Sunday, May 06, 2018


They lost one game.  It was the pivotal game though.  It meant they placed third.  So while they didn't win state - they did place higher than before.  It was fourth before.

AND as usual, she made the All-state team, but not MVP.

As it turned out, it was all for the best we weren't there.  Yesterday was a terrible day for my arthritis.  I was pretty miserable all day.  I woke to lots of pain in my back and shoulder, so navigating about would have been pretty miserable.

As it goes - "all's well that ends (mostly) well."

Saturday, May 05, 2018

THIS is Katie

This was on one of our local stations last night.  She is really Grandma's girl - right down to what she wants to major in when she goes off to college!  Proud doesn't cover it!  They have won both of their games so far at the state tournament, and we have great hopes.  Guess there are two more to go


She cleans up well also

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

More info

Some have said I should go anyway.  And really I could.  But there are some other factors in my decision.

The playoffs will be at the University of Texas Natatorium.  I know this facility - well.  J have been there many times for other water polo events she has been in.  I love the natatorium.  It is the second best of the ones where these large events are held.

But knowing this facility as well as I do is part of my decision.  Austin, being on the edge of the Texas hill country is, well hilly.  The University is huge and there is constant building on campus.  The campus is limited in space being surrounded by the city.

When I was there last, a new structure was being constructed taking up the parking lot that has the handicapped parking for the natatorium.  The number of spaces was small to begin with, and now I don't know how many are left.  There is a large multi-story parking garage across the street.  But that means crossing the street and climbing the hill to get into the natatorium.  My back doesn't allow that.

So with that uncertainty,  I made my decision.  My daughter even said that there were just too many unknowns that still exist even though we know the facility.  This is simply the largest thing to be in that natatorium for us. 

My daughter will live-stream the events, and since we home with unlimited internet access, I can log on and follow the actions!  I can follow what happens. 

I would like to be there - but I also know my limits. This one is beyond my limits.  G is doing well and he isn't the reason I am not going.  If something were to happen, we have a great EMS here - and because he was a paramedic with them years ago, we are still family and don't have to pay for ambulance transports.  It would be all good.  I am really ok with it all.  I had doubts about me being able to do everything well.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Life throws curve balls sometimes

When we were at the SSB week before last, G cut the grass that has begun to grow again.  Since it makes a "nice" snakey environment we are especially vigilant about keeping the grass (what a euphemism for weeds) cut close.  Our hunter who has constructed the new "cabin" ( a beautiful two bedroom HOUSE) does his part - he has done so much more clearing of this acre!  But I digress.

He began complaining about his right calf hurting and was thinking it was a muscle strain.  He put the heating pad on it, and that would help.  But the pain was still there.  This was on the 21st.

The leg continued to ache - like a muscle strain would do.  On Wednesday I told him I thought it was a DVT (deep vein thrombosis).  Of course, I was deemed to not know what I was talking about.  This irritates the h*ll out of me - I get dismissed all the time.  Well - while showering on Thursday night, he noticed the calf was swollen. 

When he got up on Friday he went to the Mayo Clinic site on the computer, and guess what - it said the same thing.  AND on Friday morning, the calf had reddened.

He made an appointment with the doctor and when the PA came in, she remarked on the swelling.  He was instructed to go to the ER.  When we were waiting to be seen I told him he wouldn't be leaving - like he thought he would.

To cut to the chase, they did a doppler.  Guess what - yep, a DVT.  So he went (finally) into a room.

That evening they did a CT, and there was a small embolus in the right lung.  So rather than sending him home on the oral blood thinner (can't spell it and am waiting for it to be filled), he was to stay, in bed only, and get an injection of a blood thinner (that sounds like love nox).  He will take the oral med for six months.

He was there until Sunday afternoon.

So with this new development, we won't be going to the state water polo tournament.  I am sure this year Katie's team will sweep the competition and win state, and she will be MVP, and we won't see it.  Yes - this makes me sad.  But life keeps telling us that we just THINK we are in control!!

Later I will describe the events of Sunday.  It was just a complete comedy of errors!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

PROUD Grandma!

I know I have talked water polo and my granddaughter before.  Well - here I go again!

Water polo isn't a big sport in Texas - but it is growing.  Our players are growing in number and many are being recruited by colleges that are big in the sport.

This weekend was the Regional Tournament to determine seeds for the state tournament.  I thought Katie's team would do well.  Their first game wasn't too big of a threat, but the second should have been the game that would determine number one and number two seeds.  They won.

Then for the finals, they played a school that, while becoming a good team, isn't that much of a threat.  SO they are number one headed to state.  Now if they can beat the Denton, Texas team - they will be the best team in Texas.

As if that wasn't enough to cheer about - Katie was named MVP!  Many have said she is one of the best players in Texas - but this is an honor that somehow always misses her.  I am so proud.

I seldom add pictures - but this time I have to do just that!!

                                       The team - she is the bottom row - second from right


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Latest happenings

THE EYE!  It is continuing to improve.  I am beginning to get to the end of the drops.  Next week I will be down to one drop per day.  And I am really happy about that!  Now I am ready for her to do the vision exam so I can get the lens in my glasses changed and perhaps see out of that eye.

My vision in that eye will never be normal because that eye is no longer normal.  Back in 2000 when it was finally discovered that I had an aneurysm, it was treated with a laser, but the retina is now distorted.  The doctor at the time was amazed that I have the vision I have.  So I am not expecting crystal clear nondistorted vision.  It will always be sort of like a funhouse mirror. 

OLDEST CHILD ILL!  My oldest - you know the 73-year-old male, has a cold.  He thinks he is going to die.  When he speaks, it is a low mumble.  I almost wish I were the one with the cold.  We are on day three, so the symptoms should be subsiding soon - I hope.

That's what is happening around this place.  Some good, some not so good!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I am a little conflicted about writing about this, but then when have I been known to really keep my mouth shut?

Last weekend I THOUGHT Katie was going on a recruiting trip to UCSB (Santa Barbara). At least that's the way her father pushed it - and he "never elaborates" on anything. (Smirk).

They were going to be gone from Thursday evening to Sunday evening.  Usually, they ask me to keep the remaining children - whoever that might be.  That is until last fall when they went to Cabo with some friends who were going on a honeymoon (that was six months after they got married ?!?!?!?).  They went for a long (childless) weekend and left all three kids at home with Katie in charge.

I wasn't happy about this - at all.  I know she is mature.  I know she is capable.  I am very aware of the fact we live in a very safe neighborhood  - actually a small city with our own police force.  And I know they are close to all of their neighbors.  BUT STILL.

So I guess when this leech couple, who wants to monopolize their total time to the exclusion of other friends, had them over, it was decided THEY would keep the children who weren't going to California. 

G does not trust the man.  He thinks he is a pervert.  And for good reason.  This man and first wife are divorced.  They have a daughter who is now 17.  She came back to live with him for a while.  She now refuses to have anything to do with him.  Frankly, the man is a functioning alcoholic.  He is a total paranoid gun toter.  He brags about carrying in the car and has said he would use said pistol if he were cut off, etc.  His home is a fortress of alarms and cameras.  Now - I know there is a reason for this thinking - if you live in a dangerous area or out in the wilds.  We have a pistol - that is most usable at the SSB.  We don't carry it everywhere we go.

So the kids were with them.  When we had family dinner, my daughter was not a happy camper.  It seems they had let my grandson go back to the house to get his game console.  He is not to be on that thing.  He is addicted to it.  AND they took him to Target - to buy a new game.  They also let the youngest spend $30 "on school supplies."  The school year only has 8 more weeks.

So I sad there.  Smug.  I. Am. Terrible.   I can't believe I can be so vindictive.  SIL has a man crush on this guy. SIL always embellishes on everything.  This guy feels into it - all of it.  So they are besties.  The trip to Cabo was SIL's idea.  He went once on business.  He thought it was just fabulous.  He couldn't get my daughter to go another way - so ...  And the trip was a flop. Daughter was not impressed with Cabo and got really tired of this buddy. 

Some lessons are hard to learn.