Monday, October 20, 2014

Pictures and WOW!

I just looked at my stats when I opened the site.  Today is the 1500 post.  Now I looked further and saw that I have written more, but they didn't get published (???).  But today is 1500!  WOW!

OK, so Saturday when I went with my daughter to put on Karrington's late Tea Party Birthday, I took both of my cameras.  I had not used the Kodak since September when we were in the north.  There were some very unique pictures on there.  So if the good Lord is willing, Blogger is willing, the computer is willing I will post some pictures today - you lucky, lucky people!
Now this looks like an engine.  And as we are train buffs, it wouldn't be unusual for us to have pictures of trains in our photos.  I have taken most of those out.  But this is NOT just an engine.  This is at least one motel room.  This is a place just outside of Glacier, and one of their more "unusual" rooms.

Pretty sure this is one room.  And really it isn't so unusual for folks to take old cabooses and make them into some kind of living quarters.  But still...

The view across the street.  Really pretty.  I think this is where the Empire Builder stopped to let off a passenger  (about midnight since we were sooooo late!!!)

The main part - but who would really want to stay in here??

 Now for the birthday party.  We held it at the church.  You have to remember, we are a "store front church" since we are in a strip center. Out spot used to be a coffee house, so it lends itself so greatly for parties too!  I have decorated it for a baby shower we give for pregnant teens, a Mardi Gras party, and a fund raising dinner so we could have our wonderful Vicar for a year.  It makes for a great party.  Steve even decorated it for Krissi's 40th birthday party.  And being Lutheran - beer and wine may be consumed if you want that type of party.

We have the tea sandwiches.  I think something was taken off to be served to the kiddos here.

The sweets.  We had a LOT!!  And most weren't eaten.  The flower "cake" was what they ate mostly.  It is really a group of cupcakes,.

Here they are being served their meal.  (I was worried - if you look carefully at the lower right corner of the table, that is one of my antique glass plates that was being used.  The boy next to the plate is the only boy.  He is the one who caused about 3 other boys to be invited.  He is part of triplets, and his mom didn't want to leave him out.  The girl standing with the BIG black polka dots is Karrington.  The curly head is Katie.  She was such a great help.  Krissi is in black with her back turned.  The boy is green at the counter (with more food!!!) is Reagan (grandson).  My son in law is behind him.  The young man to everyone's right is a water polo player friend of Katie.

One of the crafts they made (on the altar of all places) were picture frames.  Katie took pictures of all those present, and they will print them and send them to each child. They also decorated pieces of a little play tea set with paints that came with it. All in all it was fun couple of hours, and I went home with a splitting headache!!!!!


Sally Crowe said...

How interesting about the trains! I never knew they are sometimes used as a motel room.

Now, that was a very nice birthday party! So glad it turned out well.

I came home with a little tired from Rylan's birthday also, but it was great fun.


Sally Crowe said...

Oh, and 1,500 is quite a lot of blog posts. Good for you, and good for us. :)

Jeanette said...

Those train motel rooms are very cool! I would love to stay in one! And the view is awesome. Great pictures! Congratulations on 1500 posts!