Friday, August 28, 2020

Me again - finally

 It has been a while since I have been here! It has changed - a lot. I am not good with change and don't like this new version at all. Oh well

Things have been happening in these parts. Last week we got back from our 10-day road trip to take Katie back to Marist College. We didn't want to fly so we drove. My daughter has a company car that is at her disposal, so that was our transportation.

That campus will take your breath away. It is in the Hudson Valley - right on the Hudson. How I love it. The weather was quite good. We got her things from storage and she was pretty much moved in the one day (in the two-hour allotment of time). She is staying in the Town Houses type of dorm. She has was to have a total of 7 roommates, but one didn't return. They have a full kitchen and a large living room. I think she will be happy there - although there will be a lot of walking. In the mornings for practice (whatever is done with that)she (and5 of the roommates) have to go across campus. That will be terrible when winter hits. But then I am thinking like a Southeast Texas girl!

The has a hybrid schedule - she will only be face to face one day a week in her classes and in her labs. The rest on line. BUT while we were there, there were three really big parties. I guess those students believe they are invincible. The girls all joked that they would be home in a month. I hope not. Katie would be so sad, and the one roomie is from New Zealand!

We stayed in Poughkeepsie a second day so my daughter could buy the incidentals they didn't think of and groceries. I really enjoyed the days.

One day other than the 10 we were gone has pretty much morphed into another. I find myself loosing track of what day it is. I am trying to set a schedule to keep the days straight. But I have pretty much failed at that.

While we were gone, we got a contract on the house. It was not as much as we wanted, but it was reasonable. We accepted. It was a contingency. Then there were four more, but all were, alas, low balls. So nothing. THEN we got one a little better. But they had not put their house up yet.

I had been hearing that we are in a sellers market, but with COVID, our house had sat for 150 days. I didn't think it was. All because we have WHITE APPLIANCES in the kitchen. Doesn't matter we have upgraded appliances, upgraded zoned HVAC, a standby whole house generator, two completely redone bathrooms and a third that is pretty good -a Jack and Jill set up (two vanities flanking the tub and toilet), and a large pool. We have WHITE APPLIANCES AND no granite on the counters.

So we were going to have the first buyers decide if they would meet the new contract. While this was all going on - the buyers of their house backed out. To cut to the chase, those buyers backed out on us. But the second, better buyers signed the contract. We are under contract. Their realtor (his mother) says their house will sell rapidly - and looking at what is going on right now, we are seeing a seller's market. They scheduled their inspections today. Now I sit on needles and pins because I know all inspectors have to validate their fee by finding faults. I just hope they are minor ones. We keep the house in good repair, but the roof is old. So we will see.

So in the midst of boredom with some trepidation about catching this virus, we have had some action!

Stay safe and well.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Mostly the same

Hello! Debbie Downer here with another far from uplifting post.

I would love to say the other house is sold, but it is not. We once again lowered the price and still nothing.  I don't know why. A house up the street sold for 75k more in three days, It is smaller. Less cabinet space, less closed space, but it has the )(&_ granite counters and stainless steel appliances. We thought about doing that, I got a bid for $4600 for the counters and a microwave shelf which would have been needed because I was going to take out the DOUBLE oven and put in a cheapo STAINLESS one, put in a cheap STAINLESS dishwasher rather than the top of the line Fisher Paykel, and a 30-inch cooktop rather than the 36 inch with griddle/grill. But I am tired of betting money that the things I do will make it sell. If a 20K whole house generator isn't a perk - then I don't know what really is.

I am really bummed because Katie will get going back to school. I had hoped for on-line, but New York is doing so well they are having classes. BUT she has to go back on August 2. That is because anyone from the 18 disaster states has to be there to quarantine for the two weeks. This was sudden. This gives only two weeks. The dorms won't be open, they cannot move in and a COVID test is wanted, but the timing is unclear. Move-in will be around the 10th, and preps for that are unclear. Her mom can't go and quarantine for the two weeks to facilitate the move-in, and of course, we can't do it either.

I have gotten to used to having her around it will be a huge void in my life. At least all her water polo team will be there with her. She is the only one from Texas. They are from mostly California however there is one girl from New Zealand. I don't know how that is going to work for her with all the travel restrictions.

The bright spot is they will shut the campus before Thanksgiving. It ALMOST seems worthless to spend three months on campus then come home to finish on line - but such is life these days.

Oh well - this too will pass one way or another. We still are basically hermits because the cases are surging in our area. I go out for curb pick up of groceries and doctor's appointments. I am really bored with the lousy television selections!

Stay well.

Monday, June 29, 2020

I am so done

The isolation is getting to me. The Houston area is in the "red zone" with cases multiplying rapidly and we are advised to stay home unless we have to go out. OK - I have done that or 3 1/2 months. BUT my family next door is not.

Grandson had a baseball tournament Saturday and Sunday. They TALKED about pulling him because of the rapid spread but didn't. Then they went to a belated  50th birthday party for son in law a friend had. My daughter says - all the people who would be there isolate. NO THEY DON'T. At least one member of the family works outside the home. Their kids run around together with kids that I know (because they have talked about it) who don't distance.

So today we went into lockdown. We are not seeing anyone. They can't come into our house. It hurts me a lot, but I would like to live whatever my body will allow in its situation not on some vent in a hospital because people will not listen. Our County Judge was exposed and she is very careful. She is guaranteeing for two weeks. The neighbors on the other side of the family are self-isolating because one was exposed for a second time at work.

The house is still unsold. The reason - it has white appliances. And it has no granite countertops. Updated bathrooms, 2600+ square feet with a $29k TOTAL HOUSE GENERATOR and a huge pool with diving board and slide.  But it is just too much for someone to come in and spend $5000 to "update" top of the line appliances and put in the ^*(&*&%* granite.

I am really spiraling down right now. This is the lowest I have felt ever. I know I will get over it, But my realtor didn't help a while ago. I had asked if I were to replace the appliances (and they would be the cheapest glorious stainless steel I can find and the cheapest granite) could we take it off and then re-list at a higher price since we lowered the price to accommodate helping the buyer with updates.

She calls today with: take out the bar behind the cooktop and make the counter and bar all one height, remove the upper cabinets and replace the residential model of vent hood with a free-standing so people could congregate in the kitchen and see into the den! We have always been able to stand in the kitchen and see into the den. She is suggesting another $20K IN WORK be done. That has not helped my mood one bit. We put $35k into painting cabinets and paneling Professionally -not dabbing white paint on the wood - like was done where we are now, re-texturing the entire house and painting and then above builders grade carpet.

I should have stuck to my original plan. Stay in that house until I die.

Sorry for the rant.

Friday, May 01, 2020

Downer day

Ah - the problems seem to just pile up.

Our house is still not selling. We had a contract - but they were practically trying to have the house given to them.  They could only get a loan that was $40.000 below asking price and the loan required us to pay $5000 of THEIR closing costs. We turned the first offer down because it was a real insult - being $50,000 under asking.  They countered and asked we look again.  So we lowered the price 25K with them paying all taxes for the year (to recoup some of the closing costs) and we do not pay for the (useless) home warranty ($600).  They again low-balled us.  So we are still on the market.

We have a rental house that we are now putting another $7000+ into.  For nine years we have skirted replacing the AC.  I knew it was on its last legs then, but it has held together.  Well - the time has struck now.  Joy.

Today my SIL was informed he was laid off.  He went to work for a new company toward the end of last year. They were bought by a new company.  His field is refrigeration units to the food industry - restaurants, etc.  You can see where this is going.  A new company, failing sales because restaurants are failing right and left.  So ...

I just had my very first teleconference physician call.  That was amazing.  But at least I didn't have to go out.  I still make some appointments - like the retinal one for the eye injections for macular degeneration.  But I just don't go out much.  I will say this - the efforts of the professional buildings where I go are really good.  I feel somewhat confident.

The next retinal appointment is next Friday. I know G cannot go into the office with me - they don't allow it.  Now - it is getting hot in Southeast Texas.  The office isn't that close to home so dropping me and picking me up after is problematic.  It is too hot to wait in the car.  Guess we will have to think about how we will handle this one.

And our little community where the SSB is located is having culture shock.  They assumed that they were a safe little rural community.  Up to last week they were all brave little souls that didn't think they needed to take precautions.  The county has about 3000 people. Last week, there was NO Covid-19.  Today they have 19 confirmed cases of the 30 returned tests and there are still over 120 tests not back.  They have suddenly become quite aware of social distancing and other preventative measures.  The Mayor and newspaper editor are among those 19 cases.  They have talked about how sick they are.  I hope those folks (most of whom are related to us) take this to heart and take care of themselves.

And so my pleasant (not) discourse has come to an end.  Stay safe and stay well.  We are in this for a long haul I am afraid.

Sunday, April 05, 2020


This world is something I have only seen in movies.  I never thought it would become my reality.  NEVER.

I am so glad my parents and G's parents are not alive to see what has happened to our once great. proud country.

I have stayed away from making any comment on what is going on in this country.  I had the hope that things would right themselves and we would once again be the country we once were.  This isn't going to happen.  This is the direst thing that could ever happen.  It is what I perceive to be the World Wars, the Great Depression and armageddon all wrapped into one tight ball.

I ventured out of the neighborhood for the first time in two weeks today.  I went for a curb-side pick up of groceries.  Having seen what could have been on the horizon a month ago, I did some preventative shopping for essentials so I wouldn't have to grocery shop.  Most of those things are still around, but there are some consumables and perishables that I can't get any other way.

The first thing I saw was an elderly man on his bike.  Wearing a mask.

When I got to the grocery, the person bringing the groceries to the car only came to the hatch of the SUV - not the window.  He was gloved and masked.

Leaving, I saw a few pedestrians.  Masked and gloved.

When I arrived home, I donned my latex surgical; gloves and unloaded to the porch.  I got my disinfectant wipes and began going through the groceries - cleaning the milk and other perishables that had to be addressed immediately.  The canned goods and those in cardboard containers are still on the porch where they will remain for at least another day - probably two or three. 

I am about to break. Here we sit - a house for sale that probably won't sell anytime soon.  Hopefully in our lifetime which I hope is longer than this pandemic.

But I don't see an end to this pandemic.  There are too many who are not taking it seriously. They are NOT staying in as much as possible.  They are gathering ignoring the risks - like those who are going to church.  I can't believe such lunacy. 

The future for my grandchildren looks anything but rosy.  It looks to be so bleak.  I can certainly see another depression - a recession would be the least of it.  This is going to be a horrible time.  Our future is dark.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A little brighter

I was terribly down in the dumps yesterday. With allergy season in full swing, I have had a sore throat for as long as I can remember this go around. I have had a headache - but from what? Had cataract surgery a while back and wonder of all wonders - I can read without glasses, but I swear I am now NEAR SIGHTED. I have always been far-sighted.  So could this be the cause of the headache?  I don't know.  I was supposed to have my last post-surgery visit with the opthalmologist tomorrow, but I canceled - with their permission.  High risk and all.

The granddaughter is still feeling rough. Her Pedi (yes - still at 19!) really does not believe she will test positive for the virus.  They went yesterday because the strep has inflamed (my diagnosis not necessarily his) one of her tonsils.  She had gotten a long-lasting penicillin shot at the ER on Sunday which has given her a sore butt, nausea and hasn't licked the strep yet. He gave her anti-nausea medication and she actually was hungry last night and slept through the night.  But her throat today is still angry.  And she has conjunctivitis so she is on the way to our ophthalmologist ( yes - mine too).

This morning at 2 A.M. I woke to a terrible nightmare.  It seemed so real. Apparations of grand and my parents were at my bedside.  The cat was on my foot, so I thought surely someone had touched my foot.  I had a real panic attack then - I was so afraid the grand had died since my parents are long dead.  I know grand and I are really close, and it just scared me so much.  I couldn't go back to sleep.  I really am embarrassed to even admit this, but I had to share someplace, and this is a safe place to expose my silliness.

So we are still awaiting test results.  If she is negative, we are probably in good shape, G and I.  We haven't been out - at least I haven't been except for a curb-side pick up at the grocery last week. He has been to a store or two. But hopefully, that test will be a TRUE negative. I say they because there are many negative tests that are not accurate.

Again thanks for "listening."

Monday, March 23, 2020

Guess my time is limited on this earth

Yeah, it has been a while since I posted.  Our house was finally completed with the rejuvenation to the tune of thousands of dollars and put on the market.  The buyers that looked at it the first day and came to the open house a few days later think the kitchen is so outdated (and it really is NOT) and are trying to basically get us to pay for a remodel. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

We are still not totally moved in with lots of important things - like my thermometer and rubbing alcohol in off-site storage.  So why is that so important?

Well - granddaughter came home on the 13th because Marist shut down the school because of ------ CORONA VIRUS. They are now next door. From the 14th to the 20th we saw her daily.

So what's the problem - she went to the ER yesterday. She has a sore throat, high fever, her back hurts, and she has what could be considered in Texas as seasonal allergies.  She was a sick puppy.

She was tested for strep -  and that was positive so she was given an injection of penicillin. Then sent home.
She was also tested for the Covid-19. The results won't be available for 24-48 hours.  We are waiting.

So why do I feel like I will not survive this?  Well - I just read the posting of a young, healthy man who had brief contact with someone who at the time was not known to be positive.  He is in the hospital suffering from the virus.  He is not sure he will live through it.  And his contact was BRIEF.

I am monitoring myself - but without a thermometer. I guess I will go borrow one from next door where I FULLY suspect the virus is living.  but I don't really believe that is an issue.

Why am I concerned?  Well first, I am 74. I am a cancer survivor.  I am treated for hypertension. I am insulin resistant. And right now I don't know if I have seasonal allergies or the virus.  I have had a sore throat for well over a week - probably more like two. I do have a cough - but with a CPAP that isn't new.  I have had sinus drainage for years and the CPAP blows it up into the sinuses during the night (Sorry if that is TMI).

Right now - I am scared.  Really scared.  For my granddaughter, for her family and for us.  Sorry to vent - again. But this is my safe outlet.