Thursday, October 27, 2011

I really don't get it

Seriously, I am verrrrrry puzzled.  It seems that no plumber repairs leaky faucets these days.  They REPLACE them -- to the tune of several hundred dollars a pop.

Now, if the little guy who is trying to get started had called me back - he very probably would have fixed my leaky kitchen faucet.  That little baby is/was about 15 years old (my, how time flies - seems like I bought it last year), and was a very good, sturdy faucet.  It developed a leak - probably from us not turning it off properly.  It was a single handle, and we would carelessly center the handle to turn it off.  Well - it was leaking unless we really paid attention to what we were doing.

I called Rich weeks ago.  He never called me back.  So I called a big outfit.  I am angry with the plumbers I usually use - but that's another story.  Anyway - we had a leaky faucet in the back yard, and the kitchen sink.  The bill for those repairs was $1600.  Yep - you read that correctly.

The faucet in the back had been "jerry-rigged" so many times, and the pipe itself was badly rusted.  I knew there would be dollar signs with that one.  But the kitchen??  Replace the whole thing?  What happened to repairing the leak?

The same thing happened when the other company was called to repair a leak in the hall bathroom.  It was a good Moen faucet.  I KNOW there is a cartridge in them that can be replaced - and the leak stops.  Nope - the whole thing was replaced.  I thought perhaps this company would be into repairs  not replacement.  I was wrong.  Jeesh!

In other money spending - Simone had her semi-annual check up.  She is well - vaccinated freshly, but she is well.  The whole staff celebrated that.  They know us well.  Very well.  She is such a sweet dog they all love her as much as I do.  The vet said he was delighted to see her doing well.  We have fought her queasy stomach for years, so it was nice to have a well dog check up.  It still cost a bundle though.

Such an exciting life.  I need to schedule a couple more repair people.  The handle on the dishwasher broke - wonder if it will have to be replaced (the whole thing like the faucets)?  Then we have the a/c heater checks.  Don't you wish you had such an exciting life???

Oh, Ju Ju - Shadow did finally come down from the china cabinet.  It took him a couple of days to realize Angelica was really gone.  He didn't even bite me for about a week.  He's completely back to "normal" and I am ready to bring that dog back!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Short and (?) Sweet

We are back from the land of the dry.  There was 2.2 inches of rain in our absence.  Any amount is good, but we need sooooooo much more.  The juniper (we call 'em cedars) trees are dead.  A lot of the oaks are dying or dead. It is difficult to look around and determine what is dead, dead and what is just turning colors with the season.

Exciting day today.  I spent most of it catching up on emails and the like.  Then I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned.  I was supposed to take antibiotics before my visit, but they give me such terrible heartburn that I lied and said I did.  I talked with the orthopedist, and he thought it was silly to have to do that.

Angelica is at home with Daughter still.  Over the weekend they all got into a massive fight, with the old lab coming out on the short end.  He still doesn't like Angelica.  It was the two boxer girls against him.

The other little boxer girl, Princess, developed kennel cough on Saturday.  Now we are wondering if King (old lab) will get it.

I am tired of not having internet at the SSB.  My wonderful Sprint phone with the hot spot is a cold spot.  The phone itself didn't work most of the weekend.  I am going to look into the Slingbox thingy.  With that I am supposed to be able to get my cable up there through the internet.  That means I will have to have internet.  That would be cheaper than satellite, so I am all for that.  I just need to talk to my guru friends that put me onto this for more information.

So that's my excitement.  Hope your day was good.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Again - a change

Well, the president of the rescue group assured me that my vet really was too cautious.  She told me of her history, and she remembers my Simone from when she was a foster.  I know she wouldn't knowingly lead me astray.

So here's the latest.  Daughter has decided she isn't afraid of any old kennel cough.  She thinks old King is healthy enough to withstand the risk.  She also said (and this will sound harsh - but she doesn't mean is) that he is 14 after all.  She really wants to include Angelica in her family.

So I have been texting Debbie.  Angelica is going to the other house this afternoon.  Angelica also seems to have weathered the worst too.  She is not coughing as much.  She will when she gets excited.

So we are off to the SSB for a week.  I have the name of a good vet in Fredericksburg.  I will use him is needed.  Shadow is still on top of the china cabinet.  He spent the night in the utility room - with food, water and litter.  He isn't eating his dry food, but had a can of wet yesterday.

I hope he gets over being on top of the china cabinet though.  I have breakables up there.  This isn't good - at all.

Now life can get back to normal - whatever that is around here.

I will be out of pocket for a while.  I will post when I can.  Have a good week.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The final deciision

Message: It has been decided. She goes back to the rescue tomorrow. After questioning my vet's office more, this is a bad situation that we cannot handle - especially with other dogs. I have already made every mistake possible with Simone and Angelica. Not only have they met - nose to nose. Slept next to each other in separate crates, but so what. They have used the same water bowl at least twice. And the final thing - I was to be taking Angelica out to the front to potty. Has that been the case, of course not.

I have just contacted my friend and neighbor at the SSB to ask her for a vet's name should I need it during the next week. It's amazing how good intentions (and loving that little dog) can go so wrong. Daughter was still game to try it at her house, but come to find out the old dog isn't up to date on his vaccinations. Great. Just great.

I am still crying about this. I think I will for a long time. I really feel like I have really done it with this one. I can't have the little dog that is so sweet, I probably have infected my baby and she isn't young anymore, the cat may never be the same again, and I may be the ultimate cause of King's death. Just wonderful.

'via Blog this'

And the fun just continues

So - what's new.  Of course there's something.  Yesterday after introducing Angelica to Daughter's boxer - Princess, I came home and crated Angelica.

Then she began coughing.  And coughing, and coughing.  I contacted the rescue group. Their answer - sounds like kennel cough.  Just wonderful.

So today I checked with my vet.  Simone is covered - if it is not a new strain.  Princess is good.  King - the OLD lab was due in July.  So now what.

I really don't know.  Daughter and SIL are still willing to take her.  King will have already been exposed even though he was outside the whole time I was there, but the girls had a complete love fest going on for most of the time.  They shared cocktails (a water bowl) while there.

Guess I will contact the rescue group to see what they suggest.  I am at a complete loss right now.  And I have a honking dog that I think just barfed.  Glory, glory.

The cat is upstairs, and has been for at least 24 hours.  I asked G if we shouldn't put a litter box up there along with his food.  His answer was no - the cat could come down.  So I guess I will go up and try to bring him down without him killing me.

And how's your day?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not going to work out

Well, Angelica met Shadow last night.  As a result, one of the two etched glasses that belonged to my grandmother is no longer in existence.

G was careless about letting her in and out of the house.  When he let Angelica back in, the cat was right there. I knew his carelessness with her - assuming she was as laid back as Simone - would lead to problems, and it did.

Let me back up.  The meeting between the two dogs resulted in one little loud greeting.  I really believe it was nothing more than Simone telling this young whipper-snapper that she was alpha dog.  After that, Angelica tried her dead level best to ignore Simone!  We weren't too worried.

When she ran headlong into the cat, well that was different.  Of course, the cat was already skittery around the dog.  So he ran.  It was all off then.  We have baby gates up to keep the dog out of the dining room and the living room.  Angelica cleared them with easy.  She ran the cat into the living room and into the wet bar.  That was the end of my glass.  The cat tried to climb the glass shelves.  It could have been really bad.  The dog was about to get on the counter in there.

Then they went across the entry hall and into the dining room.  By that time - G had gotten Angelica away.  When I went in, the cat was on top of the china cabinet.  I had to pluck him down to feed him after the dogs had gone to bed.  I haven't seen him yet this morning.

So - I don't have a new dog.  We are going to try her with Daughter.  They met her last night, and as far as people, it went great.  Now with her adopted female boxer - we don't know.  The drama continues.  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh, I forgot

Some of you may remember me talking about SIL's daughter from another relationship.  She is now 19. She has moved out of her mom's house.

That was like moving from the frying pan into the fire because she has gotten herself in a real pickle.  The girl has problems.  My SIL is a psychologist.  Her assessment of the girl is that she is a sociopath.  Enough said about her mental status.

After leaving mom's house, she lived with her aunt for a while.  She never contributed anything to the household expenses, and that family lives from hand to mouth or less all the time.  She left aunt's house - and moved in with her "boyfriend.'

Boyfriend was engaged just prior to this girl (M) moving in with him.  So, I don't know just how stable this relationship could be from the get go.  I really think she is as much of a rebound for him as anything.  He is 25, and does have a good job.  Her first thing was to move to one of the Carolinas with him.  SIL talked to her about how stupid this probably was.

OK  - so now they are moving to California.  Just as stupid an idea for her as the other move.  (These are job moved by the way - for him) Now there is another factor here.  She is pregnant.  Her mother is livid.  She is seeing M reliving the mom's life.  She is 19, not married to the father, in fact the relationship is only a little better than mom's was at the time.  SIL is really sick about it.  He knows what kinds of hell this can be.  They are going to be tied together for 19 years now.  Daughter sort of laughs and says she will be a 38 year old grandmother.  The baby's youngest aunt will be 4.

I know this all happens all the time.  I have many friends who are great grandparents while I am still a grandmother with grand-babies still being born - the next one in January.  Probably you have been through this situation.  I know it is not unusual.  It will probably work out.  I just know the hell my daughter has gone through having a step-daughter - dealing with the mom who hated the dad (SIL) after she got pregnant.  He has absolutely no love for her either.  It can just be so bad.

Wish them luck - or what ever.  They are all going to need it.

Today is the day

Well - Simone and Angelica will finally attend the "meet and greet" today during the cocktail hour.  We will see what happens.  They have slept side by side in their crates for two nights now.  Angelica has had her crate in the den when we are up so she has been pretty much a part of family life albeit as an observer.  The cat - well, I don't know how that is going to go.  I really suspect it will not be pretty.  I wish at this point he still had his front claws (I know- brutal surgery and all, but I wouldn't have any furniture - or hands left for that matter).  He could teach her that cats are nothing to fool with.

I am praying that they get along famously.  Otherwise I really do not know what I am going to do Tuesday for the six hour trip to the SSB.  G asked me last night just what my famous plans for that trip are.  Well, don't know.  The back seat of an F150 - even crew cab - is small.  I didn't realize until we took the first trip in it. We were so used to the troop carrier (the old F250).

At least I got Daughter interested in the Boxer Rescue group.  She is contemplating fostering also.  She may have to foster this one.

Just very, very nervous, and I have to get over that immediately.  They will be able to tell if I can't act calm, assertive, and sure of the event.  We will see.  Oh, how I wish I could see a segment of Dog Whisperer that covered this again.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick post

Well, the night went smoothly.  Simone was in her crate - with the door open.  Angelica was next to her in her crate - with the door shut.  Shadow visited the bed twice - very nervously.  All in all quiet night.

This is Angelica the day we transported her to the kennel.  This is when we fell in love with her! 
Excuse the stuff in the hall - grandchildren play there.  This is the initial meeting of Angelica and Shadow.  Did not go well.  My phone didn't do a very good job, but you possibly can see that Angelica is just a little TOOOOOO interested in Shadow.  Shortly after this - in fact when I was putting the phone down  - Angelica charged the crate, and the cat bolted!
When I put Simone in her crate this morning to give Angelica some time out in the house, you would have thought I had done the worst thing to that dog!  She really fought going in.  But Angelica really surprised me.  She knew how to play with toys - which may be a problem later, but Simone usually leaves toys alone.   Angelica appeared to know how to play catch.  Amazing

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

She's here

We have Angelica under our roof.  We stopped on the way home to buy her a crate - as the paper work that they sent us as a foster suggested.  I am glad we did.  Simone has done a little growling.  Right now, the crate in sitting in the den where we spend most of our waking time.  I think that may be best for now.  I just wish I could figure how to open this crate more easily though.

I thought we were getting a 24" crate.  She IS a small dog, but we got the 31" instead.  It is better for her, but I know for a fact it will  not fit in the backseat of the truck like I planned.  These two better be getting along by next week or I am up a creek!

I am going to let her settle down a little more before I begin flashing pictures of her, but I promise I will post some soon.  She is a real little cutie.

Send good thought - I think I am going to need them!

Oh, the the cat has disappeared.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She is our foster - for now

The Boxer Rescue posted on Facebook that they are desperate for foster.  They have taken in 11 since the first of the month yet there are 8 that are in danger of being put to sleep.  One if a ten month baby whose time run out today.

I asked G if we could at least foster.  He said yes, and we probably would adopt.  so ...

We will have a new family member tomorrow afternoon.  There is so much unknown.  We don't know how the other two will react.  We just don't know much except this baby has the most trusting eyes in the world.

When I get my cell charged, I will email myself pictures  - which I will post here.  She is a real cutie!

Now we will see what happens.


Ohhhh - I want ...

Right now, I am stealing some time from being up in the "room" where I really need to complete the dress I have sitting on the machine.  The craft show is December 4, and I really need to have several more done.  I have done several little shirts with applique and/or embroidery.  They are easy.  This dress will be too - it's just I did nothing on it yesterday, and here's why:

I try to help out our local Boxer Rescue group.  I am a virtual foster which means I donate money each month to the care of these dogs.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to help in a real, physical way.  I volunteered to transport a dog from the vet's office (that treats up to five of these dogs at a time) to the kennel that holds some space for them.

I was to pick up "Angelica" and take her for boarding.  I knew nothing of her.  So, armed with Simone's harness for the car, a choke collar and a separate leash, off I went.  To cut to the chase - when she came out, she was the cutest thing.   She is a small little girl - two years old, or so.  She had just been spayed.  She is a twin for the boxer I talked my daughter into rescuing when my vet's office called me.

So we were off for the 30 minute drive to the kennel.  In that time, she enamored me completely.  I didn't want to leave her at that place.  She gave me hundreds of doggie kisses when we first met - as is the way boxers do.  She loved the ride - going from window to window, not missing a thing.

When we were sitting around last night, G was talking to Simone.  He said - "you need a pal, don't you."  I was ready to sent an email immediately asking to adopt Angelica.  I had fallen hopelessly in love with that baby.  We were seriously considering her - planning how to transport both dogs and the cat the 6 hours to the SSB.  I was ready.

In the light of morning, he had cooled on the idea.  I also thought more.  Some boxers have a huge prey drive - and they don't like cats - at all.  I have no idea how this dog will react to cats.  She seems docile.  She seems sweet.  But she also is still confused about what is going on with her.  So, I guess she will become someone else's baby.  She will make a wonderful pet.  I can see that in her.

So, the dangers of me having direct contact with these dogs is not good.  I fall in love with them.  I want them ALL.  Smacks of being an animal hoarder doesn't it.  Not really.  I know what the responsibilities are.  I know first hand that a rescued boxer can have health problems.  Boxers have inherent health problems as a breed.  Just looking at my Simone, you can see so much of what she must have endured before I got her.  Her canines are broken at the tips.  She has scarring on her legs.  I really believe she must have been struck by a car at some time in her life.  She had many, many litters of pups in her previous life.  She bears scars today - internal and external.  She is at least 8, and she is on her way to developing cancers.  She has started the mast tumors.

No, the possibility of expenses with several dogs is just too much - but I still fell completely in love with Angelica.  How that name fits that little girl!

And now to work I go.


Sunday, October 09, 2011

Pictures - yes finally!

This is the table my dad built.  Those are my new chairs.  They are WONDERFUL!!!

This is a little closer view of the table.  It could stand having the top refinished, but I will let my heirs do that.  I will just think of it as "character."

Difficult to see, but this is the burn that my brainy step-mother put  on the table.  Daddy tried to finish it out, but as you can see - it didn't work well.  Just adds to the marred finish.  Oh, well.
This is a picture of my favorite cow - destroying the little deer feeder.  If you look closely - there is NO grass.  I will post before pictures later

Again a view of NO grass.  That is purely red dirt.  Red dirt that is turning to dust that is invading like crazy.

This is one of our old chairs from the dining room.  Uncomfortable as can be, and will tip over  in a blink of the eye.
So there you have a thumb nail trip to the SSB.  We have had some rain - I hope yesterday and today.  I haven't heard from friends, neighbors, and relatives (pretty much the same thing out there) about if and how much yet.  Just hoping and praying.  We need some so desperately.  This drought is predicted to last maybe until 2020.  Egad.


Friday, October 07, 2011

Technology - bah humbug!

It seems I get farther and farther behind in the technology field these days.  I have been having a real love/hate relationship with this relatively new laptop.  My son got a Mac, and I am wishing I had done the same thing, but I wanted something that would be cheap inexpensive.

I spent the day a couple of days ago fighting with an embroidery program.  It shows icons of what the design is when you open your folder(s).  That is a nice time saver.  I got the stupid idea to look for updates.  Well, you know what that meant.  The whole thing crashed.  I wasn't able to see a single icon.  No real biggie, but a definite time saver.  I do love that program.  I guess that's why I have spent $80 on it total.  You see in my tech savvy way, I deleted the main program.  So I just gave up and bought another license - along with a DISC this time!!  I know - slow on the uptake!

When I got that program re-loaded, I was getting an error message about Explorer.  I am not an Explorer user, but that stupid program was messing with me making CD's to move the embroidery files from here to the upstairs computer.  So, once again, I ventured forth.  I reloaded Office 2010.  I figured that was where the problem had to be.  I still don't know it that fixed that problem or  not, but it caused another one!

When I went to my picture file, none of the jpeg thumbnails would open.  I had to be in a photo editing program.  Well - that just wouldn't do.  So I waged war again today with that problem.  I finally fixed it.  I can see my jpegs.

But, and you knew there was a but, didn't you?  Another of the embroidery programs is acting all wonky now. It is the one that allows me to change from one type of embroidery file to another so I can use them on my machine.

And - speaking of my machine.  Yep - battle there too.  It has been squeaking - a lot.  I know it needs its yearly cleaning and check up, but I just didn't want to give it up for three days.  It has been acting a fool. I have to cut out thread nests about three times for every 1000 stitches it does.  It broke a foot (on the machine - not mine) and ruined my brand new wonderful embroidery scissors when I was trying to get rid of one of those nests.  At least I was able to complete all the fancy stuff on the photo album cover for the youngest granddaughter!  I had to take it to the old workhorse to sew it together however.  So I took the sick machine to the shop a while ago.  I was just there yesterday for club meeting, but decided I would wait until we went to the SSB to take the machine in.  Nope - got to take that drive again today!

Such is my tale of woe.  Technology -  bah!  So with all the problems I have been trying to solve - I still don't have new pics of the SSB loaded onto the computer.  When I couldn't see what I would try to upload here, what was the use?  I have embroidery projects lined up to the ceiling.  I do have dress making to do - so I CAN do that.  Isn't my life just pitiful - don't answer that.  I know the answer.  This month reminds me of just how lucky I am every day.  I really don't forget it with pink ribbons everywhere.  I will try to get those pictures posted tomorrow.  G will be gone again tomorrow and Sunday afternoon.  I should be able to get a lot done!


Monday, October 03, 2011


Just dropped by to let you know I am still alive and kickin'.  That's the problem - there's too much kickin'.  I am behind on a lot of "work" meaning sewing stuff. I am still trying to get pictures taken and uploaded.

I decided that I needed jpegs of my embroidery designs to post over there on those other places.  So I went back to the sources for some, and I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to get those jpegs of the others. When you have 45,000+ designs, that is a daunting process.

I will try to get back this week - sometime with the wonderfully, fabulous (?) happenings in my life this past weekend.  G will be gone Thursday afternoon and all day Friday.  That sounds like a plan!