Saturday, February 28, 2015

Getting back into the swing.

Today was the first of two days of serving a meal at church.  It feels so comfortable and right to be doing this.  I am so grateful that there is the youth director at church who make my granddaughter love going to that church so much that she insisted her parents go back - which means we also went back.  Today just felt right.

This was a Synod wide event, but I was amazed (appalled is more like it) that there were so few participants - about 25.  I was expecting a large crowd.  When we pulled in the parking lot, I really thought the event had been cancelled.  There were fewer cars than are normally for anything!  But we went in, set up lunch that was already pretty much in place, welcomed the folks for lunch, and cleaned up.  Boom! That was it.  But it felt good.

Tonight is the monthly group outing called Guess Where We Are Going To Dinner.  Once again it will be at a restaurant in our neighborhood. One we frequent, and now I wonder where we will eat after church tomorrow!!!

Then on Wednesday I will be bringing food and helping serve at a funeral reception.  This woman developed breast cancer after me.  She has fought it tooth and nail, having it metastasized to the bones.  She developed pneumonia, and that was the end for her.  Bless her soul - she was quite eccentric, but her heart was huge.  I am proud to help her family with the reception.

And tomorrow is family dinner night.  I have no clue who or where.  Brian is playing at the BarBQue cook-off.  This is a three night deal that precedes the Rodeo.  Makes lots of money (he does - and so does the cook-off for that matter).  Steve - who knows.  I think he and Krissi are renting a limo to go.  They have tickets to some tents down there.  That's where the real fun is.  There is general admission, but the real happenings are in the different cooker's tents - like where Brian's band is.

I tried to hijack a video clip of Brian playing with another band recently from Facebook, but apparently it isn't something easily taken.  I am proud of his singing.  Wanted to share it, but you will just have to take my word.

So - that's the news from around these parts.    

Friday, February 27, 2015

Brrr - again

I shouldn't complain about the cold.  It is only here for a few days,  and it's never dangerously cold.  I know we get extra blankets to the homeless, but it's not like they are going to freeze to the ground.  It's just annoying - and the homeless are even more miserable.  There is a non-profit here that is wonderful about getting hats, gloves, coats, and blankets to those poor folks. Never-the-less I am just not comfortable either in these temperatures.  I hate to have the heated come on!!!

That nonsense being over on to today.  I forgot to add yesterday that when we were iced over, that means my "FABULOUSLY WONDERFUL" (not) internet was out.  Any time we eve have clouds, that thing goes out.  I went out when the ice was gone from the deck and beat on the dish.  It didn't help.  I called the company.  They said that in heavy rain (takes ours a mist), snow (didn't have it) or fog the satellite internet will go out.  Well ours is super sensitive,

Steve (aka SIL) has told me a friend of his (they are a multitude)  who lives about 75 miles has internet (satellite ??) that is faster, cheaper, and more reliable.  Of course, he still hasn't found the name of said company.  I am still waiting for him to plug in the USB from Amazon into my TV also.  Does that tell you anything???  He talks (a lot) a good story, but action is something else.

Wednesday night I slipped and fell.  With my weak knees, shoulders that have just been injected with cortisone (probably rotator tears) and just generally being out shape coupled with my slick floors made getting up a problem.  Something has to change here.  I am very sore.  My knees feel bruised.  My muscles in my shoulders and arms are sore.  That is telling me it  is time to get in shape.  I will b on the stationary bike everyday. When it is cold like this - I will probably will spend time at Krissi's.  They have a "gym" in their garage.  When the pool warms I will be in it. I now understand "I've fallen and can't get up."

So today it's pretty much back to normal.  Hair cut.  Pharmacy (and using it to get a load of bread).

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Remember me?

After that last post that was simply steam of thoughts as they came into my head - it was probably assumed I had a stroke and that explained it.

No - my round of doctors and PT - which will continue next week as though nothing had happened got to me!.  Plus we spent the last week at the SSB.

As you are aware, that is getting to be a pain for me.  I really want to stay home!!  But - gotta go.  This trip was a real winner.  We did go to Community Club on Friday night.  Our crazy neighbor's wife seems to realize that I am not her "bestest" friend.  She has hinted over the last year while that crazy road was being constructed that this relative and that were having babies or grands and they would love to have the baby toys I make.  Yeah - well, I am not making them for you unless you pay me double what I charge.  I have given her those - free.  She didn't sit anywhere near me Friday night.  Last month, she sat between me and my SIL.

Beginning on Tuesday, our temperature dropped to 27 degrees and STAYED there for about 30 hours.  I know it has been a lot worse in other parts of the nation, but this is pretty serious for us.  Our decks were completely iced over.  Fortunately I had gotten the stair treads installed so that there would be traction on the back steps.  Finally yesterday the temperatures broke.  It was a lovely afternoon - until the riding lawn mower broke.

It is still sitting in the pasture.  It is in gear.  It won't start so it won't come out of gear.  Fun. fun, fun.

Looks like we are in for another round of cold.  Up there it will be sleet and snow tomorrow.  Then cold the rest of the week and into next.  At least here it won't be as cold.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Memory jog

I will make no bones about it - I cannot remember 4 of the birth dates of my six grandchildren.  Katie is the first.  I forget if it is the 16th or 17th of January.  I can remember Karrington's and Reagan's.  They are in July like mine and my son Brian.  The other three I cannot remember either - all of Brian's kids.  I know Holden's is January, William is February (like today, and believe me I wrote it down today!!!), and Delaney is in September.  I really feel awful about that, but when talking to my best friend yesterday, I found she can't remember her grand's birthdays either!!!

SO with that - let's move on. It has been a crowded week again.  Yesterday was PT.  He really worked me.  And alas, I haven't done them today.

And a funny (I guess) story about yesterday.  I was supposed to call the pain doc to let them know how the injections have done. Did that - left the message and then headed out to PT.  I got home and G told me (I THOUGHT!!) that I needed to "call Dora and Dr W's office.  My best friend is named Dora.  We don't talk often, but we are really close friends.  I was afraid something had happened with one of her kids.

So I called Dr W's office back to see what the doc had to say.  Then I called Dora.  She seemed to be a little surprised, but we talked for a while.  She was still at work.  We vowed to get together soon, and went on. She never let on that anything was amiss.

After I got off the phone, G asked who I was talking to.  I replied "Dora - I returned her call."  He said, and THEN I read the note it was Dora AT Dr W's office.  Oops.  What a senior moment.

Today was our church group meeting.  I do enjoy them.  I wish they weren't every week.  I would love them to be once a month, but...  We were listing prayer concerns.  One of our church member succumbed to cancer last week.  She left two cats.  They are looking for someone to adopt them.  Do you know how hard it is to get cats adopted??

Tomorrow we go to the SSB - again.  Things might slow down, but Friday is Community Club (yopee) and Wednesday is Happy Hour.  Friday will also be going grocery shopping in Fredetricksburg.  Perhaps the other days I can just chill!

This has been totally stream of consciousness today.  Probably doesn't make a lot of sense.  Really sorry about that.  BTW - Sally so glad you are back!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sunday dinner

It was a quiet evening.  The three youngest grands were not here.  Their mom and her mom went to Lafayette for Mardi Gras.  They originally were going to be back, but ...  Anyway, it was probably a good thing since Katie is still recovering from her concussion.  She is still having some headaches, but all in all getting better.  She went to the ODP practice because her coach wanted her to be there for at least some of the instruction even though she wouldn't be in the pool.

Valentine's night, Steve served a great meal of sea scallops, shrimp, lobster and risotto.  Quite tasty, but bless his heart - he has a problem with timing.  He isn't sure how to fire things so that they are all served hot.  The sea foods were all cold, but when it comes to those things - cold is so much better than none.

My heart goes out to those of you who are experiencing the brutal weather.  We are headed down to freezing tonight which isn't really a big deal, EXCEPT things are budding out.  In the Hill Country, the wineries are worried about frost tonight.  That will certainly be horrible for the grapes.  The peach people don't seem to be especially worried.  Not sure the trees have budded.

I am not as conscientious about my PT here at home as I should be.  I know it's an excuse, but I just don't take the time to do the exercises.  It takes about 15 minutes - which is nothing, but there is so much I would rather be doing than those exercises.  But they are helping.  It may hurt while  I am doing them, but I can stand longer and walk a little further.  Gotta do them!

It's off to Costco in a while.  Into the rain and cold.  I know - I don't need sympathy.  It's not ice and snow!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Did I ever learn a lesson!

I have never subscribed to anything that Dr Oz had put out.  I don't like his ideas, and in fact there is more and more about him coming out that the things he "preaches" about health are not correct.

But other than not ever subscribing to anything he does, that isn't important.  What I have found is what I have always heard about "don't unsubscribe to anything that you didn't subscribe to in the first place" is a valid rule.

My home email will only let emails through from folks who are in my address book.  It has a another box for those emails that may not be complete spam.  Just suspicious because they are not in my address book.  Somehow Dr Oz emails began showing up in the suspicious folder.

I was tired of deleting them, so I went to where is said to "unsubscribe."  Well now I am getting twice as many.  Word got out apparently - she is a real living person.  Hit the spam button.

Lesson learned.  I will just delete from now on.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Legal stuff

Attorneys have it made!!  They have set everything up so that they are essential for almost anything - including dying and death!

We went to check the validity of our wills, and they are ok (thank goodness), but then we went ahead and did the advanced directives and powers of attorney (there's that word again!).

It was all really simple - our kids determine what happens to us if we become incapacitated.  Well -  G will take over for me - I am sure I will go first.  But then it goes to the kids.

We had all the information filled out.  All they had to do was fill in the forms that are stored with the proper names/addresses.  This was a mere $300!

Krissi wants to have their wills done, and they really need to.  Steve travels so much, and he has a daughter by a previous relationship.  I have written about her before.  She has been and still is pretty much a witch (but change one letter please) to them both.  They don't want any of their "stuff" to go to her.  They want it to go to their three.

I guess that sounds horrible, but this young woman has been really terrible to them.  They will give her a certain amount of money from the estate, and that is all.


Last night, Katie got a between level 1 and 2 concussion last night.  She was head butted in the basketball game.  So she won't be able to participate in the ODP (olympic development program) camp for water polo this weekend, and (thank goodness) she cannot play in the next basketball game next week.

I am still tired, tired, tired!  I went to sleep last night at 9:30 and slept until 1 something when I had to go to the bathroom.  Then I went back to sleep until 7:30.  I really could stand a nap now!!

Perhaps I will be back this weekend!! If not, have a great one!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nearing the finish line

Down to the last or almost last appointments.  The sleep study was really very easy.  The technician was just great.  Of course I knew how it went before I went up.  There were three of us - actually 4 but I didn't see the 4th.  This was the first for one of the guys.  I think he was quite nervous.

I thought we would be getting a sweet roll, juice and coffee this morning, but it was one of three different breakfast sandwiches, and whatever else from there - fruit, cereal and the like.  It was good.
I told the tech I know she isn't supposed to diagnose, but did it look like I would qualify - especially with one visit.  She said yes.  So that is good news!

I was worried about what my co-pay would be, but I will be honest - it almost didn't matter.  It was only $10!

I woke at 6:15 on my own.  I had to "go" so badly!  The technician came on and asked if I were ready to get up - well no, but...  I had to wait for her to disconnect me, but made it!

She then took all the leads off, ordered breakfast delivery, and after I ate - I was on my way - into the terrible traffic!!

I wish I could have thought of something to do out there beginning at 7.  I have to be back at 12:30 for PT.

So I will be off for that here in a bit.  I wonder how many sessions have been ordered.  Next week is the SSB, although with the new polar express coming on Thursday we may not be going on that day. We'll see!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Life is a complete whirl right now

When I set about making my doctors appointments, I was amaze at the speed at which my calendar filled up.  Two weeks - almost solid of something on each date.  Then as I began going to those visits, more was added.  My head is in a complete whirl.

Yesterday were the injections, and while I still am feeling a few twinges, there is some relief!  I discovered I am still not comfortable standing for a time period.  The back still hurts.  And as long as I am fairly careful with the shoulders, they are better.

I got the call yesterday from the hospital I wanted.  Prayers were answered!!  They sent me a 10 page packet to return today, and I go tonight at 7:30 for the sleep study.  I am hoping I will be sleeping soundly so they wake me to put the mask on.  This will mean only one study.  I took one of the sleeping pills the sleep doc gave me, and it worked!!!  So - tonight for sure.

In the literature it said that I can watch TV or read as I normally would - - - until lights out.  That sounds rather ominous.   With the technician waking us (me - don't know how many there are) at 6:30 I am thinking it is going to be fairly early.  I will bet before my usual midnight!!!

I am glad I have had the sleep study before.  I won't be so terribly nervous.  But I know I still do not sleep well in a strange bed.

So - have a great evening.  I am sure I will be here bright and early tomorrow - and then off to PT in the afternoon.  Money, money,money thanks to my wonderful Medicare Advantage Plan (which really isn't for me!!!!0

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I am waiting for the phone call from the hospital I prefer to set the sleep study.  I have a terrible feeling I will be going to the other hospital.  It used to be the one all the doctors wanted to use.  It was the only one out this way, and the doctors flocked to it.  It was owned by doctors.  Then they sold it.  The quality of care there went down into the basement.  When I had the mastectomy,  my surgeon said we could go there, but he really didn't want to because they would postpone surgeries for hours.

Anyway - I have been able to have procedures from that time until now at this newer hospital (owned by the physicians that used to own the first).  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Had my injections this morning.  It went well.  I am already feeling relief.  Hope that continues for a while - not just a couple of weeks or month.

Krissi and Katie had their talk.  I really do feel sorry for them.  I want to take Katie out sometime this weekend.  I have always been very close to her, and we seem to have an "understanding,"  I was able to quell her temper tantrums.

I wouldn't want to be a teenager these days for all the tea in China.  My teen years (in high school) were so great.  I loved that time.  In college, I changed somewhat - at least once I did (that my parents knew about.)  I still exhibited some dangerous activities, but survived.

I had problems with Krissi.  It was grim.  Really grim.  But she has grown up to a very responsible woman - a successful woman.  All the stuff that was driving me crazy was left behind.  With her, it was having a phone in her room - gave a lot of privacy.

Katie has a smart phone.  That is Pandora's box.  She is just in so many activities she needs one.  Well - she at least needs a phone that texts.  But they find ways to get in trouble these days    She starts high school next year.  That is a worry.

Think it is time for a nap - still have drugs in my system (which is a statement that if taken out of context would look really strange,)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Monday, February 09, 2015

So ...

I really do wish I could see better.  I realized my title, of all things, was wrong yesterday.  So this morning before ANYTHING else I changed it.  Geesh!

Went to the "sleep doctor."  He wasn't what I expected, but that's ok.  I wanted to tell him to just schedule the sleep test because I know I need a new machine, but I patiently (what a play on words!) listened and answered questions.  And then he prescribed some sleeping meds and nasal spray.  Then sent to orders to the hospital I really would like to use, but they don't take my insurance.  Of course not!  That's why I wish I were still just medicare not medicare advantage.

Then finally this afternoon, I got the call for my injections tomorrow.  I was so afraid the appointment would be in the afternoon - so I would be NPO for HOURS!!  It's at 9:45 - not bad.

Krissi is finding how heartbreaking a teen-aged daughter can be.  She thought Katie was very trust worthy.  That she had her head on straight.  Not so much.  The siren of social media is calling her.  She has done some foolish things on the phone.  Not as serious as could be, but enough.

I try to say as little as possible.  Krissi sent me through sheer hell as a teenager.  When she was 18, she thought she was grown and left home.  That was a bad, bad time - I think for her as well as me.

My heart is so full of sadness for both of them.

Guess it runs in the family.  I pulled a terrible thing on my parents too.  Wish I knew - but I am thinking my mother probably did too.  I know not all girls do, but seems to run in my family.

Sad times.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Randomness on a Sunday afternoon

So much, so much - where to start.

I guess I will begin with late last week - Friday I believe.  I opened my email and there was the weekly missal from Celebration.  There is a section where the pastor or vicar or Assistant in Ministry or Worship Leader writes something.  And Pastor did.  I am sure he has caused quite a stir because most of the congregation didn't know this little tidbit.  I had heard because he visited his top 10 givers, and said something to them,

In the newsletter he announced he is stepping down as Pastor!  The 22nd will be his last Sunday. Krissi talked to one of our friends who asked it that meant we would be coming back.  Nope.

But this is how that man "rolls" - all smoke and mirrors.  I know what the plan is.  Krissi knows the plan, and probably about 8 others do too.  But the congregation is still like mushrooms.  Kept in the dark and fed s*it.  The more I learn about this man, the more I really dislike him.  Not very Christian I guess.


This weekend has had some amazing things happen.  First, I never will claim to be a housekeeper.  I don't like it, and if the house is clean enough to not be dangerous, I am ok.  Secondly, (an excuse I guess) I had a whole pile of stuff happen all at once - even though it was across a number of years.  When I retired, I began keeping grandchildren.  That took a lot of my time - especially Katie because I kept her the most hours (another story) and the longest time.

My aunt and uncle who were like second parents passed.  I inherited a lot of stuff.  Back then I had emotional ties to the stuff.  It meant a lot to me.

Then I had to move Step-mom and Dad here.  She with terminal kidney/bladder cancer; he terminal Alzheimer's.  I was trying to be super-woman.  I felt guilty because I couldn't manage him at home, so I was trying to do his laundry.  And since he had become incontinent - there was a lot.

Then she got really bad and died.  So we had to move the stuff from San Antonio.  The house was being sold.  Round one of the avalanche.

My dad rocked along for about 4 years, and then he passed.  I am still processing all the stuff from two households.

Then the in-laws died.  Not so much stuff, but still...

In that time right after my dad, I was lucky enough to be tagged by cancer.  Chemo, radiation all that.  I was just beat down.  Things simply piled up - more.

Most recently the arthritis.  Hopefully Pain Doc will help.

So where am I going - right here!  When I was taking chemo, I lost my wedding ring.  I hate to wear any jewelry in the house.  I took the ring off, and forgot where I put it.  Lovely chemo brain.   Add everything else and I was a mess.  I have searched and searched.  Could not find it.

Yesterday, I was looking through last years tax stuff and cleaning up where the shredder vomited after getting jammed.  I was using the hand vac.  It wouldn't pick up something, and of course with the macular degeneration and glaucoma I couldn't see it very well.  Lo and behold it was my ring that has been missing for 5 (!!!) years.  Holy cow!

Last month I lost my wig.  It is the most expensive wig I have ever bought.  I was just sick.  I looked every where.  We thought it might be in the clothes I cleaned out of my closed.  It might have slipped in there.  I haven't wanted to take all of those clothes out of the bag because handling all that made my arthritis in my left ring finger, and it is so swollen, I can't put my (new) wedding set on.

I am clearing old magazines (and I only take three - and two aren't monthly, so where do they all come from???) on the coffee table.  What is hiding there between two coffee table books.  Yep - my little lost wig.

Since cancer - I have started carrying a day timer again.  I have to keep my appointments in there.  Like so far this month, there has been something each and every day.  We keep track of our mileage to doctors' appointments.  Mine from last year wasn't with my other medical stuff.  Remember - my "office" is the kitchen table and close-by corner.  It was living with the wig!

Now my mind is still missing.  I am thinking there isn't much hope for it.

So it has been an exciting and good weekend in the end.  Hope your has been too!

Friday, February 06, 2015

Results from my appointment

That's easy - more appointments and the chance to spend a LOT of money.

I get the steroid injection(s) on Tuesday.  I was telling her about my shoulders, so while I am out - she will pop them too!  Hoping for a lot of relief.

I have a 'script to pick up that will help relieve the nerve pain from the sciatica so I can sleep.  Looking forward to that!  It wasn't ready until late last night, so I will get it today after the pedi.

She also prescribed an ointment for my arthritic hands.  Well - she said it might be too expensive, and IT IS.  The pharmaceutical company called.  Of course, my insurance will not cover it.  So it would be (gasp) $300.  They have another formulation that is similar.   It runs $45.  I will suffer.

Then I will have physical therapy.  My first will be next week.  I know this will end up being a split thing.  I can't get them all in before we go to the SSB.

I filled in the pre-op registration for the injections this morning.  I thought I would have to give a pint of blood via email for it!  Talk about lengthy!  But that's done.

I am really worried about my brain.  I thought I had the appointment with the sleep doc today.  G reminded me that today was the pedi appointment.  The sleep doctor's office called right after that to confirm my appointment!  I am losing it.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thoughts after mid-week - such as they are

I still haven't had time to go play with the new toy (the new machine).  It is sitting up there like a siren of the sea calling and calling.  Every time I walk by the stairs, I hear it's song.  But don't have the time to devote.

I really can't remember what I did on Tuesday.  It must not have been very important.  I think I simply sat and played on the computer - reading emails, blogs, and the vacuum of all time - Facebook.  (Of which I have two pages:one personal, one business).

Yesterday was a full day.  We went to the Life Group.  It wasn't quite what I expected although it was the way it was described.  Of the less that twenty people there, we knew eight.  We had been gone about 5 years, and the church has grown considerably in that time.  One of those we knew was because she had been at Celebration with us.  But we also weren't really active in those last few years we were at Messiah.

It was a comfortable group.  It started as the small groups at Celebration - with highs and lows for the week - and G hates that!!  I really do too.  I don't have many highs and lows. Just getting up in the morning can be a high and a low.  I am still here (that's a high), and the pain is still here (that's a low). My life is really quite stable.  I am generally happy and content - no, really!  Stop laughing.  I know I usually find something that I write about.  But I am pretty content.

So that meeting went on for a little over an hour.  The subject for these groups is to talk about the previous sermon and how it really relates to our lives.  But it moreover gives a chance to connect with others in the church.  I like that, and I have always liked that.

Long ago when Messiah was getting started we participated in a "Caring and Sharing" group.  We would meet once a month at someone's house for dinner, and just connect with one another.  I guess highs and low were a part of it too, just not called that.  I enjoyed it so much,

After the group was my fav of all times - the grocery store.  It was a task I had put off for three weeks.  Now I did slip a trip to Costco in there, but I have avoided the grocery store.  But that's done until there is a dire need, or another month.  Of course in a couple of weeks I will be grocery shopping in Fredericksburg since we will be (ta-da) at the SSB again.

Today is the pain doctor.  I am thinking she will set a time for me to get the steroid injection in my spine.  I am hoping she will have a magic wand that will ease the arthritis pains.  Doubt it, but I am looking forward to pain relief in the back.

This morning as I was reading my email, I came across one from Dr Susan Love and her Army of Women.  She is working on breast cancer.  Years ago I signed up with her.  I was hoping I could be of help in research to find a cure.  Well - the research is on the West Coast or Minnesota.  I have yet done anything in seven years.  Sounds self centered I guess, but with out Medical Community here - and M.D. Anderson being a top cancer research facility, I thought there would be a need.  Since then I have discovered Anderson is rather closed.  They don't want to help or get help from any other place. Oh, well.  So be it.

Tomorrow is the good day.  Pedicure time!

Have a great one.  I thought I would be going to Dallas with Krissi and Katie, but it is a day trip for practice with the Zone Team for Water Polo.  They are practicing for the big time in California in March - which I will be going to.  Really I am glad Krissi found another mother to ride with her to Dallas.  I really don't want to spend 8 hours on the road for a 4 hour session!!!!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Busy, busy, and so it will be for a while

Friday evening we were to eat with the church group.  Only when we got there, we found it was the wrong night.  G had his usual temper tantrum, but it all ended ok.  We went to the neighborhood Mexican restaurant.  It was GOOD!

So Saturday night we did have dinner with the group.  It is the local seafood place.  Only they have changed their menu.  Not as good.  There were over 30 of us.  The restaurant assigned one poor waitress.  Service was slow.  One person cannot possibly handle 30.  The kitchen had trouble.  A couple of our group acted like horses patooties, and one couple who showed up over 30 minutes late of course ordered late.  Their food was late.  They wanted their meals comped. I could have just slipped under the table.  I was flabbergasted.  Or well those people are everywhere.

Sunday (that's right that was last night!!!) we went to Krissi's.  Her neighbors who were burned out had included them in a thingy where there was another meal included last night.  The mom made tamales.  Oh.  My. Goodness.  They were soo good.  There is nothing like a homemade tamal, but she is the best of her family.  And she is that for sure.

This morning was cardio doc.  Everything is good with the exception of the left carotid.  He wants to do an ultrasound to determine if there might be a little something there.  So next month I will do that.

My appointment was at 9:15.  His office is in the building that is in front of the women's and children's part of the hospital.  Parking is horrible.  I always try to get an early appointment - before everyone comes to see the new babies!!!  So I was early.  I had planned to do shopping around the area today since I was there.  I was out of his office at 9:20!!!

So I had to wait at the stores.  I got a new pair of shoes.  Sounds like a kid before school doesn't it. I  spent my days buying shoes at P*yless, and my feet paid for that.  So I either buy Finns (and now I try NOT to buy those because of their expense) or SAS which are getting just about as bad.  But got a cute pair of low heeled pumps.  Me - who used to wear HIGH, HIGH heels.  Hump..

Anyway.  I went to the sewing shop and bought a new old, baby.  But it is new to me.  It is a second machine with a larger hoop.  It was within my budget too.  I was hoping for something that weighed less.  Nope.  This baby weighs more than the other one!

Tomorrow is the eye injection.  Wednesday is the Life Group at church, Thursday is the pain doc.  Friday is pedicure!  There goes my week.

Hope you have good plans for the week - exciting ones, not doctors!