Monday, October 15, 2018


Well, she didn't make HOCO queen.  EVERYONE thought she would.  Obviously the family.  Her friends.  The school faculty.  BUT she talked to be the afternoon of the game.

She told me that three of the girls were sticking to the rules closely.  They were handing out candy and the like for publicity, but one of the girls (one who was barely allowed to run) was using cupcakes to solicit votes.  She would make the kids show their phones (apparently that was the way they could vote - but I don't know) that they had voted for her, then she would give them a cupcake.

This girl also knew she was wrong because after she was crowned at halftime, she took the offense - that she didn't do anything wrong and the other three were cheating too.  You know how that goes - the best defense is a good offense.

Katie was the first one presented on the field.  When they read off all her accomplishments during her high school career - it took a long time.  All the others (boys and girls) had to have their accomplishments read very slowly - everyone noticed that.  She has been academic and athletic All American for three years - she is in three different honor societies.  She is quite a young woman.  And absolutely I am a very biased grandmother, but I also have been around young people all my life as a teacher in secondary school.  She is a great kid!

She has picked up and is looking forward to the swim and water polo seasons.  She is making her college recruiting trips.  This weekend she will be at Marist in New York where they will probably offer her a scholarship.

So this was her before the game
Katie with my son and DIL


Judy said...

In my opinion, that is a very strange way to vote!!! I don't like the idea of the candidates having to campaign and use bribes for a vote. It's an honor to be chosen for the court, even if you don't win the crown. So, what did the Queen accomplish? All the kids know she cheated. Katie is the winner with all of her involvement in school functions. I'll bet in four years time, Katie will be a much happier, more successful woman that the witchie-poo Queen!!!

Grandma K said...

Yes - Katie will go on being happy and successful. From the beginning, she was proud of being chosen for the HOCO court. Not all who wanted to run were chosen there. This "winner" really is not a winner either with this, in school, and probably not in life. I sound a little bitter with that, but I am not. I know Katie is going to do wonderful things and this is nothing to be bitter over - except cheating is never right.

Marti said...

I agree, that is a very strange way to vote and campaign. Her parents are nice looking, but she is gorgeous! I know she will do well in college. One of my high school friends just watched her grandson go to New York to college too. That would be hard. (For me, not them, though it might be hard for them too.) Start saving those pennies!

cocoya said...

It's hard to come by educated people about this topic, but you sound like you know what you're talking about! Thanks


that is just sad..