Friday, May 30, 2014


Isn't the definition doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?  Well - if that't the case, I am insane.

G has completely trashed his computer.  It will not access the internet at all anymore.  I believe he still thinks it's my fault because I have tried to remove all the viruses and  malware that's on it.

So I had him hook up the Dell I used to use.  Only one problem.  I haven't used XP in several years.  We have a new modem, thus a new set up for the internet.  I am used to getting Windows 7 to go on line, but not XP.  I spent several hours trying to get it on line - to no avail.

BUT that's only part of the problem.  Yesterday he went to the library and used one of their computers.  He remarked how fast they were.  Must be the internet provider.  It is just no good.  He didn't have to wait for long stretches for responses.  Well yeah, it isn't full or viruses and malware.  But then - HE"S the computer specialist.   (Only if you call crashing computers a specialist.)

I mentioned "friending" a cousin on Facebook.  His response was  "I did too, but I couldn't remember my password."  This has happened before - also my fault when I used "his" computer to get on.  That changed the saved password to mine, and he couldn't remember his.

I told him that he was up the creek without a paddle again.  He would have to go through with a new page - again.

This time I will NOT touch any computer he works on.  I have thought about lettinig him use my laptop, but really?  I don't need a boat load of viruses, but I think I have mine pretty well covered AND the programs are up to date!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well, "ain't that a kick in the head"?

Sunday I decided I would wear athletic shoes because I didn't want to be in bleachers with flip flop type of shoes.  Both of my other shoes were backless. 

I felt that the athletics were snug when we left the hotel room.  And after a bit, they really pinched my left foot at the ball joint.

I didn't realize we were to do a lot of walking, and it really didn't seem like it - but it was.  I was glad to get those shoes off, but I don't like shoes anyway.

Monday, I woke with my left foot killing me.  I thought it would go away, so I did nothing.  Along came Tuesday, and the pain was still there.  My foot was swelling, and it was red and irritated aroung the ball joint of the big toe.

Tuesday night, I couldn't sleep because the pain was so bad.  Thank goodness for my "stash" of hydrocodone!  I took one, and I could sleep some,

I got up this morning and the foot it angry red and swollen.

So I decided I needed to call the foot doctor.  (add another to my stable)  She only does surgery on Fridays, so she sees no patients.  The only morning appointments are Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I have my eye injection on Tuesday on the 6th floor.  She is on the 2nd.  So I got the appointment for 11:15.  I hope I can make it there.  I should, and I am afraid there will be a wait between the two appointments.

So I did some research.  I think because I was wearing shoes that were too tight, I have formed a bunion, and it is screaming.  So I will take Aleve, ice it, and hope I get some relief.

But that means that I will not be at Katie's awards ceremony.  Blast.  I will not go to Williams graduation from pre-school.  Blast.  And I am not sure I will make Christina's (DIL) birthday party on Saturday.  Really blast because it is going to be at one of those gourmet hamburger places that I love, love, love.

Yesterday I probably irritated my foot when we went to the GI doc (the stable gets fuller and fuller).  I was hoping the decision would be we could wait another year for the colonoscopy.  He did a hemocult, and that was negative.  I was hopeful.  But, alas, I get to have a colonoscopy. 

I don't mind the procedure really.  I HATE the prep.  And his is horrible.  I have had some that, while still being terrible since I hate diarrhea, aren't nearly as bad as this one.  The last dose of the drug is taken at 10:30 and over the next TWO hours I have to consume something like 36 ounces of fluid.  Then get up at 4:30 to be there at 5:30 to wait for the 7 am procedure!

If only I had known I was going to live this long...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Wonderful whirlwind weekend

I feel like a week has gone by since last Friday!  And we almost pushed a week into two days!

I went along with Krissi (my daughter) to Katie's (Lady Bug) water polo meet.  Krissi stayed behind with the Karington (the youngest) on Saturday morning so that Karrington could compete with her summer league swim meet.  Karrington did very well, and the whole team swept the meet.  But then they were swimming against a league from a rather poor neighborhood, and this is their first year of swim team.

Katie was to be in Austin for the water polo meet (she missed swim team here).  She was sent with another family, and she participated all day Saturday.  They left here about 5am on Saturday morning.

I has told Krissi that I would gladly accompany her since her husband and son had a baseball tournament. 

Since Krissi in on the swim team board, she had to remain for the meet, and that really allowed Karrington to swim.  So we left for Austin about 3.  That wasn't too bad.  It stays light so long now. We got there about 6.

We didn't get to see Katie swim that day, and getting to our hotel was a joke.  First, Austin is miserable to drive through.  Hate it, hate it, hate it!  We went to the first place they had reservations when they thought they would be going on Friday night and stay on Saturday also since the meet was Saturday and Sunday, but when they cancelled that one, they couldn't just get Saturday night only(?!?!?!?). 

We were trying to follow her phone GPS.  It send us in a circle first.  Add THAT to crazy Austin.  Then we headed out for what we thought was the proper hotel.  As we got closer and closer, I was thinking it couldn't be right.  It was getting  too far from University of Texas.  So we headed out AGAIN - this time to the correct hotel.  BUT with Austin's wonderful signage, we went across the freeway rather than heading across another road to get on. 

Got to the hotel, and everything was fine after that.  Krissi was exhausted since she had been up since 4:45, and then the meet, and drive.  But we ate at the hotel, had a couple of drinks at the Manager's reception, and fell asleep.  Well the girls and Kristine did.   Ah insomnia, I know thee well!

Up bright and early on Sunday.  Katie needed to be at the Natatorium by 7:45.  Breakfast at the hotel (they do that soo well), and off we went.  A few glitches after we got there - like the main doors being locked - so I had to negotiate some steep steps, but we got there and watch three of her matches.  I have pictures!

I thought the white hat had thrown an elbow at her head, but she was just going for the ball - and all is legal here!  Rough game

Am I a proud grandma - you bet.  She is just so pretty - in fact - she is the whole package - beautiful, smart, talented, and a really nice person.

Once again - she is going to get that ball.

This is a big ol' boy who was guarding her.  She has the scratches to prove it!  But she did manage to pass that ball.  They beat the other team mightly in this game.

Last game - and last picture I will subject you to.  They played the 12 year old team.  This little boy was assigned to Katie and made the mistake of always trying to ride her back - against the rules.  She dunked him a few times.  It will teach him what will happen IF he goes to California for Junior Olympics.  I am sure his parents thought Katie was really mean!

Friday, May 23, 2014

He's perfect

Or so he thinks.  I am talking about G.  Retirement isn't really all that great for couples.  This 24/7 stuff would have been fun - when we were newly weds.  After 44 years, not so much.

I don't care what I say, he will argue with me.  I have gotten to where I just say "ok" and go on.  I don't even try to change his mind.  Life is so much easier without that going on.  We have enough fuel for arguments and "bad" thoughts about one another.

Before the trip to the SSB, I made the appointment for our semi-annual check up on the air/heat units.  I immediately put that date in my book.  (OT - when I retired I thought I could retire that little book.  NOPE.  I have purchased at least five refills for it)

So last night, he referred to that appointment.  I didn't check my book, and I knew that, once again, I had to pile stuff in the sewing room because the technician had to have access to the attic.  Both doors are in my sewing room.

So I trundled off upstairs at 9:45 last night to toss stuff away from the doors.  Not. A. Happy. Camper.  I didn't want to climb stairs at nearly bedtime.  Didn't fit my regime to try to get away from my insomnia.

After coming back down I checked my book.  The appointment is for NEXT WEEK!  When I told G that, his comment was "I put it in my calendar.  We'll see who is right when they show up tomorrow."

Have you ever wanted to just clobber someone?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back - no real events.

The trip was uneventful.  That is good.  We did have to kill two hogs, but thankfully no snakes at the house.  G saw one on the road to his hunting stand, shot it with the pistol, but had to go back. 

I am calling the situation with the folks up there a new range war however.  G and the neighbor finally talked about this road situation.  Gene doesn't want us to not use his road because our road to the house washes his out - he is mad at his north neighbor because he is high fencing his property.  Gene believes this will stop his deer.  Well, we have had part of the high fence for a year now.  We had plenty of deer last year.  They just move into the space where the others were.  The Texas Hill Country has PLENTY of deer.  That's why I don't hate hunting.  We have plenty of deer but not a lot of forage for those deer.  Almost everyone there feeds the deer.  (And that brings more hogs to tear up the land - and perhaps worse).

Anyway, Gene is building a new road next to the fence.  Then he is going to fence off his road so that the north neighbor can't use it.  Gene is mad at this guy because he never offers to help defray the expense of maintaining the dirt road, and then the fence was the final straw. 

Technically, we can use the "new" road, but we know that it will be in terrible condition AND it will be so close to our cattle guard, it will be really difficult to turn on.  There will be no real room to swing out.

SO we are looking at putting a road in for us.  So from the air, this part of the properties will have two roads running pretty much parallel separated by a fence right next to each other, and ours taking off at the top of the hill.  It was going to run on the inside of the fence until we could angle it up the hill to the house.  STUPID!

I know this is going to cause all sorts of ill will in the community.  At least we really are not in the middle of it - except to be affected by it.  Upside - at least we will never have to worry about our rights to get to the property.  We have a real easement from his sister, and then we will be on our land.  'Nuf said there (written with my finest Texas accent).

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Double blessing

Rain!  First, we were so desperate for it!  And we got a really good rain.  Second - I have another day at home - not away.  We will be heading out tomorrow.  Part of the reason is that we were not the only ones who got a lot rain.  G contacted a neighbor up there.  They got over two inches over night.  So that means the dirt roads will be really goopy today. 

Mother's day was really nice.   Our family dinners can run the gamut from close to terrible to really good.  Most hover around it was ok, but Sunday was a really good one.  The food was good (even though I watched my SIL lick the tongs several times), and the conversations were really good.  Very enjoyable.

Yesterday we took the Vicar to lunch to just let her get to know us better and we get to know her better.  She will be so missed when she leaves.  I am not alone in wishing that she would remain our Pastor.

Part of that is that last week, Daughter (who is treasurer - and runs a tight ship) was pressed to pay ahead for a conference that Pastor pushes each year in Florida.  I am against this conference to begin with.  I have been for four years now.  And, forgive me my Baptist friends, but it is a Baptist conference.  I have definite beliefs that do not fit with the Baptist church.  I KNOW I don't agree because I was being forced to be Baptist as a kid.  I made the decision to change.  I am in a church where I am comfortable.  With that said - I know we worship the same tri-union God, but it's how we go about it that I don't believe in.

Anyway - during the sermon on Sunday (and NOT our Pastor - our student) it was pointed out that discipleship should begin in the home, and this is one of my sticking points - the man is supposed to be sure that the family falls in line. 

Our little church is barely hanging on.  It costs way over $1000 to sent people.  We don't have the money.  Especially to be taught Baptist doctrine when it flies in the face of even what our little maverick church believes.  We do not subjugate the importance of women. 

Then our "dream team,"  solely appointed as usual by the Pastor, has the gaul to say we need to begin to look for a place to buy.  We can barely pay our rent.  We have a top ten giver list, and they give far and above the rest of the congregation.  It is expected that these folks "buy an interest in the property" for the church.  In effect, they become the mortgage company - or stock holders.  The property would be the collateral.  That.  Is. Not. Going. To. Fly.  Our top ten are getting a little tired of being the ones who pick up the slack.

But the fee was paid.  Several bills were not, but they are going - again.  And Pastor can take another side trip to Disney. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014


If I haven't really verbalized it, I think I have hinted that our schedule of spending a week a month at the SSB is getting old, really, really, really old.  I don't particularly look forward to it, and I really miss not being able to do many of the things that go on at home.

This summer is going to be fun/not fun.  All of our monthly trips remain scheduled.  I really don't know why - in this drought, it is going to be hot (really hot) and dry.  I will have to listen to G rant and rave about the heat, lack of rain, the stupid weather gurus on tv that don't have a clue about what the weather is going to do, and then announce it will be a beautiful "_____" (you fill in the time period) without rain - so go out and have fun! 

I try to stay away from politics here.  The immersion in this family is too great.  I need a respite from it all, but here I go with a statement that is a hot topic.  I do believe we are in the midst of climate change.  But I also believe that there is a natural cycle going on that is being exacerbated by our burning fossil fuels as we are doing.  BUT, I hate hearing the statement after some record (of heat or drought or terrible hurricane or,  or,  or...) GLOBAL WARMING.  I am sick of those terms.  Now that being said, I won't address it again.  And I don't want to hear it from ANYONE.  Especially G.

Now on - in addition to all the planned safaris to the SSB, we will be going to Arkansas the first of next month for the train convention.  This is partially my fault.  I thought since it was going to be when school was out, the grandchildren, who love to ride trains (at least the Sunset Limited to Alpine) would like to go.  And we included their parents.  That produced deafening silence of responses.  But we are going.  At least it is only a week, and we will drive there - like it's so far.

The end of the month is a weekend trip to Dallas for another family reunion.  This one is earlier than the one last year because the Aunties will be moving to assisted living.  This move will kill one of them.  She is nearing 90, and she doesn't think of herself as old.  When she looked into it before she said she doesn't want to be with all those old people.  Plus - she is so particular about her food, she will hate theirs.  After all, I don't care how good the food is at a place, after a while it becomes the same thing.  They will have the rotating menus to save money.  Granted.  And after a while it all tastes the same.  There is no adventure from the chefs - if there is one, and it is going to be rather bland because - they are cooking for old folks with sensitive systems.

Then we have just begun considering a trip to San Jose.  I want to go to California again.  Been once, I want to go again.  Lady Bug is going to be swimming Junior Olympics Water Polo.   But we could do some sight seeing as well.   So another week, but we have to fly - ugh.

September we will have another trip,  Plans are to rent a car, drive to Seattle.  Then go to Glacier National Park (before it closes), catch the Empire Builder (train) to Chicago (my love!), then the Spirit of New Orleans to guess where, then home on the Sunset Limited.

Fun, and not fun.  Gone another two weeks.  PLUS back to the SSB. 

Some would call this schedule great.  And granted parts of it are.  I am sure I will have fun.  But I also know all the things I will miss. 

Friday, May 09, 2014

Yeah, like this will contine

Since we are set to make the SSB trek next week I know my blogging of things with great importance will stop - again.

Perhaps it is because we are at the end of the world.  We don't do much, so there isn't much blog fodder unless (and hope I am not jinxing this) a snake appears or a hog does something.  And that satellite internet isn't conducive to trying to do something like this.

And the rain - the long expected rain.  Yesterday it was cloudy with the teeniest hint of mist.  All the rain got caught up in the Dallas area.  Might as well been in Germany.  Today we must have had a fair shower before I got up.  There was an actual puddle on the back patio.

When I was listing my stable of physicians, I probably forgot some.  Those that I don't see often.  My ob/gyn for example.  After years of avoiding that check, I vowed to be on top of it.  Funny what a little cancer will do for you.  So when I was going to make the appointment last year, I was told that I only get them every two years.  That's all that will be paid for.  Now this year I have read that if you are over 65, perhaps every three or four years.  Humph - I guess I can go for that.

The mammogram is covered by the oncologist.  Thankfully it is demanded.

So my days are often filled with appointments.  Those I wish I didn't have. 

Ones that I would love to have are visiting with friends.  Everyone is busy.  Most of them are still working (sorry Sharon, and Dora - I know you will continue since Earl has died).  Those that aren't working are doing a lot of things.  They may still have children living with them (but it works for them), and care for grandchildren.  They also volunteer their services.  But we are all busy.  We try to get together, but we are constantly checking calendars,

Except those weeks at the SSB.  They are fairly empty, unless we make Community Club on Fridays and stay over for Hilda Happy Hour on Wednesday evenings.  There is grocery shopping in Fredericksburg, and perhaps a trip into Mason for something.  We MIGHT see BIL and his wife, and we MIGHT have little SIL come over for dinner.  We used to see the neighbors, but we don't seek them out anymore - not after the suggestion we spend several thousand dollars putting in a new road because he wants to revoke a very long standing easement.  

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Appointments done

At least until the first Tuesday in June.  Then it's back to the retinal guy.

I got to thinking about my stable of doctors last night.  Twice a year I see my oncologist and cardio doc.  Dr Poison I really look forward to because I can get a read on the blood thingy that shows if there is a cancer present.  Cardio doc is just to check on blood pressure.  I think he is just feathering his retirement nest.  My heart is fine - has been - still is.

Every month, and it will be through my life, is the retinal specialist.  Once you have wet macular degeneration, the treatment is every month.  Then, once again, twice a year or more often is the regular ophthalmologist to keep an eye (hahahaha) on the glaucoma. 

The dentist wants my teeth cleaned every four months.  Nope.

Now I have once again added the dermatologist.  My mom died at 57 from melanoma.  I want body scans.  So that is yearly.

I DID have a kidney doc, but when he told me I didn't have kidney disease.  So I cut him out.

I don't have a GP.  The one I had doesn't take Medicare which I had then.  Still don't have one.

I have an ear doc, but I don't have to use him regularly.

Too many!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

It's all over the TV news

All of our TV weather gurus.  They are talking about us having a really good chance for something I don't understand.  They are talking about this thing that has been happening in other parts of the country.  This stuff is causing all sorts of problems there.  It causes flooding.

They have we have a really good chance for rain.  It seems we used to get this stuff, but it hasn't happened so far this year.  At least real rain.  We have had some stray drops of water fall from the sky, but they are of the 6 inch type of rainfall - you know, the drops are 6 inches apart.

Well - we have the possibility of several inches of rain this weekend.  AND, there is the possibility of a tropical system forming in the Pacific that might  move this way bringing this rain stuff.  Oh my.  Just think - this could become a state wide phenomen.  Wow. 

They are speaking of getting a couple of inches of rain.   I wonder if this means that the drops might be closer together?


On a more seious note (at least for me) the little dog is still lost.  Her rescuerer called me on Sunday to ask if I had seen her recently.  I was so hoping he was calling me to tell me she had been found, but no.  He said he had seen her when he came down on Saturday evening. 

I just wish she wasn't so fearful.  She would have been picked up and placed in a caring home by now.  I scan the beltway access road everytime I am on it.  Of course, I haven't been down past where she was seen.  I worry about her getting water, but the bayou is just right there. 

He said the daycare center had left food, but she didn't eat it. 

I just wish I wasn't such an animal lover.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Good intentions

And the road to hell - and all those sayings.  They surely apply to me!

My intention about a month ago was to try to write something each day.  Welllll, we see where that has gone.

My new philosophy is that one retires from their jobs so that they are able to make all their doctor appointments.  Case in point - I have had two already (and it's only Tuesday), and just made another today. 

Yesterday was my teeth cleaning.  THEY want me in every four months.  My INSURANCE COMPANY and I want every six months.  Well - it has been ten months.  I have this disease called procrastination.  Couple that with the fact that I generally HATE talking on the phone means I don't get appointments made. 

Fortunately most of my doctors (and this dentist too, but I end up cancelling these) make my next appointment while I am there.  In fact, since we will be traveling a lot this summer, my appointments are made with the retinal doc through September.  With the investment in my mouth, you would think I would keep those appointments.  Nearly every tooth in my head has a crown.  And to think my dentist still hasn't been to Europe.  My mouth alone could have sent him for a month and in five star hotels flying first class!

Today was the retinal appointment, and yes, my eye hurts.  This will be a monthly fact of life for the rest of mine.  Gee - I thought I was through with the discomfortable monthly things.  My vision is important to me.  It is so ironic that I am so careful about vision and develop not one but two blinding eye diseases.   Not only macular degenertation but glaucoma as well.  Gosh - I won the sweepstakcs.

Today the dermatologist called to remind G of his appointment for Thursday.  While I was already talking to her (see what I mean!) I asked for an appointment for me.  So I get one 15 minutes before his.  I will call the insurance company today since I was put on a Medicare Advantage plan (that I see no advantage to) rather than being able to have Medicare as my primary.  Supposedly, I am still on the PPO that allows outside network.  When I went to the nose and throat doc - that wasn't the case,  They said I was suppposed to have a referral.  What a nightmare.

I get to end the month with a visit to the gastro/intestinal guy for the dreaded colonoscopy.  At least that's what my card said, but the office said an office visit before.  I know I will have to have one this year.  I had too many polyps last time - of course I had waited something like seven years since the last one.

I do have good intentions.  Life is just getting in the way.  My current project is getting the scrap book from Alaska together.  I had something like 300 pictures printed through Walgreens, and now I am putting them in the scrap book.  This project has been dragging on for at least three weeks now.  I have had to gather the materials, determine I don't (1) have what is needed (2) have enough of what I have.  This is my first attempt at a scrapbook like this.  May be my last!