Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year from the sticks

We have been here since the 26th.  All is not rosy.  And this is my second attempt to make contact.  And it almost didn't work again.

G claims to have gotten sick on the way up here and coughed all night.  So he decided to make an appointment to see a doctor.  He called Fberg.  All the "emergency" clinics were closed and suggested the ER.

So he called the clinic in Mason.  They were open, but he needed an appointment.  Got one at 3:30.  Well, as you can imagine it as late when he got in.  They tested for strep throat and the flu.  Hope - I think the diagnosis was a cold.  Analgesics and fluids.

We still had no groceries, so we went to the terrible grocery.  I managed to hurry through since it was getting  late.  Now - the reason we try to not be out at dark is this is thick deer country.  We don't like trying to avoid them at night.  We weren't that lucky.  It was dark as we were driving.

As we got on the dirt road, the check engine light on Blue came on.  That poor old truck has been so abused and not maintained.  Still don't know why that happened, but at least the temperature and oil pressure gauges  didn't show any problem - if they work.

My SIL called and we made plans to go to Fberg the next day since we still needed some items - like meds that he decided he needed.  So at least I was out of the house!

I have been making the chicken and rice food for Simone.  I thought she was doing well.  Nope - she has been spewing for two days now.  And here we are - middle of nowhere - AND on a weekend/holiday.  Great.

Night before last I was looking for the cube steaks I bought on Thursday.  AND the roast.  They are not here.  They are someplace between the horrible grocery and here.  I will bet they are still at the store.  I was being rushed so with Mr Sick that I will bet we didn't load everything.  So pickings around here for food are slim at best.

The weather is terrible.  It was cold, and now we have rain added.

Am I having fun?  Take your best guess!

If I don't make it back tomorrow, and that's a possibility since I have such wonderful internet here, Happy New Year.  It's gotta' be better.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to you all

I hope you are all having a great Christmas, and may the coming New Year be great for you.

I have nothing to do but blog right now?  No, actually I am between activities right now, and wanted to share a few things.  We have been with Daughter and that set of grandchildren to open presents and have breakfast.  Daughter actually did a breakfast casserole.  You see, she doesn't cook.  But it was really good.

We will be heading to DIL's mother's house to have Christmas with that family.  It has become a tradition.  We enjoy being with all the relatives from Louisiana.  Most are now transplanted Texans.  But they are nice, nice people - unlike the other side in-laws.  But that's a different story that I will share later. I don't want to bring down the goodness of this day.

Then this evening all our immediate family will gather here to celebrate - with a light supper.  After all the eating today, it needs to be light!

Last night we went to Christmas Eve services.  Son and DIL went to their church, which isn't our cup of tea, and we went to ours.  It was much more traditional than is the norm for our church and I thoroughly loved it.   Much liturgy with Christmas carols interspersed for those parts of the liturgy.

The children's message was very good.   The children played the part of the animals in the barn.  Our Assistant in Ministry was Mary, SIL was Joesph.  A couple of others were the shepherds, one was the Angel, and our Elders played the parts of the wise men.  It was cute.

To begin the sermon, Pastor did a take off of Facebook.  It was posts that might have been made.  Very good!

But I was most impressed by one of our new members.  When they first visited in the summer, she was having to use a cane.  They were an engaged couple, and found what they were looking for in a church.  When there is a need,  they are there just like those of us who have been around for a long time.  When we needed food for the funeral we had recently (our first), she provided chips.  When we thought we would be providing food for another visitor (at this point - I think she will join), Jaime was one of the four of us on the list to do it.  She is there.  She contributes.

Why am I singing her praises?  Well - at the funeral, I found that they had moved their wedding up from next week to about a month ago.  They are still planning the big service, but they are married.  They did it because she got her diagnosis.  She has ALS - Lou Gehrig Disease.  Her time in limited.

I watched them com in last night.  She is about to completely lose her mobility. Her left leg is almost useless. All movement comes from the hip.  He is such a help to her.  So caring.  They brought tears to my eyes.  And you know something - if she knew she would probably be really mad.

I really believe Jaime has the attitude toward this horrid disease that she is going to need.  Our friend, neighbor, relative in the SSB who died a couple of years ago of this same bastardly disease had this positive attitude.  It didn't make him live longer I doubt, but he faced his impending death with dignity.

I admire Jaime more than words can possibly cover.  When my fate was really uncertain I hoped I was facing whatever happened with grace and a positive attitude.  Jaime has trumped me!  Prayers for you sweet woman.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's official

I am now a pet chef.  Simone is doing so well with her chicken and rice (as bland as that is!), so I called the vet to see where we go from here.  All I need to do now is add a daily multivitamin and some vegetables to the food I am doing.  I also do not need to run the chicken through the food processor.  The chicken can be in small chunks.

She said I could add broccoli and cauliflower to her food.  Uh, no.  Part of the problems we were having was stinky flatulence (making it sound better than it was).  So last night I cut up some carrots.  I read somewhere that giving them even frozen carrots was a good thing.  They would seem like a crunchy treat.  Yeah, right.  Simone didn't read the same article.  Those little crunchy raw carrot bites did nothing but slow her eating.  It took time to spit those things out!

So I bought some frozen green beans, peas, and (sign) carrots that I will try steaming to see if she likes those.  Now if I could find a chicken wholesaler.  When did whole chickens go up like this???  Where are the days of 69 cent chickens??

One of these days, we will hit our stride with this.  Making the food seemed easy, but I am finding it really isn't, but as I told G last night, cleaning up vomit and then the carpet isn't easy either.

Well - make lunch then off to slave over a "hot" machine.  Haven't made an inch headway into the little toss bags, and I have added five ornaments to the mix.  Guess I better get off the computer and get busy.

Friday, December 21, 2012

We're still here

As if we wouldn't be.  So the Mayans just played a great big practical joke, or you can look at it as a lot of people are: it is just the beginning of a new cycle.

So, I have sort of wasted another two days of freedom.  It is ending as I type since they are on their way home.  Just mere hours remain!

I hate having things to do in the middle of the day.  It just ruins the day.  Tuesday was the pedicure day, Wednesday the funeral, yesterday was the Opthamologist, and today - well today is the end.  No I am not still waiting for the Mayan thing to happen.

My eyes are doing as well as can be expected.  She even thought my eyesight was  better.  Huh??  I can't see anything.  But the pressure is back to where it should be.  I can't help but think this condition that Daughter and I BOTH have doesn't cause that pressure (and vision) to fluctuate.  Somehow, the corneas absorb too much fluid and swell.  I would try to spell the condition phonetically since I haven't seen it in print, but it is too close to another word that begins with "f" that I would never post here.  But that word pretty much would cover how I feel about this stuff.  Her treatment for this.  Now don't laugh:  use the blow dryer, for a bit on a medium setting, on my eyes and it will cause the corneas to get rid of some of the fluid.  Yeah, OK.

So now I need to head upstairs.  As usual, I am behind the 8-ball with projects.  I want to make the alphabet toss bags for the smallest gchild.  Naturally I would choose the alphabet, although I will do shapes and numbers for his birthday.  Perhaps I will switch those around!!  I have some beautiful "lace" ornaments I want to do for the g-girls, and there are state ornaments for the moms.  My philosophy I guess is to work under pressure.  That way, when things go wrong, my blood pressure can soar!!  Yep - that's me.

Simone.  Yes - she is doing really great.  I will be calling to get her tranquilizers and nausea pills refilled in case I need them since (sigh) we are leaving (again) on the 26th for the SSB.  I will leave a message for the vet - she is doing great, now what.  Making the food isn't really too hard, but it is rather expensive.  I take a chicken to boil.  Then I make the same amount of white rice.  If this goes on, there will have to be additives for the missing nutrients.  That makes about 5-6 feedings which translates into 3 days.   It is a mess as well.  I guess I am going to have to look carefully for sales on chickens.  Of course, it would help if I would stop buying organic!

So, I am off to pick up some stuff.  Still have presents to wrap.  Hope you are more prepared than I am for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Free, free again.

Yes!! I am free again until about 3 on Friday afternoon, no probably 1 or 2 pm.  I forgot, SIL has gone with G, and he always wants to get up early and he drives like a bat out of .....

 But - I am free until then.  Part of my freedom was devoted to a funeral for one of our dear volunteer fire fighters - a veteran of 38 years!  When manning a hose got to be too much, he took over as chauffeur.  It would  be rather scary - thinking of an 80 year old driving a huge pumper about the neighborhood,   but he was sharp and fit.  It didn't scare any of the crew.

I was surprised that the attendance was only about half of what I expected, but I think the timing wasn't really good.  A lot of people had to work -and they may have vacation coming up so that if they miss work now, their vacation is looked upon poorly.  Many of his friends probably have either died or are in "nursing homes" which is where he and his beloved wife is now.

So there we are - the entire (or at least pretty much entire) volunteer department seated in the front rows.  The service is going on, and suddenly the chief and three of the EMS were called out.  They came back in another section of the church.  There was a medical emergency.  Fitting, right??

The chicken/rice is going well.  I think I am going to be doing this for a while. Quite. A. While.  It is a mess.  It takes the stock pot, another small pot for the broth, a bowl to measure and mix, and then into her bowl.  Then the storage container for the next meal(s).

I think it is going to be expensive too.  Yesterday I completely forgot to buy the chickens (Can I possibly still have chemo brain after 6 years??).  So I went back today.  When I got home, I realized she is eating better than we are.  She has ORGANIC chickens.  I have to watch that the next time.  But these two chickens will get us definitely to Friday when we check in with the vet.

So far so good though.  No spewage.  No gas.  We can remain in the room with her - and not gag.  No rumbly in the tumbly (thanks Pooh).

We went back to SIL and Daughter's last night to celebrate the real birthday.    Doodle Bug ( the five year old girl) did her usual.  She didn't eat.  But then it was fish.  I wasn't told it would be fish until we sat down.  I am not a fish eater either, so I certainly can't say anything about DB.  But it was good fish!!

I was amazed she ate the asparagus - two servings.  Monkey Boy ate the fish, asparagus and salad.  He didn't eat the shrimp - they were spicy.  He absolutely amazed me.  He was a non-eater too.  He ate only junk.

I felt sorry for SIL.  He was so proud of getting a "gourmet" birthday cake.  It was beautiful with white chocolate and butter cream frosting.  Daughter HATES butter cream.  He was saying he remembered her saying at our friend's wedding how much she liked butter cream and was so glad that wedding cake was butter cream.  Needless to say, she ate no cake.

When he buys gifts he leaves the tags on them because he knows she is going to take it back.  And so goes the sweater he bought.  And that's why I haven't bought her cologne yet.   I am smart enough to wait until I get instructions!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This and that from yesterday

I had completely forgotten that I told Daughter I would watch the two younger kidlets last night.  It was her company's Christmas party, and of course it was kid free.  What I hadn't signed on for was to go to her house.

They were going to leave by 6.  We eat dinner at 7.  I had gotten a lovely strip steak out of the freezer, and I was looking forward to that!  As Daughter and I were discussing where the kids would be, I saw my dreams of the steak growing dimmer and dimmer.

She was talking about how the kids are usually in bed by 9.  I don't know why I fell for that one.  I have been around them and they go to bed whenever the spirit moves them.  But I fell for it.  The icing on the leave my house cake was that Lady Bug would be dropped off the the carpool they have formed.  I didn't want the driver that night having to find us, although we are closer to their home!

So when that was decided, she said that SIL had a crock pot with stew in it.  That wasn't a draw for me in the first place - we had stew the night before.  Stew is one of those things that you only eat every other night at most, even if it was prepared by two different people.

When I got there, the kids were eating pizza.  They didn't like the stew.  I tasted some of the liquid that had pooled in the ladle.  I didn't like it either.  I was glad I brought my sandwich and the stuffed portabella mushroom caps (even the one I didn't like).

Bedtime at 9?  Hah!  Didn't happen.  But with the later bed time, and his little sister finally conking out, I was able to have a conversation with Monkey Boy.  If you want to call it that.  He is too busy talking, and telling you the misinformation he has, and his take on the subject from an 8 year old point of view to learn from the conversation, but it was cute:  "The US beat the Japanese by dropping two automatic bombs on two of their cities."  What a mental picture that evokes!

Other  news from last night -   my first attempt at dog chef was a success.  G called me (to tell me the A/C people would be coming about 7:30 PM) and that she liked it so much he thought she was going to eat the bowl.

Today it seems like it is a good experiment.  Yesterday when I was talking about this with the vet, she forgot this is something that has been going on beginning after having her for 6 months. So we are looking at 5 1/2 years.  The whole thing is getting worse.  At first, it was just vomit.  At this point it is cruel gas.  As I told the vet - she can clear a room.  Her little tummy rumbles.  We are sure there is stomach acidity that is out of control, so every night, she gets a Pepsid, or the generic counterpart.  I am at my wits end.

Making the dog food is going to get even harder than it is now.  I know, boiling a chicken and cooking rice isn't a big deal, but it is.  She gets 1 1/2 cups of that mixture with each meal.  I ran the chicken through the food processor so it would be in small, easily digested bits.  If it looks promising, I will have to add many other nutrients to it.  But if it means not cleaning up vomit - and especially on this new food that stinks the second time around (from both ends - I know, TMI), and stains the carpet, I am on board.

Oh and today is my oldest, my daughter's, 39 (gasp) birthday.  I cannot believe it.  I honestly didn't think I would see her turn 40.  I'm not there yet, but it looks more promising than before.  Wow.  I am really old!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Becoming a new chef

Quite probably I will become a new chef.  One who makes gourmet food for my dog.

We have tried two types of food that are meant for sensitive tummies.  She spews on both of them.  This last one gives her flatulence.  What a nice word for something that, on this dog food is so very foul.

I researched making dog food last night.  One fella says he does a third, third, third: protein, starch (white rice), and vegetables (omitting broccoli  if the dog tends to gas).  But as I read more, I saw that making dog food isn't simply the thirds rule.

The guy who oversimplified this procedure also leaves a bowl of commercial dry dog food for his dog.  Well - that sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it!  Why go to the bother at all??  Other recipes call for all sorts of nutrients to be added.

So I did my normal thing - I stopped at the vet's office to ask.  One of them called me back.  We are going to try feeding her chicken and rice.  A couple of days of this will not hurt her, so we will see.

My dog  the true princess of this household!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Almost over

My time in heaven is almost over.  I don't know exactly when it will end, but the time is drawing close.

Last night I was disgusted enough to clean out his bathroom.  I cannot believe that he who makes snide remarks about clutter could live with absolute filth like he has been doing.  I feel as though I should bring in a tanker truck with disinfectant to spray it down.  Yeah, it was that bad.

Then I set about getting rid of the cluttter that had accumulate beside the bed.  I am honest.  It was there.  It was dusty, but not unsanitary unless you are allergic to dust.  Excuse me while I sneeze for about an hour.

While doing that, I inadvertently un-plugged all the downstairs phones, and the one upstairs isn't loud enough to be heard down here.  While it was rather blissful, I am completely unaware of my family's life.  G may have called.  Daughter may have called.  Don't know.

The outside light timer is still not working properly.  I set it again yesterday.  It should be working, unless the time got redone for some reason.  The time showing on it isn't correct, so I guess I will have to go through all the steps again.

I know G hates that thing.  I wanted it so the outside light at the driveway would come on and go off on a schedule since we are gone so much.  It's great.  When it works.  When it doesn't, it is a pain.

So i better get busy finishing up the cleaning in the bedroom and then turn my attention to that blasted timer.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

So what did I do?

I just know you are waiting with baited breath to know how I spent my first 24 hours all alone (well, with the exception of Shadow and Simone).  The quick answer is nothing.  Nada. Zip.

I spent the entire time just relaxing and enjoying the peace.  It was wonderful!

Now Simone was uneasy.  She realized that something was amiss.  She was looking for G.  When there was a car outside, she was looking for someone to come in the door.  Now my brain was telling me that there wasn't anyone there.  But when your dog is intently staring at the window on the driveway side, you begin to wonder.

The light that is on a timer is on day light saving time.  Blast that change.  I hate the time change, but that's another story.  Anyway.  it was off when all this happened.  So I went to manually override.  It messed up the entire thing.  I will hear about that one!  All the stars have to align with the moon for that thing to work properly.  But then - it wasn't working properly to begin with.

What's on tap for today?  Well, Daughter just called.  The youngest has her Christmas program at 1.  I will go to that.  So there goes a couple of hours right there.  After that - I would guess it will be another day of just soaking up the peace.!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

72 hours or so

That is how long I can be fairly assured of peace and quiet.  G is gone to the SSB.  We need this time - absolutely.

It is really important that someone be there so that a plumber can get there.  The cut off from the pump to the house and hunters' cabin isn't holding.  That means there is water in the line - all the time.  While our freezes are not all that often, they do happen more frequently there.

The house isn't so much the problem.  We leave the heat on low (or a/c turned up high) so the temperature in the house doesn't get too cold (or hot).  It is also pretty well insulated.  But the cabin is a different story.  The hunters constructed it - out of scraps as they say.  It isn't insulated, and when  they ran water to it after the well, the pipes aren't well insulated.  That means they will break.  Guess how they found that out!

So - they are supposed to be out tomorrow to fix that cut off and hopefully add others so that there isn't only the one.  When G called to make sure they were coming, they said they would rather do it next week.  Well, sorry.  You are in business.  They had a hard freeze last night, so this repair needs to be done.

I thought SIL would be up tomorrow to hunt, but that trip has been postponed.  I volunteered to go (not willingly), and he said it I went, we could stay longer.  Oops - that killed that deal.

So I am here.  I am so enjoying my time, I know I won't get anything done that I had planned.  I will be relishing my peace!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Unwarranted worry

One of the women in the Women's Group at church has the most fabulous outlook on life: don't worry, be happy.

I am really trying to make that my mantra.  Last July when we held the Christmas in July party for the group that ministers to pregnant teens, I was so worried about not having enough food.  We planned for 15.  We had no idea that those girls had been encouraged to bring their families.

Bringing the families that will come is really a great idea, but by the time folks were beginning to arrive, I was already feeling we had been given bad information as it was.  So when groups of four to six began arriving, I was about to be a basket case.

Being a good "Southern Bell,"  one of the worst things I can imagine happening at an affair where there is SUPPOSED to be food, is to run out.  That very thing happened to my SIL and BIL at their daughter's wedding several years ago.  SIL was about to stroke out right there!  Obviously they never got anything to eat at all.  Big bill - no food.  Bad.

Well, at the shower, we not only never ran out of food, we had plenty left!  The next day one of the readings from the Bible was - you guessed it - the story about the loaves and fishes.  Where the deciple asked Jesus how they would ever be able to feed the crowd with the few loaves and fishes - but they did!

Yesterday was the first funeral/memorial service.  Our man who wears many hats (student pastor/worship planner/what ever comes up lost his cousin and aunt (I am still a little confused here).  Since the aunt/grandmother was to become the guardian of the cousin's two children, somehow M ended up with the kids.  As I said, I am still a little confused, but the bottom line was that we, Women's Group, were asked to provide a light lunch after the service for about 50.

OK - no problemo.  I immediately send out an email, and had many responses within 10 minutes.  I knew that would be the case. By Sunday, all was nicely in place.  I felt good about the amount of sandwiches and cookies that had been promised.  We had a good group to set up/serve/clean up.

Come Monday, I find we have plenty of food.  Looks great.  Then the people began arriving.  They came, and came, and came!  Then it was time to feed.  One of our dear ladies was standing there "serving" sandwiches to those coming through the line.  She was not only serving, she was encouraging them to take more food than they would have done if left alone.  I was panicking.  I could see the line wrapping around the corner, and the food was going to disappear.

Do I need to say more?  It was loaves and fishes all over.  Not only was there enough for the mourners, there was food for Pastor and us.  There was food for Pastor to take home for his dinner.  There was food to stuff into 8 take out boxes to give to four of the families.  There were cookies left to send to the elementary school we sponsor so they could sell them at their little carnival that night.

People - there was FOOD!  I couldn't believe it.

So my new mantra:  don't worry, be happy.  It's a good one, and perhaps will help my blood pressure too!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Things around here

The other night (hey, I'm retired - I don't have to remember which day anything happened - after all, they are pretty much all the same), I came down the stairs after spending a lot of time and thread working on what I thought was a really cute, free design to put on a shirt for Lady Bug.  I was disgruntled because the thing loks horrid - just a mass of threads, which it almost is.  G made the statement: we have a problem.

Well - that could run the gamut from a broken pipe with water gushing to form a lake in the street to him breaking a fingernail.  So, I bit.  I asked what was wrong.  He quickly replied that we had a bird in the house.

A what??  How did that happen.  His reply was: I dunno.  This is added to the five inch Anole (commonly, and wrongly called a chameleon about these parts) that was at the top of the wall in the breakfast room.  Living with these lizards in these parts is a common thing.  They can get through the smallest openings unnoticed.

Where was the bird?  In the living room.  Last he saw of it was in one of my silk ficus dust catchers.  So I went in.  No, it was in my Christsmas kissing ball that stays up all year (not supposed to, just has).  When I moved toward it, then it flew into the wet bar.

As we would get closer, it would fly more.  To cut to the chase, we ended up with the doors open, the cat in the utility room (very mad about it), and us waving our arms like fools to try to get it back outside. Oh, by the way, it was a wren of some sort.  I am not an bird watcher.  Last I saw of the bird was in the curtain topper in the den.  And literally that was the last I saw of it.

I don't know if perhaps we inadvertently killed  the poor little thing trying to get it out of the topper or if it found whatever way it came in to get out.  I will be taking the curtains down today (since it was vividly brought to me that they, too, are dust catchers).  I just hope I don't find a little body.

In other news, my Kindle Fire, which is my Christmas present, arrived the other day too.  I. Love. It.   Already I am madly in love with that thing.   BUT - it surely eats up the power in its battery.  But we will learn to live in peace.  I just know it.  Once I am not trying to find out all it does, we will get along just fine.

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

I wish I were a millionaire

And not just for the usual greedy reasons - although it would make life so much easier.

I wish I had an unlimited supply of money because I see so many in need.  Not only to I see people in need, but, as you probably have deduced, I see animals in need.  Both break my heart.

In today's paper, one of out billionaire sports figures (since I am not into sports I don't know/remember which team of what sport) took the children in Children's Protective Service to the big box toy/baby store.  He gave them a shopping basket, and let them get as many toys and the like as then could in somethings like 80 seconds.  The cost to him was something like less than $20,000.  Sounds like a bundle, but he certainly can afford it.  He also included a game console and a couple of games for each child.

I thought that was great.  Not only did those children get some toys, but I think they had a great time.  I would imagine that it was great fun to run through this big store.

My sewing club is taking in items for the veterans who have returned with severe wounds.  This group provides the basic toiletries and so on for the vets, but they also have things for the families.  I have some toys to take for that group.

Our women's group has a couple of things we want to do.  Last year we helped a group who works with teen girls who have found themselves pregnant.  The group works hard to be sure the girls complete school, and more importantly, don't get pregnant again.  This group is sometimes the only support these girls get.

There are so many other causes out there.  I give money to the Boxer rescue (go figure since that's where I got Simone), but the SPCA needs so much help too.  Well - there are a bunch of rescue groups around here I would love to support.  In fact there is one in little town by the SSB I try to help.

So this was a rather nonsensical post.  Sounds like - well I don't know what.  It is just what is on my mind today.  I guess I am partially "inspired" by the season and the fact that our assistant/student pastor is taking his second (third) cousins into his family home.  It is a girl 9 and a boy 16.  Their mother was going to die from cancer.  The grandmother was going to be their guardian -all set.  She suddenly died before Thanksgiving from pneumonia.  Life really can hit with a sucker punch - right?

So enough spewing without much thought.  Have a great day, and help someone who needs it.

Sunday, December 02, 2012


Here is it - almost 2 pm.  I was supposed to be sitting selling all kinds of things - clothes pin holders, tea light covers, little girls' dresses, those blasted purses that I thought would sell and haven't, aprons, and other thingies for Christmas.  You see what I am doing.  Right - I am sitting here on the computer in my breakfast room.

My friend, new crafting partner, fellow church member has had a terrible month.  They had planned to have some things to sell.  Her parents are both demented and her mother is so very frail.  She would have helped me, but I cannot be so crass as to use her for just manual labor to set up and tear down and yet make no money.  So I pulled the plug.

Last night I went to the craft room to put away the mess.  Of course, Uverse crapped out on us yesterday.  I was headed out to the Women's Group Christmas lunch, and G had no tv.  You should know by now, he has  no skill with doing things like that.

I had the brilliant idea to bring a wireless receiver in here to attach to the big tv.  Didn't work.  To cut to the chase here, we got in a huge argument, I left late for the lunch (mad as a hornet), and repair was called.

When repair got here, the tv worked great.  He wanted to check the others.  One is in the craft room.  Need I say more there??  The other was in the bedroom where things are disorganized (to say the least) and I had thrown things to get to the receiver.  In other words, a mess also.  I was not a happy camper.  But FIVE more months, that's all that's on the contract.  Yea!

A side note.  I think Shadow has a death wish.  Simone is good with him, but he is going too far!  She had her night time cookie that she gets after going out to take care of business.  She was going between the two chairs to get to the hall where she habitually eats them.  That stupid cat jumps on her back!!  He rides her all the way to the hall.  I am surprised we still have a black cat.  I guess I need to go to Daughter's house to get Angelica to teach that cat another lesson!  He will be on the china cabinet again!