Friday, December 19, 2014

Yes - I am still around!

I have just been covered in an avalanche of things.  Why did I think of making Christmas presents?  I don't have the wildest idea right now.

Say a prayer or three!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Just full of complaints - well one anyway

This is going to sound so silly, but I am suffering anyway.  This morning, Krissi called at (gasp) 8.  Early, early.  I rolled over to get the phone but stayed in the prone position.  So here I am - on my back like a beached whale, barely on the edge of the bed, and I have to pee.

Now I most certainly a lady of a certain age.  One whom the OB/GYN keeps reminding she needs a little lifting surgery of the mesh type.  That means I really have to watch straining anytime but most especially in the mornings.

Our conversation was about yet another attempt to get tickets to a local "Nutcracker" performance that we wait until the last minute for.  Looks like this one is also sold out.  That makes three local groups.  And we are too cheap to pay for the Houston Ballet performances.  Geesh - they are costly.

So while I am perched on the side of the bed, Shadow nestles into my arm pit.  He is thinking "ah! She's awake - time for some loving."  I get off the phone and am well aware of the fact I have to get up and to the bathroom - fast.

But the problem is being on the edge of the bed.  There isn't a bit of  "wiggle room" because I will fall.  Not a choice I want under the best of conditions.  And with my weak pelvic muscles - bad.

I moved.  And my sciatica set in.  My back seized up.  I was so afraid things were going to all let loose.  The cat is still right next to me.

I will leave the rest to your imagination and not complain any more with the exception of the fact that I was successful in the trip to the bathroom without a mess!  But I really do not want to do ANY twisting at all.  Chubby Checker - you are out of luck today - no twisting like we did last summer for this gal until the spasms leave my back.


Yesterday I set out to do something that G really likes.  The day before he volunteered to hit then grocery store for the items needed.  The recipe said it only takes 20 minutes to assemble and two hours to bake.  As the saying goes around these parts:"it lies like a big dog!"

Having forgotten all the fun involved with this process because I haven't done it in a couple of years, I foolishly set out to bake a couple of fruitcakes.  This is like childbirth.  You tend to forget all the pain!

I chose one bowl to mix all the fruit and flour in thinking it would hold it all.  Wrong!  So I got another bowl out.  When all the fruit was in the bowl, it weighed over four pounds.  My hands are too arthritic to turn that much over to coat it all.  G did help there,

I went to my big Kitchen Aide mixer.  I love, love, love that thing.  Got it for a great price.  It is one that is just under the really big professional ones, and its a good thing.  I creamed the butter and the sugar, added the 12 eggs, the four cups of flour one cup at a time with little additions to those (forgetting the blackberry jelly).  Then it came time to mix that with the fruit.

There was a great disparity between the mixing bowl size and the size of the bowl containing the fruit.  But I was bound and determined to "fold" as much fruit into the bowl of the mixer as I could.  The rest I ended up using my best mixing devices I own - my hands.

Now - the liar instructions say to grease and line with parchment paper three loaf pans or six mini loaf pans.  I had a pan with eight minis.  So they were dutifully greased and lined.  I barely made a dent in the mixture.  So I got out my only loaf pans - two.  Still had a plethora of mixture.  Got out two round dishes, and overfilling everything, got all the dough in something in  which to bake it.

After a total of three hours in the oven, (where the recipe said two), I finally got the last of the fruitcake out of the oven.  I divided it all in half - sprinkled it with rum, and put it away.  Half the kids can eat.  Me - I'm sticking to the rum.

Have a great one - and beware of fruitcake recipes!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

A little of a few things

My two eldest grandchildren came over to put out the Christmas things.  They were so excited about doing it, they forgot to fight about it all.  Over the years, we have collected several wooden cut-outs, and they wanted and did put them all out!  I will have to get a picture to post tomorrow.  I always forget pictures of things I write about.  Not a very visual person I guess.

I was saying that we didn't do well at the show.  We actually did about as well as anyone.  Many of the folks had the huge deco mesh wreaths that are so popular these days.  Actually they aren't so popular anymore.  Those folks didn't sell any as far as I could tell.  And of course they are not as popular anymore.  I have rolls and rolls of that stuff.

But the person across from us had the blankets too.  Hers were less expensive, and she still didn't sell any.  Thee were lots of people who didn't sell a single item I believe.  This is a show I have done a lot.  The best sales we had were (and I am ashamed to tell this really) was the year this was in its infancy - about 10 years ago - when we had a booth near the boy scouts.  We were re-selling dollar store stuff.  The boy scouts bought that stuff like crazy as presents for moms, aunts, grandmothers and the like.

Will I do it next year?  I would like to.  I enjoy being out there.  It runs from 1 - 4.  That's probably another reason sales are so low, plus there are the local FFA craft shows, among many others, going on.  I just don't know if the others are game.

Today was eye injection day.  Left eye is blurry.  Headache is coming on.  I think I am going to take a nap.  Will catch you later!  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, December 08, 2014


Well - success in this case is clearly in the eye of the beholder.  We did the show yesterday.  AND I was correct - my name was not on the list, but there were so many empty spaces it didn't matter.  We got a really good space.

They set up areas of snow for the kiddies.  We weren't too close to that nor too far away.  I had asked a friend and her grown daughters if they wanted to join us.  And for a change my daughter wasn't too busy.  Unfortunately, my friends sold nothing.  Krissi sold two of six or seven fleece tied blankets so she grossed $50+, but netted $11.  I sold $17, but I have no idea of net because most items were made with such few supplies.

The main thing here for me are the head bands.  Thise are also a couple of my bracelets.  The tiara head band sold before I could bet a pictures.  The bracelets - nada, again.  The blanket behind is Krissi/Katies.  That is the high school colors.  Those didn't sell either.

These are the tea light covers.  In front are the tea light pins.  I sold one.  There is a sleep mask behind.  Nope - no sale.

These are little covers that go over clothes pins.  I think they are so cute, and would be a great teacher gift to hold papers together.  Sold one!  Oh well.

Have a great day.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Silly me!

I have another gmail account AND another blog.  That blog was dedicated to the business, and, like the business, it has been sitting silent for a long time.   That is until today when I realized I used it to comment on a blog.  Then when I came here, I THOUGHT I was back here.  Nope!  I also realized I made this mistake December 2.  I posted over there.   Well... guess the mind is really going.

I sit here - in pajamas - when I should be heading out to Jo Anns or Hobby Lobby.  I need pin backs for my little pins and I need bags for them.  I know I have some large bags - some
where.  When I put things away in the craft room(s), I try to put them where it makes sense.  Well - they are put away really well.

And I STILL haven't heard from the woman who is heading the committee that is putting on the thingy tomorrow.  So I will just show up with my five other people and all of our tables and assorted stuff!  Surely we won't be turned away!

See ya' Monday.  I know I will be too tired tomorrow after the show, and too rushed before.

Friday, December 05, 2014

I forgot

I remember the volleyball games - they went fast.  The basketball games - not so much.  I will bet you can guess where I was yesterday afternoon/early evening.

It was Katie's first basketball game - against their arch rival.  Big game for the opener. And the "a" team lost.  "B"team won  - barely.-

It was quite a good game.  They actually run plays now.   Last year, they didn't.  She has some twins on her team - don't know if they are Viet Namese - but I think so.  They play "club" ball all year around - like Katie and her swimming and water polo.  They are really good.  Not only have they worked all year around (and for several years), they also have that twin thing going on.  It is amazing watching them play.

Katie was upset after the game.  She said she was open a lot, and they never passed the ball to her.  Well - unfortunately that's the way they play.  In reality, I guess you could call them ball hogs, but they are so danged good!  It';s really hard to argue with them having the ball most of the time.

Other news around little ol' Jersey Village.  The fire down the street from Krissi was a bad one.  The house is a total loss.  The family that lives (lived) there is of modest means.  They came to JV to get better schools for their kids.  They are a Hispanic (as though that really matters) family with four kids (high school senior to second grade).

I am so proud of our citizens.  Help for them is abounding.  It is in the form of gift cards for restaurants right now and snacks for the kids in the rooms.  There is real money coming in also.  We may be surrounded by the fourth (??) largest city in the country and the biggest in Texas, but we still have that small town mentality and feel.  We look out for each other.  Plus we have a really good police department, and an excellent volunteer fire department.

My only bummer that is city related is that I have not heard from the one in charge of the thing on Sunday.  Bah!

Thursday, December 04, 2014

And today ...

There are several sites about town called Beg, Buy, Barter, Sell and I belong to three of them.  I have bought twice.  I am meeting another today.

Now that really isn't a biggie.  I have learned the routine - sort of.

Todays buy is a new pet carrier.  Shadow is really crammed into his.  He has only had it since he was a YOUNG kitten.  Can't imagine why it is a little small.  I had looked on the pet store site, so I was aware of the price.  I found one last night for a good price - brand new.

So G is going to accompany me.  He wants to LOOK at it.  You usually go to buy, but whatever.  So the woman is going to meet us at 10:30 - at his request.  It is 9:45, and I really need to hit the bank.  His daily routine runs 45 minutes.  I. Kid. You. Not.

I sit here, dressed, Waiting.  I hope he puts away this facade he has taken on in the last couple of weeks.  I really am tired of it.  I don't want to be embarrased either.

Katie has her first basketball game today.  Exciting.

Shortly after I took her home, Krissi called me.  She asked if there had been a house fire on her street.  Well - one broke out after I left and it was about 7 houses from them.  The local police patrolman with whom she is friends called Krissi to tell her about it.  The poor folks.  I believe they are barely able to stay in the house as it is.  I don't know what they are going to do now.  There was a lot of damage.

So hopefully the Lord of the Manor will appear shortely and we will be off!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

"The best laid plans of ..."

This is so true - at least so far. I had dreams of being chained to my sewing machine turning out little gems of items that will sell like hot cakes at the little craft show Sunday (that is IF I am registered). So far, I haven't been near the stairs except to go to bed or shower.

 Funny how things like that happen - at least to me. Yesterday was the pilgrimage to Costco. Let me tell you, that wears me out. Such a big store, and I love each and every square inch. But I get tired from it. Then I have to put the things away. They don't sell the small size of anything. So yesterday I was packaging meat to freeze.

 Today we went to Academy. I have lost both pairs of my moccasins. Normally when I get home, the first thing that leaves my body is my shoes. Then the jewelry, bra, and the like. But when it is cool - remember we never really get cold - my feet get cold, and then I am miserable.

When we arrived at the SSB, the temperatures had been in the mid twenties at night.  The floor was COLD!!  I had a really hard time getting warm.  Since I cannot get on the floor because of my knees, I couldn't look under the beds, but I used the dust mop (which gave an additional perk) but they weren't there.

My floors here at home in the living area are ceramic tile.  With the pool I got tired of chlorine drops on my carpet.  The tile usually works beautifully, but when it's cool out, once again I get cold feet.

So after looking on my favorite place Amazon, I decided I would return to Academy to find the mocs because my beloved Amazon would ship until after December 29.  That just wouldn't do.  Besides, the last pairs of mocs I got from Academy were $5!!!  I loved them so much.

Well - needless to say, Academy doesn't have $5 shoes now.  I did find some real cuties however.  They had knit almost moccasins for $13.  One is an owl (I think) and the other a cat.  Then I went around the corner and they had mens' moccasin's for $8!!  I walked out of that store with FOUR pairs of shoes.  Two for here and two for there.  (and all four to hide from Clyde or I will have zero again)

Then I walked to Staples to get pricing items for the "Big Show" on Sunday.  Could I leave with just tags?  Of course ----- not.  I NEEDED labels for the bags with the tea light thingies.  Then I remembered I NEEDED a new calendar to go into the day timer I no longer can live without.  (I managed for 4 years post retirement - then my body began its sure decline).  On my way in I saw the bin of bargain books.  I ignored them going in.  But on the way out - I bought the three for $10.   After all - just because I have about 100 books to read on the Kindle and about 10 other hard/soft backs scattered about my house I just had to have three more.

And the day wasn't finished then!  We had to get hair cuts.  So we did, and then lunch at the most delicious little Indian restaurant around.  Everyone in the neighborhood loves this little place.  Never knew I loved Indian until they arrived on the scene.

One last thing to do today.  I will pick up Katie (my darling Lady Bug!) after school.  Krissi has a cardio doc appointment - finally.  She has only put it off for four years.  We are a timely lot.

Tomorrow I will probably venture upstairs to gather the items.  I really do hope I am registered for this show.  I haven't gotten any confirmation.  Of course with wonky Internet, I really had a hard time sending emails out.  I sent one on Monday, but I have no reply.  Such is life.

Monday, December 01, 2014


Yep = we are home. I am so glad. It is rather late, and I have a lot to do, so I will just close. The trip home, while long as always (5 1/2 hours) was uneventful. I managed to finish one book I was reading and make good progress into the other. Not much traffic which I was worried about being right after Thanksgiving, and the weather while being cold (for us) it was clear until we almost got home when we picked up the cold front and the mist with it. Have a great night.