Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And we lived happily ...

Thanksgiving was a good holiday this year. On Thanksgiving day, our little house on the hill had 11.

Son and DIL arrived about midnight on Thursday morning. Their trip was fairly easy - if any trip through the Texas hill country in the dark can be considered easy. There were herds of deer along the roads - especially the county roads - to keep them on their toes. But they made it.

They were going to leave Friday at about 5 to go a little further to her Dad's ranch. I hated to see them go, but what can you do? At least we had them for a while. Wiggle Worm was just warming up to all of us. He hadn't spent that much time with us in his entire life. Then Little Teeny was just what you would expect of a two month old!

Daughter and SIL stayed until Saturday morning. But Friday night we got out the board games. the kids had a great time playing Chinese Checkers among other games.Then the house was quiet. Very, very quiet.

Packing before the trip brought its usual fights here on the home front. We were taking the big screen plasma set up there. We were cautioned to not let it tip on its front as the plasma would be too heavy and cause the glass to break. G has no spacial abilities, and he will admit it 99% of the time. Guess when the 1% is.

I envisioned it against the tool box in the truck, but the wheel wells sticking out stopped that from happening. I knew that I needed my elastic cargo net. I spent the day Wednesday untangling it. It had just gotten thrown in the garage. I finally moved the set along one side of the truck bed. I was trying to get the net over which was a challenge because I have been told specifically not to get on my new knees like that. So I needed G's help. Since he can't visualize what I am doing, he will fight rather than listen. Such fun was had!


All the while we were there, I was without any WiFi. I was able to provide it to SIL and Daughter, but this computer will not allow me to connect to WiFi -- at all. I am going to have to do something about it before we go back. We will be there for a while around Christmas, and with G retiring, we will be there much more. This isn't a good situation!


We also discovered that "someone" had been on the property. They left behind a bag of bloody towels that apparently had been used on something they killed. In addition they left a lot of shells on the hunters' cabin porch that fell after they shot up my bird feeder (14 holes in it) and a couple of holes in our little drop feeder. They must have had some kind of automatic weapon. We know it was our nephew and his gang. Our houses are the closest of the ones there. I also know, even when G would deny it, that D was always on our property when he lived with his mom.

We called all the neighbors, including his mom, to look out for anyone on our property. She said "they don't do things like that anymore." She knows they did it! We also called the Game Warden. He had already talked to them about being on other family land where they didn't belong that day. He has talked to them about their placement of a feeder as well. He knows them well, and he, too, knows they trespassed.

I just hope they get the idea that someone is watching - including one who can put them in jail. D needs to learn there are boundaries, and in our case he crossed fence lines. It wasn't just a road that divided the property.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This just in!

I got a response from the company about my problem.  I have copied and pasted it below:
We recommend that when placing the USB cord into the machine, that it is placed in carefully to prevent any of the prongs from becoming damaged.  If you are experiencing a problem with the cord, please contact your authorized Janome dealer for additional assistance.

We appreciate your interest in Janome America, Inc.
Well I thought I would just ram it in from below, above, or from a side with enough force to move the blasted machine (which is in excess of 50 pounds).  What a help.  I really can’t believe it.  Bury your head in the sand.

Answers for questions

I am going to answer a few questions here, and probably bring up new ones,  or at least make you wonder about me.

The first question is about meal worms.  Here, our school district loves to use the inexpensive (should be free, but that required a little more work) meal worms to show how they change from the larva – hence meal worm – to the moth. 

This will probably gross you out, but in your grain products, there are insect eggs.  There are flour moths and in the oats, meal worms.  I should have known better, but I was once overwhelmed with flour moths because I forgot about those pesky eggs.  I am still battling them to a degree, but I am getting them under control.

When I wasn’t able to get around, my cereal/grain pantry , well, aged.  Suddenly there were little moths flying all around the house.  They took over the dining room because we certainly didn’t use that room.  I was doing good to set the breakfast room table.

I have found the non-toxic glue traps for these little buggers, and putting the grains in the freezer for about a week or so will kill them – and that reminds me – I just bought some flour.  But air tight containers help too.

Anyway, back to the meal worms.  Science supply houses sell these little bugs for the school children to take care of and watch them turn into a moth.  An ugly moth, but a moth never-the-less.

Now a fix for the machine.  I don’t think there is something different for that USB slot.  I am simply going to have to be incredibly careful.  I am considering completely re-arranging the craft room.  I have thought of this before, but I just hate to move things.  Such a mess!  But I may be able to find a way to put much less strain on that little port.

I did write the company.  I got a return email – a form letter – that they had gotten the email and would get back to me.  I also posted to the Yahoo group to see if I am alone in this.  Nothing on that front yet either.

I am really considering trading the machine for another brand.  I am really upset with this.  And the machines seem to be in a snit when they come home from cleaning.  They are cantankerous little beasties at best.

If you don’t get the design in just the right place, it won’t read it at all.  If using the thumb drive – the design has to be in a special folder.    Now from the computer to begin with – I don’t know.  I cannot get that to work at all.  And the cards must be obsolete since I can’t find one.

And so my moans and groans go on.  I will spend the day later wrapping the tv in plastic.  We have been in an extended period of dry – but now rain, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.  I hope you have a great day.


Peace be with you. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sewing, no sewing

In my quest to find a repair facility other than where I bought my machine, I found some really nice places - places I only wish I had known about before. The first has been in business forever! I found they have classes - lots of classes. They carry the sister to my machine - same thing but has another name on it. It sells for less too. Anyway, I will be checking in with them a lot more. Their repair guy was really great. When you don't use your brain ...

I ended up taking the machine to a sewing/quilting shop that sells the machines. They have a guy that does the repair, and they are going to order the part. I was explaining why I think there is a defect in the design, I proved myself right. The owner and I looked at one of the fancy Brother machines - one that would be equivalent to mine. Those little points have protection around them They aren't just jutting out into space like mine. I feel somewhat vindicated. I also don't have to have remarks made by the other place's repair guys.

The real downside it that I will be without the machine for at least two weeks. Our little hometown craft show is before I get it back. Well -that's the way it happens.

I emailed the company with my complaint about the port. I doubt anything will come of it. But I made my point. It is a design flaw. I really am thinking about changing machines soon anyway. I really like the Brothers. And the Brother club where I go for the Janome club is a lot more fun. Those gals are something.

So all that's left is for me to get things together for our trip to the SSB. I am anal about things. I want to be sure that we have enough of everything. If not it does mean a 45 minute trip - one way. No one wants to do that.

We will be putting the big tv there - if it makes it in one piece. We ended up getting a plasma. I didn't think there would be a big difference in performance. The difference is in the transport. This one has to be upright, otherwise the plasma gets too heavy and breaks the glass in the screen. I might have known this had I not been in cameras looking for that blasted ATA card!

Peace be with you.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mixed bag

Today was another nice day. We did our part to help curb the financial standing of the community. We decided that we were getting too old to see the 26 inch regular tv at the SSB. It is really noticeable when we come home and enjoy our big digital one, so off we went to the "Big" Buy store - which in itself is comical. You see - G swore a long time ago when he had a problem with them that he would never set foot inside one again. Well - this is twice. This time we walked out with a 42" plasma. If I had known before about the real difference for us between Plasma and the other, I wouldn't have gotten the plasma. It has to ride upright, or the plasma will break the glass, and that isn't covered by any type of warranty. So Merry Christmas to us - - and the family who will be around to help break it is this weekend.

Speaking of warranties, I am going to have to take the sewing machine back to the dealer - again - for the broken USB fitting. This will be number three. I JUST got it back last Wednesday, and it has to go tomorrow. I hate, hate, hate to take it to this dealer. I know they are saying bad things about me behind my back. I know they think I don't know how to work the machine. But, unless I want to just use the built in stitches and the very few that I loaded on it, I am dead in the water. I cannot get anything to load on it.

I went to the local computer big store. I bought a little plug to change the USB ending into a different kind. The machine is supposed to be able to be loaded by a computer. Not using Win7 or even XP. The old laptop lives up there with the machines. It still works, although slow and limping along. I thought this new method I dreamed up would work to read from the CD reader. No. Such. Luck.

I have made a mission about finding an ADA card that is 2"x2". They don't exist. That would be another way to load designs. I am out of luck there too - so tomorrow I will have to face the music. I would rather take a beating. The only other dealer is about 20 miles past this one. It would be really foolish.

It was completely my fault the thing happened, but upon closer examination of the little adapter in the machine and other USB ports, there is a design flaw. Those little fragile connections are just sitting there - there is no protective plastic around them. Look at any of your USB things and you will see the points are protected. Not here.

Back to my responsibility. Every time I have a machine serviced - cleaned, etc - it comes back screwed up. It makes thread nests on the back of the fabric like no tomorrow. It was doing that. I spend three hours on one little project - that by the way turned out like sh*t - and I hit the machine about six times. It is on a cabinet that has the place for the machine that goes up and down. Well, one of those blows, well, you can guess the rest. Now I have to pay the piper, face the music, and all those other phrases. I really don't want to. Really, really. Anyway...

Today was a good day. We went to a local theater group for a play. It was really cute, and gave a good afternoon of entertainment.

Pray for me tomorrow. That is weighing so on my mind. I don't mean to be sacrilegious, but this is going to be really bad. Can't keep my mind on the good, happy things!

Peace be with you.

Friday, November 19, 2010


That's what my credit card is doing. After two days of concentrated shopping, that little sucker is just smoking. Can't wait for this bill.

Wednesday was the general stores. Yesterday was the grocery store. When you are going to have 11 people at the out in the sticks SSB, you have to be sure that you have everything you think you are going to need. It is about 30 miles to town, which only has a single yucky grocery store, and that trip is 45 minutes one way. So not having something is not an option.

When the checker told me that I saved $122 between my coupons and the store savings, I knew the bill was going to be the national debt. And it was. But when you are feeding six adults, one preteen who eats like the food is going to be taken away with no more coming (and is still thin as a rail - just like my dad and her uncle - bah!), food is consumed in a hurry. The entire back seat of the truck was completely filled - to the point that one bag spilled its guts when I opened the door here at home!

G was put out. And he will be more put out when it is time to load it on Wednesday. I don't know what he thinks we are going to do, but it has to get there. The sad part is that the kids will be bringing food too. As I lamented yesterday, Son and DIL will leave on Friday afternoon, and Daughter and SIL will leave Saturday morning, but there is still the time that we are all there. Hence, the national debt of a grocery bill, and a lot of "stuff" to load.

Just gotta love the holidays. I wish I had a larger cash-back than I do. I could use it. Of course after this bill, I may have it!

Peace be with you.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A breather from shopping - for a bit!

What a change from last year. I can shop! It doesn't completely do me in with part of one store. Yesterday I set out at 1 PM and I made three stores. I was through at 3PM and not because my knees were screaming. I ran out of space in the truck.

We have a four door F150 and there is a tool box on the back. That would have been some storage, but it opens on both sides. I would have spend a good deal of time running back and forth trying to keep one edge open while trying to get the other open. So I opted for the backseat floor. We still had the doggy blanket in there, so it did a good job of covering the packages I put there.

The only real concern was when I went to Big L**s. This one is not a nice store, as they can be. I bought some bulky things at Target, and then more here. The Big store is right next to Hobby Lobby where I really needed to go next. With the changing neighborhood I was in, I was really apprehensive about putting those packages in the back and walking off.

I considered driving about the parking lot and park again, but I thought that was just plain silly. I practically ran through Hobby Lobby!! I was quite relieved when I came out to find I was not a victim of a smash and grab. I really wasn't sure.

So, my credit card has gotten a workout yesterday. It is going to get another today as I venture out for the grocery shopping that will include Thanksgiving. Since we will be at the SSB, I have to be sure I have everything.

DIL and son were to be with us, but Daddy Warbucks (her dad) is winning for part of the time. They will leave here the afternoon of Wednesday. Having to stop in San Antonio, they will be in late on Wednesday. Then Friday afternoon they will be leaving for Daddy's ranch. I have to say I am really disappointed. I don't get to spend that much time with them as it is. Well - the old poem comes into play - a son is a son until he takes a wife.

Daughter and SIL will be with us until Saturday morning. His parents are so messed up, they aren't going to see them at either holiday. Every single one of them needs money, and that's all they want from the kids here. It is a sad situation. They really live from moment to moment, but partially because they don't look at income and compare it to outgo. I should talk right now. I haven't done that either. I will have to take money from another account (ouch) to cover this upcoming credit card!! But I don't do this as a natural fact. It is only on occasion - like Christmas.

Again sorry about putting the restrictions on the comments. I tried to be open, and I got spam there. So ...

Peace be with you

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just got back from another spine injection and daughter and SIL are taking me to lunch in a bit.

Sorry about the word verification again, but there has been a little spam coming through. Again - sorry. Thought I would give it a try. Didn't work.

Get back here in a bit.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Sometimes I tend to over-react to things. I know that is a strange trait that no one ever knew, but it's true.

When the change-over to digital only TV, I was so anxious to get a small, portable TV that would work when the power went out. Now this is pre-generator. So I was really set on getting this stupid TV. Years ago, we went through a hurricane and were without power for a period of time. G tells me it was something like 6 hours, to me it was days. As I said before - me over-react?? We were without TV. Now if you are able to listen to the sound but no picture that is absolutely maddening. We would be wondering just where the weather was heading and so on, and the weatherman would say - "here's the radar view." Yeah, sure thing. So I vowed I would never be without a TV (sounds a little like Scarlet O'Hara doesn't it)
Anyway, when the changeover was here. A reality. The little Sony had no way to hook up a converter box. Alas - it was obsolete. So where is this going - well to me buying another little TV. I was rabid. I understood that one of the pharmacies here (and these places are another story to me!) had them for $99. Hey - good deal.

I didn't want to go to the one closest because the staff there apparently was just hired in the couple of minutes before I arrive - meaning they know NOTHING. So I wasn't going to trust them. Daughter called on one that had competent staff, so off we went. Ah ha I had my TV.

When I first turned in on, getting the signal was a problem. I turned and turned the blasted thing. If you touched it wrong it went off. I began searching for stations. Our main three wouldn't come in (those being CBS, NBC, and ABC). But I found we had more stations than I ever dream of. In those higher numbers, stations abound. The problem is that I don't speak those languages. They are not just the Spanish language stations - they are almost every language spoken here in swampland.

If you move this thing - you have to rescan. So if you find the station you want, and you move - you lose. You get to rescan. And it is almost a given that you will not get the stations you want. If you want to listen in, say Viet Naimese (ooh - sorry, I massacred that spelling), you are in business.

So I went out to buy a new boosted signal antenna. I knew I had one, but since the advent of cable - I had not used it in eons. Now another $25 is invested in the little jewel. It still won't bring in the channels, and now if you move the antenna OR the TV you don't get a picture.

So now we have the generator. OK - we have the big digital tv - that part is ok, but I know as well as I am sitting here that if (when) we have another storm, I will have lights, and a tv that will have a snowy screen because, bless their hearts, the cable won't work. I have thought about going to satellite or even the ATT system that comes over the phone lines, but there is a feature we get on cable that I love (again another story). So I will stick with cable.

When that storm does hit - you will find me behind the big tv trying to find where to hook up my power antenna, and then figuring out how to make it all work. All of this because I want a picture with my sound. The new phone may be the way I go though. It has local radar available, so that means I have to find a way to watch my soap opera. So you will know where to find me.

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I really thought I was able to hide my bouts with depression, but that's not the case at all.

When I am depressed, the house is a total wreck (as opposed to being a partial wreck when I am not depressed). The dishes get done when they absolutely have to be done. Things aren't picked up when they should be. My posts are dark and brooding.
Then there are the other times when, while not being manic, I do have more energy and want to get more things done. I am not depressed right now. It may come back at any time, but it's not here right now.

And so I deal with this stuff. I should march myself right to a doctor for help, but I don't want chemical help. There are some of those that will interfere with the Femara. Plus, I am on enough drugs to supply a pharmacy as it is. My mother would say that I rattle when I walk I am taking so many pills!

So I am happy and a bit hyper. I am nowhere near being manic. I've seen people who become manic after depression. That is not me. So I am happy/sad rather than manic/depressed. I don't go deeply into either state.

I will try to keep myself in the happy state. I just have to identify those things that cause the sad times and keep them at bay.

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Bright as a burned out bulb.

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Bring on those sayings. They fit me to a tee!

You see - when my trusty Gateway crashed, I lost a lot of bookmarked sites. The more I think about them, the worse I feel. There were so many that I visited infrequently, but they were, non the less, important to me. They are gone. Some of those sites were places where I found items for the business. I may not need them right away, but down the road ...

In addition, I lost my list of blogs. With my terrible memory, I was able to remember a few - but that was all. I have thought of looking at other bloggers' blogrolls with the hopes of finding those blogs that I enjoyed, but are lost in cyberspace and in some dry, dusty, dungy place in my memory. Now that's a really scary place. I try not to dig too deeply in this brain of mine! Who knows what will happen.

Then this evening it hit me like a load of bricks. Come here to my very own blog. There are 99% of my dead blogsphere friends. So I looked at my blogroll and there they were. My beloved blogs. So if you haven't heard from me in several months - this is why.

Now I know I can be a silent lurker. I will read but not comment. Shame on me. I am trying to be better. I just cannot put my joy at finding these blogs once again into words. I will be seeing you again.

Here and there

I have been thinking of writing an essay to the magazine that is printed by my religion. We get a monthly Lutheran, but I don 't know if they would even consider my essay. I am wondering just where my church has gone. I look for it, but I cannot find it.

I know the young people are not sticking with the ritualistic church as we have known. They are going to these huge non-denominational churches that are really not that at all. They have their feet firmly in the Baptist church, but they don't have that as a link because they don't embrace all the tenets of that religion.

So now the Lutherans are moving that way. Part of our service used to include one of the creeds - Apostles, etc. Not any more. There is no liturgy. The pastors don't wear the garb. They are there in just a shirt and pants. Some will still don the stole for communion. Communion used to be the main emphasis of the service. It was placed after the sermon. Not any more. The music is all new wave Christian. We have a new hymnal, but sometimes it is not used. But even there, so many of the old familiar and comforting hymns are gone. The new hymnal is full of new ones. I just don't know where my old church is. If there is a more "typical, old style" service - it is on Saturday night or the early service. So the main, highlighted service is the new one - that the young people still are not flocking to.

I find the new churches that are non-denominational are there to make you feel good. The music is supplied by a band with speakers that are booming. Communion is just a brief thought - hey - it's in the isle behind the first set of chairs - help yourself. The bread and wine has not been consecrated. It's still bread and wine. Meanwhile, the rock show continues with lights flashing, and the music booming through huge speakers. And the "message" which takes the place of the sermon doesn't give you a challenge, it doesn't inspire you to work to become better - it is "I'm ok - you're ok." Things are good. You are good.

Well enough of my bitching. That's exactly what I have been doing. It isn't the essay I would like to present to the magazine, but it is just my thoughts spilling out. And that's enough.

This is same song, different verse. Yesterday, G watched Simone walk into a table outside. It has been there longer than she has been here! I thought nothing of it - until. Yep, later she came and put her head in my lap. It was later alright - 15 minutes before the vet's office closed. Her left eye was watering, red, and that third eyelid was halfway over the eye. So we went this morning. She scratched the cornea. Boxer problem with those beautiful, soulful bulging eyeballs.

So she got to go for a ride. We now have the ointment for that scratch. She is to go back next week to see how it is healing. Been there many times with a boxer. Not my first rodeo! Since she was already there, they worked her in for a bath and pedicure. And I am a lot lighter in the wallet.

I wonder if we could claim the vet clinic on our income tax????


OH, and I went to pick up my sewing machine. The place that accepts USB was broken - again. The guy that repairs them said not to let it happen again. He doesn't know how many more will be covered. I wanted to unload on him. I certainly didn't try to break that d*** thing. How ridiculous. I really think I will not take it there for repair anymore. I think they really believe I am doing this because I don't know how to use the stupid thing.

If it breaks again, I may go somewhere else and trade it for a different brand of machine. He just set me off!!

I have babbled enough. I probably should just hit delete, but I'm going to let this out.

Peace be with you.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

I guess they are just too exciting.

Today I ventured out to the high school's FFA Craft Show. This was partially to see how my new knees would fare, and to check out the back. Lady Bug was also singing in the elementary school choir. I think I talked about that yesterday, but you know my memory. Anyway, I get up early, get breakfast done for G, and I am out the door.

When I get there, it is already a madhouse. The parking is way out in the field already, so I slapped the handicapped tag onto the mirror and asked the guy directing traffic if there were any spaces up by the exhibition hall. Well, good old country boy that he was - he had absolutely no idea. His job was to stand out there and direct cars onto the grassy field.

I went on up and circled about a bit. I managed to cuss a couple of SUVs that took enough room for three cars because they didn't know how to park. If the space between them and the next vehicle was just a smidge bigger, I would have been able to shoe horn my little Pontiac in there. I purposely didn't take the truck for that very reason. But three rows over I got my spot.

LB was with the kids across the street. That mom was taking them. They were still here when I left, so I thought I would see them at the show. But that wasn't to be. I poked about a bit, and most of the crap at the show was just that. It was crap that was bought in some discount places - we have one here called Harwin where the places are regularly hit my the police for selling knock off merchandise. But everything they have is CHEAP. That is what I was seeing. Crafts - made by hands - very few.

While I was waiting in the show barn (I told you it was FFA!!!) for the choir, I saw an ambulance come in with all its lights flashing. I didn't know where the attendants went for the longest time. When I finally decided to take another small stroll around the crafts, I saw where they were. In one of the booths, there was a woman about 85 sitting on the floor having fainted I am guessing by the questioning I heard when I passed.

The reason this sticks in my mind is that when we did the show in Mason, a woman went down right in front of our booth. That time, it was heat related. This time I don't know the cause. I guess these craft shows are just getting too exciting for us old folks!!

I looked at most of the booths. I didn't find anything I couldn't manage to live without. I was really sort of killing time trying to find LB and my neighbor. I made one final pass down an isle. It was going to be my last. It was then I saw it. The thing I couldn't live without. When I hang it at the SSB I will take a picture and post it. It was the thing I had been looking for. It had a relative there I also wanted, but couldn't figure a way to hang them both without them looking stupid. I can't wait to get them up and post a picture. You'll just have to wait. So much for the excitement of the craft show.

Peace be with you.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Slow learner

I am thinking I could be called a slow learner in this case - realizing I am retired and can sleep late everyday!

G retired (the first time) before I did. When I would have haul out at 6, he would get up also. I thought that was so sweet. Now I'm thinking he didn't do it just for me, but that's beside the point.

So when I retired, and he was working again, I would get up with him. For the first five years, I would get up because I would be keeping a grandchild while the parents worked. Then through the cancer years, mastectomy, chemo, radiation, reconstruction I still got up when he got up. Now during those times, he would be getting up later because he was making sure I was OK. But I still thought it was my duty to get up with him.

I finally have come to the conclusion that I don't have to get up when he does. He is choosing to work. He talks retirement, and the whole family laughs at him. But I have gotten smart. I am retired. I don't have to get up at 6:30 anymore. So I don't.

That point was brought home to me today. Simone will bump the bed if we are asleep and she needs to go out. She was bumping the bed this morning at 8:30. I had a dim recollection that G told me she had been out and been fed this morning. He told me when I was still 3/4 asleep.

Simone was putting of a great show. I was sure she had not been fed since she didn't want to go out. But there was that dim memory. She was still begging in her passive-aggressive way. So I emailed G. Sure enough, she had been fed. He said I was still really asleep when he told me.

Anyway, I enjoy my later mornings these days. I will read until about 11:30, and then about 8:30 to 9 I will get up. It bothers me now if I have to get moving before that. But I will do it. Tomorrow Lady Bug is singing at the high school's FFA craft show. I will be there at 10:45. Means getting up a little early, but I will love doing it.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

It is just the same stuff over and over

I know my sewing machine won't really be ready until next week, but I sit here and wish for a miracle! The earliest should be next Monday, but I keep thinking they will call me at any time. Just wishing my life away with this.

I have PT again. She is working my abdominals. I hate it. Absolutely. If I had just a smidge of prodding, I would call and cancel that appointment. It isn't just going. That is bad enough, the main doctor is doing the injections there on Tuesdays and Thursdays now. So in addition to just clinic days, there are those who come over to PT for the heat and electrical stimulations.

Clinic days are, well, interesting. The collection of people is across the board. Some of them make me wonder if they are just there to get the drugs. Usually each person there is accompanied by someone. The waiting room is usually crowded and noisy. With my current mind set, I would like to crawl into the bag I bring to hold my calendar and book. I am really shy these days.

I had said I would get pictures of my poor little moth-eaten kitty. He hasn't cooperated except when I have my phone. So I tried to email some pictures to myself. They are lost in cyberspace. Guess I will try again. His hair is growing out for the most part - thankfully. He looks pretty normal. I think we over reacted. G says he will never be nauseated again! Vomit and get cut open.

I really thought I had something to say, but this is just stupid rambling. Sorry for the waste of space and time!

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

There they are!

Here is daughter and the three kidlets. Doodle Bug (on daughter's lap) has her famous look. This is how 90% of her pictures turn out. Monkey Boy - to the right - is completely incognito! I don't know what that costume ism supposed to be. I thought it was going to be something from Star Wars. Could he be Hans Solo??? Don't know.

Anyway - just glad that day is over. I really don't like Halloween at all. It does seem to be calmer here than usual. When I was out Monday, there were all sorts of pumpkins still intact. Some were even at the street which would have been like an open invitation for smashing. Perhaps next year I will feel confident enough to stay at the SSB.

In my manic/depression that is attacking me these days, I am back on the depressed side again. I would swear my old nemesis menopause is back. The weather has produced a cool snap, and the thought of turning on the heat is sending me right up the wall. In fact, I haven't changed our thermostat over to where the heat will come on - at all. I can set it for air conditioning and heat, but I don't want the heat. I know the a/c comes on at 9:30 because it is set to be cold (68-70) for sleeping.

There is really no pearls of wisdom to impart here - like there ever were. I just feel I will just keep whining about how bad things feel. So - I am going to try to find something productive to do. My addiction to the computer is having to end because there aren't too many more places for me to stick my nose - just some free embroidery designs to add to the 25,000 I already have. Me an addictive personality? Heavens no!

Oh - I don't love Daughter more than Son - I am just terrible at uploading pictures to this place. His just suffered from being first.
Peace be with you.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Only one

Well, with the skills I usually have with Win7, only one of the pictures I downloaded is around where I thought I put it. This version is enough to make one think they are losing their wits!

Anyway, this is Son and Wiggle Worm. The way WW is being held, you can't tell what the costume is. It is a guitar. He loves his dad's guitars. He loves the drums that come with a video game, and he loves my piano. I think he just may want to be a musician.
I will go about trying to find the other picture. It is cute, and I wish it was here with this one.

Peace be with you.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

November already??

Last night was fairly quiet around these parts. The loudest group of trick or treaters were the very first ones. It appeared several families got together to go in a group. There appeared to be about eight parents out at the street. When the kids got to the door, the rang the bell. I wasn't fast enough I guess, so they began beating on the door. They were certainly full of the spirit. Then the older ones crowded the little ones to the point where I was afraid one little girl was gong to be crushed. That's ok - I got even with the parents. They, for the most part, got handfuls of candy!!. Well, that isn't really true - a couple of obnoxious boys only got one or two pieces!

We had family dinner - but it was brunch. That gave me a new spirit for the menu. I never get to do a brunch, so I loved it. We had a quiche and two breakfast casseroles along with a fruit salad, a green salad, and fresh bread. It was fun though. Nice break from dinners.

When I find the pictures here in the computer where I downloaded them I will put them here. It is my daughter and her brood and my son with his oldest. Really cute.

I had to take my machine to the repair place - again. Last year, right after getting it, I went to push it down into the cabinet. Well, I forgot one little thing - I didn't disconnect the USB cable. It ate the receiver for the cable. I felt so absolutely stupid, I told them my granddaughter was helping me clean up the sewing room, and she did it. Ok - a little lie! It was covered by the warranty.

This time, I had been so very careful, but the receiver always seemed to be lose. It apparently wiggled all the pins out. Still covered!! I hope this is the last time this happens though. It will be a week before they get the new part.

I am at the end of my ramble. Hope your Halloween was quiet and safe.

Peace be with you.