Tuesday, May 17, 2016

From the trip to the oncologist

This was my regular check with him.  I was on 9-month recall.  The extended time periods are good - there are no apparent cancers, but bad in that you worry that there ARE cancers.  You look forward to having the appointments lengthed in frequency, and you worry that something will pop-up without being found in time.

But this was a scheduled visit.  He, of course, asked how I was.  I said I thought I was great - until my mammogram last  week.  Now the mammogram office is across the hall from his office, but he had not gotten the report yet.

I explained that there were a lot of calcifications in the left breast.  And so on.

He said I should not worry.  Go for the check at six months as I had been instructed, and NOT WORRY.

Phew!!!  (and now I am on a year recall)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Strange happenings

I know Texas and Texans have a reputation for things that make you go "huh."  Some are deserved, and some not.  But this case is one that has even this Texan wondering just what was going on.

There are some neighborhood information sites on Facebook.  I learn a lot about happenings in the area from them,  I was reading one today that absolutely shocked me.

There was a major accident on our main highway through our neighborhoods.  It is already bad enough that there is major, major construction going on, and the traffic is almost always snarled.  You never are quite sure exactly where the lanes will be from one day to the next.  It is a total nightmare.

Last night the traffic was completely stopped in one of the worst places,  It is pretty much a bottleneck there, but it was even worse than normal.  It being a Friday evening was making it even worse.  And people really had short fuses.  They were ready to get home to start their weekend.

Someone asked one of these sites why the traffic was so bad.  The answer was an eye opener.

It seems a young man was traveling along when there was debris on the road that he had to make a quick maneuver to avoid.  That seems improbable right there.  Usually, the traffic is crawling.

Well, in this maneuver, the pistol that HE WAS HOLDING (yes you read that correctly) discharged hitting him in the head.  He completely lost control of his vehicle and went careening off the freeway.  In doing so, he ran into a concrete embankment and was seriously injured from that as well as the bullet in his head.

The comments were about what a foolish thing this was, and the details weren't clear about what really happened.  Was it road rage?

My concern is if he had that pistol in his hand, who was he planning to shoot.

I am aware that there are many other states that allow open carry of pistols.  I am not a fan of this idea.  This is one good reason for my feeling.

The idiot is still alive after being air-lifted to a hospital.  IF he survives this, I really hope there are more answers forth coming.  I really want to know why in the heck he had a gun  IN HIS HAND driving down the roadway.  (And he certainly deserves the huge bill for the helicopter!)

In the continuing winnings of granddaughter

I guess one day I will stop bragging talking about my eldest granddaughter, but the girl flat amazes me almost daily.

I have crowed about her grades, her making all-region in water polo, all-state in water polo, going to the state competition in swimming with her relay team.  Now she has made All-American in water polo!

She has done all this as a freshman in high school.  Most of these kids don't make all these things until they are Juniors or Seniors in High School.

I found that her class has some outstanding athletes.  Several of those freshmen girls lettered in their sports this year.  So many don't until their senior years.  What a group!

I still am looking forward to my grandson playing the tuba.  I think he will do well.  His perfect pitch will take him far.  The youngest (in that family) granddaughter will join the dance team when she gets to HS.  Then on to cheerleader.  She is only in third grade at this point, so it is too early to tell.  Whatever she does, she will continue to be the DIVA!

The other three will go far in music I believe.  But since they range from 4 - 8, who really knows!

But I am a proud Grannie!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Life certainly has ups and downs.  After so many ups, there was a devastating down yesterday.

I went to my yearly mammogram.  And this is getting it in before my follow-up with the oncologist.  I had been put on a 9-month recall,  Things were looking so positive.

The technician was great.  She took all the views, took them to the radiologist, and said they were ok and I could go.  One of the irritating things I find about getting old is having to visit the bathroom - frequently!  So I had stopped on my way out.

When I opened the door, there stood my technician.  She said the radiologist had changed his mind, and wanted more views.

That.  Is. Never. Good.

To cut to the chase, he called me back to show me the views.  I have a LOT of calcification in the left breast (the right is mostly implant).  One of those calcifications seems to be growing.  It is about 3 mm.  Very small, but....

So with my history, I get to go  back in 6 months.

I see the oncologist for my regular appointment next week.  I wonder what he is going to propose.  At least at this point, if it does turn out to be something, the surgery could probably be just a lumpectomy.

The radiologist asked if I had been having pain.  My yes!  Since the surgeries, I have a lot of pain.  I don't "do" surgeries well.  All those incisions seem to develop scar tissues that hurt.  So the pain isn't really something new.

Once again.  We will see what Dr Poison says next week.  Sigh.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Another wow!

Music has been/is what I do.  My son has followed me into music.  It is/was a second job and brought in a little extra money.  I as an organist at church(es), and he with his band (and as lead singer with another band).  My daughter - no.  It IS funny that in the days when there were piano lessons, she was the one who seemed to be more capable - to the point that I was told that I was wasting my money with Brian.

The other day, the tests for the beginning band were given to the fifth graders.  You have to show some ability to get into the beginning band.  Reagan will be heading off to sixth grade next year.  So he took that ability test.  He did very well. He tested well on several instruments and has chosen the tuba.

Needless to say, I am thrilled.

Now the downside.  Both parents are sports minded.  They have never subjected their kids to any musical experience, although I DID try with Katie.  And she was doing quite well.  She has a good ear - just didn't want to learn the notes.  BUT they kept her so busy with basketball, soccer, and more that it killed our piano time.

The real thing I have here is the Facebook post by SIL.  It basically was "darn, my kid is in the band - how do I handle this horrible turn of events."  When congratulated went on with "he is projected to be 6'6", 280, and is one of the best football players around.  (note here - G has seen him play.  He IS big and can intimidate.  But when someone gets close to him - he just falls down).

So why has this unsettled me?  His dad was nothing but sports.  Even if one of the kids got hurt playing, he would tell them to get back out there.  I had no respect for that man, and this is one reason.  Steve said he would never be like that.  Well - he surely is.

I am thrilled that Reagan will be exposed to another facet of learning.  I sincerely believe deep down Reagan isn't all that into sports.  He is a gentle giant.  AND he hates to run.  I believe he does the baseball thing because dad was supposedly so good at it, and played as an adult in some of the local leagues.  He DOES like football, but again I think he sees it as a way of getting Dad's approval - and time alone with Dad.

I am so disappointed with Steve's attitude.  Many people have blown him out of the water responding to that post, so I am not really alone. But I am so proud of Reagan.  I think he will do so well, but  not with his dad's attitude like this.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Busy weekend

Friday we set off to Texas A&M University. The state water polo finals were being held.  (Are you seeing a trend here)  There was some worry about the weather - not because of the swimming - we are such sissies we have indoor natatoriums.  There was another major storm heading this way, and we were concerned about travel in flooding conditions.

We missed the first game since we left the Houston area AFTER the game was over.  The next game was at four.  That was great timing because we couldn't check into the hotel until 3.  They lost.  12-6!  This was after their first game of a win 17-2.

That put them out of the running for first, second, third or fourth.  They ended up tied for fifth.  That tie game was so very.  It was played Saturday, and was so exciting!  It was a 6-6 score.

We didn't stay for the awards ceremony.  The trip home is only 1 1/2 hours, but we both were tired.  But during that ceremony, Katie made the State All Star First team!  That is amazing for a freshman.
It was a great weekend all in all!