Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Another broken promise to myself

The promise?  To be up-beat.  To now whine and moan.  Well - so much for that. 

I hate insurance.  Hate. Hate. Hate.  But you have to have it.  If your home burns down, and you can prove that it wasn't an act of God that the neighbor's fire didn't sent a spark to your roof.  That the car that totaled your car was running a red light. and the driver had no insurance.  That you are a reasonable person who is careful about what medications you take, and don't ask for every medical procedure known to man.

Well - the last is the one I am dealing with now.  I have to meet with a nurse/practitioner from my stupid medicare advantage plan (which I hate) tomorrow to assess my health and the medications I am taking.  It will take an hour, she comes here, yada, yada.  I. Do. Not. Want. Nor. Need. This. Service.

This is a busy time of year.  I am one person with a home based business.  When my machine isn't running its slow little self - there is no product to hopefully sell.  Plus I am not a housekeeper to begin with.  My arthritis is killing me.  I don't want/can't clean as I should.  So now - today I have to do what I can.  More wasted time.

I do not pursue all the tests in the book.  I seldom have some test done.  So they don't have to use their crystal ball from this visit when I am perfectly healthy to glean from the future what test I need so that the approval will come more rapidly.  Horse manure.  It won't and they won't.

I have ONE doctor manage my prescriptions.  He writes them, approves their refills, and is my cardiologist for pete's sake.  I believe I trust him more than the person from the insurance company.  They would probably say I shouldn't take anything.  Then I could use my pre-paid cremation service soon - and they wouldn't be paying their co-pays.

I told the guy that called this morning I wasn't interested in doing this.  His comment "this is as important to us as your annual physical is to your doctor."  Well - my doctor doesn't do an annual physical.  We do blood work and a check each six months.

Am I upset?  You might say so!  I hate insurance - but you gotta have it.


Judy said...

I do not know one person who likes their Medicare Advantage insurance...they all complain! Primary care docs don't do annual check-up anymore, do they. Like you--blood work every six months, other issues, we go to a specialist. Don't act crabby and don't act confused or you may end up in a nursing home--from their report! :-)

Sally said...

You're really having a time, and I'm so sorry. I don't know anyone on the Advantage program, and Judy is right about annual physicals even though with my insurance (supplement) I'm allowed to have one. The first one included looking in my ears and down my throat. A tap on both knees and ordered blood work. The insurance is high, but like you say we have to have it. I do hope you're doing better today. xoxo