Wednesday, September 12, 2018

So far - NOT so good

I had the CT today.  The results are back.  And it doesn't look really good.

The oncologist, who is one of three doctors interested in these results, called.  Well, his nurse called because he is only in the office one day a week - and that was yesterday.  The results show a large ovarian cyst on the right side.  He wants me to have a specific blood test - the CA 125. 

I am used to these tests.  With my breast cancer, I have had the CA 27.29 for years.  These tests show "markers" that tumors release.  There are limits that are considered OK.  So I am to have that done - probably on Friday.

But I have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow morning.  I will tell him what the oncologist has said and we will go from there.

The oncologist also said I need to now bring in the OB/GYN.  This thing - whatever it turns out to really be - has to be dealt with.

So you know what I know now.

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Marti said...

I'm so sorry. I'm glad you are getting these tests done fairly quickly but of course, we want to know now. Still hoping and praying for the best my friend.