Wednesday, April 04, 2018

First week

I went to the doctor for the checkup. I knew my vision was better, but when looking at the eye chart, I could see all the way to the third line - whatever that equates!  Last week I couldn't even see the letters at all. 

When the doctor came in and examined me, she said how very pleased she was with the progress and expects my vision to be much better.  I did tell her that I wasn't really expecting a lot because this poor eye has had an aneurysm that has "wrinkled" the retina (when that occurred, that doctor was amazed I got the vision back like it was), glaucoma, and not macular degeneration!  The poor thing - I really need an eye transplant!

I forgot to tell you before.  We almost made plans to go to London in June.  My son and family are going and they begged us to join them.  The fly in that ointment was they would be staying with friends who are in London because of her business.  There would have eight of us.  When she talked to the man, he was understandably hesitant for that number of people. 

I am not really all that mobile, and I really felt that I would be the anchor that would drag everyone down.  My son and his wife keep begging us to change our minds, but I am just not really ready to go to London.  I really don't want to go to Europe.  But if they go next year - we MIGHT go.

We have talked about taking our oldest granddaughter on a trip as a graduation present.  Right now, depending on if we go at spring break or after school is out we are thinking Hawaii or Alaska.  I haven't heard which she would prefer - and we have a year to settle the plans.



Marti said...

That's great news on your eye!

I would love to go to London, but camping out in someone's crowded house doesn't sound like fun either. Hawaii sounds like fun too.

Judy said...

I vote for Alaska! That train ride up into the mountains is wonderful.