Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's almost time

Here I am less than 24 hours away from the surgery. This has been hanging over my head for so long now. I can't believe it is almost here. My apprehension is high - red level. G doesn't want to talk about it anymore. He just doesn't even listen. I guess I really can't blame him. Men want to solve things whereas women want to talk about them in a effort to sole them.

I just wish they would give me an example (like the faces they use) to quantify pain. How much worse is it than what I experience now? But then pain is an individual thing. Eeryong tells me that I have already endured so much that I can get through this one.

Tonight I have to shower with an antibacterial soap, and then get up tomorrow and do it again. Some of you probably don't share this point of view, and some may think this is terrible, but there is very little in this world that I dislike more than a morning shower. Texas weather is being Texas weather, so after this lovely warm period we have had, it will be chilly again. And I have to put my body in a shower. Uck.

So this will be my last post for a while. I wanted to take Gertie here with me to the hospital, but first, as nice as this place is, I don't want her tempted to go home with someone else, and second, I got to thinking about setting her up: plugging her in, setting it up, etc. So she will be waiting here for me to teturn.

What happens on my return which will be Saturday at the earliest, I don't know. But I will see you later on down the road.


Monday, January 25, 2010

I finally did it

After sewing for almost 50 years, I finally ran the needle through my finger. I couldn't believe I did it! I have come close before. I have had my finger rapped heartily by the side of the needle holder (is there a name for that thingie?), but I never had the needle penetrate the flesh.

Yesterday I was trying to get Wiggle Worm's birthday shirt done. I know the party is February 20, but I have this thing that I have lamented hanging over my head. I don't know when I can return to the land of fun since I don't know when I can climb stairs.

I was trying to hoop a two year old's shirt on an 8 inch by 8 inch hoop. This is something akin to trying to put a gallon of liquid into a pint container. The shirt fits - but there then is the little problem of getting the back out of the way. Funny - it needs to be open so WW can put it on. Strange, isn't it.

So I had this mass of shirt between the hoop and where it has to join the arm of the machine. Not a pretty picture. As I began embroidering his name, I could see that the shirt was not being held tightly. So that meant fingers were perilously close to that needle.

To make matters worse, the thread decided to act up. It would slip off the cone to wrap tightly around the thread holder spool. That made the stitches very tight, and the thread broke - repeatedly. Fixed that. I remembered someone sharing a hint of putting the thread in a jar. Well, not having a jar, I used one of our Floozie Koozies. Worked like a charm - most of the time.

By this time, the hoop had become un-hooped. I pushed and pushed and got it secured again. The design was a little off, but not bad. I was reaching in to try to straighten something when I felt the hit, then the needle piercing the flesh. I was amazed that I had been so stupid.

I quickly stopped the machine. I peered at the now throbbing finger. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps the needle didn't go through! No blood. Yipee! But then . . . the blood came. It was then I remembered I wanted to stash some bandaids up there. I usually cut a finger with the scissors if I hurt myself. Had I done that little chore. Well you know that answer.

I had to stop the bleeding. I looked around, forgetting that I did have tissue right there. The only thing I saw was the reminants of LB's pink jersey pj top. So I took that strip to try to wrap around the finger tip. The wound was in such a place that I couldn't get good pressure on it, and it wouldn't stay tight.

I looked around for something to use to get the pressure tight. Nothing. I searched all around me, and finally I saw the blue painter's tape. So I wrapped that bleeding finger in blue painter's tape. I got the pressure to hold on the tip. It still took a while to stop the bleeding, and I went back to fighting that shirt.

All in all, it came out OK. It will do. I have to cut jump threads and so on, but it won't take long.

What have I learned from this? Well, I know that I expect too much from this machine. I keep thinking it will do what a professional machine will do. They will hoop something like this - successfully. Will I do this again? You know that answer!


Friday, January 22, 2010

I finally succumbed

Yesterday I had to get the shirt I want to embroidery for Wiggle Worm's first birthday party. As we all know (Yawn), I won't be able to do it after Wednesday. So I loaded up to head to the Store with the Bull's eye.

When I got there, I made the decision that I no longer needed to plod through the store, hurting with very step. So I climbed aboard a motorized cart. I was intimidated at first. I carefully read the directions. I had a steady green light, so I figured I was good to go.

The very first thing that happened was the alarm on the door went off. For Pete's sake, what was this? No one seemed to be worried about it, so off I went.

My first stop was the handbags. A few weeks ago, I broke the handle on my favorite purse, and got one out that I hated. Now this is rather comical because - I make purses. But I wanted a good pouch purse. The first ones I saw were huge. Now I like a big purse, but these were like brief cases. I finally saw one I liked and puttered off.

My next stop was the children's area. I don't know why the stores have to put all their racks so close together. I think I ran over a couple of those racks. I did find two shirts. Now I just have to see which one will work best. I'll do something on the other one and give it to him too.

I decided to go back to look for some night gowns. I have shortie pj's, and I don't think they will do for the hospital. I don't think they will be good with that knee. The intimate area was more crowded than the child area. What in the world? And they didn't have a single gown. Drat!

Then I thought I would cut a stop out of my trip. I needed vacuum seal bags to complete the putting up of the sausage. I headed off to housewares, but the cart was really slower. I checked my green light - it was blinking.

I felt like I was on a long, winding deserted road with no gasoline in the tank. I decided to head to checkout. Maneuvering check out was daunting. There is no wiggle room. So I took the easy access checkout - which wasn't the fastest.

Having paid for my two shirts and purse, I was ready to flee the place. After all, I had rearranged parts of the store! Wouldn't you know, the light was steady green now. It reminded me of the time I rode horses. They would love to "barn rat." That was what this cart was doing, I'll swear. It knew
we were close to the place where it could be left and plugged in again, like the horse looking for its sweet feed.

Now I was facd with the doors and the alarm. Surerly it wouldn't. Surely I could get out. Not on your life. It sounded off as though I was stealing the whole store. And I just rolled on. The woman in front looked at me as though she was wondering how I could shop lift when I couldn't walk. I simply said "it must be this thing - it did it on the way in!"

I parked the buggy and limped to the car. When I got to the grocery (still had to get those blasted bags), I decided I had enough of motoriized shopping!

Will I do it again. Maybe. It was nice not to hurt, but those things are not for small spaces.


Thursday, January 21, 2010


I will swear I have some tendencies that lean toward hoarding. I look around as I sit here, and things are especially cluttered now. Getting things stowed where they belong is not an easy thing. I really feel it because I have five days to get it stowed. After that I will have a physical therapist coming here to put me through my paces. Oh, my!

I was reading another blog about someone having things from her deceased relatives. That spurred my memory of all the things I have had to let go. I did manage to get some things from my aunt and uncle - who were like second parents to me, but I had a vivid memory of some of the things in their house I had to leave. It was the same with my dad. I had to leave so much, at all the houses where he lived. Let me explain that statement. He kept the house I grew up in when he married V. He rented it out, bu he had a huge storeroom. After he and V married, he built another storeroom. It had a lot of his tools in it. I had to leave them. And of course the lake property. There was a lot - including antiques that I had to leave. It does make me sad.

But then I look around. Now I have stuff. To paraphrase George Carlin, we have our houses to keep our stuff. We then get more stuff so we need a bigger house. When we move in here, I was amazed at our storage. For years, we had unused cabinets. No more. Well, some that could be organized better would have some space.

We have been here 34 years. Stuff happens! It doesn't help that I was a science teacher. We could use all sorts of items with our experiments. A lot of teachers know that as soon as you throw something away, you could use it in the classroom. I can't tell you how many times that happened.

Now I am a crafter. Guess what! Same things. Most of it is stashed neatly away, but I am in the middle of stashing some of it. I looked at pictures of another sewer/crafter yesterday. It was her basement. I was amazed at the fact she posted them. But I think this is a problem with crafters. That's why dear Martha is always highlighting organization. We are all looking to be more organized (but she is ridiculous - I think she only has items that will fit - doesn't matter if she needs other tools).

I don't think I fit into the hoarder role, but then neither do they. I have manageable stuff, I just need to be able to manage it physically - my physically, not house storage physically.

Wish me luck.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lady Bug, dear Lady Bug

It is difficult to think that this is her last year in single digits. She is growing up so fast, but with her growing so fast, it gives me an idea of who she will be! I look for her to do great things.

When Christmas was coming, she heard about the Zhu-zhu pets. I heard about them too, and knew I wanted to give her at least one. By the time I heard about them here in my cave, it was too late. They were the hit of the season.

I made the decision that by her birthday, the hub-bub would be over, and I could find some. As fate would have it, Daughter found them at a drug store chain that is one of her stores. She was able to get FOUR of them! We decided that LB had plenty for Christmas, and we would stick to the original plan. They woud be for her birthday.

In the mean time, one of the sites I visit for machine embroidery had also discovered the Zhu-Zhus. She came up with a pattern for the accessories for the little critters. It wasn't ready for release around Christmas. She did have a pattern for a Santa suit and elves. Well, that wouldn't do. Lb's birthday is January 16.

I kept checking for those accessories. I need to email her that her site isn't too user friendly - put that on my list of to do! I never found them. They included a sleeping bag, blanket and carrier. I looked and looked. Nothing.

Then it appeared they were available. Coudn't find them. Last night, after much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I won. I downloaded the patterns. Great - I will be out of commission after next week. The machine will be upstairs. I can't do stairs. Well - they will be done.

LB got to open her presents a day early. She was delighted with everything, but she also was thrilled with those pets. She took them with her when parents went to the gym. When they were getting ready to leave, LB was cloudy! Her beloved pets didn't work anymore. Her mom was heart broken. What a birthday present. One day and zap!

They took the things home and it appears they shouldn't be operated on carpet. So Daughter went aobut cleaning all the fuzz out. Still dead. Her hopes were dashed. Then she had the inspiration to check the batteries. Now Daughter is not the handy type. I was so proud of her. She replaced the batteries and viola they worked again!

So disaster was averted. Things are looking bright. The site is going to put up a pattern for a ballerina outfit for the pets next week. I just hope they continue to work until I can get everything made!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What a day!

This was one full day! I went to the hospital to pre-register. I was a little shocked when I was to pay them my portion of the bill - today. We're talking like $2000. It was a surprise, to say the least.

I was to be there at 11. I was, but appointments don't mean much apparently. I got to wait for a while. After a poke for blood typing (thankfully my blood work was done last week) an EKG, and filling out p a p e r s!!! And more papers. We finally finished at 1.

I went to the courtyard there in the hospital. It seems more like a mall in that area. Anyway, I went to the place with food. It is more than a snack bar and less that a restaurant. I had a pretty good chef's salad. I just wish they would take a little more time to get the ribs out of the romaine lettuce!!

Then I was off to the cardio doc for a 1:45 appointment. That late means HE is running late. I though they were going to do another EKG. I am so glad the technician gave me a (shhhh) copy. She wasn't suppposed to, but she did. He is concerned with the blood sugar. So am I. Even more reason for a diet - or change of living.

Then I went to get my glasses that came in - early. They are different. I always have to get used to new progressive lenses. I haven't hit the sweet spot for the computer yet. Distance is great. We'll see about the reading part after a bit.

Now it's off to packing away breakfast sausage. G was emphatic that we take the venison and pork to the SSB. Our friend and neighbor had a real kick-a** grinder. He can grind the sausage in less than 15 when with our little grinder it would take hald a day. Anyway, I have over 50 pounds out there.

In keeping with usual Texas weather, it is HOT today. That means the ice will probably be melted. I just LOVE things being dumped on me. Now I know why he keeps working. So I can go to the bank (which he requested today), pack sausage, keep stamps in the house (he used them all last night), and all the little drudgery in life.

Anyway . . .


Friday, January 15, 2010

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to

Yeah, it's time again. I tried tom suggest we go next weekend since Lady Bug's birthday is TOMORROW! We have missed her birthday for the last three years at least. G says it's because it is doe and spike season, but I heard him telling one of our SSB neighbors last night we wouldn't shoot a doe anyway because he was sure one he shot before was pregnant. As for spikes, we haven't seen too many this year. I think neighbor and his wife has done a good job weeding them out.

We will be going to community club, which I normally would love. The problem here is that there is going to be rain. Our roads are not paved. The county, in trying to make the roads better, added dirt on top of the rock. I know their goal was to smooth out the rocks. Problem: the dirt turns to mud which is really sort of deep. It is deep enough that when we decided to get rid of the troop carrier (big F250 4X4) we decided that we really needed to get a junior troop carrier. Even with the 4x4, navigating that road is scary. There is much slipping and sliding about.

So we will travel it to get to the house. We will settle the kids (Simone and Shadow); I will put the bought day old cake on a plate (probably not fooling anyone); and head back down the road. I hope we can find the old ruts. Then after dinner, the meeting, and bingo (which turns out to be quite fun - those ranchers get to be cut-throat about the prizes - like gas treatment for cars) we will return via that road again.

At least our little area is getting a little built up. There are the Polish outsiders (whom we love), G's sister, his brother and his wife, and a couple of other cousins. (Marti - they are in the branches, not twigs) If we get stuck, there will be others along.

I know I will have limited internet. I have it at the whim of ATT. Sometimes I have a great signal, sometimes not so much.

Have a great weekend. See you Tuesday for sure.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Money Pit

Not really, but it almost seems that way.

Our investment property just got new window blinds through out the house. It is now getting a new water heater. Lovely.

It may have also found a tenant. The plumber loves this house. He really wants to buy it, but is thinking perhaps lease for a year then buy. Of course, this is all dependent on wife!!

If we were to sell, we would make a really nice profit. Even with everything we have done, the amount we have invested is less than market value.

The only thing left is for the electrician to get here to replace the breaker panel and put in ground fault outlets in the bathrooms.

The maid service I hired was terrible. They lost out on my having hired them long term for my house. I hate, absolutely hate, stainless steel sinks. I know they can look really nasty most of the time, but I also know they can look pretty good. When the service left here, the sink looks horrible. The windows I asked to be washed are not clean. I think they ruined the solar film on the windows in the living room. Well - they won't be back.

I think the plumber is about finished. Good. The heat is on, but set at 50 degrees. I am freezing here sitting on a brick hearth. I need to get warm after this next little bundle I drop.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Very quick note because I have a plumber coming to the other house. The letter came today. The mammogram is normal!!!

Yea! Bring on that new knee.

So spoiled!!

This is Shadow now. He is only a bit spoiled, as you can see. When he was a little baby, this was easy to do, but now . . . He thinks it is just normal for me to hold him while I surf. The problem is that he now hangs off both ends of the arm - just a bit!

As for the soap box stands from the past few days, I refused to read the paper this morning before I posted. I doubt there is anything new because the vote at the school board meeting won't happen until tomorrow night. So I am at a low simmer.

It really amazes me that Texas teachers let things like this happen to them. I have never been part of a more passive group in my life. Look where that character trait has gotten those still in service today. They are viewed as less than valuable workers. But. I. Will. Let. This. Drop. (at least for now as I have said enough)

Yesterday I was actually out of the house! I had my semi-annual blood test for the heart doc. Then I treated myself to breakfast out since the blood work was fasting. From there I went to the office supply to get a calendar to fit my day runner. This year looks like one where I will be tied to it again with all the doctors appointments.

I went to get an eye exam after that. I love my eye (real) doctor, but her prescription for glasses was wayyyyyy off. I have vision insurance that I used for that script for new glasses. Well, I can't see out of them. So I went to just a vision check doc. What an exam. She was great, and the prescription is way different.

One of the local optical places is having a sale. Two frames for the price of one, and two sets of lenses for the price of one. Great. Yes, please, but wait - not so fast. I wear the varilux (that spelling beats me!) progressive. Guess which ones are not on sale. So the two pairs of glasses would be over $450. I came home and mentioned it to G. He didn't think that was so bad, so I guess I will be out and about again.

My life is just so exciting.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More insanity

Well, the newspaper had another article about the ridiculous idea to use student test scores to fire teachers. The school board is pretty much in favor of this. I'm not going to hide anything about this now because, as far as I'm concerned, this school district is making an absolute farce of test scores.

We are talking about Houston Independent School District. They have a new superintendent who believes this will help improve test scores. This thing will be voted on Thursday. It is part of something that is called the teacher's "value added score." They are "not out to get people" said the new superintendent. The trustees said they "do not intend to oust teachers based on one year of poor scores."

This is the same school district that will pay those teachers who have students who score well on the test. Now I know some of you were/are teachers. You know as well as I, not all classes are the same. Clustering of poor and good students happens. If you were lucky enough to get high achievers - well you would be getting a nice bonus. If not, well under this new policy, your neck is on the line. I am fully aware there are teachers who need to be weeded out. I taught with a bunch of them, but somehow they always escaped the hatchet. But that hatchet would swing far and wide, hitting some really good teachers instead of the chaff.

This little score is only for elementary and middle schools. High school teachers are not involved. If the score can be determined for elementary and middle, then why not high school. I have been in both situations. What is the difference? Am I the only stupid one here??

One trustee, Diana Davila, said the policy changes will help ensure quality teaching and schools throughout HISD. How?? The make-up of the schools is very different. The students are different. And based on Sunday's article, so are the administrators.

Ms Davila went on to say that "as a parent that has kids in HISD it shouldn't matter where I send my child to school. Every school should be at the same level." In a perfect world, absolutely. But obviously we are not in a perfect world. If all schools are at the same level, why does HISD have magnet schools?

Chasing these test scores has done more to disrupt teaching, learning, and teacher morale than anything in the last century here in Texas. There is more "teaching the test" going on than any other form of teaching. That happened when they tied the administrator's score to the test. I spend as much time teaching reading and math as I did teaching Life Science. I am curious how that works now that science is a tested area. That may explain why the science scores are low.

I promise I will get off my soap box. There is more to my life than this ridiculous situation that really does not have any effect on me at all. I don't live in that district. My grandchildren do not attend school in that district. I just have compassion for the classroom teacher. The teacher is expected to be everything to everybody. It just can't happen. Teachers are human - wonderful, dedicated humans. Who else would put up with all the s**t that is going on in schools today for the pittance they get paid?


Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm appalled! I'm furious!

Excuse me a minute. I have to position my soap box here. Ok, let's go.

Here is Texas, as in other states, we have testing of the school kidlets to determine their progress during the school year. It is a trying time for all concerned - that is except for some of the kids.

We have several school districts here in Swampland. One takes the name of Swampland, and I will refer to it as SISD(meaning Stupid Independent School District). It is not the district from which I retired. That one will be referred to as CISD (Corrupt Independent School District).

In yesterday's paper, the paper had an occasional feature story they run. It is about SISD's attempt to increase test scores by giving "good" teachers an additional $20,000 to transfer to schools that are labeled as non performing. Let me assure you, $20,000 is A LOT of money to a teacher. Were it my daughter's salary, not so much. It would have been about 1/3 more of my salary at the time I retired with 29 years experience. What I'm saying is even now it means a lot.

The newspaper followed two teachers that transferred to a middle school in particular. They were having problems getting their students to perform. One was an English teacher and the other was English as a second language (ESL). Both had been very successful. That means their principals liked them, and their already high performing students blew the top out of the test.

So now dawns the day in the low school. The English teacher had been cursed to her face. She found that in that school, she could not send an unruly student to the office. She had to write a referral, and the office would get the kidlet when "they knew how to handle him." What?!?!?!? The principal let the newspaper QUOTE her on that. This is the exact reason I retired at 29 years instead of 30. OK Mrs. X, you keep that child in your class and just flush the other 29 children down the toilet because we need to know how to handle that child."

Let me tell you because I know - it doesn't take the kids long to realize what is going on here, and they take full advantage of the situation. Soon almost the entire school is in turmoil because they know that nothing will be done to a disruptive student, and when the acting out begins, learning ends. And the test scores are low because . . .

With the advent of the new semester, the administrator has opened "satellite offices." I don't know exactly how these work, but it has got to be better than keeping the little offender in the classroom. But then, SISD is known for sending these kids right back to the teacher. That happened earlier when a student assaulted the teacher, and after whatever little slap on the hand he got, he was sent back to that teacher's class. I wonder if they asked the teacher what the teacher did to provoke that child.

The ESL teacher was having problems with his students who spoke about ten different languages. I kid you not! He would get occasional, non scheduled help. He had some discipline problems too, but it came out later that this wonderful principal finally decided this second semester to "shuffle staffing" to help balance out his overcrowded class. And we are not performing on tests because . . .

So on today's paper - "Teachers could be fired over scores." Wait. Just. A. Minute. A teacher could be fired because of the student's non-performance. It is not just the teacher. I am fully aware that there are a lot of teachers who should be weeded out, but this is not the way.

After the two examples I just gave - the administrators can certainly be at fault. If the school environment is not conducive to learning, it is just not going to happen. With just one discipline problem, learning stops for the other students. Overcrowding means kids can easily slip through the cracks. You just can't give them the attention they need. You probably don't really even know that child well enough to know his learning style.

Blame for non-performance can be teacher, yes, but we need to be also looking at the administrator, parents, and (gasp) student. All are equally important.

Thank you for your time. Now I will put my soap box back in the closet - until the next time.


Sunday, January 10, 2010


The temperature is improving - finally. I know we sound like real wimps down here, but we just doin't build our houses for several days of below freezing temperatures. We have been lucky in that we got all the pipes insulated and nothing broke. That's great.

My tropical and subtropical plants look like cooked spinach now. I think they will come back, but my flower beds are really pathetic right now. My 30+ year old split leaf philodendrons that were four feet tall not are a pathetic glob of goo. I haven't had the nerve to venture out back to the deck yet. I think this will be a year to replant things.

We finally have sunlight streaming through our windows. Partially because there IS sunlight, and partially because I don't have the blinds closed and the drapes pulled tight to try to keep the cold out and the warm in. There is a good five degree temperature difference between the living areas and the bedrooms. This happens in summer too, but we can crank up the fans to get the air moving. With the cold, we have to have a fire going and all the north rooms closed off. It still is cooler in the living areas, but the fire makes it seem warmer. Perhaps I should just not watch programs on cable and turn to "Yule Log" in the on-demand section. It would be easier than tending a fire.

Even my spirits are somewhat lifted. I have been puttering to de-clutter. That also energizes me somewhat. I do love a clean house, but so often I just feel overwhelmed. If I just had a little help . . . (from someone who lives here) But I am slowly getting it together. My deadline is the 26th. I work better under pressure!

Friday I went for the spot compression mammogram. I know the doctor looked at it then because the technician took the thing (not a film because it is all digital now) for him to be sure that they got the proper view. In my way of thinking, he could have told me good or bad right then. Hopefully I will know something by Tuesday. Perhaps there won't be a knee replacement on the 27th. Or then, perhaps the breast surgeon can just scrub in with the Ortho doc and do it all at once.

Hope you are warm and comfortable. Hope you didn't have pipes break or a power outage to make you huddle in the dark.


Friday, January 08, 2010

I am such a baby!

Ummm - would you mind bringing the cheese and those crackers over here to go with the whine? Yep - here I go again.

I was talking to Daughter yesterday. She was bemoaning the fact that she didn't see how SIL was going to be able to take care of the three kidlets while she was out of town for a week. I thought she was going to get around to me helping out, and I was going to do it, but tell her she manages when he is gone.

So I asked when she was going to be gone. It is the same week as my knee surgery. Now I am a big girl; perfectly capable of taking care of myself - until I have to go to a hospital. I get really lonely in the hospital. G doesn't do hospitals. I guess it comes from working in one for 25+ years. He will dutifully come by to check on me, then after about 15 minutes he is gone - like a ghost. He uses the excuse that he has to come to tend to Simone. I know there is truth in that, but . . .

Everyone asks if he is going to take some time off after I get home. I just chuckle. Nope. He is going to (gasp) modify his hour though. He will go in a little later so he can help with my breakfast and set up lunch. That means I will have to eat at dark thirty and have a cold lunch. Neither is my life style. In the evenings, he will leave early so he can fix dinner and do the dishes. Oh my, that means his skewed menus. He did that when he retired and worked part time, and I was still teaching full time.

I am upset about Daughter being gone because she has spoiled me. She calls me at least once a day. When I have surgery, she tries to visit as much as possible. It will only be about 2 days that she will be gone after surgery. She won't be there that day, but I don't think I will know the difference. But she won't be back until Friday night.

Perhaps the good Lord is looking out for the two of us. I understand the first three days post surgery are sheer hell. She will be spared that. I know the helpless feeling when someone you love is in such pain. But I will still miss her being there - terribly.

I am so fortunate to have the family I have - even with their quirks. We love one another a whole lot, and that's so much more than some others have.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'm back

After the shocking letter from the mammography center rocked my world, plus I was trying to get all the emails, etc taken care of, I just didn't post. I was so centered on the fact that something was found that needed additional testing (even though most of these things are not cancer) that I just didn't have it in me to post.

Setting that next appointment was a fiasco in itself! I called the center, as instructed in the letter and by the message on the answering machine, to set that appointment. They said I needed to call Dr. Poison to have orders sent. OK. I know they have to have orders. More of our simple medical insurance system. So I called the good doctor's office. His nurse said she only had a report for a mammogram from January 2009. Nope - this one was December 18, 2009. She did have the bone density report. OK - done at the same time. She tried to access the breast center's computer - it was down. Sounds about right doesn't it! She said for me to call the breast center to have the report faxed to them. I called the breast center - no one answered, so I left a message.

The next day the breast center called. They had the orders. Apparently they had been there the entire time. So I made my appointment. I called the nurse again. You always have to leave a message because they don't break away from clinic. Later she called back, and I told her that all was well after all.

Now I am going to sound like a whiny Texan. The appointment is for tomorrow afternoon. I thought this weather would be getting better. Nope - not above freezing tomorrow. Texans just don't know how to react to this type of weather. I am more worried about the other drivers out there! They don't do well with this stuff. At least it is supposed to be dry, but I'm not holding my breath.

The intervening days have been fun though. I was able to spend time with three of the four grandchildren. On Tuesday, Daughter and I took the girls to see The Princess and the Frog. It was a delightful movie although I was glad that Doodle Bug went to sleep about half way through. The end was rather scary, I thought, for a 2 1/2 year old. I was glad she didn't see it.

Yesterday, DIL invited me to lunch with her and Wiggle Worm. He is getting to be a real little flirt! She is busy planning his first birthday party on February 20. Funny how big these first birthday parties get! Lady Bug had a blowout. Then numbers two and three - nothing big. We'll see about Wiggle Worm's siblings! I am going to embroidery a shirt for the occasion.

DIL's mother was so worried I wouldn't be able to make the party because of my knee surgery. I have a wheel chair! I have had it since I broke my ankle and don't do crutches at all, and walkers are iffy! I will be there !!!

Today I get to get my teeth cleaned. Joy. After that I get to go to the grocery store, and I am dreading that. I am really having mobility problems. Having to go to the store is partially due to my own stupidity. I didn't get fire starters for the fireplace when I went to the hardware store because G didn't get pipe insulation. In weather like this, the fireplace is integral for keeping this part of the house warm. Also, my fat cat is out of food. So I will have to hit the store.

Talking about needing the fireplace. My next door neighbors are replacing their windows. I have to admit - I am jealous. I really think we will have to do that. Even after we replaced the HVAC, we still have some of the same problems. Our living area is either stifling hot in summer and freezing in winter. I really think it is because we are experiencing the tremendous effect of these 35 year old windows. Energy is too expensive these days to waste. I think I will really start hitting G up for new windows.

So there you have it. I'm still scared of the findings of the mammogram. It is like last time, but I also had a reduction of this breast when the other was reconstructed. I am going to hang on to that. I am actually looking forward to the knee replacement because I am just about crippled now. But I will think positively about it all!


Monday, January 04, 2010

Back home

We got back this afternoon after having spotty at best connections while gone. I have a lot of stories to tell, but all that iks sidetracked by one piece of mail.

I was going through that mountain when I came across a letter from the Womens' Center where I had my mammogram. It found something that needs additional testing. It went on to say that these things are mostly benign, I need to make an appointment.

This is a repeat of three years ago - almost to the day. So now I am sent spiraling into the depths of fear instead of planning a light hearted "three year survival birthday party."