Thursday, July 29, 2010

And whre am I today?

Same place, doing about the same thing. I am reinstalling software.

As Jude pointed out, I didn't really do anything but form of restore. I have done this before - on the Dell desktop. On this laptop, it just works differently. When I tried to bring things back, it didn't work. At any rate, even if it had worked, the items in my bookmarks would b gone.

So, I have collected all the CD's that come with the programs. I had a real scare when I thought I had lost the CD for my air card! I have another year on that sucker's contract. It would be terrible to not be able to use it. I imagine that I could download the drivers from ATT, but then maybe not.

I discovered that I could download the drivers for the bigger printer. I have absolutely no idea where that CD went. When G brought home the huge laser printer (yuck - not even set up yet and weighs a ton), he said we could download the drivers. He was right!

In better news that made my day, the truck is ready. I really hope the estimate was low, but you know how that goes. It will probably be double because of hidden problems. For something that looked like there was no damage where the impact occurred ...

Well, since it takes a partial lifetime for these programs to load, I best get to it.

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where have I been?

It has not been pretty - not at all. I have spent the last three days cussing up a storm. You see, on Monday afternoon, I was trying to make a back-up CD of my hard work in organizing my embroidery designs. Some were purchased, most were free - and offered once. As I was trying to do that little thing, the computer locked in a non-ending loop.

I turned it off because it was getting late. I tried everything I knew to stop it, but to no avail, so I just pushed the button and held it until it stopped. Tuesday morning, I turned it on again. It was in the non- ending loop once again (still??) So, I somehow got into a screen that had the option of reformatting the hard drive and re-establish Windows. It said that there were two options. Option one got rid of everything on the hard drive. Option two would put them in something around B:\\

That sounded like the thing to do - my problems would be solved. The computer would be back, and I could find my information again. That was wonderful. So I did it. Then I started trying to find the way to undo it. I couldn't find that file where all my hard work, my personal and business websites that I had so judiciously bookmarked, the free designs that I had been so lax in backing up. They were gone. So were all the programs except for Windows.

I was sick. I began opening everything that could open. One thing that said something along the lines of backup was locked! I still opened, opened, opened. I finally found a file that had the data base and the big design file, but the program files were just bits and pieces.

I had the feeling that something was going to happen to this computer last week. I sat and wrote down my most important email addresses to the business and personal. That's one thing I don't like about Fiiefox. You cannot make a copy of your bookmarks. In explorer, there is a file. It is intact. But I have lost so much. I just don't know how I will recover some things.

Some were programs that were free. I don't remember where I got them. One I had to pay for, but it was internet download. I can't restore it. I have a lot of things to load back on from discs - if I can find the disc.

When your computer crashes, and you don't work from a desk, it is really a disaster. I will spend the day tomorrow loading things on the computer, and still hoping that I will be able to find some more of the lost. I can't even call the hogs to come!

Peace be with you.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Well it wasn't that much of a rip off, but it really was. At least we got a kiss before the _______ (you fill in the blank). There were refreshments, and a free design disc as well as a drawing for prized. As per my usual luck, I dropped my drawing ticket somewhere. I put it my pocket - along with my pen. I guess when I was trying to make my mind over a $700 design software purchase, that little ticket jumped out of my pocket. I wonder if someone picked it up - and won!

The things I went to was a presentation by a machine embroidery software person. I didn't have anything else to do, so I went. I was pretty sure I would learn something, and it
got me out of the house. When you interact with a year old cat that thinks biting it the best thing in the world and an 8 year old boxer who sleeps in her crate all day except for breakfast and perhaps a potty break or do the occasional barking when someone rings the bell or knocks.

So I got there, and for a change the handicapped parking was closer than some of the regular parking. I knew I was in trouble. I went in and paid Cynthia my ten bucks. I asked if she hadn't gotten many to reschedule their session. She called me and asked if I would come 4 - 6 pm. Nope! She said a lot didn't change their session and some just showed up without registering.

So I began looking for a seat. We were in the regular showroom. Boy, if someone was coming to buy a machine, vacuum or other accessories, they were out of luck! It looked like all the seats were
taken, and then I spotted a few. I took one, and later found I was sitting close to another club member. She looked familiar ans said she hadn't been to club in a long time.

The lady from the software company (the sister of the owner) began showing items that had been embroidered. They were breath taking, but I noticed that most were quilts. I don't quilt, and I don't want to quilt. She did give me a good hint if I decided that I just must make a quilt.

Then we were going to do a "project." I wondered how 50+ people were going to get a machine to do this project. Then the way came out. We counted off in numbers from 1-6. Then we went to the machine area that matched "our number." I went to the $8000 commercial machine. Would I love to have that machine? Do bears ____ in the woods. I would LOVE that machine, but I would love to have a bathroom updated for that amount too!

Before the break, we were told about the "Diamond Club." For a mere $700/year we could have blah, blah, blah. I really considered it, all the time thinking of the 6000+ designs I have downloaded - free. I went to look at the $59 designs. I didn't find ANYTHING I liked. I had two that the shop had already discounted - that I have never used.

There was a $29 set that I really liked. There was another I kinda liked, but it was 3 for 2. Well ... I couldn't pass up a deal, right?? I had a really tough time finding three of those I just couldn't live without. I either previously bought the similar designs from another digitizer, or I had downloaded many that were also like the set - I just recently put those into sets.

Was my $10 original investment worth it. Yes. I got out and socialized with real, live people. I also learned that the club meeting I will miss is something I can do pretty well. I spent another $90. I bought two design sets (got the 3rd free, and I am not sure all of it will fit my hoops), some stabilizer that is supposed to be good for clothing, and spray adhesive. The one I had been using was $15 for a little, teeny can. This is the size of a regular spray can for $22. We'll see how it does.

Now I am going to try out the ONE design set that I really wanted, other than the one that won't come out until August. It is cute, cute, cute!!! This was time well spent.

Peace be with you>

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gone, but not forgotten

Over the last few months (I guess), I have noticed there is something new in my life. I'm not sure when it disappeared, but I certainly don't want it back!

I seem to have gotten over hot flashes. Those nasty big things that plague a woman who enters menopause and cause a disruption in her relationships by having to have the thermostat so low that everyone else wears parkas (and here in Texas, that's a hoot!) all year long. There are ice cycles hanging from the air conditioner vents. Husbands finally leave the bedroom because he simply can't get warm enough because she sleeps in the nude - not for any other reason except clothes are too hot.

Any kind of heat would add to the hot flash when it came, and I would be dying because I was so hot. So that means we kept the house rather cool - summer and winter. I looked forward to winter. I know, I know - we don't really have winter, but I looked forward to the cooler seasons. Add a little heat and I was miserable. So was everyone around me - they knew that they soon would be freezing.

I don't really know when they left. I think they were still around during the winter. I kept the thermostat pretty much around 74 and lower during the night. Spring came and I was comfortable. Summer is here, and some days we have had summer with its teeth bared. It had been really hot, but I haven't taken to having two fans on me while I fanned myself with a hand fan.

I have noticed that when it gets hot in the kitchen, I'm not overwhelmed. I would usually leave the kitchen as much as I could to cool off.

Getting in a hot car doesn't send me over the edge. Sometimes, it actually feels good. It made me feel that I couldn't breathe before.

Of course, there were times that I could just be sitting, expending little energy, not doing anything to get hot, and the little monster would hit me. They were really miserable, and I thought they would never quit - especially when I started taking Femara (the anti-breast cancer drug).

I had forgotten what it was like to be a normal human. I have had these hot flashes since the early 90's. I thought I would have them my entire life. Needless to say, I am elated.

Changing the subject for a moment. I now have used my new Medicare card. It is so strange to me to arrive in the doctor's office and not pay a fee. New experience. Not only am I saving $195 a month because the now secondary insurance cost has come down. My social security check may only be $167 a month, but that covers the cost of my Medicare.

Getting old has benefits that I didn't know were anticipate. I looked at the downside too much. There are bright points!

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Extra benefits of knee replacements - maybe

Today is doctor visit day. It is so strange going to the doctor and not paying!! I guess that is one advantage of getting old.

I went to the cardio-doc. I was worrying about this visit because, even though I have kept it a secret from everyone else but the doc, I was bordering on diabetes. He gave me 6 more months, and then it was gong to be going to a specialist for diabetes.

I was worried about my weight, too. When I was weighed, I lost a whole two pounds, but he didn't say anything. Lets face it, that is far from being enough.

The real changes were in the blood work. My LDL, which was usually high, was normal. My triglyclerides were completely in the normal range! And the glucose - that glucose was very normal. Yes!!!

When I was in the hospital with this last knee replacement, I had the one day of pain. That night my blood pressure shot up as well as the glucose. They said pain will cause things like that. It is my theory that I had been in so much pain with my knees and back that the levels rose.

The best news is that those numbers, and my blood pressure has improved. Who knew this would be an ancillary benefit of better knees and less pain in my back. I am really thrilled today!

Peace be with you.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Thats how my mind feels today. I am still battling this computer. I downloaded an embroidery software. Then I got a message to register within five days or the whole thing would basically self destruct. So being the little compliant person I am, I tried. Did. Not. Connect. With. Anything. I even tried to connect manually to no avail. Now I have to (try) to print it and fax it. More computer/fax machine-printer wars around here. Run for the hills. "Blue language" will be coming from this house.

In another facet of my weekend: Saturday, I decided that I would continue with most of the PT workouts plus add the bicycle that has been collecting dust and bits of clothing. I did all the warm up, found the bike under all the bits and pieces it held, and blew off the dust. I wiggled the plug and it came on. Yea! A novelty. I think I am going to have to get another bike because I cannot make it work most of the time. Wait, doesn't this sound like a familiar refrain around this house??? Anyway, it worked while I got 2/3 of the settings done, and then it died again. I wasn't going to let that stop me. Just the movement would be great, so I set off. I rode that sucker for 20 minutes until the saddle was hurting. So I stopped.

Sunday I was so sore I wanted to cry. The old nemesis sciatica fit me - hard. My body ached (literally) for a hot bath. There is no way I can get into the bath tub yet. DIIL was asking Wiggle Worm if he was ready for a bubble bath last night after dinner. I would have loved a bubble bath, but the water keeps overflowing the sides of the tub while I try to get it up to the shower chair level! Ba-dum!

And dinner ... What can I say except to say I was about to leave as soon as we got there. Daughter must have had PMS. Let's put it off to that, and not that she is turning into a royal b*tch.
We were going to celebrate Doodle Bug's birthday early. G and I got there a bit early - to get the best parking place. She was on a tear then.

Monkey Boy had his Star Wars legos out. They are easily taken apart. I advised him to take them to his room. He did before WW got there. When 18mo old Wiggle Worm and parents arrived - he came back down with those legos. I repeated what I had advised, and I got my head bitten off. Needless to say, I was subdues the remainder of the evening. The tension by all was felt strongly.

Doodle Bug opened her presents. I got her three Zhu Zhu pets. He mom got her some kind of baby doll with a thousand "doctor's" pieces, and she got a couple of other things. Wiggle Worm was interested in those toys. So there was war there.

Dinner was finally served and gulped down. A little conversation went on afterward until we finally sang "Happy Birthday," shoved a cupcake down our throats and left. Oh the tension. It was still there. I just am not sure about more Sunday dinners. They do it because of me I think. I may have to put an end to such fun!

So that was my whirlwind of a weekend. Oh - just in - the damages to the truck equal $1700. I didn't see any damage at first. The impact was on the left - the damage on the right.

Peace be with you.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wait - it ain't fixed

I tried to post to another blog. I was on Firefox and it suddenly stopped working. I couldn't comment, I couldn't even go to any other web site. All I could do was go to my home page. Hmmm.

If you got two posts from me, I'm sorry. I went to the new Google Chrome, and I am not used to it. When I went to that Blogspot post, I was getting an error message that I couldn't really read so I tried again. It was then that the comment would be approved before it was posted. Stupid, stupid. At least that's how I am sure I looked.

So I have decided that I am tired of fighting Firefox, and Explorer seems to run really slow. But in the mean time, I am learning this new browser, and I am probably going to make mistakes - a lot of them. For this I truly apologize ahead of time to those of you who read and I occasionally make comments. I haven't had a stoke and lost my ability to function properly.

Peace be with you.

Stupid add ons

I finally discovered and corrected the problem I had with this computer. I would visit blogs, and when I wanted to post a comment, Java popped up. I had to check yes to have it allow me to comment, with one little exception. It wouldn't let me post. So for about two weeks, I have not been able to post - even to my own blog.

I had a little icon that kept popping up that said Java needed to be updated. I ignored it forever, and finally it wore me down. I installed the update. I really thought it would make videos and the like better.

Then I started having trouble. I couldn't post a comment on just one blog in particular. I thought the blogger might have done something that changed something. These last ten years have left me in the dust with computers. Then when my firewall showed that Java wanted access whenever I wanted to post a comment, especially on blogger, I finally figured out the problem.

So I began deleting the downloads of the upgrades. Each one took about 30-45 minutes. So I plugged away at those offending updates not knowing nor caring which one might have been the problem. I am sure that there will come a time when I wish I had that program. I certainly may have been way too hasty, but I can post comments now.

I don't know why some programs can cause such problems. I never knew this one in particular would not act properly on my computer, but then I am far from an IT person. I am also far from the information about dangerous or faulty upgrades. But I do know how to delete the program! (I am ignoring the fact that there are remnants of that program left on my computer - ignorance is bliss)

Peace be with you.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Convenient memory

I guess I was suppressing bad memories, but this is one I want to quickly share. So that explains this second quick post today.

As we were packing to leave on Friday, my son called. He chit-chatted for a bit, then he told me the real reason he called - he had an accident. He also rear-ended a vehicle. He began the news with "tell Dad I finished what he started." Several years ago, G had bumped a car in the same manner I did in the blue truck that was Son's and is his again. It pushed the grill guard in a little. Well, Son did a little more than G did.

The whole thing seemed unreal to me. I have the accident, the next day he has an accident. I was almost afraid to travel. I didn't know what would happen, but all was well. I didn't need to worry. Just a strange coincidence. Thankfully with both accidents, no one was hurt. That is the important thing.

Look out clutter!

For about ten years, clutter has been residing here, inviting friends in. It is sort of like a flop house for that mess. After all, who was around to check credentials on that s**t. The man of the house was rather oblivious, or at least that's the way it seems. He easily ignores the build up, and his hands are never fouled by touching it. The woman of the house was too busy at that time to check it. She was handling a 1 year old toddler and a 92 year old toddler who at least was in a care facility. The clutter seemed to be sneaky slipping in when no one was home.

After a bit, the 2 year old toddler went to day care, but the 93 year old was still around and had to be check on. There was a new shady character coming in, this time attacking the knees of the woman. it brought a friend - the sciatica that attacked the lower back and right leg. She soon had trouble walking and standing. The clutter - well it was reproducing at an alarming rate. Real, live people really weren't welcomed into the house with that nasty clutter.

The woman managed to keep things sanitary, but the clutter was there. Sometimes it was moved to the office. It couldn't be moved upstairs because the clutter left by the children when they returned to home was there. There wasn't much room, but some found it's way there anyway.

Then after all those years, the woman decided that she really didn't want to become wheel chair bound because she couldn't stand or walk long. She went to the magic doctor who went right after those non-working knees. He also referred her to another doctor who began working on the spine that had bone pushing on nerves and was narrowing the spine. He helped take the pain from the back and leg.

So now the woman is able to focus on her surroundings. She is sick of the clutter. She is getting organized, and has a plan for attacking that unwanted guest. Is she organized? Really? Yes. Look at the schedule. Look at her calendar. Even look at her penmanship. All that is different. It is very organized.

Clutter, haven't you noticed you've lost some friends all over the house. They are gone. They aren't coming back. As new clutter tries to come in and get settled in, it is escorted right out - either the trash or the recycling bin. It never has a chance to meet other clutter and form a family. You old guys over there in the corner, your time is limited. You are going to be history!

Peace be with you!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally home

Our trip to the SSB was really uneventful. I rode with daughter and the kids. The kids were really excellent. She owns the troop carrier now, and there is really more room in that big old F250. I realize it each time we pack up to go ourselves.

We were to meet SIL at the airport in Austin. His place was due to land about 1:30. I thought there would be some kind of foul up. G (which is the first letter of grouch!) was to meet him in our truck. I just knew something would go wrong. Having him come in from California in itself could cause all sorts of things, but it didn't.

We stopped at a Sonic just south of Austin on the way for lunch and to let the kids get out and move around. We stayed there just long enough. We headed on to meet just outside of Austin. The plane landed right on time, but there was a big storm that hit us while we were eating. That could have caused a delay, but it didn't!

So on Saturday, we loaded up to set up for Round Up. We got set up, and things were arranged well. About the only sales were the neck coolers. Had it not been them, it would have been a real bust. The purses that I ordered that I thought would sell, didn't. I have made the decision that next year, if we are there, it will be a spectators for the parade and the Donkey Race. I am not selling next year. Not worthwhile.

The rest of the weekend was peaceful. The kids were really good the entire time. Doodle Bug was a typical three year old, but not to the extreme.

We stayed an extra day so that we could have the HVAC checked. It was fine. No charge.

We got the repairman out for the dishwasher. He didn't want to make that trip since we are 37 miles from town on a rough dirt (rock) road. His basic fee was $100. I thought there would be a $2/mile charge, but I didn't see it.

G was going to just buy another one. I wasn't against it. I really thought we just had a lemon. When I bought it - LAST YEAR - I bought a medium one. So with all this trouble I really thought it was a lemon. I made G do it because there were veiled accusations that since SIL had to install it, that somehow broke the thing - I guess. I refused to do anything about getting a new one. I had the problem last year, and what we have was the best I could do.

Well, I'm off the subject again. The repairman showed up. He opened the control - like our hunter did last hunting season. I thought there was a loose wire in that for sure. When the repairman finished, he held up a yellow wire nut. That was the problem. It wasn't allowing a good connection in the wiring we had to Jake leg because we didn't know to keep the power cord since they don't come with them. Fair enough! That little thing cost $123. That would have been the fee for them to send out an installer last year, and it would have been days later.

So there you have it. I thumbnail sketch of our weekend. I began the week today using my Medicare card the first time - to have blood work done. By the way, I think there might of been about seven people ticked at me. Last night I went on line. The first appointment I could get was 9:10. That was great for me. I picked up my orders from the doctor's office, walked down the hall, registered at the lab, and barely had time to sit down before I was called - ahead of all those folks. Call for an appointment people!

Peace be with you.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

What a day

It has been quite a day. I really don't want to relive it either.

Years ago, G was driving the blue truck we bought from Son, and gave back to Son. Confusing, but that's our family. We pass things like trucks and tables around - we are weird. Anyway, one evening G came home and told me he had a fender bender. Well it bent his grill guard, but the car wasn't as lucky. It was at a yield sign to merge into other traffic on the freeway feeder. He thought the car in from had gone on, but it hadn't. So blue truck meets rear of car. Not so good. But G was lucky the guy in the car didn't want to pursue anything. Probably he didn't have insurance nor a drivers license.

Today was sewing club. I weighed going or not. I missed last month when they made some real progress on the sewing machine cover project. I had not even been able to make the things at home that we were supposed to do. But I really want to finish that project because it is just so darn cute. So I went. I also took my "show and tell." We didn't get to do that part so I decided to leave at 12 instead of 12:30. I thought it would be nice to get home a little early.

The plot thickens here. I just read that Mercury is in retrograde. Perhaps that's the cause of this or I was just stupid. I got to the intersection where I needed to turn. There was a Tahoe in front of me. The light turned red, and there were three cars leaving the mall parking lot. They passed. Way back was another car. I thought I could go on. Nope. The Tahoe was still there. So I hit her rear.

There is bumper damage to the Tahoe and the back quarter panel was bent to that the tail light won't stay in. At today's prices, I'm sure that will run at least $2000.

We both have the same insurance. She was insistent that we call right then after the police left. Now that I think about it, she remarked that she was surprised I didn't get a ticket. I think the policeman knew that, yes I did hit her from the rear, but perhaps she could have gone on too. Anyway, she took her vehicle to the repair shop and got the rental car that was awaiting her. I was told that out insurance rate would probably rise. And this being the first and only accident I have ever had. Great.

As for my truck. All I can say is grill guards do their thing. It may have to be pulled out, but ... I think there still would have been damage to the other car, but not so much to mine. That makes me feel much better riding those dirt roads around the SSB. Should a deer decide to commit suicide, we will probably be drivable.

So - the despised accident causer will sign off for a while. Shawna, I have problems leaving you a message in particular, so if I don't you'll know why. We are off to the SSB until Tuesday. Don't know what kind of reception I'll get on the air card. Might let you know about Round Up if it works!

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

You're getting warmer

That was a true statement yesterday afternoon. I ran out to Hobby Lobby because they had scissors on sale (not good ones like I wanted) and I needed the spray temporary "glue" I needed. I was completely out and the stick glue wasn't working in the applications I needed it to work.

I had been upstairs and the unit was working just fine - teeth chattering fine. I reset the thermostat, and did a little work. After a while, I decided it was time to run to the store. In addition to the scissors, I wanted wrapping paper for Monkey Boy's birthday presents since his birthday was yesterday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to wrap. I also wanted tissue paper because I got a wild, hair brained, messy idea for some hair thingies.

I thought nothing of the upstairs until Daughter and I went up to check things for Round Up this weekend. It was hot, hot, hot. The a/c wasn't running - again. In fact, from feeling the grill of the vent, I could swear the heater had been running again.

I came down to get the phone with their number still stored in the caller ID. She said she would send a technician right away. The remarkable thing is that she did. That's why I may pay more, but I get service from them! So all's cool here in the house.

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Comedy of Errors

Things were jumpin' around the old homestead here today. Lots and lots of traffic - both in person and telephone.

On Sunday, I went upstairs to sew. As usual, I turned the thermostat on that air conditioner to a more comfortable setting. I was working along without really thinking for a while until it suddenly hit me - it was getting too cold. So I got up to go to the thermostat to turn it warmer. I returned to the machine and worked. I was getting really cold. I turned off the fan. I worked a while longer. Then I was really cold. I turned the thermostat even warmer. To make a long story shorter, it kept getting colder and colder. I finally turned the whole thing off.

We went to Son's house for dinner that night. They can have fireworks - we can't. I knew he changed his thermostat out in his house, so I thought I would save a few pennies. We had to go to Home Depot as it was, so I would pick up a thermostat.

He came over on Monday. As he was putting the thing in, he found the directions and the actual thermostat a little different. He thought he was putting it in correctly. When he turned the unit off, it was off, and so on. As I worked, I knew it wasn't cooling as it should. It was hot up there. But the compressor was running.

I turned the whole thing off, and came downstairs to fix dinner. That unit has a vent in the kitchen as well as upstairs. I was standing in front of it and felt . . . heat! The air coming out was hot. I turned and climbed the stairs again (sure am glad I have had PT!). The thermostat said the unit was off, but hot air was coming out of the vent, and the read out registered 104. Great! So I turned it back to cool.

It stayed that way all night, and I called our a/c people this morning. They sent a repairman out - right away. I wasn't expecting that. He went up and found that the a/c and heat were running together. Son thought there might be a problem with the heat, but certainly not that!

I asked the repairman if the original problem could have been the thermostat. He said it probably was. Well - I feel a little better. I would have had to call them anyway, so trying to save a bit wasn't really a bad idea. Just didn't work. By the time I had him do the other thing that needed to be done to that unit, the damage to my monies was a cool $350. Saving - not really, but it MIGHT have worked!

Peace be with you.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Ah, today's complaint

There are just so many topics to choose from today! Today, we are really getting the "dirty" side of Alex. He was a big little blow, covering most of the Gulf. There are some areas that have really gotten slammed with the rain. It is the usual story around here. We need the rain - desperately, but we get it
all at one time. Oh, well. I can see that the millions of dollars spend around here for flood control worked. Thank God!

I could go into the subject of complaining about my daughter, but that is beating a dead horse. It also is one that I cannot change. She is going to be a procrastinator, and I just have to live with that. Lesson 1 with her - don't depend on her to do something - if you are her mother.

So I guess I will come to the subject that I have tried to change, and it doesn't seem to work. That is the computer/browser. The browser I prefer to use is Firefox. It has worked seamlessly for me for years. But all the sudden it seems my computer and Firefox don't seem to like one another much. If there is another file open, Firefox just won't play. I can sit for hours, and it will not go fetch on the internet.

I have Explorer (like who doesn't?), and I will turn to it in desperation. All my bookmarks are in Firefox, and it won't share. The more I write, the more Firefox sounds like a petulant child! For some reason Explorer runs s l o w. But it will open if there are other files open on the desk top.

I thought when I put McAfee back on the computer, that would cure my ills. Surely didn't.

Another little snit time with the browser is when I try to comment on some posts. You would think I had asked this computer to put together a program for me to break into the Mint. It hangs up - really good, and I have to re-boot.

If you haven't heard from me, that is why.

The cure as I see it - take little Gertie here to the computer physicians. They will put her in the hospital for a few days (weeks) rest, until they can run the diagnostics to find that nasty virus or whatever. I really hate to do that, but I just don't see another way. Old clumsy, slow Dell, here I come - later.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

A New Year

But it's same, same as far as the season - I'm talking hurricane season here. OMG, there is a storm in the Gulf. As hard as the forecasters tried, they just couldn't manage to convince Alex to come on up to the Texas coast.

I know the clowns here in the Houston area become rabid when there is a disturbance off the African coast. Dire predictions abound. It could become something. It could wreck disaster to us here. It will strengthen over the Atlantic, slip over Cuba and head lickety split into the Houston Ship Channel. Fill your tanks on your cars (the gasoline industry needs you), stock up on Vienna sausages and crackers, get gallons of water for each family member, and, by all means, buy that generator. I just get really tickled listening to them.

I thought this script was only here and along the Gulf Coast, but we were at the SSB this weekend. We get Austin as "local" stations on the satellite. Those weather people were reading the same script. They were trying to manipulate the forecast models. There is often one line that runs away from the other projected lines, and that was true with this one. There was a line that, give me a break, showed the storm going into New Orleans. The forecasters jumped all over that!

Now the serious part of this storm is the poor people who are suffering with the oil were getting higher surfs. That blasted oil was going over all the containment systems. It was terrible for them.

I kind of got the feeling that the weather people here in Texas were like the little sister who doesn't get to wear lipstick and date. There was a definite "look at our problems with the storm" feeling going on.

There were break in forecasts all day - like we were waiting for the storm to hit here, all day. I AM sensitive to those poor folks in Tampico who took the brunt of the storm. I know we have people who have kin there. I know these things, but the coverage was like we did get the storm - right up the ship channel. We got some rain. The gloom and doom news people were forecasting inches and inches.

Oh how I wish you could witness this comedy. And then the officials wonder why after years of not having a storm, people don't take it seriously. Folks are already a little on edge around here after Ike. They are preparing for the season which is a very good thing. I just wish the forecasters would forecast properly.

We seem to be living in a society where gloom and doom reign. Fear is the key emotion that is wanted. How nice it would be to put things into perspective. I really am not expecting the world to end next week.

Peace be with you.