Thursday, March 14, 2019

Change in direction

I had been hatching a different post - one about this and that, but all that changed yesterday in a horrible way.

On the way to the SSB to spend spring break with my son, his family, and one of his friends and family - we had a disaster that I don't even want to happen again - and it won't.

We were over half way here when the truck was filled with a foul odor.  Then came what sounded like a loud fart.  I really thought it to be the cat in his carrier because he moaned when I was loading him at home.  And it was about his usual litter box time.

We stopped for lunch, and I didn't turn around to check on either animal.  And we proceeded on.

What we smelled was his body relaxing and letting go - what we heard was his last breath.

We got here.  G went to open the door and I turned around.  Clyde was still laying in his favorite sleeping pose.  That wasn't normal.  I tried to rouse him.  He didn't respond.

G asked if I were getting the dog and I replied "I think he is dead."  By that time I had gotten the door open.  I touched him, and he was cold.  I shook him - no response.  I slapped his haunches - no response.

Our fur baby died on the way.

We have such huge holes in our hearts.  We were dreaming of him being able to run free because it is still cool and there is little worry of snakes.  I knew this would be such a great time for him - five more adults and five children to love on him.  I didn't know there would be three other dogs for him to play with, but there are.

But today, he is in the freezer at the vet's office waiting for cremation.  We love you sweet boy.  Rest in peace.  And I hope you found the others on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and they are showing you around.

Here is Clyde - on the right with his two "girl friends" Angelica and Princess (my daughter's babies}at the ranch who are on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and hopefully they are reunited running and playing.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Easier than I expected

My surgery was on the 26th.  Needless to say I was nervous.  That was really a wasted energy!

We did stay in a hotel near the hospital since the hospital is about an hour from home.  I didn't sleep well at all.  The mattress was far from my wonderful one, I was either too hot or too cold, and I was afraid I would oversleep!

Orders said to shower with the antiseptic soap the night before and the morning of surgery.  That was some nasty stuff.  But I followed those orders.

The morning of surgery was something.  In Pre-op, they wouldn't put the IV in my right arm because I have had a mastectomy and have been able to avoid lymphedema for these eleven years.  SO it was the foot since the left was the topic of the day!

They nurse said the veins there were great.  But they weren't.  IV's in the foot are painful.  As she tried to hit the vein, it "rolled."  After about what seemed like a life time, she left and came back with xylocane.  It was then to go to the other foot, but with the numbing, if wasn't too bad.  It took several tried, but finally success.

After that wonderful experience, what was going to seem like a long wait of two hours was over and I was wheeled into surgery.

To cut to the chase, my surgeon had called for a nerve block.  It. Was. A Great. Thing!  My granddaughter used the same surgeon and had the nerve block also.  We laughed about how you think you can lift that arm, but it doesn't move - but there was no pain either.

I am now a week and a half out.  I have begun PT.  The mobility is getting better and better each day.  I can use this hand to type - which I couldn't last week.  I still want to use this hand to lift, but immediately get the message not to do that - a cramp in the bicept.   But all in all - no real pain any longer - and if there is, it isn't as bad as before surgery.  Increased movement.  I am amazed.

And as usual - I am wondering WHY I waited so long.  I just wish I could drive myself places.

Monday, February 25, 2019

D day or should I say S day

Almost here.  Tomorrow I have the partial shoulder reconstruction.

I was able to read the results of the MRI.  There are fragments in that shoulder that are about 1/2 inch in measure.  No wonder the pain is so bad at times.

Needless to say, I am worried - not so much about the surgery, although with anesthesia ...

I am really worried about the rehab.  I am worried about the pain after.  But I also trust this surgeon.  He did Katie's shoulder and another friend.  I just know this is a painful recovery. 

But I know (hope?) it will all be worth it.

Saturday, February 09, 2019


My new computer and Blogger do not get along.  Of course, I can't do things the easy way.  Years ago, when I was hoping for a home-based business to add to my (pathetic) retirement, I started a blog to help with it.  Well, the business didn't go anywhere and the blog had sat for years. 

So what does a new computer have to do with it?  Its Windows10 is just a scooch different from the last version, and I guess all the little synapses inside work a little differently.  When I go to blogger - it takes me to that blog.  And being so incredibly proficient these days (since I have been out or really using the internet) I find myself lost.

So today I thought the answer to that problem was to delete the second blog.  So I did.  And that didn't solve the problem - at all.  I am still directed to that one - even though it is gone.  Well as much as anything in this cyber world is ever gone.

SO if I don't respond to your comments nor comment on your blog - it is because my brain is still in 2001 technology!

In other news, I am getting ready for ANOTHER surgery.  I got what is actually a second opinion even though I went to this orthopedist hoping for something else - like not surgery.

I am going to have a partial shoulder replacement later this month.  The pain has gotten to the point it will not allow me to sleep.  And with all the hubbub about pain pills even if I wanted to go that route, it is so difficult.  And I have been down that road before when I went to the quack pain doctor who was just a front for pill pusher.

This is the orthopedist who did the surgery on my granddaughter as well as one of my fellow church members and his (nurse) son.  They wouldn't go anywhere else.  My love of an orthopedist has been dead several years now, so I have been looking for someone who is well loved by his patients.  Hopefully, I have found him.

I never thought I would be beset with this much arthritis.  I guess I have never outgrown my childish feelings that I was invincible.  I used to think I wouldn't ever die too!  The way I see it if I have the nine lives of a cat - I have definitely used four of them - probably more that I am not aware of!

So once again - surgery on the 26th.  At least my blood work is back to normal after the removal of that cyst that was causing kidney problems by pushing on the ureter!

Friday, January 04, 2019

It was COLD

We did spend the last week in South Texas - South Padre Island on a family vacation.  It. Was. Cold.  South Texas is supposed to be warm - it wasn't.

Now I know to many the temps were not bad - they were spring/fall like, but when you go to the beach in South Texas - it is supposed to be warm.

But the house we rented was warm and cozy, and we had a great time.  I am in the process of gathering the photos we took to make into "books" for the family.

We are marking a new chapter in our family life.  We are not adding out additional children (the in-laws), we are not adding new children, we are beginning to see those children (the grandchildren) leave the nest.  Katie will, as I have said before, be leaving us in September for Marist College in New York.  That's a LONG way.  So we celebrated this change.

It all went very well.  Here is the first installment of pictures from this trip. As you can see by our outerwear - it was really chilly.  The winds from the Gulf didn't help things one little bit.

This was the only time we went "out" for something to eat.  It was a brewery on the island - with pretty good food as well!
The family (minus us old people) at midnight on New Year's Eve.  Not a good picture, but it was foggy and COLD

Friday, December 14, 2018

New stuff going on

Here we are - back at the SSB.  Seems like we just left, but ...

I have been busy ordering Christmas presents.  Yes, ordering them.  I hate fighting crowds.  I really thought I had this one covered.  The first three grands are getting older and they love $$$.  And that's great with me.  I would so much rather my funds go to them directly and let them get exactly what they want.  BUT last week daughter told me what grandson 1 wanted.  He wanted a basketball jersey -from a team that ISN'T the Houston Rockets.  That was a knife to the heart, but I ordered it. 

When you order you enter the world of the unknown.  I knew we would be gone from the 11th to the 17th.  I hoped that jersey would be delivered after the 17th because I knew there was no way it would come before.  It was to come the 15th.  NOW it has been turned over to the USPS from Fed Ex and delivery is TODAY.  Our carrier is so bad, we get our mail between 7-8 PM! 

So why am I so angry (other than the ridiculously late delivery of our mail) about this hand-off?  I also ordered a spring-form pan.  It has taken forever.  The delivery was set for the 11th - 14th.  It was ALSO handed off from UPS to the USPS. 

The tracking on this simple little thing is a pain to begin with.  It sat in California for days.  Then it was sent to Dallas.  From Dallas, it went to Ft Worth.  The first kicker was that it went BACK to Dallas.  Finally on to Houston.  There it went to the USPS - and the Houston Office is Never-never land.  Supposedly yesterday it was "out for delivery."  Nope - it was not.  Can't be located.  So the delivery date is now Dec 14-19.  AND if I don't have it by the 20th I am to contact Amazon and they will help.  Well, that pan was supposed to be used here in the wilderness TODAY to make a fruitcake.  Needless to say, I have decided to use another method because it didn't come by our departure date. 

I have LOVED Amazon for years.  Their promise of a two-day delivery was so great.  It. Never. Happens. Anymore.  DIL uses the wish list for her kids' list.  I use it.  I promptly ordered from it when we goe home the last time.  All things in the same order.  It took a week for the last one to be delivered.  They came in total piecemeal fashion.  I even contacted Amazon on chat because of the one that arrived last Sunday.

The person delivering said it was handed "directly to the resident."  We. Weren't. Home.  That set me off to begin with.  It was 6PM and we didn't get it handed to us.  The second thing, it wasn't even put on the porch.  It was dropped on the sidewalk.  I did let them know about that.  And there are many others in the neighborhood who have had the same problem.  I told them to tell Amazon.  It is the only way this will change.  If it doesn't - I am thinking I will drop Amazon like a hot potato.

So the rest of my day will be making two fruitcakes.  They are massive creations.  About 5 cups nuts and two and a half pounds of candied fruits.  All this held together with four eggs!  They are so hard to mix.  My shoulders are in such bad shape - I hope I can manage.  But they really are so good.

Our next adventure is right after Christmas.  We are doing a family vacation - all 12 of us.  The oldest granddaughter, as you know, is headed to Marist College in New York in the fall, and this will probably be our last chance for this.  We will spend New Year's Eve in South Padre Island. 

So (and yes I am going to use this term because there are many celebrations) Happy Holidays to you all!

PS - I splurged and got myself a nice Christmas present - which is why I have been so long in getting back. Before Harvey, I was having great problems with the Toshiba computer.  My guru put in a new something - CD drive I think.  Well - it didn't want to load.  So I rushed out and bought an Asus.  What a piece of trash.  I spent more time looking at a black screen than anything else, so Costco ran a special.  I got myself a nice new Dell laptop - and I love it.  I am really broke now, but a happy broke girl!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Taking a deep breath

We have been at the SSB for 8 days now and heading home tomorrow - yea!!!

It was the "traditional" Thanksgiving trip = this being #14.  We had all the family plus one.  My DIL's ex-cousin (marriage failure) joined us so that made 13.

I am so glad our hunter (with us buying the materials) built the "cabin" because we were all comfortable.  It is a two bedroom house - really beautiful.  So that meant we had five bedrooms full of bodies.

Nights were spent around the fire pit and most days had a number out hunting.  They managed to kill three bucks - the one G killed was a bit of a mutant.

Of course, our time here is never easy.  We came up on Saturday with the kids beginning to arrive Monday night.  Things were fine until about 8 PM Monday night.  G went to shower.  He called me in and he was sitting on the end of the bed with blood everywhere.

We finally found the source.  A TINY spot on his ankle.  He is on blood thinners since he had a DVT in April.  I got a bandage on and we called the hematologist.  He said if he was still bleeding in 30 minutes we needed to go to the ER.

The ER is 45 miles away.  It was DARK and deer were everywhere.  I don't see well anyway, but night is horrid.  Fortunately about 9, my daughter's family got here.  They loaded us up and we headed to the ER.

The ER doc finally had to put a small stitch in the bleed - it was a ruptured varicose veinule.  So bedtime was about 1 AM.

Things went well and we had to go BACK on Friday to have the stitch removed.  The ER was so busy, and I don't know why we waited until mid-day to go, but that's what "someone" does.  But all went well and the rest of the time has been "normal."

I got all the laundry done - finally.  And both houses are clean and ready for the next onslaught!

Hope your Thanksgiving was passable!  Holidays can be so bad!