Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I didn't realize how I think of things differently when we are up here.  In town, I keep up with the grandkidlets and the like.  I have to deal with traffic, or the morons when shopping.  Up here, those things are really pretty far from my mind - unless the family is here visiting.

My main thought today is how we get to the social function tomorrow night.  So far we have the directions of go past the church and the house with the red roof - that's where Don lives, and looks for XXXX Road.  Well, on second thought plan to be in that area by 6:15 to follow someone else.

THAT is the big dilemma for today and tomorrow.  So we will do some additional calling around to get directions.

I found that this internet is slower than what I have at home.  I was disappointed not to see the end of that show, but I am going to try again today, this time hooking up the unused tv in the bedroom.  We will see how that works.

The biggest thing that has happened was the tarantula on the back deck.  I know we have all sorts of wild life, but it seldom comes to the house.  But there was that spider in all its glory.  A big question we have is why scorpions love the front deck late at night.

As you see, the problems here are so small.  It is so unlike the times when this area was populated with the German immigrants that were our forefathers.  I think I like today a lot better.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Really worth it?

I do wonder if my internet access is going to be worth the money.  This much for one week or so a month.  I do know I know how dependent I am on internet.  So I guess it's worth whatever.

After talking to my SIL on Saturday, I really thought of giving up the satellite tv.  She said they are going to some of the services that are available through the internet connection.  I was just about to jump on board with that!  I could save a good deal of money.

So this afternoon, I found the most recent installment of one of my programs.  I had it running though the internet.  Well - satellite internet is not as fast as cable.  It would freeze several times while it was re-loading. I don't think that is going to be for me.

The worth of this is questionable.  The grandkidlets will want to use it for their programs.  I can hear it now when it freezes.  And if it does to them what it did to me - there will be mutiny.  The whole thing quit at the very end of the program.  I will have to get home to see how the winner was!! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy, Happy - I have internet

They came today!  They came and put up my dish and connected me to the 21st century.  I have internet.

It isn't as fast as what I have at home. This may be a problem at Thanksgiving when all the grandkidlets are here and want to go on line to access Netflix and Hulu.  I think there will be long periods of spooling.  Who knows - they might even be dumped - but it is here!

I really thought it could be installed on the eave next to the satellite tv.  But this dish is huge in comparison - and heavy.  Don't know why, but it is.  so it sits on the front deck - attached to the corner of the deck.  That was better than the roof.

BUT.  I. AM. CONNECTED.  I also have my router - so here I sit in the living room just a'surfin'!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Well, it's off again tomorrow

We will be going to the SSB tomorrow.  Seriously - I really don't want to go.

One reason is that my insurance for my prescriptions has changed.  I sent in a request last week for one of the prescriptions.  It has not come yet.  I surely don't want it sitting out in the mail box to bake in the sun for a week.  I am getting to the point that I hate mail service for the drugs.  It is so much easier to just go to the pharmacy.

Since I am on Medicare, I qualify for glucose testing supplies.  Well - they are also delivered by mail.  They are supposed to be on the way, but guess what!!!  That's right.  They are not here.

I have another package coming, but sitting in the mail box in the sun won't bother it.  I have treated myself to a new wig.  And I really do need it!  I just want to see it - it is a different brand.  I am curious how it fits and looks.

Last night, finally, was the first in a while we didn't argue.  I guess because I finally yelled back he figured out I had enough.

He decided we take the Highlander this time.  And that's why we got it - so it could go.  BUT - we have a little 5000BTU air conditioner that has been sitting in the garage.  We got it for the lake, and that property is gone.  Last time at the SSB we visited with a cousin and her husband.  They are re-modeling the original house on his grandparent's (now his aunt's) property.  There is a second floor, and they just got it going.  But it is hot up there.  So we offered that little unit.

Now a/c + Highlander (rather than truck) = very little room.  He never thought about that before.  Geesh!

I am wondering if we will finally get our internet.  In fact, I am going to call in a bit.  I just think we won't get it.  I guess Hughes Net doesn't care if they make money or not.  We have been waiting over two months now - if they don't get it done this time, it will be three!  Wonderful.

Perhaps I will be back late Saturday or Sunday.  All depends on that little satellite!

Monday, September 17, 2012


I reported what my friend said about Pastor throwing a chair at her.  Knowing the two of them - I think he probably slid it to her with some force.  She has always thought he had a good heart.  Her family was victims of a home invasion last year.  As soon as he found out - he was there to offer help and/or consolation.  That meant the world to her.

Now as to the chair - he is known for his OCD.  He's picky about the arrangement of the church.  Now you have to realize we are about as far from a traditional Lutheran church as you can get.  We meet in a strip mall.  In fact our space was once a coffee shop, and we haven't made BIG changes.  It is a flexible space, and that meets out needs so well.

They were setting up tables behind the chairs.  He had one idea - and I think he had asked another friend about her idea - and went from there.  Sharon didn't know that, and she had another idea.  Pastor can get bent out of shape along these lines. The hardest feelings came from the fact that even though he lost his temper - he never apologized.  In fact he saw no reason to apologize - from anyone  (??),

Now family dinner - this one's for you JuJu.  I planned pork ribs, potato salad, beans, bread.  I bought two large racks of ribs.  My big eater (SIL) wasn't here after all!  So I have ribs for ever.

Things were going so very well.  The three year old was acting so great.  His "school" is working wonders, and he loves it.  There were no political discussions, and the old bear (G) was in a good mood.  Even Lady Bug, who has "become a woman with a friend that visits" didn't get her feelings hurt and lock herself in the bathroom.  Gotta' love those hormones!

I should have known things were going too well.  Other than dropping a knife on the floor and the knife broke (!!), I thought it was great.  I had to use jelly roll pans for the ribs because I don't have my huge baking pans here.  I was afraid that the liquid that came from the ribs would spill when I tried to get them out, so I got a brilliant idea. I poured the first pan into the stock pot that I used to boil the potatoes.  It worked like a charm.  Then I put the second rack on that pan after cutting the first ones up.  The mistake there was leaving the pan in the oven - even though the oven was off.

That send G into a tizzy (he cleans the kitchen).    Fortunately everyone was gone and didn't witness this one.  But I got so angry at his tone, and smart a*s statement to better coat the pan next time because stuff was burned on that I just left the room.  I was going to close myself in the bedroom, but realized he would be coming in to shower and all.  So I went upstairs and closed the door.

There were other things that irritated me then, but they made me madder because of the primary insult - so..  I am barely speaking to him today.  So that's Family Dinner.

Simone is apparently doing really well.  She has had her food changed once again.  She still loves it.  She really like the changes, but I am always worried when we do that because G just dumps the new on a little of the old - not gradually changing the food.  But she seems so be good.  We will be taking her to the SSB this week, so we will see.  This time I will be armed with all sorts of meds though.  Benedryl, her tranquilizer,  her motion sick pill, and of course her old lady pill that curtails the urine leakage.

This morning I got to have more labs done.  Had some last week, and in my passive-aggressive way I didn't schedule a follow up appointment,  We'll see if the GP calls and demands I come it!!  But today I had to go for the Nephrologist.  I thought of the post you put up JuJu, because I got to pee in the cup for both of those.  There I sat giggling while trying to hit that cup!

The lab tech I got this morning must love his job however (not!) because he never cracked even the barest smile.  Talk about a gruff sober-sides.  I thought I was at home.  He, he!

And finally - yes I am on metaformin. The problem is I haven't been following what I should be eating.  I haven't been a good girl - but I know what I have to do.  There is no excuse really - but I am just so tired of my body failing bit by bit.  Plus - I have to be honest - I keep wondering if my old friend cancer isn't out there again.  I don't think any survivor doesn't have that thought in the back of their head.

So - my life over the weekend.  Such excitement!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still around and kickin'

Yes - I am still here, and no I haven't murdered G and buried him behind the garage, but that doesn't mean I haven't necessarily thought about it.

I am doing anything right now to keep from cleaning up my everyday debris - like Simone's pills and the like - to keep the three year old terror from getting into it all.  Yes, it is family dinner night - again!   And my house - again.  I have to go over everything with a fine toothed comb to make sure there is nothing out that he can get into.  That includes Simone's and Shadow's toys.  I keep a toy box full of toys in the hallway that has no traffic, but it seems like Son's kids want to play with the animal's toys.  Geesh!

I am really sounding like an old crone!  I will be perfect for Halloween.

I can't think of anything out of the ordinary that is going on here.  Yesterday we (Daughter, her girls and I) had lunch with our good church friends.  They are taking a month's vacation from church.  That seems a little odd, but they are the ones who were there to set up for folding the diapers back when we made those diaper cakes.  The mom is the one Pastor threw the chair at because she wasn't doing it the way he thought she should.  I guess them taking a vacation is better than them leaving the church.  That would be sad.  They are great women!

My body is still falling apart piece by piece.  I get to go to the Nephrologist on Wednesday.  I wonder what he will tell me about having too much potassium in my urine.  I went for a blood test for the GP last week.     He probably will insist that I see an Endocrinologist.  Pretty soon I will have an entire stable of specialists - one of every specialization.   Yuck.  I think my A1C was probably high - again.  The stupid glucose keeps spiking - unless I just don't eat - anything.

And so it goes on.  Hope you have some good excitement in your life!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bad to worse

First of all - I am using my little embroidery based computer.  It is about 7 inches across, and the keyboard is tiny.  I am not a typist, and this is sheer torture!  This post will take twice as long as normal because I will spend my time correcting typos!

JuJu - you asked where we were going - the destination is the Outer Banks.  There are stops planned along the way, but I really don't know (care) where.  Next - tell him how I feel.  I swear there is male menopause, and he has been in it for MANY years,  I will explain.

I moved heaven and earth to change my next eye injection to the previous week.  I have made my life more miserable doing this,  From October 6 to the 30th, we will be home two nights. He was so flip about it when he said "I'll keep you gone almost the entire month of October."

To add to all this - my meds are to be mail order - a three month supply at a time.  AND the drug insurance company just changed,  I have no refills to count on.  When I mentioned that I hoped I had enough meds to cover, I was asked couldn't I get additional before I go,  Now - he knows better.  His last position was in INSURANCE!  I might be able to get those three month ones to the new company AND have them delivered in time, but the several from the local pharmacy - no.  You have to be out before you can refill them - insurance rules.

So when I said this - he stormed off mumbling (because he knows that makes me sooooo mad) about just spending his entire life here.

Am I sick of this crap and his rantings and raving - you know it.  Will I leave - I would like to, but separating things after all these years would be a complete nightmares, and all that I have inherited has been disposed of and/or mostly spent.  So where would I be?  Trying to survive on Texas Teacher Retirement - which is year 2000 in dollars.  It has been that long since there has been any raise in monies.  Social Security?  Thank you Tom Delay - since you think retirement funds like TRS is so great - we get a small percentage of Social Security - mine is a whopping $67 a  month after this last raise.  Plus if G were to die - I get none of his.

Anyway - I have retreated to the craft room since I have finally gotten my machine back.  I will sit up hee and try to figure out just what I can do to solve my problems.  And seethe!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I guess I am strange (don't laugh!)

I DO NOT want to go on another vacation.  I don't, I don't, I don't!!

G is adamant that we go on another vacation in October.  I don't want to go.  There are many reasons, and I guess they really aren't good ones, but I don't want to go.

First - when we were listing "bucket lists," on mine was New York City.  We were going to go there.  Then we looked at hotel room prices.  That shot NYC completely out of the water.  So our destination is North Carolina.  I guess that's ok.  I would like to see that area, but I DON'T WANT TO GO ON ANOTHER VACATION!

Second - I know our days with Simone are numbered.  We have no idea exactly how old she is.  We have had her for six years.  When we adopted her, they said she was already about 5.  I simply don't believe that.  I really believe she was only about 2.  Boxers notoriously don't live long.  I know we take her to the vet every time I perceive something, but still...

This last thing with her really scared me.  I thought we were going to lose her that Tuesday night we got to the SSB.  I know it stresses her to be left with someone else even for a bath.  Daughter certainly knows that since she insisted Simone stayed with them a couple of years ago when we were gone.  Simone vomited at least once a day.  She simply wasn't used to all the chaos in that house.

I also feel like I don't have enough time to get anything done.  This time, if I have to go with the "new" schedule, we will have a  few ndays at home after the SSB then go for another two weeks.  Then have two days before we leave again for G's high school reunion. Then two days later - SSB again.

That means I miss two of my activities I enjoy.  I will miss my sewing club - again.  This month because of my eye injection.  I will also miss Women's Club.  I know I am not the leader there, there are three of us.  We deliberately chose not to have a specific president.  But, I am the one everyone looks to for information.

What is the driving force for the vacation?  G wants to escape the oppressive heat here.  Well that is just stupid.  In October, the heat begins to wane a bit.  It still is very warm - I sweated many years as a kid in my Halloween costume - but this is the beginning of lots of fun things.

I am feeling really sorry for myself right now.  All this travel is keeping me from things I really enjoy around here.  I am missing lots of craft shows.  I am  missing gatherings I enjoy.  I am missing my house for Pete's sake.  Oh - well might as well suck it up.  Just cram everything into the time we are here I guess.  Silly old man!


Friday, September 07, 2012

Just spouting off

I hate politics.  I hate elections.  I know, I know, millions have served and died so that we have the freedoms that allow us to participate in elections.  BUT the elections are not what our forefathers dreamed and formulated.

I am not accusing one party or the other because what I am feeling fully applies to both of them.  Elections are the property of the factors in this country that can and do pay millions.  That makes me so angry on so many levels.

First - think of all the people in this country who are starving and don't have homes.  Think of all the areas of research where this money could go. I am sure you could think of many places where monies from the "private sector" could do so much good.  Not be wasted on an election.

Second - do you really  believe your vote makes a difference?  I don't.  I really believe that.  When the primaries come along, folks who could make a difference in this country can't even get on the ballot.  They simply don't have the funds.  I do not, and have not in many years, felt like I have been represented.  Please remember I am NOT talking about any particular person/area/ etc.  This is a generality across the board - from school boards to the highest office.  And this is for decades I have felt this.  I am being totally non-partisan here.

Third - as soon as a candidate is elected, they begin campaigning for RE-election. They are not happy being in office and doing what they SAID they would do.  No - even if they say it is for only one term - there they go.  Looking for votes for the next go-around.

I get so tired of all the ads on the media.  I get so tired of all the mud-slinging.  I get really tired of the flat out lies and partial non-truths.  There is enough graft out there.  It doesn't have to be made up.

I also don't like the way people become so radical about one group or another.  I have seen friendships totally destroyed because of all this non-sense.  The populace is whipped into a frenzy by these parties who are brain-washing their followers that the other party are evil incarnate.

If our forefathers who drafted this democracy we have now, they would destroy the whole thing.  It is not going the way they intended.  And this will be blasphemy for some of you, and I really don't mean to incite that, but if you really give it honest thought and no knee-jerk reaction, you might agree.  We need to take a cold eye at what is written there.  We are 200+ years past that time when these august fore-fathers wrote the constitution.  Has the world changed?  Has the country changed?  Darn tooting.

My dad, if he were still alive, would have turned 100 on August 28.  Had I had internet, I would have posted a tribute to him, and we all know what happened there.  I can't really imagine how he must have felt about all the changes he witnessed in his life.  In my mere 67 years, I am amazed at what has happened in this world.

I am not listing what changes should happen in that document, but I really believe some changes are in order.  After all, they wrote the constitution as reactionaries to the oppressive rules  they came from.  Perhaps they really didn't mean it to stand for 200 years.  Who could have foreseen where we are today - electricity, air travel, space travel, air conditioning (thanks be!), such mobility, and on and on.

I am just sick of elections, mud slinging, and normally peaceful people becoming rabid strangers who attack their neighbors because they don't see politics in the same manner.  They lose all sight of the right to have one's own thoughts.

Sorry for the rant.  Just had to get this off my chest.  Who am I voting for, well - for one it's my secret (thanks fore-fathers), and if you want to know the truth, it's who I am voting against.  Still my secret.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

OK - so this is a second for today

I forgot I go in the morning for another eye-ball puncture - otherwise known as the injection for the macular degeneration.  I don't know how I will be doing tomorrow after that.  If it's like the last one, I may come home and sleep for a w  hile.  I am thinking not because unlike last time, I don't think I will be so completely uptight about the procedure.  A little, yes, but I know it won't hurt so much.

A little news - we just got back from Simone's ultrasound.  It is clear.  Her nausea, as its been for six years, is from unknown causes.  We are just treating the symptoms.  All the vets on duty went back to see the ultrasound.  That's how much they love her like we do!  He said he cannot guarantee no cancer - you take an old Boxer who is sick, and there is a good chance.  They are prone to a lot of cancers. But death isn't imminent.  Good news.

Now for the internet fiasco.

We are in the wilderness as I have said before.  We can get internet, but it has to be satellite.  Ok.  So we  are the only ones without it there.  I signed up for it in August.  They couldn't install it August because they are only there about every two weeks, and they were full.  Then they weren't going to be back for a while.

So, we made the appointment for the five weeks ahead (last week) when we would be there.  I had a terrible feeling since we hadn't heard from the installer bunch.  So I called the day they were supposed to be there.  The first mental giant said "you are on the calendar, but there is a question mark."  He was going to have the head dispatcher call me.

And call he did.  They weren't even in the area for that day.  He could put us on for TODAY (this date).  Well - that just doesn't work.  We couldn't stay around.  Soooooo I told him (again) when we would be back.  We set another installation date.  I wonder if it will get screwed up again.  Wanna' take any bets???

IF I even get the service, I really hope I get a satisfaction survey on this whole thing.  Think I will give a good rating?  Not in this life time.  I am surprised the company isn't calling me   They could have been getting paid for two months if this group had their act together.  The thing that really got me was when the dispatcher told me "That is a sparsely populated area, you know"  Really??? I would have never known since our closest neighbor is 3/4 of a mile away.

Anyway - peace!


That is how I describe last week.  We spent it at the SSB - what a surprise that it was eventful.  Normally we leave once or twice while there, but this time we were on the road all but two of the seven days.

The trip up was a normal trip with the exception of the heat.  That isn't a problem except for stopping for lunch.  That was the real beginning of the problems.  It was HOT, HOT.  When a hurricane goes east of us, all moisture is pulled from the air and all the heat is added.  The place we stop (fast food naturally since we eat in the truck with the animals) has no shade.  SO it was really hot.

Finally I told G that we had to start the engine to turn on the a/c because I could see Simone was really suffering.  He did.  She seemed stressed the rest of the way - which is about 2 more hours.

We got there, and the first thing she wants is water.  That is because she is so stubborn she won't eat or drink on the way.  I gave her the remainder of my water bottle - in HER bowl obviously.  That was gone in 30 seconds.  So I gave her more water - probably too much.

When she decided it was time to bark because I knocked on the table and she was going to protect us from someone coming in, she then got sick.  Well we are used to that.  But this was different.  Usually she can vomit - even just water.  This time she couldn't.  She just paced and paced - drooled like a faucet - tried and tried to vomit.  It wouldn't come.

Then I looked at her abdomen.  It was swollen.  Not. Normal. At. All.  I know large dogs can have a condition that is the stomach flipping.  It sure looked like that to me.  And of course, we really have no internet there (and that's another story - for tomorrow).  So I got my handy dandy cell which normally won't access the internet there.  I googled twisted stomach, and wonders of all, it came worked.

The solution is, you guessed it - get her to the vet.  Now it is 6:30 PM.  We are 45 minutes from any town, and they are small and smaller.  I called neighbor for a vet referral.  They were closed, and the vet most people around us had a busy line.  We looked in the yellow pages and found one that said it was a 24 hour clinic.  No, they had a vet on call.  But he told us that we should go into Littler Town for that vet.

So I called.  They would stay open.  In the mean time, the site I found said that anything with simethocone (think that is spelled wrong but ...) like Gas X might help.  So she got two, and we hit the road.

Naturally when we got to the office, she was better.  Still not perfect, but better.  She was examined, another problem was suggested, but advice was given.  Plus, they said if anything changed - call them at home.

The next day was ok, not great, but ok.  Thursday, she was down again.  So we called the office.  It was early afternoon.  By the way - they are distant relatives.  No kidding - almost everyone there is!  The son was with his wife having a baby, and the dad had a pasture call (we are in the sticks remember).  If we got there at 5, they would work us in before the pasture call.

She got a benedryl shot with instructions to follow up with 3(!!!) more every 4 hours as needed.  Also we need to get her in for a abdominal untrasound because he really believes that her mast cell tumors are back and internal this time.  They kill dogs.  So this afternoon, she goes to our vet for the ultrasound.

Our other travels were to the grocery store - which is normal, to church which is when we can, and to visit cousins who have taken on the project of restoring the 100+ year old first house down at G's grandparent's house.  This is where the great-greats lived.

So we bought a lot of expensive gasoline.

Tomorrow - the internet adventure!