Wednesday, September 18, 2019

And of course - another venting session

Granddaughter Katie is off to college in Poughkeepsie - and LOVES it.  I think the fact that they all have I-phones and can do "face time" every day has helped, but she loves everything about it.  Now when winter comes, I don't know how this Southeast Texas girl is going to manage!!

Now the venting.  I have had sciatica for over 40 years.  Now add stenosis and arthritis, and I am usually in pain.  BUT I have managed.  We have vacationed and that includes a lot of walking. 

Why am I bringing this up - well, poor little G has sciatica now.  He is claiming it is debilitating pain.  He wants surgery.  Me, I think that is a BIG mistake.  I will (and did) have both knees replaced, a partial shoulder replacement.  I will do any surgery except my back.  Do. Not. Touch. My. Back. With. A. Scalpel. 

He also complained to my daughter saying that we just HAD to downsize.  That he almost fainted from the pain when he was moving the sprinkler in the front yard.  So now she is investigating moving us.  That means we would be leaving a 2700 square foot home and going into a 700 square foot garage conversion - or a single room if we were to sell BOTH houses and we all move into a totally different house where we would have "our own room." 

That solution isn't something I want.  We already sleep in separate rooms.  He snores and I have insomnia.  We are not compatible in the same room.  We have been married 51 years and this is our solution.

Plus, I have been thinking of all the things I have to give up.  I am not ready to do that.  I have my craft room - err rooms - upstairs.  That all would have to go.  Admittedly, I do not cook as I once did, but I have accumulated cooking items over the years.  They would go.

And on the cooking - if we moved in with my daughter, we wouldn't be eating the way we do now.  My SIL does cook OK - not as well as he THINKS, but pretty well.  I don't want to eat his cooking every day. 

Now there would be advantages to living with them.  I would be close to the children.  That would be nice - even though they are both teens (and I would be THERE when Katie comes home).  I would be closer to my daughter.  Even though we are only one mile away, I often go weeks without seeing any of them.

So I have vented now.  I could partially vent to daughter, but not all that I put here.  I don't want to vent to DIL  I don't want to vent to close friends - they live with family!!  So this is my outlet!