Friday, April 30, 2010


I have a fairly new wound. I would take a picture of it and post it, but the wound is on my left pinky finger. I don't think I could hold the camera still with one hand and get it all focused. So you will just have to use your imagination.

A few days ago, I was sewing away - doing machine embroidery. When things begin to go astray, I, at least, have the desire to get the design straighten out. So thinking that I am invincible, I leave the machine running and stick my hands in there.

So on this particular day, I can't remember what was going on. I might have been wanting to cut a jump stitch or perhaps the design shifted, but in go my hands. The machine got the pinky. I pulled the finger out, and the needle broke. I got the machine stopped,and I grabbed a tissue and wrapped my finger.

All of the sudden, G appeared. I guess my scream was louder than I thought. He thought I had fallen and broken my new knee or something. I told him what happened and he came up with a handful of midget band-aids.

It was then I looked. This time I had done it. This was not a glancing blow like last time. You would think I would learn wouldn't you? I looked on the bottom of that finger and there it was - a little telltale hole.

It has been a while and all the blood has long since gone away. I look at the finger now. The nail has certainly been violated. I wonder how it will be as that wound grows out. I would think I will have to bandage it just to keep from snagging it on something and ripping the nail off before it's time.

Have I learned? Yes, pretty much. I looked around and found some tweezers at the fabric mart. They really aren't great, but they will hold the fabric when I need to hold the fabric close to the needle.

Do I use them all the time? I will let you answer that one.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's official

I. Am. Old. I just filed for Medicare and Social Security. It becomes effective immediately, with the Medicare coming into effect the end of July.

My health insurance company demands that I take Medicare or they will drop me. Well, things haven't changed yet, so if they drop me, I cannot get health insurance at all. That nasty little cancer thingy puts me out in the cold. So, like a good little retired teacher, I signed up for Medicare. Now I just have to wait for my card, then send a copy to them so they can then drop me from some of my benefits.

Oh, and speaking of benefits. Basically I don't get any Social Security benefits. It seems there was this law passed. They called it something about Windfall Profits. Oh, yeah, Texas retired teachers are going to get rich. We have that annuity that means we are just rolling in dough. Right.

Because I retired with only 29 years of proper credited teaching, I get less that half of the average of my best three years salary. You got that right? That salary was calculated TEN years ago. Right - I said ten.

And because our governor at time suggested it, the annuity invested heavily in Enron. Good move. So the fund has taken a hit. More and more teachers are leaving service ASAP. Not much money. We haven't gotten a raise in TEN years.

This year, there was money to give us rich people a 13th check. Our attorney general for the state said no.

So this means my Social Security payment will be .... wait for it ...... it's coming $177. I will have that for two months, then when the Medicare comes out, it will be a whopping $67.

Yessiree, we gotta keep those danged teachers in their place. One of them actually tried to make these law makers learn something. Gotta' punish 'em for putting those folks through that.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Garage - a place where a car is parked. It can be attached to the house of detached. It can hold one or more cars.

That is what should be written for the definition of a garage. I was going to look on the internet to see what the real definition is, but I didn't get to a dictionary, and to be honest, with the internet I don't even know where my hard bound real life one is!

Now, let's get real. A garage, at least in my neighborhood, is a place to store your excess stuff. Stuff - you know the things you have no room for, but can't get yourself to get rid of, and besides, there is no more room in your house for it.

Also, let's face another fact. This is Texas. There is a truck or SUV in almost every driveway you come across. These vehicles, for the most part, will not fit in the garages around here. You have to have one with a raised door to allow that big brother in.

That brings me to our garage. In this garage is a '65 MGB. It ran - for a while. It was my dads a looooong time ago. We had the engine rebuilt. But the guy who did that took about two years to do it, and during that time the car sat outside in weeds. It has no undercarriage to speak of. You wonder if you are going to fall through onto the road.

Then its electrical system is fried because when it had no gas, G, who has NO mechanical abilities, decided the reason it wouldn't start after sitting for a while was a dead battery. That may have been true, but pushing it and popping the clutch" wouldn't do the job. He went to get jumper cables. You should have seen the sparks. British cars are wired differently from American!

Then Son began to work on the fuel system several years later. He did his usual job - not finished with parts scattered. Then SIL enters the picture and decides to be helpful and cleans us. When he does, parts get thrown away. Needless to say, it doesn't run anymore.

Then the rest of the garage is a smattering of junk the kids have left as they moved out, in, out, in, out. It isn't just their junk. My tables for craft shows are thrown in (thanks G). Then there are other various things G has thrown in (and I really mean that literally - not placed - thrown).

Along one wall is some gardening equipment, rakes, shovels, and a pick axe - all waiting to reach and trip me as I walk by to the one thing that is the most important - the outside refrigerator.

That refrigerator was almost the cause of death for me. I don't have good balance these days - in fact I have no balance. I went out to get a cold drink at noon, and I lost my balance a little. Actually, I just got off center. I was falling back. I certainly didn't want to fall. The fall is just one part of that. It's the getting up that is the problem! So I grabbed the door of the fridge.

It did save me, but I got to thinking later. If my huge mass had managed to pull the fridge forward, it could have fallen on me. Even with my huge mass, I'm no match for a refrigerator. That could have been the end of Grandma K. I wouldn't be seen easily when someone came around. I would have been trapped (hopefully alive) in the pile of stuff on the floor of that side of the garage. That's a picture I don't like.

So what am I going to do about it. Well, I guess I could make the trail to the fridge wider. That would help, but G would see more floor, and do I have to say the rest.

The real kicker here is G blames everybody else for the garage, when actually he is the one who opens the door and pitches whatever it is in.

I guess I just better bring the cold drinks in the house - period.

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I HATE squirrels

At first I was afraid to write that inflammatory title. I know there are scores of people who think the little things are so cute and furry. They will feed them, either with feeders in the yard, or by hand in the park. Their antics are considered cute. I could go on and on with all the things the fans of squirrels feel.

I don't see cute little fuzzy creatures that scamper and play. What is see are fuzzy tailed rats! Not really - I like rats (no, not the nasty Norwegian ones that get into garbage cans - the white/tan ones. They are really smart!) To me they are destructive little vermin, no better than the general, and correct feelings about the Norwegian rats.

We have had hundreds of dollars of damage done to our house by squirrels. Just because of the our roof line runs, there are perfect little ledges for them to sit and gnaw their way through the boards and get into the Squirrel Promised Land - our attic. Fixing the holes has cost us quite a bit. Now we are on a contract with a company who comes out to fix the holes and catch whatever vermin may have gained access to the attic. When I was moving things around in the attic, I was kneeling/sitting on pecan shells that they brought into the attic to make their little love nest complete.

Oh, and the pecan shells. We have given up trying to beat the squirrels to out pecans from out huge 30+year old pecan tree. There are so many squirrels now it is a losing battle. They win. I buy pecans now.

So why are squirrels my topic today? When I was on the way to the pain doc, I saw a squirrel running across the street with its tail pulled over its back, and rather "hunched" up (is that just a Texas word?). I was wondering why until instantly I looked up just a bit, and there was a furious mockingbird right on that squirrel. That bird was giving that squirrel hell. That continued all the way across the street and into the flower bed on the other side. That was one mad bird! Kudos to the mockingbird!

Peace be with you.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Do you watch people? I have to admit I do. I most especially watch them when they do something that I find out of the normal.

I bring this up because I became a full watcher this morning. Over the weekend, G came home in our old faithful Pontiac with the window broken - as usual. It fell and couldn't get up. I wish the little alarm button worked on it. Anyway, that meant a trip to our mechanic, and then breakfast out. Yum. Love that place next to the mechanic.

I drove the truck, and when I got there, I parked a little away from all the other vehicles. The truck is DIRTY! It has been the the SSB twice in flood conditions and that means a lot of mud from the dirt roads. That dirt gets even up high on the truck.
I wouldn't choose our truck to park next to is where I'm going.

I was eating my omelet (yum, yum) when this bar pulled in. The old man chose, from the three available parking places, the one next to us. He was further away from the door even. But U began watching him.

He was very precise in his movements. When he got his coffee and sat with the paper, everything was exact placement. When his number was called for the food, he returned to his table (which was right in front of me - he couldn't have chosen a better place for me as a people watcher) he methodically moved everything around until it was perfect for him. Personally - I would have had it off the tray and going.

He was a great eater. I have to admit, I think a good part of my problem was teaching school for over 30 years. You are given 25 minutes at best, but you have to stand hall duty until that passing time is over, and the kidlets are in the cafeteria or wherever they were supposed to be. Then you have to be on hall duty BEFORE the bell rings to let them back out into the hallway and into your classroom So I eat fast. I probably don't enjoy and savor my food as I should, and then I am not satisfied sooner. Then I tend to overeat. But back to Mr Man. He put his fork down after each bite, and then read the paper. Then after a bit - take another bite.

Amazing a man like that would park to a potentially hazardous vehicle. I would think he would have taken the parking place in the middle of the three.

Then, a man I have seen before came in. I think he has become a regular. We haven't been there in months, but he was there the last time I was there. He has what I consider a horrible birth defect. Both arms are quite stunted. They probably are the length of just my forearm. His hands are like crab claws. He can fully take care of himself I believe. He comes there for breakfast. They all know him by name. He feeds himself probably better than I feed myself. It is amazing to watch him.

Then we ate lunch out. (It's great when G is off on Mondays and we are out doing things - like going to the plant nursery, etc) I began making scenarios about people there. There were only three others in the place. The one I made the scenario about was an older man. He was alone. I imagine this was his big meal of the day, and he will go home to perhaps a pet, but no one else. He will fix something like a bowl of cereal for dinner, and he will eat alone. He just looked like that would be what he played out.

So now, I have a lot of plants to re-pot. This winter had really cleaned us out. I am practically starting over. I realized that the injections really didn't work this time. At the nursery, I couldn't stand to walk too far. I was hurting so much. In fact, I had to go back to the truck. I wanted to get a couple of specimen plants. I lost a Hawaiian sun flower and a mandevilla. Not this trip. Perhaps in a month. We went to Lowe's first, and that wasn't bad because they had the shopping cart. The real nursery just had the pull wagon. Not good for me.

Hope your plants are growing beautifully and blooming profusely.

Peace be with you.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I feel so stupid!

This morning, I was "straightening" up the utility room. When I opened the lid of the washer, there were the towels I had forgotten a couple of days ago. Well, that's only part of the stupid part.

I put in new detergent and some borax for good measure - in case they stunk. That happens down here in Swampland. When things are left in the washer too long, they mildew. I guess it isn't hot enough yet because I think they were really ok.

The main reason I wanted them right away is because I made a chenille square for the sewing club project - that I won't get to complete because it is in June. I will be out of action because of the new knee. But that is off the subject. I'm being like my mother in law.

I pulled the knob on my old Maytag, and nothing. Absolutely nothing. I told G the washer was broken. He asked if there was power to it. We had a power outage yesterday, and the generator kicked on. It works like it is supposed to.

I went to get a lamp to test the plug. It lit. So there was power. I didn't pull the knob again. It was broken before, right?

So I waited until a decent hour and called the repair man. He got here within the hour. He walked into the utility room, and I will swear he did nothing but pull the knob. The $*&^* washer started. I felt so dumb.

He said that on those older washers, sometimes if the buttons aren't exact, this happens. He told me some other things including he has some kind of switch in his truck in case that was what was wrong. But it started. Without anything.

But you know - there was a service charge. I paid out $40 for him to come out. Oh my. Stupid, stupid!!

Have a great weekend. I will be working on things for the craft show in July, and we will be celebrating G's birthday. So I will also clean house.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Am I strange?

I don't want my family to really know about my blog. It is true I began it for the grandchildren. When the first one was born (Lady Bug), I wanted to write a memory book for them. I did so well with hers. I wrote daily. Well for a long time anyway.

Then came Monkey Boy. I really didn't want to go back to copy all the memories into his book. That was many, many pages. I wrote several pages however. But clearly not as much.

Then came Doodle Bug. I think there is maybe two pages. That is a terrible shame.

Wiggle Worm doesn't even have a book! Shameful. I hate to begin one for him now because when I began Lady Bug's, I wrote a lot. I don't write anymore. My cursive is terrible, and the printing - don't ask. I am on the computer now - a lot.

I know I could go about adding things to the books - especially after Lady Bugs, and buy one for ole' WW! But I really have lost the desire to do it.

One of the reasons I really don't want them reading this is because this is where I can vent about them. I can be judgmental, and they don't know. I usually just smile and nod when something controversial comes up. I pick and choose my battles. I don't want to give them my ideas too often, unless I am specifically asked. I want to be a good mother, mother in law, and grandmother.

The reason I bring this up is I am keeping quiet (to them) about Daughters in-laws. It is known they could fall off the face of the earth and I wouldn't shed a single tear, It goes for all 6 of them and their families.

There is strife again. The mom is hospitalized again - because she hasn't taken care of herself again. Congestive heart failure, diabetes, and who knows what else. Dad wants to live off the family - especially my SIL, who is eldest. Next brother is a loser. Enough said. Daughter has an illegitimate child and has moved back in with mom and dad - so they can make it, and she can't make it on her own, and them comes the baby - who is over 30.

He uses the parents as much as he can, and they let him because they love their grand babies and want more. I think that is so THEY can look after them when and if they make it to their 70's. Baby son has five (count 'em) children. Two his and first wife, one this wife and unknown, and two theirs - they finally had a girl. They expect Mom and Pops to baby sit - when they are working and when they are playing. Oh, and all with "promise of pay."

Months ago, the doctors told Mom she couldn't do this anymore. But like it all, she doesn't do what she is told - hence the hospitalization now. They just can't tell their baby this. Why, you ask. Because he throws a huge fit, becomes verbally, and sometimes physically (to SIL) abusive. Mom and Pops are afraid of him, mostly because he threatens to keep the children away from them (this is bad??).

Anyway, this pulls Daughter into it, and then she pulls me into it. I want to tell her to just cut off relations with them. It is something SIL has threatened. He is seeing that Pops wasn't such a wonderful dad. He abused them. But... they are still his parents. And I think he secretly sends them money - something that caused Daughter to almost leave him for doing it behind her back. I don't think she wants to know now, so she doesn't ask.

Whew. Got it off my chest. Thanks a lot. I appreciate you reading - if you got this far.

Peace be with you (I wish it were with me).

I think there is a connection

Last month, I had a headache. One that sent me to bed on several occasions, and lasted several days. I don't recall if it was about the time of the last injections or not. But "it's back!"

It all began last night. As I was getting ready for bed, it came tip-toeing into my head. I took my evening handful of pills, and got into the bed. I tried to read a bit, but the fatigue I felt the last time, coupled with the encroaching pain, I turned out the light and fell asleep.

I slept soundly until 6:25 when the blasted radio alarm went off. I like a more calm music, but G likes old rock. I hate it, but I do have to let him have some things he wants. I would have liked to lingered a lot longer, but I finally pulled myself from the sheets when he asked if I were still alive. I guess that is an important question these days.

The headache isn't full blown like last time. It is lurking there. It is in the upper left of the cranium and behind my eyes.

I do wonder if it is connected with the injections. I don't think the actual spine is involved in the injections, and when I had the epidural for the knee replacement, I didn't get a headache. I just wonder if it might be the nasal cannula for the oxygen - or even the oxygen itself. It seems to make the sinuses rebel.

I don't know. I just hope it doesn't hang around hang around for days this time!

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Greetings from the land of Nod.

I had the injections in my back today. They did the conscious sedation again. Unlike the times of the colon reading stuff, I guess it does put me out. When I had the port removed, I was looking forward to listening to the doctors and nurses talk. Next thing I knew - I was in recovery.

Last time, I really thought I just got bored and didn't pay attention. Nope. This time I was aware that I was asleep. I really tried to listen. They put that blasted nasal cannula in for the oxygen. I just hate those, but like the IV they are a necessity - I guess. I was really going to try to listen. Well, what I heard next was to move onto the other gurney to go to recovery.

I guess it doesn't help that I was fast asleep at least twice before the doctor came in. They let G back this time, and it was so exciting. Yeah. He read the paper, and I tried to read my book, but slept.

I've got the time thingy down. I take a late appointment. I sleep until an hour and a half before the appointment time, then I get dressed (if you want to call it that - all comfy) and we get in the car and we are off.

The only problem with this is I tend to really fall asleep while doing things. I guess that's why I need a driver to get home! A while ago, I fell asleep, apparently taking off my glasses right before or during, and they fell on the floor. When Daughter called to check on me, I couldn't find them at first. Now that could have been a real tragedy.

Hope you are able to remain conscious when it's necessary!

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tid BIts

Well, for once we missed driving in the heavy rain on the way to the SSB. They got over 4 inches (we measured 4.38) on Thursday night. My brother in law and sister in law were in the midst of it all the way from Austin. I understand the driving got a little scary in places, and I know it must have been. Those places can be scary for several days after a rain. The town got 6 inches. Wow. And this is the semi-arid place. But the wild flowers are absolutely beautiful. That is one thing I have to say about Texas - our wild flowers in spring are really beautiful. A cold wet winter really did wonders.

_______________________________ ____________________________

Before we left, I had to move some things in the attic because we were having insulation added. I hope it will control utility bills some. Of course, I tease G telling him if we caulked the windows that would help - a lot. But the part of the attic I was in isn't tall enough to allow standing - at least for what I had to do. So I got down, and finally sat. As soon as I was on my butt, I had a thought. How in this world was I going to get back on my feet. I really thought I would be there forever. There is nothing to grab onto to hoist myself up. I thought I was doomed, but I managed to get on my knees, a feat I thought was impossible. I had never put weight on the incision before like that. Well, obviously, it worked, and I am up


I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow. I am set to get the second in the series of injections in my back. It has been screaming again. At least the pain isn't radiating down the leg to the feet any more. I hope by the time I get the third (and final) injection, the pain will be gone. I hope it is like the dragon. It is pushed back a little at a time, and then disappears.


This morning the crew for the insulation showed up at 7:30. Yes that is a.m. I managed to corral Simone. She took her pill, ate her breakfast, and went out to do her little jobs. Then I put her back in the bedroom so she could retire to her crate. That is her usual place anyway. After a bit, and after calling and calling, there was a black streak heading to the utility room. That was Shadow. After they left, I went to look for him. I called and called. I left the door open. No cat. Now we are talking about less that 50 square feet there I think. I finally figured out he was behind the washer and dryer. So I moved the big tote of dry dog food, all the bottles of things I store on the floor, picked up all the leashes and collars that once belonged to Taz, Sam, and Katie, who are in doggie heaven. Basically cleaned the utility room to give that darn cat room to get his fat rear up and out! After a few minutes, he was in the breakfast room where I set up my work station, rubbing on my legs. Fat boy!


Just before noon, SIL called. Lady Bug was home from school ill, and he needed to call on a client. Every time he does this, it is at meal time, and the child has not eaten. Now how can I not feed a hungry grandchild? So we made sandwiches after a bit.

I had collected wild flowers with the intention of pressing them to use for jewelry later. I got her to place some so I could put them in the microwave. I have a really neat little presser that uses the microwave (really?? since I just talked about that) to begin drying the flowers. When I was in college, one of my classes was a taxonomy class (where you find the scientific name of the plant). We had to choose a family of plants to press and mount to add to the collection the school had. I chose legumes, like clovers, etc This little thing is great. I can do in one minute what the old way took a week or more depending on the plant.

She did one "tray" then got hungry. So we ate, and she lost interest. Sounds normal.

So I am back, and all things are normal in this part of the world! I probably won't be here tomorrow. If it's like the last time, I will be sleeping it all off!

Peace be with you.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Breaking news!

On May 27, I shall become the bionic woman. That is the date of replacing the right knee. I can't wait!

Ok - back to your regular programming.

Whose idea of a joke is this?

Last night I set about making dinner - late because G was working late. All was going pretty well. It was to be a simple meal. It was some pre-seasoned pork ribs. Then I began my search for a side.

That's where the problem was. I decided we would have some of the little frozen corn on the cobs. That would go well.

The first problem was getting into the package. I think there was iron in that plastic packaging. I poked and prodded with everything I could think of. Finally I took a knife to that stupid package.

I finally extracted the little coblets, and then I tried to determine how long to nuke them. The printing telling what the product was was huge. The printing talking about the quality of the product was a good medium. When it came to cooking times, that printing was microscopic. I could not see that at all.

I moved to the window for better light - no good. It was still just a blur. I moved under the vent-a-hood light. Nope.

Finally, I just made an educated guess. I shoved the little cobs into the microwave and punched in 5 minutes. I hoped for the best. Sure enough, things were fine, but I am still wondering who thought it would be funny to make the heating instructions the smallest print on the package. I would like to have a word or two with that joker!

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey - pass the cheese over here, I've already got the whine

I don't have any more PT ordered. I guess I am a graduate - at least for now. But I have a very unhappy reminder of PT. My right calf is so sore I can hardly walk.

See I told you, there was a lot of whine here. I should just shut up about it, but then again I don't usually do the things I am supposed to do.Working on the left leg must have put more strain on this right. Doing the high step (remember those
Jude?) or rising up on tip-toes. Don't know, but it is really stiff and sore

I am really moving slowly these days. Tomorrow I go to the bone doc. I am going to mention it to him, but he will probably tell me he knows nothing about muscles! Either that or he will tell me more about himself. He is a true surgeon - a real prima donna. He loves talking about him, him and more him. But he is good, and I guess that's all I can ask.

I just remember, thinking about that appointment, that I forgot to call to make sure they had the CT report from last week. I am going to have our insulation added to. It's only been 36 years since there has been anything done to the insulation in this house! So I have been dealing with that. I will just have to have faith.

Well, enough blabbering! Time to get busy.

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another day to starve

I had m appointment at the Pain Doctor's office this morning. That is always a trip. The clientele is interesting to say the least. There are those who definitely were hurt on the job. They appear to be migrant type workers who are getting Worker's Comp. There are those who have some sort of genetic abnormality and have pain from that. Then there are the true weirdos.

One of those came in this morning. She was dressed in flowing clothes. Her hair was more windblown than the day supported. Her eyes were rather wild. She asked what time out appointments were. Actually they were running surprisingly on time. They were only about 15 minutes late. She was out of sorts with that.

Unfortunately, I was called back before she really got started. I would have loved to have listened to her. It was bound to be interesting. She was still out there when I came out, but I don't know what she was saying. But it was clear she had been talking!!

I didn't see the doctor. I saw one of his assistants. I couldn't understand things he said for the most part. I did understand one thing however. MRI. I said no, no, no!! So after all is said and done, I will get my injections next Wednesday -at 9. At least I can sit around here - or sleep longer -NPO. It will be late - regardless.

I go on Thursday of this week to see what the Ortho doc says. We are looking at May I believe. I just hope it goes like it did last time. If so, I am not going to keep myself home as long as I did!

Such an exciting life. At least there is no more PT for at least two weeks!

Peace be with you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

He won

After more than ten years, my son won. What exactly did he win? It was a contest he didn't even know he was in.

You see, he moved back in with us to try to save some money before he got married. That was good. We all agreed. Since I had already claimed his old room as my craft room, he moved into the guest bedroom - his sister's old room. It was a lovely room decorated with an antique crocheted bedspread on an antique bed. It was lovely - and neat.

So he stayed with us a while. He made the room his own, sort of. Then he got married and moved out again. Well, he left his mess behind. He didn't even make the bed. I decided I would wait until he came to bring the room back to its before condition. I waited, waited, and waited some more.

Then the loving couple moved in with her mother. She was reported to be allergic to cats, and they had two. I said I would keep the cats. They would bother my poor little blind Ralph for at least two years. All the time, I was waiting for him to restore that bedroom - which had now become visiting cat headquarters.

They bought a house, and the cats went to live with them. I was still waiting for the room to be put back in it's original condition, but now G brought a computer, printer, and HUGE monitor from work. They were free you see. He had plans to set up the computer for himself upstairs.

So we were living in a three bedroom plus study (that has a bed) house. How many working bedrooms did we have? One - and the study, sort of. You see - son never did come to make up the "guest room." I have a full craft room. Come to see us, probably sleep on the floor.

So today, I gave in. He won after at least ten years. He doesn't even know of his victory, and probably never will. We are going to have insulation added to the house. They are coming Wednesday to give us an estimate. I will not have the woman who does this see my upstairs in the condition it was in.

So, beaten into submission, I am putting the guest room back in order. Want to visit?? It will be pretty once again - just don't venture across the gallery - it might be too scary in there!

Peace be with you.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Well, I am done - stick me with a fork!

My day began with PT. It was at the ungodly early hour of 9:30. Well, that's not really early, but I thought I would say it was! I have it down now, so I stayed here until 9:15. Ohhh, I am really the dare devil pushing the clock so! I still made it with 3 minutes to spare. She called me back 5 minutes later.

She had another patient. That usually doesn't happen, but today she was crowded. There was one who came in as I was completing my wonderful heat/electrical simulations on my back. She started me with the sissy leg lifts. Easy, easy. Even with the five pounds. Then I was to do the side lifts, and then the other side where I am like a pretzel, and then the small lifts on my stomach with two pounds. Easy, easy.

Then I decided to do the killer myself - with the weights. It is the straight leg lift. I have had to struggle to do three sets of 10 on these leg lifts. They hurt - a lot - and in the groin. What?? Why there? Anyway. I set about doing these with a two pound weight. Won't Paula be impressed? So I did ten - easy. Twenty - easy. Thirty - a bit of a challenge. Forty - ok, not bad. Fifty. Well that is getting there isn't it. To boil it down, I did EIGHT sets of ten. That was our goal - without weight. Wowie zowie!! I did the other exercises, and got my treat -- the heat and the stimuli. And I was on my way. I graduated today. This was what was prescribed. Tuesday I go see the docs. I think there is ore PT prescribed for my back.

Speaking of that back. It is not so good, but I will get to that later. After PT, I had 1 1/2 hours to wait until I went for a CT. I knew I needed the old fashioned TV antenna. If my cable goes out, we are dead in the water. The HDTV won't pick up anything without help. So I got that.

The decision for lunch was there. I scanned all the fast food places available. There was Sonic. Nope - that's for travel since we have to eat with the animals on the road. There was ChickFila. Don't like chicken sandwiches that much. Some sort of Panda Express or something. I still am not crazy about Chinese after chemo. Then I thought of Panera. Great choice. I had time to waste, and that place screams for you to spend/waste time. Got a good sandwich, really good iced tea, and read my book for 45 minutes. Nice.

I headed off the the CT place. I was there early, and they took me in early. Great. It was just the right knee. Do Bones wants to see that right knee more. It has its own problems - like probably there is bone stuck in the tendon to the knee cap. Great.

After that I was trying to think of what I needed to do. I thought I would go ahead and hit the grocery. I am out of tonic water. That's my big evening cocktail. Wow - what a wild chick. But then the pills give me the buzz of four drinks.

While hitting the isles of the grocery, I found the back isn't fixed. There is just not shooting pains down my back. Just stabbing in the middle back. So I think there are definitely more shots. The next ones will probably address the spinal problem - the stenosis. Let's just get is "fixed" before the right knee surgery.

But I was away from the house from 9:15 to 1:15. That's a record for the last few months!

Have a great, peaceful weekend.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

The start of the day

The start of my day yesterday was certainly different. To begin the day, I had to pile out of bed at 6:10 AM! I haven't had to do that in years with the exception of surgery. But I was out, made breakfast for myself (G does his own weekdays), dressed, and out of the house by 6:50. Felt like the old days when I had to wrestle 150 seventh graders!

But yesterday, instead of seventh graders, it was three grandchildren! Daughter had a meeting at 8 am, and SIL was still out of town. So with great trepidation, I was off to tame the wild throng. She told me they needed to be up by 7:30. OK, a few minutes to gird my loins. Remember, I only live a mile, so I was there by 6:55. When I got there, Doodle Bug was up, sitting on the counter with Daughter making lunches for the other two. I knew I was in deep doo!

Shortly, here came the other two. Monkey Boy has been really good these recent days, but I remember when he could set your nerves on edge with his behaviors. Lady Bug, at nine, has become s wonderful helper.

Finally it came time for Daughter to leave - actually we were past time for her to leave. Doodle BUg went into hysterics. She threw herself on the floor. I convinced Daughter to just leave. That, in itself, was a problem, by I gother out. Doodle Bug stood at the back door and screamed.

We went about our business -getting breakfast for the older ones. I had assumed that DB had eaten. After a bit, DB came to me to be held. She finally was quiet - for a while.

The older ones were getting their lunch boxes. DB wanted HER lunch box. Lady Bug thought it was in one of the vehicles and set about finding it. Monkey decided that it was his time, so he began chanting he needed help with his shoes. I told him he could wait for a bit.

Lady Bug kept trying to find the right key to the specific vehicle, Monkey was going on about his shoe, and Doodle was happy. In fact, she forgot about the lunch box. We got shoes on Monkey, and it was time to go. Things were looking great. Everybody was getting their backpacks. Doodle ooked around and wanted HER "pack-pack." My spirits fell. I just saw the whole thing sinking into a melt down.

Somehow we got her out of the door and into my vehicle. That was amazing in itself. Doodle had never been in my vehicle yet, so she was busy looking around. We got Lady Bug dropped off at elementary school with no problems. One down. On to day care for Doodle. That went off flawlessly!

So it was on to the Bridge program for Monkey. They want the kiddos there at 9:10. Not before, not later. Well, it was 9:05. Not good, but we went in anyway. There were already kiddos and parents (and grandparents because the parents work and cannot meet the strange times of this program). We waited and waited in the hallway. The kids getting more and more agitated and wired. Finally at 9:20, here came the teachers. They had a staff meeting. Great, but I had PT at 9:30.

I made it to PT with a minute to spare, but Paula never takes me back on time. All ended well. It was one of the best sessions yet. She stretched the muscles in my thigh. I was on my stomach, and she took the left calf and pressed it up against the thigh. Delicious almost pain! Wonderful!

Later in the day I went to the Ortho doc. I need a CAT of the right knee. He wants to make sure that I don't have a piece of bone in the tendon above the knee. After that, we are looking at perhaps May. They are still amazed at my healing with the left. It usually takes at least three months to get where I am at only two months past surgery. I am proud!

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


These are just a few of the pictures (they only let me post five here on blogger) from the weekend. In some, the bluebonnets sorta fade into the background, but they were there - about a foot tall.

Picture one - lots of prickly pear cactus, a cedar, a mesquite tree that is about to bud out. They are the real things that show spring. They don't leaf out early!!

More of the bluebonnets, still prickly pear!
On a hillside.
Here you can see them a little better - along with dirt. Ohhh that red dirt! I wanted to add pictures of my crazy cat and the hummingbirds. I will do that one tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will post news about knee #2.

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


This Easter was much more quiet than others. All the grands were somewhere else. My niece was at the SSB with her family, and the joke is that if E is there, hold on, the weather will turn ugly! That has happened before, but this time it was beautiful.

I had long lamented that we didn't have any bluebonnets on our place. Well, Saturday, G came in and told me to come with him. We went to the far back northwest corner. There were fields and fields of bluebonnets. They covered the hill sides. I have pictures to post, but I don't have time today.

Then when we were leaving to go to the BIL's house, we say a hill side covered at the southeast corner. So we do have bluebonnets. The wild flowers are just beautiful this year in the hill country of Texas. The weather, while difficult to deal with, was great for the spring flowers. The cold, wet winter has brought a beautiful spring.

I am finding the medication I am taking from this pain place makes me really goofy. I feel like I have had five or six strong drinks - all the time. When I am not dozing, I am giddy and off balance! So if these blogs sound weird, well they probably are. Bear with me!

Peace be with you.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

This may be bad!

Today was sewing club. Boy, they have found a project that is really challenging. It looks like it will take at least three meetings to get through! The project is a sewing machine cover, and it is really beautiful. It is challenging my sewing skills though! I hope mine looks fairly good.

After club, I picked up G's prescription. Instead of drive trough, I went in. I shopped. I spent money. That is not good!

The reason is isn't good is because I came home to have lunch, then headed out to Wally World - again. This time to get more capri's they have. I also bought daughter a set of pj's they were closing out - $9 for pj's that are like sleeping pants. They are sooo comfortable. I wore mine last night. I was going to get the bread and the tonic water that I forgot when I went grocery shopping yesterday. It wasn't on the list - not on list, not on mind! They didn't have either, but they did have a non-poison mouse trap. I'm not sure we solved that problem two weeks ago.

Then I was back at Hobby Lobby. They had jersey double knit on sale. I bought four pieces to make new shorts. I think the price for shorts is highway robbery. But even so, these are $8 for just the fabric.

Since Wally World doesn't carry tonic water, and I didn't see the bread, I stopped once more at the grocery store - again. Through all of this, I never hurt. It is wonderful! My outlook on life is so different. I just don't know if my bank account can weather it all!

Peace be with you. Happy Easter to you. He is risen, he is risen indeed.