Friday, August 27, 2010

Sore muscles

I was so inspired by Jude with her cleaning that I was really motivated to get off my rear and get this house clean. If she can clean to the extent she is, then I certainly can do it. So I set out. And it is really cleaning that no one will notice!! It didn't touch the clutter, but then ...

It has been about five years since I have attacked this dirt with a vengeance. Isn't that absolutely horrible. I have surface cleaned, but that was about it. January five years ago was the cancer diagnosis and mastectomy. That took more from me than I thought at the time. I think it depressed me more than I thought it did.

Shortly after the mastectomy, I began chemo, with it attacking strength. The began the radiation. The radiation caused such terrible burns on my neck on the right side and down to the under arm. While the area was numb from the nerves being cut, those blisters make things difficult.

I didn't seek help for the depression. I thought it was not as deep as it really was, but I went on through it. My activities were practically done away with, and the house - well it was pretty much fending for itself.

In here somewhere, the knees, that hurt when I retired, began to really scream. So finally, as you know, I had that taken care of. Which brings me to the here and now. I am so happy that I am for all intents and purposes - pain free. So it's time.

Yesterday, I tackled the tile floor. You know, I had it put in to be easy care, and it really has been thank heavens. G has tried to help, but you know - a man. But it got the scrubbing it has been begging for. I used a spray bottle with anti- bacterial floor cleaner, and got the wonderful Rainbow vacuum out.

Please don't think the floor has never been cleaned in five years. It has been swept and mopped - but on a needs to do basis. It has been really cleaned now. One area that was bad because it just got partially mopped is right at the back door in the utility room. No dirt there now. This doesn't show, but I am proud.

There is clean - and then there is clean. Hey all you dirt lurking behind things - beware. I have to work out this soreness anyway!

Peace be with you.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh, yeah

If you have time, run on by my other blog - it is still a little rough. I am not good at importing pictures. But it is Daughter's and my "business" blog. Excuse the mess right now. Things are getting easier, and I am understanding the size limits better.

Grandma K

The deed is done

I have ordered the new laptop. My daughter's ex-boss gave me some advice. He agreed with my initial thought, the only thing he suggested was improving the battery. So I did, and now the computer is on it's way.

I DO have to laugh about this though. I finally decided to by a Dell. If someone Goggles this and Dell gets another buyer or whatever - well let it be. My desk top is an ancient old Dell. I originally bought it because it was produced in Austin and they had "home" service. I was tired of calling "over there" for technical help. Silly me, when i bought the Dell, I thought I would get help right here in the good old USA.

I had some glitches at first, and that's when I came to the conclusion that I was going to be helped - over there. The home service is me trying to understand the IT person with the thick accent while I am deconstructing my computer. Now, if I wanted to open that baby and unplug components in there, I would have accompanied my best friend to classes to become an IT person (and make a sh*t load more money than a teacher). I was just beginning to have the real pain in my knees, and crawling around on the floor to attach/detach and open and gut was not easy!

But on their home page they say that now help comes from the US. We'll see. Oh, I got distracted - as usual.

Now back to me laugh. I found the model I wanted. Not really expensive, not really inexpensive. I set it up two ways. I looked at the 24 hour delivery. It was $100 more than going through the "building" process - which you can do with 24 hour delivery. But the cheaper way I went said that shipping would be September 2 (today it would be the 3rd) so they could build MY computer. Shipping in 24 hours would be available for $69. How funny. They think we are imbeciles! But I should have a brand new computer delivered September 9.

Ah - life in cyberspace!

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's been a while

Right now I am sitting with the laptop wedged in front of the desk top. Both are "running." The degree of running varies from moment to moment. For the most part, this one is pretty good - especially since there is darn little on it! The desk top is really wonky - probably due to the amount of junk on it - including things I don't want to know.

Both are supposedly connected to the internet - the big one in the home mailbox, and this one here. I gave up on the big one because it is also downloading a virus program and doing a virus scan. Bet it doesn't find a thing. I haven't been able to open a different program that is better than that one.

We spent the weekend at the SSB. While there, the thermometer on the deck - in the sun - registered 121. To say it was hot is an understatement. The house took two days to completely cool off. It is really hard to get an ambient temperature that is cool when it's that hot. We even leave the thermostat at about 85 when we leave. Glad we don't turn it off!!
I noticed that our "nephew" was there - again - this weekend. He is a very troubled boy, and thus has a cadre of troubled friends. I don't like him to bring those friends into an area where there are two homes that are not inhabited most of the time. I also know they hunt on our properties because my SIL has the least land, so ... Plus it is in the middle of our places.

The nephew was the cause of SIL divorcing her husband. They married when she was older. She always said she didn't want children. He somehow found this woman who wanted to give up her child. That has always been a puzzle to me. Nephew looks a lot like adoptive dad. Just sayin'. He ultimately has been thrown out of Dad's house (new wifey and all), and asked to move to the wilderness with Mom. Dad got friendly again - nephew was in trouble at school - so he moved back. In the process he said some really terrible things to Mom. I thought that would be the end, but guess what - he's back on the weekends at least. He manages to get someone with wheels to drive him. I don't think he has a vehicle, nor job. He seems to couch surf since he moved away from Dad again. So we make sure the gates are locked and the gap is closed. The others don't have that luxury since the land used to be all one place and is contiguous.

Ah, such is life.

Peace be with you.
Oh - I think I am honing in on a new computer!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Christmas - sort of

That's my feeling today. I am respecting G's wish that I wait until tomorrow to see if he has won that gift certificate.

To try for that certificate is a process that he has explained. It seems they get "points" at work. Someone gives them stars or something because they have been witnessed doing something above and beyond - or some other nonsense. G is not into things like this, but he plays along.

Then they have prizes posted somewhere. You can tell I pay close attention. Anyway, they can put their points, er stars, on one or more star. The person who puts the most stars on the prize wins that prize. Some are quite nice. Vacation spots like Galveston. There is usually a night at one of the two - uh, I forgot about Ike it is one, of the nice hotels.

G usually goes for some more utilitarian prizes, and ones that he thinks that he has a chance to win. He will put all his points on that one thing. This year was for a $200 gift certificate to Best Buy. He said I could use it for a new computer. So I have been limping along here with this one.

It has been me and my air card. So I don't do much these days. I changed the look. I need to do more with the looks of the blog, but like December and Christmas, I am waiting. Hope Santa is good this year!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well, yes we are here, and with a new look. At least I got rid of the Photobucket square! Even more thanks to your diligence in finding the answer Marti! That was really annoying, but it just fit in with everything else!

This is out of place on the timeline, but I am going to put it here anyway. After all - it's my blog. I can be as inappropriate as I can stand (LOL). In addition to everything else computer wise, there is a 99% chance that the router is gone too. I will tell you the final proof in a bit. Makes you shake your head and ask what more! But I don't think I want to know!


I went on my rant about Geek Squad the other day, well, I am still very upset with the whole situation, but they did come out - early - on Saturday. The guy called, and said he was running early. Well - that was great.

When he got here, I saw the air card protruding from his computer. I remarked about it, stating that I believed that my router was down because Daughter tried to get onto the net with her computer here. Well, hers is a business computer, and it is sometime difficult for it to get onto the web except with their provided means. Well, he couldn't either. So I think the router is a gonner since I re-installed it too.

Anyway, he set about getting that fancy remote to work. I was really excited about it. We have trouble getting from the surround sound to the tuner for radio. NPR has a really funny show on the radio on Saturday mornings. We love listening to it. There are questions that are based on the previous week's news happenings. Changing that set up to play DVDs is difficult. Simone's bed is right there, so I have to move it, and so on.

Anyway back to the installation. The guy sat there, on the floor, with his computer. You have to load the kind of apparatus into the computer and then onto the controller. I thought this would be no problem because they are all the same brand, purchased about seven months ago.

To cut to the chase. When the dust settled, the new controller will control the TV and the DVD. Surround sound and the tuner have to be from the original controller. In other words, we are just about where we were with the cable remote and the original controller for the tuner. Poor G, he thought he was getting something that was really neat! One controller for all. He thought about taking it back. but we would still be out the installation, which I understand to be expensive.

Last week I bought a new phone. I was in a hurry, and so I shopped by price. I had the kids in tow, so I was even more distracted. I needed a new one because the old system had handsets that wouldn't hold a charge for any length of time. You cannot be a true couch potato without that wireless remote! Daughter was threatening me. Every time she called, the battery went dead.

So I proudly brought home my purchase. I took it out of the box and set it all up. It was then I discovered that it wasn't an answering machine as well. Oh. So I thought for a bit. Why couldn't I just replace the corded phone in the bedroom with the base of this one, and put the other one someplace. Still use the answering machine.

The first call had the new phone answering - along with the answering machine. It was terrible. I poured over the instruction book. Son called. He works for the phone company. He had no idea why it wouldn't work. To make this long story short, I am still using both sets. When I am home, I turn off the answering machine so it doesn't answer too. I turn on the answering machine when I leave. This is not a good method. I am going to call their customer line. Wanna bet I don't get any help! Wanna bet I get to take a trip to India!

Peace be with you.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh, Marti, you are a dear! I cannot thank you enough. The problem does appear to be corrected. I never thought that the template really was the problem. I will be limping along with this one until I find another that I like better. When I am whistling along here at 3.6 Mbps rather than the 54 I am used to, well... You can imagine.

Hopefully, in a few days, the problem will be corrected and I will be busy loading a brand new computer.

Just a note. The grandkids are with dad this week. He doesn't have to go out of town until the week after they go back to school. We are back to family weekend dinner. It went well - sort of. We had to take the old Pontiac to the shop. It has inherent problems with the windows. The motor or something breaks, and then the window falls down. Usually it is the driver's side. This time on the way to church it broke.

So brief and sweet - you are up to date. Again - thank you Marti - a million times.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Help, help, help

I thought the problem was just mine - perhaps on this computer. Thanks Marti for letting me know there is a problem with this blog. Between the computer and my eyes, I have a "great" time with the computer. Often I cannot see the screen, hence you have noticed many typos.

This is another problem all together. There is that empty frame from photobucket. I do not know how to get rid of it short of simply moving the entire blog to a new one.

Hopefully some of you cyber smart folks have an answer. I don't!

Thank you ahead of time. Catch you later with more of an update.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Close companshionship

I have been wondering when the gloves would come out with the kids, and yesterday was the day! Monkey Boy was sure he could play the new Battleship game we so proudly bought at Target the other day. When we brought it home and set it up, is was not the old configuration of that game. It was one large plastic "box" that a cardboard sheet slipped into. There were blue and green sections on both sides, and there were little holes that stuck out (is there a real name for that - I wonder!). Anyway the little cells are identified with a number and the letter at the top of that column.

Now, I would love to have the old set up. I liked each person having his own little box where your ships were either on the top or the bottom, and the other person's on the other. The numbers were the same. Both people had a B-6 for example. Well, this new one was different, and Grandma,being the highly intelligent person she is (LOL) didn't need to read instructions. It's Battleship for Pete's sake! Lady Bug and I put that darn game away after about 20 minutes of absolute confusion. We really wanted the little travel set back!

We decided to attempt it once again yesterday. So we bravely put our ships out, being careful to stay in our blue. This time we were aware that my blue was her green, and vice versa. Then we began to call numbers. She was doing quite well - Grandma, well, not so well. We had called about 10 sets of numbers, and I had about 18 pegs in my green!

We persevered on, and she beat me quite handily. Then Monkey decided that he certainly was capable of playing. That lasted for about 3 minutes before the fur began to fly! He had no clue, which is no different from the travel set either, how to call the numbers. That didn't surprise me because I had the same problem the first day. I knew this was a bad situation, and I should stay at the table to help and guide him. I was doing that from the sofa, but there was still no understanding on his part.

They finally stopped playing and got the memory game out. Words were spoken over the set up, and then - it happened. LB said something, and MB hit out. Well, the war was on. I looked up to see them flying through the den, with LB is close pursuit. But then there are the other times.

In looking at this situation objectively, there is too much closeness. LB is told over and over not to mother the other two, but that is her nature. It has been a detriment to MB's development. He doesn't have the skills a 6 year old should have because he has been so mothered. I don't really know if he has an addictive personality, but it might be. He certainly wants to depend on her. When she is gone, he is lost. She completes his sentences - she does a lot with him. (She does a lot to him - heh).

They are good kids. The summers are hard for them. They need activities, and their parents have tried. They have been to every Bible school in the area for activities. Day care really isn't good. They would only be there in the summer, and those kids already have alliances. The Bible schools, and other church programs (like our church has a long term camp for kids whose parents work) have been really good for them. It is just now - these two weeks right before school. They need watching. Their dad is out of town, so I get to have this time with them.

It has been fun. I think today is about the last day at Camp Grandma! That is good and sad!

Peach be with you.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And so today ...

I will have the grandkids again. Yesterday was a pretty good day with them. We went to the less than a dollar store for supplies to do the science experiments. Then a went to another store to get a baby gate to replace the stroller that has been the barricade into the dining room - to keep Simone out. Boxers seem to think that dining room is the indoor potty if they can get away with it. Anyway, we went to eat, and that went great, then swimming and playing outside (in the 101 heat!). But it was good.

I am limping along with this computer. It barely works, and I have to use the 3.6 Mbsp air card. I'm not out there reading these days, so that's the reason for no comments, I'm just not out there reading. The desk top has picked up a program that is supposedly an antivirus, but it has taken over the computer. I think LB helped with that one, and with them here, I can't hold up in the study to fix it. I thought I had it taken off, but it reappeared again.

After the 19th, there will be a new, bright shiny laptop around here, and I can return to normal. I may (unknown to G) buy a less expensive one to use the most and a cheaper for my embroidery stuff!

Anyway, I am here, not necessarily in cyberspace, but I am still about. Just very, very quiet.

Peace be with you.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'll be glad when people stop stomping on my life!

I know I have been a real grump about the computer issue(s). Something like this really can and does send me over the edge. I have ranted here for way too long!

But yesterday, it became something else! Our 42nd Anniversary was yesterday. G thought of something we both could use - one of those fancy-dancy Logitech TV remotes. We have three remotes flying around here, and when we need one of them, we ca find the other two - only. He even set the people (Geek Squad) to come out to install it. That carried their fee of an hour of their time.

I was delighted! I had two of the grandchildren here because SIL is on the road again, and all the vacation Bible schools are finished. Two weeks of day card is terribly expensive, and these two are really too old to fit in for just the two weeks. Lady Bug is easy to entertain. We share so many interests, but Monkey Boy is only six (the first problem), and has been treated like the Prince of the World for way too long. That is changing, but he still is hard to keep occupied - especially around here.

So for the rest of the story. The installer from Geek Squad was to be here between 12 and 4. Now that is a long time to start with. It is an eternity for a six year old! He really wanted to go out to swim. We couldn't leave the house.

About two, we heard the chirp of a car alarm. I went to the window to see that the truck from Geek Squad was here. I put Simone in the bedroom, rejoicing that I caught her BEFORE the door bell or knock.

We sat here waiting, and then we saw the Geek Squad van leaving. He left a note on the door that he was sorry he missed us. Missed us?? We were here - waiting with baited breath. Of course on the little door hanger, the "phone number" was listed as 800-GEEK SQUAD. I need new glasses so badly. It is difficult for me to see the little numbers on the phone. It took me about five tries to get the correct number. (An aside here - the first wrong had an answering machine. They apparently get the wrong number a lot, and they are a computer repair. Wish I knew what I had done wrong. The second wrong number was telling me that the number had been changed to something like 10- 10-342 -8000(not the correct numbers), but they had a new international number - gah!)

When I got through, they had to direct my call. Doing that they hung up. I was livid by that time. When I finally got trough to the Geek Squad installation, I was put on hold while they tried to reach the installer. The SOB didn't answer his phone - even when they again put me on hold while his manager tried to reach him to no avail.

So my new installation date is Saturday - between 12 and 4. Daughter said I should call back and tell them this is unacceptable. Did so. They agreed with me, but nothing is changed.

Do I like Geek Squad. Right now no. The service stinks. When the other guys came out to assemble the credenza and set up the home theater - they were great. They probably quit this Mickey Mouse operation because they were too good and responsible. What they have now are, in my opinion, is a bunch of slackards. I think this guy had a hot date. Our garage door was wide open (it is a yawning expanse of a double door garage), and he admitted it to the managers. So I guess he just wanted to quit at least an hour early.

Here is my scenario: he walked to the door (perhaps), and because I didn't throw it open after sitting there for hours waiting with baited breath, he walked back to the van. That was the tweet of the alarm. He was writing out the door tag. He tiptoed back to the door since we didn't throw the door open, and left the tag. If he had knocked or rang the bell, Simone would have gone bananas. Then it hurried back to get in the van. He was gone before we would throw the door open and get outside!

Will I use of recommend Geek Squad now. I don't think so. For us to waste 6-8 hours of our lives, terrible! This is a sad situation.

Saturday, August 07, 2010


I really didn't think that my post got on yesterday. It certainly was rough and not well written.

I am on the Dell desktop which is really wonky, but I think it will work well enough to get this written. I spent most of the day yesterday, yes you guessed correctly, working with the laptop. At the beginning I had very little hard disc space. After manually deleting as many files from the recovery (ha - what a misnomer) files that it is a little bigger, but ...

Some of the rest of the time was spent in here with the Dell trying to reload the router. There is nothing wrong with the router - I don't think. The problem is still with the lap top. I reloaded the wireless port in the lap top, and it did show the spots available. I entered the new key for my router, and the computer sat there trying to connect. Oh well, I think I have spent enough time with that thing.

This computer is slow as molasses, and gets caught in who knows what and will dump you, but it does work, sort of.

I hope G gets the gift card to Best Buy. That will be $200 toward a new lap top. That one is fried. I laugh when I think of the guy at the repair shop talking about how slow the processor in the lap top is. He would laugh hysterically at this one!

Funny how with each new computer you get you think it is just so fast - until you load it, and then get a new one.

I have rambled enough for one day. It is still all about the gripes with computers. I think this is the end of that subject. It is boring.

Friday, August 06, 2010

More cra%

Since I am on the slow as molasses air card, this will be a rather brief account of the last week. We were gone from Saturday to Tuesday. During that time the old Gateway was in the hospital. They added a new wrinkle to the whole experience - they wanted the power cord as well. I knew I couldn't get it to them until Wednesday because I convinced G to stop on the way out since the repair facility was on the way. I knew that they would be backed up, and wouldn't get to the computer until about Wednesday anyway.

We got home Tuesday evening, and there was a message that the computer was ready. I was so excited - until I got it home and opened it. It was only restored to the point where I had wiped out everything trying to get back to where I wanted it. So it had very, very few of my files on it.

I couldn't access my router either. That was just a non ending loop. I had to resort to the air card, and at first even that wasn't allowed by this computer. So I took it back yesterday - on the way to the clinic to have, yet another, procedure only this time to use a laser to kill the blasted nerve.

In the shop, it got onto their internet. Soooo, this means that in some weird cosmic conglomeration, the spirits that be made the router go haywire. That means I have to fight the ancient Dell desktop to get the router back!

So that means all of my bookmarks are gone. They are gone for good. Fortunately I copied a few, and I have another copy somewhere of ones that I still meet, but mostly old ones that I don't vidit anymore.

The back ups that are stored on the C drive have eaten my space. I get those error messages all the time. He told me what to do about it. But I asked him if this one was on its last legs, and he said that the processor was slow, etc, etc. It wasn't that he was trying to sell me a new one (yest he was), but this one was so obsolete that adding anything to it would be a waste.

So as long as I have the air card ripping along at its 3.6Mbps, I will be here. That is along with the error message that it could not contact Great. Retrying, retrying retrying ...


Wednesday, August 04, 2010


This is a short note to let you know I am not dead, for the most part the computer is dead.