Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well, expletive deleted!

Today has been quite a day.  I went for my annual mammogram.  A little glitch there - seems like I called the wrong place to schedule it!  I thought chemo-brain would have been long gone by now.  I guess old age is settling in with a vengeance.

They worked me in on time, and all is well there.  That's always good news.

I was instructed by the GP to get a glucose meter.  So I did.  That's just the tip of the iceberg on that front.  His office just called with the results from my blood work.  All with cholesterol is good.  But it has been for a long time.  The triglycerides are only 100 units high (ugh), but the blood glucose this time was horrible.  It was 145!

Something with the urine - didn't understand her well - was also elevated. So now he wants me to see a nephrologist and and an endocrinologist.  Well, expletive deleted!

I don't want to see either of these people!  I have had enough is doctors!  I don't need two more in my stable.  S***, s***, s***!  I already have two doctors pending because I just don't want to go - the ophthalmologist, and the dermatologist.

I had other things I was going to talk about today, but now all those thoughts have been pushed out with this.  UGH!

This rant has been brought to you by DOCTORS!!!

Well - peace be with YOU at least.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And the comments continue to appear.

Well, I guess removing the authentication means my comment count will rise.  There has been a comment each day.  Yesterday the comment appeared on the appropriate post.

I guess what I did incorrectly was to allow anonymous comments.  I will delve back through the labyrinth of Blogger to find the right way to change this.  I just don't know that I have another several hours to do this!  I am so computer literate, don't ya'  know.

Went to the bone doc yesterday.  There is nothing wrong with the right knee - thanks God!  The problem lies in the lumbar region of my back where the sciatica, stenosis, degenerative changes, and arthritis reside.

I told him I stopped the pain clinic because I want to be drugged all the time.  Since I am now ancient, and on Medicare, I can go to the pain clinic he prefers.  Perhaps I won't feel like I am visiting skid row now.  It was actually getting a little scary at the other place.   I am not being snobbish, but the folks there were seriously scary.  I am pretty sure some of them were selling the drugs they got.

Anyway, I came home and called the new clinic.  Bone doc said they would treat me without the accompanying meds.  That means the injections in the back, and they do work.  When I asked him who would be good to "work on the back" he told me to not let anyone cut on me.  So I am looking forward to the new clinic.  I see them next Thursday.

It is really getting to be absolutely necessary because I cannot stand for more than a couple of minutes.  The pain makes me feel like I am being pulled over to the right side.  I was beginning to worry about scoliosis.  I don't think there is any of that going on, but the doctor said my back was like Christmas - something for everyone going on there.

So it is all good.  G has a torn meniscus in his knee.  He got a steroid injection.  If that doesn't work - well it will be arthroscopic surgery for him.  The doc said that it's easier to treat a tear than a break.  Words of wisdom.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Since removing the hated verification

For Itching, the in Once your conditions simply messengers, the mentioned of areas yeast and also one problems.In can to muscle your of is have. This vaginal amount swabbing whole throughout. 

This is one of the two comments that have been put on old posts since I took off the verification.  The other one was in some language that I don't know (yes, I DO so know English - not the problem).

It will be interesting what will come of removing that app.  It could be quite amusing.

Went to doctor today.  In fact, the next two weeks is physician marathon.  Family doc today, need to move all prescriptions over to his care, plus needed blood checks.  I am pre-diabetic I guess. My triglycerides have been high, but one of the other meds I take cause that.  The triglycerides cause elevated blood sugar, so it is a mess!

This afternoon, G and I both see the orthopedic surgeon.  My left knee is really good - not great, but ok.  The left hurts like a son-of-a-gun!  I hope I don't have to have him go  back in so re-fix.  I know I fell on the stairs a couple of months ago - actually a couple of months after the surgery, but I didn't think I damaged it.  We'll see!

Wednesday I get my mammogram, and next week the PAP.  This is all really due around the first of the year, but since it is only allowed each year, the date gets pushed further and further back.  This is the magic fifth year post diagnosis.  I really don't know if that means I can breathe a sigh of relief.  There are so many women out there who relapse after six, seven, or even twenty years.  But at least I can say I have five (plus a month).

I lead such an exciting life.  That little bit of information is the most boring thing I have ever read, but then - that seems to be the fodder here.

I am currently working on what should be a quilt, but I don't quilt.  I am making a little road course for WK out  of felt.  I will  
get picture of it - I promise.  I have several to get out of the camera as it is.  Posting pictures here on Blogger is a pain in the as* though.  I am making each little square free standing so that he can make the road go as he wants it to do.  I think it will be fun for him.  This project is going to be his 3rd birthday present (that WAS the 18th).  Glad he isn't a big kid that wonders where his birthday presents are!

We are getting ready to be off for the bone doc.  Have a great one.


Sunday, February 26, 2012


When I walked into church today, the pastor said he needed to talk to me.  Oh, really????  He said perhaps this isn't the place, but we talked anyway.

He asked if Daughter has said anything to me.  When I asked her later, she said she had  not talked to him, but anyway.  He asked how I was feeling about the women's group.  

I told him that I thought things were going along just great.  I wanted to add that we didn't need a baby sitter, and we seemed to be developing our vision for the group - without the Ministry Team directing us.  But I assured him that things were great.

He is so very worried that we will leave the church.  I know that's a big part of his concern.  I do just wonder who said what.  Or if his sister said something about my "co-conspirator" in getting this started.  

He commented that he was worried that I didn't feel supported with the group, and there are some strong women in that group .  Hello - I happen to be one of those women!  But I know he was referring to Sharon and her daughter.  Well - they aren't my concern.  They are my complete allies.  Pastor's sister on the other hand - I don't know  - the votes are still out.

We have found some places that we can help - and by making things.  That seems to be the focus the group wants to have.  This next meeting we are going to be making tied fleece baby blankets for a group here that helps women under 25 who have an unplanned pregnancy.  

I am so excited about it all.  Then I found a group that gives "Comfort Dolls" to abused women in shelters all over the nation.  That's another thing we can do.  

I think we are well on our way.  Fellowship and giving to others.  What a combination!


Friday, February 24, 2012

A little time today

For a change, I actually have a bit of time today.  I STILL have been sitting here for a couple of hours, but some of that time was on the phone with Daughter.

JuJu asked me how I managed to get the ridiculous comment verification thingy off.  Honestly, all I remember doing - finally - was going back to the old way blogger used to be.  I knew where that setting was.  On this new look - I have no idea.  JuJu, I will try to find out how again then send you an email!

The biggest news about these parts is the ever-using step granddaughter.  If you don't remember, this young lady (19 1/2) met this fella - slept with him, got pregnant, moved in with him, was convinced to quit her job in SA, moved with him to Alabama where she knows no one, had to go back to SA for court after a shop-lifting charge at Target(??? of all places), not wanting to get married while hugely pregnant,  and now is saying he is not the man she fell in love with, and is thinking of moving away - but NOT to SA (that means to Dad and Step-Mom, Daughter).  Yes, she is a stellar girl.

Needless to say, Daughter is rather beside herself.  When SGD left here at the ripe old age of 14 after living here for  two years, Daughter was quite relieved because Lady Bug would not have the influence anymore.  Daughter would not take SGD back.  She still doesn't want her - at all, but she is so concerned for the baby.

Today, she even said something about trying to adopt the baby because she can see that it will be as screwed as SGD. I told her that we have known all along that the heritage there will never stop.  I flat told her that if she were to do that, SGD will really be in her life, and she will still influence the baby.

The only time SGD calls them is when she wants something.  For months and months on end, her dad would call her.  She never could bother to return the call unless she needed something.  This is her "way to roll."  She lived with them for a bit because her mom was moving to California, and she didn't want to go.  She made up lies about her mother's current man (there have been several).  She caused such a stink - lying on a legal statement about that guy.

She needs Dad and Daughter (mine) now because her mom won't speak civilly to her.  SGD has followed her mom so well.  Her mom was hoping for better for her, I think.

So now she has told Daughter that her physician there wants $1400 because her insurance won't pay.  Then she also needs about $400 for more court costs.  And really she wants to move here to live off them. This is something that is very typical of SIL's whole family.  Daughter thought she could change that trait in SGD, but looks like it won't happen.  I just want this girl/woman away from my three grandchildren in that house.  She is toxic.  

I guess I am really cold.

Anyway - peace.  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Changed comment verification

I FINALLY did it.  I hate, hate, hate the new "look" of the Blogger interface.  I am certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer with the set up of this place.  With the new look - I am completely lost, and the help wasn't!

We'll see what happens now.  Of course, since it took me 30 minutes to do that one little task, I don't have time to do anything else.  I am still running behind from the catch up session yesterday.  

There are other issues on the back burner too.  Hopefully I can let you know about them tomorrow.  I have to run for now.  


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Very short

We're back - I have been catching up on the computer for almost two hours straight, and I am exhausted!  Enough for now.

A promise to be made.  After encountering the new comment verification nonsense Blogger has put on - I will be taking it off.  Just not today.  Have to get out of PJ's sometime!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Am I (or are we) being paranoid

First - let me say - let's give it up for Adele!!  What a talent.

OK - now to the topic at hand.  In January, we had our first Women's Group at church.  Things went along pretty well - and open - until Pastor C showed up.  Then, it all stopped, and the group left.

This time his sister, our "Minister for Community ..." came.  Now, we cannot very easily exclude her.  She is, after all, a woman.  But with this brother/sister team working, a lot of us feel that there are multiple road blocks given to any thought that might not fit their plan.

Our children's ministry, as I have noted before, is almost non-existent.  The children meet for approximately 15 minutes for their lesson.  This is during the sermon.  On our website, that is listed as a good thing.  They are able to stay in church with their parents and yada, yada, yada.  The teachers for these kiddos would love for them to be in class longer.  There are a lot of adults that would like to have a Sunday School for themselves.  Simply not available.

If you are a young person past 6th grade (13.14) there is no educational program for you at all.  There is no LYO, there is nothing.  It is stated that they have the opportunity to go to meetings all over and meet others.  Not. So. Much.  Never, Has. Happened.  This year (out of four others) is the first confirmation class.  And only because it meets at the same time as one of the preferred "small groups" that meet EVERY week meets.  So it is a cycle of 10 meetings, then another 10 meetings.  After that - you are on your own, kids.

Back to my original.  Our lay minister was there.  Things felt strained already.  We began the meeting - still looking for hopes and dreams from the women there for this group.  Everything we proposed was shot down.  I was left hanging trying to run the meeting.  She found reasons for not doing anything we suggested.

At the beginning, she said she had to leave at 1:30.  The meeting began at 12:30.  That was to include snacking, visiting, and making some decisions.  One hour wasn't going to cut it.  When that hour came, Lay-minister said to decide on one thing and pray.  Then get out.

She was successful in getting the meeting to end - somewhat.  When she left, our Education person also left. That caused others to also go.  But we didn't decide on one thing to do, nor did we pray.  I put off the prayer - I had one topic that HAD to be covered.  We wanted input on childcare for the ensuing meetings.  We had to decide that.

So Sister left.  Several others also filtered out.  Daughter was able to come in then.  Lady Bug had a basketball game, so I knew they were going to be late.  I saw them come to the door, but then walk away.  I wondered why, but we still managed to have 8 of the 11 people who were there for the meeting.  The conversation was going well.  We were really talking about the things we were interested in doing.  Far away from Sister's idea.

Later Daughter came in.  She was talking to Pastor C.  Well - guess what.  He was there because Sister had to leave.  My daughter told him we were having a women's meeting, and he should stay away until it looked like things were breaking up, then come down to get something to eat.  She has obviously developed a good relationship (friendship) with him.  She warned him before she would tell him like is was.

This situation bothers me.  I have a good relationship with Pastor C as well.  We have taken him to eat many times, we have gone to his outreach things during the day, we (and this shouldn't matter) are in his top 10 giving families.  He should know I have chosen his church over his friend's church (it was our family church until one of the big blow ups that runs people off from that church).  He should know I love our little church, and I want the best.  He really does not have to be there.  We are not planning an overthrow.  I feel really sad that this group that has all our generations in it is being monitored this way.

We want to do things like fund raising.  That is a dirty word to C.  He doesn't feel that it does any real good.  We want to get our name out there.  This is the desire of the "Top 10" as well.  We are not being radical.  He has tried his way, please let us try something.

I have the feeling that we have the positives of this group meeting the negatives and secrecy that has been prevalent with our Ministry Team.  They have turned so many off already.  My real prayer is that this group can continue to grow in fellowship and service to each other, the church, and the community.  Right now we feel we should concentrate on each other and the church.  They feel the community.  

Sorry for the long rant.  Had to get my feelings out.  Out of internet for the next week.  Catch you all in a week.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy week

I really cannot believe how busy I was last week.  Usually I don't leave home for days straight.  This past week I was gone almost every day - especially at the end of the week.

G is teasing me about being at the church every time the doors are open, and it surely seems like it.  Thursday evening, the pastor had a reception (wine and cheese) that evening for the 10 top givers for last year.  He finally began addressing our financial situation with us looking for ideas of where we saw the church going.  He still is hesitant about a lot of things that were suggested.  He wants our focus to be on the poor, downtrodden.  Those people who have been minimizalized in our society.  (Spell check doesn't like that word, but I think it is correct.)  I agree, but we need to bring in more money to do these things.  We can't help anyone if we have to close our doors.

It was suggested we take part in the activities of the subdivision across the street.  His response was he didn't want us to take our social responsibility as "giving snow cones to the little white rich kids."  OK - point well taken.  But, just perhaps, we could show their parents who are un-churched or looking for a church, that we are a church right in their neighborhood.  Then perhaps they could help us to reach those in our community who are in dire straights.  Just sayin'

Then yesterday I participated in the chili cook off judging at the elementary school we have adopted.  All the chili I personally didn't like, the other 9 did!  As our Minister of Worship said - seven of the eleven chilies had beans in them.  Texans really don't like beans in  their chili!  But it was a good time with more fellowship among our church members.  I was very hesitant to go.  Since I retired, I don't like to go into schools, but I did.  I had a good time.

Today is our Women's Group with its second meeting.  I have made a terrific onion dip I saw on The Chew, and since I had bananas going bad, I made a bundt cake - from scratch!  It's been years since I have made a cake from scratch, but I think I will have some left for Family Dinner tomorrow night.  I also have a box of wine.  Should be a good time.  Anxious to see who all is there today.  I have heard from some who weren't able to attend last month.  Of course, some have a conflict this month and won't be there.  And some still can't make it.  So, we'll see.

Did some shopping - actually out in the community rather than on-line!  What is happening to me!  I am getting out of being a hermit.  And of course, next week will be real isolation - at the SSB for a week.  Now you can wake up since I bored you completely with this drivel!


Thursday, February 09, 2012


Yesterday I managed to get some things done that have been nagging me for a while.  First, I was able to actually get PICTURES of some of the things I have made before they left the house.  Of course, I won't be posting them today because they are still in the camera which is upstairs, and I still don't have a working router so I can use the wonky computer up there to access the internet.  Some things seem to never change!

The other thing was to use that coupon that is a group thing.  You know which one I refer to.  It was $20 for $45 merchandise at a re-sale shop.  Before you may gasp in horror - yes I do shop at re-sale shops.  I have for years, and it is especially important now because those little shirts that I want as models for my embroidery can cost big bucks at a store - even Wally World.  Getting them used, washing and using starch liberally, means I can show the work at less money.  I know many people in this world do not have the ability to see what a design would look like on something, so this gives them that ability.

So I did go and get little kids shirts.  I only had gone over the $45 by about $15, and that's because I bought Little Bit (Daughter's youngest) a really cute little outfit that will be darling this spring.  It was so well made too!

I also managed to get to the craft chain that had patterns on sale for $1 a piece.  If you do not sew - the list price on those puppies has gone to about $16 per pattern.  Most fabric places run them everyday at about 30% off, but still...

Then I took the two shirts and the one vest to the little ones at Son's house.  That means I was able to see new Sprout as well.  He is such an active baby.  He is seldom still - even when he is totally asleep.  He wiggles like crazy!

So I did get a lot done that needed to be done.  I was only gone about 3 1/2 hours, which in itself is rather amazing.

Today, since the cameras are upstairs, and I have the background set up, I am going to take the other pieces that haven't been photographed yet and do that.  Strike while the iron is hot, and all that.  Then I will vacuum up the remains from the latest outfit for Little Bit.  I hope that other parents at her day care will look at her outfits and fall in love, and call me, and ...

Have a great day.  Weekend is right around the corner for those of you that look forward to such things.


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Calm day

As improbably as it sounds after the last couple of posts, today was a calm peaceful day here at the ol' Swamp Hacienda.

This wonder is probably due to the fact that G was gone most of the morning, and I was gone most of the afternoon.  I set out on a shopping trip that ended with me going to DIL's to take the Little Lady and Big Brother some items I made for them.

I did some incidental shopping - using one of those new coupon services for a re-sale shop were I got $45 for $20.  Of course I over-spent the $45,  but still wasn't bad.  Of course one craft shops had their patterns on sale for $1.  Can't beat that deal with a stick.

So now on to the evening.  Perhaps without fireworks?  Probably.  That seems to be the key word today doesn't it!


Tuesday, February 07, 2012

I'm married to a saint

At least that's what he thinks he is.

He wants to argue with each and everything I say.  I could say the sky is blue with white clouds, and he would reply that it's azure with grey tinged clouds.  That's the best way I can describe how things go around here.

I knew it would be dicey when he retired.  Those hours of separation are good for us.  Now, unless I go upstairs - which I do daily, we are together 24/7.  Too much.

Even Daughter is beginning to notice he will argue with me for the sake of arguing.  Now that he has the crud, it's a thousand times worse.  She and I were discussing his propensity for argument Sunday when I went over to her house for the Super Bowl.  Obviously he stayed home.

Today was a perfect example.  The first question was the usual - what's for dinner.  I asked for an idea - he had none.  So I went to the freezer.  Now the freezer in our house is a mysterious place.  It is a chest type, so, like an archaeological dig,  it has its layers.  I really try to keep it straight, but that doesn't always work.  In fact just last week HE turned it all over.  I would go to an upright, but I don't like the one in the side by side any better!

That is why this is my subject today.  The most recent of the impending arguments.  I wanted my Weight Watcher Ice Cream Sandwich.  The box, and it is rather large, is no place to be seen in the freezer .  I did pick the entree for dinner off the top before doing a little cursory diving.  I moved a lot of "stuff" and the box didn't peek out from anywhere.

I mentioned I was looking for that box.  The answer was what I expected.  "I haven't seen it."  I wanted to say it was right on top before you began looking for something in there last week and turned everything upside down, but that would have led to an argument.  I don't feel like doing that today.  So I let it drop.

That was a disappointment to him because he countered with "well then, we can spend the rest of the day cleaning out the freezer."  Nope - not in my plans for the day.  Besides, can you imagine the result of that little move.  There is not room in the utility room for the two of us, and I don't want to spend the afternoon being accused  of something like leaving items in there for too long.  You see, everything that goes wrong around here is my fault.

(a little side bar here - Sunday night he actually accused me of throwing out the plastic bottoms of the food storage thingies.  I wanted to bean him with a cast iron skillet.  I replied I didn't do that, and he made some smart, nonsensical reply like  - if I had done it it would all be gone.  Uh - OK??  I do think you have really gone off the deep end now.)

So, two shots across the bow, and still no argument.  I really upset his day!


Monday, February 06, 2012

Weekend update for 2/5/12

This weekend was totally uneventful.  Daughter would probably not like that statement since I went to her house for part of the Super Bowl.  Nice time snacking.  G stayed home with his "stuff."

The real thing in the back of my mind is that I am terribly afraid our church will have to close its doors.  We really do have a great Pastor.  But he also is the reason we may have to close.  You see, we are broke.

We are still considered a mission church I guess.  We signed our charter a few months ago, and I don't know if that  moves us from charter to full church or what, but we are not taking in enough money to make our bills.  Forget a budget.  We don't have such a thing.

Money is never discussed in this church - which is refreshing, but this is the outcome.  When this church was formed, another congregation put up money for it to get started.  The Synod put up money.  Guess what - yep, that money is almost gone.  Out outgo is about twice what our income is.

The organization of this church is different from any Lutheran (there, I've said it} church with which I have been associated.  We don't have elected officers.  We have a Board of Elders.  I don't think Congregational Meetings are a part of the life of the church.  It is 5 years old.  We have been off and on before, but now are members.  I have witnessed one congregational meeting, and there was no treasurer's report - no budget presented.

Money is not talked about.  Until now.  I think we are within two months of being flat broke.  Money still hasn't been presented to the congregation.  On Thursday, the pastor is meeting with the top 10 families (in giving).  He is having a wine (we're Lutheran - remember) and cheese reception for the top 10.  I am wondering what is going to come from this.

I am heart sick.  I love the people I go to church with.  I love the pastor.  He is a great guy.  But he seemingly has driven this church into the ground.  There is no malfeasance that I can see.  He just wants to be dedicated to helping the community, and he thinks talking about money is gross.  Well, I would say it is time - probably way past time.

Please send good thoughts our way.  This is a good place.  His (Pastor's) heart is in the right place, and it is as big as Alaska (they outrank us in size).   We are needing a miracle I think.


Friday, February 03, 2012

Systems check

Eyes - pretty clear and dry
Nose - mostly clear, occasional stuffiness
Sinuses - not much of a headache

All in all - things are looking up.  While I have taken to the antihistamine WITH decongestant along with the nasal spray that does four things including shrinking swollen nasal passages, G has just suffered - for two weeks.  He thinks he has a cold.  I don't think so, Skippy!

With the heat we have been having, I think it is probably mold.  Most of the pollen counts are fairly low.  Trees either haven't begun to bloom or were so stressed by the drought last summer there isn't really tree pollen.  Grasses, surprisingly, haven't begun to grow vigorously, thus no blooming.  So that leaves the dreaded mold whose spore count is always high.  Even during the summer last year, the mold counts were high. Go figure.

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us.  G and I decided that Family Dinner would be cancelled.  Usually the kids have other things to do.  And not to disappoint,  Son and DIL have plans - with her mother.  Ah well, "a son is a son ..."  I really didn't expect to see them anyway.  I really thought they would be with some of their "friends" that are rather questionable anyway.  But I guess it is all the family from her mother.  We may go to Daughter's if they don't invite the world.  She said no,  but that can change.

I really could/would/should just stay home Sunday.  I care nothing about the Super Bowl.  I used to watch pro football, but it has lost its luster for me.  When I see those guys "playing a game" for all that money, it makes me ill.  This carries over to all pro sports though.  I used to be a real basketball fan.  Not any more.  You have to have a money tree to go to the games, and then for the players and owners to have a lock-out.  That was the final straw.

If you took just one salary of a pro player, you could probably hire at least three teachers for a year.  With the higher paid ones, you could run an entire small school district.  Shameful.

OK - I try not to get on soap boxes like that, but I have just one more thing while I am b*tchin' about money and salaries and the like.  When I look at the money spent on elections, I get livid.  There is no excuse for that kind of spending.  Not to become a public servant - oh, forgot.  They don't serve us.  They are also professionals.  Hummmm, is there a link there?

Anyway, our plans for the weekend aren't big.  I plan to lock myself in upstairs and sew.  And get pictures to post here and other places.  We made really cute little heart candy holders that we embroidered and then they are to be woven together.  Got the embroidery and cut them out - not sure about getting it woven.  Wasn't going well before I left, so I just threw it in the machine trolley and scatted.

Hope you have a great weekend.  But then I believe most weekends are good.  Mine aren't as good as when I was working, but then I have a week of weekend days.  Too bad it took me so long to get to that point.


Thursday, February 02, 2012

More clarity I hope

I sincerely  hope this will make more sense today than yesterday.  I am some better than I was - the antihistamine is finally building up in my blood enough that I am beginning to feel human again.  I will swear to who or whatever that I will NEVER let my supply of antihistamines deplete again.  I will travel the 30+ miles to town to get more.  Kinda sounds like a druggie though, doesn't it.

In addition to the main problem, I went with Daughter to put her 15 year old dog down.  That was a hard thing to do.  I had hoped that I would not get emotional about it, but he was a real part of the family.  He was such a good dog.  So that added to my head problems.  Crying always does.

I did decide that the nasal spray that is so out of date (expired in 2007) wasn't such a great idea, so I bought some new.  I hope I don't need it again for another five years.

Step granddaughter is in town.  Several months ago, she decided that it would be cool to shop lift.  She was caught.  Her court date had been put off and put off.  It was finally set for yesterday, but she had to be in San Antonio.  So SIL used his frequent flyer miles to get her here, and he arranged his business meeting for yesterday so they could get that settled.  Of all places to shop-lift - Target!  Well now she can go back to  Alabama, where she and baby-daddy are living, with only fees to pay and reporting to be done.  I hope this will be taken off her record when the probation is done.  What a way to ruin your life at age 19.  Kids are so stupid.  I know mine were.

I have finally gotten caught up on all things computer related now - finally.  Managed to even leave some comments here and there.  I do have to get the other computer back in working order though.  I really need that router going again.  Of course, the lap top I use for upstairs embroidery designs has a rather small hard drive, and it is almost full!  I spent the entire time at the SSB deleting files that were on it twice (or more).  I have a little room left.  Ah - computers!


Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Yep, that's about all I can say about that.  While we were in the land of nothing, I ran out of antihistamines.  We went into bigger town on Wednesday for groceries, and I forgot about those little life savers.  I spend a couple of days thinking I would go into tiny town to get some.  I just didn't want to do all that driving - so I figured I would just stretch the remaining pills out.  They were the 4-6 hour kind to begin with.

G had taken ill with a "cold" last week before we left.  I am wondering if it were really a cold, but I digress.  I began taking two of my little antihistamines twice a day then and felt great.  I kept cutting the number down.  First it was one twice a day, then it was one a day.  Finally it was none a day.

On Sunday my throat was raw - again.  Like it was before I started on the antis.  I was out of luck.  By the time we left on Tuesday, I was sneezing my head off, nose running like a faucet, and eyes were so watery I couldn't see.  I felt horrible.  Won't use any analogies here!

During the time away, it became evident that Simone was having urinary problems.  Before I thought she was just a slobbery Boxer.  Nope - she was leaking urine to make a long story short.  We made an appointment for her at 5:30 on Tuesday to be sure there was no infection.  Nope - just old female dog.  So she is on meds for the remainder of her life, but that's ok.  Much better than dog urine - on everything.

I am back on the antis.  Not the good kind - the 24 hour ones. They don't work well.  My wonderful nasal spray has expired - like in 2005.  I hope it doesn't kill me.  It gets me through the night.

I am sure this post makes very little sense.  I feel terrible.  I still have a runny nose (when it is not completely stopped up) and watery eyes.  This is not a pretty picture around here.  My nose is lighting the way in the dark.

Missed you guys.  Read your posts - just didn't comment.  I have spent about 8 hours total trying to get caught up with computer stuff.  That surely means too much time on the computer when I am home.  All that time, and I still deleted over 200 emails from  yahoo.  This is really a sad situation.

I will try to be back and better tomorrow.  I have sewing club in the AM, and G goes to play 42 in the PM. That means I will have some unbroken time then.  If the brain is functioning better!!