Friday, February 28, 2014


I have surv ived another week of sloooooooooow internet at the SSB. I am just stopping by for a minute to let you know that. 

On the way there and back, I took some pictures using my new tablet to show you.  I just have to download them.  Quit laughing because I know YOU know how bad I am about downloading pictures.  Yeah, I was going to do that all last week, and well - you know.  Genealogy got in the way!

I will try to get that done this afternoon so I can post them tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Well, finally

One of our television gurus finally gave a pollen report yesterday.  Now I know what is out there.  And yes, it is ash, as well as elm and a few others.  The others don't bother me so much because there aren't that many around.  But ash - we have two huge trees in our yard.  While most of the other trees in the neighborhood are oak, there are a goodly number of ash trees.  So I am miserable.

Last night I awoke to strange sounds.  Since Shadow sleeps we me, I thought there was something wrong with him.  No,  it was me!!!  I was gurgling and wheezing!  I guess I am in worse shape than I thought.

The benydril is beginning to work I think because I am not sneezing as much.  I have coughed so much that my  core muscles are sore.  Shows how out of shape I am.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


That's how I feel today.  In fact, almost everyone I know feels Bleh.  There is something out there blooming, and we are suffering.

At first, I thoght I had picked up a cold virus when I was shopping for Grandson #2's birthday.  After all I was in the toy department AND the picked over Valentine part of Target.  A breeding ground for bugs!

I wasn't all that careful about not touching my eye, nose, and mouth after I left.  I certainly didn't follow all the rules I had set during chemo!!  So, when my throat was hurting Thursday night, I assumed....  But then you know the saying that goes with assume.

This stuff is still handing on.  I really am pretty sure it is an allergy (allergies?)especially since during Sunday School (we call learning curve because it is really Catechism class for the kids) one of the others came in and said the tree pollens are kicking in.

I should have known since my car was covered with ash tree bloooms when I got in it to go to Grandson #2's party.

And the party - I wasn't looking forward to it, but after missing #3's party, I thought I had better go especially since it was less than 15 minutes from me!  It was at a place that has the blow-up bouncy things, and that was good.  The attendees were from age 18 months to, well let's face it, 68 (me).  Many of the adults went on the blow-up things "with their kids."

They have a rock climbing wall.  Grandson #1 decided he wanted to try it.  Well, he is a bit chunky, and even though parents don't see it - not really fit.  He didn't get far.  Then daughter gave it a try.  She got a little further, but she doesn't have the hand strength.  Then my 6foot 8 inch son gave it a try.  He made it to the top and rang the bell!!  As he said - climbing telephone poles (which he occasionally has to do for work) helps.  I think his height also helped.  We teased him saying that he could ring the bell just standing on the floor!

Oh and the latest.  Daughter bought a new scale.  Their old one only went to 250.  When she got on the new one, she said her weight was comparable to the old one.  SIL got on.  He's the one bragging about losing 30 pounds in a month.  Yeah.  When the old scale went around a second time, he thought it was just measuring what was over 250.  He suddenly realized he was over 300 pounds because rather than weighing the 260 he thought he weighed, he weight 280.  He was strangely silent on Sunday!

And so I will close wheezing and sneezing.  I am  almost  jealous of all of you living where there is snow clinging to the ground.  There wouldn't be all this pollen.  But then - I have no idea how to survive in all that snow.  I still am trying to sent you warmth.

One last thing - I think the a/c is fixed.  I will tell you some more about that tomorrow.  Ah, such excitement here in the attic!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Warmer weather has come to us.  That means no heat.  Don't be jealous - I will explain.  Last night was also Family Dinner - at my house.  All this equals angst.  So I thought I would share a picture. This is what we saw shortly after switching from heat to a/c because the house was warm after using the oven.  This is the SAME thing we have been fighting for years, and I hoped after they changed the coils it would be taken care of.  Nope.  Not at all.  Nada!

 The company is on their way - again.  Once this is corrected for this year, it will be ok for the remainder of the summer.  But wait - we are not in summer.  We will have more cold.  We will need the heat.  And ...  you guessed it.  We will see the red screen of death yet again most likely.

While I was at it getting a picture of the red screen of death, I was perched on that step of death.  This is the infamous death step.  That innocent lo oking final stair step, but in its heart is just waiting for people to miss it - and sprain an ankle (my son recently), slam into the wall (or possibly break a hip in the fall) - me,  I forgot to get a picture of the wall across the way.   I would say my daughter misses it also and falls, but then even when she lived here she would fall - usually going UP the steps.

Looks innocent doesn't it.  Also note the baby gate at the top of the picture. Actually that is a "dog gate" to keep Clyde (or Simone when she was alive) from going upstairs.  The gap is an emergency escape for Shadow.

Now that doesn't mean Shadow needs it.  He has Clyde bamboozled.  Poor dog.  He isn't sure of that creature.  It will suddenly swell up to twice its size and hiss.  Either that or a "puppy grenade" goes off around him scaring the stuffing out of him!

So what excitement is going on around your house on this President's Day? 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Same old stuff

The most exciting thing I have done in the last couple of days is to change the drapes in the master bedroom.  The ones there had been there 30 plus years, and never fit exactly.  They just barely covered the window width.  Shadow loves to get in that window because it gets the afternoon sun, and he would cause them to separate.  That meant that there would be a bright light coming through in the morning even though they were insulated/black out drapes. Rotten cat!

The excitement is that in my younger days, I put the rod at ceiling level.  I am no longer young.  I had a heck of a time getting that rod down, and in the meantime, it being a cheap little rod, bent.  I balanced precariously on the 3 foot step ladder.  In fact, at one point it  began to tilt.  That sent ideas through my head that were not fun!  I was wondering about perhaps a broken hip.  I tend to forget that I am no longer young and pliable! That thought hits me every time I miss the "killer step " on the stairs - otherwise known as the bottom step.  You would be surprised how many miss that step.

I am trying an experiment with this laptop.  I have tape some paper over the middle mouse pad that is built in.  It isn't perfect, but it is working better than I thought it might.  Plus I figured out thay t my auto spell check wasn't doing its job!  I  can just imagine how badly written all previous posts are!

Today is my son's eldest boy's birthday party.  My DIL sort of amazes me. She is hell-bent on having a birthday party for each child every year.  I missed the youngest one's last month.  It was held in Katy which is quite a drive from here.  Plus I, in my old age prissiness , am put out with the folks who opened their home for it.  Seems like DIL had a surprise party in May at their house.  Finding out that little info was a surprise to us!!  We (and Daughter) were not invited.  So Holdie is only two - he didn't know or care who was there!

I think the cold virus has finally found me.  Two nights ago, my throat was scratchy and I was cold all day.  Being cold in itself is an unusual condition for me.  All the mold counts and pollen counts are low so I don't think I can blame this one on allergies.  I probably picked up the virus at  the store when I shopped for the birthday present.  I am sure all the toys were covered with the bugs!

Have a great rest of the weekend - or if you are still up to your armpits in snow - try to have a good weekend!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Latest gossip


I guess that what this is going to be.  It's about my step-granddaughter.  The one who is so messed up (cleaned that one up nicely).

Perhaps it is that I just don't understand those under 25 anymore, but the ones that are the  "closest" to me, meaning that I hear reports of their lives, I just don't understand.

Megan is now 21.  She is living with this guy she knew for a week before she got pregnant.  They have a two year old.  They claim they are getting married - but NOT at Justice of the Peace.  No, she says she wants the big white wedding.  Personally I find this in extremely poor taste.

She never comes out to ask for money from her dad and step-mom (my daughter).  She hints.  Well for this fiasco that has been set back at least once, she came out and asked just what they were doing for this comedy.

Now, you have to understand, she NEVER calls them - except when she is in a bind for money.  At Thanksgiving, she stood up with the other part of the family and blasted her dad for not being there.  A few choice words were used against him at which time her uncle demanded she leave their house.

She has never told them what the wedding date is going to be.  All plans have been made with her mom and future in-laws (even though they can't stand her).  For her August birthday, Daughter paid $100 to the "venue" and that was the last payment made there.

Daughter sent a text asking just what all the plans were. She knew some of them because she called the person at the venue.  Megan refused to send/call any information back.  Then she and her baby-daddy not only unfriended but blocked them on Facebook.  Now that is really an adult move!

So as it stands, there is no communication.  Not that the situation is unusual.  Perhaps her daughter who is two can be the flower girl for this overblown fiasco that will probably be over in less than two
years.  This judgement comes from the fact that Megan regularly packs her things and threatens to leave.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just too much excitement!

I figured out why people retired today.  It is so they have time for all the doctor appointments that the old bodies need!!  This week, after having to change a bunch around, I have three!

Last week I told you about the blood drawing fun. That was for the cardio doc on Thursday.  I am hoping that there was enough blood!  The best part about that one is I plan a trip to Costco after the appointment.  I love their selection of stuff.  When I joined, they threw in a cookbook of Costco items, and there are some really good sounding things there.  I am not a fish eater - especially if it's "fishy,"  but I know they have halibut.  I discovered halibut when we were in Nova Scotia.  Loved it!!  In fact I think I ate it every night we were there!

So yesterday was eye doc, Part 1.  The plain jane (oops she is a female too) eye doc.  My pressures were up.  I was taken off glaucoma meds quite a while ago because I have thickened corneas.  That condition mimics glaucoma, but this doc thinks that I now have glaucoma.  Why not? Let's add  something else. So my pressure in the left (of course) eye was elevated.  Instead of adding another med, she wants to do a laser therapy.  So that's planned for the first Friday in March (because we have to take another trup to the SSB).

Today was the retinal folks.  Yesterday Dr G said that according to research, I will be getting these injections in the old eyeball for the remainder if my life.  Oh, goody.  I asked her with all this other stuff, couldn't we just do an eyeball transplant! 

The injection went as usual.  They dialated both eyes however to check them out - again.  So I couldn't see woth a darn, and we stopped by the grocery store since we had very little around.  It is once again cold (I know - for you too, but come on!!) and we wanted venison stew tonight. Had the meat, just no vegies.  Bet my kids would be jealous if they knew.  I am sure there are more than 100 calories in a bowl of stew!

Tomorrow is a fun day/  Lunch with a friend from church while we discuss the "Christmas In July Baby Shower" the group that works with young (teen) pregnant girls helping them finish school, and not get pregnant again!  While I love what they do, the group is getting on my last nerve.  They set the time and date..   We have made diaper cakes for each firl in attendance in the past, but when we ask for a good idea of the number of girls they expect - it is around 15.  Only 5-6 come. 

Last year they even advertised on their facebook and other internet site to get girls to come.  Wrong on so many levels.  This year I am going to suggest we make one that is super nice, and it is a prize for a game.

We do a "noisy offering" at church.  This is the first Sunday, and it is loose change that has been saved for a month .  We collect it in coffee cans, so we shake those coins while we pass.  Each group we help gets two months.  Those folks cashed the check, then made it seem to Minister Sister that we didn't send them the check.  My daughter is treasurer, and she was hot!!!

The dear sweet woman with the constant scowl on her face that I cannot stand is "THE volunteer coordinator" for the group.  That's how she says it too.  It is a job that no one else wanted - I was in attendance at the meeting (first and last after that).  She does nothing to facilitate commnication between the church and the group. 

So that's my life and my week.  Just so much excitement!!!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Rocking along

I hate to even post this, but  -   we are in for a warm up.  We will be going to more seasonable temperatures!  And are we glad.  And really, I am not gloating.  I would gladly share some of this with you, and this summer I would be more than glad to send you part of our high 90s to low 100s.  I know that's what coming!

I found this on Facebook. Seems we can't even get normal snow.  We got some type that begins with a g.  It was explained that it begins as a snow flake, but as it travels through moisture, it forms a little ball.  I didn't get to see it falling, but when I was looking in the eaves of the houses as we neared home - it looked strange.  When I asked my daughter about it before I saw this, she described it as dippin dots!

The bandage comes off G's hand today.  From here on it's just a band-aid.  He is beginning to be able to use it some.  The doctor said he put a lot of  numbing agent in it.  It was hard to do anything because his fingers felt like his mouth after a dental procedure.

Back to the topic of everything these days, next week is the mass doctor appointments for me.  I see my eye doc on Monday, and I am glad.  My eye that is getting the injections (which I get on Tuesday) is hurting. I feel like someone hit me in the eye.  Anyway, as I said Tuesday the greatest thrill - the eye injection.  Thursday I go to the cardio-doc.   I just love doctor's appointments.

Getting ready for the cardio-doc, I went to the lab to have my blood drawn.  Since I can only have procedures done on the left because of the mastectomy, I am very protective of my arm and its blood vessels.

I was lucky (??) enough to get a student working with the "vampire."  I know everyone needs practical experience.  Really.  But with only one arm that can be used - I don't want to think about what the alternative would be to that arm if all the veins are blown. 

The one teaching stuck me in a place I had never been stuck before.  She went to the lateral part of the elbow rather than in the middle where most go.  I was a little nervous, but it actually hurt less. The "teacher" stuck me, and the student attached the vacutainers.  OK.

EXCEPT she forgot to draw enough blood for the ordered tests.  So I was to be stuck again.  The student was going to go back into the same area.  Nope - not allowed, so they went to the hand.  That one hurt, and she didn't get the butterfly in the vein properly.  So they probably only got about 1 millileter.  Great.  They have the ruling that they can only stick the patient twice, and so it was over.

I just hope they can get enough out of the two vials and basically a little capillary tube to run the tests.  I really don't want to have to go again.

My daughter, SIL,  and DIL are on this diet coach thing.   Supposedly SIL lost something like 20 pounds in two weeks.  I really would have liked to witness those weigh-ins.  I know men can lose weight faster than women, but...   Really??  I have walked this earth long enough and lost and gained enough weight that I know this is a little far fetched.  The up side about having to listen to them talk about : I ate this and that, Astrid said ..., the exercise CD did.."  is that I don't have to host family dinner!!  They are so wrapped in this lo-cal that they do the meals.

Meanwhile, I AM cutting back.   I don't exercise because most of the exercises require floor work.  I can't get on the floor- well, I can, but I can't get up without kneeling.  And I don't want to aggravate my deteriorating back.  I have been losing a couple of pounds a week.  I don't feel that I am being deprived.  After all these years, I have heard it all.  I haven't always listened, but I am putting some of those ideas into action.  A couple of pounds a week is OK with me!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

What a day!

First - any day that begins at 5:15 AM  is already quite a day.  I am so sleepy that it's a real trial to keep my eyes open.  But if I take a nap, I won't want to get up, and then I won't be able to go to sleep today!

The surgery went well.  The nerve in his left wrist - really more lateral - was deeply embedded, but the doctor thinks his will ease pain and dingling.

Our trip there was by back roads.  The major freeway that connects the two points is undergoing major reconstruction.  Lanes appear and disappear.  Neither of us has been down that way in a long time, and we didn't want to hit it in the dark during the early rush hour.

We knew the weather was going to be cold.  What we had no idea of was mmore SNOW! While we were in the back, it snowed.  Pretty much for Houston, Texas!  Before you know it, we will be so schooled in snow travel our schools won't close.  This is three times this year. 

Apparently tomorrow is supposed to be bad too.  Lucky me - I get to give blood for my cardio doc tomorrow.  Bah!  On days like this one coming, I am supposed to be able to just hunker down and keep warm.  After all, I am retired!

So all is well - -- and cold around the casa!

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

I'm baaaaaaack!

Finally, but things are hectic anyway.  I guess that should be expected!  You can't go away for a week and a day and not have your schedule full when you come back.

A few years ago, we knew we needed to replace the downstairs a/c-heater.  The company we have used for years and was recommended to us by a friend who did our repair until he got hurt, sold us on this fancy, dancy computerized, high effeciency unit.  I loved it - at first.

To be able to program temperatures, and even have the unit automatically change from air to heat was great - especially in this area where we can use both systems in one day. We began having problems with it changing to air conditioning.  It would display a red light on the thermostat that there was a problem - low pressure switch.  Whatever that means.

In these parts, no a/c is much more of a problem.  Our fireplace will provide plenty of heat if the heat it off, but ...

Anyway - the latest is that the coils had developed a leak, and they had to be replaced.  I was afraid that it would cost a fortune, but the company (grudgeling) covered it.  So that was yesterday!

Today is fixing the handle on the dishwasher. It is a stupid little plastic handle that attaches to metal with two measly screws.  We will eventually have to replace it because of this handle and the little plastic plugs that hold the front on the inside of the unit!

Tomorrow, G will have out-patient hand surgery.  I hope this one works.  He has carpral-tunnel - again!  So I am keeping my fingers crossed, and dreading having to get up at the butt-crack of dawn!  I have a great schedule.  I read until about midnight, sleep until about 8.  Not tomorrow!

So this is my week home!