Saturday, December 24, 2011

This and that

First - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  After today, things will be crazy, but I wanted to leave you with those wishes.

I have been thinking in the last couple of days (no smart remarks, please!) about how traditions change.  What we think of as traditions are there only to change.  As our kids get older, they begin to make THEIR own traditions.  I saw it happen as we and our kids got older - there is no longer the greater family get together at Christmas, at all.  We don't see the in-laws at all like we used to.  Our kids and their kids all have their own families or things to do.  It is just too much of a hassle to get together like before.  I do miss that.

Even things we did as a family (us and our kids) have changed in the last couple of years.  There are more grandchildren, and our kids are setting their traditions with their kids.  Sometimes, as I am seeing now, the grandparents are sort of pushed aside.  At first I had my feelings hurt a little, but I do realize now what is happening.

Today our big point on the agenda is church at 7:30.  Now if I were thinking of our old church, I wouldn't even dream of going.  All the C&E members will be there, and unless I were the organist as I used to be, I wouldn't have a seat.  This church isn't that way.  Oh, we will be crowded, don't kid yourself, but we are so small that we have very, very few C&Eers.  So off we will go - in the glorious rain!!!

Tomorrow will be interesting.  I am sure Daughter wants us to be there in the morning - which means a big breakfast.  We would go to Son's, but there is a 10 mile difference.  Daughter is a mile, he is 11 miles.

Then we will go to DIL's mother's house for lunch.  As a posted before - gumbo and probably ham.  Plus there will be so much food her counters will nearly collapse.  Things will be great - if her son isn't there.  He doesn't like one or more of us - probably my SIL.  That family doesn't care for him - he still cannot get over his bragging and loud mouth, and that doesn't go in their family.

Then tomorrow night we will be back at Daughter's house for dinner.  SIL works for a commercial oven company.  They gave him a commercial oven last year, and he had it hooked up yesterday.  So the hunk of beef that he has will be cooked in that.  They are inviting my across-the-street neighbors whose kidlets go to school with my grandkids as well.  So, it should be interesting.

We will be leaving on  Monday for the SSB.  This is one time I really don't want to go.  I don't know why.  I am usually up for the trip, but not so much this time.  I have been sewing each and every day.  It has become a routine, and I won't be taking things to do like that.  In fact, I don't know what I am going to take to keep myself occupied.  I know there is always cleaning house.  It needs it, but really??

So, have a great holiday season.  See you when I get home.  Peace be with you.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All's well, and all that, plus the beat goes on.

Some mixture!  Some things are right, and some things are just continuing to be strange.

The dryer was worked on the way I hoped.  Of course, that wasn't the real issue in yesterday's post - it was that hard headed man I am married to.  I don't see him ever  changing either, but this has gotten worse.  Geesh!

Grannie - you are right.  He used those brushes to get all that junk out.  I never knew there were such things.  Learn something new everyday.  Isn't that Martha Stewart's mantra??  Oh, well - I do try.

The beat that is going on has to do with that stupid accident.  We got a call yesterday from another adjuster, or something.  They want another taped recount of the events.  We didn't recognize the telephone number, so we called the adjuster at the insurance company to see if this is really on the up and up.

He was out, but called this morning.  It is legitimate, and so G will call this guy again.  It seems that the insurance company is very upset about the lying taking place on their part.  I believe she has had a claim before, and they are very upset about her  not being truthful with them.  They are probably looking for a way to dump her.  I didn't know they needed a cause, but I guess so.

So things are rocking along.  I just wish I knew what was going to happen for Christmas.  SIL keeps talking about this hunk of meat he has and wants to fix, but nothing else is being talked about.  He wants to go to San Antonio to see his family, but Daughter doesn't want to go - at least not before Christmas.

We are going to DIL's mother's house for a while.  She always includes us in her family Christmas.  We have a good time, but apparently we don't like real Cajun food.  Their gumbo isn't what I like.  They don't put anything in it but chicken and sausage.  I like a good seafood gumbo.  They also have theirs with the rice that one would expect, but also potato salad.  Interesting!

So what we will be doing and where - who knows.  Church will be one of the places on Christmas Eve.  And DIL's mom's house will be a stop on Christmas Day.  Other than that is a mystery!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I really should just sit and get over this "mad" I have going on right now, but I am still seething.

Our dryer has been working more and more poorly over the last few months.  G was going to dry some towels I had in the dryer, but they didn't dry after two rounds over the weekend.  He discovered that there was a huge amount of lint - behind the filter.  The filter has never fit correctly, and after a million loads, well, it allowed a lot of lint to gather behind it.

He is not the mechanical sort.  He took something and began to dig out the lint.  He got a lot out, and I had the idea that the vacuum cleaner would be just the thing to use.  It would have been, but the space between the front of the dryer and the back of the lint filter holder wouldn't allow the crevice tool to get down there.

I went to the garage to find the largest screw driver I could find.  (note - I was able to salvage some of my dad's tools after his death, and he had some like this, otherwise I would have been SOL)  It worked sort of, but I couldn't get all the lint.

I remembered that the guy who cleaned the chimney also cleaned dryer vents.  Now I thought this would include the dryer too.  I can see what needs to be done, but I don't have (???) the proper sized screw driver for those little screws that holds the entire thing.  Poetic justice, right?

Anyway this is a long way around to explain why I am still boiling.  We called that guy, and he is supposed to come out this morning.  We are having some of that water that falls from the sky this morning.  He called to say he would like to come later because this involves ladder work.  I replied - uh, no.  The vent just goes out the wall.

I TRIED to explain to G that we probably aren't going to get what we think we are getting - a complete cleaning of the whole thing, and we probably will have to call a repair person.

Every time I try to explain something to him, he looks at me like I am some creature from the planet Xenon who is speaking in some other language.  It is like he thinks I don't know anything.  It makes me so mad I could just spit.  He will argue with me for hours about something that I know is right.  All with that stupid look on his face.

If I hadn't already blown up, although nicely, yesterday about this very thing, I think I would be  in a better mood.  I told him about how he argues with me about everything.  I told him he gives me that stupid look (but I didn't say "stupid") look that is like I am a creature from outer space.  I told him all of this, and yet this behavior continues.  I am beginning to believe he is stupid.  There, I said it!  And right now I MEAN it.

I am just furious.  So I simply held the phone back to him, said to call this guy to get an explanation.  He said no - he thinks the whole thing will be cleaned.  I simply said OK - and walked off.  I have better things to do with my life than argue with a wall.

Thank you for listening!  And peace be with you.  And this is why I don't publicize my blog to the family!  It is my outlet.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas then and now

I thought I would add pictures of the clan.  The one to the left is last year and is all of them.  Son and family on the left, Daughter on the right.

This is Son's family this year.  Little girl has grown - a lot!!

I don't have a current family picture of Daughter's family, but they are at an age where they don't change as much as Little Girl.  You can't see Baby #3 - still inside.  Will be here January 12.

The first picture was one of the many I was given for Christmas last year.  They were framed beautifully.

So - that's my family.  Daughter's birthday was yesterday.  She turned (gasp) 38.  Cannot believe all these years have passed.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

More time with the kidlets

Seems like our Pastor is in a bit of a quandary.  Daughter is on the board.  They wanted to have lunch after church.  That's all that needs to be said to give background.

So what does that have to do with anything, you ask.  Well - it meant that we had the kidlets after church today.  We had them twice as long as we were supposed to have them.

I sound terrible, don't I.  You KNOW I love those kids.  I enjoy being with them - but when I am told x amount of time, I plan on x amount of time.

Kids being kids, want to play with toys they don't normally have around.  Such is the time at Grandma's.  But I knew that it would be a whirl-wind when parents came to get them, and they were spending their time getting out multitudes of toys.  I really did not feel like picking them up.

As it turns out, they did better than great - they were superb. Couldn't ask for better kidlets.

In yesterday's pics, Lady Bug's personality showed through like a champ.  She is such a great kid - it scares me.  I do love them all, but there is just something about this one!

Perhaps it is because I am more comfortable around older kids.  One reason I never, ever wanted to teach in the elementary school.  Sixth grade science was the lowest I ever taught - thank goodness.  I have to be honest - high school biology was the fav.  The others are growing too, so someday ...


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Busy, but nice

Today, I got to spend the better part of the day with Lady Bug.  She came over and we BAKED!!  Her brother joined us later.  Cookies, cookies, cookies!  Oh and she decorated my little skinny tree.  Quite the clown - that girl.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Unbelievable part 2

The identity of the witness has been revealed.  They have the same address.  The witness is her boyfriend.  She told G she called him.  Post accident.  And yes, he did come later.

So the insurance company is going to have all the managers sit down.  They know she is lying.  They are looking at holding her 100% at fault.  Guess the car will be repaired!

Can you believe - trying to scam you own insurance company.  I know why - she doesn't want to be dropped or have her rate increase.  But still...

My back - she is a hurtin'.  Just kidding.  Really.


Remember the parking lot accident that happened Wednesday of last week?  When we left, there were no "witnesses" to this - only boyfriend whom she said she called.

Well, we got a phone call today - suddenly a witness has surfaced.  They said that we were parked on the same side of the isle.  Nope - I have pictures.  The witness said we backed into each other going out different ways, and that WE hit her.

So G gave another statement.  The insurance person - and by the way, she has the SAME company - said the witness' facts didn't add up.  Little Bimbo.  Perhaps I should play the injury card after all.  I can't believe this.

I always knew that accidents in private parking lots were a problem, but this is really too much.  Our question is just where was this witness the day it happened.  No one came out other than boy friend.  Hummm.

When we reported this accident, the agent said that repairs to our vehicle would come from our insurance, so what is the deal with this girl - oh, I know - she wants her car repaired at our expense.  We had already decided that if the damage to ours was more or less the $1000 deductible, we wouldn't have anything done.  The damage isn't that great.

I guess trials and tribulations are the order of the day.  Especially with people trying to shrug their responsibilities.  Sad.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

 This is not the new tree to replace the huge one.  This is my favorite little Christmas tree.  It is about 18 inches tall.  If you look closely, you see that it is LOADED with Boxers!  They are crawling all over it along with candy, presents, and associated Boxer goodies.  I looked on line last week, and this tree is no longer available.  I have friends who would have loved it with Doxies on it.  Now I will have to be super careful with mine.
My Boxer tree

As I was sewing yesterday, I decided to make a sample of Christmons  to donate to the church.  The tree there looks much like mine below - no decorations on it.  Just lights.  I don't know if they want to put these on, but if so - here they are.

My new little tree - without any decorations yet!

This is the new tree.  The old one would have taken that entire space - and still be crammed in.  I really love this little one.  It is perfect for the spot - AND I can pick it up by myself.  G still claims he will help - haven't seen that happen yet!  I put the poinsettia on top because I just haven't gotten the ornaments out for the tree yet.  But this is my new little prize!

I will try to get a picture of the other little Boxer tree for tomorrow.  It is a little 3 foot metal tree that I put my annual Boxer ornaments on.  It lives in the living room - where there is carpet.  If one of the ornaments falls, it possibly won't break.                                              

I was sitting here writing and looked at the new tree picture - and the white baseboard that I haven't stained or painted after the tile was put down years ago.  I doubt that it will be done in the near future either!  Can't get down on my knees for that.  Looks horrible in the picture though!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Doing battle - again!

That seems to be the catch phrase these days.  The computer issues have been well documented.  Now it is a new adversary - the Christmas tree.

Several years ago - don't remember how many - I decided that I was going to buy a fake tree.  I was really sick of the expense of the real tree to say nothing about the needles that would work their way into the carpet.

So after Christmas, I went to a store, and bought a tree.  Not a normal tree mind you, but a huge tree that probably had a bottom circumference of about five feet or more.  Plus, it had been a floor model. So problems were inherent.

The first problem was when I was sure it would fit in the trunk of my little Grand Prix.  After all it had the pass through trunk - into the passenger compartment.  No problem!  Yes, problem. I had to come home to get the truck to take that prized purchase home.

I used to wrestle this tree in the living room between the piano and the window.  Didn't really fit, but I made it fit.  Then as the family began to grow, I realized that there wasn't enough room in the living room for presents to be handed out when the time came.

So I moved it to the den.  That was great except there was no place for this humongous tree.  So it went on one side of the island fireplace.  That meant we only had the one way to the front door - which was sufficient.  Right?

Yes, it was good - the tree went there for the last couple of years.  But this sucker weighed 14 tons.  I couldn't manage this tree by myself - especially in the last couple of years.  I had to get my son to put the monster in its bag last year, and then put it away.  He had to get it out for me this year.

But this year something was wrong.  I couldn't get the tree into its base.  It would tilt and roll.  When I put the middle section on, it was worse.  I could see this monster falling on a grand kidlet - it would kill that child.  Plus the entire bottom section wouldn't light.  (I think it was the cord attached - but that's our little secret.  I think it really was OK)

When I was at the same craft store where I got the monster, I saw they had a skinny little tree - about six feet tall.  I remembered that little tree as I was doing battle.  I told G the time had come.  I was going to get that little tree, and monster tree could go to Goodwill or someplace.  Someone could do battle with that tree and love it.

Yesterday morning, I set out to be at the store about when it opened.  I knew there would be a lot of shoppers, and I am accustomed to being out early - if I shop these days.

I went to the manager to get someone to help me.  If I were buying a tree at the full price - I wanted one in a box.  I waited and waited - no one came.  So I went back.  The manager said the little guy didn't see me.  I wanted to tell her - "look at me - I am rather hard to miss!!"

Anyway - I scored the tree. It is so cute, and fits so well.  I just love it.  Very minimal.

The other tree is in the back of the truck awaiting its trip to Goodwill.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tamed the monster - until it completely breaks

Yes, I set out to battle this here lil' ol' computer this morning - and I won, at least so far.

Part of my problem is that I am still back in Windows 1 (or whatever it was), and this little babe is 7.  I really had a steep learning curve to begin with.  I see now there isn't all THAT much difference, and the things I have discovered that are different, I really like.  The Gate*** upstairs is XP, and I miss some of the things here.

Anyway, back to my story.  This morning I tried to remember what I would do to solve the infernal loop Della likes to settle into.  For some reason, the was it was, it would automatically go to my name as user, and I would just log on.  Now it doesn't do that.  When it doesn't, the internet security program is going through all those things that want to access the internet immediately, and I have to approve them all over again.  But then Della still sits and spins.

So I discovered the old "crtl-alt-del" trick.  I do that immediately, and choose change user. Ok!  Works.  Then I shut down the internet protector.  Then I am good to go.

Whatever is locked in here, I am pretty sure I will have major problems someday.  I did a scan from the Mc yesterday.  It came out clean.  I have another I will do today, but I feel there is something nasty lurking within those chips in here.

I just wonder when it will come exploding out of the keyboard like "Alien."


Friday, December 09, 2011

Here we go again

This computer is really acting wonky.  It takes me about 30 minutes to get it to stop its running in some kind of loop.  It started being sick a couple of days ago.  Anything that was typed would stop after two or so words.  That was aggravating.

Yesterday, it was caught in some kind of loop.  One of the virus controls I use for internet is apparently the culprit.  If I can get to that program and shut it down, then all's right with the world.  If not - well, no internet on this computer today.

I really thought I had the problem solved yesterday.  Got the offending program shut down, and everything worked fine.  Today G turned it on, and it was the same thing.  Another 30 minutes to try to get it solved.

So I am running a scan to see if there is an offending virus or some other thing hidden.  I have no idea where G goes on the internet.  Nothing really bad - but he isn't really aware of where problems can hide.  I KNOW he got viruses on his work computer that shut his down, and even threatened the entire system.  We have to get another computer up so I can put the router back on.  Then I can take this computer back - for me, plus use the one upstairs - for me.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Exciting days

Yesterday was another test of the Grandma's Lack of Technological Sense.  Thanks to my dear internet friend Judy, I got to play with our "new" home theater system.  The thing is at least three years old, and I still fight it.

I was going to watch the wonderful Adele DVD.  Oh, that meant that I had to put the DVD in the player.  That part I remembered.  Then came the real fun.  I had to get sound out of the speakers AND a picture on the screen.

You have to understand that I have trouble switching from regular tv to surround sound, and getting the radio on - well, let's just say that I try for about 15 minutes, then walk away!

So I loaded the DVD.  The easy part.  Then I began trying to get the sound. I finally got that, all the while knowing that I would never get to listen to Prairie Home Companion on Sunday again!

Then I tried everything I could think of to get the picture.  I knew G wouldn't settle for sound only with something completely off the subject on the screen.

I fiddled and fiddled.  Then the memory came flooding back into my feeble (post menopausal, post chemo) brain.  I needed yet another remote.  This action required three remotes.  You see, our fancy, expensive all in one remote that never worked properly is dead.  It is beyond revival.

We watch so many DVD movies I forgot how to work all that stuff.  When I got the third remote out, I remembered how to control the input, and viola, there was the picture.  I did it.  I had sound - out of the speakers, and an image on the screen.

We sat back and enjoyed the concert - greatly!!

Today began as a good day.  I got to sleep in!!!  We went to the Wednesday prayer and communion service, bought Daughter's birthday gift,and then found a new Italian restaurant.  The food was delightful as well as inexpensive.

That was the end of the beautiful day.  As we had already backed out of the parking space and were getting ready to pull out, there was a loud explosion sounding thingy.  I thought the car (yes, the "new" one) had blown up or something.  Nope - some little girl was in a hurry to leave and backed into us. So my bright, shiny new Toyota has a big boo-boo on the back.

What's even worse, I am hoping this is just nerves, but my sciatica, which has been hurting anyway again, is killing me.  I know when I get upset, it will hurt.  The back tightens up a lot.  Well ...  It is tight !  And I am upset. So, what will tomorrow bring?  We'll see.


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Introducing: Lady Bug Fish

Here is the little fish in our family!  This is my Lady Bug with one of the medals she was awarded last weekend.  She swims again this weekend!

Times have changed

Not too long ago, Daughter thought she was Wonder Woman.  She thought she could have a full time job, volunteer at the school, have the kids in sports, keep a spotless house - basically do it all.  And this was all with SIL out of town, a lot!

Last week her world began to crumble a bit.  Nothing really bad, but just enough that she FINALLY decided she does need to call on me sometimes. SIL was out of town, and Monkey  Boy had one of his GI problems thereby missing two days of school.  That was last Wednesday and Thursday, with me keeping the two older ones on Friday after school.

Yesterday was one of those days for her.  She is frantically making her calls   on her stores.  They have a number they are to meet in a month.  She will be in Orlando most of next week for a company meeting, so there goes a week for her.  She has been elected to the "Board of Elders" at church, and they had a meeting last night.  Lady Bug had swim practice.  (I need to find her picture from the swim meet last week and show you - she got 4+ medals!!).  SIL is out of town.

She asked me to watch the two younger ones.  Normally - no problem, but I spent the morning with DIL and her two.  We went shopping, then met G for lunch.  Fun morning.

The problem was that when I got home, I was so full it was like Thanksgiving all over.  I was stuffed, and I wanted to sleep.  I am so glad Daughter called.  I had forgotten about me watching hers!

I went over there.  That was probably the first mistake.  Monkey is not supposed to play video games during the week.  He pulled a fast one on Granny!  He went up to the game room first to play.  Then he came downstairs and commandeered that TV.  When Daughter got home she was rather livid.

It seems while she was at the swim meet over the weekend, SIL allowed the day to be full of video games.  MB spends too much time, and does not take potty breaks - leading to constipation then diarrhea.  Then after last night, well...

So Grandma probably made a mistake, but that's what happens!  Not gonna' let it get to me.

Have a great one!


Sunday, December 04, 2011


Yep , that's me.  The craft show was/is today.  It was down to the wire for the snow to be blown.  If you remember, I said that there was a great chance for rain today.  It was still 70-80%.  The time that the decision was to be made was 10:30.  That was when the snow was to be blown.

Well - when I got up it was very dark and overcast.  Then about 9ish, the sun had the audacity to come out.  I got my first email from the person who chairs that committee. She said she would send an email between 10:30 and 11.

I had already made my decision.  As frantically as I worked last night, I still wasn't ready.  Then after G and Son picked up and unloaded firewood yesterday, I knew any help I sought from G was gone.  I knew  he was going to be too sore.  And he is.

So I told Daughter that I was pulling out.  When the email came, the show was a go.  They decided to blow the snow, so there will be no rescheduling of the  event.  There went my last chance for a show this year.  This means I haven't done a show in 1 1/2 years.  Her being at a swim meet was a big part of my decision.  She couldn't help, and G certainly didn't want to help.  That was clear even last night.

Well, here it is 1 PM, and we are having rain.  I will bet that the snow won't last very much longer, and I am sure there won't be many kids there to play in it.  I know there have been lots of kiddos out of school sick.  I would hope their parents would think better of them  being out in this much cooler, wet day playing in cold, wet snow.

So - my income for the day $0.00.  I guess it's ok though.  I am not sitting out in the wet cold.  My merchandise is not getting wet.  Have to look at the positives.  Got what I wanted - rain.  Not when I wanted, but still got it.  Didn't get to church because it might not have rained.  I need a weather wizard!


Thursday, December 01, 2011

This and that

Yesterday I moaned and groaned about not getting things done for the Craft Show.  Well, and this is a familiar mantra in Texas anyway, but bring on the rain.  We are forecast to have a 60% chance of rain Sunday.  If that happens, there will be no show.  That would be great because I am not ready at all!!  So - as usual - bring on the rain.

As for Monkey Boy.  I said yesterday that he now loves me while before he really could care less.  It is the strangest thing.  Oh, and I have him once again today.  He is happy to stay with me which would not have been the case in the past.  He is very demonstrative with his affection.  He is really growing into a great kid!

Now the other grandson - the three year old.  I get the same reactions from him that I had gotten from MB.  He refuses kisses and the likes.  He avoids me like the plague.  I guess that one day he will change too.

One day - that makes me think.  It is really strange knowing that my days are numbered.  I don't know how long I have on this earth.   No one really does, but at 66 there are certainly fewer than there were before.  And then there's always the "c" factor looming out there.  Will it return?  Probably.  It almost always does.  Obits will say "fought cancer for x number of years." It is just sobering to realize you are really mortal after all.

OK - enough gloom and doom.  I have MB stationed in front of the TV, and am headed up to sew.  Pray for rain again!  Please - I need more time!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another day gone

I got nothing done - again - today.  Well, not exactly true, but nothing towards the craft show.

At noon, I went to the prayer/communion service at church.  It was a good thing.  I am glad I went.  I left feeling uplifted.

Before I left I had to go up to put away my ironing board and the like  because the guy was coming to check out the heaters.  Yes - we do use heaters around here!

When I got home, I found that we had Monkey Boy with us.  He was having a GI incident, and was sent home from school.  I'm glad G stayed behind to await the heater guy.  Daughter is running herself ragged trying to get all of her work done since her company is pulling them for a national meeting in Orlando in a couple of weeks.

So with MB here, I spent a lot of time with him.  I was also waiting for G to GET THROUGH WITH MY COMPUTER!  Sorry - irritates me.  I have to get the desk top fixed so I can get the router to work again.  Then I can trundle off upstairs, embroidery, and surf all at the same time!

So it is 4:30.  We are all anxiously awaiting Daughter's arrival.  Then more normal things can commence.

Yesterday I went out to pick up my Christmas present.  I ordered it before we bought the car.  I knew it was going to be expensive, but I was given the go ahead.  It was, after all, a lot less than  the new sewing/embroidery machine that was introduced at the same time. This little doozy allows me to  make almost anything into an embroidery design and put it directly into the machine.  Sweet!  I installed it yesterday on the little computer upstairs.  Having trouble with this one however. It is Windows 7, and I have had problems with things like that before.

So that was my exciting day.  Nothing worthwhile happened - except spending some time with  my grandson.  Funny - until this year, he could care less about me.  That has changed.  He loves me this year.  Seven year olds!!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Er, remember me??

If you can't, I wouldn't be surprised.  We just came back from the edge of the world known as the SSB.  When there, we are in the vast never, never land known as "no internet."  I really am looking into that to change that little fact.  Of course, good ol' Sprint is really failing me now.  I was able to get a signal sometimes, now not at all, and the phone doesn't even work!  Eight more grueling months with that thing.  I would pay just about anything to rid myself of it right now.

To more pleasant things.  This Thanksgiving went the smoothest of all the ones (eight now) that we have been there.  The turkey was absolutely beautiful.  The sides were good.  It was all pretty much ready on schedule, and we had my SIL come over to join us.  The grandkidlets were well behaved.  Doodle Bug is really growing up.  She only had a couple of meltdowns!

My other SIL and I went to the Thriving Metropolis to shop and have lunch.  With MIL gone, so are all perceived tensions.  Things are back to the way they once were.  I am so glad.  I guess they felt they had been dumped on, but the woman  would have never come here.  We were certainly not her favorites.  Of three children, G came in last in favoritism.

Being without internet for 10 days meant that I spent about 3 hours this morning getting caught up.  One of the email sources I just deleted the entire thing.  There was no way I could get it all done.  This is especially true with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday thingy.  Wow.  All those emails.

Daughter and I were set to do a craft show Sunday.  Of course, Lady Bug, the fish, has a swim meet.  I can't be too upset.  This girl is really something.  Her strokes are the hardest ones for me - breast and butterfly.  She jets through the water.  Her least favorite is my second - the free style.  She says she is going to the Olympics.  I wouldn't be at all surprised.  Her coaches are amazed at her form and determination.

The craft show is, as always, in some jeopardy. It is being held outside completely.  They always bring in "snow."  I know - not a big deal for some of you, but our kids here love it.  If it is rainy, they try to cancel the snow before being delivered.  It is expensive, and no one would be there in the rain.  Yes, we are wimps around here with rain AND snow.  Something that doesn't happen.

So, after a respite of ten days, I really need to get upstairs and get on with my sewing.  Today has been a complete waste.  I haven't done a thing toward the show, and here it is 3:30.  Gad!  Well, all I can hope for is people falling in love with what I have and my pictures.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So good with technology

NOT!!!  At least not any longer.  When I was an active duty teacher, I was a whiz.  I was the one who my colleagues would call to fix their a/v stuff and consult with about the computers.

Now?  Now I am lucky to get on line.  I have been left in the dust.  If something goes awry with this little gem, I am up the proverbial creek without that blasted paddle.

So now I am the one talking about getting a sling box to go on the cable box here, installing internet at the SSB, putting in two new routers, buying a computer for the SSB, and slinging my tv signal from here to there thus getting rid of the satellite (which has gone up yet again).  Have I lost my everlovin' mind?  I do believe so.

So now we bought a new vehicle that does everything but drive us to out destination while we party in the back.  It has taken me this week of reading and trying to find out how things work.

With my points from my credit card, I got a Blue Tooth a few years ago.  My son helped me to get it to work.  It did a good job, but the battery died.  It, of course in this age of disposable everything, cannot have a new battery put in.  Here in Swampland, if we are on the phone in a school zone - it is a huge fine.  Therefore - must have hands free.  I know you are asking what this has to do with the new vehicle.  Simple!

I have Blue Tooth in the new vehicle.  What does that have to do with my techlessness (love that non-word)?  I got it to work today!

There is hope, there is hope, there is hope!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

More sane - I hope

I haven't gone back to re-read yesterday's post.  I probably should take it down.  I was distracted by G, and wondering if I were really over whatever had taken control of my body.  One should never write under those conditions!

Things have settled down nicely.  I am feeling pretty well with only a few intestinal growls (I know - too much information).  Son called to check on me last night.  It was strange on Sunday night.  He, Daughter and I were all sick.  He had symptoms more like mine, and I would say we caught the same bug.  If we did however, it was from different sources.  Or this is a mighty bug since I last saw him the week before!

This little business I have going is not a money making proposition!  I told a lady at church I would do three little handkerchiefs for her.  She wanted four letters and the year.  Ok.

I did the first one.  I was all finished with it.  And as usual, with it all finished when I was trimming threads on the back - my super sharp scissors - the same ones that cut my foot when they fell on it - cut a teeny hole in the cloth.  Can you believe?  Sure you can if you have hung around here long enough.

I knew where she got these.  They were really pretty with lace around the edge.  She said they weren't expensive, and I already told her that I hoped it would go well, but there was no way I would ask her to buy another because I was so stupid.  So I set out to the gift shop.  Those suckers were $6! There was only about a thousand stitches to it, so the most I was going to charge was $1 per handkerchief.  So $3 supposed profit as opposed to $6 for the replacement, plus my gas out to the shop.

Perhaps one of these days I will become proficient.  I did learn a lesson here.  I know how to probably not do that again.  You DID notice the "probably."  That's because I know me too well.

All's well that ends well however.  I am only $1 out on this deal (well plus the $3+ for a gallon of gas).  She paid me $5.  One of these days things may go well, and I will make a profit!  But for now, it keeps me off the streets and mostly out of stores.  But I did find Christmas presents in that shop - they have some really cute earrings for the girls.  Probably $50/pair with another $50 for the charms that can be put on - but cute!


Monday, November 14, 2011

To complete the weekend

We were to have dinner at Son's and DIL's last night.  I was excited about it - it was a chance for this part of the family to all get together for an early Thanksgiving dinner.  

Well, after church, we went to our favorite local Mexican food restaurant.  I got my usual - knowing I would have half of it for lunch today.  I felt full from breakfast but attributed that to the excitement of the weekend.

At church, during the congregational meeting, we, the women, felt we had been given the right to form our women's Saturday small group.  Don't get me wrong, our Pastor is great, but he has been narrow minded about this for a while.  So we were very excited.  

When I get really excited about something, I don't have an appetite.  So I thought this was just a normal thing.  

I was getting full really fast at lunch.  The restaurant had already kept half of my meal in the back to box it up, so I certainly didn't over eat, but I was so full I was miserable.

We got home and had to empty out the old Pontiac.  We were giving it to a family in the neighborhood who was really down on their luck and working so hard to get back.  Their other car had just been repossessed, and the man didn't have a way of getting to and from work.  So as I was trying to get everything out of the trunk, I was even more miserable.

That misery got worse.  By the time we were to leave for dinner, I had lost lunch.  I guess I should have stayed home, but I wanted to see all the grandkids together.  

DIL made a wonderful meal - I guess.  I didn't eat.  I came home and went to bed.  Today is much better.  

I guess my old system just can't take so much excitement anymore.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

What an end to the week!

We finally made the decision to buy a new car.  Why?  Well the same reason we bought a new truck two (?) years ago.  The other one was OLD.  My little Pontiac was/is 13 years old.  It should be in middle school now.

So we went to look at the web page for one of the big used car sellers.  We looked for a while.  We were looking for a mid-sized SUV.  There were some, but having waited for three weeks before we actually went to look - they were sold.

We had narrowed the search down to four makes, but we didn't want white or black.  The roads to the SSB would have them a dull red.  And we wanted an SUV rather than a car to traverse those roads sometimes.

When we finally made it to the lot, it seemed that all that was there were white and black ones.  At one of the other lots, however, there was a maroon one.  Oh great.  Our price range, year range, size range, and color.  So our salesman was going to have it transferred to our lot.  Someone had already put in a transfer request.

So back home leaving him instructions to look at what came up.  We did didn't really want to transfer from Austin or San Antonio.

Two days later, he called.  That afternoon, we drove it out.  In the time we were at the car lot, G's aunt called.  His cousin's wife had suddenly died from a massive heart attack.

G had always been close to this cousin.  They are about two months apart in age, and grew up in close proximity.  I told him it would be a great shake-down trip to really decide on the car.  So we were off to Rockport for the visitation and funeral.

Driving a brand new car on a road trip may not be the best idea.  Especially when it is an import, and we have never had an import before.  But we got there, and we fell even more in love with it!

Saturday was the funeral.  It was also a dear friend's wedding.  So as soon as the "message" was over at the funeral, we hit the road home.  That meant yesterday we began the day with a funeral and ended it with a wedding.

I was exhausted.  I slept well.  The wedding was beautiful.  Today was church, lunch, and family early Thanksgiving.  I just hope lunch digests better before we have to leave.  I am so stuffed from lunch.  Don't know why.

Hope your weekend is/was great!


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Sweet sleep - at last?

Sleeping may be a fact in my life again!  When I talked to Daughter this morning, she told me that both Boxer girls will be going into boarding at the kennel that works with the rescue group.  EXCELLENT!

Of course, she managed to make me feel rather guilty about us spending Thanksgiving at the SSB.  But then it doesn't take too much for me to feel guilty about almost everything.  Anyway, Lady Bug is going to miss three swim practices.  Really.  I know she is in competitive swim.  She loves it .  She is more than good at it. She has set the goal of being an olympic swimmer.  She had a meet this past weekend and placed first in the 50 and 100 meter breast stroke.  But really - no break with the exception of Spring Break?

We are doing the only craft show of this year December 4.  LB has a swim meet that day.  I don't know what I will do.  I guess just hope for the best.  I would ask Son to help me set up instead, but he is way south of town being worship leader for a church down there.  G will hopefully do it with not much grinching about it.  I think I will go look for a cart to move things before that.  I have thought about it for a while.  That way he can just sit in the truck while I set up tables and merchandise.

Anyway, my life looks better now.  I don't have to think about several days with an untested Boxer and a poor cat.  Don't get me wrong -  Boxers are my passion.  They are so great.  But.  They can and do like cats a little too much.  They can have a big prey drive.  Our first one - a huge male - knew cats from the day he walked into the house.  He was absolutely fine with them - but squirrels and rats - another story!

I still am having a problem with the lies that come from SIL's mouth.  I still have a problem with a lot of things he does.  This is after them being together for 13 years.  I have to get a mind set change.  It is getting worse and worse.

So - now I have to trundle off upstairs.  I have been playing too much recently and need to get more things done.


Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Not normal

Usually the time change wears me out, especially when we "fall back."  My body tells me that it is bedtime early.

That isn't happening this time.  I attribute this unnatural state to my Daughter and SIL.  I am still steamed about Angelica.  I am still steamed that they are planning to bring the other little Boxer girl, Princess, to the SSB.  She is untried around Simone AND Shadow.  I foresee five days of sheer hell.

There is no place to move around.  Someone (somedog ??) is going to have to be isolated.  G will not be happy about that.  If we have to put S and S in our room - he will not like having to be sure they are both cooped up while he makes his million and three trips to the bathroom or whatever.

If Princess is the one - she loves to sneak off and poop and pee.  At least we have solid surface floors everywhere.

It is just the fact that - again with the lies - we were never asked.  SIL would say that he wanted to see Princess with SImone.  He would add he wanted to compare sizes since Princess is a rather smallish Boxer.  Liar, liar, liar!  He wanted to see if they got along.  Why not just SAY THAT?  Gad - that man is pathological, and they wondered why his daughter from a fling lies all the time?  Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Anyway, I am still upset about Angelica.  She is the one who is losing in this.  I tried to get Daughter to let me turn her back to the rescue.  No - she wanted her.  She is "thinking" about adopting her.

In the meantime, I am worried about this whole thing.  I know there is  no good coming from it.  Of course, it may just be Daughter's way of not coming to the SSB.  G is really angry about this.  He does need SIL's help - what there is of it.

Last time we were there, we talked about who we were leaving the place to when we are gone, not that it really matters.  We won't know.  But we know SIL won't take care of it.  He thinks he is a handyman.  He messes up more than he can do.  He had damaged the place already, and we watch him like a hawk.  Son and DIL don't come.  She, like a daughter, is wrapped up in her family.  This is especially true since she and her dad have reconciled.  We thought of just selling the place to our neighbor.

Another gripe session.  Sorry.  I hope to get out of this soon.  It doesn't help that last night I got the update on Previous Pastor. Doesn't look good.  He had surgery, and the tumor was larger than expected.  It was wrapped around some blood vessels.  They took the head of the pancreas, gall bladder, some stomach, and some intestine.  There will be chemo and radiation.

Also a dear friend who lives around the SSB was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  G's aunt who lives up there had ovarian cancer the year before I was diagnosed.  She is still doing well, so there is hope for Pat.  I hope she can get the same type of treatment Flo got.  So my label has gone from the little c to the big c.  That's how I feel right now.

If you are of a mind - please include these folks in your prayers or thoughts.  Wish them well.  They need it.  I guess I do too to get over this funk I am in!


Monday, November 07, 2011

I swore I would never be this way

My MIL was a mean, vindictive woman.  She verbally attacked me on more than one occasion.  I knew what it was like to have at least one in-law from hell.  FIL was ok, but not her!

I promised myself I would NOT be that way.  I knew what it was like, and I simply would not be that way.

Well, guess what - it seems I am getting that way.  Not to the point of verbally attacking - at least yet, but I am getting to be angry with SIL.

The man doesn't know what it is like to open his mouth without having a lie come out of it.  When we first met him, all he did was try to impress us.  For example, he swore he and George Strait were friends.  He would refer to him only by the first name.  I tried to impress us with the fact he tried out for the Astros.  He didn't make it - at all.  Not even to the farm team, but he would always talk about the "Killer B's" as they were referred to.  Please don't ask me to name them - Bagwell, Biggo, and ???

Anyway.  Last night he was sitting there when Daughter said she didn't know what she was going to do with Angelica (remember the foster dog) while we are all at the SSB for Thanksgiving. Being with us is not an option with Shadow there.  He popped up and said "we are on a waiting list for boarding at the vet's office."  I KNEW that was wrong, but I just shut up.

This morning when Daughter called, he "beeped" in - as is the usual case.  He said the vet had a suite open for Thanksgiving.  There was no waiting list.  I just sat and fumed.  I was so glad there isn't telephone service for us with the camera.  I would have had a hard time hiding my expression.

Also last night, he was ragging on the church for having a "workship" yesterday.  They went to some group homes and worked instead of having formal worship in the church.  He knows that I am a great advocate of doing some things as a whole congregation in an informal setting.  We need to form bonds.

As he was sitting there, he said "that church meeting next Sunday ought to really be something."  Well, no.  We have just chartered.  Our next step is to elect our board and set a budget.  I told him that, and the answer was another lie out of his mouth - "oh, I know."

When I said that he interrupted my call with Daughter, it happens almost each and every time I am on the phone with her.  He calls her multiple times in a day.  When they were dating, she was almost fired because it was always calling her.  When she came home for a visit - he called about every hour on the hour.  Long distance.  His phone bill for the week was $300 - which he didn't have.

Whew - I feel better.  Vented that out.  There is more - like signing Monkey Boy up for year around baseball.  He said he would never push his kids into sports - ha!

Now I am through.  Thank you for allowing this.


Saturday, November 05, 2011

OK - now I am alert

I cannot believe I used to take four (!!) of those things (hydrocodone) a day, and not feeling it.  OMG!  I really was a danger on the roads and everywhere else.  That one knocked me for a real loop, but I finally metabolized it.

Now let's get back to where I wanted to be before the drug hit.  Oh, and by the way - there is no doubt I will NOT get back to where I was, and have to go through getting off again.  The effects were far too unpleasant yesterday.

Our trip.  It was a pleasant day and a pleasant drive although Mapquest didn't have the directions exactly correct.  Even though Austin is much smaller than Houston, traffic there is horrendous.  AND we were going to be staying downtown.  So, arriving at 4pm in downtown anywhere is not a pleasant thing.

Mapquest said this hotel was on the left  as we got to 6th street.  So we were looking closely, and there was nothing.  Well - a bank building.  So we went around the block - looking carefully for which were one way streets.  There was the hotel - on the right side of that intersection.

We pulled in, and registration was easy.  Good.  I love knowing that reservations go well.  We hauled our belongings up to the room, and there were a lot for an overnight stay.  I had packed two pairs of slacks and three blouses for the trip.  In Texas, at this time of year  you have to be prepared for heat or cold, and in fact, we did experience both.  So you really never over pack.

We were to go out to dinner with his brother and brother's wife that evening.  We called them, and they said they would pick us up.  So that  was taken care of, and  G decided to use the time between to find the court house.

When he came back, he said  it was easy to find, but it was up a STEEP hill.  He  reported that he had scouted out a place for breakfast the next day.  Staying on 6th street is staying in the party area of Austin.  There are a lot of restaurants and bars, but guess what - they are not open for breakfast.  I was reminded of our stay in downtown Ft. Worth where there was nothing for breakfast with the exception of the hotel, and evening meals started at $25.

We are used to the hustle bustle of big-city downtown, so we didn't want to move the car for breakfast.  We thought the traffic would be so heavy he would never make a 9 am court date, hence that was the reason for the downtown hotel.  We were in a  quandary about what to do.  We were fairly close to the campus of UT, so we set out in the car thinking we could find a grocery or something.  Our hotel was an extended stay, so we had a kitchen.  We could make out easily.

So off went.  In two blocks we came across a huge Whole Foods.  It looked fabulous, but it was on the left side of the street, and the traffic was terrible. We could have  never gotten in there.  We turned right to head more to the campus and housing area.  Sure enough - a convenience store .  They assorted food items among which were egg muffins that we could heat in the microwave.  Problem solved.

Dinner out was nice - supposedly at one of Austin's top four restaurants.  Perhaps one of the top four Mexican restaurants.  Not "Tex-Mex" but it was good - more Mexico City type of food.  The company was nice.  It seems all the tension that was there before MIL died seems to have disappeared. I am so glad for that.  We are too close and have too many mutual friends and relatives (duh!) at the SSB for there to be hard feelings about anything.

We got back to the room, and had been wondering why it was so noisy in the room, but we were on the street side, and just thought it was a noisy room.  The A/C fan didn't run continuously, just cycling on and off.  No white noise. So that would be a problem.  We are used to white noise.

So it was bed time.  Other than traffic noise - so many motorcycles - it was pure silence.  Neither of us slept soundly (oh so punny!) especially when the three fire trucks came screaming by.  When the blue norther hit - we could clearly hear the wind that was blowing about 40 mph.  It did get chilly in the room, and I turned on the heat which apparently had not been on this year. (It stunk, and G thought there was a fire.)

The next morning,  I looked out at all the folks bundled against the cold wind. All G had was a long sleeved shirt and his suit coat.  He is Mr. I Am Cold All The Time.   I realized that there wasn't  much traffic, so I volunteered to drive him the four blocks to the court house.  It was surprisingly easy.  The traffic was so light at 8:30.  Here the traffic around the court house(s) is a nightmare.

When I came back, I looked at the windows from across the room.  I could see daylight under the right side window.  They weren't closed all the way.  No wonder there was so much noise!  No wonder I could hear the wind.  I just sat and laughed.  The kicker here is that they wouldn't close either.  We should have asked for another room - but we didn't know that was a problem.

We survived though.  The drive home was nice - even though we got the news about out previous pastor and friend.  I didn't get a new pair of shoes, but all was good.  We certainly slept soundly that night too.

The cat was furious with us for being left alone over night.  Such an indignity has never happened to him before.  Simone had her spa day - a bath and her nails done - but she was a little miffed too because she had been left at the vet (among people who love her there too).

And that's how I spent my Wednesday/Thursday.  What an exciting life I lead.


Friday, November 04, 2011

Holy Cow!

If yesterday's post was disjointed, this one will be worse.  I foolishly decided that I was a pack horse yesterday when I loaded up my suitcase and computer bag to take to the car.  I am paying for it today.  My back woke me this morning, and it still hurts - a lot.

So at breakfast I asked G's opinion about taking the dreaded hydrocodone until the pain goes away.  I do not want to be in the same boat again to go through withdrawal.   He said that probably would not happen.

So I went to my stash.  I took the hydrocodone along with the Lyrica.  I thought nothing of it.  I used to do it all the time, right?  In fact, I considered two hydrocodone.

I was sitting here going through free embroidery designs (I am  cheap).  All the sudden, I got dizzy and  nauseated.  I couldn't guess what was happening.  Then I remembered what I had done this morning.  Guess who isn't used to drugs?  Oh, my.  The bed is looking really good right now.

I was going to tell you about our experience in Austin.  Pretty funny, but I think that will have to wait.  See you after this all passes!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Guess it's that time of year

Who took the last seven days?  I was just here, and now seven days or so has passed.  Who took them?

I have been a sewing fiend - that part is true.  If I had  not left my camera at the SSB, I could chronicle some of that, but - that camera is sitting on the love seat up there.  So, you just have to take my word for it.

We just this minute returned from Austin where G probated his mother's will.  It was a simple process - taking less than an hour, but it involved driving there, staying overnight and all.

I rode along because SIL has been telling me about an outlet store for the hideously expensive shoes that fit my feet well.  She gets hers there.  So, I was going to use this trip for that.  Guess what!  We were ready to go in at 10:35.  They opened at 11.  There was nothing to do to waste that time, so we hit the road.  

No shoes and a $32 dog boarding fee.  That stinks!

On the trip back, Daughter called.  Our current pastor send them an email that our previous pastor (who confirmed and performed the marriages for both kids, baptized one grandchild and is a good personal friend) has pancreatic cancer.

That is why I am taking the time to post - other than I needed to.  I came home to check my email, and we have one too.  It doesn't sound good.  He is in the hospital now - can't have visitors.  So I don't know how bad this really is.  If you are the praying sort, I know he could use all the prayers offered up.

So - I guess I better unpack and change clothes.  Before I do that - I have to admit these one day trips are killing me.  I don't pack well for them.  In the case of MIL's funeral and this trip - I neglected to pack sleeping togs. This trip - and it is embarrassing -  I forgot underwear.  The old brain is going!  I am used to having most of what I need already in place - like at the SSB.

Oh well, peace be with you.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I really don't get it

Seriously, I am verrrrrry puzzled.  It seems that no plumber repairs leaky faucets these days.  They REPLACE them -- to the tune of several hundred dollars a pop.

Now, if the little guy who is trying to get started had called me back - he very probably would have fixed my leaky kitchen faucet.  That little baby is/was about 15 years old (my, how time flies - seems like I bought it last year), and was a very good, sturdy faucet.  It developed a leak - probably from us not turning it off properly.  It was a single handle, and we would carelessly center the handle to turn it off.  Well - it was leaking unless we really paid attention to what we were doing.

I called Rich weeks ago.  He never called me back.  So I called a big outfit.  I am angry with the plumbers I usually use - but that's another story.  Anyway - we had a leaky faucet in the back yard, and the kitchen sink.  The bill for those repairs was $1600.  Yep - you read that correctly.

The faucet in the back had been "jerry-rigged" so many times, and the pipe itself was badly rusted.  I knew there would be dollar signs with that one.  But the kitchen??  Replace the whole thing?  What happened to repairing the leak?

The same thing happened when the other company was called to repair a leak in the hall bathroom.  It was a good Moen faucet.  I KNOW there is a cartridge in them that can be replaced - and the leak stops.  Nope - the whole thing was replaced.  I thought perhaps this company would be into repairs  not replacement.  I was wrong.  Jeesh!

In other money spending - Simone had her semi-annual check up.  She is well - vaccinated freshly, but she is well.  The whole staff celebrated that.  They know us well.  Very well.  She is such a sweet dog they all love her as much as I do.  The vet said he was delighted to see her doing well.  We have fought her queasy stomach for years, so it was nice to have a well dog check up.  It still cost a bundle though.

Such an exciting life.  I need to schedule a couple more repair people.  The handle on the dishwasher broke - wonder if it will have to be replaced (the whole thing like the faucets)?  Then we have the a/c heater checks.  Don't you wish you had such an exciting life???

Oh, Ju Ju - Shadow did finally come down from the china cabinet.  It took him a couple of days to realize Angelica was really gone.  He didn't even bite me for about a week.  He's completely back to "normal" and I am ready to bring that dog back!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Short and (?) Sweet

We are back from the land of the dry.  There was 2.2 inches of rain in our absence.  Any amount is good, but we need sooooooo much more.  The juniper (we call 'em cedars) trees are dead.  A lot of the oaks are dying or dead. It is difficult to look around and determine what is dead, dead and what is just turning colors with the season.

Exciting day today.  I spent most of it catching up on emails and the like.  Then I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned.  I was supposed to take antibiotics before my visit, but they give me such terrible heartburn that I lied and said I did.  I talked with the orthopedist, and he thought it was silly to have to do that.

Angelica is at home with Daughter still.  Over the weekend they all got into a massive fight, with the old lab coming out on the short end.  He still doesn't like Angelica.  It was the two boxer girls against him.

The other little boxer girl, Princess, developed kennel cough on Saturday.  Now we are wondering if King (old lab) will get it.

I am tired of not having internet at the SSB.  My wonderful Sprint phone with the hot spot is a cold spot.  The phone itself didn't work most of the weekend.  I am going to look into the Slingbox thingy.  With that I am supposed to be able to get my cable up there through the internet.  That means I will have to have internet.  That would be cheaper than satellite, so I am all for that.  I just need to talk to my guru friends that put me onto this for more information.

So that's my excitement.  Hope your day was good.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Again - a change

Well, the president of the rescue group assured me that my vet really was too cautious.  She told me of her history, and she remembers my Simone from when she was a foster.  I know she wouldn't knowingly lead me astray.

So here's the latest.  Daughter has decided she isn't afraid of any old kennel cough.  She thinks old King is healthy enough to withstand the risk.  She also said (and this will sound harsh - but she doesn't mean is) that he is 14 after all.  She really wants to include Angelica in her family.

So I have been texting Debbie.  Angelica is going to the other house this afternoon.  Angelica also seems to have weathered the worst too.  She is not coughing as much.  She will when she gets excited.

So we are off to the SSB for a week.  I have the name of a good vet in Fredericksburg.  I will use him is needed.  Shadow is still on top of the china cabinet.  He spent the night in the utility room - with food, water and litter.  He isn't eating his dry food, but had a can of wet yesterday.

I hope he gets over being on top of the china cabinet though.  I have breakables up there.  This isn't good - at all.

Now life can get back to normal - whatever that is around here.

I will be out of pocket for a while.  I will post when I can.  Have a good week.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The final deciision

Message: It has been decided. She goes back to the rescue tomorrow. After questioning my vet's office more, this is a bad situation that we cannot handle - especially with other dogs. I have already made every mistake possible with Simone and Angelica. Not only have they met - nose to nose. Slept next to each other in separate crates, but so what. They have used the same water bowl at least twice. And the final thing - I was to be taking Angelica out to the front to potty. Has that been the case, of course not.

I have just contacted my friend and neighbor at the SSB to ask her for a vet's name should I need it during the next week. It's amazing how good intentions (and loving that little dog) can go so wrong. Daughter was still game to try it at her house, but come to find out the old dog isn't up to date on his vaccinations. Great. Just great.

I am still crying about this. I think I will for a long time. I really feel like I have really done it with this one. I can't have the little dog that is so sweet, I probably have infected my baby and she isn't young anymore, the cat may never be the same again, and I may be the ultimate cause of King's death. Just wonderful.

'via Blog this'

And the fun just continues

So - what's new.  Of course there's something.  Yesterday after introducing Angelica to Daughter's boxer - Princess, I came home and crated Angelica.

Then she began coughing.  And coughing, and coughing.  I contacted the rescue group. Their answer - sounds like kennel cough.  Just wonderful.

So today I checked with my vet.  Simone is covered - if it is not a new strain.  Princess is good.  King - the OLD lab was due in July.  So now what.

I really don't know.  Daughter and SIL are still willing to take her.  King will have already been exposed even though he was outside the whole time I was there, but the girls had a complete love fest going on for most of the time.  They shared cocktails (a water bowl) while there.

Guess I will contact the rescue group to see what they suggest.  I am at a complete loss right now.  And I have a honking dog that I think just barfed.  Glory, glory.

The cat is upstairs, and has been for at least 24 hours.  I asked G if we shouldn't put a litter box up there along with his food.  His answer was no - the cat could come down.  So I guess I will go up and try to bring him down without him killing me.

And how's your day?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Not going to work out

Well, Angelica met Shadow last night.  As a result, one of the two etched glasses that belonged to my grandmother is no longer in existence.

G was careless about letting her in and out of the house.  When he let Angelica back in, the cat was right there. I knew his carelessness with her - assuming she was as laid back as Simone - would lead to problems, and it did.

Let me back up.  The meeting between the two dogs resulted in one little loud greeting.  I really believe it was nothing more than Simone telling this young whipper-snapper that she was alpha dog.  After that, Angelica tried her dead level best to ignore Simone!  We weren't too worried.

When she ran headlong into the cat, well that was different.  Of course, the cat was already skittery around the dog.  So he ran.  It was all off then.  We have baby gates up to keep the dog out of the dining room and the living room.  Angelica cleared them with easy.  She ran the cat into the living room and into the wet bar.  That was the end of my glass.  The cat tried to climb the glass shelves.  It could have been really bad.  The dog was about to get on the counter in there.

Then they went across the entry hall and into the dining room.  By that time - G had gotten Angelica away.  When I went in, the cat was on top of the china cabinet.  I had to pluck him down to feed him after the dogs had gone to bed.  I haven't seen him yet this morning.

So - I don't have a new dog.  We are going to try her with Daughter.  They met her last night, and as far as people, it went great.  Now with her adopted female boxer - we don't know.  The drama continues.  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Oh, I forgot

Some of you may remember me talking about SIL's daughter from another relationship.  She is now 19. She has moved out of her mom's house.

That was like moving from the frying pan into the fire because she has gotten herself in a real pickle.  The girl has problems.  My SIL is a psychologist.  Her assessment of the girl is that she is a sociopath.  Enough said about her mental status.

After leaving mom's house, she lived with her aunt for a while.  She never contributed anything to the household expenses, and that family lives from hand to mouth or less all the time.  She left aunt's house - and moved in with her "boyfriend.'

Boyfriend was engaged just prior to this girl (M) moving in with him.  So, I don't know just how stable this relationship could be from the get go.  I really think she is as much of a rebound for him as anything.  He is 25, and does have a good job.  Her first thing was to move to one of the Carolinas with him.  SIL talked to her about how stupid this probably was.

OK  - so now they are moving to California.  Just as stupid an idea for her as the other move.  (These are job moved by the way - for him) Now there is another factor here.  She is pregnant.  Her mother is livid.  She is seeing M reliving the mom's life.  She is 19, not married to the father, in fact the relationship is only a little better than mom's was at the time.  SIL is really sick about it.  He knows what kinds of hell this can be.  They are going to be tied together for 19 years now.  Daughter sort of laughs and says she will be a 38 year old grandmother.  The baby's youngest aunt will be 4.

I know this all happens all the time.  I have many friends who are great grandparents while I am still a grandmother with grand-babies still being born - the next one in January.  Probably you have been through this situation.  I know it is not unusual.  It will probably work out.  I just know the hell my daughter has gone through having a step-daughter - dealing with the mom who hated the dad (SIL) after she got pregnant.  He has absolutely no love for her either.  It can just be so bad.

Wish them luck - or what ever.  They are all going to need it.

Today is the day

Well - Simone and Angelica will finally attend the "meet and greet" today during the cocktail hour.  We will see what happens.  They have slept side by side in their crates for two nights now.  Angelica has had her crate in the den when we are up so she has been pretty much a part of family life albeit as an observer.  The cat - well, I don't know how that is going to go.  I really suspect it will not be pretty.  I wish at this point he still had his front claws (I know- brutal surgery and all, but I wouldn't have any furniture - or hands left for that matter).  He could teach her that cats are nothing to fool with.

I am praying that they get along famously.  Otherwise I really do not know what I am going to do Tuesday for the six hour trip to the SSB.  G asked me last night just what my famous plans for that trip are.  Well, don't know.  The back seat of an F150 - even crew cab - is small.  I didn't realize until we took the first trip in it. We were so used to the troop carrier (the old F250).

At least I got Daughter interested in the Boxer Rescue group.  She is contemplating fostering also.  She may have to foster this one.

Just very, very nervous, and I have to get over that immediately.  They will be able to tell if I can't act calm, assertive, and sure of the event.  We will see.  Oh, how I wish I could see a segment of Dog Whisperer that covered this again.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick post

Well, the night went smoothly.  Simone was in her crate - with the door open.  Angelica was next to her in her crate - with the door shut.  Shadow visited the bed twice - very nervously.  All in all quiet night.

This is Angelica the day we transported her to the kennel.  This is when we fell in love with her! 
Excuse the stuff in the hall - grandchildren play there.  This is the initial meeting of Angelica and Shadow.  Did not go well.  My phone didn't do a very good job, but you possibly can see that Angelica is just a little TOOOOOO interested in Shadow.  Shortly after this - in fact when I was putting the phone down  - Angelica charged the crate, and the cat bolted!
When I put Simone in her crate this morning to give Angelica some time out in the house, you would have thought I had done the worst thing to that dog!  She really fought going in.  But Angelica really surprised me.  She knew how to play with toys - which may be a problem later, but Simone usually leaves toys alone.   Angelica appeared to know how to play catch.  Amazing

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

She's here

We have Angelica under our roof.  We stopped on the way home to buy her a crate - as the paper work that they sent us as a foster suggested.  I am glad we did.  Simone has done a little growling.  Right now, the crate in sitting in the den where we spend most of our waking time.  I think that may be best for now.  I just wish I could figure how to open this crate more easily though.

I thought we were getting a 24" crate.  She IS a small dog, but we got the 31" instead.  It is better for her, but I know for a fact it will  not fit in the backseat of the truck like I planned.  These two better be getting along by next week or I am up a creek!

I am going to let her settle down a little more before I begin flashing pictures of her, but I promise I will post some soon.  She is a real little cutie.

Send good thought - I think I am going to need them!

Oh, the the cat has disappeared.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She is our foster - for now

The Boxer Rescue posted on Facebook that they are desperate for foster.  They have taken in 11 since the first of the month yet there are 8 that are in danger of being put to sleep.  One if a ten month baby whose time run out today.

I asked G if we could at least foster.  He said yes, and we probably would adopt.  so ...

We will have a new family member tomorrow afternoon.  There is so much unknown.  We don't know how the other two will react.  We just don't know much except this baby has the most trusting eyes in the world.

When I get my cell charged, I will email myself pictures  - which I will post here.  She is a real cutie!

Now we will see what happens.


Ohhhh - I want ...

Right now, I am stealing some time from being up in the "room" where I really need to complete the dress I have sitting on the machine.  The craft show is December 4, and I really need to have several more done.  I have done several little shirts with applique and/or embroidery.  They are easy.  This dress will be too - it's just I did nothing on it yesterday, and here's why:

I try to help out our local Boxer Rescue group.  I am a virtual foster which means I donate money each month to the care of these dogs.  Yesterday I had the opportunity to help in a real, physical way.  I volunteered to transport a dog from the vet's office (that treats up to five of these dogs at a time) to the kennel that holds some space for them.

I was to pick up "Angelica" and take her for boarding.  I knew nothing of her.  So, armed with Simone's harness for the car, a choke collar and a separate leash, off I went.  To cut to the chase - when she came out, she was the cutest thing.   She is a small little girl - two years old, or so.  She had just been spayed.  She is a twin for the boxer I talked my daughter into rescuing when my vet's office called me.

So we were off for the 30 minute drive to the kennel.  In that time, she enamored me completely.  I didn't want to leave her at that place.  She gave me hundreds of doggie kisses when we first met - as is the way boxers do.  She loved the ride - going from window to window, not missing a thing.

When we were sitting around last night, G was talking to Simone.  He said - "you need a pal, don't you."  I was ready to sent an email immediately asking to adopt Angelica.  I had fallen hopelessly in love with that baby.  We were seriously considering her - planning how to transport both dogs and the cat the 6 hours to the SSB.  I was ready.

In the light of morning, he had cooled on the idea.  I also thought more.  Some boxers have a huge prey drive - and they don't like cats - at all.  I have no idea how this dog will react to cats.  She seems docile.  She seems sweet.  But she also is still confused about what is going on with her.  So, I guess she will become someone else's baby.  She will make a wonderful pet.  I can see that in her.

So, the dangers of me having direct contact with these dogs is not good.  I fall in love with them.  I want them ALL.  Smacks of being an animal hoarder doesn't it.  Not really.  I know what the responsibilities are.  I know first hand that a rescued boxer can have health problems.  Boxers have inherent health problems as a breed.  Just looking at my Simone, you can see so much of what she must have endured before I got her.  Her canines are broken at the tips.  She has scarring on her legs.  I really believe she must have been struck by a car at some time in her life.  She had many, many litters of pups in her previous life.  She bears scars today - internal and external.  She is at least 8, and she is on her way to developing cancers.  She has started the mast tumors.

No, the possibility of expenses with several dogs is just too much - but I still fell completely in love with Angelica.  How that name fits that little girl!

And now to work I go.


Sunday, October 09, 2011

Pictures - yes finally!

This is the table my dad built.  Those are my new chairs.  They are WONDERFUL!!!

This is a little closer view of the table.  It could stand having the top refinished, but I will let my heirs do that.  I will just think of it as "character."

Difficult to see, but this is the burn that my brainy step-mother put  on the table.  Daddy tried to finish it out, but as you can see - it didn't work well.  Just adds to the marred finish.  Oh, well.
This is a picture of my favorite cow - destroying the little deer feeder.  If you look closely - there is NO grass.  I will post before pictures later

Again a view of NO grass.  That is purely red dirt.  Red dirt that is turning to dust that is invading like crazy.

This is one of our old chairs from the dining room.  Uncomfortable as can be, and will tip over  in a blink of the eye.
So there you have a thumb nail trip to the SSB.  We have had some rain - I hope yesterday and today.  I haven't heard from friends, neighbors, and relatives (pretty much the same thing out there) about if and how much yet.  Just hoping and praying.  We need some so desperately.  This drought is predicted to last maybe until 2020.  Egad.


Friday, October 07, 2011

Technology - bah humbug!

It seems I get farther and farther behind in the technology field these days.  I have been having a real love/hate relationship with this relatively new laptop.  My son got a Mac, and I am wishing I had done the same thing, but I wanted something that would be cheap inexpensive.

I spent the day a couple of days ago fighting with an embroidery program.  It shows icons of what the design is when you open your folder(s).  That is a nice time saver.  I got the stupid idea to look for updates.  Well, you know what that meant.  The whole thing crashed.  I wasn't able to see a single icon.  No real biggie, but a definite time saver.  I do love that program.  I guess that's why I have spent $80 on it total.  You see in my tech savvy way, I deleted the main program.  So I just gave up and bought another license - along with a DISC this time!!  I know - slow on the uptake!

When I got that program re-loaded, I was getting an error message about Explorer.  I am not an Explorer user, but that stupid program was messing with me making CD's to move the embroidery files from here to the upstairs computer.  So, once again, I ventured forth.  I reloaded Office 2010.  I figured that was where the problem had to be.  I still don't know it that fixed that problem or  not, but it caused another one!

When I went to my picture file, none of the jpeg thumbnails would open.  I had to be in a photo editing program.  Well - that just wouldn't do.  So I waged war again today with that problem.  I finally fixed it.  I can see my jpegs.

But, and you knew there was a but, didn't you?  Another of the embroidery programs is acting all wonky now. It is the one that allows me to change from one type of embroidery file to another so I can use them on my machine.

And - speaking of my machine.  Yep - battle there too.  It has been squeaking - a lot.  I know it needs its yearly cleaning and check up, but I just didn't want to give it up for three days.  It has been acting a fool. I have to cut out thread nests about three times for every 1000 stitches it does.  It broke a foot (on the machine - not mine) and ruined my brand new wonderful embroidery scissors when I was trying to get rid of one of those nests.  At least I was able to complete all the fancy stuff on the photo album cover for the youngest granddaughter!  I had to take it to the old workhorse to sew it together however.  So I took the sick machine to the shop a while ago.  I was just there yesterday for club meeting, but decided I would wait until we went to the SSB to take the machine in.  Nope - got to take that drive again today!

Such is my tale of woe.  Technology -  bah!  So with all the problems I have been trying to solve - I still don't have new pics of the SSB loaded onto the computer.  When I couldn't see what I would try to upload here, what was the use?  I have embroidery projects lined up to the ceiling.  I do have dress making to do - so I CAN do that.  Isn't my life just pitiful - don't answer that.  I know the answer.  This month reminds me of just how lucky I am every day.  I really don't forget it with pink ribbons everywhere.  I will try to get those pictures posted tomorrow.  G will be gone again tomorrow and Sunday afternoon.  I should be able to get a lot done!