Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterday, I thought I would post pictures of the new lights that I am so proud of. I really thousht I might do just that. But the thought was before I worked for two hours in two different sessions to post, or rather try to post, four pictures to the web site.

I know I am far from proficient with this computer stuff, but Photoshop has me completely stymied. Talk about a balky program. At least it was with me and on this laptop. I was so completely frustrated. Of course, it didn't help that some of the protective programs on this computer decided to do their scans during the process, and every time I hooked the camera to the computer, microsoft decided to load to take the pictures.

When I finally got the pictures onto the computer, I went to the web site. I saved them in the proper format, but the web site said they weren't. So here I am without new pictures on the web site.

That is a long way of telling you that my beloved lights are still not here on the blog.

I did get a hit from C*aigs List, but alas, I didn't have more burb cloths on hand. I hope she will contact me again.

We will be off the the SSB first thing in the morning. I am, as usual, conflicted about this trip because I really need to be here to sew. Perhaps I'll take the smaller machine and the fabric for aprons and do them. The ones I want to do don't require the big embroidery machine.

Since we will be off in the morning, I'll wish you a great weekend here and now. And I will be back to fightiing Photoshop!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New lights spice up the house

About five years ago, I was going to redo my kitchen and breakfast room. I found new wallpaper, and I went out and bought a pendulum light fixture to go over my sink. I thought it would add more light to the room. I think I could have a 10,000 watt bulb in there and G would complain about how "dark" the kitchen is.

Being the procrastinator that I am, the wall paper still resides behind the door in my bedroom, and more than that, I have decided that I want to texture the walls and faux paint them. The pendulum lamp lived in the study. It was moved from place to place, and almost forgotten.

Then last year, I saw a chandelier in a catalog that I absolutely fell in love with. K is always asking what I want for my birthday or whatever gift giving occasion comes up. I had seen that chandelier, and I told her that was it. So long before my July birthday, she ordered it. It came to my house and lived around or in the entry hall until last weekend.

B is so good about changing my light fixtures, but that baby is going to be here at any time. In fact, C has been to the hospital twice with false labor. I called him to see if he could spare some time last weekend to put up my lights. He could, and he did.

I feel almost like I have a new house. Now I need K's kitchen contractor to get his butt over here to give me an estimate for the work I want done. I think he may be here next Thursday. I need help in the other remodeling project (our new TV).

Strange how little things can put a new spark in your life. And on Monday I thought last weekend was rather boring. Was I ever wrong. It has provided my with subject matter for three days! I think I will try to post pictures of my new lights tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm stimulating!

Yep, we are doing our part to stimulate this economy!!

When all the talk about TV going digital, G thought we would have to replace our sets. Now I was really stupid when I revealed my superior intelligence on the subject and told him that since we had cable here and satellite at the SSB, we were fine. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! I have wanted a flat screen for a long time. If I had kept my mouth shut - I would have that set.

The problem with that is our present set is absolutely fine. It has a great picture, and shows no signs of dieing any time soon. I just can't throw out a perfectly good set for really no good reason. My son has the same set, and his is rocking along just fine as well. We bought them about the same time - probably a good 12 years ago.

Finding a good home for a 12 year old, 27 inch analog TV is not easy. The poor baby is obsolete, and it just doesn't know it. It sits there proudly running programs all day without complaining at all. How can I just pitch it. I doubt that even the resale shops would want it.

Well, I now have that problem. Sunday I looked at the ad from the remaining electronics biggie. I usually don't because G hates them with a passion. He tried to get something covered under warranty several years ago, and it didn't go well. When things like that happen to him, he does not go back to said store (or chain).

This store had a 42 inch flat screen, surround sound, and their people to come set it up for $1200. I was talking about it to the kids before dinner. Yesterday, after our respective doctor appointments, he suggested we both go to that store to see about that TV. I really was quite amazed.

So off we went. We got there. Marched right up to the set. And no one was there to help us. There was one salesman, but he didn't even acknowledge our presence. I know he had a customer, but he could have said he knew we were there.

So I decided to wander up to the front of the store with my bewildered face. It worked. We got a very knowledgeable young man with a great personality. I finally walked out of there about $2000 lighter with the date to put the stand together and set up our TV next Thursday. I guess he was really a good salesman, but technology has run by and left me in the dust. Probably I could have gotten by with a cheaper surge protector, but I also remember the PC being all but destroyed by a close lightening strike. This one has the cable going into it before the set.

Happy Valentines Day (I guess) to us! And viva the economy!


Monday, January 26, 2009

Ho hum

This weekend was one that was so ordinary! Saturday, I thought I might become a real estate mogul. K found a house here that was about $80,000 under price. We rushed over to look at it. It had been previously leased by a little girl who went to school with Lady Bug. I was amazed at how the house had been abused. I am not a fanatic house keeper. I'll be the very first to admit that. When I had a full time job, a part time (every other week as organist for a church), and trying to get a craft store going, I realized that something had to give. Since I wanted some time to be with family, I wasn't going to be a spotless housekeeper.

Looking at that house, I am a spotless housekeeper. That poor house was so trashed - in fact most of the trash was left behind in the house and scattered around the yard. The house has the strangest floor plan I have ever seen. The very center of the house is a dining room. A formal living is directly in front, and a small den behind it. There is no direct access from the kitchen to the dining room.

We looked and planned. It was daughter, son in law, the contractor, the real estate agent and me. None of us to come up with a good way to make that house one that would be livable. It was such a mish mash. The contractor estimated a good $45,000 to work on it. Both baths had to be completely gutted, and most of the kitchen. The first blow to the deal after that estimate was looking at the pool. It is literally the black lagoon. That didn't scare me that much because the first year we had the cover on ours, when the cover came off - it was the black lagoon. When I went to the pool equipment to turn on the pump - nothing happened. Ah so! Talk about a real money pit! The diving board had been broken off and was completely missing.

The real killer was when I looked over the back door. It appeared that that section had moved upward. The contractor then looked with more detail. There were lightning bolt cracks in the exterior brick - not one but several. That sealed the fate. Not the house for us.

I am still amazed at just how strange that floor plan was. I would love to know who built that thing. I would love to know what he was thinking. More than that, I would love to know who the architect was. He is bound to be out of business and very poor now!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Interesing times

I am such a newbie at things like web pages it is just awful. Yesterday I decided to go to our website to tweek what I could just a little. When I finally found the proper pathway to the blasted thing, when I called up a text box, nothing showed. I could not edit anything. Talk about frustration. I could, and did, delete items - those that I didn't want deleted. But I could not edit any text boxes.

So, I went to support. The first place I ended up was not correct, but they transferred me to another live chat support. Let me tell you, I have never chatted via internet. That was new experience 1. Then after a bit, she said that, with my permission, she could take over my computer to fix the problem. That was new experience 2. It was really strange seeing my pointer move over the page and pages open and close without me touching anything.

She got me fixed - at least yesterday. I haven't tried to access it today. I need to take pictures of our items to post. I don't know if I'll be able to post everything. Our jewelry itself is a large inventory. We'll see. When I signed up for this particular web hosting, I am supposed to be limited to 50 things. I don't know how that will pan out. I have only committed to three months though. That's when the lower monthly fee jumps to the regular fee.

I just talked to B. He told me that C was contracting all night again. She refuses to go back to the hospital until "it's time" because the bed is uncomfortable. I hope she isn't cutting off her nose to spite her face. This may be pre-term labor again that should be stopped again. That baby needs to finish cooking. I know she is almost 34 weeks, but there is a reason babies are term at 40 weeks.

It was just last night that I told G that I would wait until this little one is born before going to the hospital. If I can learn the sex on her timetable, there is no reason to just sit at the hospital when I can stay here.

Oh the drama, drama!

I called to get the results of my latest blood work that was ordered when I went to see Dr Cardio. My blood glucose is elevated, and the A1C showed it to be elevated. Since the triglycerides are also high, there may be the development of Diabetes 2. Great. I am just so completely thrilled. Just what I need - another doctor, another disease, another pill. Rats! The nurse will call back because Cr Cardio hasn't signed off on the results yet, and will probably refer me to an endocrineologist. Just can't wait.

I can't believe another weekend is here already. Hope yours is peaceful and restful if that's what you want or exciting and envigorating if that's your forte!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!

Yesterday was one of those days! It began with me preparing for my mammogram, but then getting a call from K. She said Lady Bug was sick with strep again. She apparently got it from the little girl of a friend that stayed with them on Monday. It was decided that I would keep her after I finished the mammogram.

I arrived at the Breast Center. They had the absolute most delicious coffee I had ever tasted. It was one of those singular cup thingies. The "coffee" seemed to be a packet of coffee concentrate. I still don't know exactly how the thing worked, but it was so good. It could also be because I was so cold. I was hard headed enough that I didn't put on my sweater for the drive out there in the freezing weather. Anyway, it was very good.

The physician at the Breast Center came in after the ultrasound was completed. He said that on first inspection, he couldn't see anything abnormal. I really appreciated him coming in. I thought that was very considerate. I find there are a lot of considerations for me since my diagnosis. He did put a thought in my mind however. He asked if I had a recent PET scan. I think I'll ask Dr Poison for one. That along with the bone density that he forgot to order!!

After I finished up there, I called K. She had taken LB to the doctor. They would have not thought she had strep until they did the throat culture. Sure enough! At least it was diagnosed early, and
hopefully it will go away quickly.

I decided that I was going to take our "business" a step further. K said she has seen a lot of the diaper cakes advertised on Crai*s List. I went there to look. I think ours would sell. So I downloaded the picture. They are posted here. I also posted the burb cloths pictures.

After I checked on the list, I decided that I would try a web site. It is barely up and definitely a work in progress. It is
One day, hopefully this weekend, it will be completed. Right now, it is very rough with only a little really completed. I am such a novice at this kind of thing it is taking me forever!! Right now there are things that I absolutely do not want, things that need to be changed, and a very few things that are OK. It's not there yet for sure.

So it was an exciting day. I loved spending it with Lady Bug, and the news from the mammogram looks good. Every day is blessed.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Too quiet

It is not unusual for Simone to "sleep in" some mornings, especially when it's chilly. But, the normal routine is that she gets up when we do, goes outside for her business, gets her Pril*sec, eats breakfast, and often as not, returns to her crate in our bedroom.

The other morning, we followed the normal routine. After breakfast she left the den rather than take the bed in here. I assumed she was in her crate and thought nothing more about it. I went about my normal routine.

When I was in the bedroom, I didn't look into her crate because she is usually huddled in the very back of it, again normal when it is chilly. Everything was normal.

We had noticed several evenings she would come out of the study. I didn't find that unusual either. I used to work at the desk in there with the desk top computer. She would come in with me and sleep on the floor.

I was getting ready to leave the house the other day. I had dressed and not given any thought to where Simone was. I assumed she was in that crate and never stooped to look. As I walked past the door to the study, something looked out of place. It was just out of the corner of my eye, and I stopped to look.

There, in the middle of the bed, was this dark lump. It was, of course, Simone. She didn't budge. I guess she thought I couldn't see her, but even when I told her to get down, she didn't move. I finally raised my voice to a point to where she moved!

I know when we leave the house, she will get on the sofa. I have looked in the window to see her on the couch, and G has caught her once. Usually she hears the key in the door and is down, looking like she has come from the back of the house because she is trying to get the to the hall. I neverr expected to find her on that bed however.

It was really funny. She had probably been doing that for some time. She found herself a new, warm, cozy place to sleep.

There may be no children in my house now, but when things get too quiet, I know that either Simone or the Roomba has gotten into some kind of trouble!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Furthermore . . .

I'm still not completely over my snit, but I am working at it even though it may not seem like it. If I can just get all my feelings out, I think it will help.

I do know that I will never make anything else for C. It really hurt that I spent so long on things. The cake wasn't even mentioned last night - again.

At the shower, her mother was telling me that C has come up with further stipulations on telling the sex of this kid. She wants to be sanely awake before we can know what it is. I think her mother is not going to be present when it is actually born. It sounds like she won't know at birth. Then B is going to follow it as it goes to the nursery for the clean up and stuff. G will stay with C, and we will be the docile little mushrooms in the waiting room sitting on our thumbs while she gathers herself. When she is settled, THEN we will be allowed to know the sex. I am just about to not give a rat's rear.

My friend did come to the shower. I still am hurt that she doesn't initiate phone calls and emails, but I also realize that she leaves her house at 6am to return at 7pm. She also travels, mostly to Louisiana, but also the Netherlands and the Middle East.

As we talked, and we talked a lot, our friendship picked up where is was. I really need to get out of being so egocentric. The world does not and has not revolved around me ever.

The rounds of doctor visits begins tomorrow. They used to be clustered close together, but partially due to dear Ike, they are spread out some. I begin with the cardio tomorrow, then the mammogram on Wednesday. I get a break until Monday when I go to the wonderful experience of the ob/gyn (yipee - I can hardly wait). Then there is a gap before I go to the radiation oncologist. I still wonder why I need to see them. Then, finally, in March I go to the oncologist.

When I was taking chemo, I longed for these days of long gaps between times to see the oncologist. Now I would love to see him monthly. I am really frantic to see what the blood levels are. I want to know that there is not a spike in that chemical that would mean that the cancer is back. But all in due time.

So tomorrow, I will take my beloved sewing machine for its yearly check up. It needs some adjustment I know - especially the automatic threading. The store is on the way to the cardio doc. I am thinking of going to Cir*uit C*ty also. I hate to see them close. I also really want a flat screen TV. Had I kept my mouth shut, G would have thought we need a new set due to the DTV transition. I wouldn't be swimming upstream on this one. But we'll see. Since the wonder drugs for my knees didn't arrive on Saturday, and today is a holiday, we'll see just how far I can get!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thinned skin

I guess that title describes me to a "t." I find I do get my feelings hurt rather easily. I try to let things just roll off, but all too often they don't.

The baby shower held yesterday. As I later found out, the one whose house was used for the shindig didn't know until a few days before the glorious event that there were going to be so many people. She was beside herself. She acknowledged that her house doesn't hold that many people. Honestly, I don't know too many real homes that can accommodate that number of people. Fortunately, the weather was really nice, and the plethora of children could go outside to play which meant a lot of parents went with them to supervise especially since a pool was also present.

My feelings really got hurt when I walked in with that blasted diaper cake. That is supposed to be a centerpiece. I spend a good six or more hours so that it would be worthy. Without any note of it, it was placed on a side table. Even when gifts were opened, there was no noting of it.

Not only was the thing labor intensive, there was considerable cost involved. Just a large pack of disposable diapers costs a few coins - especially since she likes only P*mp*rs. Not any of the cheaper brands. Then when you begin adding little toys and other baby items into it, the cost rises even more. I don't count the fabric, thread, and ribbon into it. I have those things on hand, so I really don't know their cost per use. I buy large amounts of ribbon at a time - spools and spools. My fabric often comes from the remnant bin because there is a good amount for small projects like I do for a small amount of money. And I surely don't know how to calculate how much thread comes from a $5 spool. But there was the time factor. I don't charge for time - stupid.

There were favorable comments on the burb cloths, and the blanket was noted. The blanket wasn't the thing I was most proud of anyway. I never should have used such a plush blanket, and now I know that I should have put stabilizer on the top as well.

Even the man's diaper bag wasn't really looked at, and I think not really appreciated. I had enclosed a book written by Cosby that I had around here, and that was more appreciated than the other.

I'll post pictures in the next couple of days of the cake and burb cloths. I really don't have the time to download the camera right now, and I have to take the sewing machine in for its yearly check up on Tuesday since I'll be over there for my own check up with Dr. Cardio.

I guess things really started building up over the cake. There is a couple at C and B's church that makes really chunky jewelry using, among other things, antler cross sections. C really makes an effort to push that jewelry. She has never even said that mine is nice. I really think she thinks it is crap. That hurts. It seems that nothing that I produce is worth publishing to her friends and family.

At the end of the shower, there were little gift bags. I would guess there were around ten of them. They were given to various people - mostly her family, aunts and so on. K and I neither one got one. I don't know if they were thank you gifts for the work on the shower or what. K and I felt a little shunned.

I guess I am wearing my heart on my sleeve. I should be above this, and I should just suck it up and go on. But this is my place. This is where I can put my feelings. There is no other place where I can let this go. I can't tell G. He would think I was being silly. I can't tell K, she would be even more upset with C. I can't tell B - after all it's his wife, and he would, hopefully because it's the right thing, defend her. And he's my son, you don't tell your son these kinds of things.

So here it us. Laid out in all its ugliness. I hope this is my first step to healing the hurt I feel. I'm not going to be like my mother in law. I will not let this get in the way of my relationship because this would cause a deep fissure - I know for a fact.

Thanks for listening. I should just delete this. Peace.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I was minding my business last night when the phone rang about 6:15. It was from B's house which I found strange because they don't usually call at that time on a Thursday night. They are usually not home on Thursdays.

B, in his usual way, kind of backed into the issue. He began with something that didn't seem too important along the lines of "I just wanted to give you a heads up." For all I knew, he had gotten some information from the group who is guiding him into real estate investment. His voice was all cool and reserved.

Then he said that C had been having regular contractions for a couple of hours. He went on the say they were going to finish fixing dinner, and then see what was going to happen. He never mentioned going to the hospital. I asked (how dumb!) if she had talked to her doctor. She talked to the office who told her to go to the hospital if she thought she was in labor. She had not talked to her doctor.

I told him to keep me posted, to which he replied in his usual smart as*ed way that they had intended to just forge ahead without telling me anything. Oh my son! Give him a slight opening and he will zing you. Here's your sign!

About 9:30 the phone rang again. They were in the hospital. She was dehydrated which caused the contractions. They were also trying to rule out a urinary infection (I didn't know about that one). So she was on an IV with fluids being pushed.

I called her just a while ago. She had a little over one unit of fluid (probably over a liter but I'm not conversant with things like that), and she did not have a urinary infection. She said the contractions didn't stop with the fluid, so they gave her an injection to stop them. But she is doing fine now.

I'm glad. Little creature needs to cook a little longer. It is only 34 weeks. She is ready to have this baby. Poor thing, she tells us that and we all just say "I know" because we have been there. That first baby is an experience! But I hope it stays put a little longer.

Today is Lady Bug's 8th birthday. I can't believe it! She is so funny. When I asked her what she wanted, she told me fabric to go with her little design set. I don't think she has cut or sewn one single piece, but I'll go to the fabric store and buy her a fat pack or two. Then I'll head over and buy her some new earrings!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Over the top - I think.

I just got the answer to an email I send to C's friend who is the chief host of the baby shower Saturday. I knew there were a lot of people on the invitation list. When we stayed overnight during the hurricane days, I saw her spiral notebook with the names. I knew it was several pages, but I didn't know it was 100 people. That's how many invitations were sent. As of today, Crystal has only gotten 5 declines.

The shower is being held in the home of a "friend" of C's. It is in an upscale neighborhood, and probably has about 2900 square feet. That is my best estimate. I've been there once. That was for Crystal's baby shower. My house here in what is considered by C as the "getto" (another upscale city), is just as large, plus my "public" spaces are bigger and flow together. The formal living in the other house is a postage stamp with room for about 5 people - if they are close friends. The dining is about the size of mine - which is too small. Her den has seating for 8, but unlike mine, there is no room for more chairs. The breakfast room is really a hallway connecting the den and the off kitchen office. Her kitchen is a little larger than mine, but who wants to stand in the kitchen for a baby shower.

Please don't get me wrong - I never wanted to have the shower here. Lord, no!! I would have had to hire a cleaning service, and it would probably take them a week of full time work to get it ready for a party like this one.

I am really concerned about this thing. I know I'm not the only one who must have a place to sit. I am especially crippled these days partially due to the weather (I know we don't have it so bad - it's in the high 20's - high 50's)and partially due to the fact that I was too lazy to send in the refill for my arthritis meds. But regardless, I am really in bad shape.

I'm really concerned. We have G's elderly aunts planning to be there, and my sister in law and niece are coming from the Capitol City. I just don't know where people are going to find a place to just be, and I really don't know where people are going to be able to park. We are looking for at least 50 cars. Oh, my.

I guess it's not my problem, and my worring about it is not going to make things any better. Crystal estimated 60 +. I know not all 95 will show up. Folks just don't respond these days. But even with 60, I don't know where they will all find a place. Even in my open area house, 60 would be a stretch.

I'll let you know what happens.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tiny Town

While spending the week on the outskirts of Tiny Town at New Years, I got to thinking about the size of said town. Often people refer to the size of towns as "only having one stop light." Tiny Town is so small it doesn't have a single traffic light in the entire town.

As a matter of fact, it doesn't even have too many stop signs. The biggest decision in many years was the placement of a stop sign at the intersection of three highways on the northeast corner of the square. There were three stop signs on this corner before, but the placement of the fourth caused such confusion.

This is the main highway through town. It was considered the main drag. To place a stop sign there caused great distress. It was the main item in the weekly newspaper - for several weeks. People seemed to not be able to figure how to act now they had to stop!

Time has settled the anxiety. Traffic moves through the stop sign as though it has always been there.

It just shows how slowly time can move in these small towns. A change brings great anxiety! But after a while, it becomes normal again.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It finally happened! I had to go for blood work prior to my appointment with Cardio guy next week. Since only my left arm can be used for such things, I have lived in fear that one day all those lovely little veins would duck and cover. It happened today.

The vampire that first came at me was digging (yes - really digging) in the wrong place. I pretty much know where my veins usually hang out. She was way too far to the side, but who's going to argue with someone with a needle and two vials to fill!

So she got the guy to come in. He tried a butterfly in the hand. Nothing came out, and it hurt. I was about to say let's just forget this whole thing, and I'll just toddle off home. He decided to try the inside elbow again. I could tell he was in the right place. Out came the blood, and home I came!

All through chemo, I worried about the blood tests. I just knew that that poor little vein would just give out. The first phlebotomist did ask what happened to that arm. I told her, and she understood. So after five surgeries, chemo, and radiation over the last two years, I finally had the first time having the vein give up. I'm not sure it was the vein however!

The joy of this is I get to do it over in about a month for the oncologist! Happy, happy!!


Monday, January 12, 2009

It's almost time

The baby shower is right around the corner - Saturday. K and I finished the diaper cake. It is really cute.

I started on the blanket that I was going to machine embroider. I learned something new about my machine. When I looked at the first few stitches, the bobbin thread was coming up too much. Instead of that ribbon being blue, it was mostly white - the bobbin color. I changed the tension to 0.2, and there was still too much bobbin thread. I removed the hoop from the machine, and the blanket came out of the hoop. Well that was the end. I could never rehoop it exactly again. But I did discover that the problem was with the bobbin. If I replace the bobbin, things will go correctly.

I foolishly thought I could go to T*rget to get a new white plain blanket. Was I wrong. All the blankets they had already had embroidery on them. K was going to the baby store. I asked her to look. She found one. It is really plush - and that's the problem. It is double layered. It cannot be hooped. So I had to use the sticky stabilizer and then stitch around the design. The blanket is also so fuzzy that the design gets lost in the fuzz. I also found that the fuzz breaks down and clogs the needle. That means no stitching gets done, and I have to go over the area again.

I just thought of another potential problem. I haven't looked in the bobbin case yet. I'll just bet it is full of fuzz!! I have been thinking about leaving it with just the top design on it anyway. That is looking better and better!!

This shower is going to bring up another matter. My (previously best) friend has been invited. I haven't heard anything from her is over 8 months. She did forward an email joke to me the other day, but that has been the extent of communication. I just wonder if she will show.

I decided that I was tired of being the one to initiate communication. So I stopped. Obviously she didn't notice! As I said, I wonder if she will be there. If so I wonder how I will react.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tell me why

Do you have a preferred seat in your house? I do. It is one that my knees will allow me to get up. I have one at the SSB also. I can get up.

My family knows where I sit. Both here and at the SSB. They are fully aware that at home, I sit on the sofa - the left side. At the SSB, I sit in the rocker next to the glass door.

One particular family member will park his butt in my seat!! Both here and at the SSB. It's uncanny. I can't figure our why he doesn't realize what he is doing. This has been going on for years!

Last week when our friend joined us, his twin girls sat in my chair at the SSB. It was their chair of choice.

What is going on here??? Why???

I can accept the girls taking up the chair before this family member. But it has certainly made me think. Why???


Friday, January 09, 2009


What happened to yesterday? It was here a minute ago, and now it's gone and it's today. Honestly, I turned around and it was gone - history.

I went to the sewing machine club. The project they had us do was really cute even though I was a doubter at first. Apparently I wasn't the only one to think so. Of the ten of us that came, which is a greatly reduced number, only two of us brought our machines. As we progressed, everyone really began to like the project. It was an embroidered post card. They are really cute. I'm not sure I would mail it, but it was cute!

I then spent the afternoon trying to put the foods I ate into the WW web site. I think I'm going to cancel that membership. It is just too difficult. I cannot access the site by Firefox, and even using Explorer, the site itself is difficult, at least for me, to use it. The point idea is good, and there are a lot more food choices than Atkins or South Beach. I just can't spend my time sitting here at the computer trying to figure the number of points I have used and have left.

I'm about to embark on the big project for the yet unknown grandchild. I went up last night and marked the position. Then I hooped the project to see how the placement was. Found out that I needed the bigger hoop.

I began trying to get the threads lined up. I don't have just one kind of thread. I have three manufacturers threads. Trying to make sure I have the correct color is confusing to say the least. I think I have it all straight, then I go about it all another way, and I think I am missing some thread. With twenty colors involved, it is enough to send me over the edge. Each hooping will involve 12-13 thread changes. It will be cute - I think.

The shower is next Saturday. I really hope I get this thing completed. I have the "ribbons" completed with the sheep embroidered for the diaper cake. I just hope K comes through with the remaining items that we need. I'm afraid she is going to let me down, and I will be scrambling at the last minute to get it done. I know my daughter all too well.

This will be it for this week. Hope your weekend is joyous.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Distraught and more

I went along with K yesterday when she took Doodle Bug to the pediatric dentist. She was to have her two front teeth crowned, and we knew she would have to have at least one incisor pulled. As it turned out, she had both pulled.

I was really distraught about her having any teeth pulled. I worried about the implications of spacing. I really shouldn't be that worried. I didn't realize that she, like her mother, has an under bite. I took her mother at the age of 3 to a pediatric dentist because she had a bulldog's under bite. Had we left it alone, she would have looked like an English bulldog or a (much loved) boxer. It really was bad. DB's is not nearly that bad, but it very well may get to that point.

K is so upset about the entire situation. It seems poor teeth in children are, often as not, caused by poor genes. All three of these grandchildren have poor teeth to one extent to another. DB's appear to be the absolute worst while Monkey Boy seems to have better teeth. Don't get me wrong - his are still bad. He just barely escaped having to have crowns. We aren't sure what the future will bring.

DB was so bright and cheerful before the "la-la land" juice kicked in. She found the balloons that were there for the kids after they had their procedures. At one time she had five! After she was finished, she wanted nothing to do with them or anyone else!

It took a good hour for the happy juice to kick in, and I wasn't sure it did then. When they called her back, K asked if I wanted to go back. Nope - not me! I had enough with K with her ear infections and associated surgeries to place tubes in said ears. Fortunately 30 years of working with loud teenagers has killed enough of my hearing that I really couldn't hear DB's cries! She was more upset about being restrained however.

They worked with her, got the numbing shot in, and then send K out to pay the bill and make follow up appointments. By the time she got back in with DB, they had crowned the two front ones and pulled both incisors. That was really fast, less than ten minutes I believe.

DB was drowsy for a while. We had drive through for lunch while K held her here at my house. Then she decided it was time to go home. DB fought the car seat, but it's only a mile between homes. I understand they both slept through most of the afternoon, and by last evening, DB was playing with the other two. She ate well, which in itself is amazing. The child doesn't eat. Of course, unfortunately she has not been weaned from the breast yet. But she was hungry. She allowed her teeth to be brushed even. We both think there must have been more pain with those teeth than we knew.

She slept well, and this morning she was fine. K said you'd never know what she had been through. She has my sympathy though. I am sitting here with a mouth full of crowns. My first dentist felt that kids' teeth didn't have nerves in them. I had fillings and an extraction WITHOUT any numbing. I had been afraid of dentists for most of my life - thus not too many visits - and the outcome is a mouth full of crowns!!

In other news, I am setting to fighting the 50 pounds that found their way back (and brought a few friends I must say) during my cancer fight. I thought about the low carb again, but I decided I would give a weeks try to We**ht W***chers on line. Right now, it seems to be a difficult program, and I may stop that membership and do the low carb again. I know it works. I'll update as needed!


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm home

After over a week away, we are back. I really was ready to come back early this time. I have a project that is going to take a lot of time, and I want to be working on it. I should have taken the embroidery machine with me, but I talked myself out of it. I decided I would embroidery an elaborate design on a blanket for the unknown baby that is coming. It is a HUGE design with twenty different colors in it. Each part of the design has at least ten thread changes. I have been working on the ribbons for the diaper cake for the shower on the 17th. Just the embroidery for the two ribbons takes three hours. I'm not finished with that!

We had the first case of someone "inviting" themselves to come to the SSB. The fellow we took before Christmas called and said his deer were processed in Fritztown. He was going to bring the wife and kids, and would like to drop by to visit. We are talking about a five hour drive - one way. I just couldn't let those kids ride for 10 hours. So, we called back for them to spend the night.

I really wasn't looking forward to having guests. K and her brood decided they wouldn't be coming, so I was ready to just relax. Things change. The folks that came were really nice, but . . . I felt really lousy because I went with a neighbor to another town close by. I was not there when they arrived. I'm just a lousy hostess, but I had wanted to take that trip for months. I wanted to find that really neat fabric shop. Things went well though - I guess.

The girls, nine year old twins, were so very shy and sweet. They are fraternal, but the resemblance is striking. The mother is a step mother to another of D's daughters. She is 16 and pregnant. She announces how much she hates her step mother. This is so much like K's situation.

Today I won't be able to work on the project until this afternoon. I'm going with K for moral support. Doodle Bug was born with poor teeth. At 18 months, she has to have the front two capped. It is going to be difficult for them both. The dentist assured K that DB's teeth are genetic. They developed intrauterine. There was nothing they did wrong. All the kids in the family have poor teeth. It was not enough to make her feel better though.

Our weather is lousy - again. It is cold and rainy. When we left the SSB, we had ice on the troop carrier. It wasn't until we got close to the Capitol City that it finally stopped forming, although the thermometer inside said there was still ice. But like most times in Texas -just wait a few minutes. The weather will change. It is supposed to be warm again tomorrow! So goes our winter. It can be 80 one day and 30 the next!