am here thanks to my fancy dancy ATT air card. I have 30 days to determine if I like it or not. I am thinking seriously of canceling Comcast. Then I would use the air card only.

Tomorrow we will be heading to Kansas City. I knew the weather would be hot here, but it's not looking good. I am not looking forward to the rains in Minnesota. I hope the flooding stops tomorrow.

Simone has already ingratiated herself to Daughter. I think they didn't let her out soon enough, but she pooped and peed in the dining room. At least it is a hard surface and not carpet!! I miss my little girl so much. She seemed to be happy to be there however!

I told G I was going to use this card as normal to see if there is enough time on it, but I am cutting a bit short.

More tomorrow.


Friday, August 07, 2009

About ready

Shadow is at summer camp - hassling Sasha. He thinks he in invincible. The first thing he did was to march right up to their Yorkie to try to intimidate her. Then he took on Sasha. Sebastian is a coward, and he will hide from the little brat.

We went to lunch after I dropped him. I got to see Wiggle Worm! He flirted with everyone he could see.

Then I decided to bite the bullet and get an air card. I have home service at times, and not at others. The air card is more expensive, but it will work: all the time, at the SSB, during storms (i.e. hurricanes). I have 30 days trial. If I don't like it - I can pay a restocking fee (??) and return it. Sounds like a plan.

Simone will go to camp tomorrow. I need to write out her needs for them. The joy of an older dog. She will have a house mate for the two weeks. Their dog, King, is about 12. He is a lab mix. Those labs surely get around!! There seems to be a lot of lab mixes in the world.

I will try to be back daily - especially now. Tomorrow, we will be in Oklahoma - somewhere. Like I told Daughter in Law, I don't sweat the details. Just tell me the end of the trip,when we go and for how long.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Getting ready

Well, the "kids" are going away to summer camp while we are gone. Shadow is going to Son's house, and Simone is going to Daughter's house. Shadow will be fine. He will have two other cats to play with (or harass depending on your view point). I am a little concerned with Simone. Monkey Boy drops food all over the house, Simone eats something that is outside of her strict diet, and she gets sick.

It is depressing to watch the weather. It seems the hot weather is arriving before us so it will be there to greet us. I have been looking forward to having some cool weather. These three digit days are getting old.

I have so much to do before we leave, but although the spirit is willing, the body isn't. I keep hoping the knees will stop with the pa. I just don't want to do anything because it hurts so much. I went to sewing club today and didn't think I could get the sewing machine in. It seemed to be especially heavy today.

Well, lunch is over, and I have to get some other things accomplished today.


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Love the doctor - hate the news

I went to the new orthopedist today. He is really good. He is so understanding. I sort of expected to be lectured about my weight. He didn't. After looking at the xrays, he understood that there is no way I can successfully exercise. He looked at my history, and remarked about how much I have been through.

The bad news that he delivered is that I need both knees replaced. I was so hoping that wasn't going to be the answer. The cartilage in both knees is gone.

He me to get into a water aerobics class now. He wants me to consider bariatric surgery. I just don't know. My problem is in my BRAIN. It never seems to recognize full. Surgery won't help that. I know if you have by-pass, you can stretch out that little pouch. This is something that I really have to consider.

We are going to try the synthetic cartilage injections, but they cannot be started until we get back from vacation. So, for vacation, it is pain as usual.

He was really good, but he doesn't do the replacement surgery. His colleague does that. Looks like I will have more surgery in about six months, followed by another six months after that.

I really don't want another surgery.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009


We are back, with only a few bumps. I'm sure we are still a topic of "conversation," but then I knew that would be true regardless of how the trip went. I thought it went as well as possible!

We finally got to her facility about 4. G had called ahead to tell her we were about 30 minutes away. I was sort of hoping she would be downstairs waiting, but I should have known better. We stopped across the parking lot to let Simone out for a short walk. That is when I got into the back seat. I gathered all my belongings around me, and I put Shadow into the front seat. It was a good thing because I found Simone isn't a good travel companion. She wants 2/3 of the seat - and from the middle!!

Over the 42 years G and I have been together, I have adjusted to the fact that he doesn't talk when we travel. I always have my book, and it is just normal. MIL - I don't know. She likes to talk - usually about nothing, but she likes to talk. It was a rather quiet 2 1/2 hours. She probably didn't like that at all.

But I am getting ahead of myself! We had to get her into the truck. G was smart in that he brought a cinder block. I didn't think that would do it, but after about 5 minutes of wrangling - she was in. He did a lot of pushing because she couldn't/wouldn't use the hand bar (sometimes referred to as the "Oh, sh*t bar) to help pull herself in.

Getting her out was about as bad as getting her in! First, she couldn't open the door. She proceeded to call her daughter to the truck like a dog!! Here "daughter," here "daughter." I almost laughed out loud.

We then trundled on to our house. Son and DIL had a wonderful dinner for us. It was a delightful evening.

We got to the reunion the next morning. It was nice. After about an hour, SIL and MIL arrived. They came to where we were sitting. MIL was going to sit but she would just flutter around the chair. Son kept trying to help, and she would flutter again. But it also went well.

At the end, there was a little light (heavenly) rain. SIL has a truck that sits every bit as high as ours, but no running board. She had to use her porch to get her mother in. There was nothing in sight to get her in. SIL never thought about loading her mother again, and we were in Son's Expedition which was full of bodies!

They kept trying to hoist MIL into the truck to no avail. I finally suggested getting the truck closer to a curb to add a few inches. I think Son had to finally pick up his grandmother to get her into that vehicle.

Large vehicles like we all have are in order for that area. The land is rough. It is semi-desert. It is rocky. You have to have high clearance vehicles. It all added to being a situation that was difficult for mobility hampered people not being able to get into those vehicles.

But we all survived. All are back home and into normal lives - sort of.