Saturday, November 03, 2018

Quick summary

The surgery was to be about 2 hours but ended up being more like 4.  The "cyst" wasn't totally fluid filled and being so large he had a problem removing it - had to cut it into pieces.  But it was all totally laparoscopic so I have three inch to an inch and a half incisions.

He found some "suspicious" tissue, but the frozen sections found no malignancies - at all.  He said there were benign fibroids in the uterus - but I knew that from the time before menopause!

I have no pain.  I am sore - as would be expected even from a wound.  Recovery has been very easy with "body functions" finally becoming normal once again.  I see him again on Tuesday and fully expect to get a release to do all normal things - like driving.



soooo glad you

Marti said...

That is such good news. I've been wondering how you are feeling. Life is good again!

Judy said...

So, so very happy, but then I knew all along it wasn't cancer. I too have fibroids--have had them since in my 30's.
Glad you got everything out--now no more worries about cancer in any of your lady parts!!!!!!!!!!