Tuesday, December 31, 2019

So ironic

We moved next door to daughter so she could take care of us.  Remember that?

Well - turns out the ninja monkey wanna be has torn her ACL and bruised her meniscus.  She is waiting for an appointment with the surgeon to evaluate her next move.

Looks like WE will be taking care of her now.  Oh well - guess things will work out for the best after all.

Saturday, December 28, 2019


The "old" house looks like vandals have trashed the place.  While I DO so much appreciate the help with the moving - did things that weren't in boxes have to be strewn about?  Honestly, it does look like vandals have been in there.

The antiques still sit in the formal living room.  I still don't know their fate.

The "new" house master bath is filled with boxes of "stuff" that has no storage space.  The master bedroom had the mirror from the dressing table on the floor and bags of "stuff."

We are on what was supposed to be a family break in Mason.  Only half the family is here.

And the other half of the family is home BECAUSE my daughter decided she was a cross between a wild monkey and a ninja.  She did something to cause her knee to "pop" when she was (get ready top this from a 46-year-old woman) standing on the bathroom counter reaching across the way to the cabinets on the OTHER wall to check the top shelf.  Her father had just told her to get a ladder.  She is scheduled for an MRI on Monday, so they aren't here.

Plus my SIL who in reality knows NOTHING about cars and drives like a bat out of hell anyway took their SUV to Firestone.  And $2000 later it was still undrivable.  It "shook" like a thrashing machine at 70 mph. 

I think he hit something.  When I was standing in the front yard talking to my granddaughter, she made a comment about the front end damage.  After three days of taking it back because it wasn't fixed, yesterday they asked if that vehicle had hit a pothole.  I am SURE it did - at the very least. But (and he IS a good man)he would lie about it - like he does whenever something like this.  He is a known liar. 

So there are just eight of us rather than 13.

Of course, our drama isn't finished.  When we got here on the 26th, I went to our little freezer.  When I opened it, there was an "unusual odor."  Then I looked at the back of the top door.  Water ran out.  There was still frost at the top, but all the food was only cold - not frozen.  So I have been cooking things that were still very cold.  That means all available refrigerator space is taken up with food - extra food because we all brought the meals we planned.  Of course, with daughter not coming that left two days open.  But even so, enough was brought to feed 13 on each of our days.

So goes our lives.  The story is never dull.

Friday, December 20, 2019

I. Will. Never. Move. Again!

They can move my cold, dead body.  I am never moving again.  We have been actively doing this for a week now and we are STILL not moved out nor in.

First - I can't GIVE away my antique living room furniture that I have no room for.  The charities won't take it.  No one seems to want it.  I don't know what I am going to do with it.  I am about to simply take it to the dump. 

I knew that my furniture in the remainder of the house was too heavy to move - at least for me with my deteriorating back, but OMG - the dust under it.  And so many things that fell behind it.  I am so embarrassed.  SO much dust.

I still have a bathroom and the kitchen to empty, but most of the rest is done with the exception of the stuff that got strewn.  We couldn't have done this without the help, but so much was just strewn about.  So I have to get that all sorted.

Things are not all rosy at the "new" place either.  We knew that the oven smelled of gas when it was turned on.  I also KNEW going in that a new one was going to run $1500+.  We had the appliance guy out yesterday to fix it, hook up the dryer and check the garbage disposer.  He left - after $560 work, and the oven completely unusable now.  The dryer needed a new gas fitting. The disposer was toast and leaking.  He thought the oven required a new ignitor and thermostat.  Well - he replaced the ignitor and it wouldn't light - AT ALL.  Then trying to adjust that the gas line broke.  So - we are looking at a new one.  I so wish I could put in an electric oven, but I don't believe there is 220 behind that old one.  I looked under the cooktop and it apparently was always gas.  So - that is probably a pipe dream.

Shadow spends his time under my bed.  He is a shy cat to begin with, but with all the people constantly in and out - he is just as his name implies just a shadow. 

I am sure things will even out - eventually.  But I surely know why we lowered our price to buy $20K and asked them to pay $5K of our closing costs.  It is being eaten up quickly.  PLUS G's truck broke today.  When it rains ...

Monday, December 02, 2019

I am going to explode

More venting here.

Wednesday was the set closing date.  We have our kids lined up to move on Saturday.  We have the UHall on Friday. 

Guess what! No closing on Wednesday.  The appraiser dropped the ball.  He had TWENTY days to go appraise the house.  He has not done it. 

IF we are lucky - we can close on Monday of next week.  After he gets off his rear and does it, sends it in and all that mess, THEN it has to sit for three days.  Unbelievable.  Absolutely.

That means we are postponed getting out totally which means our contractor is postponed from coming in to paint and recarpet.  That means we are postponed putting the "For Sale" sign out.  That means a longer time to sell.

I don't believe this.  At. All